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Kang In-Ho (Gong Yoo) is a newly appointed teacher at a school for the hearing-impaired in Mujin city. On the way to his new job he becomes involved in a minor car accident and takes his car to a local car repair shop. There his already wrecked car is bumped by a woman named Yoo-Jin (Jung Yu-Mi). Yoo-Jin is an employee at the Mujin Human Rights Center.

On the first day at his new school, In-Ho meets the school's principal and director of administration. They are an identical twins. The director of administration asks for a bribe of 50 million WON ($50,000 USD) to work at their school. In-Ho's financial situation is already in dire circumstances. His daughter who is staying with his mother suffers from asthma. In-Ho's wife has passed away. In-Ho makes a phone call to his mother asking for the money. She delivers the 50 million WON by taking out the deposit money for their home.

While teaching the hearing-impaired students, In-Ho feels something strange about the kid's distant appearances. On his way home, In-Ho notices one of his students Yoo-Ri sitting on the ledge of her dorm room window, which is several stories above ground. He rushes into the dorm building and makes it into Yoo-Ri's room to pull her away from the window. Yoo-Ri then leads In-Ho to a door down the hall and stops. In-Ho goes into the room and sees the superintendent of the dormitory beating a male student named Yeon-Doo. In-Ho is shocked by the brutality and eventually takes Yeon-Doo to the hospital. In-Ho also makes a phone call to Yoo-Jin, the lady from the huma rights center who bumped into him earlier, and asks her to come to the hospital. Soon, In-Ho and Yoo-Jin uncover unfathomable actions committed by the school's faculty against the students. Their work to break the children's silence is only beginning. Meanwhile, In-Ho feels his own pressures to stay silent as his new job already cost his family their home's deposit money and medical bills are piling up for his daughter.


  1. Based on the novel "Dokani" written by Kong Ji-Young (published in 2009). The novel was inspired by a true incidents which occurred at a school for hearing-impaired persons in Gwangju, South Korea.
  2. Movie adaptation was first conceived by main actor Gong Yoo. While serving in the military, Gong Yoo read the novel and thought it should be made into a movie. When Gong Yoo got vacation time from the military he sought out the novel's writer Kong Ji-Young & asked if the novel could be made into a movie. Kong Ji-Young stated on her first meeting with Gong Yoo, he mentioned he wanted to make a movie version for underprivileged kids.[1][2]
  3. Filming began February, 2011.
  4. The woman that played Min-Soo's grandmother is the actual grandmother of movie director Hwang Dong-Hyuk.


Silenced (Korean Movie)-Gong Yoo.jpg Jung Yu-Mi
Gong Yoo Jung Yu-Mi
Kang In-Ho Seo Yoo-Jin
Kim Hyun-Soo Silenced-Jung-In Seo.jpg Silenced-Baek Seung-Hwan.jpg Kim Ji-Young SilencedJang Gwang.jpg
Kim Hyun-Soo Jung In-Seo Baek Seung-Hwan Kim Ji-Young Jang Gwang
Yeon-Doo Yoo-Ri Min-Soo In-Ho's mother headmaster twin brothers

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catherine knott i was very sad after i saw this movie,,,,every evil doing has an end and punishment...silent but painful.GOD is always watching....once GOD send somebody to finish all bad can cry,but you cannot hide...forever pain...

klovers amazing movie, the acting is really good, no wonder it got so many award

iris321 Amazing movie.well done actors! recomended

ervy Its like the reality happens everywhere.Its sad that there are people like them that making very rude things to children that have disoders.Its sad and a very masterpiece movie.Especially of gong yoo's actibg skills.God job!

