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  • Drama: Shining Romance (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bitnaneun Romaenseu
  • Hangul: 빛나는 로맨스
  • Director: Shin Hyun-Chang
  • Writer: Seo Hyun-Joo
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 122 min.
  • Release Date: December 23, 2013 - June 20, 2014
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 19:15
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Soon-Ok (Lee Mi-Sook) has two daughters. Her two daughters are not blood-related, but Soon-Ok raised them like they were.  Bit-Na (Lee Jin) is her first daughter. Bit-Na was cheated by her husband and now divorced. In order to bring her daughter back, Bit-Na struggles. Yoon-Na (Kwak Ji-Min) is Soon-Ok’s second daughter. She matures due to her family's situation. 

These three women live bravely, while trying to achieve their dreams and find love. 


"Shining Romance" takes over the MBC Mon-Fri 19:15 time slot previously occupied by "Princess Aurora" and followed by "Make a Wish" June 23, 2014.


Shining Romance-Lee Jin.jpg Shining Romance-Park Yoon-Jae.jpg Shining Romance-Jo An.jpg Shining Romance-Heo Jung-Eun.jpg Shining Romance-Lee Whee-Hyang.jpg
Lee Jin Park Yoon-Jae Jo An Heo Jung-Eun Lee Whee-Hyang
Oh Bit-Na Kang Ha-Joon Jang Chae-Ri Byeon Yeon-Doo Kim Ae-Sook
Shining Romance-Hong Yo-Seop.jpg Shining Romance-Jeon Yang-Ja.jpg Shining Romance-Kyeon Mi-Ri.jpg Jung Han-Yong Yoo Min-Kyu
Hong Yo-Seop Jeon Yang-Ja Kyeon Mi-Ri Jung Han-Yong Yoo Min-Kyu
Jang Jae-Ik Yoon Bok-Sim Lee Tae-Ri Kang Dae-Poong Kang Ki-Joon
Shining Romance-Kwak Ji-Min.jpg Shining Romance-Lee Mi-Sook.jpg Shining Romance-Kim Soo-Yeon.jpg Shining Romance-Yoon Mi-Ra.jpg Shining Romance-Yoon Hee-Seok.jpg
Kwak Ji-Min Lee Mi-Sook Kim Soo-Yeon Yoon Mi-Ra Yoon Hee-Seok
Oh Yoon-Na Jung Soon-Ok Byeon Tae-Young Heo Mal-Sook Byeon Tae-Sik
Shining Romance-Ji So-Yeon.jpg
Ji So-Yeon
Emma Jung

Additional Cast Members:



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Erin First thing is first, thank you Professor Jang's mother for giving Bytna the position of the CEO.

Cherri - She and Kim make my blood boil. (I know it is just fake, but still.) If you were never greedy, mean, or selfish, you would probably have Hajoon (maybe, not likely though), and have the company. Why? Well, every mistake or whatever you make, will affect you and make Bytna stronger.

Kim - I've seen this actress in one of my favorite dramas, Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong. It was so funny.

Sangwook - How could you tell Hajoon to back off when you had Bytna? May I remind you that you did the same exact thing? The thing that was a bit different was that Hajoon was more determined.

Hajoon - I like his character.

Bytna - Okay, she always thinks of others than herself. I have to admit that is a little cliche. She kept picking Sangwook for others, and that made me mad. But at the end, she chose Hajoon, so finally I can sit back and relax.

Kijoon - I feel so sad right now. He didn't know Yoonna was using him. He didn't know his mother was the killer of her dad.

  • sigh*

I hope they end up with each other though.

Yoonna - I feel sad for her. She is determined to drive Taeri out and I support her. But she is also throwing away her image and life by doing that.

Taeri - Go in jail and everybody except you will be happy. (I know the drama is fictional. I am saying it to the fictional character.)

Taeshik and his mom - Goodness. You two make me crack up. But... why does he have to go and cheat on Bytna with Emma, the scammer.

Taeyoung - I really hope her and Sangwook work out, even if he likes Bytna. But a couple of episodes earlier, I was like, "Poor girl, she is born into an evil family,"

Emma and her lawyer boyfriend guy - >:(

Hajoon and Kijoon's father - You are kinda like Taeshik when you meet your ex wife. You still call her Honey. o.o

Did anyone notice that Kijoon is the one who started it all, making Hajoon going on that blind date with Cherri??

Coco Bwanausi I agree with everything that Dawn has said. Have we not seen this plot before? K-Dramas can be so formulaic. I call this genre dreary domestic dramas. I have had my fill of them, seriously. Nothing good to say about anybody not even Bytna who is determined to martyr herself for no reason. Enough already!



What a ridiculous ending for Cherri. Usually K dramas are predictable, but I didn't see this coming. Cherri dying would have been justice for her evil ways, but keeping her brain damaged was an easy out for the writers.

