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  • Drama: Smile Again
  • Revised romanization: Useora Donghaeya
  • Hangul: 웃어라 동해야
  • Director: Kim Myung-Wook, Mo Wan-Il
  • Writer: Moon Eun-Ah
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 159
  • Release Date: October 4, 2010 - May 13, 2011
  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Carl Laker, who was born as "Dong-Hae," is a young man from the U.S. His mother, Anna Laker, is an adoptee from South Korea. His mother is beautiful, but has a low mental age. Nevertheless, Anna Laker was able to raise her son alone. To protect his mom, Carl Laker worked vey hard. Now, Carl and Anna Laker go back to Korea.

Carl Laker competes in a short track speed skating competition as a U.S. skater and also plans to marry his Korean girlfriend Sae-Wa (Park Jung-Ah). Carl also searches for his birth father ...


  1. "Smile Again" takes over the KBS1 Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "Happiness in the Wind" and will be followed by "My Bittersweet Life" on May 16, 2011.


Smile Again-2010-KBS-Ji Chang-Wook.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Do Ji-Won.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Oh Ji-Eun.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Lim Chae-Mu.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Lee Bo-Hee.jpg
Ji Chang-Wook Do Ji-Won Oh Ji-Eun Lim Chae-Mu Lee Bo-Hee
Carl Laker / Dong-hae Anna Laker Lee Bong-Yi Lee Kang-Jae Gye Sun-Ok
Smile Again-2010-KBS-Kim Yu-Seok.jpg Alex Smile Again-2010-KBS-Kang Seok-Woo.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Jeong Ae-Ri.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Lee Jang-Woo.jpg
Kim Yu-Seok Alex Kang Seok-Woo Jeong Ae-Ri Lee Jang-Woo
Lee Pil-Jae Lee Tae-Hoon Kim Joon Hong Hye-Suk Kim Do-Jin
Smile Again-2010-KBS-Park Hae-Mi.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Park Jung-Ah.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Lee Ju-Yeon.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Kim Sung-Won.jpg Smile Again-2010-KBS-Jeong Yeong-Suk.jpg
Park Hae-Mi Park Jung-Ah Lee Joo-Yeon Kim Sung-Won Jung Young-Sook
Byun Sool-Nyeo Yoon Sae-Wa Yoon Sae-Young Jo Pil-Yong Kim Mal-Sun
Smile Again-Lee Song-I.jpg
Lee Joon-Ha
Lee Song-I

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Kinggofing Have patience guys, your insides will heat up way past the boiling point, but once you reach the episode 120+, karma/payback strikes the baddies. Awesome series nonetheless.This will be my 2nd most favorite long series (1st is Ugly Alert :D)

Ryan What is the background music for this kdrama .the one that is played when the situation is very tense

herbmom Whereas I liked this drama overall, it was about twice as long as it needed to be. The longer it went on, the less chemistry was between Donghae and Bongi. And what a let down romantically. After 159 episodes, was expecting at least one real kiss at the end, especially after Bongi gets a gift of lingerie. Lacking some real heat. Really liked the Saeyeong-Taehun relationship. Ji Chang-wook is adorable and sweet.

Noel That song was preloaded on lg phones. not samsung

Li Can anyone tell me Dojin's ringtone PLEASE!!! And Saewa's ringtone is "Samsung Ringtone"

gretchen I love KDRAMA someone who know where i can downwload Yun Saewa ringtone?... thank you!!!

@lanz it is so addictive , my mom got crazy on it, i love the tandem of lee bongi and carl laker

@lanz ILOVE SAEWA SO MUCH <3 so addictive awesome , my mom got crazy ! love the tandem of bongi and donghae!

Donna I really enjoy watching the Korean dramas. Is there a way to watch the dramas earlier than 12:30a.m. EST via the internet?

Anna I like smile again and also Jolly widow. I hope they show on ABC channel, it is better than General Hospital.

Brian I loved watching the was a shame I had moved to an area and missed out on the last episodes of the show. I even liked the show that was on before this one. Something about the korean drama's always seemed educational and fun.

wathnakvy I love this drama so much!

Theresa I love this show and I'm not even Asian. I'm glad it has subtitles, but even if it didn't, I think I would still watch it and try to figure out what was going on.

Chip Could someone tell me the name of the song that Sae-Wa uses as her ringtone on her phone.

iris completely hooked on the shows i taped them whenever i am away on two different tv so not to miss anything

shalimar I love all the koren dramas. My family would make fun of me watching them. So I use to watch them alone wich was fine with me. Then my boyfriend and I moved in together and I told him about my favorite show. He said he would watch it with me. Now he's addicted. Lol we were so meant to be toghter. Every night we watch this drama show. This one is one of my favorite. Thanks kbs! Keep up the great work.

lily fisseha i miss u guys so much!i hope i see u all in another drama soon!

Kris I am myanmar. I am now watching it. It is really nice. But i hate sae wa and her husband now i am in esp 76 i think this is the best drama of 2011

jay I will really miss this show! It was the highlight of my day. I am now going to wonder what happened to everyone. Especially Yoon Sae-Wa and Dojin.

jay I will really miss this show! It was the highlight of my day. I am now going to wonder what happened to everyone. Especially Yoon Sae-Wa and Dojin.

CaliforniaViewer This show was exceptionally good among all the Korean dramas - if they would re-run the entire series a second time I would watch the entire series a second time, even though I already saw it from start to finish the first time around. It is THAT good.

jade love smile again dram; love donhae and anna laker. both of this actors should get an awards.beautifully well-made omg love it love it love it

teffaye adelo _ Carl Laker / Dong-hae Anna Laker & Lee Bong-Yi family really they are very generous & kind . from these drama i got big lesson it means the truth always the right way to be succeed , also the korean people have respect for elders and i like there discipline . (kansamida) TESFAYE FROM ETHIOPIA(addis ababa)

SmileAgainForever I absolutely love love love love love this show! The show is just too addicting… I was so depressed while watching the last episode. I wish I’d watched the whole drama from the start… :( I will never ever forget this show…

–Girl-who-literally-sings-the-theme-song-on-every-episode ^.^

SmileAgainForever I absolutely love love love love love this show! The show is just too addicting... I was so depressed while watching the last episode. I wish I'd watched the whole drama from the start... :( I will never ever forget this show...

--Girl-who-literally-sings-the-theme-song-on-every-episode ^.^

KureCityMom Liked the series, but the conclusion was just too rushed. The character of Hyesuk ended up being the most important role and I think the actress in this role brought in an exceptional performance. However, to fast-forward 1 year later into the story sort of ruined the ending. All the ends were so hastily tied up. I would have liked to see more of how Saewa grew into the role of single mom with a career.

