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  • Name: Saori Hara
  • Japanese: 原紗央莉
  • Birthdate: January 1, 1988
  • Birthplace: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Blood Type: O


  1. Saori Hara also works as a gravure idol and AV actress.



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qwertz She goes by the name of Miyavi Matsunoi.

tho68 I love Saori Hara. She is my idol :)

Kime Yamamoto WHAT HAPPENS TO SAORI HARA AFTER SHE RETIRED? Well, here's the story. Mai Kato (her real name) didn't use the stage name "Saori Hara" anymore after she retired in the AV industry. After retiring, she worked part time in a bar and sing in the band. Years after, she's now pursuing her passion in music and has been auditioning in various theathers. She even change her stage name. She said in her blog that she's been married a year ago to a 50 years old man. Three months after they met, they decided to get married. Now 26 years old, she's happy in her life and has no plans in returning into the AV world. She's now settled with her loving husband and is continuing her dreams.

Franz Saori Hara was already retired from av movies at 2011, her last av movie was 3d sex and zen, its hard to get info about her activities now, since this girl really disappeared from publicity after her av idol typical

Arunava Chatterjee I have never seen some one so perfect. and being very honest i am in love with her 4m the first day i saw her. and I thing her profession is her own choice we or i am no one 2 judge. So wish miss hara a great life and lots of success and lots of happiness in her life.

Ảnh độc She is my famourt. She is verry sexy and beautyfull

bob she's retired

Lyon Do anyone know where is Saori Hara now? Never see her for long time after Sex and Zen

Mehmet Atilla I'm from Germany Cologne. I like Saori Hara. Can she speak german and was she ever in Germany? Selam

van I can't believe I've just read all the comment above LOL. I saw her fun-page in Facebook and have no idea that shes an AV star till I search her biography in Google and turn out to a lot of porn site results. Ya! i watch her videos and my mind still cant believe that theirs such an amazingly pretty face in porn movies.I keep thinking she could have fit for any heroine role in any Japanese movie, because I've seen Japanese movies I bet he can act far more better than those guys!.But you know,if theirs one thing I know is that we all have our reasons.The fact is we are not perfect and no amount of beauty or prettiness can change that fact.I wished life is like schooling it teach us first before the test but life's is the revers it gives test before it teaches us.Its sad that our sympathy only come when we see character with the like of Ms. Hara. But the the truth is every AV actresses needs our understanding because I cant think of a time when porn no longer around,it a profession older even than engineers and scientist.Lets face it, its here as long as every one watch it. Pornography,sexslavery, human traficking are products of our lasciviousness,so its not them its us.So next time when you watch porn remember this beautiful,Innocent ladies did not cause it you cause it.I my self are man enough to accept that guilt.But these strong women don't need our pity we just have to understand and respect for the life they chose to live. Specially when we no nothing about them anyway, what right and authority could we passably have to say that we are higher and moral than them if most of us are to blame anyway. We just have to think about it.Even though most of them shout a lot in their sex scene they'r voice in the society are pretty quite you know, and more often the ones being violated by the fealty government officials with all the blackmails and threats thrown at them the moment they resist, surely we cant be that dumb to ignore such an obvious redundant issues. I hope I did change some uninformed minds out there.I don't believe we are cruel its just that we fail to realize what others felt."MABOHAY"

jjefable i think its more descent to workhard for a living w/o stealing from others money and those women that are in av business workhard to earn a’s not easy to look for job to earn a living,and if they have a choice im sure they will not end to this business,i think the one that is not descent job is those corrupt officials,theft,holdaper,bankrobber,snatcher and many others those are people who stole money from people who workhard.

I Woah! Woah! Who's fat? Saori Hara?? I think not , she's just a little chubby, and you know what?? chubby women looks way more attractive than stick women :D. What a beautiful women! The first time i saw her, i was like WOW! Like my dream girl, just came to life. And not searching for porn, never knew she's in the AV business, i got a little sad, but i could see that this wonderful women is intelligent , warm , talented(she's a singer =))). ) kind and lovely. Hope all the best for her! Saori Hara Best Wishes! I'm a real fan!! T^T Aishteru

Kelvin Saori hara you are so beautiful....

Mina Good Lord, she is not at all fat. She has a very nice figure. Anyone who thinks she's fat is probably better off dating teenage boys than women. Plus, she also has a very pretty face. She looks a lot like my brother's wife (who is also very beautiful!).