Dawn @Julie, we all understand that, but it does get a bit frustrating....@Hmkash, I also agree with you but I for some reason can't stop watching....everyday it's like train wreck de ja vu, I've got to go home and tune in at 9:15p.m. I also think that maybe because they have an Entertainment and Culture Ministry or some little government division that oversees entertainment, writers are limited to the things they can write about that will actually get produced by television Networks over there. Television in America is different, they put all kinds of things on television, every season they premiere a different show and if it's good then it continues....South Korea they only run a drama for 3-4 months...what would it be like it they had the same drama running for like 10 seasons with is 10 years???? They'd really have to be creative in their writing, they couldn't take 3-4 months to solve one issue. I'd love to see that, a long-running Korean drama (i.e. South Korean Dallas, Law and Order).

Anyways, so back to what I was saying, it does get tiresome with the sudden headaches, fainting spells, crying fits, instant fevers over something upseting (i.e. let's break up i don't see you as a woman, we are bankrupt), rushing to hospital, throwing water in the face, tossing back water like it's liquor, drinking until you pass out....TIRESOME!!!!!

Can't wait until tonight's episode!!!!

Julie Please calm down. It is only a drama. It is not real. It should be interesting with different and shocking changes of plans. We all know that in the end with be a happy ending. I would like to ask all of you to NOT skip to the ending but stick around or you won't understand why something happened at the end. If you really are thinking about the hard work those people are doing for this drama, then I know you will support them and leave it be. Complaining on this page will not affect the movie whatsoever since they have produced the whole drama already.

Cris I hate Cherri!!! Her character is so freaking annoying! Geez, could someone make her shut up already...and for Hajoon and Bytna, wth, stop acting stupid...I shouldn't have started watching this show...can anybody just tell me the ending pls!!!!

reindeer song Why so many dramas carry basically the same name? No imagination, one drama becomes a hit then they all follow suite with the same formula, thou the title do not match the content. It's sad and we/us just accept the nonsence. Pay close attention for future names.

Jamse OK, just saw the last episode, got to say it was pretty good, with some unexpected turns. Worth staying around for.

Hmkash This show needs to end soon. It is becoming absolutely monotonous with ever lasting backstabbing where the characters are shown as being stupid and ridiculous. Why all the secrecy . Please please end it quickly. It is unbelievable that a large amount of the Korean dramas carry the same theme which I believe will hurt their industry. Also, the crying, chest pounding and fevers are simply ridiculous. I am beginning to enjoy shows where there is limited amount of family issues.

Dawn Well the writers have gone and done it have made Cherri blind and suicidal, oh and let's not forget that she's still manipulative. Having breakdowns, crying, pleading and begging Bytna to let her have Hajoon. This is a low point for the writers, cause we all know Cherri is going to regain her eyesight after Hajoon marries her, then there is no going back or it will be hard as hell to go back.

Bytna, girl I am so incredibly sorry that the writers have your fate going down such a disasterous path, cause from the looks of it Sangwook is gonna throw his hate back in the ring to stand by your side...which is also another low point because if these two get married, it's only going to hurt Sangwook because Bytna's heart is not with him and never will be....both couples will only be going through the motions.

Soon-Ok, please don't keep secrets from the Professor...he doesn't deserve that. And you know what hurt he has been through because of people lying to him and your decision to not tell him Khang was your first husband, eventhough he told you in the being that he did not need to know the's important now, because that damn Aesook is only gonna find the right opportunity to use it against get you away from the Professor. Girl, do yourself a huge favor and tell your husband.....WRITERS WHAT IT IS ABOUT KOREAN SOCIETY THAT YOU ARE TELLING THE REST OF THE WORLD...THEY LIKE KEEPING SECRETS FROM PEOPLE THAT SHOULD KNOW IN ORDER TO HELP THEM....BUT THEN AGAIN IT WOULDN'T BE A DRAMA IF PEOPLE WERE CONFESSING ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I most definitely want to see Tae-Ri' ass get the ax...Yoon-Na/Minjoo is a smart girl, so Tae-Ri isn't going to be able to escape that fast....but Yoon-Na, you've got to find a way to get what you want out of this Tae-Ri situation and not hurt Kijoon. SIDENOTE: WRITERS I THINK KIJOON IS A REALLY SWEET GUY, SO COULD YOU FIND A WAY FOR HIM AND YOON-NA TO BE TOGETHER....JUST BECAUSE HIS MOTHER IS A KILLER DOESN'T MEAN THAT HE AND YOON-NA/MINJOO CAN'T REALLY LOVE AND CARE FOR EACH OTHER.

I don't really know what to do with Aesook/Kim...I'd like to say it's time for a cast kill, but I don't think the writers have any big plans for that....however, it would be nice to get rid of Aesook once and for all....if only something could be done about Ms. Yoon needing her so damn much....maybe it's time for Aesook's past to come revisit her...she has obviously been hiding from someone...a Japanese man, Cherri/Chae-Ri's true it to late to bring this guy into the frame. That would be majorly awesome and scary because Aesook, does not what Ms. Yoon to know Chae-Ri/Cherri is not her true having Aesook's past show up on the door would be killing moment!!!!

Until tonights episode....fighting to the entire cast!!!