Anonymous It finally ended! This was a pretty good drama, and I'm a pretty fickle person when it comes to these things. The plot was complex and the actors/actresses were great. Sure it had some low points, like some exaggerations now and then, but towards the end, I was moved by characters like Hyesuk and even cried at her parts. I think the saddest part though had to be when WARNING SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED YET Jun told Anna he only saw her as a memory while he truly loved Hyesuk. Even if I'm not a huge Anna fan, I felt really bad for her. I don't necessarily like her with Piljae though, so yeah. Forever alone much. .__.; I like how everyone had a good ending. I never liked it in dramas where the antagonists or bad people had the bad endings like in Happiness in the Wind (the drama that used to play during this time slot). Happiness in the Wind was a horrible drama and I was hoping the next one wouldn't be so bad, but nope, it's not! It's even better. Sad that this had to end and well, it was nice while it lasted. :)

lescott it is finaly over I hung in from esp 1 to 158 I am so sad to see it end but it was great show

maureen Please pardon me! I apologize if I was too aggravated offended someone and under estimated all your thoughts! I didn’t realize you’re all that serious! I was out of line! Never say, never again! Sorry! Please be happy and smile! “IT’S THE END OF THE SHOW” Have a good one…… Love and peace to all……

Wanda Hey everybody! This drama is soooo good! It's not over here in New Jersey, so I'm watch it every night. It's good to see a lot of the familiar faces who act on this drama from the previous ones! I would buy this on DVD if it wasn't so darned expensive!

miss aja finally it over. huh such a great drama.

kalkedan helooooooooooooooooooo guys please help me i realy don't know what to do i miss the last episod of smile agin and am realy sorry if there is any one who knows how can i wacth it agin plz plz tell me thank u one love

ReginaJiChangWook OMGOMGOMGOMG !!!! I truly love this tv drama!!! the story, the actors all!!! i didn't miss a episode, always watched every Mon-Fri. so sad, it's over.. i don't want it to end!!! C'mon sir, make the season 2 !! jebal.. Ji Chang Wook oppa saranghae!! my mom really in love with u oppa, seriously ! ! if she's young again she wants to marry you !! so do i.. LOL :)

boule Can anyone provide the singer, song of the bakground episode 152. Its hauntingly beautiful TQ

BudM Dwell on this!!!!! The REST of the world may not believe there is only one GOD (Christian). Since when KBS made the show as said by Comment #158 maureen Says: May 17 2011 4:14 pm

"What I appreciate so much about this story “Smile Again” – KBS made it so genuine for viewers who are Christian." 

You can get off the soap box now.

maureen Coryn, Dwell on this!!!!! We’re only human but there’s only one God! Not the actors, not even you but God love you!

maureen Coryn, Thank you by the way. You enlightened me! You should be an actor coz I think you’re better! I’ll vote for you! Got the picture? Keep dreaming! You wish! Again - coz “YOU’RE BETTER” !!!!!!

maureen Coryn, Define Actors please? Ring a bell? That's what I thought! DAH!!! Back at you kid!

Dolores It seem that Kbs is aired late in some part of world,here in middle east smile again is reaching it's final episode and that's make me sad coz I'm going to miss all the actors n actress on this drama I love donghae n dojin n saewa They are all good actors who portray their role very convincing hope to see them more in new dramas I love all saewa's clothing specially in the later of the drama classy n sophisticated dojin always handsomely dress up n donghae transformation is great hope this drama can stay a bit more longer

Dolores Way to go kbs I'm so glad I found this channel it gives me energy in my daily work. I'm a filipina working here in Bahrain, I never get lonely now and always anxious to see what the show to be seen everyday. Thank U KBS for airing great show and dramas more power to you all wish I can still watch kbs when I go back to philippines I love most Two Days and One Night it really cheer me up I love director Na most

Coryn I love this show. I think that person who was trying to act like they "knew the characters" had a lame opinion. I think Donghae loves Bongi because she is everything an honorable man would want: kind, forgiving, humble, a good cook, and cute. No she isn't like Yujin, who is hot but she is shallow, conceited and overly agressive. Even after they were engaged, she still persisted--that is patetic. I think Donghae saw right through that. Seonu is really cute--too bad he is a bad guy. I feel so bad for Saewa but she brings a lot of her drama on herself. She manipulates too many people instead of being honest and straightforward, and that never works in the long run. Bongi's mom is so superficial. I love her because she has good intentions as a mother, but she too is shallow. Even after Donghae gave the kimchi factory/them 100,000 dollars that he won, she still wouldn't entertain the idea of her daughter marrying him, which is ridiculous. I love Bongi's dad--he has a great heart and gives great advice. Taehun and Seoyeong are a cute couple but they both have a lot of growing up to do and shouldn't have been parents yet if they were that immature about real life, but they are trying. Piljae is the MAN! He is so awesome, outspoken and kind hearted even if he does act impulsively sometimes his heart is in the right place. And to that idiot who said Anna wa a retard, that is just mean. I hope you are disabled in your next life as your karma. She is a good mom to her son and raised a great man. That takes skills sorry. She is good and sweet and a great actress. I hope Piljae gets to marry her after all! Sorry Kim Jun, but you had your chance!~

Matt, Kuching I don't normally watch Korean drama on TV. Perhaps by chance, I was surprised to see my wife and daughter glued engrossly watching this smile again drama. By no time, I began to like it after I had identified the characters vide subtitles. Now, I must admit I am also addicted to it. After finishing my work , we will rush home notwithstanding the traffic jam . But the episode slotted for each viewing will hardly last for 35 minutes and in the midst of watching I have to look at my watch as time is dragging very fast. I don't like it. It is interesting but also annoying to me. I don't know this slot really reflect the korean society set up. I agreed with James in this drama Mrs Kim is an evil and a bad mother. To her every thing is about the hotel and is ever willing to take away from the real owner, Mr Cho who is like a father to her. I also don't like Seawa's mother, She does not really care for others as long as she could keep her family in tact. Bongsi's mother is a capitalist always thinikng about wealth. Any way, we really this Korean drama.

Anonymous Anybody living in or has lived in Korea, please chime in:

So when you call someone and their phone is off.. Does everyone get that same exact message with the female korean voice saying

"The subscriber is unable to answer your call, you will be transferred to a voice messaging service" or something to that effect in Korean, regardless of what cellphone company you have?? I've heard that message in just about ALL of the kdramas I have seen.. Are you not allowed to create your own message?? Thank you.

Also_unknown Yeah!! What is the title of the opening theme song?? I need the lyrics too.... =)

unknown what is the song title on the opening part of this movie which is "lalalalalala" thanks

Trish Ok, is the series over after 159 or just the season finale? I am SO hooked but it comes on at Midnight in New Jersey and I have to get up at 3A for work. I even got my sister-in-law hooked. I had to watch the rest of the episodes on line. How sad is this, watching on line didn't have sub-titles but you get what is going on for the most part. I want that Kimchi recipe though. I haven't tried Korean found but now it has peaked my curiosity. There is another drama about Kimch competitioni called Le Chef. I haven't been able to find it on my stations but I am determined to. Hope to find out it is just the season finale.

lily what's goin on i taught it had 150 episodes but it's still not over!!!!!!!!!o c'mon when is it gonna end i rechecked and now it says a 159 episodes!unbelievable as much as i love the drama i realy want it to end so bad!

maureen I am paranoid and married to this drama. “Q” of each part: Donghae - always been desperately wants attention! Anna – retarded! Bongyi - dark side of ambition! Sunok - kissing butt! Like mother and daughter. Kangjae – Fair, kind, Father of the bride. Piljae – whistle! Songi – she have her own little world. Soolnyeo – sexy mama! Taehoon /Saeyoung – crap like a meal extra on the side. Baby twins – precious! Mrs. Cho – childish, worst compare to Songi or 3 years old child. Mr. Cho – poor thing, his way to heaven… Mrs. Kim – She’s transformed and reclaimed. James – lost Dojin – His mission accomplished. Saewa – was the first and got the best for last. Consider this with my calculation! 100% excellent – best drama ever….. Get to see Smile Again next season. See you later alligator! See you a while crocodile! Smile! 

