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  • Drama: White Lie
  • Revised romanization: Hayeon Geojitmal
  • Hangul: 하얀 거짓말
  • Director: Bae Han-Cheon, Choi Eun-Kyeong, Lee Min-Soo
  • Writer: Jo Eun-Jung
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 159
  • Release Date: December 1, 2008 - July 10, 2009
  • Runtime: 07:50 -
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Hyung-Woo (Kim Tae-Hyeon) is the autistic son of wealthy department store Chairwoman Shin Jung-Ok (Kim Hae-Suk). One day, Hyung-Woo marries a nurse named Eun-Young (Shin Eun-Kyung). Being with Eun-Young, Hyung-Woo is able to express himself and open his mind to the world. Eun-Young, on the other hand, marries Hyung-Woo for money and revenge, but with time starts to love Hyung-Woo.

Hyung-Woo's step brother Jung-Woo (Kim Yu-Seok) was born as the illegitimate of Chairman Kang. Jung-Woo first dated Eun-Young, but later left her and married the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Between Jung-Woo and Eun-Young there was also a son.

Even though Hyung-Woo's mother bribed Eun-Young to marry her son, Mrs. Shin kicks Eun-Young out. Because of this, Jung-Woo becomes ill and Jung-Woo's mother is forced to bring Eun-Young back.

Jung-Woo decides to take revenge against his stepmother and blames her for his father's death. Na-Gyeong (Lim Ji-Eun) is Jung-Woo's wife. She had an affair. After she finds out that she is pregnant, she learns of the past relationship between Jung-Woo and Eun-Young. Na-Gyeong also suffers a miscarriage. Na-Gyeong blames Eun-Young for the miscarriage ...


  1. "White Lies" will take over the time slot of MBC's previous morning drama show "Don't Go Away".


Whitelies-Eun-Kyung Shin.jpg Whitelies-Hae-suk Kim.jpg Whitelies-Yu-seok Kim.jpg Whitelies-Tae-hyeon Kim.jpg Whitelies-Ji-eun Lim.jpg
Shin Eun-Kyung Kim Hae-Sook Kim Yu-Seok Kim Tae-Hyeon Im Ji-Eun
Seo Eun-Young Shin Jung-Ok Kang Jung-Woo Kang Hyung-Woo Hong Na-Gyeong
Whitelies-Seok-hwan Ahn.jpg Whitelies-Hye-ok Kim.jpg Whitelies-Hye-kyeong Yun.jpg Whitelies-kimjin.jpg Whitelies-Yeong-ran Kim.jpg
Ahn Seok-Hwan Kim Hye-Ok Yoon Hye-Kyung Kim Jin Kim Young Ran
Seo Ho-Ku Na Jin-Sun Seo Bo-Yeong Ju Hong-Jin Ju Ae-Suk

Additional Cast Members:



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Filebook I love this Korean melodrama. I really like the protagonist's character and her optimism. Thumbs up!

michelle mae i can say kim tae hyun is one of the best actor of today's generation and it would be more interesting to see him with the hollywood stars!..i belive in him. . .

michelle mae i'm not really fond of watching drama series but one time i turned the channel its abc-5 here on philippines where i have seen it and it was then i got curious about the drama and it did touch me specially the role of kim tae hyun,. ofcourse all the cast were excellent and they SHOULD HAVE WON an award for this series..all in all the drama is heart-warming,the casts were amazing and am hoping to see kim tae hyun AGAIN for another drama as good as this or even a movie. .kim tae hyun rocks!

browneyes_ .. I remember watching the last episode online,even if i did not understand it ,since there was no eng subs but the one who died @ the end was the chairman,the girl and the guy together w/ the girl son live happily..the guy became a painter..& for the other couple..I did nt bother to know..haha!!,Im just waiting for the whole episode..i hope i can buy a DVD copy once the drama was over..I really like the story,I dont know but it seems the drama never had or garnered any awards, but they deserve one..

Frances lacseenah I want this white lies makes me feel in love and makes me cry how amaze and how wonderful the white lies are... Please watch white lies.. Im malaysian but know how to speak tagalog and visayan.......... Omg white lies character was amazing and white lies makes me kilig heheheheheheh please watch on it... On tv5 dramarama sa hapon

Miss_rain Hell0..i'm a fan from malaysian..Seriously i'm in love white lie drama series..i watching this from first episode n tomorrow is last episode n never miss to watched..Cant wait happend ending of story..Hope kang hyung woo still alive n become together n love with eun young..