Dawn It seems my last few comments did not attach....oh well, I hope this one makes it. It seems that Chae-Ri/Cherri has injured herself while saving Hajoon (tragic). Seems the writers believe the viewership should feels pity for Chae-Ri/Cherri since she's been losing majorly the entire drama....well, I don't really know where my feelings rest at right now, because this girl is so hateful and shameless in everything she does. Even while being in her condition, she is asking Bytna to call up Hajoon and let her hear his voice...are you serious!!!! Well, I guess she is seeing as how she asked....And Aesook, is still at it, scheming a way for Chae-Ri and her to end up winners....but ugliness doesn't work. While she sitting up video taping Soonoak and Hajoon's father, for what....tell me for what reason is that information going to serve Aesook. If anything it's gonna serve to blow up in her face....

I feel the most sorrowful for Hajoon...I mean his parents are real bottom-feeders. I get that his dad was married to Soonoak, and cheated with Tae-Ri thus ending resulting in what it has resulted in...but does Hajoon really have to suffer for their wrong-doing. And his parents act as if they are saints and have done nothing wrong, but continue to pass judgement on other people....there's a biblical message in this whole drama....don't covet, don't cheat, don't lie, don't steal, don't kill...(the 10 Commandments!!)

While poor Yoon-Na, it seems she is losing hold over Kijoon because Tae-Ri has used her trick against her....but Yoon-Na is a smart girl and I'm sure she will figure out away to rebound. Kijoon is a bit weak anyways, it's obvious he's a momma's boy and doesn't really know his own mind. He should have asked himself, why his mother would have recorded her conversation with Yoon-Na aka Minjoo...but he doesn't, he automatically jumps at...Minjoo has to be using him. While it's true, she's his mother he should be supremely concerned about. I hope Yoon-Na/Minjoo is able to turn this event around...and nail Tae-Ri's butt to the ground.

Professor, please don't let your guard down just because Chae-Ri/Cherri is've got to remember this girl is not your daughter and how Aesook/Kim tricked you into raising this girl for 30 years. Keep a leveled head, because Kim will use this moment of tragedy to kick Aesook and Bytna from the house and your life. Hold onto the truth that Bytna is your daughter....Aesook, you've also got to find away to reverse that inheritance issue you signed....which was majorly foolish. Yes money isn't everything, but it takes money to live and for someone to expect you marry and serve a husband and benefit nothing from it if he should die...that is lunacy.

Anyways, writers ya'll need to fix that. Other than that, it's always good to end my day by watching this drama. Keep it up cast.!

Jamse Carm, in 108 Chae-ri and her Mom throw tantrums and scream. Chae-ri throws stuff on the ground. They both scheme to set traps for Bytna and her Mom, and smirk a lot. Bytna and Hajoon are still idiots. Hajoon's Mom ran over a guy but it happened so long ago nobody cares. For some inexplicable reason Chae-ri's mom still works for the professor. I think that sums up the episode nicely. Now I think I'll go watch it.

carm Episode 108 is already up. Can someone do a recap of the episodes.

llama lol, this drama is non-stop BS. super dramatic BS moments one right after the other. i guess you gotta milk it to bring in the viewers.

also Obina and Kanghajoon's on and off relationship... do the really have to do that again? break-up get together breakup get together again and on and on again

vin Spoiler Alert!!

                                          •  !!

Cherrie moves into Hajoon's room in his house after they get "married" because he owed his life to her for saving him and she got blind (presumably), which was a huge lie and trick by Cherrie. Anyway, Taeshik's mother is outside the door eavesdropping, as usual. Cherrie hears her, goes to the door and opens it, whereupon Taeshik's mother flops into the room! I laughed so hard at that one scene, it was the funniest! I hope the writers keep doing funny scenes like that one. Gosh, she did that so well and was a crack-up! I still get the giggles thinking about it. Hee hee hee

Dawn So I've missed commenting about this drama for a few seems there are some others that are further along in the drama than I am. I really wish the show aired the same time everywhere, so we'd all be together....that being said, I realize there are going to be a lot of SPOILER ALERTS coming from others who comment...heck, cause I'm doing it too, but I will try hard not to.

Anyways, last nights episode was such an emotional one for me....the moment Professor and Bytna found each other and revealed the felt like I had confessed my damn self....a huge rock of relief....can anyone agree.

I was so proud of the Professor for telling Aesook, to get out of his home and that he was gonna kick Cherri/Chae-Ri out as well. Of course, he only said that I believe because he was upset at how she was pleading with him for forgiveness....yeah, don't beg for forgiveness when you didn't mind doing all the horrible things you'd done to get what you wanted....scheming never pays off. From the spoiler alerts given by@Vish@Waiora, I am in for a few stupid occurances in this be expected as it is running for approximately 120 episodes. So some foolishness is to be expected, but just how weird it's gonna become....I hope I will be able to stand it.

Each episode has been like waiting for a bomb to explode and then someone comes in and saves the's been unreal....LOVE IT WRITERS!!!! SUCH A FANTASTIC JOB.

@Mudd,@Vee....I too am waiting for when Tae-Ri's crap hits the fan. When is the fact that she killed Yoon-Na aka Minjoo's father gonna be put on front street....come on writers, we all get that Bytna, Hajoon, Professor, Sangwook, Aesook, and Chae-Ri/Cherri are the main leads...this this side story which started as the main story Oh Min-Chul getting rundown by Tae-Ri, needs to be brought on out. Please don't make us have to wait until like episode 118, before it's revealed.