Don'tbeMad but i think Donghae looks better with Yujin as a couple than Bongi does.. i mean, really, Yujin can cook better, dance, speak English, etc. not to mention her Mom's world famous restaurant background.. Bongi on the other hand is insecure, has a really deep voice, and doesn't have much to offer Donghae in the long run.. don't be mad.. ;)

Budm @Anonymous, looks like SF is broadcating the same episode as HI, we are on COMCAST here in bay area. It looks like not every countries are getting the same episode so it will all end at the same time, seesm like some countries may have already seen the last episode. I hope the new show will be just as good as this one.

Anonymous @Budm ....episode 142 today (June 7, 2011) in Honolulu, Hawaii. interestingly, although i am in Hawaii, for some reason our Korean channel broadcasts commercials advertising stores/products for the Korea town in Los Angeles... Locally KBS is broadcast here.. we used to get MBC also but not anymore.. Do you have MBC in SF??

maureen I care less what episode! Really! They are all good actors actually. I hope and wish Saewa on her next movie will be Cinderella. Kids in this world will love her, I know that for sure and so am I.

Budm Hi Maureen, What episode are you up to now? How about other people here?

Budm I just finished watching episode 141 today (June 6, 2011) in SF Bay area. Anyone have seen the last episode (159) yet? 18 episodes to go! Cannot wait to see who will get what at the end.

patience SMile Again is my favorite show! I on episode 138!

maureen Love torn between families causes by the two brothers. What a twist – just good business. I get it! The drama definitely absolutely incredibly amusing. Dojin is a man of his word – take his business as redemption of what his- genius – mission impossible. Saewa finally pulled it off! Way to go! You go girl, take your chances, one step at a time. Her glamour and beauty is very catchy. She pretty amazed me. Play cool…..

lily fisseha 7 episodes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can't believe it's gonna end the day after matric.i will never forget this incredible drama!i'll miss the excitement everyday of my life!i wonder what kind of drama will air next?!i hope it will be a great one cuz its vacation time for us here in ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJ btw, i'm watching this from the beautiful city of SF....i started being addicted to kdramas since 3 yrs ago & counting! i luv this series & my fave is dong hae & bongi....hate most saewa & donji, i also don't like saewa's sister and mother, they're annoying, i luv the little girl too she's super cute! i hope anna gets medical help and finds her biological wealthy parents who owns the camelia hotel and kicks out dojin & his mom! (: wow ppl fr ethiopia watch this? woah that's cool!

Jinjoo i simply can't get enuf of this drama series, i'm loving dong hae or jang chi wook! cute, tall, handsome & convincing in his role! more power to you! annyeong, jjal isseo and con man bon sarang hae! :)

JJ i really hated saewa when she denied knowing dong hae at that scene where he accidentally hit the flower shop window; how wicked cld she be after having 6 yrs relationship with him? she's heartless, i like bongi v much, she's kind-hearted, sweet & i hope dong hae opens his eyes to reality & so glad he finally admitted to leave saewa! he doesn't deserve that kind of woman, asking him to abandon his mother who is mentally challenged? i wldn't want a wife if i were a guy to love that kind of woman saewa who is extremely selfish! grrrhhh i feel like pulling her hair to the max! :) i can hardly wait to watch the nxt episode & usually i'm not into long drama series but this one is just too addictive! i'm loving this drama! i first saw Jang C W in sons of sol pharmacy & luvd him there too but he proved so much acting skills in this drama! hats off to you JCW, you rock!

happyfan i started watching this drama a few days ago & just loving it! it's so addictive & if i had a choice not to sleep i wld've done that too since it's so hard not to continue watching each episode! i luv dong hae, bongi, ana but hate most saewa & dojin! i can hardly wait to go home from work to watch this drama, my schedule has been ruined but in a positive way watching this hahahaha LOL! i'm sure i'm gonna miss this once i finished with it! luv you JCW & O eun! you both rock!

maureen Is there any surprises? Please indulge me! It’s so exciting! What left is there? Hope those three vicious players will turn out to be good Angels after all…. They are smart and beautiful…. My kind of people… Yah, yah, yah…. Sort of…. !!!!!!!

Anonymous I am pleased to see karma happening towards Dojin, his mother, and Saewa, but the drama is just dragging on. It was fun to watch but now there's just useless fillers... I hope something else interesting happens soon.

Meaza i rely lie to thank you for making a wandefull movice it has a nice taste in it all the movice have their own hisory and they are also intersting i realy like seing your movice i wanto to ask you one simple quation is ann going to be fine ans also i wanto to see the weding betwenn bonig and care lake pleas make it fast and one last thing kipe up the good work and make a wonderfull storys for us i am now learing how to write tv drama and i aso learn what to pice to pice to mae a good tv drame thak your for teachin me i rely love your sow i am from Ethiopia love you all the stafe mambers and thank you

maureen Holy cow! Good gracious! It’s so “PHENOMENAL” this story really blown me out and toke my breath away… I’m moved and truly touched! Can’t get enough! REALLY!!!

Charmaine Espinosa Every episode thrills me!!

maureen What I said last time. Constructive - Critism. A word of advice – Let’s cut the chase. Why can’t both family compromise, double booking with other Firm? What comes to mind! Piracy is a crime! Oh! I forgot, this is only a sham!!!! I am really going to miss this show...Well done!!! Great Actors!!!!

Gabriella Oh my gash the best film.I always watch each episode.I can't miss one b/c if i miss it I think i can't live any more.All the actors are so cute especially Lee Jangwoo and Ji Changwook.I love each episode.I can't wait to see the final episode.Keep up the good work.

Gabrielaa Oh my gosh Smile again the best film.I can't live without watching it.All the actors are so cute especially Lee Jangwoo and Ji Changwook.I love each episode of this film.I can't wait to see the final u!!1

maureen Constructive Criticism - Arrogant, pride and prejudice. OUCH!!! I know is coming… caught me off guard… That might have been awfully hurt! Human born and die naked! Hmmmmmm!!! Let me think??? Determination & Consequences??? Is this Drama really serious? Can’t wait for the Finale to see happy family.

Jennifer Lim Love "smile again". Will not miss every single episode. Hate to see trouble keep coming. When is the ending?

