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  • Movie: Secretly Greatly (English title) / Covertness (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Eunmilhage Widaehage
  • Hangul: 은밀하게 위대하게
  • Director: Jang Cheol-Soo
  • Writer: Hun (comic), Kim Bang-Hyun, Yoon Hong-Gi
  • Producer: Kim Young-Min
  • Cinematographer: Choi Sang-Ho
  • Release Date: June 5, 2013
  • Runtime: 124 min.
  • Genre: Action / Comedy / North Korea / Spy
  • Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Won Ryu-Hwan (Kim Soo-Hyun) trained in the North Korean Special Forces. He can speak five languages and is also a lethal killing machine. Two years ago, he received orders to deploy to South Korea as a spy.

While wondering in a poor neighborhood in Seoul, Won Ryu-Hwan passed out and was awakened by a worried old mother. The woman then allowed him to live in a small apartment above her modest convenient store and let him work in her store. His identity in South Korea is now Bang Dong-Gu and he has taken up the persona of a goofy, mentally challenged young man. Since that time, Bang Dong-Gu has gotten to know everybody in the neighborhood and has become attached to the woman who treats him like her second son.

One evening, Bang Dong-Gu receives a visitor in his small apartment. His visitor is Lee Hae-Rang (Park Ki-Woong), who trained in the same North Korean Special Forces Unit. Lee Hae-Rang has also received orders from North Korea to work covertly as a spy in South Korea. His persona is that of a young wannabe rock star. Lee Hae-Rang finds it difficult, because he never played the guitar before. Shortly later, Ri Hae-Jin (Lee Hyun-Woo), also a member of their special forces team in North Korea, arrives in the same neighborhood. While the three young men live unnoticed among their neighbors, they await orders from North Korea. Their order finally arrives.


  1. Based on webcomic "Covertness" by Hun (birthname Choi Jong-Hoon). "Covertness" was first published from June 30, 2010 to May 4, 2011 on Daum website.[1]
  2. Director Juhn Jai-Hong was originally hired to direct the movie "Secretly Greatly," but withdrew over scheduling differences with the production company. Juhn Jai-Hong wanted to begin filming the movie at a later date than what the production company wanted.
  3. Filming began October 17, 2012.
  4. Filming ended March 8, 2013. Shooting took 5 months to complete. The last scene filmed took place in an alley in a low income neighborhood. The scene involved Dong-Goo (Kim Soo-Hyun) and Hae-Jin (Lee Hyun-Woo) watching something secretly.
  5. "Secretly Greatly" broke the box-office record for most ticket sales in its first day of release by a Korean film. Previous record was held by movie "The Thieves," which sold 436,596 tickets. "Secretly Greatly" sold 498,284 tickets on its first day of release June 5, 2013.
  6. On the movie's second day of release, June 6, 2013, "Secretly Greatly" broke the all-time single day ticket sales record for a Korean film. "Secretly Greatly" sold a total of 919,036 tickets on June 6, 2013, easily surpassing "The Thieves," which previously held the one day record with 759,590 admissions. U.S. film "Transformers 3" holds the all-time single day record with 956,500 admissions.


Kim Soo-Hyun Secretly Greatly-Park Ki-Woong.jpg Lee Hyun-Woo
Kim Soo-Hyun Park Ki-Woong Lee Hyun-Woo
Won Ryu-Hwan/Bang Dong-Gu Lee Hae-Rang Ri Hae-Jin
Secretly Greatly-Son Hyun-Joo.jpg Park Hye-Sook Secretly Greatly-Hong Kyoung-In.jpg Secretly Greatly-Kim Sung-Kyun.jpg Secretly Greatly-Ko Chang-Seok.jpg
Son Hyun-Joo Park Hye-Sook Hong Kyoung-In Kim Sung-Kyun Ko Chang-Seok
Kim Tae-Won Jun Son-Lim Jo Doo-Suk Seo Soo-Hyuk Seo Sang-Goo
Secretly Greatly-Lee Chae-Young.jpg Secretly Greatly-Park Eun-Bin.jpg Secretly Greatly-Choi Woo-Sik.jpg Secretly Greatly-Jang Gwang.jpg Secretly Greatly-Shin Jung-Keun .jpg
Lee Chae-Young Park Eun-Bin Choi Woo-Sik Jang Gwang Shin Jung-Keun
Ran Yoon Yoo-Ran Yoon Yoo-Joon Ko Young-Gam Mr. Park

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Georgia Peach SPOILERS BELOW! So worth the watch! Even for the second time...Loved all the lead actors!!! This is the classic Korean movie. LOTS of feels.