Amaris I saw this film and it was very unsettling to say the very least. It was moving and powerful. To know there are children regardless of race, religion or culture being abused sexually and physically is tormenting and insufferable to watch and all to comfortable and easy to ignore. Although this may not happen in your home or next door the pain, tears and suffering of children are real. Just because atrocities done to children are kept secret and silent does not mean we should remain silent and hold these secrets to preserve our peace because there is no peace without understanding that no justice for evil is injustice for all of us. And if accepting to ignore this evil is preferable than to watch its existence, detest it and do nothing about just understand that indifference for sake of self preservation is one in the same. Shame on this world of people including me for tolerating such evil at 'rather, quite simply' a child's expense.

Jennivieve i want to rip and skinned these stupid people out of their flesh who helped the wrong doings of the criminal... .....

mona thank you for the hard work

SatanBro Please help these innocent kids get help. Justice & Satan ... you must work side by side

SatanBro Please help these innocent kids to get the freedom they wanted .Justice & Satan ... you need to work side by side

Kimchi Terrifying, yet brilliant film to grab the attention of every emotion. I'm glad this kind of horrible deeds are recognize for the Koreans to actually do something about it after seeing this film.

kai these two met at Cyrano later lol

Vae I just now only watched the trailer, and I got chills down my back. It looks very intense. I'll definitely watch the movie when I have the time!

Nawrr Just saw the movie.. Couldn't stop crying during the 30 last minutes, it was horrible.. There are children in the world who go through so much and I'm just sitting there complaining about vain stuff.. Oh my God..

Pada This movie was an intense movie.... I was watching it alone and it was hard. This was a very sad movie and it was very hard to watch what the children's had to go through, based on a true story too... now that just makes the movie more meaningful....

Lubia M This movie is so talented and unique in creation. People from asia have always been the best cinema makers. Actually making a movie different and can make you understand a different world. I can't understand how money can do this. how the hell could you accept money knowing what those men did. these kids couldn't talk..couldn't hear. Those men took advantage in such a cruel way. What mad me cry is that this world believes so much in justice and helping their people but when it comes to an actual case they turn they're backs. This is so wrong, the whole time i was thinking revenge on those men and that woman. i would've done exactly what the kid did in the end. Min-sus's story is the one that broke made me hate people like that so much. i wish i could take the pain away, bring his brother back. The kid did the only thing that man deserved..but why him and his brother? Where is god on shit like this. Such a powerful man that could move storm and sea, but couldn't help these innocent kids. A true case,,that hasn't even been won.

Hana Rdazi its a great movie!!! but soo heart wrenching and cruel i don;t think i can watch it again...But seriouslyx3 worth watching!!

mo thomas I just watched it on Netflix. Very good movie.

Arti I have seen this movie Silenced ". It is the best story. They learned from you and do change their better life. India has same way. I spread this movie to all Deaf Associations in Mumbai. -Arti

louise anne it's encouraging to see very recent viewers other than myself (today) view and absorb this intense re-enactment of shocking true events exposing such inhumane acts of blatant and despicable abuse of power toward the innocent and most vulnerable that can be utterly and easily dismissed without a bit of shame.

it was so heart wrenching and gut writhing whilst crying most of the time during the graphic depictions of such obscene violations that I found it humiliating that we can call ourselves a civil human race in charge and order of the nature of this planet, our home, the earth.

my heart bled for those children, and all children who are raped of their innocence. how stupid of me to think it could never happen to deaf, mute, blind, disabled, maimed... ANYONE unable to protect themselves from such inexcusable violence.

from the read of credits, GONG YOO was active in the pursuit of such exposure; and, I am interested in finding out if he has followed up on the children, the school, the current situation of things, and if will explore reaching out for whatever it takes to put an END to such an atrocity that was simply dusted under the carpet because powerful monsters exist.

human civil rights are imbalanced worldwide, and may not even exist in some regions based on socioeconomic standards... it's unconscionable for this movie to have been necessary.

this movie should mark everyone who watches it. I was moved by tears with these beautiful young souls cut from themselves because of their impoverishings because they had no one other themselves as institutionalized persons.

has this case been pushed further upward by anyone? by the end of the credits, I got the impression that it was left unresolved, or still open, but not closed.

can this be persued further? can justice be got? can respects be honored and pronounced to those violated both dead and alive and renounced to the world that this will never be tolerated under any circumstances in this brave new world?

