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  • Drama: Princess Aurora (English & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Orora Gongjoo
  • Hangul: 오로라 공주
  • Director: Kim Jung-Ho, Jang Joon-Ho
  • Writer: Im Sung-Han
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 150
  • Release Date: May 20 - December 20, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 19:15
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ro-Ra (Jeon So-Min) is the daughter of a wealthy family. She has three married older brothers and her parents. She happens to meet bestselling author Ma-Ma (Oh Chang-Suk). He lives with his three older sisters. Ro-Ra and Mama fall in love and promise to marry, but Ro-Ra's father suddenly dies and her father's company goes bankrupt. Not knowing what is going on with her family, Ma-Ma misunderstands her.


"Princess Aurora" takes over the MBC Mon-Fri 19:15 time slot previously occupied by "Here Comes Mr. Oh" and followed by "Shining Romance" December 23, 2013.


Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Jeon So-Min.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Oh Chang-Suk.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Park Young-Gyu.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Son Chang-Min.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Oh Dae-Gyu.jpg
Jeon So-Min Oh Chang-Suk Park Young-Gyu Son Chang-Min Oh Dae-Gyu
Oh Ro-Ra Hwang Ma-Ma Oh Wang-Sung Oh Geum-Sung Oh Soo-Sung
Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Kim Bo-Yeon.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Park Hae-Mi.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Kim Hye-Eun.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Lim Ye-Jin.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Kim Jung-Do.jpg
Kim Bo-Yeon Park Hae-Mi Kim Hye-Eun Lim Ye-Jin Kim Jung-Do
Hwang Shi-Mong Hwang Mi-Mong Hwang Ja-Mong Wang Yeo-Ok Park Sa-Kong
Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Jung Joo-Yeon.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Shin Ju-Ah.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Byun Hee-Bong.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Seo Woo-Rim.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Lee Sang-Sook.jpg
Jung Joo-Yeon Shin Ju-Ah Byun Hee-Bong Seo Woo-Rim Lee Sang-Sook
Park Ji-Young Park Joo-Ri Oh Dae-San Sa Im-Dang Jang Yeon-Sil
Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Lee Ah-Hyun.jpg Lee Hyun-Kyung Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Baek Ok-Dam.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Song Won-Geun.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Kim Se-Min.jpg
Lee Ah-Hyun Lee Hyun-Kyung Baek Ok-Dam Song Won-Geun Kim Se-Min
Lee Kang-Sook Kim Sun-Mi No Da-Ji Natassia Yoon Hae-Ki
Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Seo Ha-Joon.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Kang Shin-Ha.jpg Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Lim Hyuk.jpg Kim Young-Ran Princess Aurora - Korean Drama-Choi So-Eun.jpg
Seo Ha-Jun Kang Shin-Ha Lim Hyuk Kim Young-Ran Choi So-Eun
Seol Seol-Hee Kim Joo-Wan Seol Kook An-Na Sook-Jung
Jung Yeon-Joo
Jung Yeon-Joo

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gunn i have heard this drama is good but i don't have the patience to watch a 150 episode drama. its too much for me and even if you halved it i still would not watch it. it took me 4 years to watch dong yi cause i just felt so exhausted every-time i looked on the wiki page and it said 60 episodes. Aigoo!!

Mie May May Maria Luisa Gutierrez The series ended on episode 150. After watching from episode 89 to 148 you will disappoint the lead role Hwang Ma Ma and Aurora. You should read the previous comments.

Mie May May Maria Luisa Gutierrez The series ended on episode 150. You will disappoint from episode 89 to 148. You should read the previous comments.

Maria Luisa Gutierrez Very interesting series. Good actors and actesses. I am kind of dissapointed because the series ended on episode 88 which I think is unfinished. Are the episode 89 and on to the end existing? I really would like to finish this wonderful, exciting series. Please email me if you can. Thank you and looking forward to your email... Maria Luisa

Zin Zin Seo Ha-Jun.... Good acting and sweet-smile....Fighting!!!!

Mattie @Jan. I forgot to mention below that the full list of the "2013 MBC Drama Awards" winners can be found on this AsianWiki website. Easiest way to get to it is via an internet search "2013 MBC Drama Awards Asianwiki". All the Nominees, Awards, Prizes (and Losers) are entered.

Mattie @Jan. Glad you took a look at Part 1 of the MBC 2013 Drama Awards. "LIVE VOD EXO" uploaded Part 1 did not upload Part 2 and a number of commentators have asked if Part 2 would ever be uploaded by "LIVE VOD EXO". Hopefully "LIVE VOD EXO" will do the right thing.

At these award shows there are usually 2 or 3 award winners for a particular award. Remember these are award shows are put on by the network that produced the dramas that are being awarded.

If you want to see actress Jeon So-Min's (who played Aurora) award acceptance speech with subtitles go to youtube and search " Arirang Showbiz Korea: Jeon So-Min on K-Star ". Besides this particular clip the Arirang interview with her is great overall.

Jan @Mattie I found the 2013 drama Award show on you tube, but only Part 1 which didn't have Park Hae Mi performing. Searching for Part 2 gave me eye strain !!! Maybe it's me, but I couldn't find it. Why would someone take the trouble to upload only half a program? Interesting. I did enjoy watching the first half, and would have enjoyed it more with English Subs. Aurora did look beautiful. I wonder why both she and Mama accepted their awards with other people. Was it a tie in both cases?

Mattie @ Jan. Yes, that performance was recorded by me by accident since I had set up mu vcr to record another show on MBC and instead recorded the full "2013 MBC Drama Awards". This type of thing happens a lot because the channel listings do not always reflect the true show content. Anyway, I was just lucky this time. All of the major Korean tv stations were broadcasting their award shows around this time (on and around Jan 8-9, 2014). I also caught most of KBS's 2013 Drama Awards as well. Park Hae-Mi's performance was pretty hot as she danced with a partner as she sang ?Besame Mucho". Anyway, if i find this award show in full anywhere I will let you know. (I did see a short clip of Park Hae-Mi tripping on her costume on the way up to the stage to perform but it was like 3 seconds long and very bad video quality. I think someone thought that was funny)

Jan @Mattie You said in your post of Feb 7th that Park Hae Mi performed a hot rendition of Besame Mucho. Where did you see that?

Mattie @Jan. You are welcome. After writing you, I remembered that Kim Bo-Yeon (the evilest of the sisters) may have sang "Non, je ne regrette rien" (made popular by Edith Piaf) at the MBC Drama Awards. It is too bad that the full award show cannot be found but if you take a look at the "Arirang Showbiz Korea: Jeon So-Min on K-Star" you will see Jeon So-Min giving her thank you speech at those drama awards. When I originally saw this award acceptance speech there were no English subs but the Arirang clip does include the subs. It is pretty sweet. In searching this I also found a Arirang Showbiz Korea interview on Aurora's manager! You can search youtube with: Showbiz Korea: Actor Seo Ha-Joon on K-Star. This interview took place before the series ended.

I too am watching "Man from the Stars" and find it very entertaining. The actress Gianna Jun (Jeon Ji-Hyeon) makes this drama for me. You can tell that she is a film actress pro. Now I really want to see some of her films.

Following up on @?? OST comment, I found two of the most recognizable of the songs from Princess Aurora on youtube. One is titled: " ‪Cocoon Bells(코쿤벨즈) - 내 곁에 있어줘 (Princess Aurora OST)‬ " and the other title is: " ‪오로라 공주 OST Beige (베이지) - 좋아좋아‬ "

Jan @Mattie Thank you so much. I posted my request on several boards, and you are so sweet to answer. I am unable to find it on YouTube. I tried many different words, but nothing of her is coming up. Without YouTube it's impossible to find videos. Any suggestions? I think Im done watching dramas with abusive mother-in-laws/or sister-in-laws. Not entertaining in any culture. I do like The Man From The Star....AND it's only 20 episodes !! None of my friends watch K-dramas, so I enjoy reading K boards. Again, thank you Mattie.

Mattie Hi @Jan, below I wrote a comment (Jan 09 2014 3:13 pm) about the 2013 MBC Drama Awards. "Golden Actress (3 awards given, 2 for Aurora): Kim Bo-Yeon (ShiMong), Park Hae-Mi, (MiMong). Both performed a song and were very good but Park Hae-Mi surprised me by her hot version of "Bésame Mucho" Evil sister [ShiMong] sang a French song. You can see some of the award show on youtube by searching "2013 MBC Drama Awards". I found Part 1/2 but could not find Part 2/2. I am not sure if youtube includes the singing by the two actresses. Let me know if you find it.

But, even better, Arirang, Showbiz Korea just did a bio piece on the actress Jeon So-Min who played Aurora. Just search "Arirang Showbiz Korea: Jeon So-Min on K-Star". She has put on a little weight and looks very relaxed and ready for the next stage in her career. I am looking forward to it. Fun to see her again and I wish her the best.

@?? I agree that the OST for this drama is great and have found some of it on youtube. Let me know if you find the full ost. Thanks.

Jan Which one of the evil sisters sang at the 2013 Drama Awards? Where can I watch?

?? I dont know how good is this drama but i love this drama's ost :D

Jan Goodbye all. I really enjoyed sharing comments. It was an added dimension to the show. I hope we meet again to discuss another drama. I am currently watching A Man From The Star. I watched episodes 3-4 Thur and Friday here in NJ. Interesting and different. Take care everyone.

juanita cain wow, shocking how Mama died and how his sister wanted to kill herself. If she hadn't stop them from leaving for America Mama would still be alive. I tell you this Drama was very draining so many deaths, the writer must have lost a lot of people's where she basically kill of the entire drama or sent them over seas. she must be going through something. But I have many mixed feelings about this drama and how all this should have played out. I will continue to the end to give my overall report.

Mattie @juanita cain, Titles: Heaven's Fate, Lotus Flower Fairy. I read synopsis of this drama on both AsianWiki (Heaven's Fate) and DramaWiki (Lotus Flower Fairy). It looks very interesting and I want to watch it too. I like dramas about shamans and gumihos. I found a copy of "Lotus Flower" Korean Drama (5 DVDs) on Ebay but without English Subtitles. Subtitled in Chinese for $18.38. The drama was broadcast from June 7, 2004 to Feb 11, 2005. 174 episodes! I just found out that the screenplay was written by writer Im Sung-Han who also wrote "Princess Aurora"! (she loves to write a lot of episodes). I think that this drama will be hard to find since it is relatively old. But, if I see a copy I will let you know. I do like the lead actress Lee Da-Hae.

@Jan: Thanks. There is a wicked cold virus running around New York. I am doing all that I can to rid myself of this nasty virus. Sorry for the misunderstanding about the dog who played Ddukae. I did not mean to suggest the the dog actually died for real. I was just referring to the actor dog's ability to play dead. The research that I did was to see if this type of sudden death was part of the breed's history of health problems. Once our dog succumbed to the disk disease, he died very quickly. A radio disk jockey (a dog lover) in Boston recently said that the only problem with dogs is their short life span.