Women shouldn't be expected to be stick-thin; it's unnatural and in most cases kind of ugly. Thank God some men still appreciate real women. Go Saori.

billy bob I really think she is beautiful, like many av stars. Its weird how some av's have the craziest stories and settings, but I guess thats what works for sexually repressed people who have not time to have a relationship, let alone sex. Sometimes the sex freaks are the last person you would suspect, like old dudes in business suits. Plus, I heard in japan, many guys are "pretty boys" and how are girls supposed to compete with guys who can pass as girls, maybe thats why they have to do those outrageous things, or maybe its the money they are paid to do it. However, what would you do if you were them?? In a male dominated society, with a bad economy, what chances do you have. If you cant beat them, join them? Although Japan is widely know for its great AV movies, I was just curious if the general public is aware of this, and what has the government or society done to prevent this choice of lifestyle for desperate young women? Dont get me wrong, I love AV from Japan, but in the end, what will japan be? Every person will automatically assume Japanese people are sex addicts? Are they? Why are all the successful Japanese AV girls staying in japan?? I am just curious....Because of the sex industry and lengths women go to make easy money, is there really any other state of mind available to the Japanese people? Regardless, Japan is a beautiful country with beautiful people, It would just be sad to see all the beauty and pureness fade away.....

To all the AV fans on this site, try the "Dutch Runner"!! (google it) haha...cheers

Alexxx Saori Hara is beautiful woman. Beauty is not only standart 90-60-90. Beauty is feminine, how is moving, eyes and more. Many girls, stars like a teen-boys or like even a man without makeup. Saori have natural female beauty and without cosmetics and makeup, rest attractive woman.

Pelikan @TOK: I do understand exactly what you mean. Yes, she IS a little chubby. But: Catherine Zeta-Jones or Monica Belluci, for giving you just two out of many examples, are named to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. Now have a closer look at them: They are chubby too. Just because YOU think asian girls in general or AV-models in special should be skinny, slim and sportive it doesn't mean, the rest of men around the world think the same. There are many guys being tired of all these hungry bones. They are prefering some more feminine rounded girls or women. You should be thankful for that fact, otherwise there would be much too less girls fitting your taste, willing to please you. And BTW: What dou you think about the thousands of beautiful asian girls, being ruined after a terrible boobjob? Saori has a great handfull of breasts, which surely are soft and warm. Unlike these mountains of silicone which seem more to be a weapon than a playful toy!

TOK You all are losers! being a crazy fan because she is beautiful? WTF!

She is the ugliest av idol i have ever seen. She is too much chubby that it makes me puke on her ugly face. but she is a nice girl which i also agree, however, her beauty is Not that WOW! So hey you stupid fans!, I can simply say that she is a nice girl but not beautiful. Is that Okay now. yeah.

and her AVs are the worst! they are all just straights!...the other japanese av movies have in 'FAD' series...and 'Glory Quest' series...these are Great!....but this av idol just became famous with one overrated mainstream movie and you guys are like stalking her like as if you'd get her..?...LOL.....and have you watched her being humiliated, raped and tortured by bunch of ugly asholes at the office and on the train? Well! you might probably suicide then.

and have you forgotten the beautiful Japanese av idols?...Yua Aida, Nao Ayukawa, Maria Ozawa, Tsubasa Amami, Azumi Harusaki, Takako Kitahara.......

but the real beautiful japanese girls are those who stay at home after work and cook dinner for family.....and also others are those who are singers/actress and who work hard on their Good work., except AV buisness which is not even work at all. and they think that they work hard a lot, that makes me laugh, stupid av idols..destorying innocent human minds...and all these stupid people have become crazy...

All the Comments below (Except very few) are just so laughable that made me reply to these bunch of retards.

Kaung Htet Paing Htoo Saori Hara , you are so beautiful. When I saw your face for the first time, I fell in love. You are my fairy.

911484 Its her choice.. girls if you are all jeaous about her , stfu and gtfo the site

qwertz Actually she retired from AV business and mainstream stuff right after earthquake/tsunami thing because of a nervous breakdown she went through.

FOREVER she is gorgeous girl..people that criticized her are stupid,short minded...sorry to say this..people that adore her are being understanding bout this beautiful creature created by God for us to show but nt to get extreme into it..guys watchout!girls dont be jealous!

raven She's beautiful and seems nice as well. I once worked in the adult industry and I totally respect adult actors and actresses. It is a tough job... but I would like to remind all haters that it is still a job, a career built by hard work and perseverance. So don't judge those who work in the adult industry. You might as well ask yourself why you're checking her out if you ain't into pornographic media too. I wish Saori all the luck.

