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  • Drama: Poseidon
  • Revised romanization: Poseidon
  • Hangul: 포세이돈
  • Director: Yu Cheol-Yong, Oh Sang-Won
  • Writer: Jo Kyu-Won
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: September 19, 2011 -- November 8, 2011
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A worldwide criminal syndicate known as Heugsahoe exists. Their boss is Choi Hee-Gon.

In 2008, the leader of the Intelligence Investigation Team of the Maritime Police, Kwon Jung-Ryool (Lee Sung-Jae), forms a secret investigation team to capture crime boss Choi Hee-Gon. Soon, Jung-Ryool gets closer and closer to capturing Choi Hee-Gon. Then, Jung-Ryool's wife Min-Jung suddenly goes missing. Her dead body is then thrown in front of Jung-Ryool. Soon after, other family members involved in the undercover operation are killed.

Seon-Woo (Choi Si-Won) goes undercover on Jung-Ryool's order. Seon-Woo can't stop the mission, even though there's continuous threats on his life. Soon, a policewoman who investigates Seon-Woo is killed. It's clear the the woman's murder was committed by crime boss Choi Hee-Gon, but evidence is still lacking for his arrest. Finally, the undercover operation is abandoned.

2011 - 3 years later, Jung-Ryool appears obsessed with his job ... trying to forget the guilt he feels over the death of his wife. With the help of Hyun Hae-Jung (Jin Hee-Kyung) and a director of the maritime police, Jung-Ryool forms another special investigation team. To avoid the attention of others inside the maritime police and crime boss Choi Hee-Gon, the special investigation team is disguised as the #9 investigation team which is responsible for unsolved cases.

Seon-Woo has been demoted to the country maritime police office in Gunsan City. There, Seon-Woo busts an illegal trafficking organization and runs off with their smuggled goods. Seon-Woo now becomes a fugitive. This is part of Jung-Ryool and Seon-Woo's master plan to catch Choi Hee-Gon. They hope to go through middle man Jung Deok-Soo, nicknamed Popeye. Seon-Woo approaches Popeye with his stolen goods, but Popeye finds out the truth. Seon-Woo's life is now in danger. He is saved with the help tactical team leader Kang Eun-Chul (U-Know Yunho). Seon-Woo and Kang Eun-Chul were former colleagues.

Seon-Woo now joins the #9 investigation team. Seon-Woo also takes an interest in Corporal Soo-Yoon (Lee Si-Young). Meanwhile, Popeye kidnaps Kang Eun-Chul. The abduction of Kang Eun-Chul brings back memories of the slain police officer several years earlier.


  1. Actors Eric, Kim Kang-Woo, U-Know Yunho and actresses Kim Ok-Bin, Jeon Hye-Bin were originally cast for lead roles in "Poseidon." Filming began in late 2010, but stopped after 20% of the first episode was filmed. The bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea on November 23, 2010 and bad weather caused filming to halt. The series also planned to air during the month of May on SBS, but those plans fell through. Actor Kim Kang-Woo and actress Kim Ok-Bin then announced they would resign from the series due to scheduling conflicts. Lead actor Eric then announced he would resign from the series to take the lead role in KBS2 drama "Spy MyeongWol".
  2. On June 30, 2011 production company Annex Telecom announced KBS2 would air the series.
  3. On August 1, 2011 production company Annex Telecom announced actor/singer Choi Si-Won and actress Lee Si-Young would takeover the lead roles in "Poseidon"
  4. "Poseidon" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Spy MyeongWol" and will be replaced by "Brain" on November 14, 2011.


Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Choi Si-Won.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Si-Young.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Sung-Jae.jpg
Choi Si-Won Lee Si-Young Lee Sung-Jae
Kim Sun-Woo Lee Soo-Yoon Kwon Jung-Ryool
Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Han Jeong-Su.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jung Woon-Taek 1.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jang Dong-Jik 1.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-U-Know Yunho 1.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jin Hee-Kyung 1.jpg
Han Jung-Soo Jung Woon-Taek Jang Dong-Jik U-Know Yunho Jin Hee-Kyung
Oh Min-Hyuk Lee Choong-Sik Kang Joo-Min Kang Eun-Chul Hyun Hae-Jung
Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Son Jong-Bum.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Park Sung-Kwang (1981).jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Sang-Hun.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Ju-Sil.jpg
Lee Byung-Joon Son Jong-Bum Park Sung-Kwang Lee Sang-Hun Lee Ju-Sil
Police Chief Koo Officer Oh Kim Dae-Sung Lee Won-Tak Cha Myung-Joo
Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Kim Soo-Hyun (2006).jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jeon Mi-Seon.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Park Won-Suk.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Kil Yong-Woo 1.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Im KI-Hyuk 1.jpg
Kim Soo-Hyun Jeon Mi-Sun Park Won-Suk Kil Yong-Woo Im KI-Hyuk
Kwon Ha-Na Park Min-Jung Uhm Hee-Sook Oh Yong-Kap Kim Sang-Soo
Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Kim Tae-Hyung.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Kim Yun-Seo.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Kim Jun-Bae 1.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jang Won-Yeong.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Dong-Shin (1957).jpg
Kim Tae-Hyung Kim Yun-Seo Kim Jun-Bae Jang Won-Young Lee Dong-Shin
Woo Hyun-Tae Hong Ji-Ah Jung Deok-Soo An Dong-Chool Kwon Chang-Bum
Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Choi Jeong-Woo.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Lee Han-Sol.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jeong Ho-Bin.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Jang Yong.jpg Poseidon (Korean Drama)-Choi Ran.jpg
Choi Jung-Woo Lee Han-Sol Jung Ho-Bin Jang Yong Choi Ran
Han Sang-Koon Chang-Gil Jung Do-Young Yoo Young-Gook Young-Ran