Hani Whenever I watch this movie, I always fall in love with Lee Hyun Woo.

mimi so nice! I seriously fell in love with Park Ki Woong. Kim Soo Hyun is amazing 2!!!

Rida this movie is so nice so sentimental I cried so much at the end

sumi This film is OK but Kim soo hyun is very handsome

naomi I really love this movie. One of my favorite movie. This is super good! Kim Soo Hyun's acting was REALLY good. What a multi-talented actor. I was in tears watched the ending.

lolaharry I love this movie so much.. Kim soo hyun acting skill so briliant and other casting too.. They trio so great.. Very recommend to watch..

Ashleyreed I laughed in the beginning but cried at the end.... the ending was amazing but i couldn't forget it for days and cried everytime i remembered so it was really hard to get over this amazing movie. My favorite actors kim soo hyun and lee hyun woo was brilliant. They were just perfect for their roles and i loved every second of this masterpiece. I will always remember it. Also at the end, I really wanted them to have a free life without worrying someone might pop out from somewhere and kill them and just live the life the way they wanted but unfortunately the writer didnt agree with me so... well i guess thats all... love u boys!

madelaisa I laughed so hard in the beginning and the rest of the movie but cried big time with the ending. Very nice movie, rewatched it twice. Kim Soo-Hyun is simply the best in everything he does.

punkin07 This movie was so good, but it completely tore my heart out in the end. I would have liked to for once see someone happy in the end. I seriously cried my little eyes out.

Mo This movie was REALLY good. I loved all of the casting in the movie, Soohyun, Kiwoong, and Hyunwoo were amazing. The ending brought me to tears. One of my favorite Korean movies!!

Alvina The movie started out with a great premise and SUCH A GREAT cast of actors. However, the storyline got bogged down with unnecessary side stories and an overcomplicated end game. And, the ending was all for naught! There was nothing accomplished and the movie ended leaving the audience unsatisfied and wondering. The main three weren't utilized to the fullest, particularly Lee Hyun Woo and Park Ki Woong who could have had more to contribute.

GraySkies This movie was really good. I loved Kim Soo-Hyun and Park Ki-Woong in this movie. Especially PKW because he was awesome. The whole scene when Hae-Rang told Ryu-Hwan that he couldn't run so he wanted that one northern ops guy in his grasp. And so what does Ryu-Hwan do? He down right attacks the guy and THROWS him over to Hae-Rang who pounces like an orange cat on mouse! Oh man greatest scene in the movie. It was good, great story. Though the ending was a let down, and confusing. Still if your a fan of the actors you definitely need to see. Is it strange I find Park Ki-Woong hotter as a badass?! ;)

Piyo_24 [spoilers] The ending!!! WHY!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!! I thought all three will live but they all died! itz just too sad. TTATT and OMG my f***ing sexy lee hyunwoo!! His fighting agility. and it felt like he likes KSH. haha. me and my sisters had that vibe. but anyways KSH and PKW are awesome actors too. Still can't believe they all died.

Beesh This film is heartbreaking :"""

just_here I loved this movie so much throughout the whole thing, thought it was funny, cute and even butt kickin' (sorry trying to keep it g-rated) and the end just killed me... I was like c'mon c'mon and I was like o_o....did that just happen? That really happened T_T....... NEVER AGAIN!

CHINGUYA Great acting, Kim Soo Hyun is very talented, one of my favourite actors! I saw, the filming began in october (2012) and ended in march (2013) but in the movie was KSH almost every time barefoot!!! I think, the filming could not have been easy! (Chinguya, Hungary)

Diva I'm very like Kim Soo-Hyun and Lee Hyun-Woo :) because, they are perfect boy for me ^_^ SECRETLY GREATLY IS THE BEST!!!! ^_^

wolverine WOW!!!! AMAZING!!! Great acting, great drama, and great action! I would give this movie 9.5/10. KSH is amazing.

lbgal Wow. this movie has so much feels. i laughed too hard in the beginning but then i can't stop crying in the end. great actors, great story. the subtitles were a few seconds off, but i still understood the plot. thank you for this great movie. wow, just wow.

jaglaine Thanks, 11bravo, I'll follow your advice and read no further. Also thanks for correcting us on the genre. I still remember being annoyed while watching 'True Lies' coz I thought it was serious action, instead of outright comedy. I would have truly enjoyed it if not for the wrong expectations.

asty_noona Kim Soo-Hyun why you're so cute...kkkk... i love this movie..the action and the it

11bravo 1. Do NOT read any further before watching this movie as some of the below comments contain SPOILERS.