NinaQasirah Hello all.Im Malaysian really like watch dis movie..really3x great..story very complicated,but all day feel xcited waited to watch this movie in tv..Main thing i realiza about dress from actress,they dress up no sexy but nice & decent...Last,thumb up 4 dis movie..

super keong Where to download this drama ?? Can u guys help me ?

nats jung ok died in final episode,yeong woo and eun yong live happily with bian

Vee I'm American and just watched all the episodes back-to-back. This drama is AMAZING. I am in grief right now. To the other commentators: someone dies, but it's not who you think. You'll be crying the whole time, make sure you get some tissues. My eyes are so red right now. I want to know if this show won any Korean Emmy awards? It should have, if not. This is the craziest, best, most emotional drama I have ever seen. Wow.

mina Not many & not very famous :) But they are good.

mina Anyway there are so many nice Korean dramas. Better than every drama that we used to watch. I think White Lies was good drama. But I hope Farsi1 broadcast better Korean drama. My name is Sam-Soon & Couple Or Trouble were so amazing. Farsi1 used to broadcast 2 or 3 Korean daily drama. But now they are broadcasting Mexican drama more than Korean drama & they are broadcasting extended Korean dramas. If they want people to remain their viewers they should listen to viewers' wants. Next drama is BY MY SIDE. It's 144 episodes (25-30 min) & there are many famous Korean actors & actresses acted in this drama. It's good drama.

maziar Can someone tell me whether or not Hyeong-Woo and Eun-Young got married finally? Did Jung-Woo marry Na-Gyung again? It is awful if it is the case!!!

maziar Dear bibi:

Hi. Are you sure about the last episode? it is completely different from what I saw today on Farsi1 TV network!! I will appreciate if you can display. Thanks.

Somebody @Aida Surrealist

Do you still need the soundtrack ?

setareh Me and my family are so curious abt the final epis. sad to know that Hyeong Woo is gonna... but all in all it was one of the best korean dramas on Farsi1.

zari love this series white lie

AiDa-Surrealist Hi can anyone please give me a link for downloading the soundtrack of white lie which is playing in the ending credits of each part of this series... or helping me to know the vocal of that song PLEASE i would be sooooo thankful.

farid hi,its a very nice serial. i love kang jang woo so much.

amir my wife loves white lie so much , white lie is best drama ,i like to know what is kimchy?

bibi this is for karen Moore. the final episode is funeral of Hyeong Woo. Eun Young and Junwoo take his ashes to the see and spread it over the sea. She cries her heart out and make everyone cry. You can watch it on youtube. white lie/korea but I suggest don't, it is nerve wracking. Are Korean films like Indian films end in death and unhappiness. I have watched the final episode in USA version, I am hoping that this version doesn't end in Huwung. There were other characters in the story that deserved death, but the director wanted to stage war on the viewers nerves.

morvarid I love this film , and I think kang-hyung-woo is the best actor in this film. , and i like the song of this film.

Gaga I Love white lies,, it touched my heart.. it is a delicate movie,, but is it like here in Korea that mother in laws are bossy an daughter in laws should work at home and make food and breakfast? or it is an old custom

nikoo i love white lie this movi introduced lovely korean custom

nikoo i love white lie this movi introduced your lovely custom

mojgan please tell me what happned in last episode of white lies

Fereshteh Please write the whole story. Thanks

HP Could someone tell me where i can find the theme song of this drama? And does anyone know the name of the male assistant that works for Jeong Woo Kang? Thanks a lot.

marjan hejrani please tell me what happned in last episode of white lies

Karen Moore I loved White Lies, however, I did not see the final show. I had to work and no one would change schedules with me. Could you please tell me what happened in the final episode. I would greatly appreciate it. I know that Hyeong-woo was in the hospital not expecting to live after his mother pushed him over the ledge, Jeong-woo was going away and giving Eu-yeong their son, and he was getting a divorce. Please tell me what was the final episode. Thank you

karen tomisato kanda What is the name of the actor (wears glasses) who plays Jeong Woo Kang's male assistant?

pa What is the name of the actor that plays Jeong Woo Kang's male assistant (the guy with the glasses)?

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