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Park Yoo-Chun @ 2014 Busan IFF
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  • Name: Park Yoo-Chun
  • Hangul: 박유천
  • Born: June 4, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type: O
  • Family: Park Yoo-Hwan (younger brother)


  1. Member of K-pop group "JYJ" and ex-member of K-pop group "TVXQ".


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Chelsea 박유천 i love you so much. I knw this is insane but i can't explain it :)

Siti Masri Ayu Awwww!! I'm so addict with this guy...haha...I don't know why I become like this...I guess this guy is killing me inside...he throw an arrow directly to my me to rid him...everyday I died cuz my heart want to jump out when look his picture on my computer wallpaper..:P

onepearl Yoochun we've missed you soooooo much!!! its good to see u again!! :D

inhyun @lzza , i think, this drama is his last before go to military.

Izza i thought he will go to military this year,,

melisa ho I heard you injured when filming new drama.... Get well soo....i believe. Your new drama will get high rating and you will win many prize....fighting

naomi Yoochun is the best!!!!!!!!!!

flavia movie- Dating On Earth

PITA Sorry if my english bad

PITA For me Yoochun as Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat comic character). Where the main opponent will be carried away when the scene takes place. Anyone female cast, I believe that Yoochun could certainly create works best. Given all the drama and movies always obtain high ratings and awards.

kimmy Yoochun oppa I'm so excited on your newest drama "Sensory Couple". I hope you do well and also your female lead.

Shiirr Your my no.1 fav K-actor. I love everything about you.. Your a total know how to act, sing and dance. And i find you more handsome compared to Kim Soo Hyun.. Im wondering why they find Soo hyun a handsome, i dont see it in any angle of him.. Not unlike Yoochun... My gosh soo handsome... The eyes, nose and the perfect lips... And most of all a nice dresser... He knows how to mix and match...An excellent actor with many awards.. Keep it up yoochunah. Hope your new drama sensory couple will be in good rating. Best of Luck... We Chunsas will support you forever... Fighting!!!

AAK I really want to u'll be happy

crystal Dear Oppa,

Totally agree with Sheli and Daisy. I don't expect much on your new drama :( your partner can't act well, I don't know about the others' thinking but in my opinion her expression is the same even she sad, happy, and angry. Oppa, I'm so sad knowing you accept that drama (Sensory Couple), I've been waiting for your coming back drama, but with Shin Se Kyung as your partner, I don't think your drama will get high rating.

Even so, I always love and support you, Oppa Micky! Your acting is the best! Hope you'll do your best on that drama too!

Love from Indonesia :D

sheli oppa im sorry for your drama Sensory Couple because I think it will not enter the poll closed korean top 8 this year because of that girl SSK.

Daisy I agree 100% with sheli and crystal. Please don't accept drama the girl who sees smells if the leading actress is shin se kyung. It's gonna be flop.

sheli i agree with crystal please don't accept ''the girl who sees smells'' if the leading lady is SSK. she don't know how to act.

crystal Oppa please don't accept the "The girl who sees smells" drama if the lead female role is Shin Se Kyung, she's really the worst. Your drama won't get high rating. I love how you acted especially in "Rooftop Prince" drama, but please do not pair with her.

sheli your the best!

Hsae Wow he received award for every movie he acted. It shows he's really an excellent actor :).. you're the best oppa

jayson do you have a new movie this year?

melisa ho Yoo chun you remain me with someone in the past....but beside that reason you are the best actor.i have been watching all your drama....i like your chubby so cute and sweet like him.....gbu

toh hl He get award for all movie he act in . He is truly a good actor

Adah HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Congrats!!!! bagged all the awards for 2014 and hoping for more for the upcoming years.

thithi Fighting. Oppa Micky

amorline chusette v.andagan hello, i am so much delighted listening your music boys though i don't speak or understand korean language but i love most of your songs specifically been so long yuchun and jae joong i really like that song and magic castle also..and hopefully i could could have a cd signed by you guys before going home to the philippines..fighting! God bless amor

amorline chusette v.andagan hello, i am so much delighted listening your music boys though i don't speak or undetstand korean language but i love most of your songs specifically been so long yuchun and jae joong i really like that song and magic castle also..and hopefully i could could have a cd signed by you guys before going home to the philippines..fighting! God bless amor

love6002 Yoochun, congratulation for your first award from your first movie..more awards to come >>finger crossed

maria irene neri-ballerta Hello Yoo Chun....when i saw your drama series Missing You aired here in the Phils.last year, I was really captivated by your great acting talent.This year when Miss Ripley was shown in the Phils by AbsCbn,I was dumstruck by your good acting abilities....You really caught my attention.Thank you for making me and your other fans happy as well as entertained by a meaningful,superb and ecstatic acting in TV....We love to see more of your new drama series with great and lovely actresses to be paired with...LOVE your smile and chinito eyes.....