@Dawn: I know that you wrote a comment on writer Im Sung-Han's AsianWiki profile page. You should check out a comment made there by @Gloria Stern. A very nice tribute to the writer from a fellow writer.

Jan @Mattie. Sorry you are sick. Get better soon. I look forward to your comments. How did you know that Auroras dog died for real. Is there a website that gives background info?

juanita cain I am using foxfire or X-finity/Comcast. normally they have good dramas on hulu or drama fever, but when I look for it by the title they don't have it. Unless it's by another name. I wish dramas that have multiple title are given so that we can follow them on line. I was wondering I saw the drama called heaven's fate starring lee da hae where she was possessed by ghosts. I know she was supposed to be a shaman and her mother gave her away. But the older she got the spirit became awaken in her and the love of her life she was suppose to marry stood by her. But the family started to get a view of what was happening long story short, her life was turn upside down until she did what the spirits wanted her to do, and that was fulfill her commitment of becoming a shaman. I can't seem to find that drama anywhere. they even gave another name called the lotus flower. May be you all can help me or tell me how I can buy the drama. I will continue to update until this drama is over.

Mattie @Dawn, @Jan and @juanita cain. I am loving reading your comments. With the death of the dog Ddukdae I wondered who the dog's owner was. Maybe he/she only wanted to take the dog back home. How did he keep so still in acting out his death? Was a tranquilizer used? When we first heard of the the death I researched the breed Alaskan Malamut (Ddukdae's breed I think). The breed is known to live 10-15 years. The health of the breed is on wikipedia. There is quite a list health problems with the breed. "The major cause of death was cancer…There are additional health issues in the breed whose origins are unknown at this time including varied seizure disorders found in young puppies as well as adults, Epilepsy, congenital heart problems, kidney problems and skin disorders." We recently owned a dog (not a Malamut but a Shih Tzu) that was loved by our family. But we were unaware of the breed's health problems. He developed a "intervertebral disk disease" and there was nothing we could do. "Princess Aurjora" may have been the first Korean drama where a dog passed away. Although I think that I remember that there was a ghost dog in "The Master's Sun".

Writer Im Sung-Han had a dog character in "New Tales of Gisaeng" If you go to youtube and search "New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 1" you will see a dog named "Andre" (I think maybe some type of terrier) who was hated by the lead actor, Sung Hoon, because his father (played by Lim Hyuk, Seolhee's father in "Aurora") paid more attention to the dog than to him, his only son. You will also see at the beginning of this short video (about 10 mins) the actress Baek Ok-Dam dancing to "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Paroahs. If Baek Ok-Dam is the writer's niece (as I have read somewhere) then we have all benefited by her exposure as an actress in K-Drama. She was great in "Gisaeng" and in "Aurora". More luck to her in the future.

More later since I am sick right now. I hope to comment on the other aspects of this drama soon.

Jan @Mattie @Dawn I enjoyed reading your input. I started watching My Love From Another Star. I am also intrigued and like you, I will now prefer shorter series. Princess Aurora had too much filler and death for too long a time. It did however, keep me company while I would prepare dinner !! Regarding Heirs, Lee Min Ho was miscast as a high school student. Clearly he was chosen as a ratings grabber. Also, the drama was too young for me. I did like him in Faith and Personal Taste. Love how they tackled difficult storylines. I am watching Hub Joon. I like historical dramas. They make you smarter even if its not based on real stories. If you are watching MLFTS, which website are you posting on?

juanita cain thanks for responding, the episode for me is the dog just died and sullie got a clean bill of health, but to tell you the truth I'm sick of shi-mong, she needs to get a life. I know thats her brother but miss thang is getting on my nerve. In all her drama I've seen her in she is just a nasty b ch. fill in the blanks. I don't know the ending. but why would aurora and sullie want to live with mama. I know he was there but now it's time to live their lives. I will have to see how this drama ends. I also watched bel ami drama and that was pretty good and with that hateful ass mom of his, I think if they gave her a nice roll she would not be able to play them. empress ki is another long drama thats crazy. i just look at the ending of the drama instead of going through the whole drama and i still can determine what happens. I will try golden rainbow but I'm getting tired of long dramas now.

Mattie Hi again,

I just remembered two more to add to my list below:

"A Little Love Never Hurts: (MBC, weekend show, I am about half way through 50 episodes)

And as Dawn mentioned:

"My Love from the Star" on SBS, just started here tonight and I am recording first episode now. Love sci-fi and time travel.

Where do I get all the time for viewing these dramas?

Mattie Hi @Dawn and @Jan..I was waiting a bit longer after "Princess Aurora" ended because I was not sure when it ended for both of you (and anyone else checking in). I also needed some time to think about the ending before commenting. I will let you know on the next comment what I think about Aurora's final episodes from the moment MaMa helped Seolhee survive cancer to the last final second.

But, what am I watching now?

Miss Korea (MBC, on here Thur and Fri evenings, recording episode 3 right now as I write. It is a 1990's period piece. So far so good, Will keep watching).

Golden Rainbow (MBC, Dawn says check it out, and I have been watching and am waiting for Uee (from girl K-pop group After School) to show up!)

Empress Ki (MBC, another Dawn fave, she likes Ji Cang-Wook and I like him and Ha Ji-Won and others in this fine historical drama).

Shining Romance (MBC, followed Princess Aurora in same time slot, I have given it a few episodes so far.)

King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (MBC, a historical drama that preceeds "Princess Aurora"'s time slot by about an hour and now precedes "Shining Romance", I keep watching and up over 50 episodes now)

Whew, looking at my list it appears that I am only watching MBC right now.

I read your comments and feel a lot of the same about Aurora. Will give you my take soon.

Dawn Hello@Jan@Mattie, just in case you pop back in on this page for an update...which I have none, since this drama is over for me...I was just here to see your final comments....but I am currently watching Golden Rainbow (check it out), My Love from the Stars (totally awesome this one) and Empress Ki (all I can say is Ji Chang-wook...yup, he plays the Emperor) I've been debating whether or not I want to watch Inspiring Generation or not. Right now I don't know if my brain could handle another long, at the moment I'm keeping it to 16-20 episode dramas, at the max 50 episodes. I am also getting into movies over the dramas, just a bit of a mental break...because Princess Aurora took it out of me to tell the truth.

@Jan, I hope that helps you out. @Mattie, I've seen you comment in Bel-Ami, unfortunately it wrapped a few weeks back, but it was still a great drama....I know alot of people are still clammering The Heirs, but I can't watch anything with Lee Min Ho (he just can't act to me...sorry, for all of the Lee Min Ho fans but I'm just not). I'm sure he's a good person, but he's acting skills don't live up to the hype.

@Jan@Mattie, hope to see your comments on some of the other dramas I'm watching....

juanita cain I would like to know why you are killing off everybody and their mama including the dog. Now you want to kill Seol off with cancer. please get it together because it's not making sense. I'm sadden that you all start off good then it goes to shit. wake up writers. If you are not going to tell the story right, then just end it please. I'm going back to American made movies because lately all drama are very disappointing to me. At least it's 2 hours that I only waste and not spend weeks looking at a Drama that don't make sense in the end.

Jan Episode 150. @Mattie. Just watched the last episode here in NJ. I was very disappointed in how the writer wrapped things up. The loose ends should have been tied up during the last 3 episodes enough to develop the other relationships. I was hoping that Aurora wouldn't have been so easy to forgive by being guilted into it by Seulhee. Everyone has a short memory. And where were the devoted grandparents? Even so, I enjoyed writing my version of each episode in my head ! Any suggestions what to watch next? Can you post here until we find a message board to continue a dialog? Jan, just a nice Jewish girl who loves Kdramas.

Dawn Hello@Mattie. Well Friday ended the drama Princess Aurora for me here in Texas...yes all 150 episodes. So I'm back as promised to sum up my feelings on episode 150. I was hoping for a better end but the writer was forced in my honest opinion to try to give closure to fair to many in the story...Jiyoung, just a vage glance at her dating the actor dude from her last drama to give the feeling she finally got her true mate...Jimong and Natasha, there just wasn't enough time to develop that story, maybe if they had of brought Natasha back in episode 120 it would've been more convencing and that wouuld've been one less sister to focus on MaMa. Then Seulhee, Aurora and MaMa being 3 peas in a pod...really. I don't know to many ex's who would care for your new spouse...unconventional to say the least. And it seemed as though Seulhee loved MaMa more towards the end than Aurora...that was something unexpected and a bit to much. Albeit a cute and touching moment, it was just a little to much to believe MaMa could have no more feelings for Aurora simply because they divorced....divorce hurts and people don't move on so easy....but its a drama. Also, the idea that while MaMa was caring for Seulhee, Aurora would cheat on Seulhee with MaMa...implying Seulhee would be cool with that happening since he was sick and worried for Aurora, and his parents wouldn't fuss about Aurora reuniting w/MaMa if he happened to die...that was a bit much...and the fact the show made it seem as though Aurora did something so obviously out of character because Shimong saw the baby and felt he looked to much like MaMa....and Aurora didn't do much to deny it and Seulhee was absent in stepping up as a man, father and husband to say look now I've had enough of ya'll shit. Instead the writer has Seulhee and his family take a forging roll and love them inspite of the hell they've caused.

I don't know about you@Mattie but I was not satisfied with the ending at all. Even w/MaMa's death his sister was just to much until the last 5 minutes of the show...the way she cries and apologizes to Aurora just because they let them act as Aunts to you wanna be a good far fetched, people don't forgive so easily...if it was gonna be like that, then MaMa should have been killed off in episode 140 to give them time to have the baby, have doubt, marry of Jiyoung to actor dude, make Natasha and Jimong closer, show the wedding of Memmong to director dude, and battle btween Aurora and Shimong with Aurora knocking the hell out of Shimong for implying she was a unfaithful...and the devote the last 2 episodes to forgiveness and healing...and Shimong getting her a man.

I know that was long, but I hope my feelings are clear.

I really hope that Seo Ha Jun (Seulhee) and Song Geun Won (Natasha) go on to do many more dramas successfully...I just loved these two guys. And Oh Chang Suk, no matter what roles you do after this drama...grow you hair out, I think longer hair suits you. Jeon So-Min (Aurora) I hope you will play someone sassy in your next role.....that is all. Best of luck entire cast! An American Fan!!!!

Mattie Hello to @Dawn and @Jan. I was so happy to check in and find your comments.

Last night (Wednesday, Jan 8) I watched EPISODE 142 here in NY City. Nice to see Natasha back and trying to seduce a Woman?! This drama is full of surprises. It is why I love it and cannot miss a single episode (like I do for other dramas).

      • WARNING! If you do not want to read about the "2013 MBC Drama Awards" and how Princess Aurora fared in awards do not read below! ***

By the way, I accidentally happened on the "2013 MBC Drama Awards" (appeared Dec. 30, 2013 in Korea) by recording one MBC show and finding this award show recorded instead. I was so happy. The full results are here on AsianWiki ( All of the top three Korean TV stations have these award shows for their productions at the end of the year.