2. While the source might have been a web-comic, this is NOT a comedy, regardless of cultural differences. I know that's what Asian Wiki has it as..., but maybe that's because it came from a web-comic. All comics are not comedies. Don't be expecting to LOL, because you'll spend the whole movie wondering when the jokes start...

More like: Drama/Action.

nia ruslan This is one of my very fafourite korean film,, soo hyun oppa is just so good in acting.. he can be a various kind of character when in dream high, moon sun, the thieves and the latest drama "you who came from the star."

Dianne This (for me) was one of the best action films I've seen!! Amazing young actors! Amazing Martial Arts fight scenes -- truly more than amazing! Comedy?? If they rated this in a comedy category, they got that wrong. The only "comedy" was to show him in his "cover" of an idiot... I had hope that it wouldn't end the way it did... I've cried buckets of tears. The situation in North Korea is horrific, but it felt like the anger and hatred found in the South Korean police/intelligence/government/take your pick was shown correctly as to what might happen to DPRK spies. Even though one man tried to keep them alive, everyone else was ready to shoot to kill... That was what was so sad to me because at the end Dong Gu really wanted to go back to the neighborhood, but he knew he couldn't... He knew his fate and accepted it as did the others. I would rate this movie 5 Stars!!! It's no wonder it broke attendance records and has already garnered some awards!!!

way @mep, never trust imdb for rating outside hollywood movies, their popcorn predictable happy ending movies probably have higher scores compared to better stories/plot-of-action/drama of korean/japanese movies..

if you wished to see happy ending of this movie, you're gonna have a bad time.. really like the story, the guy remind me of won bin in ahjussi.. is north korea really that bad? i know it's made by south, but in case it's kinda true, north is a dumb nation.. you have loyal super military force but arrest (possibly murder their families), then keep them in enemies zones without any frickin mission, not even investigating some stuffs, then just treat it like disposable trash. why dont the north recall their precious supre force back, then wait for better chance to attack/spy/whatever..

the fighting scenes are good, really hope for more positive ending but in korean movies those things dont come easily

comment Was I the only one noticing how awesome the action/fight scenes were? It reminded me of Man From Nowhere.

anna anyone know who's song park ki woong sing in this movie, they call it lin jin gang...

Susie The movie and everything was just great! It had comedy, action, and drama. My three favorite things.. but the ending.. it was so sad. Just thinking about it I wan't to cry..

But otherwise, if you can handle a sad ending, I recommend it!

nvnvn so many stupid people here.. what's so complicated to understand? it seem like a lot of air headed so hyun fans saw the movie and came to complain. you like south korea? that's nice, but you have to know that this country is in war. you ask why they were sent as spies, it's called a sleeping cell, they are waiting for action. i agree that they could have done something against the south like a terrorist bombing or something but that's another story.. them dying is better then living as traitors bc they don't believe they are. they just feel betrayed by their country and don't wish to die in its name. anyways the fact that a chrachter dies in a movie doesn't mean it's a bad movie.. jeez..

max can't buy the film on apart from the three disk special - was looking to buy it for presents for christmas

soundar awesum movie filled with humour#action#affection.. Luved the movie had fun watchin it with girl friend beside... Really fabulous we laughed and enjoyed the movie...

Mep I don't understand why the IMdb rating is so low... This is a great, simple movie even if it doesn't give you everything you want-- sometimes we need that in a story. The resolution was reasonable and the comedy and sweetness contrasted the action and drama by a fair measure. I'm not sure if my confusion came from the movie itself or the subtitles, but I essentially got the gist of it, not complex at all. Very heart-warming and great to watch on any occasion. The three main leads are all great actors in their own right and I suggest anyone who's interested to look into their other works!

ashley This is my take on the whole story for those of you who are confused. THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!

So they show the political struggle in North Korea and the power changes to those who want to mend relationships with the South. Along with the Battle at YeonPyeong, North Korea has to hand over about 30+ of their spies. This can be taken as a sign of reconcilliation between the two. The 5446 Forces are a part of that list. North Korea doesn't want to hand them over so they wanted to bring all of them back to be executed (this I don't get). They know too much too. But as u watched, the instructor said no, they should die with honor, obeying their country and commiting suicide. So the three of them have 2 choices really, be arrested and probably kept as national hostages by the South or be killed by the North. They don't want to betray the Republic but they don't want to uselessly die either, especially for a country who abandonned them like that. One of the South Korean police tried to get them to just get arrested and live but Haejon rebelled, not wanting to be the country's "dog". This caused the whole ordeal pretty much, from what I understood.