Evelyn Thank you for updating Yuchun's new profile picture here =)... See You soon Chunnie!!! <3

mariyati saranghae oppa ♥

JaeYong I was wondering, I saw Yoo Chun in the past as a cameo on a sitcom. In that sitcom, he was a professional painter who lost his sight due to an illness he had. OMG! I'm so dying curious. I certainly saw him, but I couldn't find the video or the information everywhere. Please reply if one of you know the title. If my eyes were not wrong, in that sitcom, he watched his crush singing on a stage before he lost his sight. PS : Sorry for bad grammar. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

lyn hope they have a movie coming again for Park Yoochun and Han Jimin i really love their tandem love,love and love <3

dorothy joy bongolto i watched the trailer of miss ripley and i told to my self, this is interisting movie. and yes yes ..very great.. park yoochun did the great job i love him i really love him with his stunning eyes. and charming face.

i hope he will make more

movie.from country,Phillippes we

wait for more . love u .saranghe yoochun


shenna rhane maribao yoo-chun is one of my favorite star nowadays. he really embrace his role in different movies and drama. yoo-chun is not just good-looking man but very talented. after i watched the miss ripley in the philippines i want to request that he may visit us here in cebu and he is truelly welcome.

Tory(Aye Hnin Moe) Hello!I like Your TV series(rooftop prince)

susmitha shyn bubuli Micky' yoo-chun i always watch your. Korean TV, series very amazing. Your a good. Actor Always take care . I hope your the one for me, Hahaha char lang kapal naman ng face ko. . Saranghae. Micky ♥♥♥

susmitha shyn bubuli Hi. Park yoo-chun nice to meet you. Your, the best korean. Actor #mahal kita Saranghae.  :-)

tp Prior to watching rooftop prince I wondered why Micky Yoochun won so many awards for this drama. But after finishing the drama, I've gotta admit that he truly deserved it. Way to go Yoochun! Hope to see you more.

Justme Hi oppa I wish you all the best take care alway and have a good health Iloveyou so much I always watch your tv series and I love it all

suhaila sarangae oppa , I love all your drama like I MISS U,ROOF TOP PRINCE,SCANDAL, I wish u all the best keep it up, your the best of all, watching you make me smile and cry for same time,and reliev me when am sad


phinny joseph oppa,u are truly one in a presently watching rooftop prince and i must give u a thumbs-up for it...keep up your acting skills...saraye,your biggest fan from Nigeria

Chaeunsang I Love yoo chun so much.. I might cry when the time comes when he get marry.. his uniqueness is really awesome

Chaeunsang I Love yoo chun so much.. I might cry when the time comes when he will get marry.. his uniqueness is really awesome

damun Yoochun.. Park Yoochun. but i love to call u Micky Yoochun as db5k member

kavindi Hi how are you? you are more handsome I like you my friend? I wish you all the best and successful your life god bless you always! pleas request me.

Blenders There are some interesting cut-off dates in this article but I don

Somalia Yoochun! Keep up the good work acting. Although I'd love for you to overcome your perfection and be a solo artist, it warms my heart even more to watch you come alive onscreen. Somehow, throughout your various performances, I gather that some of the real you is bared openly perhaps in the way you react in a scene or in the way you express yourself most beautifully through your penetrating gaze - whatever it is I see, I wish to see more of it as a fan. I hope you will only pick the roles that you feel will suit you best, however as a fan, I must say you captured my heart with 'I miss you' and my sense of humor with 'Rooftop Prince'. I'd love to see you in a period melodrama like 'Empress Ki' or Sci-fi again with Time-travlling or a transformation of some king . You are compelling, charming young man. I look forward to your future works and will always keep an eye out for you. - Your fan!

jiha Oh Yoochun,I really love you since i saw your drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal :-) You are the best together with Park Min Young. ;-) I hope i will see you and Min Young together in a drama or movie next time.or maybe in a real life too....  :-D I really wish for the latter  :-P Love you 4ever Yoochun-ah <3

lyneth g. esguerra you're awesome...i will marry you someday!

Gaiya I have seen all of his dramas except for Mr Ripley. I thought that he should have gotten more awards for 'I miss you" drama. His chemistry with Eun Hye was amazing.

adinda how about movie with TVXQ member? its called "Dating on Earth" or something. I'm falling for him after watched that movie on Youtube

DramaLovers very proud, every your drama, you always got the reward. The most best korean actor, what i've ever seen :)) Fighting!!

Shenka We like to your acting in Sunkyungkwan Scandal. Lee Song Jung is a good and a different charactor. Oh....Sorry we wish you a very happy birthday and all the best. We are Shewon, Alexzia, Nisu, Hashi and Keesha.

ohoi I am watching "Rooftop prince" now,, Awesome acting .I wish You all the best Micky

Piumsha I am watching "Rooftop prince" now,, Awesome acting .I wish You all the best Micky

dilan best korean actor!!!

shun Yoo Chun oppa fighting!I'm your fan forever.I like your voice and your acting.Keep trying oppa!

Rosemary Ong Micky I like you. Will you pair up with Lee Da-hae again in future dramas? I know it is too much of me to ask you to be a real couple so how about for work only? Pleeease? Thank you, love you both!

Lena Keep up the good acting and stay cute and handsome... Love you..

kimmy Lee Sun Joon/ Yutaka/ Lee Gak /Yong Tae Yong/ Han Jung Woo/ Han Tae Kyung I love you all.

