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  • Name: Sehun
  • Hangul: 세훈
  • Birth Name: Oh Se-Hun (오세훈)
  • Born: April 12, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 181cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Talent Agency: SM Entertainment


  1. Member of K-pop group "EXO-K".

Drama Series


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hillary sehuuuunnnieeee oppa!! for me, its you who always shine on/off stage^^ your my inspiration! everywhere I go I always think about you I may be 100000000000000000000 miles away from you, but my heart will always be near to you thumping loudly! I'll always cheer for you no matter what :) I LOVE YOU SEHUN OPPA! <3

Queenie Rose Señoron Happy Birthday to my Ultimate CRUSH : S-E-H-U-N <3

I'm soooooo in Love with you :)

bura sehun you are beautiful,i hope that you will succeed in everything more than now. i love you and good luck

Insha Hii SEHUN oppa saranghae !!!! i luv u soooo much i luv EXO just bcos of u

u r da most handsome, adorable, cute n awsm guy i hav ever seen. i just wanna meet ya one day!!!!! i wish u will become most cherishable singer..... plz continue to be awsm person bcos u r my inspiration n i luv u  n ur aegyo tooo..... cute maknae.....

fighting SEHUN oppa saranghae.. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

JesLieSoo Hun annyeong Sehun Oppa!!

   Gosh! you're so cute and talented. How i wish to meet you personally sometime and talk to you ..   I really like you .. nope, i really LOVE you Sehun-ya. No moo saranghaeyo Sehunnie~
More power on Exo, Fighting!

Yee Hun Have a nice day Sehun oppa !!You'r my frist and best idol bcoz i can see all good things about u. I'm learning korea language bcoz I 'll come to u and talk with u :D i know i'm a dreamerrrr  :'( but I try and try ... I hope u can get a lot of love and great happiness ., <3

Ciasiab Chue I think that you are a funny, cherishable, and loving person! I hope that your birthday goes very well in the next month! Thank you for your love and aegyo for us as fans! I hope that one day, I can meet you!

rovelyn saranghamnida!!!!!!!!!! oppa....... we are exo!

Tatai_ Eyyy...Sehun~ Anneong :) U're such an amazin person....n keep that up kk ;) noona will always support u and all the exo members .....hwaitingg!! Saranghaeyo.... yehet!! ^__^

Jenny C. Batres I find this man to be extremely handsome. Not only that but his dance moves are to die for. You can tell a lot about the way a guy moves hips hips ;) Dancing your way into my heart :*

lara mamaradlo Dear Sehun,

     I want you to know that you Sehun oppa is my inspiration! If i have a problem i'm listening to  

exo's songs. I know i'm just a fan but for me, you're my everything. You and all of the members is the reason why i'm smiling everyday.And Sehun you're a type of boy i want to marry soon :). When i listen to your songs , it makes me inspired . And i'm studying korean words so that if we meet we'll understand each other, and i want to go in your country. I want to see you and all of the members of Exo . I promise that i will be an Exostan Forever. Saranghae Oh Se Hun Oppa & Exo ! Saranghae <3

                                                                                 You're No.1 Fan,
                                                                                   Lara Mamaradlo

angel hi sehun i am a big fan of you since i was little , you make me inspired in everything what i do i support exo a lot untill the end

aiza Galos Hello Sehun, I really admire you and all your group members.. you really guys make my day complete every time i listen to all of your songs I feel great.. and you guys are awesome, I promise that I will meet personally soon after I grauated my college degree, I only have 2years left and then done I will meet you guys I promise!!

  Saranghae!!  Good luck to all of you!!

Jin Hee Mi Annyeong Oh Se Hun


I like you a lot... your my inspiration in my studies.. And I also study Korean languages because I want to go in your country I hope that I will see you in Person and I also hope that you will come back here in the Philippines More powers in your carrer .. Take care always ... Saranghaeyo <3 <3 <3

-Denisse Marie Taer Jimenez (My True name)

  1. Maknae puppy :)

farnaaaaaaz oppaaa sehun i love you,your style,your smile,your dance,oppa fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

EXO4ever Sehun Oppa~! We Are The Same Blood Type :D

Kristine Cris sehunnie !!.. dangsin-eun nae yeong-gam iya ! <3 SARANGHAE..