Kathy In Los Angeles, CA and I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Smile Again". I'm still not happy that "Coffee House" ended. No one I know watches Korean dramas so it is nice to see others who do. I can't stand Saewa's mouth, something about her makes my think she is not believable. I think Piljae is too emotional and it makes him look like a jerk, as well as Bongi's mother. As much as I don't like what Jun did, I do like his character. I don't think it was right that Dojin's mother was treated poorly by Jun, however, her character is so full of her self, she's after the Cho's money. I do like the Cho's. I cannot stand the arrogance of the new guy who wants Bongi for himself and ruined her cake and forced her to have his birthday dinner with him. Like I said, I love the show.

theboy.nextdoor It is really interesting drama.

maureen This show is like a disease and contagious, captured my attention. It’s so fascinating. I got the impression this is story is base on true to life. By all means with all my respect - Just food for thought! Despite all the troubles in this world, the only solutions in one big happy family is,

  • simple word – “ LOVE” unconditionally.

The World Smile Again – my point exactly!!!!

maureen can't get enough of this show... it's getting interesting, better and better... scale from one to ten? it's perfect ten.

Lim Huat Like the show very much

Anonymous Although I dislike Saewa and her step-mother, I admit, they are very good actresses. In fact, everyone is pretty good at acting, well, except for Bongi that is (her excessive fake cheeriness). Speaking of Bongi, I'm really disliking that creepy guy that stalks her. He's disgusting! Hitting on a girl who's already in a relationship... I think he and Yujin should get together, they're both creepy weird stalkers lol.

maureen What I appreciate so much about this story “Smile Again” – KBS made it so genuine for viewers who are Christian. Family rich or poor alike are the same. Both have love and respect. That is the greatest thing in the family, no matter who they are. No one is perfect in this world but if KBS continue to make story like this, nothing can go wrong. It will reach out to the top to perfection! It’s a good lesson to all. Very encouraging and commendable. It’s good for viewers out there to make this possible meaning of life and a better family in this world a place to live to come and for the future. God bless to All….

Angela Waiting for the end is a little bit tiring, but I wouldn't know what to expect. I've watched many dramas, and can predict small things of what will happen next, but the end is just too exciting to wait for. Also, Dojin reminds me of my brother! Because he is so sorrowful inside, he expresses it out as anger._. I love the characters, & thumbs up for "Anna Laker" -her acting is so convincing as a mentally disabled woman! I love this drama, but it can be weird at the same time. It is very long, but is worth waiting for. ^.^

maureen F Y I Sea-Wa, Rumors ridicules you coz you played by the role. You started and finished these whole show, You’re the first scene and last to go, but you still have more to grow… Snap out of it! Wake up! Smell the coffee or tea my dear, coz you will have cheer!!! I applaud you outstandingly and gratefully! You’re smart, bold, VIP well preserve beautifully! Sink this up!!! In reality, you made all the Cast possible dreams because of you! Technically, they could not done it if it wasn’t for you! Hoping to watch you another round, smile again and play just fine. I have last ten words that’s real you not Sea-Wa, you are the shining star Park Jung-Ah!!!

Anonymous So that's it with Yujin (salad girl)?? I'm so sad. why couldn't they make her go after the guy that's going after Bongi?? I know a lot of you hate Saewa but you gotta admit, she is one fine actress. I always said, why do they always make the super attractive one's the villains?

anonymous Hahahaha! She said happy ending! I always ask for a "happy ending" too! I don't mind if i get to see Saewa have a "happy ending" as long as I'm there!! =D

Sema maru We live in Addis Ababa Ethiopia the time not aveleble to all us plese rearenge time.My famly and I love thise move.In thise move we like Anna Laker ,Donghae.Leekangjae,Lee piljae ,Kim Mele Sun and Bongyi.We disliking Saewa,her mother,Kim Dojion and Hong HyeSuk all are greedy.All acters excellent acting in thise moves.Anna and her son Donghae also Saewa excellent acters.We like korea's drama and KBS TV show.

anonymous Ah, this drama is very, very unrealistic, but obviously it's because it's a drama. Although I have a lot of complaints about the series, I have to admit, what I like about it is the ending is unpredictable. I'm really disliking Saewa. She is so greedy it irritates me. She jeapordizes her own sister's husband's family for the sake of her own desires. It's obvious she doesn't love Dojin, too. I was rooting for her at one point when she thought of telling Donghae about his grandparents but was ultimately crushed when she decided to still stay with Dojin. That idiot deserves the cruel punishment she gets from that family now once I think about it.

I really hope Mrs. and Mr. Cho will finally get to meet their real daughter. It'll be such a treat to see them desert that other evil lady. I don't like her either since she's too selfish.

I'm not a fan of the characters much, but I have to admit Saeyong is so adorable<3 I guess I say this since I adore Jooyeon as a singer and her acting is silly~

ann castillo i like this drama a lot... never knew that there could be someone so evil like saewa! i hope she will not have a happy ending cause the heavens do not give blessings to evil people! and if ever she gets a happy ending, it will leave the impression that it is okay to be bad and hurt other people!!!!!

maureen To All, Ponder this things! Life is so complicated as it is! What comes around goes around! You fall, get up and SURVIVE! Hate, hope, faith but the greatest that conquers all is LOVE! All can BENEFITS and I'm very PLEASED! Almost real, unique, classic and I can dig it! This story is the best EVER! May you all have love FOREVER! Keep that pretty smiling face GOING.... Coz' no one will get to the ENDING...

pyan, kuala krai, malaysia Yeah... I am also addicted to Korean drama (KBS World). Although this one (smile again) quite unrealistic, I still hooked to it coz need to know what will happen to saewa, dojin and her mother. I love "Slave Hunter" the most...

katrina etone @ Tan KH- on what website do you watch smile again. I watched episode 120 on tv last night and would like to get as far ahead as you.

Anonymous @Tim Saeyong (Joo-Yeon) = After School (Kpop group) Also!!

Anonymous Go Taehyun (Alex)!!

Tan KH I don't normally follow Korean dramas but my wife loves Dongi and this series. I got hooked by the story line about how Donghae and his mother had to go through a lot of hardships and adversity .. and finally Donghae has something to smile about! Watching episode 155 on line..wish the English subtitles are available for the later episodes. Downloaded episodes 1 - 115 hardsubtitled already. There are 160 episodes altogether! Why so many? Guess they keep his asking for more.

Elaine Chan I look forward to seeing this drama every night..even though some parts of the story is quite unbelievablely how Saewa is always at the right place at the right time..that's is quite ridiculous..I hope she really gets what she deserves at the end..wish there was another hundred episodes to watch..

Elaine Chan I look forward to this drama every night...even though some part of the stories are quite unbelievablely how Saewa is always at the right place and the right time..that's ridiculous..I hope she really gets what she deserves at the end...wish there was another hundred episodes to watch...

michael proch i look forward to this soap every weekday night. sometimes the plots seem silly for instance, when everyone shows up at the same time, its happened throughout the series. the last time was when he confronted saewa about taking his mother.s clothes and the older couple happened to be right there, why did he not say she took my mother's baby clothes, instead he bowed and they told him not to come there anymore. also the older lady(mrs.cho) was in the room with saewas mom, why did'nt she ask why she was feeling better and saewa was still a her house? too many little things should have been commented on throughout the series. also. the good people keep getting knocked down, when will they finally get the upper hand????? in addition, saewa always seems to be in the right spot at the right time and always knows what is going on , this seems impossible???