ANGEL so many comments on how great this movie is? i only watched this because of kim soo hyun and lee hyun woo.. the story... ??? i really dont get it.. they are spies to do what?

ROSA dear mr. kim soo hyon u are very very nice voice i like it soooooooooooo much and best best actor . sory i am living iran and i can not good conversation . godsped

carol why...WHY...why???? end like THAT.

Donna Kiefer I have to say that I was only interested in watching the movie due to having 2 Korean foreign exchange students living in my home who are in love with the lead actor, Kim Soo Hyun, and insisted that I watch it. I have seen the drama "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" and found Kim Soo Hyun to be impressive in his acting. So, I took a chance :-) Of course, for an American who knows very limited Korean, subtitle reading can be a bit of a pain and distracting. However, I could not tear myself away from the screen. All the characters played exceptional parts! I spit my coffee out due to laughing at the humor in the beginning, was completely blown away by the amazing combat scenes and found myself deeply saddened by the ending. I connected with all three main characters and wished for a better outcome. Maybe I watch way too much Korean Drama! :-) All in all, it was worth every second of my time and can understand why it was such a hit! Donna K

Princess Secretly,Greatly is so beautiful movie I have seen in my life. I really like the Actors and Actresses because when they are act it's looks like real!!. The ending is very sad because Lee Hyun Woo, and Kim Soo Hyun are die :( It's very touching story :( , I hope I can see them in personal!!

ANGEL I was waiting for this movie for a long time.. i really thought that this movie is really that great because of the comments.. But upon watching this.. just an ordinary movie with sad ending.. though the actors are great..

Sona Really good movie. Hands off to the actors for portraying their characters really well.

lovinslevine Lee Hyun Woo, ur acting is so brilliant so pure! love u Hyun Woo!!

fyqa ohh..park ki woong!! you are the reason why i must watch this drama!!

han mi Sad ending But Lee Hyun Woo makeover <3

elly love LEE HYUN WOO. ❤❤❤

eunri awesome, I wanted to re-watch the movie but it ended its run so sad. ㅎㅎ love LEE HYUN-WOO his action scenes were fabulous and totally nuna-fans would drool over his agility. ㅎㅎ

Yehyeon awesome I wanted to re-watch the movie, but it ended so sad. ㅠㅠ love LEE HYUN-WOO. ㅎㅎ

Nana Hyun Woo oppa!!!

HyeRinLuv Just came from watching this movie and I was breathless as the incredible action scenes and tear jerking sad scenes wizzed by in front of my eyes. I completely FELL for this movie and the amazing actor Kim Soo Hyun. This changed my view on korean movies, which unlike korean dramas usually have boring plots. This is a MUST WATCH and if you do, you won't regret it. Five (5) stars for this film *thumbs up*

Izzul Hasanah omo, Kim So Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo and Park Eun Bin. I think i shoul watch this drama

kez errr.. Cold Eyes technique were following Secretly Greatly, since Kim Soohyun and Lee Hyunwoo were Running Man guests at episode 147. Yeah, even Secretly Greatly isn't the first who used this kind of technique.

sandra OMG my two oppas Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun

Kathy Lee Omg ! Lee Hyun Woo , I love you so much ! You're so handsome !

phoopwintkhine I like Kimsoohyun Oppa.I think he is a best actor and handsome.I really watch this movie.I hope he get many awards from this movies.Kimsoohyun Oppa Fighting!!!I am your fan and I really see you.I watch your new drama.Kimsoohyun Oppa Saranghae

jeric olay new movie with lee yhun woo!?my saint,,,i am going to like it !promise to watch it 'til the end of the movie....

Clo Watched the movie yesterday and cried really hard at the end ahhah I thought it was really good even though a lot of people said they didn't like it... The cast were amazing and I loved all of them! Definitely recommend!