Syaokuran Castro waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i will always support you SEHUN

Sci What Does Sehun LIKES In A Girl ?

eun-ji oh sehhhuuunnnaah saranghaeyo <333!!

Ruth Oppaa saranghaeyo!!!! I love you sooo much .x) You are so handsome :*

Tammy Saranghaeyo, Sehun oppa

Jandi Sehun,Your so handsome<3 I think i like you :D Im a fan of yours :)

Warsha Sehun oppa i love you somuch..... (+_+)

Mrs. Oh Saranghae Sehun oppa .. mwuahh :* YEHET!

presieleen ilalalalalalalaLOVEyou oh sehun <3

Mwaaahh :D

vlaaniv Saranghae Sehun oppa! You're the one and always number one. Yehet!

luvmesehun Love U Sehun !! wanna marry with you !!

Rhenee Joy YAH ~! My Sese is a good dancer and a good rapper even though he has a few lines in their song but still he has more exposure than others .

n.j yeahhh,,, no matter what they said to you that you are " a lazy dancer"....

i dont mind that.. because you are my !!!!

                    "devil dancer"... just ignore themmm ..ok

Noni Chan Saranghae Sehuna!!!!!!!!! No matter what happens i'm always with you!! You are my number one!

n.j i wrote ah!! a story for exo in wattpad...

just read... and leave a message

the xoxo#_# ihope u like it...

francesca i love you oh sehun

Alexa Saranghae Sehun Oppa <3

sehun's princess kyaaaaa sehun oppa is so perfect! :* always an exotic! muaks sehun!!

Alexandria This is the first kpop group i've ever listened to . All-thow i don't speak. Korean ur music speaks to my heart. I believe in you guys,keep making great music and if you ever have the opportunity to tour in America please preform in Anchorage,Alaska. :-))

Mrs. Oh Uwaaa *O* The most beautiful thing in the world, my bias :>

Sandra You are so daebak...*thumbs up*Keeping on trying.,,Sehun and, I will be always a fan girl of yours and Exo...Exo Fighting!!♡♡

Sandra Khin 사랑헤요 .....I will be always a fan girl of yours and keep on trying oppa..I will be always here for Exo and you...You are so so handsome...Daebak...!!!*thumbs up*

janylsyn Когда вы приезжаете в казакстан?

janylsyn all love Sehun. I also love Sehun. I am kazaak I am very very love

nina cute.. i like you because youre handsome.. SARANGHEO OPPA...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AaSehun Sehun Oppa, saranghae! You make me happy. Gomawo, oppa! =)

apol P. SEHUN,....

 ...your sooo.... HANDSOME !
I wish that you will come here in PHILIPPINES ... not just in 

manila but also in MINDANAO ,TAGUM...

Noni Saranghae Sehun......You're the only one that makes me go crazy!!! I like every single thing about you <3 Sehun You're just amazing! And you're smile and laughter means a world to me!!

Pat yew I love you OH SEHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm CRAZY now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MeyMey Elmoo I like your smiling&dancing&singing. Everything you're so perfect. I love you Sehun ..

huyen you are beautiful..i like you <3

thu huyen you are beautiful......i like you... =) =) =).. <3

Hunnie SeHun Oppa <3 I love your eyes it makes me fell for you . I wish that I could see you in real.Your aegyo is the cutest (: Saranghae yo <3

Naomi Whirlwinds Sehun : 12-04-1994, Me : 13-04-1999 Sehun blood type : O, Me blood type : O ^^

ANDREA oww.. he s the best dancer of the world . sehun is very cute and lovely, i love him because hes very tander and i love his aegyos.. <3 <3 <3 Saranghae sehu8n oppa <3

hadi I love sehun .. but .. I love sehun oh my god he is very cute .

mikmik saranghae sehun oppa!<3

jannah i love you so much my oh sehun

hanna Oppa Sehun SarangHaeyo . <3

YellowReRe Lovvvvvveeee you. Your amazing

Lakshmi Ahhhhhh…….LOVE him so much ……Dying to watch the drama……..<3

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