Tim I did not that saewa (Park Jung Ah) is a kpop singer of the girl group Jewelry!!!! I now realize her prettiness, behind all of the scary/mean acting

Tim Holy!!! I did not know that Saewa (

lisa I am so in love with this show I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see what will happen next I am starting to get Addicted to this show every one in my family thinks I am weird but oh well Keep the drama coming KBS

nona Eventhough smile again has too many silly coincidence of main character but the acting is very good.. especially saewa mother . she is my favorite character whom most of the time is tring to help out saewa without really know what is saewa intention. The suspence built up in this drama is very very addictive.

lily fisseha 30 episodes to go and i'm losing my mind!i can't even study for matric(grade 10 national examination).all i ever think about is how z story is gonna end.i think z drama will end on z day we're finishing our's gonna b one hell of a celebration!i'm so glad there are many people here in ETHIOPIA that watch this fantastic drama.and by the way i have a feeling that 'seondal' dude is gona wonna marry'll b a disaster if bongi's mom agreed cuz he's all successful and everything.oh man!good luck bongi!in any case i think she'll definitely end up with z lovely donghae.and i think donghae is gonna b kind enough to give up the hotel for again will be tattooed in a very special place in my heart cuz it has given me so much excitement and happiness!i loooove u all!annyeong!

Eyob I thought I was the only ethipian who watch this in America guess I'm wrong and How long does it take to have the English sub titles for episode 106??? hurry up

maureen who ever wrote this story will make him so very proud! Good job!!!!!

maureen I'm glued to watch this story..... Very intriging and touches people's lives Everyone have theory but this one puzzles me There's provoking question! Will everyone Smile Again? I hope this story never end I love all of them.....

michael proch i got hooked on this soap opera series and look forward to it nightly. however, i am upset over the bad people always getting the upper hand and too many sudden meetings of the main characters in the hotel all the time. all of them seem to meet at the same time which is not the case in real life! why is anna laker always a victim and chased away by saewa who always appears whenever there is something about to happen and has the power to scare people. i would like to see more of the good people winning instead of the bad.

Ioana Uli I like Smile Again, haven't missed an episode. It is too long and its getting very annoying waiting for the ending. I watch it every morning at 12:20 AM in American Samoa (island in the South Pacific). My favorite characters are Donghae and Bongi. I can't stand Saewa's character and am about to quit watching because of her. She is so evil and money hungry. I love Korean Drama, have watched so many now. I hope this one finishes soon.

arsu yorda i like ur comment but i dont think niether of them will be smart coz i dont see it comin she will do somehting trikin for once but for sure she will not end up ownin that hotel and dojina and his mom i just wanna grab them and i dont know i m so crazy abt tat drama and guess wat it is almost midnight and still i m up googlin around to find the comin episode isnt this crazy look how addicted i m becomin i m tryin to promise my self after this i will never see but emmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont know

yordanos I Realy Love The Drama Please Make It Short Two Be Interested In Somehow Nevertheless Tell Ana & Dongeya To Be Smart As Of Sowaya

sandhya i love this drama i stay in india and it comes at 1:45am in the night..but i have got so addicted to it that i watch it every day...

Anisa Hellooow here from singapore! I'm getting addicted with this Smile again :-) i really want to know what will be happen with saewa n Dojin's mother once they know that Anna is mr/mrs.cho's missing daughter!!

Tsehaye I love these move it is the most outstanding move. In Ethopia most pople enjoy this drama the characters are awesome donghae is an ideal person he is so kind& bong-yi smart ,agood actress her family so good . I hate pil jae he is jerk.saewa selfish dejon " baby i advise him to go nursery school" his mather hoarer & his father is arrogant.dojion &his family including saewa they are the color of the derama. It is the best and long drama I ever seen. I am impressed by south korea the culture are similar with my country ETHIOPIA culture. "Camesameda"

cokkie i'm so so soooooooooo obssessed with this drama. i love donghae & bongi, they're so adorable & so cute together. saewa is such a good actress and i loved her since she was in jewlery, why does she have to be the villan. I was so sad when happiness in the wind ended cuz i never thought smile again would be much more better, intresting and very addictive. i hope this drama never ends. fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shin I'm from indonesia. I like this movie. This movie is very entertain me. I love this.. :)

Amalia Batad Torres,KSA Whoa..!!!im getting addicted in k0rean dramas m0st especially Smile Again,Sungkyunkwan Scandal,Dream High, w0ndering what's next....thanks KBS WORLD..pls.continue in giving us inspirati0n thru ur dramas...luuuuv it!!!

Bonbon I love this drama. I am hoping it lasts a while longer. I am watching from Florida and we are up to episode 103 I think. Does anyone know what the next drama will be when this one is done. I was really upset when Happiness in the Wind ended but now I am as caught up in this one as I was in that one. I watch about 5 or 6 different dramas ongoing at the same time. I have been watching for about 2 years now so I have seen quite a few. I am totally addicted to Korean tv.

K Drama Fan We love Korean dramas in Philadelphia, PA! Smile Again is getting so good; I always look forward to watching! Love Anna, Donghae and Bongi!

jt When I first learned that Taehyun(Alex) was actually a singer in real life I didn't think much of it.. Maybe because I didn't really care for his character in Smile Again. BUT then I stumbled upon a clip on Youtube and found out he sang one of the hit songs from My Lovely Sam Soon!I couldn't believe what I was watching/hearing and thought... DAMN THIS BOY CAN ACTUALLY SING!! GO TAEHYUN!! Fighting!!

Abby I watch this drama in Georgia, USA. I am glad to find others who love this drama.

lili hi to everyone i didn't comment to my sweeti SMILE AGAIN, but here iam, i really like this drama so much, but the end is commeing soon,:( am really sad, i hope the best to everyone

lili: kisses from djibouti

Marta M. Thanks to lord…. Finally I got lots of friends that love Korean drama…. Coz you don’t know how much difficult to explain what I fill when I see KBS programs. I was comment participant in Happiness with the wind…. I hope everyone will welcome me for smile again. Well most of the problems are similar with Happiness with the wind but the main issues on this dram is about losing business because of wronged information and losing parents….. and now world become small and people meet what they loss. I see that this TV serious has 150 parts well… I hope now we can see whose bad lack…. Sewana…. I really really sorry for the person likes Sewana, they are working hard but they don’t have a confidence. If she works hard she don’t need any help from any one because her job will show how she is capable for anything. But…. Sewana be brave don’t expect something that you don’t belong saving ur marriage is a good thing but you intention is not about ur marriage so as long as your intention change even u get back ur husband you will not be happy. I think it is enough for today. Love you all.. Marta M. From Sunny Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

ki in response to comment #108

Gobeze Says: "...I wanted to know why the names are different when actually called in the drama and in the subtitle. For example Anna vs. Annashe....."