In the audience from "Princess Aurora" I saw: Jeon So-Min (Aurora), Oh Chang-Suk (MaMa), Kim Bo-Yeon (Hwang ShiMong), Park Hae-Mi (Hwang MiMong) and Seo Ha-Jun (Seo SeolHee, the manager). it was to funny to see Jeon So-Min sitting between Oh Chang-Suk and Seo Ha-Jun. Jeon So-Min gave a moving (I can not understand Korean without subtitles but she was in tears throughout her speech) thank you speach when she received her reward. Seo Ha-Jun, as you would guess, was dressed to the nines and looked like a 1950's Hollywood actor.

There were a lot of awards presented but I am only going to name the "Princess Aurora" prize winners here.

And the winners from "Princess Aurora" are:

Golden Actress (3 awards given, 2 for Aurora): Kim Bo-Yeon (ShiMong), Park Hae-Mi, (MiMong). Both performed a song and were very good but Park Hae-Mi surprised me by her hot version of "Bésame Mucho".

Best New Actor (2 awards given,1 for Aurora): Oh Chang-Suk (MaMa) (note: I'm kind of okay with this but should not Seo Ha-Jun have won this award? Obviously, these awards have no fan input)

Best New Actress (2 awards given, 1 for Aurora): Jeon So-Min (Aurora) (well deserved by this actress, bravo!)

Jan Tonite at 7pm was episode 141 (NJ) I will be sorry when its over. Hope we can review this drama when it ends. Happy New Year.

Dawn Just popping in to let everyone know that I'm in the finally countdown of Princess Aurora airing in my state (Texas), so 10 more episodes and it will be all over for me....I'm excited and sad at the same time....but I will be back and I hope @Mattie will be here to sum up finally feelings on the show...until then my eyes are still turned in every Monday-Friday at 9:30p.m until it's over.

Hugest Fan!!!!! Fighting!!!!

Jan @Dawn. Yes, how funny would it be if Natassia married an older woman like MiMong, and SaKong would then be living with his new father-in-law under the same roof listening to their lovemaking !! That's what an American drama would do. Hahaha

Dawn Oh I forgot to say, I almost flipped over my sofa when I saw Natassia has returned...but this shit about liking women now....REALLY!!!! Writer you couldn't come up with something less predictable in brining him back...alright, I know I said Natassia should comeback and hook up with MaMa's younger sister, to teach her and Sa Kong a lesson...but the shock and awe was a bit to much! Plus I'm not feeling the new look...sort of a i'm a politican kinda vibe. Eitherway, I'm gonna put it aside, since I'm glad Natassia is back at all....THANK YOU WRITER'S FOR LISTENING TO THE VIEWERS!!!!!

Okay, not more commenting until Aurora ends!!! I'mma do my best!

Dawn Hiya/Howdy @Mattie,

Merry Christmas to you...I just returned from my Christmas travel, and immediate went to the DVR and caught up on the 3 episodes I missed while away from home....I was truly surprised and touched and sadden and overjoyed....and a whole lot of other emotions. It is good to see your comment however @Mattie. I will return to summon up my feelings at the end of Aurora, I believe I watched episode 132 last night also, no sure will confirm tonight. I do hate it for your South Korean friends, but at least they can move forward in their search to find another awesome drama. I'm watching a few others at the moment like you all...Bel Ami (Jang Keun Suk and UE are to cute), A Man from the Stars (new favorite...w/Kim Soo Hyun, check it out if you haven't), Golden Rainbow (Jung Il-Woo, and's a bit slow and I was hoping for more or a dark, serious drama but it's being ruined with Il-Woo's comedic moments...but I'm gonna keep watching because it's got some good serious moments).

Anyways, good luck to us fateful watchers...maybe we can find another drama after this one is over and lend our comments to it@Mattie...that would be the coolest. But I will be back to summon up my feelings when Aurora ends, so I will look forward to your comment @Mattie@Jan!!!!

Mattie Hello @Dawn & @Jan:

FYI: this drama ended at episode 150 in Korea on Dec. 20. The last 18 episodes received 20 and above in the ratings in Seoul, Korea. The "netizens" and their petition failed in getting writer Im Sung-Han fired from the show and MBC did well in not doing so although they may have panicked a bit at the end. I for one wished that 20 to 30 more episodes had been added to the 150.

How will it feel when it ends for lovers (not the haters) of this drama? I eat regularly at a restaurant owned by Koreans and like to talk to the girl who works the register (another addicted drama viewer). Since she is South Korean, she and her friends have watched this drama as it appeared in Korea (not having to wait for the subtitles..I am so jealous). I asked her how was the last episode for her and her friends. Not going into the content of the last episode, she and her friends were sorry it was over and must now find another great drama to watch. She was not a happy camper at this prospect. It turns out that we both had the same experience in watching "Aurora". Aurora always came first in drama viewing and then the other dramas were watched later.

@Jan, I have to agree with your feelings as to how this drama is moving. The relationship between Aurora and Seulhee is very tender as you say. The writer has really given us two totally different worlds to look at. And the Aurora/Seulhee world is without doubt the best of the two. How could Aurora ever return to the nightmare of Hwang Shi-mong's home. I am as happy as Dawn in watching Aurora and Seulhee together.

@Dawn, I just finished reading your Dec. 23 comment where you say "you believe this will be my last comment". LOL, that is how I felt and decided to take a break and just watch the drama while at the same time keeping a watch on how the drama was playing out in Korea at it's end. I was concerned that MBC might panic and fire the writer Im Sung-Han (that would have been a disaster both for this drama and artistic expression) but I believe MBC's bottom line (great ratings) kept them loyal to her and she just had to compromise a little tiny bit. I hope you do return to comment since I am looking forward to summing up our feelings about this drama when it has ended here.

Last night's episode was 131 for me (and others?) and I freaking loved it. So much happened in 30 short minutes (some of it absolutely priceless). Unlike my sad South Korean friend, we have 19 more episodes to enjoy.

And, tonight is Christmas and episode 132!

Jan Episode 130 This was a very tender episode. Aurora taking charge of Seulhee's healthcare, shows her strength despite being in mourning herself. The writer was very sensitive in the dialogue. I never would have imagined that this drama would turn out to be one of my favorites, after The Great Queen Seonduk.

Dawn I see the comments have slowed down, since we had a major spoiler alert several comments ago but that's okay because the faithful will continue to watch until episode 150.

Really loved this past Friday's episode (aired 12/20/2013) in Texas....Aurora taking care of Seulhee, made me so happy. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that Aurora loved MaMa, but it was not a love that was destined to be. We all know how that can be, while we love someone in the beginning so passionaltely, we can drag it out when it's really not destined. This was Aurora and MaMa, while on the other hand the one you never intended to give your heart to, it just somehow turned out that way...thus Aurora and Seulhee.

I don't know how this thing is gonna workout/end out, but I see Aurora having the child she was meant to have and being happy with Seulhee. I don't believe his parents will have any exception to Aurora because Seulhee is so important to them and they will do anything for him to be least this is how I see this thing working out, and if I'm right...thank you writer gods.

This drama has been totally fun to watch...I'm gonna hate for it to end. I believe this will be my last comment, as I don't think I have any other comments left. I just want to finish it out...I hope the entire will go on to continued fortune and much success, especially Seo Ha-Jun (alright he's my favorite cast member) in your careers.

zzz wow, that ending was not good. the most evil sister deserves to be punished for making Mama's life a miserable and living hell. in the end the writer try to clean up her image... wth???

Erin Just a public notice, Aurora ends with episode 150!

zzz i think people who like this show are girls. i can understand, because its a very cheesy chic-flic in Korean drama form. on the other hand my Mom who is Korean said this is one of the worst dramas she's ever seen. i kinda agree with her. also this drama pulls out so many un-needed dramatic moments out of no-where... just for the sake of ratings. i myself watch this mainly for the shitz & giggles.

it will be interesting how they tie up the loose ends in the final few episodes... in this other review-show about korean dramas, they showed a clip of Natasha getting married to the guy... did they scrap that storyline???

Dawn @Jan, @Jamse, I am finished episode 127 last was not the greatest episode but still some tear jerking moments in there. @Jamse, I kinda felt that way to when Yeo-Ok died so suddenly...that in order for Suelhee to live people are gonna have to die, and he will experience a miracle healing. I also felt like Aurora's momma was gonna be next, only because her parts started to became camera appearances real reason for her to be around. Actually, it was a toss up, I felt that either Aurora's mother was gonna die or it was gonna be MaMa's oldest sister seeing as how she caught that dizzy spell so suddenly. (We had said earlier, I mean several, several, several post ago that we wouldn't state the episodes or give spoilers but some commenters are coming in after that, we kinda have to deal with it.)

I haven't seen@Mattie on in the last few comments, hope all is well with Mattie.....but, back to the subject....last night I completed episode 127 and it was emotional but not like the past episodes...don't get me wrong, I shed tears but not lilke l have in the last few episodes.

If Jeon So-Min (Aurora) isn't nominated for an award for this show....somebody in the awards committee is stupid, because she acted her butt of when the mom passed away...that episode had me on the floor crying my heart out like it was my momma. And, Seo Ha-Jun, they need to just give him best newcomer, best rookie, best everythang award when the start handing them out....because, if he looks any weaker and sensitive and selfless than he was in last nights episode....omo, omo, omo!!!!

On a side note....I think Seo Ha-Jun should turn into an Asian Brad know how Brad Pitt started out in television dramas and rocked to Big Screen stardom.....yeah, I believe Seo Ha-Jun has the talent for it.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to tonights episode...I think they need to play 2 episodes back to back where I am because Friday is fast approaching and where I'm at, this show is not ending until sometime January 2014.

Jan I think every comment should begin with the episode number so we can decide to read it or not. I was disheartened to read that Mama died, as I am only up to #126. I would have preferred to let the drama unfold at my pace. I have invested so much time in this drama, please people, be sensible with your comments by starting with the episode number.

Jamse Dawn, Hunk died so that . . . Seulhee could live. Not kidding. This writer is mondo weird,

. . . but it will be very interesting to see what happens in the last few episodes with MaMa now gone (as many posters have already communicated, yes, it's true and it's the fault of the person(s) everyone would guess it would be).  My guess is that Shimong will probably hire a hit man to off Aurora or something.

zzz its just a guess... but with Mama dead, i think Aurora will also wind up dead around the last episode... Aurora, Mama and the doggy will finally be together in the afterlife without the sisters sabotaging everything

Dawn @yza, I hate to hear that...but I haven't reached that episode yet. I'm not gonna be upset by it...but I would have love to have been surprised.

Anyways, it's not going to stop me from watching because....I am enjoying this drama no matter what. Plus I'm recording each episode so I can re-watch it later. @Hunk, why the hell did they kill off Hunk???? Is the writer of this drama just death crazy!!! Something must be going on in the writers don't solve all problems by killing everyone and everything the whole point going to be in order for Aurora to be happy with Seolhee...everything and everyone around her has to she can realize how blessed she was.

