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  • Drama: The King Dae Joyoung
  • Revised romanization: Dae Jo Young
  • Hangul: 대조영
  • Director: Yun Seong-Sik
  • Writer: Jang Young-Cheol
  • Producer: Lee Sung-Joo
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 100
  • Release Date: September 16, 2006 - December 23, 2007
  • Runtime: 50 min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


This 100-episode epic drama vividly depicts the life of King Dae Jo-yeong and other heroes of the Balhae Kingdom, which dates back 1300 years ago. The role of Dae Jo-yeong is portrayed by actor Choi Su-jong, while the role of Yi Hae-go, Dae Jo-yeong’s rival for the supremacy in the northern territories, is portrayed by actor Chung Bo-seok. The two also face off over the love of Cho-rin, a woman from the Georan tribe, and King Bojang’s niece, Suk-yeong. The role of Cho-rin is played by Park Ye-jin, while Suk-yeong is portrayed by Hong Su-hyun. Several key historic figures in the drama are played by seasoned middle-aged actors, whose masterful acting underscores the drama’s well-knit plot. The drama drew the spotlight even before its premiere for efforts to produce a perfect picture, as even a special KBS video team was set up to create true-to-life fighting scenes, such as a massive siege warfare between Goguryeo and the Tang Dynasty created using 3D digital characters and the scene showing the collapse of a mountain during the Ansi Fortress battle.


King Dae Joyoung-Choi Su-Jong.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Lee Deok-Hwa.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Jeong Bo-Seok.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Park Yeh-Jin.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Hong Soo-Hyun.jpg
Choi Soo-Jong Lee Deok-Hwa Jung Bo-Suk Park Yeh-Jin Hong Soo-Hyun
Dae Jo-Young Seol In-Kwi Yi Hae-Go Cho-Rin Sook-Young
King Dae Joyoung-Lim Hyeok.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Kim Kyu-Cheol.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Kil Yong-Woo.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Kim Myeong-Su.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Lim Ho.jpg
Lim Hyeok Kim Kyu-Cheol Kil Yong-Woo Kim Myung-Soo Lim Ho
Dae Joong-Sang Shin-Hong King Bo-Jang Keum Mo-Jang Yeon Nam-Saeng
King Dae Joyoung-Choi Cheol-Ho.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Kim Hak-Cheol.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Jung Ho-Keun.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Song Yong-Tae.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Jeong Jae-Kon.jpg
Choi Cheol-Ho Kim Hak-Cheol Jung Ho-Keun Song Yong-Tae Jeong Jae-Kon
Kyeol Sa Bi Woo Heuk Soo-Dol Sa Boo Goo Dang Tae-Jong King Kang-Ha
King Dae Joyoung-Kim Dong-Hyeon.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Lee Dal-Hyeong.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Kim Jeong-Hyeon.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Shim Eun-Jin.jpg King Dae Joyoung-Moon Hee-Won.jpg
Kim Dong-Hyeon Lee Doll-Hyung Kim Jung-Hyun Shim Eun-Jin Moon Hee-Won
Lee Jin-Choong Sul Kye-Doo Mi Mo Sa Geum-Ran King Moon-Moo

Additional Cast Members:



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Agiri I cant find one of those movie music in the soundtrack. Please help me find it, it plays many times during the movie. right now I remeber it played when dae jungsang died

Thanks in advance

vahid choi great always

ernest agbenyo I really love this series

Amadu Adamu I have developed deeper love for Koreans based on the movie entitled dae juyoung. I wish I will get an opportunity to visit south Korea and interact with the passionate individual actors of the movie. Infact I have been moved by the qualities used in movie such as loyalty, trust, respect, commitments to services, leaders love for subordinates, and others. If I can only ask some questions based on areas I'm not clear, I would be happy. can you please provide such opportunity?

Ahmed Ali I love this drama ,, nothing make me cry only this drama zagroz TV soon the shaw But I can't watch agine

MUGALUASHER I love this movie epecially daejo young ,suk young ,soo dol ,sa bi woo ,li kiagu they are great actors i wish to trvel down to korea

Aderotimi Joseph I love this movie epecially Daejo young, Suk young mama, Cho-rin and Li Kiagu. They are great actors. I wish to travel down to Korea someday. I also love the sound track, they're touching and emotional. Since am a keyboardist, I rehearsed it. Wish to study music in Korea.

Toni u forgot the second best actor!!!!!!!!!! Lee Hae Go! who died in part 133!!

sani My best drama ever. I had watched many korean historical drama like Jumong, Soldier, Iron empress, but my love for this one is unique. The writer[s] and the director[s] are perfect, the scenes are in order, the actors too all played their roles accordingly. At first, I dislike watching, but as i persevere, it was not in vain. To me, Dae Jo young is number one. Choi so Jong fit his role. Right now in Nigeria, Korean series has taken over english and roman film. I love Korea

franklin please i have one not stop this very movie,it should not have an end because i cannot imagine how i can possible stop watching.please add some more to this movie and do anything you can,your fans are waiting.unbelievably i never knew about this movie before a friend introduced me to it,and one funny thing is that since ever i watched it i have no interest in any other movie at movie on this planet is so exciting than this movie. in my life the second best to all the movies i have watched is the lords of the ring,this movie comes first.korea has become my favorite movie industry.i love and thank all that made this movie worth while,you are the best in the world.

johna The best series I have watched. Look forward to each week. Choi Soo-Jung and the actors are superb.

Thank you for a wonderful epic.

Acee Gee This is the best series I've ever watched, at first, I wasn't interested, but then then, it becomes really interesting in me ,so I like the history of Korean better than my own history because of this series.

soo One of my very best warfare movie i have watch for the pass 40 years. Excellent movie ! Actor Choi Su-Jong is perfect in this movie.

Other actor and actress contribute there part to make this movie worth watching.

Thanks to the director on making this movie so perfect and a success.

Daduxing This series is racist, especially against the chinese. I saw that the racism is a common thing at Yun Seong-Sik tv series.

Catlover i love this so much!!! Best Korean drama EVER!

Arabamibi It remains most intestering film haue ever watch@ d end of each season it get more intestering and i was carried away

Arabamibi I have never been carried away by film like this ,i love this film

irundjan1 it's really interesting, it differs from stupid serials, assessess the history of Korea in a sensible and nice way, with ideal acting. I really want to cry after every episode. Thank you very much Choi Su-Jong, YOU ARE REALLY EXCELLENT ACTOR. Please shoot more!

Tom F in NJ One of the best shows I've ever watched period

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