I raise my soju and pronounce my allegiance to any and all who will do what it takes to protect the innocent and innocense, vision/hearing/speech/physically impaired, of any age, and to demand the fullest persecution of the human monster, the ablest, most powerful, richest... who dare force themselves onto a weak lamb for such wicked purpose.

i'm not educated enough in the (split) Korean governments to go about this, other than taking it the UN. and how can that happen? anyone exploring it?

it just seems to me this is an insignificantly magnificent mustard seed.

thank you.

Anon this movie was so effing sad. it really digusts me, the scenes were very disturbing but it gave me an eye opener saying this sh*t really does happen not only in america but in the whole world. and to think we send our children to school to be safe and educated and some digusting perverse crap like this can happen? ughhhhhh wtf is wrong with out world ?!?!?!?!?!?

jocylin 조슬린 This movie did and is still making me cry. I just finished watching it on Netflix and my heart is broken. .. how can People be so vile and repulsive? !? The worst part is that it's based on true events... the fact that this has really happened is beyond me... as others have said I've never cringed and looked away so much. .. it was so graphic but i understand why they did it. Worst is that this hasn't just happened in Korean deaf schools but it's happened in America as well...

I've cried watching Korean dramas and cinema but not like this. .. the true aspect pushed me over the edge as I'm still holding in tears 20 mins after watching it. ..

The fact that you know it's true and there's NOTHING you can do about it brings a helpless feeling like no other. ..

There was no justice for it i felt. .. children EXCUSE me NO ONE should have to go through something like that and most importantly the assaulters should NOT get away with it. ..I don't know if you saw but some of the workers were reinstated at the school. ..

A movie has never made me appreciate my hellish life more than this one. .. just because although my life is far far from perfect I've never dealt with something like this. ...

The actors, the script, EVERYTHING about this movie is far more deserving of an Oscar or some kind of award than most of these American cinemas that win.. Korean cinema itself I've found to be much greater than American. .. truly nothing here even compared to some of the master pieces I've witnessed with Korean cinema (including this one)

Well now that I've finally stopped crying I'm gonna go recommend this to flipping everyone so we can go cry together and appreciate our lives.


Michelle There are so many wasted resources everywhere that they should eliminate unnecessary inspections in other facilities, but focus on unfortunate cases like this! The kids actors are very good, and unfortunately those scenes though very disturbing, is actually nothing compared to reality of the situation -- and this school and school alike should be PUNISHED!!! How can anyone live one's life letting criminals like so live! Oh the INjustice of the Law in a Justice system!!! What an irony!

Angie I thought this was a very good movie. Unfortunately its based on true events. One thing I did not like about it and was very disturbing, is how these actor kids reinacted these horrible sexual scenes. I fast forwared these parts could not bear to watch. I don't think these scenes were necessary! I wonder what is the update on this school...

jenii I just cant stop crying after watching this movie,,though its very depressing,,i really really liked it..the 3 children are so good on acting those heartbreaking scenes,,this movie makes me want to be a police or lawyer so i can sue those b*stards!!this movie should win an award because they totally deserve it,,

yvonne I am from Malaysia and deaf. Since i watched this movie, i was so thunderstruck (more likely) that the movie is based on true happenings. I learned to speak and did not learn sign language after all. It is so influencing and heartbreaking!!! They think money is everything! I was so angry when the jerks bribed the lawyer. WHY THEY CAN"T RESIST THE MONEY LIKE GONG YOO? Look what happened to Min-su???? MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING! thanks to gong yoo, making me realize how realistic is this world.

Atalia I can't believe adults are capable of hurting children like that. I have never looked away so much during a movie but I was completely horrified by what I saw :( Great movie! but so depressing and scary :( poor babies!