Hold all don't mean MaMa, maybe you mean Seolhee dies, because he is the one that's sick right now on the episodes I am watching. Oh forget it, imma have to watch it all for myself....series should end next week by my t.v. station air time.

I can't wait for tonights episode!!!

Hunk Hunk is so happy. Hunk has a friend to play with in heaven now. Thank you. Ms. Writer!! Woof Woof...

yza it's true, Hwang Mama died at episode 147

Dawn @Banillas, where exactly did you read that nonsense you posted...because if that's the case, there is no point in any of us that are still watching this drama to continue!!! Right, so stop helping the writer in the castkills, okay!!!!

Now, last nights episode was truly a shocker in the fact because I just wasn't prepared for the lastest character to exit like that, and it really made the tears pour out last night. I was glad to see that Seulhee was right there by Aurora's side...and I told you guys in couple of comments back that Seulhee was living in the same apartment complex as Aurora's friend and they have no idea how close they are to each other. Of course, MaMa showing up to see what he saw, we can all guess where his mind went to when he saw that at the hospital....I was like omo, omo, omo.....

On a positive note, it looks like Jiyoung is about to fall hard in love....I believe she's finally gonna get her forever's good to see her character redeem herself after the unfortunate passing of her mother...seems she's mellowed out a bit....which is really good. I like how she has a better relationship with Daji, someone she didn't even like in the beginning and how Daji is supportive of her. And of course, how Daji and Jiyoung poke fun of's really sweet and it lightens up the mood of the show.

Overall, I was saddened by last nights episode, and yet intrigues as to which way the writer will bring this drama to a finale....can't wait for tonights episode....hope everyone else is still hanging in there to the end.

Controversies aside, I do hope the remaining actors and actressess, cast and crew hang in there and bring the viewers successfully to the end....FIGHTING!!!

banillas woowww i cannot believe that hwang mama dies too!! i swear sooo many people have died, like the auroras mum and dad, jiyoungs mum, the dog and even hwang mama! it's like the writer's death note or something!! also that so many people have left the show so suddenly like the auroras brothers and wifes this drama is so screwed up!! :\


Now I don't want to get to excited because, MaMa got a long road to getting his Aurora was fitting that Aurora called up Seulhee....that part was predictable. Predictable in the fact that when a woman's feed up, she usually falls back on the one who she really should have been with....I hate this part, because we all know that she will only be using Seulhee like she did before. I don't see a recovery happening for Seulhee....I could be wrong, but I do see Seulhee getting his wish to live with Aurora for just a few months....omo, omo, omo!!!!

Seulhee, it would be sooooo TERRIFIC if you wouldn't die...even sick this man is so charming. I love how he doesn't won't his parents to suffer, but he really needs to find the courage to tell them about his the parents can stop trying to force marriages off on him.

On a lighter side, I'm glad that Jiyoung is getting closer to her brother Sa-Kong and sister-in-law Daji...I believe the lose of their mother has grown her up fast, and she's gonna come out on top...I'm feeling compassionate towards her. Now, if we could only find her a lifetime match before the show ends....oh, writers, we are not gonna leave you alone about bringing back NaTasha/Natassia...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!

Jamse Mattie, I like your system, I'll do the same thing if I post what happens in an ep now, thanks

Dawn @Mattie @Everyone, how about we don't list the episode numbers anymore in our comments, since it is causing an issue for some that are also commenting on this site....we don't want to SPOIL it for anyone that may be behind us due to programming times for different regions, countries, etc...and of course because we don't know how everyone is able to watch the show (i.e. via television or internet)...will that make everyone happy!!!!!

Sooooooooooooo....@Mattie, last nights episode was absolutely fantastic!!!! I loved the re-cap of Aurora leaving her in-laws and stopping but not turning back because one of the sisters fainted away at her shocking act before exiting the house!!!! I was cheering for it, I even ran around my living room with joy!!! That's bad, I know for some that I would be so happy....but MaMa had it coming and so did the sisters....WAY TO GO AURORA!!!!

Poor poor, poor, poor Seulhee...look WRITER gods, I think we can agree the viewers are not going to be able to hold on with the way the storyline is going here with Seulhee...the emotional grief, it's overwhelming. I went from cheering to as soon as the character Seulhee's part comes up I'm crying. THIS IS TOO MUCH, CAN WE GET A BREAK ALREADY!!!! THIS HIT AND MISS BETWEEN HIM AND AURORA IS DRIVING ME INSANE (NOT LITERALLY!!!! ha!)

Okay, I might make some of you upset but I think Aurora's friend who shis is staying with is in the same apartment complex that Seulhee has just leased a room.....somebody agree with me....I'm thinking they are living side by side and don't know it yet!!!! This is gonna be so amazingly good, if my thought is right!!!! I also like the other developments or the way the storyline is going cause I told ya'll a few comments back Aurora was gonna separate from MaMa....I'm still iffy on any divorce happening....

Anyways, that's all for now....@Mattie, so looking forward to tonights episode!!!!

Mattie @Jamse and @Sinamon. And I thought that by putting the Episode number at the front (last example: Episode 122: ) that one could figure out that if they were at Episode 112 or Episode 113 that an Episode 122 comment was going to be a spoiler if they read it. But, I am open to change and I am now going to put "Episode 122 - Spoiler Alert! " at the front if I am going to write about that particular episode. I hope this helps Sinamon to come back to the drama although I would have thought that the earlier comment by @Jamse and @Hunk about Hunk would have driven him out then. Anyway thanks Jamse and Sinamon for the heads up.

Sinamon Dude, Mattie, it's on episode 113 where I am and you just spoiled episode 122. Really? Please indicate with before doing episode summaries. Now that I know what happens a to Hunk, I am out of this drama.

Jamse Mattie, just going to point out something for you. You've lectured a couple of people about revealing spoilers (even though I for example have identified them as such in advance) from episodes that you haven't seen while you post detailed recaps of the eps that you have seen. Did you know that where I am in the US MBC TV is only up to ep 112? I may, as you accuse, have access to later episodes on the internet, but others don't. You might want to start labeling your own posts as spoilers when you submit them. And I am NOT "aka Hunk".

Mattie Episode 122: The two sisters just took it too far. They messed with Hunk. Really? take Hunk to an animal hotel? A nice close up of MaMa getting smacked by Aurora. (But, why not follow through with a martial arts kick to his groin?). And poor Shimong. Looks like a trip back to the hospital. A very satisfying ending to this episode. All while Mi-mong provides a warm home for her new family of four. Funny: the director just trying to get a good meal.

Mattie I have loved Baek Ok-Dam (aka Daji) since the first scene in the first episode of "New Tales of Giseang" (another brilliant drama by the writer, Im Sung-Han). She does a great dance to the song "Woolly Bully". You can see it on youtube by searching New Tales of Gisaeng ep1 eng sub. Put on the headphones and turn up the volume.

MadRantings In addition to my former insane rambling, I'd like to add to my little fantasy: after Shimong's demise, Aurora overhears the doctor telling Mama that Shimong might have pulled through, if not for her undiagnosed liver disease dragging her recovery down, which she caused by eating meat at every meal. I don't even care for Aurora's character that much (too wishy-washy) but I like her enough to develop these devious dreams. Also, who'd have thought Daji would turn out to be the great, totally likable heroine of this drama? This is probably the soapiest of all k-dramas I've seen, I love to hate it, but I can't stop watching.

Mattie @Dawn and @MadRantings. Damn, I was on my way to bed when I read your comments below. I will keep it short and get back to you later. @Dawn, the scene you described below was for me Ep.121. It began with Aurora coming into the living room with a bottle (I wonder what she was drinking, expensive stuff). So, I grabbed a bottle of wine and joined in with her although I did not drink myself into oblivion like she did. She though had the right to do so because how could one live in that situation without something strong. This was a high powered breakdown for her and I have to agree with MadRantings that Shimong (and her enabling sister) deserves a tragic end. Aurora, why wait to leave that hell hole of a house? Oh well, there is more to come (29 more episodes to be exact) and this drama is packed with interesting surprises. And, what was the chilling scream at the end?

MadRantings I have never wanted a character in a k-drama to be killed off more than Shimong. We are only on Ep 110 or so over here, but I'm hoping she reconciles with Haegi and is super happy driving her car over to see him then gets CREAMED by someone running a red light. After, she is all bandaged up in a coma for awhile before expiring. Fitting, to go like Aurora's dad, and Aurora could gloat evilly over her corpse. Meanwhile, Jamong becomes smitten with Natasha, not realizing his persuasion, later he chews her out about all her shortcomings once she confesses her feelings, and her heart is crushed because of it. Seulhee dies for being an interloper.

A Happy Ending.

Dawn Alright, I watched Ep 122, I believe it was last night. What a tragic mess, they have drove my poor Aurora to drink. I was really pissed off, for lack of a better term...this poor girl. She was right when she said she "stabbed her ownself in the back" I hate this so much for her. Then to not have any support from your own damn husband....REALLY!!!! Well that is a reality to, when you mess around and marry a momma's boy, well in her cause a sissie boy! @Mattie, it's the holiday season, do I too am in the forgiving mood...I feel horrible for Jiyoung, I can really feel her grief...I really want her to find her way through it and be happy. We know it's not going to be with Seulhee, but I hope she can find happiness soon. I really wish MaMa would man up and trust in his wife, and see that if they are gonna stay married, living with his sisters is a hazard not a help. And to expect Aurora to endure that crap for 3 years, really....with a promise to be good to her....whatever. Deep down he knows his sisters are up to something, but he said himself that he would have to side with his sisters over his wife, if there was ever a disagreement...even knowing his wife is right....that's the part that sucks!!! MaMa your are losing!!! I do not feel like forgiving him@Mattie, sorry!!!!

It was good to see that Aurora was thinking about Seulhee, and that Seulhee was off thinking about her too. I hope these two feelings can reach each other. I really don't like Aurora with MaMa, I never did. MaMa is spoiled, and his sisters are really selfish. His oldest sister covets him...wouldn't it be something if MaMa was the one who died because of her selfishness over him. MaMa and his sisters do not have a healthy relationship with each other. Aurora, is about to dump MaMa on his ass....I can see her leaving. Even if it doesn't workout in away of her and Seulhee being together, I believe its gonna be some separating from MaMa real soon.

@Mattie, thanks for the information yet again. We keep begging for them to bring back Natassia, maybe he will comeback to help MaMa get his act together, since they crossed paths at the Temple....that would be a good one.

Anyways, I was really upset about Aurora, drinking til she was drunk and crying the way she did...poor, poor, poor girl. I know we aren't suppose to wish death on anyone, but Shimong needs to wake up and see herself asleep, or be in attendance at a funeral that turns out to be her very that would be a good write-off. I mean the actress herself is on Bel-Ami now, so lets just go ahead and write her off. And the younger sister Jimong is on Golden Rainbow, so writing her off would be fine as well....don't really know how but we can writer her off now.