Saranghaeyo Yoochun oppa. 3 Days fighting!!

Precious oppa! Your Amazing you a good looking guy and i want to hug.. by the way i really love watching rooftop prince Ti amo.

prisca uche I Love Park Yoo Chun oppa!

prisca uche I. Love Park Yoo Chun

Johanna Hi Yoo, (if you're really listening)

       I loved your acting so much! :D Especially in Rooftop Prince :P And you've won so many awards lol, I don't usually see my favorite actor or actress get so many awards before! Keep on your good job and hope you can have more lead roles.

jiha I've known you since Sungkyunkwan Scandal :-). I love you and Park min young since then ;-) You are a great actor and i admire and adore you ( with Min young ).my biggest wish is that you become more successful in the future and be happy :-D My ultimate wish is for you to be with Min young as a couple in a real life ;-) Saranghae <3

Mei I really love to hear your songs and your acting is really nature... love to watch your movie, performance and hear your voice... Keep healty and take care

bao i love you!!!!!!!!!!. please come to california.

dil dear chun......, I would like to tell u ur the best best best actor I never ever seen any actor like you.......... im really like you god bless you always, specially this is my first comment its also for u only

ririn yoochun oppa fightinggg!!!

Khuloud Omo, I'm so in love with " 3 days " can't wait for episode 3 and 4! Park yoo chun oppa, fighting!! Kisses from Saudi Arabia <3

Disna I like Park Yoo-Chun and Park Min-Young cute couple...

hannah i literally go to the high school u went to in the US. Chantilly HS whoop whoop

rashmi you are a great performer,,, And really amazing... I really like you...

gerlietamayo you are really amazing, because of you, my world become more colorful.. you

are a total package,: a great performer, a best actor, a good singer, and a very  nice guy.. .I am your big fan.. saranghae, onjena, yongwonhi...

Ancelia You are really amazing person, with all those talents you have.............I am happy for you that your dream come truth............You are amazing in "Rooftop Prince" Are you in Seoul South Korea right now..........?????. Someday I hope to come and see you perform and see how Korea look like and maybe live there a little bit and experience some culture.............I am not from America, I am from Liberia,West Africa but I live in Columbus ,OH in the US...........I hope to talk to you

Yink Heay YooChun ssi, can you please come to Malaysia? I have missed the TVXQ concert in 2006 and 2007 because was still a student. Now I finally can support myself for a concert ticket. Please come to Malaysia.

maiku Yoochun can you please do another comedy romance. We luv you!

yoomin Yoochun oppa, I'm really a great and loyal fan to you. I'm addicted to all of your dramas and i like all of them. Continue your humble ways and spectacular acting skills. Many people are supporting you. Fighting!!!

Bhaviii cute and handsome! Fighting oppa! :) <3

kaur i really like park yoochun and han ji min as a couple :)

kera messer Park yoochun! Thank you for all the great acting you have done. I have watched you in Korean drama and alot of singing.. I haven't seen much on your modeling T^T I dont think I could find any. I wish you the BEST in your career and hope to see more drama with you in them. :D

Helen I am your believer and fan in us. You are the gift from god to the world. Keep up and I am sure I will see you I the top! I have never been any one's fan, but you changed me :) you are amazing !

Fhevie i really want to see you oppa...i hope someday...i am really your fan since i'm young..:) <3 saranghae oppa.. :) <3 <3 <3

mima roy Micky am your fan i watched rooftop prince wow you rocked.hope to see you in comedy series because i love your smile

Sharon I got to see your performance in "Rooftop Prince" and was very pleased with the show and how well you portrayed your character. I just recently found out that you were part of "DBSK" and "JYJ". I give you a "Hand's Up" for being the person you are and being able to make your fans very happy. I have researched your filmography and look forward to watching some of your shows and movies.

I wish you all the best in your career and hope to continue seeing that "awesome" smile of yours

joanne like said ur fans here i want too watch comedy drama series i want too see ur sweet smile

chunnieloves Saranghe Oppa! I can't wait to study in Korea so we can breath the same air. XD

yoohyun I'm your fan and all the time stay up for your new drama. I hope see you in a comedy series because i like when you are smiling and i dont like meloderam cause it make me sick but i had watched miss you and support you in all kind of series

rabbitstalker Omg.. Yoo chun is a great actor.. All the drama he has act were all great.. I hope the next drama he will be in will be great too!! Hwaiting

kirsten bela Hello Yoochun! I want to thank you for inspiring me a lot in my daily existence. Eversince I've watched Rooftop Prince I've become your big fan. Now can't get over you I think I will become your follower till I get old. I admire you for being so good looking and talented and yet still down to earth. I love all your drama and looking forward for Three Days and Sea fog. Love you Micky!

junhyung dongsaeng i lreally like his drama and he looks handsome in every film he stars.thanks a lot for giving information about him.

ilovemicky New drama for Yoochun! Daebak!! We'll be having PYC overload on 2014 because of the movie and the new drama. Still looking forward for a solo or JYJ album though. Keep it up Chunnie and all the best!! ^^

Arni Syam Hi... I like your film I miss You because it's like me....Waiting...and loving someone for 28 years.. He's my first and the last love in my life.....every I watch it.. I always cry.without know the reason..... thans.....