Also, Taeshik and his sorry excuse for a can start phasing them out...I don't really see a point in this family any longer....unless you need them around to exact revenge on Emma, who was suddenly wrote off....good cast kill by the way. It was befitting for Taeshik to suffer and lose all of his money given the way he and his mother did Bytna. I don't think the Tae-Young should suffer, seeing as how she always loved and respected Bytna and didn't like what her brother and mother did to her.



Vish Just watched episode 104. Let's just make the whole programme a train wreck waiting to happen. Bit Na, marry Chae Ri's cousin, let's have one more person suffer because idiotic parents and selfish people.

Waiora I'm sorry but I don't get idiots like Ha Joon and Bit Na who give up on each other just because someone has lost their eyesight. So bloody what? It's sad but she should have been made to tough it out. Why? Because she'll get over herself eventually. Whereas those two idiots will suffer with her for a lifetime - if the marriage lasts that long. I don't know many Korean people let alone Korean women but why are the men and women that are cast offs always portrayed has hard up and desperate losers? I hate the whole love triangle storylines. Why can't they do one where everyone is cool with it. Like when you're fishing and the big one gets away - cut bait and let it go.

Vee Yeah I'm right there with you Mudd. It isn't just that either. Ha Joon's mother killed Bitna's father. When is that little light of truth going to start shining through? I think little sister needs to hurry it along because now she's starting to go from being a victim to a culprit.

Mudd When is this show over? Why are they dragging out this misery? I just want to see the demise of the two villains. What on earth is taking so long? How many more excuses can the writers come up with to drag this show out? Now Cherry is blind? Give me a break? Doesn't anyone remember the real issue at hand? The criminal maid kidnapped another family's baby? How does any "bad behavior" top that one? OMG. Now puking....

Pistolas Chae-ri and Ms. Kim Ae-Sook need to run and regulate them hoes. Their take over should be swift and unforgettable in drama history.

reindeer Song Cherri's ace in the whole will be a dud. Bytna will blow up her spot. They will see what kind of person she is. Or, she may do the right thing and give it back.

Dawn @vin, I agree with you on the fact that Cherri/Chae-Ri needs some help that only an institution can give her. I'm trying to take into consideration that she (Chae-Re/Cherri) has been raised in a wealthy family where money seems to buy whatever it is she wants. She's been raised I'm sure all of her life by nannies and boarding schools and therefore, no discipline has been exacted upon her. Professor Jang, while he is her father, only by accident (he kept her, after his real daughter was stolen from him...spoiler alert! Sorry but it couldn't be helped) and he wasn't really much of a disciplinarian. She's just extremely spoiled. I go back to the episode and I don't recall the number when her cousin Sangwook told her "you don't even love Hajoon, you just want him because he wants Bytna. You acting the way you are is what's hurting your pride." I thought that was a truly good assessment of Chae-Ri/Cherri...she doesn't want the things she is going after so hard, she just doesn't want the person she has made her enemy to have them. This woman has a hatred for's like watching a drug addict spiral out of control.

Bytna, I'm glad the writers continue to show how, if you just keep doing good and working diligently at your own life then all bad things will turn to good kind of has a spirtual aspect to where you are in life and whatever it is you are trying to achieve, the universe will rise up to meet you, so that nothing bad can take you down. I hope I'm not speaking to quickly, but each episode is like an "omgoodness moment" when it comes to Bytna. I love that Hajoon, has realized his father is an IDIOT and that he said some nasty things to Bytna. I'm glad Hajoon, told Bytna to "stay where you are at, I will close the gap between us...." damn this man is a man....loved that line writers (Totally Hot!).....SIDENOTE: I'M MAKING A COMPARISON, IT'S LIKE IN PRINCESS AURORA...THE CHARACTER SEULHEE (SEO HA JUN) SAYING TO AURORA WHEN SHE WAS TIRED..."TAKE MY ENERGY" AND HE HUGGED HER TIGHT!!!

So moving alone, I loved Yoon-Na a.k.a Minjoo...she got Tae-Ri right where she lived. You want to say nasty words to someone Tae-Ri, when you've killed this girls father. I know I shouldn't love it, but Yoon-Na getting revenge against Tae-Ri for what she did to her family by making Kijoon fall so deep in love with her.....(Spoiler Alert) that he has asked her to marry him. That was too good!!! I would caution Yoon-Na to be careful, but Kijoon seems like a really good and honest guy, and he doesn't deserve to be hurt just because of his mother. I hope you will find an alternate way Yoon-Na without hurting Kijoon.

However, the look on Tae-Ri's face after Kijoon walked in on her throwing water in your face....PRICELESS!!!!

As for Aesook and Soon-Ok...these two just need to have a knockdown drag out fight. Then again...the way Soon-Ok is winning against Aesook is also PRICELESS....I wish that Ms. Yoon, the owner of the famous restaurant would open her eyes and heart and stop being so judgemental. She is to cold-hearted on people who don't demonstrate perfection in their life....come on lady get off your high horse, and realize that Aesook has injected herself into your home and life to steal your restaurant. Realize that life isn't perfect, people do marry and divorce and are entitled to re-marry and that doesn't make them without morals or unworthy.