Hello Gobeze, in Korea you will often hear "shi" ("she") applied after a name. It is a formal way to address someone equivalent to "Mr." or "Ms." in English. Somebody named Ha-Neul in Korea, you will often hear that person addressed as "Ha-Neulsshi" which is them just saying "Ms. Ha-Neul".

There's also the less formal "ah" which friends will add when addressing their friends ... like to Ha-Neul they will sometimes say "Ha-Neulah".

hope that helps

P.S. - I watch it here in South Korea

anonymous Ethiopia, Malaysia, Indonesia, PA(USA), HI(USA), CA(USA). Actually that should be SF(USA) because SF really should be distinguished from SoCal. < i mean that in a good way. Glad to hear this series is so widespread!!

BM San Francisco bay area. I am glad to see Bongi is beginning to stand up for herself against Sae-Wa and Do-Jin. Accordinf to KBS web site, it has 130 episode, this is one of the longest running time ofr Korea soap opera with this may episode.

Lily Hey am from ethiopia,I like smile agin bt it's being boring everyday,it has too many episods..... our whole family watchs it my mom is being addicted to this serious overall it's an awsome movies zo i can't stand Dojin(mam's boy) he is so freakin annoying he should act like a man not like a 5yr old boy and i like saewa's mom when she went to talk to dojin's mom and give her a piece of her mind.....and HYesuk i liked her at first bt she is being a complete bi**h now anyhw good movie...and nice actors....hope the movie willbe a happyending:)

Canonino I'm from Indonesia and found this drama on KBS from my cable, love this drama a lot but I'm afraid I become bored as the episodes are soooo many. It would take another 2 months to finish if there are 159 episodes :((

Chali Oh!!!! It is a wonderful family drama. I and my family always eagerly attend the episodes even if it is late mid-night here in Ethiopia. You actors, you have a great talent!!!!

Gobeze I like this drama and it kept me to my toes. I am longing to see the ending. Last night I watched #108. I wanted to know why the names are different when actually called in the drama and in the subtitle. For example Anna vs. Annashe.....

Anyway this drama is likened by many Ethiopians. Bravo KBS

Anonymous WOW, Really?? I can understand Malaysia, but ETHIOPIA!? That's so awesome this show has so many international followers! OK! Ethiopia, Malaysia, PA(USA), HI(USA). Keep it going guys, this is getting interesting..

lily fisseha zis drama should go down in history!it's the most complicated and interesting story i've ever seen!i looooove bongi and donghae,hope they get married!i love the way bongi gets angry.thanks to whoever created this story.thank u for 108 days of happiness!this is from ETHIOPIA.camsamitha!fighting!annyeong.

Meow I'm from Malaysia. In April, KBS has been shifting a few drama's slots time and day. I was like crazy tracking the time slots down... like the ones that they show at 10.15pm monday-tuesday... they show it at 3.20pm... Is it the same as everywhere else?

Anonymous Philadelphia?? OK, it's role call time!! Where is everybody watching Smile Again (Smile Donghae) from?? I'll start: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

rose beato why are you not showing Smile Again and Road Home on our station Mind. Are you not going to show this to us in Philadelphia. What is the problem? I put my alarm on just to make sure I get to see these programs, now I am missing episodes, you are leaving us in the dark, can you explain why. Thank you

Anonymous This drama is okay. It's so long, and many characters are irritating. Saewa needs to give up, and Piljae needs to stop being so hyperactive. However, you have to say Park Jung-Ah is a good actress.

Anonymous Hmm, I don't like any character on this show. I'm merely watching to see the ending now. The characters I REALLY can't stand though are Dojin (Mama's boy), Dojin's mom (Selfish b*tch), Saewa (Annoying Twat), and Plijae (Freak). Dojin's family including Saewa are all so annoying, yelling at each other, bickering, putting the blame on each other for what? NOTHING. I hope they become dead poor in the end. Oh, and Dojin's dad is an idiot, too. It's been 27 freaking years since you've been apart from Anna, let it go. You can't just get up all of a sudden and say I'LL BE WITH YOU NOW! and expect them to be alright with it.

Bongi's family on the other hand irritates me slightly, but not as much as Dojin's thank god. I think Bongi needs to work on her acting skills. She's really good when acting serious or sad, but when she tries to act happy, she ends up looking incredibly fake. But hey, the episode I just watched today made me actually like her though for saying what she said to Dojin, HAHA. Characters like Donghae and Anna are quite annoying, too, because I find them too meek and unrealistic. Donghae is too thoughtful and kind to the point it's VERY unrealistic. I just don't like his boring, "gary-stu" personality, but hey, he's the main character, so I guess that's why he's like that. I just prefer characters with more depth. Plijae is one character I REALLY CANNOT STAND. He stalks Anna and gets all upset when she talks about James. I don't even see what he sees in her. I don't hate Anna, but to be honest, she's not smart, she may be pretty and kind, but overall she's like a child. If for some crazy reason the two get together or even married, Plijae is just gonna be taking care of her for the rest of his life. Why doesn't he take care of his own daughter instead!? Oh, and I think he should get together with Saewa's mom instead. They make a pretty cute couple, lol.

On the other hand, I really like Saeyoung and Taehun's relationship. It's hilarious! They're actually what keeps me addicted to the show. I never wanna miss a scene with them, even if they're just useless fillers! They are such a funny couple! Always bickering and fighting, haha. I feel sorry for them for putting up with Saeyoung's mom.

Hmm, very long comment... Uhh, I guess I should end it with I hope they find out Anna's parents soon! Now THAT'LL be interesting!~

Fara Ohemji...i love this drama a lot..i like the story line where i think this is d best of all..i am too, getting addicted with this drama..the tv keeps calling me when its about to air...n the ending of each episode really makes u feel like you want it more, more n more...btw, i heart DONGHAE..he;s a good looking guy! yeah.. i mean it! btw, i,m a malaysian.. i think im a die-hard-fan of korea! i watch a-lot of korean dramas...n oso listen to k-pop! now im able to speak some korean sentences...n i like it!

Jayanti I love this drama. I would love to see Anna Laker with Piljae and not with James. Oh Jieun & Ji Chang Wook look great together. Hope they start dating in real life too!!!

Thanks to the Subtitles, I get to watch great dramas on KBS & MBC both channels.

BudM Re#93: YES, YES, YES! just dragging on.

semenawit when will Anna's family be smile..........why is it too long??????????

joy so now what happen, >>?? Annas parents story will slowly turn in , still 50 more episodes.

joy great to watch, getting to long, 2 more months!!

rosa re: #93 "don't you guys think the drama has become irritatingly long?"

Yes, oh yes, oh yes! And still more than 50 episodes to go! Also, it's so easy to see what is going to happen and how the tables will turn. Still... I have to watch it every night!

len don't you guys think the drama has become irritatingly long?