Park Mai ssi Hi oppa! I love you so much. If you can't marry me because of obvious reasons I need not to enumerate, please do marry Eun hye unnie. ❤️ Take care oppa!

Hee yoon min you have a great voice and one of good korean actor i know.. i have one fave korean singer and have one korean actor.. i notice you at sungkyukwan,then at missing you..i can i say your one of the best... from now on i will follow you^^ fighting Park yoochunssi

KIM YooChun, Good luck in your new movie Sea Fog. Aja !

Eun Jung Hi Park Yoo-chun, You are wonderful. I listen to your JYJ music all the time. The dramas you have been in are the best! Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are my favorite stories. You are awesome in ALL your roles. I Miss You was very impactful. I loved you as Han Jung-woo. You are my favorite actor!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you in See Fog. I wish the best for you in all you do. Take care!

CT Hi Yoochun, I got to see tou from watching "I Miss You" drama. I personally feel Han Jung Woo character doesn't exist in real life, but still I enjoy watching it so much. Thanks for playing such a cool Han Jung Woo. As i watched the drama it felt like having reflection of my life. I got to learnt things from watching it. Thanks. I hope in your real life you are as cool as Han Jung Woo. If I have a chance, I will meet you for once or twice. Good luck on your new movie. All the best.

Minnie Dear Yoochun, Have a good shoot for your Sea Fog. Hoping next year you will get a reward in Daesang Art Awards as outstanding actor. But don't forget. Im still waiting for your drama project.

Dianne Dear "Park Yoochun", for me you are the best korean actor. You`re such a good actor, i love watching your k-drama, especially the "rooftop prince" & " missing you". i like youre character and personality in this drama. And also you`re such a good singer, honestly i love listening to JYJ song especially to your song , i love watching youre dancing move in youtube. you`re the best, and i pray you will visit the Philippines someday. More kdrama`s to come and goodluck to your singing and acting career. godbless , and we are here to support you. sarang hamnida oppa yoochun.

  1. forever yuchunism<3

Jenni next drama please!!!!! sarang haeyo

Krystal I think yoochun is perfect and we love that boy

Krystalhanhyun I think yoochun is perfect and I hope you will visit in the Philippines good luck and Saranghae

arhire wish you all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lj Goodluck yoochun

kim ji yeon hello ! i hope you will visit the philippines  !

kryzchelle Yoochun-oppa, saranghaeyo. :D

ilovemicky It seems that his Awards noted here is not updated. Isn't it that he won Paeksang Arts Award for 2013? And do take note that Chunnie won it for 3 consecutive years.

Honda he's a terrific actor.

foreverpyc This is a great news for all the Chunsas all over the world!!! especially for me who doesn't have any access to his whereabouts!

I MISS YOU SO MUCH HONEY!!!! Thanks for this new project, at last I have something exciting to read and learn about you. But can you make "sagad" your activities?how about a new solo album or JYJ new album too?hehe I know it is too much but I'll be the happiest fan in the world if these will happen all this year,ahaha. Will you please also include Philippines in your album tour if ever? *cross fingers*

Anyways, good luck my dear Chunnie for this great movie, please show them what you've got!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER PARK YOOCHUN-ah!!!!take care always!

hyora you are my first love.. huh ?? :) ^^ love you very much.. until end forever and ever <3 <3 i hope you know it .. ^^ love greeting from blessing yoochun :* _hyorasong_

babydoc45 First time I saw you in SKKS I fell in love with you and still deeply in love and following you from a distance. Very excited to hear that you'll be debuting in Sea Fog. I wish you the best and I'll "always keep the faith"

ali bravo you best in the world

Sarah Oppa I like yoon hwan <3 미안해요

marites tronco I love all your dramas. You're an excellent actor. Simply the best! Good luck to your acting and singing career. God bless you and more power!

Lizzy Park Yoo-Chunsshi, Thank you for your beautiful acting, especialy in Rooftop Prince And I miss you. You were also great in SKKscandal, and you've got a great smile and cute eyes :), I like you very much. Good job !!

Yokchi Yoochun, “Rooftop Prince” gave the most impact. If in US “Titanic”, “Rooftop Prince” will be the Korean version. I love both of you, THANK YOU for giving your best. The love between Lee Gak and Park Ha was so real and pure. I wish for the real to happen. Not everybody can find a true love, if found one, don’t let go. Happiness in marriage is not ruled by the age gap. I am waiting for your new drama and hope you will come to Malaysia one day.

