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  • Name: U-Know / U-Know Yunho
  • Hangul: 유노윤호
  • Birth Name: Yun-ho Jeong (정윤호)
  • Birthdate: February 6, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 184 cm.
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Member of K-pop group TVXQ (DBSK).


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Jamie He is really one of the greatest dancing machines ever. ^^ I like his live vocals. His self written and self composed songs are awesome! Yunho has pretty face, well built, & manly. His acting has really improved and he's a good actor in journal of the night watchman. He's the cream of the crop when it comes to selling power in Japan. Yunho's got a collection of over 100 awards he won throughout his career.

kiku Yunho-san sooo handsome and he good actor too <3 I only watch Night Watchman bcuz of you.

Geraldine Handsome, sexy, manly Yunho...amazing dancer, breaking records nonstop esp. in Japan, humble, nice guy. I love you !!!!

Halle Why do so many people swoon over Jung Yunho? *_* lemme see here: 1) tall, good looking, sexy body 2) great dancing machine, he can sing live, write lyrics & compose music for solo songs, improved acting 3) charismatic, down to earth, hardworking, sincere 4) most popular, TVXQ = top selling Kpop idols in Japan

Luv him to death (^o^)

Yvonne Yunho-sshi, I really hope your new drama will become a big huge hit. Keep working hard and continue to enhance your acting skills. Cassiopeia always keep the faith ^_^

Darlene I can't wait to see Yunho as the main leading actor in his next drama!!! I wish you good luck and ongoing success oppa ;-)

Jane Good job Yunho oppa :-) You got positive reviews from both Korean netizens and critics for your acting skills in Records of Night Watchman. Keep up the good work!! Your massive international fanbase will always be there to support you <3

rahmah annyeong !! thank you for showing us your skills. please continue to amaze us through you good acting and singing. fighting oppa.

charmjojo yeah right !! we really love your acting skills ....... especially your latest drama series the night watchman :)

charmjojo annyeong oppa!! thank you for inspiring us heheheheheh

Isti Yunho oppa. I always support you. Do your best oppa :)

sandalima dewmini yunho yuor dance is superb!!!!!!! wish your all the best

conniemay I love YUNHO and his acting as MOOSEK is impressive ! His acting skill is good with touching passionate role.

FiJung_AKTF i fell in love with moo seok! they have to give yunho important role to see his good acting, like mooseok. his acting skill now is really improved! good job, leader-ssi!

Booboop Yunho can be the next action star. He's shown good acting skills as Moo Seok. Very promising!!!

Angel Yunho he really improved and he's good now

Sydney Yunho or U-Know, has also done a cameo in the film Make Your Move, which was by the same director as the Step Up movies. Yunho is incredibly talented and he is continuing to become more recognized by the world as an all-around-idol.

alixandra lamodni U-know is a quiet actor but i reqlly love he's songs in the TVXQ groupe it has a really classic but unique type of art if it call like that

tp Such a cute looking guy!

Sky @J U-know is his stage name..

J Someone please tell me that his screen name written here is just a joke...

Manny I can't wait to watch him in in Night Watchman's Journal!!! <3 LOVE YOU YUNHO <3 <3 I am currently on episode 3 of No Limit and I love it, you look so manly but you're soooo cute and funny! <3

Laura Love You yunho :3

q I really hope to see more of him in the small screen. Missed him so much:X

Hnin Nandar Myint I like u at the drama series of Queen of Ambition. What a nice guy you are!!!

susi Hiii yunho...yu'r grt..lovee ur acting n everything. Love ur action od poseidon wow jst wanna keep watching yu. Love yaa p

idk yunho, please stick to dancing and singing and don't ever act again. i'm a big cassi but that doesn't mean i'll be delulu and say he's an amazing actor because let's face it, he really isn't. still love you tho, yunho bby. ;A;

Are She Yah Yunho oppa your sooo cool and handsome and also Cute ;) ...

Arezu ur acting is just superb in queen of ambition. i,ve just watched episode18, it really broke my heart!

anitsirhc You're still the best!!! I believe in you U-Know Yunho... Good luck!!! Kaya mo 'yan!

Cikhanmy great dancer, singer, performer and leader...wow...your charms melting me...and your laugh too


-) I wish i'll have the chance to know you in person, yunho.

zhee yunhoo you're so cool in poseidon . kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x*

Aishah Noor Nasrome i love yunho soooo much i hope his career will develop well and successfully too... <3

Krystal Chan I believe you oppa fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll waiting for your drama.I wish it will success.

nur luciana U-know Yunho...you so handsome 'n verry cute

Alice omg, his hair is brown? i've just seen his drama. i think he more good when his hair is black. But, anyway, U-Know Yunho, i love you :) <3 <3

Unknown hey "yunho" ur sooooo HANDSOME,<3 u soow much ur the best (L)♥♥♥

evilive they are back with a new movie called Dating on Eath. ^-^

Yunho Fan His only telivision film is 'No Limit'?!

... i love yunho so much XDD but i was disappointed wit his drama :T tvxq always keep the faith <33

Sugishhi Can't wait for the drama to be aired!

And for correction, U-know is a member of TVXQ (or DBSK) not KVXQ.

Emine Hi...U-Know Yunho Is So Cute & Good Actor...I can't wait for his New Drama!!

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