Yoboseyow OMG!!! Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Hyun-Woo, Park Ki-Woong, Choi Woo-Shik, and Park Eun-Bin!!!! My favorite actors in one movie!!! <3

Black eye WoOoW Tomorrow =)

czyrille that awkward feeling liking soo~ many kpop idols then realizing there's only 1% chance of meeting them (__ __") life can be cruel sometimes. Anywayyy.... LEE HYUN WOO *Q* marry mee~ >>Philippines

samath met i love u oppa kim soo hyun <3 this movie u will get alot of reward.fighting oppa! ;-)

Cecilia I really can't wait ! Love youu lee hyun woo! i'll be the first who watch it !! xDD *dead

meghana AHHH!!!! LEE HYUN WOO!!!!!!!!! so cute...

Dina Wow this looks promising !! The 3 leads are DAEBAK !!

chococheeze I love the everything about this movie,the casts,the teaser and the trailer! OMOOO,that push up thingy of Kim Soo Hyun and his body, gahh! can't wait! and I'm really lovin' Dong Gu here,such a cutie/funny. haha!

gina Song Sam Don is back;) love Kim Soo Hyun and can't wait to watch it

jinhee oh my gosh this is the best casting ever love love them.i bet i'm gonna laugh till my stomach hurts.

xxblueberry KIM SOO HYUN!!! Fighting!!!

liinaa last film before Park Ki Woong get millitary....oppa i'll be waiting U :)

cutechu_bbuing Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong OMG the best combination of hot and talented male actors <3 I cant wait to see this movie i love the cast so much "Secretly Great/Convertness" Hwaiting!

olamide Looking forward to it.

SuperGirlInLove I can't wait to see this one... Fighting :D

cutechu_bbuing Lee Hyun Woo Oppa Saraghaeyo, im so happy is in this movie i cant wait for it to come out already <3

Nate Buendia Is it done by now? I can't wait. when will it be available on theaters?

Fanz OMG !! Park ki-woong! <3 ur the best actor!!

Random Gal

O this drama will b relised on the month i was born on :DD

Mr Root KIM SOO HYUN, i can't wait to watch the movie..

Lala~ I'm so glad that my two top favorite actors have the lead roles in one of my favorite webcomic movie!! <3 Kim Soo hyun~ Lee Hyun Woo~ Pinch me~ It's like a dream! I can't wait for this movie... Honestly, I'll pay for it! I promise! I never pay for movies! NEVER! But I'm willing to buy this one because of these cute angels~

  • dies from overdose of cuteness and sexiness*

taylorrichardson OMG!!! LEE HYUN WOO<3

hanajung pretty cool plot, hope that Lee Hyun Woo will have a lot of scene in this movie. he's a great & funny actor from To the Beautiful You~~~

HearMeThroughMusic I Can't wait to see this!! I can just see Lee Hyun Woo being the High School Student, Kim Soo Hyun as the Wanna Be Idol, and Park Gi Woong as the Stupid Man. =D I was so happy when I saw that Hyun Woo AND Kim Soo Hyun were going to be co-stars!! They are two of my favorite Actors!

elaaila can't wait for this movie . all the main cast was cute and handsome . huh , hyunwoo oppa , soohyun oppa and kiwoong oppa hwaiting !

tikay ive crush on you soo hyun

ann i cant wait for this film..i really miss soo hyun

hanana DYING from excitement due to this CAST!! Park Ki Woon!! Lee Hyun Woo!! And icing on the cake: KIM... SOO... HYUN!! (in case somehow you didn't read the cast... now you know. hehe)

Nicole Lee Hyun Woo...why can't this guy act more..he is dreamy, I am in love with him.

Min.Sung PARK GI WOONG is AMAZING! Looking forward to him!

jonas i really like kim soo hyun..please let us all know when this movie will be released. Thanks

jonas Please let us all know when this movie be showed. Thanks

wynn 윈 thanks for details! (~v ~) i just look for his news, then saw it..! (*- *) about the upcoming movie - whether it is drama or movie, i see, but also like to watch! (-o ^) when it will appear? (o. 0) [Movie: Covertness -은밀하게 위대하게] (>v <)

Unkownedgirl I checked on asianwiki or wikipedia that the three man are Kim Soo Hyun, Jo Jung-Suk and Lee Hyun Woo. (Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo is super cute and so is Yoo Seung Ho. Jo Jung-Suk is also doing another north korean project movie!)

ashley park eun bin?is she the girl who kiss taecyon on dreamhigh? hmmm maybe but i love park eun bin with yoo seung ho

dianne who is her leading lady? i wish park eun bin will be cast on this movie ahahah lol because i watch there cf together ahaha at least supporting cast

Matsumoto Ran Interesting plot. And look who's first in the billing!

Totem Sounds interesting~ and also Kim Soo Hyun is in it! :D

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