Eun Jung Hi Park Yoo-chun, I enjoyed your dramas so well; I am watching them all over a second time. This time, I’m watching them in the order you filmed them. I bought JYJ’s In Heaven album. I really like your music. It would be great if you come to the U.S.A. sometime for a concert. My family and I would love to see you if you come. We’ve started watching some of your youtube videos & really like them. I have been really impressed with you as an actor. And now, I’m impressed even more as I hear your music. You are so incredibly talented!

denise Hi Yoo Chun, your performance as a singer and actor is great and beautiful. I have watched most of your singing videos on you tube. YOUR SINGING AND VOICE IS FANTASTIC. YOUR ACTING IS SUPER. YOU ARE SUCH A GIFTED PERSON. I enjoy all your dramas especially your latest I MISS YOU. You display so much emotions and there is a cuter side of you. Yoo Chun is so lovable yet so natural. You are my best korean singer and actor. You matched well with Yoon Eun Hye.That was incredible chemistry. You are my best on screen couple. Hope to see you and oon Eun Hye ina movie.

denise Hi Yoo Chun, you are such a talented singer as well as an actor. I have watched most of your singing videos on you tube. Your singing is great. Have also seen all your dramas, you are a natural and beautiful actor. I enjoy all of them but I MISS YOU is my favourite. You display a very cute and loveable detective Crazy Rabbit. You matched very well with Yoon Eun Hye. Incredible chemistry. You are my best korean singer and actor. I personally hope you and Eun Hye can act in a movie.

Many Oppa Yoochun! I miss you so much and I love u in I miss you and rooftop prince a lot! Hope to see u in more dramas and movies!!!

Min-young I enjoy watching you act. I’ve seen you in Rooftop Prince and really enjoyed it. I could see the sincerity in you role. I’d love to see you in more dramas. Keep up the good work! :D

Eun Jung I love your dramas and have been recommending them to my family. They all love your dramas, too. You are a wonderful actor. My family loves you, too! We all wish you the best and look forward to seeing you more! Take care!

Eun Jung Dear Park Yoo-chun, I first saw you in Rooftop Prince, then Sungkyunkwan Scandal, then I Miss You. I’ve started Miss Ripley and am in the 6th episode. I live in the U.S.A. and I didn’t know you were a musician at first. Now, I’ve learned about TVXQ and JYJ. And I’ve listened to some of your music. It’s great! You are so talented! You are one of my favorite actors now. I wish all the best for you. You are amazing!

sasa0415 Micky YooChun Oppa Gambateh ! I love to watch your dance and drama's action ! hope to see your great and next drama soon ! Always support on your drama and everything !! XOXO !! <3 !!

Glendale B Perez OMG!!!!!! I really Love you Park yoochun!!1

joychie that is chunie on the photo when he was younger... maybe more or less than 5 years ago...

riripakk Yoochun oppa saranghae... bogosipda ^_^. i am a fan of yoochun oppa since he were in TVXQ until he became JYJ member with Junsu and Jaejoong oppa,. Always love his voice and his acting too. Yoochun oppa is incredible! Keep fighting as a singer and an actor oppa!!! \(^_^)/

Jeng Oppa yoochun :)) , i love your all korean drama and i watched it over and over again especially rooftop prince.. I hope jyj visit to my beloved country the Philippines ,. :))

Are She Yah Yoochunnie I love you... I wish that you will be a part of TVXQ someday....... JYJ and TVXQ will come as one.....

chau lian Yoo chun oppa... I'am watching you in dvd... You so cool and amazing boys, Sarang hae oppa... Rooftop prince, I miss you and etc I like it, you a profesional actor... I hope you be success choa.. Cho a.... Sarang haee... :p

Bianca I wish he would do more dramas with park min young. :)

yoochun aein jung woo~ya... bogoshipo...

ikesaranghae I love your voice

Lhey Hi park yoochun!! :) When is your concert here in manila? :)

cashel good actor!!!

ikesaranghae Oppa yoo chun.... I like the characther in the drama "" I miss you""

joeciel i really love your dramas . .such as rooftop prince and sungkyunkwan scandal! i love these so much! sooo romantic . . .

novi chico yoo chun oppa very cute ^__^

debbie park yoonchun oppa i love you so much hhehehe take care always

desy I personally disappointed with the picture, because his face doesnt like yoochun. I felt in love with him since i watched Rooftop prince which is for me its an Adorable Korean Drama that i've ever watched. I have stoped to watch korean drama since 5years ago, because none of them could make me interest. Then when i first time watched Rooftop Prince at the 1st episode i knew that i really love this movie. I Love Lee Kak, he is so romantic, care, handsome, cute, He is everything. I have a dream to meet yo Micky Park Yoochun ♡

asuma park image its not real yoochun -_-

jean Hang hjung hwoo ., crazy rabbit I miss you thats why my eyes start to watery not because I'm sad but because of the wind , you really a great actor hope you will be forever

Angelica No enough words in this world to describle how talented is our YooChunnie! He is a great singer with a unique and amazing voice and a real actor. After watching all his dramas plus the japanese mini drama that is not mentioned above I have to say that he is a real, humble and succesful actor who can portray any role he likes. SungKyunKwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince made me laugh a lot, OMG! I can watch it over and over again and I will always laugh. Miss Ripley and I Miss You are melodramas that will make you cry, but it totally worths it, especially I Miss You. You must watch it if you haven't!! He has received awards for his good and always hard work when it comes to acting and the unconditonal support of his fans as a singer. WE ARE ONE!! <3 ^^