Anyways, on that note....I will be watching tonights episode and I hope others will join in on commenting....continue the fantastic work writers and Fighting to the cast.

vin That woman, Cherrie, she is crazy! She has some real bad mental problems, and she needs to be institutionalized! Her mother is bad also, but Cherrie needs big help. Nobody slaps people around like she does. She is real weird and crazy. Both her and her mother are manipulative and conniving, evil women. This drama should be called "Crazy People". Just about everyone here is crazy.

Genesis I love this drama. After watching last nights episode, I was so glad about 2 things...the first being that Chae-Ri and Butler Kim's plan to sabatoge Bytna again blew up in their faces and the second being Professor Jang catching Chae-Ri throwing fit at Soon-Ok. I loved how Professor Jang was like "Chae-Ri, what the hell are you doing!" Scared her ass.....but good for her. I mean you call yourself a grown woman Chae-Ri, but your behavior matches that of a 2 year old who can't get the candy at the cash register. Wishing for the writers to mature this dumb woman up would be probably asking for to much (I'm sure it's coming closer to the end...still a lot of episodes to go).

Oh I forgot, well there may be 1 other thing I'm happy about and that is Yoon-Na is driving Tae-Ri out of her mind....and she has absolutely no idea who is behind it and neither does Kijoon. Watching Yoon-Na in action, I know a lot of you might can you agree with what Yoon-Na is doing but hate what Chae-Ri is doing...well, for the simple fact that no one has taken anything away from Chae-Ri and she is behaving as though Bytna will assume her life if it's revealed that Jang is her father and not Chae-Ri. Yoon-Na's father was murdered and the culprit continued to live her life without blinking an eye....Yoon-Na's family lost everything when their father/husband was it's only right that Yoon-Na make Tae-Ri suffer.

Anyways, writers this drama is amazing. The only think my stomach can't take is the fact that you leave Bytna on the edge. It's always a close call with her and it kinda leaves me a bit sick. So can you please find away to give this viewer a break...maybe, have Bytna spend a bit of time with her daughter Yeondoo....I always like seeing this little girl, she is a brilliant talent and so adorably cute.


Dawn Bytna, why are you being foolish? I realize as a viewer your accepting Hajoon's proposal was not going to happen right away, but did you really have to crush the man....and just because his stankin' father doesn't accept you. Well, so went my happy moment.

Now that Chae-Ri knows the truth, you know she's about to dig her heels in....but honestly, she's a really pathetic woman to want to force a man who doesn't care for her into a loveless marriage....but just like her cousin Sangwook told her "you don't love him, you're just mad because you can't have him." She continually refers to Hajoon hurting her pride and continues to ask the question of "why" he would prefer Bytna over her....sweetie look in the mirror long and hard!!!! Chae-Ri, you seriously need to do some work on yourself girl....stop acting spoiled. Plus no real man would want a woman like you...throwing tantrums because you can't have your way....seriously


Yeondoo, sweetie what is going on with poor, poor, poor thing. I know you miss your mom something terrible. Taesik, you suck eggs as a promised Bytna, you'd look after Yeondoo and be a good father. You don't care about Yeondoo, all you care about is Emma and your hospital. Why don't you do the right thing and give Yeondoo back to her mother!!! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!

Emma and Malsook, I don't really know what to say about you both...except Karma knows your address!!! And it's coming for you...please don't think for one second that, you are riding high and nothing is going to be done to you for the nasty little trick you pulled on Bytna.

Yoon-Na, all I can say is be on your toes chic, cause Kijoon's mother is not gonna let you have her son so easy. I could tell by the look on her face as she tipped her nose up at you as if she was smelling sewer water....Yoon-Na, you gonna have to work with Tae-Ri's ass. I have faith in you...hold fast to the fact that she ran your father down and didn't stop to help....that she went on living her life, as if nothing happened. Sorry, you've got to suffer for it Kijoon.

Ae-sook, you are a messy, mess!!! To old to be acting so pathetic...and to go over to Soon-ok's home and confess like you knew what you were doing. You wanted Bytna to hear you could cause upset between them and make Soon-Ok give up on the Professor so you can have might work for you now, but it won't end like you think. Because you know Professor is Bytna's true father, whom you know full well you never had a relationship with....since Chae-Ri, can't secure Professor for are working another plan to secure him and if that means Chae-Ri gets kicked out oh well.


Dawn @Carol, MBC suspended the airing of all it's drama's to mourn the lose of the victims in the Ferry sinking incident in South Korea. If my channel line up is correct, they should resume' normal scheduled programming on Monday 04/28/2014 (today). So@Carol, please don't be to disappointed, because I too love all of the dramas I regularly watch on this network....Shining Romance which is projected at 120 episodes, and the new Cunning Single Lady, and I want to say Hotel King is also on this network (I'm guessing about that one).