Susan This movie has such an impact on people around the world. It is unfortunate that these children suffered at the hands of those that were to care for them. To feel less significant because of the inability to hear and be violated is such a sad and unfortunate thing. I'd give the shirt off my back to help if I could. This world is void of fear for God and compassion to others. Evil is all around us and money feeds it. Worst of all a culture that allows the sins to be forgiven and not by the victim only allows for more victimization. I pray that justice is found and what children remain to be protected.

Gasenadi Excellent movie with a profound impact on the viewers. Yet, somehow, after watching numerous dramas and movies due to my Korean entertainment addiction, I was not at all surprised. If any industry does NOT whitewash injustice and abuse, it's this one. The pervasiveness of corruption is, rather, to be expected. (Watch a good sageuk, for example.) I sooo appreciated the depiction of the FIGHT for justice itself and the negative consequences for those who speak up. Always an eye-opener. Lest we forget, this is a movie and an excellently made one, at that. The look, the feel, the suspenseful story. I was pleasantly surprised by Gong Yoo's performance; haven't been a fan before. Everyone else was outstanding: the child actors, the villains, the human-rights worker, even Mom.

James I wanted to see this movie so badly and also need to know if this dvd movie does have english subtitles for the deaf in North America.

Portzamparc This movie deserve at least Oscar and Palme d'Or. The Korean cinema is as good as Hollywood cinema, and with this kind of movie is the best cinema in the world, who else than Korean could make such a realistic and emotional movie like this ?! nobody.

Stacy I just watched this movie last night on netflix. It was so hard to bare. I experienced this as a child too but not by anyone from school. I understand how it feels to be in this kind of situation with no one there to see or help. At least the kids in the movie had someone by there side & they tried their best, but I guess sometimes justice cant always be the answer. I never got justice but I lay upon god that one day he'll do his part & punished those with sins. My heart goes out to this movie & the poor kids that went thru this. This movie put me in tears! Im deeply touched

Chantha I've recently just started to watch Korean movies after I've subscribe to Netflix, and I love it. From actions, to dramas, and comedies, the stories have depth and meaning. Silenced is one of the those film that left me in tears and speechless. What's worse is it's base on a true account and I can't believe they get away with it. Does anyone know if the boy Min-Soo really die? I was so hoping that he'll jump off the train track at the last second and leave that teacher pin to the track.

Joey I left Seoul, Korea when I was 8 yrs old. I am now 42, practicing law in Los Angeles, Ca. I have never returned to Korea and my memories of what it once was is not favorable. Throughout the years, Ive watched it grow and develope into a country rivaling other super powers in a system of goverment and technology deserving our pride to be Korean. I've become incredibly proud of what it's become. After I watched the story of the unbelievable cruelty in this movie last night and of a government that tolerated it, especially the truth about a court system that gave no recourse to helpless deaf & retarded children, I feel glad that I left and feel little or no desire to return. More specifically, I'm glad I did not pursue a legal career there. I hope that in this lifetime, in my lifetime, our country will change and grow into a fair, incorruptible system of justice deserving of our loyalty and pride where justice is not sold but revered.

Cristal Velasco Watching this movie was very hard for me. Its a sad thing and i wish none of that was going on. No one should have to go through things like that, but it kills me to say that it is happening each and everyday and in other places to not just Korea. All i want to do is find a way to help all children around the world that go through that and much more everyday. If anyone knows anything that can help stop child abuse please let me know.

Jenna How can we help??????????This was sooooo disturbing to watch & not do a thing about it!!!!!!!

ginger I've never watched a movie that made me that angry :S ...I feel weak and sad :( ...I think that the case should be reopened...i can't believe that those bastards got away with it...In my country rapists get hanged to death :S

Kay This movie made me cry the entire time I watched it. My heart goes out to those poor little kids.