CH4Ssy Park Yoo Chun... Can't wait to see you in "Running Man" show... Ha3...

vondora you were awesome in "i miss you",,,,,such a great talent

sayakahikaru PARK YOOCHUN IS DAEBAK! Seriously everyone on this website should watch all of his dramas they are all so good and Yoochun's acting is amazing he is seriously a great actor.

hnin lei Hello,yoo chan oppa,i love your all dramas and i love your acting in I miss you drama,you and YEH are cute couple in i miss u drama,Fighting micky~!

april annyeonghaseo oppa youchun...^^ your acting is so amazing.. nanuen sincha choayo,sincha sincha choayo.. but in i miss you drama.. is han jung woo or micky youchun oppa????? hahahaha(just kidding)

Ann Mickey, I am your fan now even though I dont speak a word of Korean. I seen 2 of your movie-Rooftop prince and Missing you. I love MISSING YOU. great chemistry with your co-star .I am asking my Malysian friend to watch your movies too. I look forward to more movies...I thing I would like to ask you is dont put too much lipstick in your movies...just a little colour as sometimes its too red and you outdo your lady star....good job...hope you get an award for2013 for your movies....

Ahu 난 당신을 사랑 해요. 내가 할 수 있습니다. 에 대한 터키. 저를 찾아주세요. 공원 유 천

malsawmi hello yoo r you,hope you doing find..i really like yovr movie[i miss u] your acting is so great,keep it up...congrantss[excelent actor in mbc award..

Catherine sunbae!! you're really cute, i like you're acting two tombs up!! hope to see u someday keep healthy and handsome!! :) ~Catherine(Philippines)

princess such a talented person! i can't even imagine that he could handle both his talent. Acting and singing is not bad be thankful to what you have :-D

sharon hi! I incidentally watched the episode of rooftop prince where they first showed up on the rooftop... and it caught my attention & got intrigued, as i'm not that a fan of teleseries... from then on, i watched every episode & even bought a dvd copy of the rooftop prince & watched it for 16 straight (sleepless)hours. until now i watch it everyday & fell in love with the story & his character... it made me wander also if i really had a past life & would i be reincarnated...

marvile after watching rooftop prince (and watch it over and over again..) I like him alot! he's such an amazing person, he used his talent to make people happy! i'm happy to be one of the people who really loves him..=)

anna he's not only an Idol for me.. but.. he also motivator, i love him so much.. story of his life and hard work, getting me proud and salute him... a man who loved his family. for me, he will never be replaced... always in myheart.. always in mymind... jeongmal saranghaeyo yaa yoochuna..

christine i really love this man! he is so cute in rooftop prince!

cakukorara love him since in TVXQ era, with cute face and husky voice, adam apple and collarbone, dimple. who is a girl can't falling with a guy like that??? you always do the best for all you project. love you always Yoochun!!! love all your drama, and Iam waiting for new JYJ album tooooo.... :)

Tin I've been spending my nights watching Yoochun's dramas and videos! I'm too hooked! Haha. He's too hot dancing Mission and Empty. Could I be any happier? :)

Dindini i really love you Mickey Yoochun <3

Ronaldo Real versatile....great singer and at the same time award winning actor....I really praised their acting in Rooftop Prince...One the best epic modern romance drama comedy tv series that I ever watched....good health and more success YOUR HIGHNESS!!!

Dianne I've seen everything Micky has made -- now he needs to make many more!! Fantastic acting ability... He makes his characters come to life on the screen so that they are totally believable. Such a talented guy -- two careers at once: dramas & JYJ pop group and only 26! Amazing! Keep up the good work -- I'll be following your career from the State of Alabama in the USA...

Sit Woaaah! Rooftop is good! But still, Sungkyungkwan is best!!!!!! I love Park Yoochun, good match with Ms. Par Min Young! :) Keep up the good work~

ZITROJEAN I want to congratulate you of your acting. You are really good. Keep it up and more power!!

ms.seaweed-chan his first debut to acting is from a japanese movie. wow most korean male actor that is famous nowadays are first debuting from a jap film. :)) but for me the rooftop prince really make his carreer more shine and better. :DD i love this actor <3 keep on acting and giving smiles to ur fans faces like us :DD

tmi Park Yoochun has an outstanding acting skill, sexy voice, handsome face, tall body as well as perfect appearance. I wonder who his girlfriend is. What a perfect guy.

DJC Do you think Micky yoochun gained weight in Missing You ? I really want to see if i'm the only one who thinks that.

nongau I'm falling in love ... Yoochun

iNadbee there is so much that he already achieve as an actor in short period time. he has an outstanding talent and looking forward his future project

Kerry Fantastic actor here. "I Miss You" is the first time I've taken notice of Chun but his performance is so outstanding that I watched S. Scandal to see more of him and to see if he is consistent. He is such a powerful actor, his presence on screen is so commanding that you can't take your eyes off of him. What a face. He can make you cry with a sad smile. He elevates every scene he is in and adds believability to the storyline. That controled, seemingly effortless ability to make an audience feel with you is rare talent.

