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  • Drama: The Woman Who Married Three Times (literal & working title)
  • Revised romanization: Sebun Gyeolhonhaneun Yeoja
  • Hangul: 세번 결혼하는 여자
  • Director: Son Jung-Hyun
  • Writer: Kim Soo-Hyun
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 40
  • Release Date: November 9, 2013 - March 30, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Story depicts the life of a mother and her two daughters.


  1. "Woman Who Marries Three Times" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Goddess of Marriage" and followed by "Angel Eyes" March, 2014.
  2. First script reading took place August 1, 2013 in South Korea.
  3. Han Ga-In and Chun Jung-Myung were offered lead roles in the drama series, but declined.
  4. First script reading with the final/full cast members took place October 8, 2013 at SBS Tanhyeon Production St. which is located at Ilsan, South Korea.


The Woman Who Married Three Times-Lee Ji-Ah.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Uhm Ji-Won.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Song Chang-Eui.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Ha Seok-Jin.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Jang Hee-Jin.jpg
Lee Ji-Ah Uhm Ji-Won Song Chang-Eui Ha Seok-Jin Jang Hee-Jin
Oh Eun-Soo Oh Hyun-Soo Jung Tae-Won Kim Joon-Goo Da-Mi
The Woman Who Married Three Times-Jo Han-Sun.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Seo Yeong-Hee.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Han Jin-Hee.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Oh Mi-Yeon.jpg Kim Ji-Young
Jo Han-Sun Seo Young-Hee Han Jin-Hee Oh Mi-Yeon Kim Ji-Young
An Gwang-Mo Park Joo-Ha Oh Byeong-Sik Lee Soon-Sim Jung Seul-Ki
The Woman Who Married Three Times-Kim Yong-Rim.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Kim Jung-Nan.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Kim Yong-Geon.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Kim Ja-Ok.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Kang Bu-Ja.jpg
Kim Yong-Rim Kim Jung-Nan Kim Yong-Geon Kim Ja-Ok Kang Bu-Ja
Tae-Won's mother Jung Tae-Hee Joon-Goo's father Joon-Goo's mother Joon-Goo's aunt
The Woman Who Married Three Times-Son Yeo-Eun.jpg The Woman Who Married Three Times-Oh Mi-Hee.jpg
Son Yeo-Eun Oh Mi-Hee
Chae-Rin Cheon Kyung-Sook