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-09-19 1 NR NR
2011-09-20 2 NR NR
2011-09-26 3 NR NR
2011-09-27 4 NR NR
2011-10-03 5 NR NR
2011-10-04 6 NR NR
2011-10-10 7 NR NR
2011-10-11 8 9.2 (16th) 9.6 (13th)
2011-10-17 9 9.2 (17th) 9.2 (18th)
2011-10-18 10 NR NR
2011-10-24 11 NR 10.0 (19th)
2011-10-25 12 9.2 (19th) 8.8 (18th)
2011-10-31 13 NR NR
2011-11-01 14 9.4 (18th) 9.2 (15th)
2011-11-07 15 NR NR
2011-11-08 16 10.3 (15th) 11.5 (9th)

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.


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kauzy i love this movie i can't even stop watching it i have even watched it until the film started skipping

JO I love the movie, but have noticed many K-dramas leave the best songs off the OST. The hard K-pop song they SPAM at you is not on it, just a bunch of love songs.

Loveseira Best Action drama i ever watched. . I watch this Drama THREE TIME!! AND I,M NEVER GET BORED FROM IT .

She Hyun Jang Can i ask ? Why yunho oppa is not a lead actor? After ep4 Yunho oppa will appeared Ep5 or episode what yunho oppa will appeared?please answer.......

Ann I want a Part 2!

Raiden Actually i just watched until episode 4 When Yunho had gone, i started feel bored.

teri city hunter is da best

HearMeThroughMusic Does U-Know Yunho have a lot of parts in here?

kai great drama! i like siwon very much...is there a part 2? hope there is... Salute to POSEIDON! great job!!

Suju7 The show moves pretty slowly. But for some reason is still great. It has a action with a nice side story with the characters. I love Siwon but i didn't watch it for him. I watched it for lee si young haha. I just love her acting! And i think she is so pretty.

Marie I really want to see this drama... Can someone tell me If there is any romance here?? Can you tell me the story?

Adel It's the WORST KDrama I've ever watched. The scrips, the plots, the characters, the editing, the continuity of its scenes, everything is terrible. What a waste! Dont bother to watch it, unless you're a big fans of Siwon.

lea It's so boring and the plot is not a attractive, I just watch handsome's shiwon in this drama.

Alicia From all korean action dramas I've watched (Iris, Athena, City Hunter, Fugitive Plan B), Poseidon was the worst. Too predictable, not much actions, too many mistakes in the filming and too much zooming in the actors faces. I'll give this drama 5/10.

Frances I just started watching right now. The pilot is actually good. Though, my main reason why I was interested to watch this drama because I heard it's the Korean version of NCIS (It's a American Police Procedural show). But aside from that, I'm hooked with Korean Drama/Action, like City Hunter for example; so, I decided to try Poseidon. I hope I won't be disappointed.

moon_light _and one more thing, the role of Jang Dong Jik as captain Kang Joo Min i really like it...

and he's well fitted to that role.... a great actor indeed...

moon_light _this drama is very good... although, honestly, at first i only want to watch this film because of Siwon and Yun-ho... but then episode 1 already caught my attention....

_really good, hope there is a part 2.... and i hope Tun-ho will have longer exposure....

neyra this drama is really good. i can't stop watching and the actors so good acting so different with rating and comment that said this drama too boring i keep watching drama till finish

ss this drama sucks...

ylaine I have a copy of this drama already but have not watch it yet. Based on some of the comments i think this drama is really good and I think its another City Hunter story?... I already watched City Hunter by Lee min ho and I was really hooked by the story, so i think Poseidon will also a good catch...

Crissy As said by many others, don't judge based off first episode! It does start off slow but Overall it really is a good drama. The ratings really should be higher. Especially because of siwon ;) fun to look at and he can act. But I too agree that though this is a good drama, it's not better than city hunter. That will always be my fav action drama. I have yet to see iris though. Plan on watching that after this. ^-^

san5488 could someone pls tell me who is the guy come from Japan in esp 14?