MBC, I can't wait for tonight's episode of Shining Romance, I'm so glad that Hajoon asked Bytna to end their fake dating contract and start to date for real. This is abou to get seriously good, seeing as how Bytna has just been blindsided by Hajoon's father saying he will not except her as his daughter-in-law and that Hajoon needed a woman that was not a regular woman like she is. I truly thought Hajoon's father sucked at that moment....I mean he lost all of his cool points with me. I don't see what the big deal is, about a woman being a divorcee and having a child(ren) from her prior relationship. I don't see why she is not allowed to move on, re-marry if a man is willing, yet the ex-husband can move on and start anew life with a never before married woman. The ex-husband can have a whole new set of children or take the child(ren) he had with his ex's and have the new wife play mother....this is a huge DOUBLE STANDARD!!!! SOUTH KOREAN WOMEN SHOULD BE MAD AS HELL, IF THIS IS HOW THEY ARE LIVING!!!!!

Hajoon's father in all is detective work, didn't consider that Bytna was not at fault for her marriage ending, and if she had it her way she's still be married to that flee of an ex-husband. Hajoon's father didn't stop to think that Bytna is an amazing woman, by the meer fact that she has secured herself a job, and is working hard to make something of herself, and not lean on his son...which I believe was his comment to her, like she's some gold-digger. The one he and his wife want for Hajoon, they don't know that hefer is as crazy as a betsy-bug!!! SERIOUSLY COMMITTMENT WORTHY!!!!

Anyways, I know we've got a long ways to go, seeing as how they are only up to episode 68 tonight and its a 120 episode show, so I know I can't expect that things will run a smooth road right now. With 52 more episodes to go, I'm sure there is a lot more torture in store for Bytna, Bytna's mother Soon-Ok, Professor Jang by Butler Kim (Ae-Sook) the woman whose stalking him. I'm sure that we've gotta about 48 more episodes to go before it's revealed that Bytna is the real daughter of Professor, I'm bracing my emotions, cause I feel I'm gonna be cussing my television set a!!

Sidenote, I do hope we get to see more of Bytna's sister and Hajoon's brother and that whole mess...I really want her to torture him good. And if the writers could work it in, can Bytna's sister throw a bit of torture Emma, Taesik, and Malsook's way for not taking care of Yeondoo well (poor baby is sleepwalking and down some dangerous stairs!!!)....I think only an Aunt could handle that issue right, seeing as how Bytna and Soon-Ok are too nice....not saying that the wrath Bytna would bestow on all of them wouldn't be enough.

On that note....please writers continue to keep this viewer entertained...Fighting entire cast!!!

Carol Why show suddenly stop, no explanation? MBC what is going on?

Dawn Okay, so I've gotten myself caught up on the few episodes I messed due to the Easter holiday and travels and whatnot....yes, life is whatnot, hahahahahaaaa.



I love how the cousin, I think @Lauren called his name right Sangwook Oppa and Hajoon battle a little bit playfully over who saved Bytna from the freezer. I love also how she recognizes they both like her alot, but she doesn't alienate their feelings nor does she whole-heartedly accept them. She has just left it in the realm of look if you want to competition for my affection may the best man win, I'm not in it. Keeping them at arms length without keeping them at arms lenght...Bytna, that's a nice way to go. THANKS WRITER, ALL WOMEN SHOULD PLAY IT THIS WAY...BECAUSE AFTERALL, IT'S THE MAN'S POSITION TO CHASE AND THE WOMAN'S POSITION TO BE CAUGHT!!! I SIMPLY LOVE IT.

Professor Jang, way to go! I loved how you had Ae-Sook bring tea to you and Soon-Ok. That was a master plan well thought out. Of course, you do realize that Ae-Sook aka Butler Kim is crazy. That woman is not working with a full you better be more protective of yourself, don't get caught alone with her and you better also be prepared to stand your ground with your mother-in-law, as well as that crazy ass fake daughter of your's. You've got some crazy ass women around you, with the exception of Soon-Ok and your real daughter Bytna. SIDENOTE: WHY HAS THE PROFESSOR NOT RECOGNIZED THAT BYTNA IS THE LOST DAUGHTER THAT HE HAS BEEN SEARCHING FOR???? CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS TO THE VIEWERS WRITER GODS???? I MEAN WE'VE ALL SEEN THE MISSING PERSON FLYER, WE'VE ALL WITNESSED HIM MEETING WITH BYTNA ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS FOR TEA AND LUNCH AND HE'S MET HER WITH SOON-OK...WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG FOR THE BIG REVEAL!!!! DON'T MAKE US WAIT TO LONG!!!

New note, why is Hajoon's dad gonna be a jerk-hole in tonights coming episode? I want even touch on this Korean culture issue as it relates to relationships....cause I'm an outsider looking in and I just think its bologna (and I don't mean Oscar Mayer)!!

Until tonight's episode....keep up the fantastic work entire cast....I really wished more people were commenting on this drama. They are missing out. What are the it anywhere near where Princess Aurora was at.....maybe because there is not behind the scenes drama with the writers and actors/ least there has only been 1 cast kill...if the writer starts killing off folks...its gonna be a problem. Althought killing off Chae-Ri wouldn't be half bad....I'm kidding, she needs to end up in a mental facility by the end of this drama, that is the safest place for her!!!!

American Fan

Eugene Why it`s stop suddenly?