Breanna Omg. Donghaee LOVE HIM and bongi shes cool the only people i hate is 1. saewa : Alwaays getting in the way and she knows everyones gonna find out , she should just stop 2. Dojins mom Hyesuk? : Shes so stupid if she think her husbands gonna stay with her after finding out his love is back with there son he never knew about really she was so quick to divorce him when he left her in the rain but now she wants to keep her family together? 3. Saewas Mom: leave anna alone get over it !! your daughter f*cked up now shes gonna pay for it mmk? lol 4. kim joon: i dont dislike him too much but he needs to be a man and stop being his wifes puppy if you dont wanna be with her then leave her stop making it harder for everyone and god just tell EVERYONE the truth lol i mean i dont want the truth to be out at the end of the drama cuz i want to see what happens after !! D:

abinezer i like this drama.there are very funygay,but saewa is scary girl.i am bad side to pilje because he is always shout on anna about james(kim jun).

Eunice Hi! May i know what is the phone model used in the drama? I see Anna, Mrs.Kim, Saewa etc. using it. I know its a Samsung but the phone type/name/model? Samsung Galaxy/Wave/Ace??

jt Anna's crying doesn't bother me as much as seeing how many times Saewa calls her mother-in-law telling her "Mother-in-law, Something terrible has happened!!"

BudM Will there be at least one episode that Anna does not cry? Can't get to see James, she cries. Get to see James, she cries. See Mrs. Kim, she says she is sorry 100 times, then she cries. Is this all she can do? it is episode 93 and all she does is crying. Every body else in the cast have more emotional ranges.

s & s hi Bongi, hi Donghea. We hope the best for you.You two are really lovely.this drama is much better than happiness in the wind and we really enjoy it. Aja Aja Fighting. saranghe.

nida hi donghae & bongi, i like u guys,very funny twosome and i also like the drama, it is family-oriented. keep up the good works.

jt @park, rick Whhooaa!! easy there, it's just a drama! But I do agree, Piljae and Saewa's mom (Sulnyeo?) are crazy, Saewa and Dojin are snobbish and evil, Saewa's sister Saeyoung? is portrayed as dumb because (SPOILER!! )in an earlier episode it was explained that she had inhaled too much charcoal fumes, Donghae and Bongi are the likeable cute couple, and yes, YUJIN (aka "salad girl") IS EXTREMELY FREAKIN' HOT. Lol! No, seriously, she is... =D

Didi Does anybody know Donghae's ringtone? Sounds familiar... :) Love the show. Keep me addicted every single day.

Yeliz Cakar Soleman This is my favourite drama. I am starting cry when i watch. i really say this is best drama for me.Thanks to them.

park, rick clues, sorry for the typo.........

park, rick One of the stupidest character is Piljae & saewa's mom, they're so hyper & always yelling. are these people blind, they never see out of the corner of their eyes, really dumb. saewa's sister is also dumb, she beter get her tubes tied, feel sorry for her twins! as for # 69's post, how dum are you? She's acting as an Autistic person, did you just crawl out from your rock. yujin is HOT! All in All they're all dummies, so many lues yet theyr'e clueless!

samita i am from ethiopia and i like alot korean drama.but i need to know how many episode remain.i hate saewya, and bongi's mother

Marty I enjoy this drama and the twists and turns of the lives of those related to Carl Laker. I do not speak Korean, but I must have the volume turned up as I read the subtitles. It is pleasant and very entertaining

jt so what do you think of Bongi's new hair style? I dunno, I can't get used to it. I mean overall she's still a pretty actress. (I think i liked her hair before though) OH and Anna should stop crying too. Lol.

BudM When will Anna stop CRYING? It is almost at the end.

bonniek I just totally love this show. I watched it last night and I am afraid for Anna and Donghae. Dojin's mom seems really scary and the daddy (KJ) better watch out too. I have watched this so much, my bird (African Gray Parrot) is starting to speak Korean....

Tori I'm completely white and came across this show by chance. I'm totally addicted now, it's sooooo good! From what I'm reading here it's going to end after a certain # of episodes? Waaaaaa

cen OMG, i think this is a kind of drama that targets on rating instead of proper plot... the number of episode keeps increasing.... it frustrates me!!!!! seeeeeessssshhhh

jt God I hate Saewa soo much!! Even when everything is pretty much doomed for her to be in the Kim family, she's still scheming and getting her mom involved against Donghae and Anna.. Damn, why'd she have to be so freaking HOT!! j/k don't be mad... :)

p I agree. Anna should stop crying all the time. She believes Saewa all the time. I wish she could be smart & fashionable. I don't know what kind of disease she has that turn her into a child. It's weird.

BM I wish they give Anna better role, instead of crying every time she is on screen, it is getting tiring. Every one else has more diverse roles to play not just crying all the time.

aron i love smile again

   i love donghea
    i love bong

but i hate anna coz she is crying always like a child.i hope she will leave crying all the time

i love korean dramas especially BREAD LOVE AND DREAMS and i think that drama was driving me to be addicted of KBS world dramas
aron from eritrea

jt THANKS JAY!! Now if i could only get it on my Blackberry, I COULD BE YUN SAEWA IN REAL LIFE!! Lol. Thanks again!

hermin is there anyone can tell me the synopsis of the episode 110? just a short story on what's happening, cause I missed to watch it :(

kamal The salad girl name is....Lee Bongi

p It's HIT drama. I love this drama because there isn't any secret. Good people already knew about bad people & they don't acknowledge villain as nice person. I love this drama because villain get caught. This is perfect. The rating encourage me to keep watching. I love couple Donghae & Bongi. I think Tae-Hun & Sae-Young are funny couple. I hate saewa & Dojin character. I heard that Mrs.Kim is going to be villain. I'll hate her. But I like their acting. I hope they live happily ever after.

JAY Seawa's ringtone is from samsung. Its called "samsung tune" i think.

milen i love all Korean movies specially this one ......I'm going crazy of this movie i stay all night to wait for this movie since i am from addicted of Korean movies ..i never miss any of the episodes .i do admire all the actress and actors ..of course i hate saewa's and dojin's character however as long as it is a drama they are really cool....and i also admire the love carl has for his mom ,,wow it is amazing. and i can't wait 2 see bong and carl get married they r so lovely match .carl is so handsome from all the actors i have ever seen in all Korean drama.opps sorry if i disappoint u u all

jt where can i find Yun Saewa's ringtone? (you know, it goes something like ..."down down down down down down"......."down down down down down down")

lili i wish the best for all, love carl and bongi, this drama is so gooooooood, but its slowly. i smile with them always, i really like the end to be nice and every one be happy, and am from djibouti not korean, but i wish to go korea very sooooooon, i love u all

elaine I missed the first 20 episodes but I'm glad there's 150 in all...I wish it would never end..i look forward to it every evening.

chiane i do loved the movie,, i do like Donghae hes so cute and charming..and also the sweetness of bongi

nadia i love korean drama i wish sccesse for every actors ho make me smile and cry................ love all

Hediyeh it's perfect drama.i really love love love it. i love ji chang wook(dong hae) & oh ji eun(bongi)

jt I'm normally a quiet and reserved kind of guy at work, but for some reason, the only thing I kept wanting to say out loud was: YAAAAH!! LEEE BONG YEEEEE!!!