123 the worst action drama ever

yy why the heck that soo yoon go into that house,she should know that the house have enemies..it's really ridiculous...who the heck make that script..

shfly3424 When I watched the first episode, I was seriously considering on stopping the video halfway and not watch it at all, but I kept going. Thank God I kept watching. I'm hooked into it now. XD The story is a little bit slow and I'm not gonna lie, there'll probably some boring parts that you'd want to skip, but it's really worth watching. The plot is good and from time to time, there'll be twists in the story and it'll make you excited. :) Choi Siwon's acting is also very commendable! X)

The OST is really amazing as well! :]

shiva jamaly My English is not good but , Talk of winners and losers is not so important an actor is playing. I object on the work he has si won very good and beautifully played. An actor should not be compared with other actors. I love both these actors, I think, object siwo was the best in the series

Lydia Naomi Is anybody know the last song in end credits of this movie ( POSEIDON ) ...heellpppp

Jane This action drama is worth of watching. I just wonder why it has low ratings in Korea.. For me.. it's really nice...

lengskee 6 episodes to go and the story is getting more interesting=) Hope the finale is too=)

ayumi Siwooooooooon !!! you are the best )) hwaiting oppa !! saranghaeee <3<3

grace yeah..this story is good..dunno y so unrated..but its worth the watch=D

Faeze I just see Poseidon beacaus My OPPa Playing to this JUUUUUUssssssssssssTTTTTTTT SiWoOoOoOooOnNnNN

yuange The start is rather slow but it gets more and more interesting as you see the plot more and more. The love line between Kim Sun Woo (Choi Siwon) and Officer Lee (Lee Siyoung) is also a very cute touch of romance to balance the action and drama.

shaily don't look at the ratings. watch the drama.. its really good I like the action and everything especially Siwon.

lengskee Siwon acting is okay. but the pace of the series is sort of slow. hope you can make the upcoming episodes more interesting=) Good luck.

SuperJuniorrrrr SIWON is the best!!!!!

oooh i like it because si won is in it

lol This drama really haven't gotten me hooked. I'm on ep 5 and its been so boring, no awesome action or twists to keep me interested. Story line is pretty boring for me.. I only started watching because I thought yun ho would be one of the main.

After seeing IRIS, action dramas haven't topped it yet.

panda I really like this drama, I'm watching. I don't care about the ratings. But one thing I don't understand, why U-Know Yunho role is cameo?!

meow @esther : yeah!! agree with you...if some of this people like City Hunter that much why don't they just watch that city hunter..GO POSEIDON...!!SARANGHAE!!! SIWOOOONNNN...SI YOUNGGG....!!!!^_______^

idc poseidon is a nice drama... never judge the drama on its first episode try to watch it as a whole so that you can appreciate the story and the actors/ actresses as they put justification on each character. i love watching this drama.. a combination of action and romance. so please everyone try to watch poseidon, promise you will enjoy watching it.

to all the cast and crew of Poseidon, job well done, hope your rating will go higher....God bless you all...

Faye this show is quite exciting just like when I first saw iris and it's the same affect. The actors are so good together and I hope the public will receive this show in a positive manner like we appreciate it here on the islands in the Pacific. Believe it or not we watched it on KBS here in American Samoa, a tiny island in the south Pacific. thanks for giving us good show to enjoy.....

jronok 7 weeks NR is a nitemare for this drama i never watch this drama but look for the rating and i can say this drama is very bad


buds choi siwon VS. lee minho VS. yunho

buds CANT BEAT city hunter!!!

Paige Joan Angelina Germanotta I <3 <3 <3 Choi SiWon in this drama!!! his so handsome and his acting skills IMPROVED!!! i hope more projects to come to but i also hope that you can still join the performances of the SUPER JUNIOR aside from your busy schedule!!! <3 you SiWon oppa!!!!

esther Ya...if you guy think City hunter is more nice and good why you here.... I was voting this video everyday...so that they can get a special award for this year....

Love you Choi SiWon oppa...

Shin Jaemin The story is good and same with the actors but if i'm going to rate the first episode .. i'm just going to give 7 out of 10, i don't really know but their is something missing :|

ampretty19 i like this drama ,, but still can't beat city hunter

lengskee hhmmm,...why no rating?

rachays No ratings? andwae!!

rebbie I love it! Specially all the cast..

Ki @Davis

Nope not at all. Just shares an action themed setting.

pp Choi Si-Won is the beeeeeeeeest :X:X:X:X:X

Davis Is this drama related to iris and athena

rima omoo~ Si-Won always playing with guns LOL

street142 Uknow character is only cameo. They should put Uknow as main character. Why Eric not cast on this show? This show like S.W.A.T korean version.

vicki yunho's character's name is actually Oh MinHyuk. I was gutted that it wouldn't be yunjae :(

pp Actually, they're not entirely wrong about Yunho's name. They probably just don't know what to use yet since it's not gonna be 'Oh Yunjae' anymore.

aa @qeyzn: well the info about yunho's name in the drama is wrong.. his name in the drama is oh yunjae [and yeah yunjae sounds 'familiar' ^__^]

kim kang woo stars as OH eun chul while yunho stars as OH yun jae.. they're both OH because they're brothers ^__^

qeyzn where can i find the full synopsis of this drama? info? aaah, Yunho oppa is using his real name? wow, missed him... fighting oppa!! wonder if there's an actual scene of him being in japan with japanese dialogues.. he always looked so cute when he speaks in japanese... i have no idea who the other casts are.. but i'm sensing they're really good actors..

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