Lauren who is the actor that plays Songwook?

jamie what actor plays the grandson Songwook?

jamie who is the actor who plays Songwook? New character this week.

reindeer song

        • Why should pr historic practices hinder korean women in the 21st century?A woman with child and divorce should never remarry or marry a man who has never been married, why should that be a problem? But a man can marry any woman with his yard of children and you has no say? DOUBLE standard. Young korean are changing these practices. Another thing you do not need both parents to be a good person, korean put soo much stress on having both parents, why? When they are not worthy of being called parents. I much rather live in o one parent household that have a father or mother who is not deserving. Children in school is cruel, but they fail to look in the mirror at times to realize who they are, children of color in Korean are ostracized by the classmates, her is the kicker calling them DARKIE!! Cheri and Mummy Dearest will soon have a rude awakening. The professor need to grow some spine.

Dawn I absolutely love this drama. I'm especially happy that it runs 5 days per week. Now that's I've said that, I would like to say that I cannot stand Chae-Ri....something is horribly wrong with this woman. If I could talk to the character Chae-Ri face-to-face, I'd tell her "girl, get a freakin' grip, Hajoon isn't the only man walking around South Korea. If you'd open your eyes, I'm sure you'd find someone else just as rich, capable and handsome." That being said, I would also like to say to Soon-Ok, "please use your common sense, why would a man be chasing after you if he was a two-timing lowdown dirty dog...please ask yourself that. Please Soon-Ok, consider the fact that Ae-Sook, is a liar, out for her own gain."

I am so loving Bytna and Hajoon....of course with the introduction of a new man Ms. Yoon's grandson, it's getting really interesting. Both men know that Bytna is a divorcee and has a child which is usually frowned upon by South Korean society (at least drama wise) for a woman to be divorced and have a child and be trying to date a never before married man with social status. I love that neither of these men care about social graces, and are pursuing Bytna. Hajoon, you better do something and fast because your competition letting you know that he is not going anywhere....I was like OMO!!! I also like that fact that the cousin has put Chae-Ri on notice, that he likes Bytna because he likes her...and he's not pursuing her in order to help her (Chae-Ri)...way to go cousin.

I also love that Bytna's sister Yoon-Na, is continuing to carry out her revenge against Tae-Ri for killing their dad/husband and causing their life to be the way it presently is. Even though, we can tell where this will end up, when Yoon-Na finds out that the person who like/loves her sister is Tae-Ri's other son Hajoon. It's gonna be interesting to see if she continues with her plan or will she to fall into the clutches of Tae-Ri's son who she's presently putting the screws the mental game Yoon-Na!!! (Sidenote: WRITERS CAN WE AT LEAST PLAY YOON-NA'S REVENGE OUT A BIT MORE BEFORE YOU MAKE HER FALL FOR KIJOON...I MEAN HE IS SLIM AND DESERVES A BIT OF HEARTACHE AND TORTURE FOR PUTTING OTHER WOMEN THROUGH MISERY...HE'S GOT TO LEARN HIS LESSON GOOD BEFORE YOON-NA GIVES IN...OKAY! I'D REALLY LIKE TO SEE KI-JOON, GO A BIT OVERBOARD....SENDING FLOWERS, CAMPING OUT IN FRONT OF YOON-NA'S HOME, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS....JUST SAYING).

Dear sweet professor Jang....please don't give up on Soon-Ok, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T GIVE IN TO AE-SOOK!!! No matter what your mother in law may say, don't give in. Get a bit more aggressive and tell Ae-Sook to back off that you don't want her and you never will. Get a bit more aggressive and tell Soon-Ok, that she is your woman and that is that....this is the time when a man's gotta be a bit brash about his feelings....and please get rid of your sidekick...stop telling him stuff because he is really not helping.

And last but not least Yeon-Doo, I think you are the most adorable child. Keep up the good work...I love how you are making Emma cry. You will return to your mother really soon....but you need to start in on your dad...cause just working on Emma's nerves is not gonna get you returned to your mother any faster. Just don't do to much, because that evil Emma is trying to send you away to live. So be careful Yeon-doo with your cute self.


jamse Here's a tip for any domestic help cleaning Chae-Ri's roomx Be sure NOT to put anything breakable on her desk.

Jan Another predictable drama..... Rich man/poor girl, evil mother-in-law, custody battle..... Ho hum. I'll pass on this one. I was hoping for something more intellectually stimulating.

Jamse I like this drama even though we've seen everything in it once or twice or 500 times before, but I've got to admit to a guilty pleasure. Whenever JoAn's Chae Ri character gets her little self in a snit, her eyes cross. It makes her temper tantrums unintentionally hilarious. Not her fault, sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

reindeer Bytna is becoming very annoying with her whines and gripes.

reindeer Bytna I am rooting for , but she is becoming quite annoying, alway whining about money, what you should and should not do, after a while it grate on ones nerve. Cherri ace in the hole is that little book, but it will not get her anywhere, she is not the heiress, so how will she use it? Emma ia a fraud, just waiting for the truth to be revealed, Mummy dearest and son are so deserving of what to come. The old hag who is playing a shrinking violet, what her deal?

Dawn Okay, this drama has taken a really good the fact that Cherri has been called out by Ha Joon on her tacky never fails me how the women in korean dramas act, when a man doesn't want them...having strong pride seems to be a huge issue overall for korean people...which is something I struggle to understand....I mean if someone doesn't want you then that doesn't mean to turn into an obsessive stalker type female....that's a bad look, especially when it's not going to get you what you want in the end. However, you really can't blame Cherri for being the way she is when she's obviously been raised by Ms. Kim who is equally as stalkerish and sly.

