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  • Movie: War of the Arrows (English title) / Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Choejongbyungki Hwal
  • Hangul: 최종병기 활
  • Director: Kim Han-Min
  • Assistant Director: Jung Se-Kyo
  • Writer: Kim Han-Min
  • Producer: Kim Sung-Hwan, Jang Won-Suk
  • Cinematographer: Kim Tae-Sung, Park Jong-Chul
  • Release Date: August 11, 2011
  • Runtime: 122 min.
  • Genre: Action / Period-17th Century / Award Winning
  • Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
  • Language: Korean, Machurian
  • Country: South Korea


Set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea, Nam-Yi (Park Hae-Il), the best archer in Korea, goes up against the Qing Dynasty to save his younger sister Ja-In (Moon Chae-Won) - who was dragged away by Mongolian invaders.

Nam-Yi's father was killed as a traitor to his country. Kim Moo-Sun, a friend of Nam-Yi's father, takes Nam-Yi and Ja-In and raises them as they were his own children. As a son of a traitor, Nam-Yi's future is limited. He spends his time hunting with the arrow and eventually becomes a master archer. Meanwhile, Nam-Yi hopes his younger sister Ja-In can find happiness. Finally, Ja-In is set to marry Seo-Goon (Kim Moo-Yul) after going through many difficulties. On the day of their wedding, invading Qing forces enter the village. The invading force slaughters many of the residents while taking others back as captives. Ja-In and Seo-Goon are among the hostages.

During the wedding, Nam-Yi is up in the mountains hunting deer. He hears the rumble of the invading forces. When Nam-Yi makes it back to the village, he finds his step-father slaughtered and his sister taken away. Nam-Yi then sets out to find the Qing army and take out their army with his bow. The great commander of the Qing army Jyuu Shin-Ta (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) discovers the mysterious man trailing his men and taking them out one by one. Jyuu Shin-Ta then sets out to find Nam-Yi. A war of arrows is set to begin ....


  1. On September 4, 2011, "War of the Arrows," passed 5 million tickets sold in South Korea. As of the Sept. 5, 2011, "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon," ranks #3 for the year in ticket sales behind #1 "Transformers 3" and #2 "Sunny." Detailed box office numbers listed at South Korea Weekly Box Office.
  2. On Sunday September 26, 2011, "War of the Arrows" passed 7 million tickets sold in South Korea, becoming only the third film to accomplish the feat in 2011.
  3. On October 23, 2011, "War of the Arrows" ranks #1 South Korea box office movie in 2011 with total admissions of 7,451,344


Arrow The Ultimate Weapon-Park Hae-Il-1.jpg Arrow The Ultimate Weapon-Ryoo Seung-Ryong-1.jpg Arrow The Ultimate Weapon-Moon Chae-Wonl-1.jpg Arrow The Ultimate Weapon-Kim Mu-Yeol-1.jpg
Park Hae-Il Ryoo Seung-Ryong Moon Chae-Won Kim Moo-Yul
Nam-Yi Jyu Shin-Ta Ja-In Seo-Goon
The Ultimate Weapon-Lee Han-Wi.jpg The Ultimate Weapon-Lee Kyeong-Yeong.jpg The Ultimate Weapon-Park Gi-Woong.jpg The Ultimate Weapon-Ryohei Otani.jpg
Lee Han-Wi Lee Kyoung-Young Park Ki-Woong Ryohei Otani
Gap-Yong Kim Moo-Sun Doreukon Nogami

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eldo A great movie.. from the beginnig to that end.. i love everything about this movie. The makers did a great job, a very accurate thinking. the male lead, i love his character. What a smart smart smart and again smart guy. The manchurias may big and strong, and won in numbers, but gosh our guy is smarter. I really love a man who is reliable but also calm.

Nice movie Awesome movie... But whenever koreans make movie with foreign involvement, they just make it a total mess... Mongolians are not even 1% like them, and archery skills of other countries' archers cannot even surpass an average Mongolian archer' skills, though.... Because Mongolians are the ancient Huns who invented the archery and they were very aggressive, fighting or defending - the archery and horse riding skills are in their blood... So, from an average mongolian's perspective, portrayal of mongolians were not satisfactory...