In "I Miss You", (spoiler alert) Yoo Chun is waiting at the playground after years of missing his first love and he sings a song that is so sad and yet hopeful, one gets the feeling he has and always will return to that exact spot to wait, as long as he lives. A fan is born. hats off to one of South Korea's best

gishella love yoo chun You so awesome,..always love u forever..

linda Love all about yoo chun...

Bobo89 i really love this guy!! Everything about him!!!!!!!!!!!

go mei zhen Park Yoochun oppa I always wait for your movies, because every your movies the best for me

I love you Yoochun oppa :*

fateme i didnt know you before i miss you ! but i saw ep 5 you were just AMAZING :D ! your singing was so cute and crazy :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i think i love you :) you and yoon eun hye rock :D

IndraSari His good ... I like His Cheek

Luh He's handsome in any kind of hairstyle. :*

Wengdg Great actor especially in SSKS, great singer too...indeed you are a multi talented person...:I just realized you are one of my favorite Korean actor...more drama and movies to come..

angel eunhye at end of second ep of i miss you he showed up for about 40 sec and he maid me cry ! just 40 sec ! his so talented :)

pearl ^_^ You are so great micky yoochun i love the way you act on screen, the way you are really totally great :)) most especially on your korean drama sungkyunkwan, omg!!! you are amazingly adorable act uprightly and manly..

hope you could continue this opportunity as ill also continue to support you MICKY <3 and i always dream that we could see each other hahaha :DDD


Nicole Mercado ohmygosh. I love your movie Sungkyunkwan. :""> I'm starting to be your stalker. Keep up the good work. You're so handsome and you're my type. I love your attitude. <3.<3 I hope I can see you personally. <3<3 <3 Take care and God Bless. <3

MyRa wow..all the dramas that he starred he got award from it..i wonder if his new drama will score him another award..

joyce Handsome guy .looking foward drama Miss Ripley on part 2 with Lee da hea.

Griselda One more thing Micky..

Please, please I want to see you acting soooooooooon!!! =-)

Griselda OMG!! Micky Yoochun, you are so handsome and also have a beautifull voice, I am so proud of you for been a good Korean and representin your country the way you are, I'm pretty sure that more than one wants to be as good (in a good way) as you.... love, love, love your voice, no matter who you sing with or by your self you always one of the best. Park Yoo-Chun "SI SE PUEDE" I also want to hear you speak Spanish and sing for your Hispanic fans who are always thinking of you.. Te quiero!!

Att: Chela...

Angel Lene micky is my best actor forever ....Love u so much

thiny Oh gosh! I am a middle age woman but yet, watching Yoo Chun in Rooftop Prince made me fall in love with him. He has this good guy look, very handome and tall. His acting is fantastic, and the love chemical btwn Lee Gak and Park Ha really moved me to tears. I wish I am 25 yrs old again. First time I am watching a korean love drama and will watch out for his tv series.

tv5xq I forgot to add in movies for Yoochun,

Dating on Earth (2007) - Yoochun

tv5xq You guys forgot to add in the list:

Movies: Vacation (2006) - Micky Yoochun

TV dramas: Beautiful Love (Beetv - Japanese mobile drama/ 2010) - Young Soo Banjun Theater (SBS/ 2006) - Micky Yoochun

> Tokyo Holiday (Feb 26, 2006) 
> Finding lost time (Mar 5, 2006)  
> The uninvited guest (Mar 5, 2006)  
> Dangerous Love (Mar 12, 2006) 
> Unforgettable love (Mar 12, 2006) 

Rainbow Romance (MBC/ 2006) - Cameo Banjun Drama: First Love (SBS/ 2005) - Micky Yoochun Banjun Drama: Masked fencer (SBS/ 2005) - Masked Fencer Nonstop 4 (MBC/ 2004) - Cameo

That's all :)

LoveHurt You sir are my favorite Korean actor, hands down. I've watched so many Korean dramas but none of them grabbed my attention the same way Rooftop Prince did. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a Crown Prince. Your talent for acting is so natural. I hope to see more of your acting soon and singing as well.

Sonya I have watched about 12 korean dramas in Manila, and so far, this is the best and my favorite. I will recommend to my 2 sisters who have not watched any Korean drama, and also to my frieds. It is VERY WELL cast, and acted. Some parts are unbelievable, and some characters were not developed, example the "bedridded" Yong, the real mother... what happened to them? Who finally got the major shares of the company? Korean dramas have improved a lot since 5 years ago. The story lines and scripts have improved and more believable...not like cartoons stuff of before. More power!!!

Kim SoJin Rooftop Prince .. BEAUTIFUL . Recommended , 100% . Suspenseful with a little bit of mental thought, But It is 100% Pure romance . The sister is the mean character, Yet the other sister is the nice one . The Main Character, Park Yoo Chun, Plays his role so gracely that you think that you're in the drama . Park Yoo Chun loves the Sister, but gradually comes to love the other sister . The drama literally had the BEST ending possible . Put me in chills and tears as I was very satisfied with the whole drama, Beginning to end ! You won't understand it unless you watch it . Seriously, I say you should watch it .