Oh well, still looking forward to this weeks episodes....

Mattie Episodes 119 & 120. Excellent! The death of Wang Yeo-Ok was beautiful drama. Not seeing herself in the bathroom mirror. Then, seeing herself in bed and then disappearing to the next world! There are Korean dramas that deal with ghosts, gumihos and shamans, etc. but this was one of the best scenes that I have ever witnessed. Her daughter Ji-Young is of course devastated by her mom's death and is taken in by Hwang Mi-Mong. Aurora continues to try to convince Ma-Ma of his sister's evil treatment of her (and she even says 'divorce") but he just asks her to keep trying for oh say about 2-3 more years. Just 2-3 more year of psychological torture at the hands of his two sisters. I must say that Kim Bo-Yeon is great as an evil character which speaks to her talent as an actress. And the scene of Joo-Yeon sitting across from Seulhee's mother and knowing that Seulhee is dying but cannot tell his mom, aigoo, aigoo. And, when I think that episode 120 was originally suppose to be the last episode of this drama until it was expanded to 150 episodes - well ,all I can say is that I am just so freaking happy that this will continue.

Jamese Mattie: Clue. When it says "spoilers", don't read it if you don't want to know.

Mattie High ratings continue for "Princess Aurora"!

Despite the so called "netizens" attempt to attack this drama via an "online petition" and with some help from biased "journalists" the ratings keep going strong (in fact the netizens may have even helped in attracting more attention to this drama!). Personally, I dislike any attempt to censor art or politics by a mob. No matter if the mob is on the street or on the internet. It just reeks of group censorship and bullying and I prize individual rights and creativity.

When I first started watching "Princess Aurora" I never paid any attention at all to it's ratings and watched it because I liked this writer for her past work. Now, I know that some here do not like this drama (just see some of the comments below). But, I do not like all dramas that I begin to watch. I give each drama a few episodes and if they do not click with me I move on. I end up watching about 4-5 or more K-Dramas a week and drop out of about the same amount. I mean I cannot watch everything on my Korean cable channels (I really wish that I could). As of this writing I am watching: "Marry Him If You Dare" (KBS), "Wang's Family" (KBS), "The Suspicious Housekeeper" (SBS), "Ten 2" (OCN/Mnet), "A Little Love Never Hurts" (MBC), King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (MBC) and of course, "Princess Aurora" (MBC), my favorite of all.

So, how is Princess Aurora doing in the ratings?

Here is an excerpt from a recent article titled "Princess Aurora' High Ratings Despite Scandal" posted on the KDrama Stars website, Dec. 05, 2013, 08:38 EST: "According to Neilsen Korea, a ratings company on December 5th, on the MBC drama "Princess Aurora" (script Lim Sung Han, director Kim Jung Ho, Jang Joon Ho) broadcast on December 4rd, the national ratings were at 19.5%. This is 0.5% lower than the past episode that rated 20.0% and was in first place."


Mattie @Jamse (aka Hunk?). I mean c'mon. Why would you want to spoil it for others here? Do you think that you are the only one who can use the internet to find future (although current in Korea) material on Korean dramas? Sigh.

When @shizuko (below) sent out a spoiler it was for a good reason to help another commenter who was upset. And @shizuko had the integrity to apologize.

Hunk NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Why me!!!!!! Oh well, all dogs go to heaven!

Who's next? Daji? Natasha? Anna?

Jamse Oh C'mon (spoilers)

Not Hunk too, I mean, really?

Mattie @ Dawn, I was waiting for your next comment. Episodes 116 & 117. Dawn - the wedding of Daji and Sa-Kong was the best wedding that I have ever seen in a Korean drama (and I have watched over 300 K-dramas!). It was so sweet and I loved the way the drama took you back through Daji's past leading up to her wedding. I still have the wedding episode recorded and plan to watch it all over again. Sa-Kong and Daji were so happy. Did Daji look beautiful or what?

I like the way this drama shows both the positive, beautiful sides of life while also showing the sad and tragic sides. I felt stunned when seeing Seulhee having to deal with his illness at such a young vital age. And, I do not blame Ji-Young for having a hard time dealing with this. She was looking forward to her wedding and trying hard to get Seulhee to show her a bit of affection. I know that she has been a pain in this drama but I am in the mood for forgiving.

I really like the scene in Ep 117 when the mothers of Daji and Sa-Kong meet at the club to drink, talk, sing and forgive. I knew that Yeo-Ok really loved Daji (maybe more than her own daughter) and she was very sorry for overreacting and hurting Daji. And, did you love when Mi-Mong told Yeo-Ok that Daji and Sa-Kong will come to live with her in one month not six. I think the Yeo-Ok grew up in a much tougher life than she now lives.

Funny: Aurora makes thin, wheat pancakes and MaMa and Ja-Mong like them very much to the anger of Shi-Mong. Next episode, Shi-Mong makes the same type of pancakes and Ja-Mong and MaMa make faces and tell Shi-Mong that hers are not as good as Aurora's pancakes. Shi-mong is livid. LOL. These little events are so great.

It is funny how Natasha has made such a positive impact on viewers. When he first appeared I was not sure about him. But, before the first episode was over with him in it, I was very impressed by his character and looked forward to seeing more of him. Yeo-Ok and Ji-Young used to make fun of him and then when he left they missed him and his cooking. I see that this is his first drama and I am sure we will see him again in this one and in future dramas.

And if @Jan is tuning in…when we had the problem of a missing English subs on Ep.112, I sent off an email to MBC telling them about the problem and MBC responded! Here is the text of their email: "Yours wasn't the first email regarding the missing subtitles of episode 112. We're looking into it, and we believe it hasn't happened since. We'll certainly do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again." I received this email about 4 days after I sent my email. I like that mine was not the first email that they received. It shows others are out there watching along and want their English subs too! MBC was great to respond in such a positive and responsible way.

I also want to give props to AsianWiki. It is nice that they are expanding the information on this drama. I am impressed by their additions of actors/actresses that are so new they do not have a drama resumé. Also, AsianWiki set up links to the screenwriter and directors. This drama showed the making of a drama and the hard work that goes into it.

Dawn, there is a lot more episodes and you are right about needing the kleenex. My emotions go up with some scenes and down with others. An emotional roller coaster every episode these days. But, damn, I look forward to the next episode (118 tonight!) and rue the day when this drama ends. I am watching about 3-4 other dramas while watching this one and this by far is my favorite.

The veteran actors in this drama are great but the newbies: Jeon So-min (Aurora), Oh Chang-Suk (MaMa), Kim Jung-do (Sa-Kong), Jung Joo-Yeon (Ji-Young), Baek Ok-Dam (Da-ji), Song Won-Geun (Natassia) and Seo Ha-Jun (Seol-Hee) are shining through here.

Dawn @Mattie, thank you for responding to me and all the others who post on this site, under this drama. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving....well, you are right it is the holiday season and maybe the writers will take pity on me and all the other viewers of this drama. I'm sure this show is completed in it's filming because as you said, the episodes I am watching are different from where alot of other viewers are at in whatever country and/or channel they are viewing it on. Last night as I watched don't know what episode...Seulhee tell Jiyoung about his condition, I felt my chest get a little bit lighter, as if the writers have been listening to the viewers and have started down a direction that makes a little bit of sense. Still to early to say were this will all end, but I hope it's not a tragic and tear jerking death of Seulhee's's my hope. I'm glued to my television at 9:30p.m. everyday to see the new I am sure others around the world who are watching this show are whenever a new episode airs. On a positive note, I'm glad Seulhee let his parents know that he is still thinking of Aurora and in love with her on their family outting, but it's gonna be awful when he tells them he is sick and possibly dying...that's gonna be the episode...i've got a fresh box of kleenex for it!!! Seriouosly! I don't know about the petitions or controversies...but, whatever, they've got to put that aside and keep writing, keep the actors and actresses happy until this time comes to an end....they've got to get this ship to the dock!!!!

I too am among the many who hope the bring Natasha back...I loved the character Natasha as much as I love the character Seulhee....find somekind of reason, I think all viewers can agree on that. I also like and appreciate that the other character links have been created and added...and I've left comments on most of them today.

Well, until I have something else to say....

Mattie Aigoo, aigoo. I just discovered the link to the actor, Seo Ha-Jun who played the god of managers, Seol Seol-Hee. Seo Ha-Jun you have made your way into all of our hearts with your portrayal of "Seolhee", the only true love of Aurora. Thank you for taking this role and good luck to you in the future. I am sure all of Aurora's audience will be watching for your next drama.

Mattie @AsianWiki. I just noticed that your staff added more actors to the Cast list above. Thank you very much! It is so nice to see Baek Ok-dam (as Da-ji) and Song Won-Geun (as Natasha) given credit for their great work in this drama. Also, I see that you have added links to the screenwriter and directors. Again, thank you so much for your work on this site.

Anti-Mama Why are people still watching this drama! I just hope Seul and Aurora (slut) to get together, despite the trend of the drama after Aurora and Mana's marriage. And i want Natasha to come back... maybe get into a relationship with Mama while at it haha. This drama sucks lol

Mattie @Dawn, Hi. I do not know if you will get everything you want but it is Thanksgiving and Christmas season! I do not know how to reach the writer except to write a letter to MBC in Korea and have them forward it. Keep in mind that this drama in Korea is up to about Episode 135. The episode you were describing below was Episode 115 and the Seulhee scenes were very sad. One scene that stands out for me was when he was leaving the hospital and a mother with a sick, masked child were entering. On the positive side was the scene between Daji and her future mother-in-law Yeo-Ok. It was nice to see them work through their problems and make amends. Daji says it will only take her 6 months to return to Yeo-ok and Seulee was given 6 months to live. Drama. Good dramas have us empathize with the characters and their situation. This one is good at that.

Mattie @Paul, thanks for the heads up "Love Rides the Song" (aka "Melody of Love" on this AsianWiki site). This drama will follow "A Tale of Two Sisters" which should end soon on my KBS cable channel. I like the actress, Hwang Sun-Hee that I have seen in 3 other dramas. She plays a great evil person ("Master's Sun" (murdered her twin sister) and "Sign" (scary murderer). But, she played a nice person in "TV Novel: Love, My Love". Beautiful and talented actress.

Paul @Mattie and u know that program wont make things up for themself , right?l after 15year they wouldn't ruin their reputation for a weak drama like this.the petition isnt only about bad plot's about writer payment as well! i dont know about ur ratio but as a viewer when i see almost half of the cast disappeared for some stupid reasons i would give zero to that drama ! anyway i stopped watching this drama long time ago so i better go back and watch my "Love Rides the Song" . BTW that news is on social networks ,news and everywhere is about dramas and such stuff..u probably can search online for them if u like! ;)

Mattie @Paul..why would MBC want to stop showing a drama that is doing well in the ratings (18.9 for ep.126 !) ? And, you know that KBS is a competitor of MBC right? KBS, SBS and MBC are like ABC, CBS and NBC here in U.S. Not that I am saying the KBS would deliberately pan an MBC show, noooo. I do look forward to seeing the Entertainment Weekly show that you mention since I do watch it regularly.