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-11-09 1 8.5% (11th) 10.3% (8th) 10.4% (9th) 12.0% (6th)
2013-11-10 2 NR 7.2% (18th) 8.7% (13th) 9.6% (12th)
2013-11-16 3 NR 7.7% (18th) 8.9% (14th) 10.0% (9th)
2013-11-17 4 NR 8.1% (16th) 9.4% (10th) 11.1% (7th)
2013-11-23 5 7.0% (17th) 8.2% (14th) 9.9% (9th) 11.6% (5th)
2013-11-24 6 7.6% (14th) 9.1% (13th) 9.5% (11th) 10.4% (11th)
2013-11-30 7 7.6% (16th) 9.6% (11th) 9.5% (10th) 11.0% (8th)
2013-12-01 8 7.4% (17th) 8.6% (15th) 9.7% (13th) 11.2% (9th)
2013-12-07 9 8.5% (12th) 10.4% (9th) 10.2% (9th) 11.4% (9th)
2013-12-08 10 7.5% (17th) 8.5% (17th) 10.3% (11th) 11.5% (9th)
2013-12-14 11 8.2% (14th) 10.1% (12th) 11.1% (10th) 12.5% (8th)
2013-12-15 12 7.7% (19th) 8.5% (17th) 11.4% (10th) 12.9% (7th)
2013-12-21 13 7.5% (17th) 9.3% (13th) 8.8% (14th) 10.0% (12th)
2013-12-22 14 8.8% (13th) 10.4% (12th) 11.3% (10th) 12.8% (7th)
2013-12-28 15 8.9% (12th) 10.3% (10th) 11.8% (9th) 12.8% (7th)
2014-01-04 16 9.7% (12th) 10.9% (11th) 12.6% (8th) 14.0% (4th)
2014-01-05 17 8.0% (17th) 9.8% (14th) 11.6% (10th) 12.4% (8th)
2014-01-11 18 9.4% (14th) 11.6% (8th) 13.5% (5th) 15.3% (4th)
2014-01-12 19 9.2% (16th) 11.2% (12th) 12.4% (9th) 13.8% (8th)
2014-01-18 20 10.9% (11th) 13.6% (5th) 13.7% (5th) 15.1% (3rd)
2014-01-19 21 10.1% (12th) 13.3% (7th) 12.8% (7th) 13.8% (6th)
2014-01-25 22 12.1% (9th) 15.7% (4th) 14.2% (4th) 15.5% (3rd)
2014-01-26 23 11.1% (11th) 14.5% (6th) 14.3% (4th) 15.7% (3rd)
2014-02-01 24 10.7% (12th) 12.5% (12th) 12.8% (7th) 14.4% (5th)
2014-02-02 25 10.0% (16th) 12.1% (11th) 13.1% (8th) 14.6% (7th)
2014-02-09 26 9.2% (16th) 11.4% (14th) 13.2% (9th) 14.4% (6th)
2014-02-15 27 9.2% (14th) 11.3% (12th) 12.0% (9th) 13.6% (6th)
2014-02-16 28 9.0% (17th) 10.5% (16th) 12.0% (12th) 13.0% (11th)
2014-02-22 29 12.8% (5th) 15.3% (3rd) 15.7% (2nd) 17.4% (2nd)
2014-02-23 30 11.6% (8th) 14.2% (6th) 14.9% (5th) 16.7% (3rd)
2014-03-01 31 12.7% (8th) 15.4% (3rd) 15.3% (2nd) 17.9% (2nd)
2014-03-02 32 12.2% (8th) 14.6% (6th) 16.1% (2nd) 18.5% (2nd)
2014-03-08 33 13.4% (5th) 16.9% (3rd) 16.7% (2nd) 19.0% (2nd)
2014-03-09 34 12.4% (9th) 15.0% (5th) 16.3% (3rd) 18.7% (2nd)
2014-03-15 35 12.9% (6th) 15.8% (3rd) 16.0% (3rd) 18.6% (2nd)
2014-03-16 36 12.3% (8th) 14.6% (7th) 16.6% (2nd) 19.2% (2nd)
2014-03-22 37 12.8% (7th) 16.5% (3rd) 15.9% (2nd) 18.8% (2nd)
2014-03-23 38 11.9% (9th) 13.9% (6th) 16.9% (2nd) 19.3% (2nd)
2014-03-29 39 12.7% (7th) 15.4% (5th) 15.8% (2nd) 17.5% (2nd)
2014-03-30 40 13.2% (8th) 15.9% (5th) 17.2% (3rd) 19.4% (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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tricia i am looking for my next drama and i happened to read the synopsis, its quite interesting but after reading all the worst comments i drop this to my list...LOL! thanks to all the comments, it helps us not to waste our time for a not so good drama.

Elsa Still, gave 100%... cause life is made by our choices and we can not all live our "fairytale".

Elsa Saw this for Lee Ji-Ah... disappointed in the end.

dein the ending was the worst eversince

chii bored. what a sad ending . -,- really dissapointed.

yeh Dissapointed 2...what a ending...not three times I remember she married 2x only...

cherlyn was excited for lee ji ah but the story was very disappointing..

Song seung rae Omg i thought it would have a nice ending but i decided not to continue to watch it . Because i read all of the comments about this movie all comments are very dissapointing so well i decided not to watch it , feel that im just wasting time . Ive watched this till midnight nahh i better to sleep.

Liza The worst Drama I've ever seen in my whole entire life.

juan The woman who wasted 40 h of my life of the worst kdrama

Theresa The ending was too sad and unfair! I was very disappointed like other viewers. SBS, please don't make dramas like this anymore.

alice Didn't she married 2 times ? I think she will back to jung tae . Very dissapointed with the ending T_T

cora lovely drama that i looked forward watching

every episode.  Very disappointed with the ending.I was expecting Eun Soo and Joon Goo will end up with HAPPY ending together after the birth of their baby. Very sad, frustrating ending that even few days after this drama ended my heavy and sad feelings how it ended still exist. i cant erese from my heart and my head. SAAADDD......

Mai I loved this show to start but the ending really killed it for me. It's a very bad way for this drama to end. I have been in love with korean dramas for the past 3 years but I am now so disenheartened that I haven't bothered to move on to any others. I think I'm done now, to much time invested into what turned out to be a stupid show.

VIVIIAN YEOW Good show but ending too slip shot. Enjoyed seeing this drama.

sisy most boring drama ever!

pang lousy writer

kim shie Didn't she married two times?

