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  • Name: Sun Woong
  • Hangul: 선웅
  • Born: November 1, 1991
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 182 cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @sunwoong91


  1. Member of Kpop boy band "TOUCH".

Drama Series

  • Ma Boy | Maboyi (Tooniverse / 2012) - Irene / Hyun Woo
  • My Love, My Family | Sarangeul Mideoyo (KBS2 / 2011) - idol group RDM


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Syera SunWoong Oppa!!! Jinjja Jinjja Saranghaeyo! Fighting!!

lysa maizuri sunwoong oppa.. i like your song..

Chinichi . you're one of my inspiration .. everyday <3

pitchpearl81 sun have everything all ready :) pretty and cute ,,,i hope you do more dramas, i really like...,i mean i love you already :) <3 you have such a cute smile ^^, FIGHTING OPPA :) AJA!! GOD BLESS// :)

ikram wait wait.. this is weird.. if i search on youtube TOUCH i don't see him? please can anyone tell me if this band does exist at this time? and oppa omg you'r soo cute and i almost cried by "Ma Boy" i.. pff. it's such a great movie and it shows me that if i want do anything i can do it aslone as i believe in ma self:) xx saranghae oppa sun woong

Applelove I've seen many stars in the night sky, among of them some r dark n some r bright, some r brighter and u r the most brightest....! Star i've ever seen, always be my brightest star OPPA FIGHTING:-)

sunwoonglove i love you oppaaaaaa <3 the cutest person ive ever seen ... is he appearing in more projects ????? hey plzzz do more dramas ...... i am from india ...~~~ i loveee you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3

San I'll never n ever forget you. You're the cutest person i have ever seen:-)

Hawai Waiting for your more dramas ,be well and stay strong FIGHTING;-)

Ha Rim Please do more dramas . Hwaiting

chey I wish sun woong could do more dramas soon!

Fadh oppa saranghae!!!!!! love u sun woong♥♥♥♥♥fighting♥♥♥

joy Oh my ! i think im crazy . Gashh !! ur so handsome your cute . i like the way ur smile :) Hope to see u soon sun woong .

kim soo ki i love you oppa! eres muy hermoso somos tus fansss desde q te vimos en may boy no dejamos de pensar en ti todas las noches pienso en ti

kisyefflia ertamsi simple,,, i like you ,,i thing sun woong very different , stlah nnton film ma boy jd pngen tau sun woong kya apa klo asli nya

althea hai i'm you're fan i want to see you in personal i wish you could visit in philippines love you

Ilana You're so cool! I saw you in Ma Boy. My friends and I love you! Can't wait to see more of your work and start listening to more of your music! <3

Jolinaniro Kim sun woong you are beautyful man and i love you

abegayl canon im the founder of the korean clan in the phillipines i hope that there will be a continuation of your movie ma boy?

alexa hmmm!!! i realy like your koreanDrama Ma Boy..more power to do koreandrama ;)

hanny ohhh sun woong!!!!!you're so have a baby face...i like your smile.....

Jecca Shatalene I just can't have enough of Sun woong's face! He is totally handsome whether in a girl or boy outfit. i had a huge crush on him -_-. If ever I can go to Korea, I'll be looking for him far and wide. Hahaha your my ultimate and ONLY crush. <3

Nirvisha Story of Kim So Hyun in this drama matches with me .. :p I have an idol whom I really love and dream to be with him ... have never loved anyone that much ... no other Korean actor ever made me feel that way until I saw this drama and you in it !! ^^

bernadette canlas Oppa! saengil chukha hamnida Im a fan of yours . i wish you can visit here in PHILIPPINES :) TOUCH! Saranghae oppa! <3 Best actor :) Oppa sun woong FIGHTING! <3 <3 <3

Jay Anne Amires ... He's Tottaly A Flower Boy ! :")) SarangHae ! Sun Woong ! Be Lated Happy Birthday ! =)) I wish You Could Visit Here In Philippines =)) "TOUCH" =)) Saranghae ! So Handsome ! Best Actor =) "Ma Boy" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSun Woong Oppa Fighting ="> ♥sun woong♥

evez ..he's totally a flower boy!!...<3<3<3

ainah saranghae sun woong!!!!!!!!

Dalma you got girlfriend??? you got girlfriend jejeeje

Dalma hello, greetings from Argentina. You know I love you to lengthen the chapters or follow the mini drama Ma Boy ... I really would be very good charm and make seasons with many chapters. A Kiss to walk very well, I love you're too cute.

claren may belmonte oh my gush i just saw him right know on youtube and i started stalkingn so bad^^ but his really cute oh my gush i almost died and fell out of my chair............i hope he gets more popular and get more EXO, Super Junior ect.................

oh my g. his really cute

mariella agner i really like like like like like maboy super :)) especially SUN WOONG :)

kimiko I'm Kim sun woong's biggest fan, ever since I saw him I started to believe in myself again for he has shown in the drama my boy that as long as you can wait and with hard work nothing can stop you from dreaming cause dreams do come true

maydee guway i really like maboy..the best...specially sun wong

Kathryn Heights I really liked MaBoy' it is hilarious and you are so adorable!

watanabe rikuyo I just watched ur drama entitled "ma boy". Its really fascinating to see your acting skills. Nevertheless you should'nt stop trying to improve and you should try harder. And I'm looking forward into your new drama. Keep it up, hyun woo! ;-)

Jaena sun woong!!! you are really really cute!! I'm looking forward for your next drama ma boy is so cool! i really love your acting, you are really amazing we love you <3, muahh!! :))))

Ebeb Vargas Sun Woong....your so cute :) I really adore you.... Send my regards to him... Keep up the good work... Im hoping for your more movies...

jangorim en el drama coreano ma boy se presento sun woong un chico demasiado guapo

crystal sun woong is soo cool. i loved ma boy also, such a good actor. your my favorite out of TOUCH. keep doing what you do and god bless!