Anyway, Hancinema on 11/27/26 reports in piece titled, "Gallup finds favorite show": "(Korea Gallup) survey differs from ratings because "it shows what programs people prefer to watch based on their personal emotions, regardless of air time, where they watch or what channels they usually watch…in the most recent survey, MBC also had the No. 2 result: the drama "Princess Aurora"…and tvN's drama "Answer Me 1994" came in third".

And, KdramaStars on 11/27/13 wrote: "The second all time favorite TV show and the first all time favorite drama of Koreans was MBC everyday drama "Aurora Princess." Although there are still controversies on the casted actors and actresses' sudden resignations from the drama, and their controversial lines, the unpredictable storyline and special settings of the drama is amassing high attention from women who are 60 years old or older (17%), and housewives (13%)".

It does appear that the drama will continue to 150 episodes plus 5 more. Again Hancinema on 11/21/13, "Broadcaster MBC's daily soap opera "Princess Aurora" has has scrapped plans to add 25 more episodes on top of the 150 that had previously been decided. However, it will add five episodes - just enough to extend the series by a week, taking it through the holiday season to the end of the year.

It is fine by me (since I do not see this drama as a disaster) for MBC to add 25 or even 50 more episodes. The more the better. Personally I like all the "controversies" mentioned above since it makes it all the more interesting. And, I am not a woman 60 years or older nor a housewife but I would love to talk to those viewers while drinking soju, eating kimchi stew and watching the latest episode of "Princess Aurora". Heaven.

Kamsahamnida (thank you) to MBC and all of those working so hard on this riveting drama.

Paul lol i just saw in KBS2 "entertainment weekly" the petition for stopping this disaster drama got over 30.000 sign already! but the broadcaster thinking to add 50more ep to it! Rofl

shizuko MM, You are abusolutely right!! I am sorry.

Dawn Friday's episode (11/29/2013), I don't even know what number....but in this one, Seulhee is diagnoised with Non-Hodgkins disease. I don't know what the writers are thinking about....WRITERS, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO US!!!! I could not have cried more, when I watched that episode and the doctors told Seulhee that....REALLY!!!! This is some bullcorn!

If you all can't tell, I'm very upset!!!!

@Mattie, where can I get in touch with the writers??? Somebody has got to plead with them to stop this stupid stuff.

I can't wait to see what happens tonight 12/02/2013. If this show doesn't hurry up and turnaround, to a positive yet unexpected direction....meaning Seulhee is placed with Aurora and MaMa is off writing a book somewhere and Natasha is returned to the show as Seulhee's family chef (something)....the Director and Yeo-Ok get together and fly off to direct movies in parts unknown, Jiyoung goes back to being a reporter and drinking (cause being an actresses doesn't suit her), Daji gets married and has a baby with Sa-Kong (thank the writers for keeping him straight). The evil ass sisters never get married and are vanished off to France, except the Middle sister who finds love and marries and live happily with Daji, Sa-Kong and the grandchildren. Aurora, gets re-married to Seulhee after he recovers from this illness (Writer gods, please!!!) and they have a baby that looks like Seulhee.

Well, I don't have anything else, cause this show is driving me nuts!!!!

Diane This drama frustrates me. I don't think I can watch anymore

Mattie @Dawn and @Jan, Episodes 112 & 113.

I just watched ep.113 and as Jan said it was frustrating. It was great how the writer showed the 2 evil sisters treating Aurora terribly at home and then went to visit Daji and treated her so nicely and and described exactly how they had just treated Aurora. I think that the writer is showing the hypocrisy of the situation for a lot women in Korea. I never have lived or visited Korea but Korean drama is like any drama or art in all cultures. It shows the viewer the problems that face its particular society at that moment.

Here, Aurora is somewhat restricted by Korean traditions. She moved into her husband's house and her sister-in-laws are older then her. So, she is trying as best she can to be a good wife, respectful of her husband's sisters who are also her elders. As i have seen in other Korean dramas the husband's family can be very cruel to the husband's wife and consider their cruelness as part of her training. The relationship can also be a good one for the new wife. Seulhee's parents showed how welcoming and respectful a husband's family can be. Aurora's situation is so extremely dire and is a good example of the stress it can cause and the options available for a young woman in modern Korea. Without the support of her family (father dead, brothers gone and a older mother who is at this moment unaware and trusting of her son-in-law MaMa) she is alone and is going to have to find it in herself to escape her private hell. Also, I never see her with any true, strong friends to lean on.

Personally I would have walked out in Episode 112 and never looked back. This drama pulls me in on a very visceral level. Tonight I felt physically ill in empathy for Aurora. And I felt this way both in Aurora's husband's home and when the 2 sisters visited Daji and acted all funny and light while they left a train wreck at their home. I was so glad that Aurora left her cell phones and visited her mom. You can see that only with her mom (the only family she has right now) that she feels at ease and can vent her feelings. So funny how she described her two sister-in-laws to her mother "don't tell MaMa what I said". I think we are witnessing Aurora finding that " backbone" and giving her tormentors the boot. Fighting Aurora!

Jan @Mattie. Frustrating wasn't it? I just watched episode 113 and it had the English subs. I wish the character Aurora kept her independent attitude. Why did the writers take away her strength and make her a doormat for her sis-in/laws. I would go running to my husband immediately. I hate weak women who give permission to be abused. I think most writers of k-dramas dislike women. Showing respect is one thing. But communicate with your spouse and stand up to anyone who belittles you. I'm watching and waiting for Aurora to get a backbone already.

Mattie @Jan, Ep.112 began here where I live at 1:50 pm (you can never go by the time given. It is always either earlier or later than the stated time). Unfortunately, there were no English subtitles this time around either. Sigh. Oh well, I only hope that there are English subtitles on tonight's episode 113. If not then I am going to have to find a way to voice my anger at MBC America/KBN. Are they taking us English speakers for granted? :)

Mattie Episode 112. The same happened to me last night! I was not pleased. If you have the same situation as me you maybe able to catch a replay today. On my cable service it is rebroadcasted at about 1:30pm today. Check your cable schedule. In the past other K-Dramas have had the same problem. Usually is it just for one episode. The tv station must have received the episode without the subs and somtimes are able to get the expected subs later. Cross your fingers that the one broadcasted today is a good one. One thing happened last night was that I was able to watch ep112 without the subs and get an idea of what was happening. I could see #1 evil sister going on and on attacking Aurora and see the Aurora's reaction. And, Aurora going to a quiet park and thinking about her future in this household. The funny scene was between Ji-young and Seulhee. Ji-young trying to get Seulhee drunk and hold her hand. LOL. Also, there is a website that supplies brief summing ups of each episodes with photos!. Just search princess aurora episode 112 reviews and you should find it. Good to know about this site for future sub problems and trips down memory lane. Good luck.

Diane This is a long shot but I'm going to ask anyway. Does anyone know the song Natasha was singing (at the karaoke) after he realizes his boyfriend is seeing someone else? It's such a beautiful song. If anyone knows the artist that sings it and the title of the song I would appreciate it. And I also hope Natasha comes back. And Aurora breaks up with mama and hooks up with solhee!

Dawn @Mattie, last nights episode, nearly drove me nuts!!! For the life of me, I don't know why Aurora, is holding her feelings in and crying...this is the stuff you need to share with your husband...which she tried to do over a private dinner but MaMa is stupid.

Aurora, if she stays with him, she isn't gonna be able to convience him of how evil his sisters are...she's got to get him to walk in on them when they are ripping her apart, or have a recording of it....this is the only way, and if he refuses to listen after that...she need to put her hand on her hip and be like....i didn't marry you to have to take this off your sisters, you wanted me, so you better act like w/your sisters or I out....I KNOW THAT CAN'T SAY THAT ON KOREAN TELEVISION...OR CAN THEY???

Anyways, I noticed something else in last nights episode....Seulhee, doesn't open doors or express any kind of made up emotions for Jiyoung....she should realize, he doesn't want her and is only doing this because of his parents. Is she dumb or just plain greedy...a marriage cannot survive without love in the heart, in the mind and in the physical...Jiyoung, get a grip this marriage off yourself before it's to late.

@Mattie, I love the Sa-Kong and Daji, really makes my face light up with a smile, when I see them. I think Sa-Kong, so far is handling his situation with his mother like a grown man....I like that, most of all. I don't care what culture/race/ethnicity, fundamentally all women what their man to not be a momma's boy and show the world that he will "put the smackdown on Jesus himself" if he ever crossed his woman/wife....(Lord, I apologize for the smackdown comment!!!! )

@Mattie, I think I'm on Ep. ended w/another issue in the kitchen w/Shimong and Aurora, and I believe tonight Aurora might put her hands on Shimong....remember Aurora knows kickboxing or some kind of martial arts (remember when she beat Jimong Something big is gonna happen tonight....can't wait!

Oh yeah, why is it that Aurora's mother is just sitting back reading a book everytime the drop in on momma would never let me get married and go off to in-laws and not stop in and see how things are going....Aurora's momma, get up off you sofa, put that damn book down and go surprise your daughter and her can't be that loose in the head to think they are treating Aurora well, after they ran up in your house and told you, you were a bad mother and didn't raise Aurora right....come on now!!!!!

Mattie @Dawn, what hit me after reading your latest comment is your idea of the 3 brothers of Aurora returning. No doubt that Aurora has suffered a lot more without them around to protect her from the 2 evil sisters: Shemong and Jamong. I just watched ep.111 and there was a major blowup after Aurora accidentally overheard the 2 saying their true feelings about her (enemy, idiot, hate even watching her eat, etc.). The verbal fight between actresses Jeon So-Min (Aurora) and Kim Bo-Yeon (Hwang Shi-Mong) was intense. Both were so good at going back and forth. This is my first time watching Jeon So-Min act and she has been great is her first big role. I have seen Kim Bo-Yeon in at least two other dramas playing a good person and a bad person. She is a very talented actress in playing both roles.

I am really liking the relationship between Park Sa-Kong and Daji (Baek Ok-Dam). It reminds me of the past relationship between Seulhee and Aurora. Sa-Kong is so nice to Daji when they are out together talking about their future. And, Sa-Kong is very direct with his mother and sister as to how his relationship with Daji will proceed to their marriage on his terms. Refreshing. And, it is so funny that his mom, Wang Yeo-Ok, is looking desperately to find Natasha and talk to him.

So Dawn, I am all for any development that will have Aurora leaving MaMa's house of cruelty and returning to Seulhee. And right now he is so unaware of what is wife is going through.

Dawn @Mattie, we are all hoping they bring Natasha back, and you are probably right about them doing it when Sa-Kong gets married....maybe they can work it so that, he comes back before the wedding and meets the Aunt Jimong, and somehow her and Natasha make a connection not known to either Daji or Sa-Kong....hummmm!