Linda I was very disappointed in the ending. It didn't make any sense at all. I'm wondering what happened to the writer to write such a horrible ending. The scene with the father kicking the daughter didn't make sense. I don't know why they added it into the story if they were not going to elaborate on it. I don't know how the cheating husband ended up with the girlfriend and why the writers had his wife to give up her son. The ending was just an utter mess. I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone. So sad, so sad

elsie maraya I feel very disapponted with the ending of the drama. True, people have choices bvut it seemed this drama condones the gratification of a woman who steals a husband, a mother who forsakes her own child because of an unforgiving heart , a husband who is so weak that cannot sustaina relationship, in-laws that interfere. Only the parents of the woman who married three times are commendable. This is just a drama but it does not set a good example about the value of human life. For me it is very disgusting. I hope this doesn/t happen in real life.

Reedie Horrible, unrealistic ending! Hated the last few episodes!

kingston Great ending,we never know what life has to offer next.

Denislav Georgiev The screenwriter is a dotard and the director and the producer are idiots! Another "victory" for the "correct" family values in Korea, that treat women as a second sort human beings. The moral censorship in the Korean TV stations won't allow a different end for this kind of dramas. Well, for the rest of the world this is 2014 but for Korea it's still 1914. Fucking idiots! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TO WATCH THIS BULLSHIT!

Nathalie This ending was horrible

wenda UNBELIEVABLE! Did the writer go berserk? It should be titled the Woman Who didn't get to Marry Three Times!!! And it was an ABSOLUTE waste of time!!!

Yoona I hate this show so much. I wish I never even started watching it. Like seriously this is it? The child abuser gets to live a happy life with Eun Soo's first husband. The home wrecker gets to live a happy life with Eun Soo's second husband, and Eun Soo never gets to see her son? Wow biggest waste of my time ever. They better make some alternate ending or something, because this ending sucked. Wow she marries herself, big whoop.

jorm Calling SBS I am an avid fan almost all of your dramas which i claim good but just a few not so good but this one OMG im calling your attention never just accept any scriptwriters who is just like playing the whole story.according to his/her imagination.It is a family oriented story and it is far from reality .Every episodes you should have reviewed it at least you can advise the writer what to do with the story.This story is waste of time and most of the viewers are disappointed.

Stunned The biggest time waster of the 2013/2014. The last episodes make you wish you never started watching this drama. The so called famous screenwriter should have been fired the minute she submitted the script for the final episode. Totally asinine ending where a child abuser is "all better" after her father kicked her up and down in a driveway and a mother gives away a child to the rich grandparents never to see it again so she can "be free" to raise her first child she previously abandoned for years to live with the aforementioned rich in-laws! Chincha? Seriously? I would like a refund of my 40 weeks!!!

Brenda I just finished the final ending and it sucks. The writers failed to deal with the issues of child abuse and then gave the baby to the cheating husband and homewrecker to raise. Really !!! Truly a waste of time

Cece What a waste of time! The writer must run out of ideas!

Bella Horrible ending! The writer owes the viewers an apology. What he should do is write another better ending or get fired!

Bella I love watching Korean dramas and every week looked forward to watching this drama but now I wish I hadnt started watching it .The ending was the worst that I could ever imagine .To whoever wrote the finale should be fired ! :(

Sad I REALLY _REALLY,,,,,,, Agree Terrible - Horrible STORY LINE! This Drama Is A BIG DISAPPOINTED, CREATED BY THIS STUPID WRITER! Ending was the WORST I ever came upon! Wasted My Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETC.................

MT Horrible, horrible, horrible ending. I was loving this drama until it got ridiculous. This was such a disappointment. How could SBS let this happen?

cherrie Seriously!!! I dont get it Worst ending..what u feel guys is what i feel too.. I am verry dissapointed. Grrrrrrr.......

Betty The only part about this ending that I bought was Eun Soo winding up with herself. Everything else was ridiculous. Tae Won keeps the psychotic abusive Chae Rin and has a kid with her. Joon Goo winds up playing house with the alcoholic neurotic Da Mi while his mother takes care of his son. The end. Ugh. I am giving up on long dramas.

Helena I'll think again twice before watching another drama written by Kim Soo Hyun! Soo disappointing! Does the writer not know that the viewers expect happy endings in drama land? Where is the third marriage? Why is Eun Soo left alone in the end while her cheating ex enjoys life with Da Mi? Stupid ending!!

Agnes What a lousy writer

THESSA what is this??? theyre so weird

janet The worst finale I've ever watched in Kdrama! So disappointing! I wasted my time on this drama! WRITERS are DAMN!!!!!!

Sad I love this drama until episode 38. this drama is such a disappointment it just ruin my days of watching. Yap! I also thought she would miscarriage and back to first hubby! But seems like tae won falling for second wife! Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I never watch this drama. The writer has gone off her etc........................can't think of a stupid words to tell her, I'm just VERY ANGRY!

