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  • Drama: Your Lady
  • Revised romanization: Dangsinui Yeoja
  • Hangul: 당신의 여자
  • Director: Jung Hyo
  • Writer: Lee Do-Young
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 120
  • Release Date: February 18 - August 2, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday - Friday 08:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Eun-Soo (Lee Yu-Ri) is an orphan. She works at Manbok Company as an intern. One day, Eun-Soo happens to meet Jung-Hoon (Park Yoon-Jae) on the bus and later at a bar where Eun-Soo works at night in the kitchen.

The next day they meet again at Manbok Company. Jung-Hoon is actually the son of the company's CEO, but he doesn't tell others about his background. He begins work that day at Manbok Company as a normal employee. Eun-Soo and Jung-Hoon gradually develop feelings for each other and fall in love.

Later, Eun-Soo gets into a car accident. She is saved by a man named Jin-Koo (Lim Ho), but loses her memory. She can't even remember her own name. Eun-Soo though is pregnant. Eun-Soo then starts a new life under the new name of Oh Yoo-Jung. She also marries Jin-Koo.

Six years later, Jin-Koo disappears. Oh Yoo-Jung tries to find her husband and walks into Manbok Company, where Jin-Koo was last known to have gone. She then hears a man's voice call her Eun-Soo.


  1. "Your Lady" takes over the SBS weekdays 08:40 time slot previously occupied by "I Love You" and will be followed by "Two Women's Room" on August 5, 2013.


Your Woman - Korean Drama-Lee Yu-Ri.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Park Yoon-Jae.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Lim Ho.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Park Young-Rin.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Lee Byung-Wook.jpg
Lee Yu-Ri Park Yoon-Jae Lim Ho Park Young-Rin Lee Byung-Wook
Oh Yoo-Jung / Lee Eun-Soo Kang Jung-Hoon Na Jin-Koo Min Se-Yeon Min Dong-Yeon
Jung Han-Yong Your Woman - Korean Drama-Lee Mi-Young.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Yoon Mi-Ra.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Kim Min-Chan.jpg Your Woman - Korean Drama-Jeon Hyun-Suk.jpg
Jung Han-Yong Lee Mi-Young Yoon Mi-Ra Kim Min-Chan Jeon Hyun-Suk
Kang Man-Bok Ma Pal-Soon Park Soon-Ja Na Dae-Goo Na Joon-Hee

Additional Cast Members:


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arina Most Kds especially the long one always potray the leads as kind but really clueless ppl which always make me angry and the antoganist a cruel but smart..always know watever secret there is...i hope one day we'll get to see a kind and smart leads in kds... OMG! A lot more to go. 120 episodes. Definitely a dragging story and at the end watching this drama will be bored as usual. The lead characters always have to be so dumb ed, boring and being too good. Do you think there are people in this wide world who are so good (as an angel) as being portrayed by the director or the script writer? I love watching Korean dramas BUT please Korean Directors or the SCRIPT WRITERS, please be more realistic in making your dramas. So that we will enjoy watching it to the end and not stopping watching half way (when the story getting boring). Pls...............

ipontchi 1000 something I mean.

kathy lee I like this drama but it's getting quite predictable (my suspicions are correct mostly) with Min Se Yeon always being the one to make accidental discoveries and things start to develop from there and this sort of rob some of the interest. Perhaps too many episodes and Writer ran out of different plots.

kathy lee I like Eun Soo & Jung Hoon

Ain i watch this drama recently on S0ne... At first the storyline is interesting. then after 50 episodes i feel quit bored, because the main character, which is Eunsoo and Jun Hoon, especially Jun Hoon, is like a dumb man.. and then, i know the writer want to show that rich man sometime act how the jun hoon's parent act in this drama, but dont they sit in reality??? i think this drama is same with indonesian drama.. the truth always being hide, the main character always weak, and at the end everything will be reveal.. even though the truth is just in front of their eyes..

sorry writers, i know it hard for you to think and write the story line. but please make the story being reasonable to accept in the future. besides, we live in millennium world..


Hyde I thought the Director must have watched an old Brazillian drama back in late 80s or later and an Indonesian drama in 2010 and were inspired by it. The story lines are almost similar. They are all about 100 over episodes.

kim_siwon i love this drama !

Judy I must agree that the show seems to just get started, and it's over. I watch most Korean Drama. I do not speak the language, and sometimes it is hard to read the conversations. I sometimes loose sleep, because I can't wait till the next show. I missed watching Thursday night and tonight there is something else on the channel. Darn

Terri Pacific Standard Time (Las Vegas) TV schedule says this drama shows at 8:45am but it's actually showing an hour earlier at 7:50. Why???

Alejandro Higashiyama In Honolulu the series time slots are too short....40 minutes and it's frustrating to watch for such a short period.


Daze This drama will end from what I understand around next year! But this drama bring soooooo much excitement and the actors and actress are great in their performance. This drama is worth while watching even with that many episode. Saw ending (raw) but it was very understandable how everything took place and very happy good ending!

Evalyse I've just seen episode 60 on tv. Eun Soo at this point hasn't told Jung Hoon about what they did to her. I love the story lind but I get frustrated when a Jung Hoon doesn't have enough sense to get a blood test for drugs after his night with Se Yong, then he gets hold of the bag of clothes Se Yong used proving she's the kidnapper and doesn't put it in a safety deposit box nor does he tell the housekeeper not to say anything to her. Se Yong was able to get it back and destroy the evidence. Can't wait to watch the end since the other post said it was beautiful and amazing.

Happy This drama is Amazine great. I watch most episode RAW, and this story line is so beautiful with that many episode, it is worth watching. Ending was sooooooooooooooooo Super Wonderful.

Dru OMG!!! This drama goes way overboard...really how naive can EunSoo & Kang Jung Hoon be!!! I don't know if the actual meaning of their words gets lost in translation, but they both need to more realistic and face the facts with what's happening...fricken grow a pair!!! Do something...stop always being soooo nice, even when they're trying to be mean they're nice...and then they get played for fools and trampled all over ALL THE TIME.

And now Se Yeon (EVIL "B") I REALLY wish a car would run over her already. She is by far the MOST evil, conniving, 'crazy eyes' character I have ever seen, even in the American Soap Opera's. Unbelievable...She kdinaps Joon Hee, he's in the hospital bc of her, she sleeps with another man and gets Joon Hoon drunk and drugged out so now he believe it's his ... and Seyeon and her psychopath brother (btw runs in the family) Deong get away with EVERYTHING!!!

And KangJoonHoon's parents...unbelievable...are the more wealthy people (parents) in Korea really like that?

When...and I'm really hoping SOMETIME SOON, something good will happen for EunSoo, KangJoonHoon, NaJingu and NaJingu's Brother....but ESPECIALLY for EunSoo.

I love this show, but c'mon writers you gotta give us something...bc at this point it's becoming ridiculously negative...if there's no hope than what's the point of watching!!!!!!

Kris Sounds interesting! Does anyone know where I can watch this drama?

Snowie Very evil of the 3 - Jin-Koo, Se-yeon and Dong-Yeon. Yoo-Jung should have confided in Jung-Hoon all those evil stuff that they did on her.

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