@Mattie and you think the shows writers and the actors ever read this would be crazy cool, if they did.

You know what they need to do, and I'm serious...MaMa's sisters will never get married if they don't bring in other male characters....I mean there is no one that is showing interest in the sisters. There was the Director dude for the older sister, but what about the middle sister and the younger sister.....there has to be some character development around them. What would be even more AWESOME, Aurora's brothers show back up and put an end to them making Aurora miserable. Remember, they love their baby the writers need to bring the brothers back....all three of them.

Why bring the brothers back, because they could make MaMa miserable, since his sisters are making Aurora miserable....then nobody wins....they will have no choice but to divorce and then Aurora goes back to Seulhee.....@Mattie, what do you think?

Mattie @Jamie...when I saw Natasha (played by actor, Song Won Geun) at the temple when MaMa was at the temple I thought maybe these two might hook up. I hope Natasha returns too. Maybe when Sa-Kong marries Daji (played by actress, Baek Ok-Dam).

Jamie bring Natasha back. I don't care who he hooks ups with but he was a very interesting character. We saw him at the temple but now what?

Dawn Okay, here is my question....why are you making Seulhee sick (writers, please for goodness sake...give the viewers a BREAK!!!!)???? He is one of the best things on the show. I mean, I know you've got to find away to bring this drama to an in Asian entertainment, shows aren't suppose to last longer that 3 maybe 4 months (I don't know why....can you explain the logic). Seulhee, deserves to have the girl...I know what the advertisement/poster make up says, but Aurora is more suited for Seulhee than MaMa. WRITERS, HAVE A HEART AND DO SOMETHING UNCONVENTIONAL....BREAK W/TRADITION AND KILL MAMA OFF....and PUT AURORA WITH SEULHEE!!!!!!

On an side note, Jiyoung, needs to meet her equal...she does not deserve to have a charmed life...she's such an evil person (THAT COMMENT IS DIRECTED TOWARD THE CHARACTER, NOT THE ACTUAL ACTRESS...she's probably a lovely person is true life....but her CHARACTER SUCKS!!!!) The way she treats her brother, HORRIBLE!! And the mom Yeo-Ok, can someone on the writing staff work harder to get this woman a man....anyone, I don't care if it's the Director or someone else...she needs a life REAL BAD!!!

That goes for MAMA's oldest sister and youngest sister too!!! FIND A MAN WHOSE IS WILLING TO PUT UP WITH THESE TWO....AND GIVE THEM A BIT OF MISERY!

Sorry for the passion, but this show has be mad some days at the end.....

An American Fan!!!

Mattie To @Cecelia: There is another website that is playing episodes with english subs but the subs are not translated very well. I think the site is up to ep.84 now. If you are cable subscriber you can ask if it has korean channels available. When Princess Aurora ends you should be able to find the full show with english subs. Others here may have more info to share. Good luck on your quest. I hope you can watch this drama and share your comments.


To @Dawn. LOL. great comment. I too hope that Aurora and Seulhee reconnect. Their best days were when she pursued an acting career (making her less of a princess and more of a real human) and Seulhee became her manager. Ahhh, those were the good old days.

Dawn This is some ole bullcrap....the way MaMa sisters are treating Aurora, when she did them a favor and when and dragged his ass back home from the Temple where he swore to become a monk...what a laugh. MaMa will forever be a crybaby...he is the one that need to grow a pair. But Aurora brother told her what would happen, so she made her own bed. Part of me feels sorry for her and part of me doesn't. Deep down Aurora is wishing she would have given the manager a shot, at least Seul would do anything for her, had no evill ass sisters and his parents adored her. Aurora you stupid!

On a side not (don't kill me guys...but) I glad Aurora lost the baby, maybe the writers will come to their senses and put Seulhee and Aurora back together....and that's real like. As much as I hated Aurora for making women all over the world look stupid for running back to MaMa...her is your chance to leave and get with the better man Seulhee.

MaMa older sister needs to be vanished off to marry an evil dude whose mom is worse than her and she has no way to get the Director dude...who slaves her ass over a stove everyday since she loves cooking....and that younger on should be fooled into marrying Natasha (bring him back) who will never give up men, but use her for the money....and the Jiyoung and her mom should get on a plane and fly off to parts unknown for being scum and liars.

Cecilia I have watched only 5 episodes but i find it really interesting,unfortunately i can't find it subbed:( From your comments my curiosity has raised, hope they sub it soon!

nat ratings don't mean anything in Korea. they eat up crappy dramas. 90+% of korean dramas are recycled and re-hashed. they don't focus on good writing. most everything is focused on getting a rise out of people. like those lame tabloid talk shows. they wan't people talking about when that girl cheated on that husband, or when those two wifes started pulling hair, or when such and such started acting soo like a slut, etc. but hey ratings/popularity is good for the TV-Station, just like how its good for McDonalds. McDonalds food sucks regardless of how many people buy it

Mattie Episode 107: “Why did you open up your leftovers in front of Ma-Ma? We didn’t allow you to marry Ma-Ma to feed him leftovers. Don’t you dare do that again…And how dare you let your husband remove a corn on your foot for you? What if he can’t write good stories anymore? If this one doesn’t come out to be successful, it’s all your fault.” The dialogue in this drama cracks me up. The two mean sisters, Hwang Shi-mong and Hwang Ja-mong, who said the above lines, love to attack Oh Ro-Ra when they are alone with her. Then when they are all together with Ma-Ma they are so sweet to her. Ro-Ra is not going to last long in this situation and must rue the day she left her manager and his family. @Erin comments below that this drama may go beyond 150 episodes and I hope that Erin is correct. It is my favorite show every night, Monday through Friday. So how is this drama doing in the ratings? DramaWiki sources TNmS Media Korea for episode ratings for both Korea nationwide and the Seoul market (the Seoul market being the most important of the two). Let me say here that I do not care about ratings when choosing a drama to watch but ratings are important for the people who are involved in a drama. Good ratings help all of their careers and I for one want to see more work by the actors, producers, directors and writers involved in this drama. For the most part this drama obtained double digit ratings after episode 10 and peaked at a 20.9 rating for episode 94 (while coming in 2nd place against its competition). Since episode 94, it has maintained about a 15 to 19 percent rating and placing mostly in 2nd, 3rd or 4th place against its competition in the Seoul market. As of this writing the last episode rated was 126 and it achieved an 18.9 rating and came in 3rd place. These ratings are pretty damn good. And, I see that I am not alone in watching this entertaining drama. Entertaining is the work of the screenwriter of Princess Aurora, Im Sung-Han. She has written 9 dramas since 1998. She is noted for being controversial and successful. Wikipedia writes on her bio page: "Im is considered a hitmaker..but she is divisive, becoming a target of criticism..for her excessive use of provocative storylines.." Give me a provocative story line anytime over cookie cutter dramas and casts of K-pop stars. I want to see more character changes, more hair pulling, more unexpected deaths and more of the manager and his family. Hwaiting Im Sung-Han!

lama this has got to be hands down the worst drama ever. originally, aurora's brothers was supposed to hook-up with mama's sisters... well i heard they had a contract dispute. brothers are then axed, so they introduce other characters like the manager... lol, whatever... then they kill off a bunch off people which is just lazy story writing. and worst of all what happened to the funny gay guy. he was the most entertaining person on this show. pretty lame. btw, i remember on one episode there was a tv-station message apologizing for something.... maybe for producing such a mediocre drama?

Erin Just finished ep 129. Def getting better. Mama is back to being a mama's boy to his sister and Aurora has been enlightened about Seul Yi's condition. Things are back on track. Grapevine says that they went from an original 120 ep contract to 150 ep contract, which is why they killed everyone off and exiled them to be expats, so as to lengthen the series.

Kim, Bo-Yeon, Symone, demanded a larger part if they wanter her to stay, which is why she has so much face time. Now, they have extended the episodes, beyond 150, to I don't know what number. The writers need to have Symone marry the burly looking director and have his mother be vicious and condesending to her. Same with the younger one.

All in all, def getting better!

FOXSTAR WHY DID HER MANAGER ALMOST MARRY JI-YOUNG! Lucky, he didn't. Cause I didn't want that vicious brat, becoming a wealthy billionaire!

Peacewon @ Jackie, well I was in the mood to stop but Seo Ha Joon just won't let me go. He has to get well and get the girl :)

Jackie I stopped watching like 50 episodes ago. Now I just google 'Princess Aurora ### review' to just get the outline of the said episode. It's really a waste of time watching. This drama is getting ever moronic. The writer is getting senile and doesn't know what to do anymore. I bet she will retire after she killed all the characters or send them to other countries.

Jamse Wow, after exiling 7 or 8 characters to "America" or "France", now they're just killing them off. Two croaked within 10 shows of each other, another one's terminal, who's next?

Mattie Ep.103. Omo, omo. Great scene between Park Ji-Young and Oh Ro-Ra. Ji-Young meets Ro-Ra at a coffee shop to tell her about her future engagement and marriage to Seulhee (played by Seo Ha Joon). I never imagined that I would like Ji-Young but I loved her throwing verbal dagger after dagger towards Ro-Ra. It was like watching a verbal hair pulling fight. Ro-Ra was stunned with each revelation. Ji-Young was enjoying every minute of it while Ro-Ra was stunned and on the verge of tears. This may have emotionally tilted Ro-Ra to confront her sister-in-law, Hwang Shi-Mong, at the end of the episode. What will she say?

Mattie Ep. 100. They meet at the end of the episode. And if you are following this drama you know who "they" are.

Mattie @Genesis. LOL. I loved your Nov 8 outburst. I feel like that myself lately. But, remember that we have at least 50+ episodes to watch and a lot can happen with the writer and director of this drama in charge. I do not know if you have seen other dramas by the screen writer Im Sung Han. She wrote "Assorted Gems' (2009) and "New Tales of Gisaeng" (2011) before writing this beauty. I for one really love her work because it is so different and "eccentric" but other may disagree. While I may share the anxiety that you express, I cannot wait for the next episode and this drama is my favorite drama over all others. The 3 sisters of MAMA still do not like (and maybe even hate) Aurora (they still call her a "fox" which is not a term of endearment). Today is Saturday here in NYC and I must wait until Monday for Ep. 100. Why cannot they air this drama every day instead of Mon-Fri ?

Genesis I watched last nights episode, so now that Aurora and MaMa are married...she's going forward with no thought of how she broke Seulhee's heart. This man was hurt bad, and I can feel he is about to get back at Aurora by having MaMa's work messed with....I don't think anyone is going to want to buy MaMa's books and turn them into t.v shows now.

I hate this situation for Seulhee. And his parents are to trusting and desparate....they want to pair him up with Jiyoung, whose as evil as you can get. This show is going down the tubes...hell, if they had of somehow made a love connection between Seulhee and Daji...that would have been more interesting.

Please writers of this show, can you get some common sense, please tell me you have figured out a way to break Aurora and MaMa up and put her back where she really belongs and that's with Seulhee...please, please, please!!!!!