Mistral While I think it's sad to see anyone end up in the adult industry, Saori-san seems to be comfortable there. She acts in more mainstream movies from time to time, and she can clearly sing, so if she wanted a career outside the industry, she could have it. Since she seems happy there, and Japan's AV industry is losing its social stigma, I say good for her.

But let's hope her English is poor. This page's comments are very... well... sad. Or amusing, depending on your perspective.

kevin she is a legend of japan to me, i like her movie very much especially the 3d hong kong erotic movie

Deuce Some of you guys are really stupid, nasty, smug, and creepy.

And Syuhada and Rizwan and any other idiots who think the same way, you are cowards who hide behind your keyboard making nasty comments about someone without knowing the slightest thing about them. But not only that, you are obviously too stupid to realise that your comments actually say nothing about Saori yet reveal everything about you. A very quick analysis is that you have hang ups, you feel insecure and not man enough. Beautiful girls makes you feel inadequate so you insult them in the stupid hope that it gives you some measure, whereas really it just makes you even more pathetic and desperate than you already were.

She would definitely be a nicer person and better human being than anyone like you, in fact she seems particularly nice, and if she is able to use her beauty to make money then I say good luck to her and I hope she does well :)

AVIdols I like her. She has an autobiography out on why she went the AV (Adult Video) route in her career after she was a teen “idol” in Japan.

Logan I am a recent fan, she is very beautiful. I wish her the best.

Hiro @UK You sir hit every point perfectly lol. And yeah this girl is very easy on the eyes.

UK Syuhada

what gives you the right, to call saori hara pathetic!!

If you take the time to know miss saori hara is a warm caring intelligent human being and if you don't approve of what she does. just remember she got feelings.

plus her life is upside down at the moment.. she collapsed due to the earthquake and you no doubt be glad to know she's going to retire.

BTW you are the one who's pathetic!! plus I pay you more money then you earn to clean my car!

a Vancouverite Soari Hara is beautiful and not doing any wrong. She doesn't rob, rape, kill, or anything illegal. What's the problem?

syuhada what a pathetic woman for she earns some money to continue her pathetic life, by doing that thing,.. just come to me, clean car and i will pay you more that you can earn by doing that pathetic thing...

Dharmender Singh how many beutiful is that girl. I like her. I want to marry you.

Anonymous (1) She has an autobiography out (too bad most of you can't read Japanese) on why she went the AV (Adult Video) route in her career after she was a teen "idol" in Japan. (2) She doesn't offer escort services (that's call girl/prostitute for you non-English speakers) and she doesn't go out on the strip club circuit either. (3) She doesn't have fluency in English, which is a good thing since most of your comments aren't worth reading. (4) For those of you trying to contact her, it's called "stalking" - get a life. (5) For those of you trying to judge her as a whore/slut/whatever, she probably makes more money than you, and she has an actual film career outside of AV, no matter how small. (6) For those of you in "love" with her, stay in your home country please. We don't need you in Japan.

Actually that goes for all of you who comment before or after me with very few exceptions. You are pathetic. Please don't visit Japan. Suicide as quickly as possible, thank you.

sv You are really wonderful women in this world, really surprising creature of God, looking for more information about you

Norman She's really pretty but i bit wonder why she didmt use her head and she rather use her *****, men in her look she can get a prince or sick millionaire man... unless she like being stick allday...

KH4L1D Wow can any of these retards speak proper English? Lol reading the comments made my sides split.

Germanboy Saori Hara is the best looking japanese ever! She's so beautiful. I would marry her instantly without any doubts. I would be the luckiest person ever if she were my girlfriend. I love you

Berth What a bunch of retards... are you guys like 10 years old or something? GET A LIFE!!!

caesar amazing... truely. laters.

Anonymous you're all stupid LOL

A.M.Cesar saori hara you are very rich and amazing beauty. if i have a chance to meet you in personal or even in the way of chatting i'm the one of the happiest man in the world. because i like you so much

nino salazar can i ask you a personal question do you speak English i have been working on a project for 10yrs and i was in japan finishing it off i just wanted to know if you spoke English thank you just a guy

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