But still, nice plotted, directed movie . Thumbs up

Hwa This movie was incredibly awesome!!!! Loved it from beginning to end! I only find it a bit similar to the movie called "Apocalypto"

Moonlight @TOK You are totally a MORON..who are to say sorry to those actresses who didn't get awards.Are you a expert in judging actresses and actors acting?It seems that you are telling that Moon Chae Won did not deserved to get these awards.I want you to know that actresses and actors acting or performance is not being evaluated based on how long they appear in a movie,you know what I mean?They are being evaluated how well they act and perfectly portrayed their characters. Many experts were evaluated her performance and she will not received such many awards if she did not deserved it,as if your telling that those film festivals were wrong in giving Moon Chae Won those awards.If that is your basis in telling who is the best actress and actor then everyone can become one.I mean,tough if I don't know how to act but if I appeared in a movie much longer than those actresses who are good in acting then I will be the best actress?If that is the case then the movie production should lengthen the time of the movies then the actors and actresses there would get the best actor and actress award.And by the way if you don't know i want to tell you that Moon Chae Won is known for great acting skills..And what do you mean that she great in "Cain and Abel though"?I think you were referring to a different actress.

Skye Hey, though Moon Chae Won didn't appear long in this movie doesn't mean that she's doesn't deserve such awards. Though her appearance is just for short period, she exemplifies true meaning of "Best Actress" because of her demeanor in acting and her effectiveness as an actress not only to the viewers but also to the judges of the different Award nominations. Appeared for a short time and yet she won such awards only means that she is a great actress to be able to capture the peoples attention even for a short period of appearance in the movie and for the other Dramas she had.

..Mon Chae WOn fighting.!!! Such great actress (~.~)

Luki The best movie ever! just can't get all of the actions out of my head.. especially love it when he tried to shoot the last 4 manchurians <3 btw, I've also watched it twice!!

TOK Movie is entertaining at full level but not considered as Masterpiece.

There are many things unexplained and rushes too quickly from here to there.

Acting is solid as usual by Park Hae II and Ryoo Seung Ryoong.

But I can't believe actress Moon Chae Won got many awards from this movie. I mean her role had very little part and I didn't even see her for about 30-40 mins and her acting was just okay in this movie (she was great in 'Cain & Abel' though)

I feel sorry for other actresses for this year that they didn't get awards when they took part in roles which were throught the whole film and had really good acting.

Yoo Da In should have had new actress award in her movie 'Re-encounter' though the movie is slow but still good like 'Poetry'

maskedrider great review Ki. i watched it twice and will watch again. this is an awesome movie. the chase in the mountain made me think about the movie the Last Mohican. where the good guys chase after the bad guys as they take the girls up to the mountain. it is refreshing to see the other side of love between siblings that one would risk it all to save.

dtp_jnr This movie was epic...i just watched it in the theater in the U.S and i came out of there wowed......

Ki Came away very impressed with "War of the Arrows" ... in fact the last (and only) time I ever enjoyed a period Korean action film as much was "Musa The Warrior". In comparison to other recent Korean period action films like "The Divine Weapon" or "Battlefield Heroes" well "War of the Arrows" just wipes them off the table.

The storyline isn't very complicated - bad guys kidnap a woman, brother sets out to free her with elements of classic westerns and even films like "Rambo" sprinkled into a time frame when the bow & arrow reigned supreme. Park Hae-Il turns in his most memorable performance since "Memories of Murder" and there's others like Ryoo Seung-Ryong who just nails to perfection playing the evil, but somehow noble, villain warrior and Moon Chae-Won playing a heroine that is a lot more feisty then your typical Korean damsel in distress figures. She can shoot the arrow and shoot it very well. I liked it! Also, haven't seen Park Gi-Woong in a film in a while and he also stood out playing the Prince of Quing.

Strongest point and by far the most memorable factor with "War of the Arrows" is the chase scenes set in the mountains with groups of men attempting to hunt down the hunted man and in return the hunted man hunting down his hunters with arrows. The arrows ZOOMMMM by the screen fast and furious with hardly any slowdown during the second half of the film. Visually, what takes place on the screen looks fantastic sans the CG tiger that appears out of nowhere. My only quibble with the film was just how fearsome Ryoo Seung-Ryong's character appeared, yet he kept losing his men and his prey with every chase. One escape would have been plausible, but the constant "damn he just escaped my grasp" did make me think slightly less of the film (enough so that I began to wonder if they scripted his character as a genetic mutation of Genghis Khan and Elmer Fudd). But, all in all, that was just a minor bump in the road and I did really enjoy "War of the Arrows". I think it's the best Korean film to come out this summer (ahead of The Front Line, Quick, Sector 7 and Blind). Action fans will just love the movie and it will also appeal heavily to casual viewers craving 2 hours of pure entertainment ...

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