Noor Love this drama.. carl laker & Bongi sooooo cute.. goood luck:)

Moin Don't know if I'll stay tuned for 150 episodes.

keroro i love dis drama but i've missed so many episodes..n i love to watch lee jang woo in this drama coz he is so adorable!!

Yuu-Chan Kya! I love this drama!~~ I like very much Bongi and Donghae together! ♥~

aizat wow this korean drama is so good and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Fred can any one tell me how i could buy some of this movies?

foz well this drama ireally nice am from kwt and i really do love bong but i hate saewa wish u all the best

Ki @Tilakrishi - There's 150 episodes scheduled barring any changes.

Tilakrishi This is one of the finest KBS dramas I have seen, and I have seen several even though I'm non-Korean. Anna is simply superb. I love Bongi and Karl too. I very much hope the drama ends on a happy note for all three. I don't know how many episodes are there. can anyone inform please Thanks.

Anonymous Omg I hate Dojin so much. He is sooooo ugly and obsessive. I can't believe Saewa can still stay married to the dude, not even all the money in the world would keep me being with a guy like him!

JT OMG, this friggin series is getting goood!! Dojin is just completely going off, it's sooo hilarious to watch him confused and angry he looks like a character from ROBOT Chicken!! (esp. when Yu-Jin (salad girl) tells him that Carl Laker's ex- was Yun Saewa) Def. going to buy this series on dvd when it comes out!!!

Barbara Does anyone know how many episodes are for this drama?

momoko man how i wish bongi and dojin were together because this show only focus in dong hae ang saewa right?

Jojo Omggg the cliffhangers are killing me!!! When are James and Anna gonna meet?! I absolutely hate saewa and her mum but still I love this drama I absolutely cannot miss it :P p.s. Donghae and dojin are super duper hot!! :D

JT n e one know a reliable site to watch this series w/o paying??

cen i absolutely love this drama... the suspense is just right. think dong-hae and do jin are hot!!! love watching them. i love how dong-hae cares so much with his mum and i love how Do jin so devoted with his wife, sae wa....argghh Sae wa gonna get crazy i reckon.. too many dirty secrets and way too control freak... @ina, i heard this drama has 80 episodes. today was episode 40j or 50 something episode so half way to go...

JT Reversal of Fate (aka I'll give you everything) Yoon Ah-jeong, another top actress/model portraying the villain. i'm not complaining but, ..sup wit dat?

JT Why do they always make the super hot actresses the evil characters... Remember "Happiness in the Wind"? Lee Seong Min was the only reason I watched that drama. Now it's "salad girl" in Smile again.. ..but Bongi's not bad either. Lol =D

fan of korean dramas i like this show, but they are going slow. i feel like they are dragging it too much. the show is trying to create suspense by sending anna laker wherever kim jun is, but we know that they are not going to see each other for a while. by the way, i like to watch Korean dramas even though i'm not Korean.

samita i like oh ji eun very much and i hope to be together with jichan wook

lili go smile again

lili i really like this drama so much, i cant wait intell carl loves bongi, really.....

lili i really like this drama, i like carl and bongi they are cuteee..

Alex lee I love that girl who flirts with donghae..I wish to meet her in person..But hey, Bongi rocks!!

Alex lee Owww!! I hate it whe saewa always get on donghae's way..I'm so excited to watch when anna and kim jun(James meet)..

Tim @Manaman Thanks! You finally found the salad girl! Lol

manaman Salad girl is Choi Yoon-So according to credits above.

nancy @Tim: her name is Oh Ji-Eun

Tim The pretty salad girl that likes donghae is being more commonin the episodes ^^ What's her name (or actress's name) ^^

JT Yeah, exactly!! WHO is that actress that is coming on to Donghae?? (The one who didn't like her salad.) Need to know actress name, please.

Tim Who is that pretty salad girl(character or actress name) from the hotel restaurant who likes donghae because he gave her a good impression?

won' wow, that's one of my best movies on KBS. I actualy like most of the movies on KBS. Smile again is one of the best thou. go...go...

becky the best tv series i ever seen i like the way she act park hai -mi she so cuteeeeeeeeee!^_^

becky the best tv series i ever seen i like the way she act park hai -mi she so cuteeeeeeeeee!

Sarita oh!!! i really love that drama!!! the actor and the actress look so cute!! when i go to school i cant stop thinking abt that drama that what will happen next?? (bad rite) but i dont know y!! i just love that movie!! donghae and bonggi look so lovely!!! when they role together look very funny and that make me want to watch more!! what a lovely drama!! Promise that i'm going to watch that movie till the end!! :D looooove that drama!! SMILE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo Jo Lombardo The most OVERLOOKED actor (the most handsome guy in the entire cast, really!!) is Lee Jang Woo. He plays the son of the hotel CEO (and he also is the hotel Vice President). WHY and HOW he was not cast as the lead in this Korean drama is amazing. He does not have thick lips (so many korean actors do). His eyes are "visible". He is tall. He has an adorable smile and we feel he's really overlooked in this drama. When he portrayed a policeman (cop) in the MARVELOUS drama "Three Brothers" he showed great talent and ability to run, ride a motorcycle, and always had (as he has in this drama too) that mischievious smile! His eyes literally sparkle. Somebody PLEASE DISCOVER THIS YOUNG MAN! We would watch ANY drama that he would be in. Really!!!!

ina_babypumkin i love this movie also..hehehe..but can u pls tell many of episode in these drama?

azura abas to the person who watches a drama,should watches until the end.

Auntie Sally i love this drama!!

Ramya I love Dong-hae character. He is so cute, handsome and an excellent acter. So much fun to watch him act. I do like Lee Joo-Yeon hrt acting as well as her beautiful eyes. Overall all the cast members doing an excellent job in acting. This show most fast and reveting and full of exciting and I always could not wait to watch next episode. Keep it up guys.

aSkiNa Luv the drama 2…Luv 2c Carl n Bongi 2gether, looks so cute when they smile n shy 2wards each other…Hope they'll b in luv sooon…

aSkiNa Luv the drama 2...Luv 2c Carl n Bongi 2gether, looks so cute when they smile n shy 2wards each other...Hope they'll b in luv sooon...

Tim I love Bongi!!!! So cute and attractive! <3

MieyRa p/s=the actor(dong hae) are so handsome...huhu..but no matter what this drama is awesome!!!i like it very much...

MieyRa I LOVE.....

this drama+dong hae/carl laker+also anna+bongi

love all of u..

hana i love this drama!!!joo yeon cute!!how old is she??i love every part of the drama!!

MICKEY wow I really like this drama...the actors are so cute and Bongi is such a charming girl...this drama is so addictive! Love it..

V ahhh i miss happiness in the wind, but i actually enjoyed the first 4 eps of this show. hopfully its a good series

Fabi Before this Happiness in the Wind used to be on. That was a family romance type of drama. Smile again is a new aproach. It's really funny and cute (: I hope there are alot of these episodes. I always found myself smiling the first few episodes. Lee Jang Woo, too adorable!

nani love this drama a dong hae @ carl laker...hehehe

fans.. love to watch this drama..especially cute joo-yeon...she so cute!!!

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