BTW , PARK YOO CHUN <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!

julie WOWO Mickey i really like your drama .. i am one of your Big fan :D

i really like you and your brother Rickey ..

you are the best Mickey :D don;t forget you have Big Fan in Unite state :D ( i live in Unite state so heheh :D)

i am watching rooftop Prince now :D

shia hello micky yoochun..your so great in all your show i will say park min young is the perfect girl to be your love team because your so perfect to each other!...hope you like it...:)

Jung Min Ran I see that your action is very good. I love Yuchun. i will support forever

Kevin Vanhoy My 18 year old daughter is a big fan and as of now does not have a date for the prom. Would you consider asking and attending her prom this May with her. She does not know I am writing this.

Ka Arikashiki I am a fan of yours. I do really hope you can play in the same movie or drama together with your brother, Park Yoo-Hwan. ^^ You both look so cute and have amazing abilities. More success in years to come! And.. Hwaitingggg!!!

Tina Sorry to hear your father that passed away last week :( But, life must go on...go for you Yoochun, and do the best for the drama and sing both Keep smiling ;)

lili you r the best .... sahrange !!!!!

butter Try your best chunnie. We will always support you

sakuraigurl they should use a recent photo of him. He look so young there. I'm so excited for his upcoming drama Rooftop Prince. I really love his role in Sungkyunwan Scandal. I'm not surprised that he got an award coz he did a great job on his debut drama. Keep up the good work!!! :)

dapinaymrs no, that picture really is Yoochun. Take a good, long look--like I did. :)

nessa that picture isn't yoochun's picture. I think he is his brother. who put that picture?

moo_chan i don know how to express my feeling, u such a good actor and you look so down to earth, keep up good work. my feeling growing day by days. eat well and stay healthy.

baby Thumbs up for yr marvellous & great acting in MISS RIPLEY!!!:) I really hope to see PART 2 OF MISS RIPLEY as it is one of the best korean drama i have watched.You & Lee Da-Hae look so compatible in the drama & U look sooooo dashing,cool & cute in Miss RIPLEY:) I simply love to see Miss Ripley,though the ending is soooo sad as i would love to see both of u to be together again:) Anyway,sincerely wish u all the best in yr career & i will continuously support u:) HOPE THAT THERE WILL BE PART 2 OF MISS RIPLEY SOON:)

jp I had watched all of your drama and mini drama >.< I'm so excited about ur Rooftop Prince drama ! ♥

MsRai Yah i agree wit u SuM... i hope they pair up in a drama soon... Song Ji Hyo n Micky Yoochu... Daebak...!!! =P... hope tis wish come to fruition!!! <3 <3 <3

Leti He's no ex-member of TVXQ~ He'll always be part of 동방신기~

Koel Wow, I agree w/ comment #2 - SuM, you called it they really do look beautiful together! < 3 ChunHyo

Geannie Hii Micky Yoochun. I m your fan from Indonesia. I really like ur role in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Hope to see you more in dramas. And also wish u for the best. (>̯-̮<) lovee you..

uranustar The man I adore! haay... I really miss DBSK. I wantto see more of him in dramas.

cristinefadden Hi,

  I am a fan of you from one of the Asia countries. I am so angry about you with the drama.  I don't like the actress however we absolutely watch this drama especially because of you. For now , I decided not to watch this drama except the last scene in case you act this very well. I am very disappointed the route of the drama and I just want you simply and kind-hearted Yoo Chun. But, we all fans are always supporting you possess more success in the drama and also as a singer. I really like the song you sung for this drama.Wish you happy, wonderful and more successful life in your future life. Fighting!

ling He actually cast in Dating on Earth (a short korean drama) as the main actor & it was my first time who see that among all the 5 TVXQ member, his acting is the best. There's another Japanese drama, Beautiful Love & not yet able to input any comments. Sungkungkwan scandal, yes his acting is fantastic. Miss Ripley, so far I think it's not as good as SKK as the good character doesn't able to show much of his acting talents BUT slowly in Ep 12, he started to show that he is angry & eager to dig out the true identity of Miri. Slowly, it's still good.

Riisa They didn't list the drama about his character dating his teacher

Joanne OMG! ur soo hot! hehe i love your acting in SKKS and am looking forward to Miss Ripley!! woots~ Always keep the faith and God Bless You Always~! <3

hana i never realise that u r so attractive 2 me

Eric 안녕하세요 유 첸! 난 당신의 팬이예요. 당신은 잘하고 찾고있는 당신의 얼굴이 아기처럼 무죄입니다. 당신의 팬이로서, 오빠, 난 '당신의 인생에서 행복하게'사실을 말하고 싶어. 당신의 인생에서 성공한다. 널 위해기도 해 줄께. 안녕!

s You are cool in skk. Good job :)

rajes You r very handsome and you can act very well too... i think you should b given lead roles....

SuM i was looking at pictures when something came up to mind... maybe... just maybe... Micky Yoochun looks good with Song Ji Hyo (regardless of age difference) or for a possible pair-up... 'cause their facial expressions have similarities (psychology)... ^_^

nindy Yoochun ...

hontouni daisuki da...

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