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  • Name: Yuri Chinen
  • Japanese: 知念侑李
  • Birthdate: Nov. 30, 1993
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Birthplace: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: Johnny's Entertainment


  1. Member of popular J-Pop boy band Hey! Say! JUMP since 2007 until present.


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Anonymous who loves Yuri Chinen very much! Chinen-san, I want to meet you someday, please wait for me!

Jenine Hi Yuri,

I received a piece of mail that had my married name Jenine Chinen on it. Could it be a sign from God? Perhaps. I've loved you since I first saw your picture from Scrap Teacher in 2011. If we ever cross paths someday, I would be forever grateful. I still have to brush up on my Japanese. :)

perrinpandora Chinen is definitely the best! He's my ichiban...! Chinen is awesome, kakkoi, kawaii and he looks like the cutest squirrel (well, that's what people say... but he's so cute, anyway!) Can't get enough of seeing his face, though.

nobachan AH! LOVE THAT SMILE :D . you have grown as a very successful personality now, never thought that the kid I saw doing acrobats during the 2007 Tokyo Dome concert is now all grown up! keep making smiles out of smile. and i hope you get to have a concert here in the Philippines! we have a lot to talk about! XD

Elysia Hi! ^^ I love you <3 you are so handsome and perfect <3

Elna Hi Chinen-san!!! Jeez,I don't know what to say..hahaha.. Well..anyway,I'm Elna from Philippines.A big big fan of yours.I was 15 when I first heard HS7 song in an anime series and I got curious & start searching about your group...and wow I suddenly fell for you..hahaha..your acrobatic skills,cute face and angelic voice. So for that, I will support you forever in everything you make. Please don't forget your fans especially those who are far away.. always keeps on smiling..hahaha.. WE LOVE YOU!!!...

Nicole Jeez, how do I start? Hi, Chinen-kun! My name's Nicole and I've known you and been a fan of yours since 2007, which is the year I first discovered you and Hey!Say!JUMP with my sister! We've watched all your shows and movies and we love and support your band's music <3 We will forever support you and the rest of the members of H!S!J with all our hearts, so I hope you continue to do your best and know that you have true fans out here who love you and will always have your back through thick and thin. I love you and I wish I could meet you, but I'm all the way here in Dubai... But of course, it's one of my dreams to visit Japan and attend one of your band's concerts and hopefully meet you in the process :D Stay strong and stay YOU! WE LOVE YOU! xoxo -Nicole (Dubai) PS; you are extremely talented and skilled. You deserve everything good you get, so don't let haters tell you other wise and just focus on those who love and support you :)

zzn hello,Chinen . i like both you and your sister very much. you are both very cute your smile is beautiful i love you so much

                                  comment from China

Adreanne I finished watching Lovely Complex and I knew Hey Say Jump from there. Yes, I love their ost in the anime, very much, indeed. And I thought, "i don't think they're popular though". And then some dramas caught my attention. The dramas like Yukan Club, Nanako to Nanao, Sprout, Sensei wa erai (especially this), risou no musuko and tantei gakuen Q were one of them. Though i never watched any (currently watching, sprout), it was supprising that Hey Say Jump members were the casts. What I'm trying to say is, they are actually quite famous :D

tori-chan omg he's so kawaii

Jamy OMG!!!!! His Birthday is one day after mine!!! My Birthday is Nov. 29 1993 God I'm so happy right now!!!! I just started watching Sprout :D even though I like Jesse Lewis more He's also cute! :D They're both awesome! <3

Bernadette Quiaoit Sohei I LOVE YOUUUU! :)))))))))))))))))))) Ang pogi mo at ang cute cute mo! ♥♥♥ Grabe kahit di ka katangkaran, I really LIKE you! ;D

lovely he's so cute before and now he's so HOT!! i first saw him in Nanako to Nanao with Yu Aoi.. Their kiss was so adorable <3

nolia i love sprout that was so good that i cry he was so hot in that show or movie

ani nadezhda cutee , smart but also sharp ! ! whatta combi...!

Kusahara Chinen-kun, saikou desu!!!~ I will always support you. ganbate ne~ Stay cute always ne~ nanchatte >.<

Rika This cutey~! Hehe, he ran around in his briefs in Nin x Nin xDDDD. He was super cute! & he still is :D !

chi-kun lover kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chi kun dont change keeep going i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuu be cute and coool because we love u and try to be u r self no mater what okkk because we love uu because of uu ..^^

hanna chii~~ <3 stay cute! but please try being cool sometimes! hahahahha aishiteru!!! i <3 u choo much..

jaike ramos chinnen yuri kawaii!!!!!!!!!!

Megumi Kusaka i want to meet you when i go to japan.. i am promise, yuuri.. aishite.. hehe

archilyn ..the most lovely guy i've ever seen...yuri-kun is soo kawaiii~~ ..i really love that guy!..

..gambatte yuri-kun!! stay nice and cooool..^^


  • one of my "most"

kt76 one of my beautiful looking boys-100 top list!x3

Suju Orchid You're so cute, chubby, but, you're like a girl.. so beautiful./. hahaha

megumi's friend

Megumi kusaka suki nanda, yuuri.. uso janai. yuuri.. :)

Yuki-chan Yuuri-chan!! I missed HSJ!!! Weeeeee~!!! Let's grow tall together!!! ^_^v Nyaaa~

Yuki-chan Yuuri-chan!! I missed HSJ!!! Weeeeee~!!! Let's grow tall together!!! ^_^v

mizuki the cutest guy I've ever seen.. this is the first time that i really got hooked with celebrities.. I'm more interested in manga and anime after all.. but I took a liking to celebrities because I heard this boy's voice.. I was like O.o! how can his voice be so high? was what I was thinking.. anyway, ganbarre Chinen-kun.. your fans will always be here for you!

michellee So cute ^^ Love him so much~

rajes kawaii........

u r getting cooler every day.... i'll be waiting for your new drama/movies...

ester Kawaii ^^ waiting for his main role in dorama

noinubro wa..... so cute/cool... don't change, kay?

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