Juo22 After watching this movie, I was really sad and VERY ANGRY WITH THOSE UGLY BIT****!!!! THEY NEED TO GO TO PRISON FOR LIFE!!!! Korean society is quite messed up a bit I say. They really need to fix their jail or prison system up more and they need to care and stop hitting students at school >>>>> and that's where more abuse comes from. (when I was watching the boy getting beat up so bad at school by that teacher who sexually raped him many times, I was like WTF??!!! Korean people need to stop hitting students at schools!!! A new law must be make for that!!! I cannot stand it anymore!!!) <<<<< All those crazy bastards (lawyers/judge/doctor/janitor in the movie) rather choose money over caring and saving the children from harm and giving justice for them??? Oh I just want to beat out the crap of them too!!! GR!! They need to learn the lesson just as those children went through!!!

Plus if a criminal did a sex crime like that, they need to go up to 20-40 years or their whole FUC*** lifetime of their life in prison. I cannot believe that korean society thinks that only 1 or 2 year will work things out because that is where more people will do more crime knowing the advantage of the weak jail/prison system.

All of the actors were great, but now when I look at those old geezers (the actors that played the principals and the other teachers), UGH!!!! NASTY!!! Feels like I don't even want to look at them anymore in any of their movies/dramas.

This movie is very disturbing to watch, so if those who wants to watch, be on the lookout... just so many unforgettable scenes that you won't ever forget. Truly sad too.

kaori I must say greatest movie i have seen. Made me burst in tears. The movie has shaken me some parts I could not watch because it was too much. A real eye opener. Injustices like these show how corrupt our world is. I have always wanted to become a lawyer to change lives and help the victims. For people wanting to watch this. I watched it on Netflix with eng subs. Netflix has a variety of foreign films.

Jessica I just finished watching this movie and I am horrified. When was the last time you have witnessed injustice and decided to ignore it because you thought that there was someone else who would take care of it? Have you ever walked away from situations large and small feeling as if it wasn’t your business? This movie reminds me of a quote by martin luther king, “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Let’s make a difference and lend out a hand to those who are in need of them, just like how the protagonist in this movie did.

Jada The world is such a messed up place! I cried my eyes out watching this movie. Superb acting from all actors, even the devilish character ones. I'm kind of relieved to know that the movie did a bit justice to this case as I read here: Gwangju school sex offender gets 12 years in prison

AuLMisbahul Yes, I've watched this movie yesterday. OMO!!! This is one of "dark Korea movie" I've been watched so far. So shocked when I knew this movie was based on novel that inspired from a true case at a school for hearing-impaired persons in Gwangju, South Korea. I am verry verry worry about those children and those people who fight about their rights. Hopefully, THE DAMNED PEOPLE SUCH HEADMASTER AND HIS PERSONS WILL BE PUNISHED HARDER AND HARDER. I hate them so much. They're even WORST than a devil. Anyone know about the children's life for now?

NewKDramaAddict This is extremely hard to watch so its not for the faint at heart. But its a great, great movie! Applause to Gong Yoo for being brave enough to take on a subject-matter like this!


Money silenced the truth. But we all know justice doesn't always prevail. Thank you Gong Yoo for making this movie happen. It makes people open their eyes more into the reality of it all.

Marina The best part of korean movies is their realism and tragedy.

@Frusty I'm so glad you went with your instincts despite your age at that time. God be with you.

God, please watch over and protect all the unfortunate children around this world. Their innocence rest in your heavenly palms. Amen.

frusty just watched it, my heart is so heavy. what happened with these children today? Is the boy really died? i couldnt see some scenes... i cried so much, dont know, how the filming goes, Im sorry for the actor-kids. something like this almost happened to me. Luckily i rescued myself. When i was 8, i met someone on the street. he asked about my parents, so i thought he is a friend of my parents (so naive)... lost memory...i remember only that i am in a litlle house with him. As he didnt look at me i just stepped out of the house and stopped in front of door a little bit and looked at the mainstreet and people. had a timeless feeling, but i didnt run and didnt look back, went just straight to home. i was always curious why he didnt catch me, becoz it was so easy for him. i forgot abt it,... later one day i could understand the incident and all my blood was in my head(angry) and i wanted to kill him if he would be near me at the time, exactly like this boy i just wanted to kill him. but i forgot his face. lately i watched some tv-programms abt such a story, Becoz of that i can now remember his face again clearly.(after so many years) i can draw good so i want now his face on the paper. Yesterday i had a new idea ...