I will be glad when I see a korean drama where people are not using entrapment to get people into a relationship. I will be happy when I see a korean drama where all this arranged marriage shit doesn't's 2014 for goodness sake, and if korean people are still forcing arranged marriages off on their kids/children, something is really wrong over there. I hope this is all just a drama, because if this is actually a common practice among people in 2014....korean men and women should be mad as hell. To be married to someone you don't know or love, has to be awful...the parents love the person they've chose but you are the one in's a really IGNORANT way to live...again I hope korean parents aren't forcing these types of relationships off on their children.

I can understand wanting the best for your childs life, and wanting to advance in society but it seems that in korean culture the rich marry the rich and the poor are trying to marry the rich to come up in's a sad, sad, sad set of events.

Something else I've found not only within this drama but others I've viewed along the same style...the rich guy is always attracted to the poor and down on her luck rich men don't find rich women that are in the same league as them that also a common norm in korean this what the drama is saying. I wish korean dramas would stop with the whole Cinderella gives false hope to women everywhere....even while saying that, it does make for good entertainment...makes a person think anything can happen.

Anyways, again I will say I am satisfied that Cherri isn't getting her way, but we all know that she has that ledger that his mother lost or rather got stolen from her...and we all know that since Ha Joon doesn't want to marry her willingly she is going to use the ledger to make him bend to her will...which is sad on her part because she may get him temporarily but he will never love or be affectionate to her....Ha Joon will be in a marriage and still love and care for Bytna. What's worse being married to a man who doesn't want you and watching him love and care for some other woman or just letting it go....

That is all....keep working hard entire cast.....Fighting!!!

Dawn Okay, I know Bytna/Bit-Na is having a hard time and this drama is not even 1/2 way in...but can I as a viewer please say this to the writers....I know the girl has had the carpet yanked off from under her and her world is crashing down around her...but could you please make it so that she doesn't stand to high on her pride (which is all she feels she's got left) and miss out on a fantastic guy. I get when a woman's been jilted by the person she married and thought she'd live out the rest of her life's hard to let someone else in...I get that, but could you soften Bytna up just a smidge....otherwise that hefer Cherri is gonna win...and I can't stand a nasty attitude having little think like Cherri.

I love Bytna's little sister, now she is not sitting around being a victim. She is doing something about what's happened to her family because of someone else....I don't feel like she's wrong in doing what she is doing either...but I don't want her to go to far that she can't comeback from it. I mean a bit of financial ruin wouldn't be to bad, seeing as how their family lost everything as we all know because of Tae-Ri (Ha Joon and Ki Joon's mother)...I just feel kinda bad because Ha Joon is a really sweet guy and it's gonna hurt him when he learns that his mother is the reason Bytna's family ended up the way they ended up....I know it's coming, but WRITERS I DONT have like 150 episodes of patience....


Anyways, I'm really rooting for Bytna, her mom, and sister to have a happy ending, which I have a feeling this drama is going to make happen in an enormous way. I'm rooting for Ha Joon to end up with Bytna, since they've been sweet on each other since childhood...she's just hurt because of that trifling Taeshik and his mother...but they're gonna get theirs real soon...that Emma is gonna put them through pure hell....she's most definitely not a Bytna....but Emma too is gonna get what she deserves to.

ANOTHER SIDENOTE: I think Ki Joon knows that Cherri is no good, I mean he would because he's a player and he knows the scene...lets just hope it's not to late when his mind recalls where he's seen and met Cherri....cause we all know that good girl image of her's is fake!!!

Writers can we work a bit harder to shake up Cherri's world a bit...I think there needs to be a more stumbling blocks in her way....if she wants Ha Joon make her work for it...althought she's got that ledger that his mother lost to hold over Ha Joon's head, don't let her be able to use it.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this weeks episodes....Fighting entire cast!!!

Dawn This always happens to the beginning of a new drama it's really boring to me...I mean the initial pilot and then somewhere along the lines, I catch a late episode of it and then I'm like where the hell have I been sleeping to miss such a good drama??? Nevertheless, it's better that I'm late that never, right!!!! I recognized one of the actresses in this drama...Lee Whee-Hyang (Lights and Shadows, Here Comes Oh Jyrong!!) and felt I should seriously watch it...this lady is amazing....the few dramas that I've watched her in, have been wonderful and she's been a character to love and wishing many blessing Ms. Lee Whee-Hyang....

So I caught last nights new episode, don't know what episode number and already I am in love with the entire cast...heavenly and hellbound....every last one of them. Until I know more about this drama I will not comment any further, except to say....look forward to my comments, and I hope a lot of other viewers will catch on to this drama before it is too late.

Good luck and fighting to the entire cast/writers and crew....

New Fan!!!!

jamse 7 eps in and this series seems like a mash up of You're the Best Soon Shin, 100 Year Inheritance, Princess Aurora and a bunch of ot hers. Actors very good, hope the show finds its own voice

dandan lee jin ssi...hwaiting...take care of your healthy

okta aventi Lee Jin eonni, FIGHTING!!! ^^

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