Au Keep up the good work Sun-woong shi ! :) Your acting skill is really great in Ma-boy even though your just a newbie in acting industry. I hope you'll have more dramas. DAEBAK! :)

Jemmy You really did great at ma boy! I really like that drama! you really is a flower boy.. <3 Hope that you'll have more drama.. :) God Bless..

jean he is very cute . i likeyou

rosette mosca i love you sun woong i hope you can visit in the philippines and also i hope many dramas you can do..............thank you very much for having me happy because of nyeong ha seyo>3

eLemvipis Two thumbs for ma boy is up for sunwoong oppa because his very neat yet great acting in this drama ^^ anticipated more from you oppa ^^

dareen Sun-woong you're AWESOME , I love your voice and your acting .. you're totally PERFECT ^^ I'm one of your fans and I'll always be with you as I'm ♡.♡ I love you so much :*

shanz Omg......sun woong was sooo handsome and cute......and he is excellent actor especially in ma so KILIG but it had 3 episodes i hope it has a long episodes and he and her partner has a chemistry...GO GO Go SUN WOONG we love you especially your filipino fans.......

Decebeth Saranghae SUN WOONG, I saw you on Ma boy,, you`re so good,,,  :)

jen moralesdehing cutest guy ever !!!!!!!

donita kim couple maboy..another drama pls...sohyun and su woong

Nandini Sun Woong-ah! I saw you on Ma Boy! You're really handsome and your acting is good too. I hope you get lots of opportunities in the future! Fighting!!

Nicole Sun Woong oppa FIGHTING Saranghae

Angela Annyeong-haseyo :) You make my heart beat and thanks for that .. Keep up your good work! gomsabminda ;) FIGHTING :d

girlymelted hes sooo cuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee i love him so much.. i hope he will have more project to come.. he is good in acting.. ^_^ when i saw his face in MA BOY feels like my heart beats fast.. i hope MA BOY have a continuation.. more episodes to come.,. Oppa ! :) FIGHTING ! ^_^

Axzucaca I love MA BOY .... I love it so mucchh I keep wathing the drama hope that more for this drama I don‘ t feel bored with this,,,, I LOVE YOU SUN WOONG...FIGHTING,,,,, :D

yu an sun woong ,, oppa .. i cant wait for your other movie komawoh. !..... saranghae oppa ! stay handsome ! fighting ! we're here for you !

cuartelaprecy i love his role in ma boy...hes prettier than georim..hope to see him in more dramas...

luzy Keep being cute ^-^

jara acoon youre the only one for !!!!!!!!youre not only cute but you are totally cute

TRUCHi Super Cute!!!! Heart is pounding! More More More Sun Woong!!!!

Mary Ann Sarangheyo !! SUNWOONG Oppa <3 ! your so handsome ! :3 keep on going .. "FIGHTING !!!" :)

Allene Marie OMG im november to but Nov. 4 Saranghaeyo Oppa :) i hope you'll make more movies :)

Riomay Genove I love you Oppa Sun Woong

dana jane Gelilang He's so cute.... I love him. I hope one day i can watch Ma Boy at ABS-CBN.... I love that drama.....

tiwi heart you soo much sun woong

@aie46 I love ALL Korean Artist, but I love SUN WOONG more than the others....♥sun woong♥

pudding hello mister Woong n_n I love your drama alot ;w; so cute I and the whole world will be looking forward to your next drama ! "~Fighting~"

loveUmaboy more projects to comee.... i love ur drama maboy.. fighting !!!

shar Oppa,I haven't been foolish so before I see you. You are totally my ideal person. I love your drama very much. I hope you will succeed more in future. Oppa, fighting. I love you.

sara l love you sun woong and your drama "ma boy" its amazing drama i hope you the best

joni oppa love ma boy with so hyun !!!

gicel i like a ma boy....^^ i love kim sun woong.. oppa... >.^

Eun Hye Fighting Sunwoong Oppa!!, you're awesome! Na neomu joh-ayo Oppa!! :))

Grace nice acting sun woong ssi ! :) i really like it. #maboy

Yaara MA BOY !!! he's so cute... >< more project to come..

Leova Terte Damn! its my first time watching korean whatever shows.. and i must say ur really cute SUN WOONG! hope to see u in the future..!! I LOVE YOU!! <3

Kleoniki ahh.. he is so preety <3 And he seem so inoccent ! PLEASE ADD HIM TO MORE DRAMMA'S <3 much love, from greece :)

SuperGirlInLove He's so pretty as a Girl but he's also good looking as a Boy .... More project to come...>_< :D

Sarah I LOVE this guy!! he sooo good at acting and ma boy totally melted my heart!!! <3

SuperGirlInLove More project to come... I love MA BOY... :) Go! Go! Go! Fighting Oppa :D

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