Eh I don't think I've ever been so angry because of a movie before....and it's been awhile since one made me cry like this. GREAT movie...but not a happy one. Let's just say...sometimes I hate that they're true stories.

Jin Kyoung Kim It is very heartbroken! I want to order DVD with English Subtitled. How can I find the website for ordering DVD? Let me know. I will be appreciate it.

By the way, I am deaf and Korean. I learned about that story. It makes me so sad... Deaf Korean children are very precious to me. I truly understand how they go through... I really want to watch it badly!


From USA

Marie Turcsany I m from the States (USA). My friends and I (both deaf) are interested to watch this movie.

I wonder where I can buy Silenced movie? Please help me.

Mary Trotta Hello.. I took my Nana to see this movie last weekend. She loves Korean film/tv and watches on many sites like Crunchy Roll. The main actor in this film, is from Coffee Prince, and it's her favorite. We happened to fall upon that it would be at a local showing, and we went. It was so sad to find out that this film is a true story. I am so glad it was brought to America (even if short lived Nana says 2 weeks only). We live in Las Vegas, and it showed for 2 weeks and it went down, why I dont know.. But I am glad that it was here, and that some were enlightened on this horrific, true story. If you have not seen it, please try. I was completly left in thought for a few hours after this movie, that's for sure.

Jason Saw this movie today. It is disturbing, but at the same time it is deep. It opens your eyes that such evil exists in this world and how some people are so blinded by money that they do not see these inhumane events going on in their life. I am going to definitely recommend my friends and families to watch this movie.

Weng Rivera Hello, I am from Philippine and Deaf :) cant wait till the movie come out...I also President of Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center. wish all the best story.

Reyna Thanks for your opinion, i can´t wait to see it , :)

Ki Watched "Silenced" here in Korea on its opening day. Didn't really know what to expect from the film before going in, but came out shaken, angered and left with the feeling of having seen a powerful film that can bring about positive change. The basis for the movie is purported to be based on a true story which makes things all the more striking. Having not watched "Children..." a Korean movie that came out earlier this year also based on a true story, my closest point of reference is Bong Joon-Ho's by now classic film "Memories of Murder". "Silenced" doesn't possess the master of cinema feel that "Memories of Murder" has, nor does it have the first mover advantage in its story, but "Silenced" is able to deliver the same (if not more) type of jolt to the viewer which is really saying something.

Some criticsm I had for the film were 2 scenes felt just too graphic and a few other times the movie seemed to carry a far too simpleton feel, but in hindsight I'm guessing both of these points originated from the filmmaker's desire to have maximum impact with the largest group possible. In that case, the filmmaker got his wish. While walking out of the theatre I did feel energized from having watched something so moving and also filled with fear & anger at just how wicked some parts of society can become.

Performance wise, I thought Gong Yoo was good and Jung Yu-Mi was her usual great self. There was a final scene with Gong Yoo holding a bible in the middle of the street that didn't move me as much as I thought the scene wanted. Maybe I was just too exhausted from having witnessed humanity at its darkest hour prior to that. The movie also featured large amounts of court-room drama in the second half which I really enjoyed.

"Silenced" has already brought in a lot of people into the theatres in South Korea and also opened a lot of eyes to the injustices that occurred in South Korea just a few years ago (2005). I think "Silenced" is a film that will likely leave you in a state that only a few others films probably can. Be prepare to be moved when you watch it.


amanda yayyy i'm so happy, can't wait till the movie come out :))) gong yoo i love you!

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