Truly, I can't watch tonights episode without anxiety! This is sucking to high heaven...Seulhee, hang in there, don't fall for Jiyoung!!!

Mattie I love the fights in this drama. In Ep. 93, Wang Yeo-Ok beats up on Noh Da-Ji when she finds out that Da-Ji kept the fact that she was once pregnant from her. While beating up on poor Da-Ji (who by the way knows how to fight but did not protect herself), Da-Ji's mom, Hwang Mi-Mong, arrives, sees the fight and beats up on Yeo-Ok for hurting her daughter. While kicking Yeo-Ok's butt, Mi-Mong finally admits publicly that Noh Da-Ji is her daughter. A great fight scene and I look forward to the next one.

ObsessKDrama OMG! That evil sister in law didn't even felt sorry for causing the lost of the baby and just blame Ro-ra. Totally two face people, hope she can get a lesson and i wish ro-ra can leave that family and remarry to her manager ! they look so cute together, not like that useless ma ma.

Swheetz I can't believe how Aurora broke Seulhee's heart into itty bitty heart aches so much for can she chose Ma Ma over Seulhee when Seulhee and family adores her so much. She chose the guy whose sisters insulted and hurt her mother. I think she is selfish. I don't want to watch this drama anymore........can't believe it turned out this way........I always looked forward to watching the show everyday after a stressful day at made my heart flutter every time I see both of them...I guess it's over now.......sigh....

Mattie Ep. 87. I am so fortunate to be recording this drama. I can just fast forward through the pathetic scenes with Aurora and Ma-Ma and concentrate on the other characters. Aurora's character just seems weaker now when she is with Ma-Ma and his sisters. Sul Hee, her manager, and his parents accepted Aurora for her strength of character from the beginning. Aurora I think will come to regret her decision.

Sue I hope Aurora ends up with her Manager! What a man! Absolutely obsessed with his figure, face, and personality. Mama is such a weak ninny! The show is starting to drag too. Ain't no need for this nonsense! Just have Aurora dump the weaking and go for the Manager!

Mattie Said in Episode 85 that the "writer..(should)..Eat lots of poop. Eat a lot". I hope that this is not the case for the writer of this drama.

Roopa The Manager is too handsome & too good for Aurora!

Mattie Jeon So-Min is doing a great job in her first lead role as Oh Ro-Ra. She is deftly holding all the cast and plot changes together as the central character. I am really enjoying this drama and Jeon So-Min is a pleasure to watch. Good luck to her on her next drama.

fayrey where is Natasha? I miss this character,

erin I barely watched episode 100 today. It is becoming very painful. I usually just skim through everything in about 8 mins to see if there are any changes and all I see is change for the worse. I thought this was about Aurora and how exceptional she is but now, I see that the writers and directors are tuning this into another boring show. Although, it does become creepy when the sister do the Witches of Easwick schtick. Now they have Aurora doing it. Idiotic. Only keep up with it because of the all the time I poured into it so far, but I think I can skip this one now. How disappointing. And now their trying to set Seul Yi with whom? Ridiculous!

Mattie I just finished watching episode 72 and I am very impressed by the actor who plays the manager of Aurora. His name is Seo Ha-joon and this is his "first work". I found an article on the Korea JoongAng Daily website that is titled, "Seo Ha-joon thanks his fans" (you can search it on google). The article is also reproduced on the "ask K-POP" website. Here is an excerpt: “I’m so delighted that I get to meet good people through my first work, and as I can’t meet each and everyone I’m at least writing this letter to show my gratitude.”. Hwaiting Seo Ha-joon! I look forward to more of his work in the future. Also, if you page down there is a link to the official website of this drama and there you can find a short video of Seo Ha-joon speaking to his fans.

foo aurora didn't deserve the respect at the beginning because she was acting like a snob and was deceptive/lied about being a news reporter. aurora changed her attitude because of hardship resulting from father's death. once she gained mama's respect, he treated her and her mom very well. also, the sisters have nothing to do with whether mama is good for her or not. Aurora actually pursued mama and had dreams of marrying him. she never had those thoughts or felt that way about the manager. the aurora/manager relationship was a one sided affair. just being a nice guy doesn't cut it, she also has to like you the same way.

Swheetz I usually don't watch dramas that has a gazillion episodes......but I have to make an exception to Princess Aurora. I am so hooked and got more addicted all because of Seulhee the manager!!! I mean, I get the giggles every time I see them together. He is so sweet and caring and so is his parents.....I wish I could meet someone like him in real life!!!! I keep talking to the tv telling Aurora to forget about Ma and fall inlove with Seulhee instead. I would be very much disappointed if Aurora ends up with Ma (as you know, we all know she is going to end up with Ma....haller...just look at the cover of the drama)....but no harm in wishing......who knows, the writer might just change her/his mind............

Roopa Successful author doesn't mean that he will make a good husband. Mama didn't treat Aurora with respect she truly deserved. And his sisters treated Aurora like a piece of garbage and still continue to do so. The rich boy atleast treats Aurora with respect & care she truly deserves.

foo even though things have been turbulent, Mama is better for Aurora. at least he is a self-made person and a successful author. The Manager on the other hand is just a rich boy, living off of Daddy's money. unaccomplished leech who has nothing to show... except for Daddy's bank account. Gee, i wonder how he was able to buy that van. The only reason he is a Manager is to help him meet girls. what a loser. otherwise its a waste of time since he's eventually going to take over his fathers business.

Roopa I hate to see Aurora with Mama the sissy boy & his equally silly sisters! The writer needs to jazz up the story with Aurora & a new love in her life like the Manager.

Aurora is getting weak knees seeing her sissy Mama!

Lil The writer is a crazy nut! I would hate to live in her head. She must be a bi-polar schitzephrenic who needs to be put on meds, fast! She fires all the most interesting characters, keeps the most infuriating ones then spins a story in circles. Like a dog chasing it's tail, thinking one day he's going ot catch it. The studios and director are either not paying attention or they do business by crossing their fingers.

Erin I started watching this drama because it was unlike other drama's. It was fun, light and slightly funny. She was fresh and smart but also smart-mouthed. Very refreshing for a Korean drama, or so I thought.

MaMa is a coward and even worse than a mama's boy (hence his name I suppose) but a sissy boy. The writers and producers are falling back to the old formulas and making it very difficult to continue to watch this drama.

If they wanted to have Aurora end up with MaMa, they shouldn't have introduced a real man into the mix. Now if she picks MaMa, she will turn out to be the typical Korean abused woman who ends up with the man who mistreats her. Wasn't it MaMa who was trying to convince his sisters that he'll change Aurora once they're married and make her more compliant to their wishes. Then he runs away when he doesn't get what he wants. Than, follows her back like a puppy when she goes to find him.

The whole storyline is just disgusting. Aurora is turning out to be another wishy-washy, stereotypical Korean drama ninny!

Mattie Ugh. My last comment contained two misspellings. The correct spelling of the 2011 K-drama is: New Tales of Gisaeng. Sorry, I was a bit tired when I wrote the below.

Mattie I am so enjoying this drama. There are a number of actors/actresses whose names do not appear on the cast list above. One of my favorites not listed is actress, Baek Ok Dam, who plays "Noh Da" the female love interest of Park Sa-kong (played by Kim Jung-Do). I recognized her from the K-drama "New Tales of Ginaeng" (another drama written by screenwriter, Im Sung Han, who also wrote this screenplay). Anyway, check her out in the opening scene in "New Tales of Ginsaeng". You can find it on YouTube by searching "New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 1". She is dancing to the song "Woolly Bully"" by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs. One of the best opening scenes.

Roopa Aurora needs to end up with the Manager. The writer has to work on the chemistry between Aurora & the Manager a bit more.

Kristina I love this show! I really want Aurora and Ma to end up together! I can't stand seeing her with the manager!

Chenxiaoling Episode 81 was very disappointed that Aurola still hanging to mama,I very dislike a woman playing this two men heart. What she thinking about to give mama call. And fall into manager arm,if the drama write like this the episode rating will fall to 10.

carmen valdez Like drama very much. want Aurora to stay with Ma Ma, something is going on with managers family why did they tell him he had to marry this year? So now he is going after Aurora in a fast way. so what kind of lies are they all keeping, Im always waiting for the next episode. Thanks for a GREAT ONE.

Angie i agree with some people here that it would be better if the story ends with the manager...they have chemistry and i really what he did to oh rora...some also said that it is tiresome and i think too boring episodes everynight^^the cast are veterans in.showbiz but tje main character hwang mama is just too far from them..acting is just a beginner...hmmm..i wish the ending will some.twist because we all know that mama is the lwading man;(

James Boy, is this show ever goofy, but in a good way, I guess, thanks to the actors. After about 9 million different plot threads they've settled on a few, thankfully. Of course, it would be nice to see the Joo-ri character reappear from her exile to "France".

Diane I like how the story is going with the manager. His family will take care of her the way her father always wanted. The manager needs to explain his love for aurora so she can forget about ma. It would be nice for her brothers to fall in love with the sisters of writer. But since they went to the states no one knows when they will return. Ma can marry sulli. I would like doctor to fall in love with make up artist and Natasha can find another love interest.

Julien Hope the script can be adjust. I prefer the story line that Aurora end up with the manager. Manager already give so much attention to Aurora, so too sad if they not end up together. I'll feel sorry and SAD for manager. Aurora is ending up the relationship with Hwang Ma Ma, so just LET IT END. PLE....PLEASE develop more romantic scene for Manager and Aurora because Hwang MaMa not really suit with Aurora..........please let another prediction of ending drama happenning.....Thanks.

Gracielea If Aurora doesn't end up with the manager i will never watch this drama again!!!!!!!!

Chenxiaoling I gonna love this drama if the princess ended up with the manager.Otherwise this story gonna be buried!

qwer this drama is getting so tiresome. they need to progress the damn story already. the two main characters has been on and off relationship for... forever. make up your damn minds already. and lol, in real life that guy can find a way better girl than that anorexic b*tch.

Roopa Hunk is sooo cute hope he gets good food & water on the sets plus a air cooler too!!!

Genesis Been watching this drama, and it needs to be longer episodes....30 mins gives up nothing. I like Aurora now, and the new love interest...of course korean dramas a predictable because we know she ends up with Mama...but I sure hopes she gets and gives love to Seul (manager guy pretending to be unwealthy).

Anyways, the gay story line is also lacking...if you gonna write it, then don't belittle the gay population with it. I think the gay couples Natasha. Hope it develops soon...beyond icee making, bowel chats, lunch baskets and poplock dance routines....was the writer serious or delusioned?

I'm gonna keep watching....

122343 this drama is a mess. already 6 characters have been removed/written off. lol

Roopa The drama is getting interesting so far! Oh Ro Ra is too thin she looks unhealthy. Hwang Ma Ma needs to change his hair style.

Zee Oh Ro-Ra is such a brat, her haughty spoilt attitude is hard to stomach. >:\

skrwitch I love this so far. It's hilarious.

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