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Shim Eun-Kyung @ opening ceremony for 2014 PiFan
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  • Name: Shim Eun-Kyung
  • Hangul: 심은경
  • Birthdate: May 31, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @abstracteur_ek


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shabeeb you are amazing actress i ever seen...

Azz You are such a great Miss Granny you were natural. Love you in Cantabile Tomorrow...with Joo Won. Great chemistry. Keep up the good work. You were really a gem...Will keep watching your future works...Hwaiting Shim Eun Kyung..<3

Tiaram Love her acting both in miss granny and Naeil cantabile.. Keep your good work Shim Eun Kyung..!!!

safaajd what happened to your account on twitter please back it we all love u

purple ice Shim Eun Kyung, you are the best actress i've ever seen.I really really really like you.

Thuy Duong Luu I really like every film that have you. Naeil Cantabile is great. You make me surprise. I hope to see your new film. Shim Eun Kyung fighting!

l A really good young actress who has real talent and works hard to improve herself.

safaajd Shim eun kyung please does not be sad we all fans looooooooooooooove u and i hope all the best for u ...does not forget be strong and keep a good work

Fazz I like her...she really is a great actress. Though the first few episodes in Naeil Cantabile...i find her a bit annoying...but then that was what she was supposed to that case she manage to portrayed her character well. But the following episodes...her acting skills really surfaced...She's good !!. The lead actor in K ver is a bit too arrogant and cold towards Naeil i think compare to J ver...In this regards i prefer Yujin...:-). I love the J ver for the great music...I find the K ver a bit lacking in that sense...but i will wait for more episodes..since i just watched until Ep8. But so far I am liking the K ver too..Franz Stressman wasn't that strange or weird like the J ver...he is more believable...

Naisy Philippines Do not believe those bad comments about the K drama Cantabile. Yes, for the first few episodes the main girl character is so annoying, but we can't do anything about it because it's her role. But for the last few episodes, if i am not mistaken 9, 10, i realized, Shim Eun Kyung is an actress, she nailed it, when she's crying talking to the lead male actor, and it's still in progress, you will see the maturity in her acting, it has depth already. Now i can't wait to watch the last few episodes. Good luck to all and whole cast!

sacchan Ever since I watched her in Hansel and Gretel, she was in my top 5 list of Korean actresses that really got stuck in my mind for the performance and mysterious charm. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her acting in Naeil Cantabile. haha Miss Shim has cried over this because she felt so much pressure in portraying Naeil. I find her cute and childlike. Do try watching it until the latest episodes. There is so much growth going on. No matter what others say, I support the show. Gosh. Ratings ain't everything. It may mean bad news for sponsors and the business side of the entertainment industry but the quality of the show is very satisfying that it's sad that many don't seem to appreciate it.

Hana I don't know how someone could say that about her part in Cantabile, especially when it was only two episodes watched. (Sweet&Sour) You obviously don't know, yet, about why this character named Naeil acts like that. Her part does not lack at all according to the manga and anime of the original character. She doesn't match up to the male? Maybe saying that compliment to her acting. She's supposed to lack. That way, the real drama could move forward. Shim Eunkyung has been a great actor in her past works and from watching two mere episodes, I see no reason to complain. I'm sure the producers, etc. worked hard and saying that someone should 'correct her' is an insult. Her 'get up' is quite original for the character she's playing, again. It also suits the actor well, I'm sure the stylists of Cantabile also did their job to their best effort(Why wouldn't they?).The original Japanese writer of Cantabile attacked many irrationalities, so I advise you to watch with a better mindset.

daebak she has her owned version of Nodame, so stop complaining...the rest of the cast are trying to be different from the original version.. p.s. to anyone who likes to complain about her acting in the drama, just..stop..watching.. and watched the japanese version instead.

zahra Sweet and sour: it's not her acting, it's Nae Il's caracter which is strange. Despit what you think, she is playing the real and bizarre caracter of Nae Il. She is a good actress. So don't get into a conclusion just like that.

Sweet & Sour I have seen the first two episodes of Cantabile. The leading female actor lacks the expertise in trying to portray her role. Is she trying to act as a flirty yet coy and innocent damsel ? Her face and demeanor does not project those aforementioned adjectives. Her acting pales in comparison with the leading man's ability. It is a mismatched! Honestly, ask any well -meaning observer and surely will tell you that her acting is like a mentally retarded or a crazy person. For her own good, someone must stop/ correct her. And please, make her presentable!, my goodness! Her get up is a complete turn off, a disaster. It would be unthinkable for the lead actor to have interest on her, if her packaging remains. Changes should be introduced- ASAP. Can anyone give her pointers! The director is not giving justice to her as an actress and the rest of the cast. In fairness to her, she might be a good performer in her other projects, which I have NOT seen yet. Please be informed that it is my wish that Cantabile be a success because its storyline deals with classical music.

safaajd i love you , u so fantantic and a beautiful actress so i want from you see u in a Melodrama please Shim eun kyung <3 <3

Maple i like her!! She's so natural, daebak!!!

Han Ara As Nodame, it's really great character and talent. Could u? Whoah... u will be great actress, Eun Kyung ssi! Do the best and Hwaiting always! ^_^

Ema I absolutely loved her is Miss Granny!!!! She did such a great job!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

panda_in_galaxy6869 tbh, i prefer her than Yoona. I like Yoona'sa acting but if she had ever accepted the lead role of the drama it might ruin her reputation because it doesnt suit her at all. Eunkyung will probably fit the role better.

NINA I would prefer her than Yoona for the role of Nodame because I really think that Yoona doesn't fit that role.

Leny I heard her agency already agreed that she plays the role of Nodame since her upcoming series was pushed back. Good for you Eun Kyung. Nodame character suits you. :)

림헤솤 i agree with Sora!

she's perfect for the role of Noda Megume(Nodame). Have you guys seen the japanese version?or the anime? I'm not a hater of Yoona,but I don't think she fits the role.Just my opinion.Just saying.

Lynn22 Adi Love your acting in Miss Granny.. Daebak!!!

Juan please do not do Nodame!!!!

keesha I like you .in THE GREAT MERCHANT your acting is good

TORIFANNUMBER1 seems like I'm in love with you =(((((((( you're so.... i can't find words

syifa i love her acting in Hwang Jin Yi. She is really talented :))

Kinga Jamtsho cute actress ever seen...

Ojo Ebenezer I really love her comic arts in 'BAD GUY'....You acted well...Thumbs UP

Brian Scott Miller Hi, I just watched the first six or seven episodes of "The Great Merchant" you are Amazing. We had to watch every episode in a row because we just could not stop watching your amazing performance. Had to stop when your character grew up. Thats a different show. Thank you ^_^ (signed, another fan in New York)

hicham you are a great actress

Lisa Chick's got punk!!!!...i jus loved her comic timing in Bad Guy (2010)...she was the only comic relief n it was adorable :)

Momo Great Actress! but why she is not famous yet?...and all those KPop Group Girls are popular without real talent (they just sing, practice dance...that's all...)....

and here,...a very talented actress and cute girl with Great shinning personality has acted in so many movies and dramas...should be respected and loved. Hope she will have more fans after her Superb performance in her movie 'Sunny'. i love her ghost dance.

BullHit YOur done for Kang So Ra taken over your place..

tashi good luck studying in pittsburgh:) you were great in bad guy!

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