Betty There is something creepy about a man who treats his wife as a child. And how can the writer of this drama think that all someone who has become a child abuser after being abused herself needs is a little kindness and affection? Chae Rin is a ticking time bomb and needs INTENSIVE therapy. But will this drama end with Tae Won, Chae Rin and their children living happily ever after as if the abuse never happened? In reality these problems cannot be solved so easiy, although every abuse victim wishes they could. If the writers are going to take on such a difficult issue, then they should treat it as one. Perhaps Chae Rin will explode once again in the next two episodes. Then Tae Won will have to get her help.

Afrobeauty Sonja, I soooo agree with you !!!

Rosa I really disappointed that tae won is accepting his new wife because of her family issue. I thought Eun soo will miscarriage and love happy with tae won since both if them break up because of his mother. Now his mother learn her lesson and think she is good, they should get back as true love. But what is this? Then true didn't exist in thus world ? So disappointed I shouldn't watch

Sonja This drama is wrapping up to be a big disappointment...seriously Tae Won falls for his new wife because of the abuse she suffered that she used as an excuse to inflict on Seuk Gi..abuse is abyss...send her away and get her some help!!..if this drama us about forgiveness then it could have ended several episodes ago...dragging it out is making it less appealing...I'm totally disappointed...

ben If she thinks nothing about divorce as you said. What about those who thought nothing of marriage first... it came to this point because they first messed up. Who would want to divorce if they all in the first place lived up to their word. For better or worst? you might say , what about the promise they made to cherish and love only one single person until death torn them apart.

Minka When is HS going to stop this verbal and physical abuse of GM? Is this her idea of showing affection for someone she has loved for 15 years? If so, she needs to join that nutcase DM, and that child in a woman's body, CR, in the psycho ward. Actually, most of these characters are mentally challenged.

Chick Yeah, it's time to pull the plug on this one. I thought 50 was way too many episodes. I'm sick of seeing SE's sour puss, her child's unhappiness, and her husband's weak character. My prediction is that SE will miscarry when she finds out about her stupid husband. SE has already started thinking about her ex husband so it's a matter of time before they meet up.

doula this is really weird.... initally 50 episodes now 32?? whats this poor rating?

Chick Ok, now this is starting to get interesting. Half way through the drama and things are starting to break big time. Pregnancy, trying for pregnancy, parents talking about former in laws in a nice, reminiscing way, broken promises, talks of marriage--or not, motherly interest in a weak man. Looking forward to resolutions in all this. However, where there once was an attraction towards Gwang Mo, I now see him as a silly man. He's got the looks, and the body but his mannerisms are childish. I'm hoping that's his interpretation of the character and not his true self.

Ann Someone gotta explain to me the ending of ep 18 ? Please.. Thank you in advance :)

Chick I can't believe this drama is 50 episodes. By ep. 15, things are already beginning to break. ES's marriage is on the rocks, GM has declared his love for HS, the little girl is not happy with the custody arrangement, TH is not fond of her new sister-in-law, who, is also on the outs with the maid, and TW's mom has shown signs of ill health. I just don't see the necessity for 35 more episodes. Let's wrap this up in 24!

toye o @chick i think so. let's hope the writers does not release a red alert. looking forward to the next episodes.

Chick It seems more interesting, the relationship of GM and HS. How they are to come together despite their years of bickering and disinterest as a couple. HS is frustrated, for sure. She does have an attraction but doesn't want to become one of GM's castaways. It will be interesting to see how the roommate will take their inevitable relationship. Also, JG was very astute in sizing DM up. She looks to be a future trouble maker.

hendra can anyone tell me what's the name of the song at the end just before the preview? tried shazam but no result. :s

Kay You know ES will remarry TW. He has never fallen out of love with her. JG may love ES, but not enough to stay away from the actress. So that will be his downfall. The love for the little girl is the tie that binds ES and TW. Now we will just have to wait for all the mess to clear up before she marries him again. And, either TW's family changes, or they go off on their own to live happily ever after. (The bridal industry will be sorry to lose ES as a customer).

nana I want her to go back to her ex husband xD

van gabato totally who are the lead here?

Yu Wow,,, looking forward for this drama, fighting!!!

Riah Lee Jiah FIGHTING!!you're the BEST!can't wait for your comback♥♥♥

pace88 can't wait for Lee Ji ah comeback:D

irilight Will be looking forward to it.. Anything by writer Kim Soo-hyun

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