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  • Name: Park Ye-Jin
  • Hangul: 박예진
  • Birthdate: April 1, 1981
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • University: Chung-Ang University
  • Major: Movie Theatre
  • Height: 165cm
  • Blood Type: B


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George Ye-Jin, I'm watching Seondeok and I can truthfully say that in all my life, and I'm now 87+, I have never seen eyes as expressive and lovely as yours. Wishing you a wonderful life.

yay~! yay! i'm glad to see you back in another drama!

MrHippy One of my favorite actress! And her voice is so lovely <3

mary yay yay you looked so matured in your role in my princess, i did a little research and found out that in real life, youre younger than the one playing the princess in 'my princess' i got shocked, she looked like 17 and you looked like 30's at that time, and i cant feel you in the drama, honestly, you looked so blank

ellen-Lau well, i admit that you are a good looking actress park ye-jin.. but, the part of drama that you played makes me hate you. especially when you played as Oh Yoon looks totally like a B*tch..haha..everytime i saw you, feel like i would give you my middle finger for free..LOL

ashani upeksha love you in queen seon duk////Sri Lanka

bavv i love your act in Something Happened In Bali really really thankkyou

Dennis Utley You are an exceptional actress! I am watching "The Great Queen Seondeok" for the first time. I am thankful that Netflix finally has a wonderful drama. I am in awe of your performance. Your character reminds me of another real princess and leader who was taken from us. You indeed brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for all the work you put in to playing the role of the Princess.

poojita j love you unni, a very good actor who knows how to express even the minutest of change in emotions, keep up the good work, love you in family outing, you have a very god command on the roles you have played in all your movies so far, love you in mr idol, rebirth, my princess, QSD. I would love to see her display a different side of her's sometimes in the future projects too come

Paul Holmes Seeing 박예진 for first time in "I Love Lee Tae-Ri." I love Park Ye-Jin, LOL! All these negative comments about her coldness. She underacts in a wonderful way. She's definitely an accomplished actress, whose basic personality is self-controlled and cool and understated. However, because of that, when she shows emotion or feeling it's like she's sprung a surprise upon you, like I always act like I'm totally in control but deep inside I'm like anyone else -- I have deep feelings. Bad actors overact, great actors underact. She's a great actress!

Jojo Love your acting Park. You were awesome in Mr.Idol, Oh Goo-Joo is the coolest realistly speaking female character ever. Excuse me Fatoomchan, no one asked you comment let alone visit her profile page. Have you never heard of a little saying that goes like, "if you have nothing good to say about someone, then don't say thing at all?" - This is my advise to anyone with out an appreciation for the works of others.

박 예 진, 사랑해

amir You are a very good actress.Your in serial The Great Queen Seondeok Very successful.i love you. Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

fatoomchan i really hate her , she is very cold person with no feeling in acting =-= wherever i see her scene in my princess drama , i would cover the screen to not watching her

anonymous I really want to watch more dramas from Park Yejin. She was great in I Hate You, but Once Again.

I hope she gets better roles in the future and they really need to STOP type-casting her because I know she is such a great actress.

Jen I watched her in Mr Idol, My Princess and cuts of I love Italy. But it feels like she plays the same stork character all the time. Emotionless, cold and unfeeling. I don't feel for her and she doesn't make me sympathize with her. While watching My Princess, I was hoping that she will surprise me. But no, she stayed the same. :( It's like once I watched one of her shows, I have watched them all. She doesn't make me hate her, just made me wish her scenes were over. :( A more compelling performance would have drawn me in, definitely.

Ernani for haters.common grow up. she is awesome and her acting is brilliant thats why you hate her.its mean she's succesed and did good job. you need to admit it sincerely

Ernani Ye jin unni you are awesome.i really love you. i knew you since what happen in Bali but i never paid attention untill i watched family outing. you are reall savage and lovely girl i really admire you. you are gentle soft indeed,lovely,caring,humble,kindheart i just really love your personality. april 1st is just next few days so i will greeting your bday in advandce. Happy birth day.may God always bless you.keep rocking and you ^^~

mman namja that bunch of fool and childish people who are hate her only because her acting... she is kind, great, and did her job well...

he! keyra Lol. Just an acting...make you hate her. I like her, btw

nill she is the greatest actress . she really can act well( kindhearted, serious, villain, funny, poker face etc) although almost her drama and movie were not that noticeable. i really love her. she also a good amcee and i watched her in sbs and mbc. i have watched allmost of the drama, movie and variety show shes in. she is really good seriously. god bless you park yejin!

greenangel31 wtf?! i thought the one who played the character of tae ri was kim jung eun of lovers in paris! at the very first i saw the drama in tvn, i really thought it was her. i just think that she did surgery in her face especially on her cheeks thats why she looks like that. but it was really park ye jin and i have no idea who she is. but they really look the same!!!

Marie wow, I haven't seen her in anything in a while and I just finished watching "My Princess" and I couldn't even recognize her. I thought there was a mistake when she was listed in the cast because I didn't remember seeing her. But then I found out that the Over Botoxed Villain with a very over done nose was her.

I was so let down because her innocent beauty was something that added to her skill and now the only face she seems capable of making is board. It makes it so she cant play the emotions of a character. I am so sad that she did that to her face.

Now I'm not against plastic surgery, Buddha knows I've had my fair share, but you can't even recognize her anymore. So sad.

Wayne so far wathed her in my princess and King Dae Joyoung. Love her acting

Gasenadi Just finished My Princess and she does a delicious villain! Agree w/ another commenter that playing the bad guy isn't easy, but they can be juicy roles. Her role as a "wretched witch" had me seething, but the writing/directing/acting made her actions totally understandable. Then I remembered her in Queen Seon Duk. What a talented actress. Best wishes.

Sarah What an awful actress...hate her since what happend in balli until now ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

missbaycj I love her since family outing, remember how she handling the fish, lol, and she did a great job in my princess, so many people hate her for her character in this drama, that means she succeed in portraying her character. And her work in Mr. Idol and also I Love Lee Tae Ri was great, unnie, fighting,,,,,,,^^

nabil wow! i love Ye Jin-ah.. she's one of my fav, since watching Family Outing, she's got a totally opposite character. never knew she was that cute, coz she took antagonist role in most drama and movie. uwaaa really anticipate I Love Lee Tae Ri~ Fighting noona! <3 <3

aishiteru super talent at all

quyt unnie, you'r so cute i really like you

Ballsq i love you eonni... you are very very hot.... i watched family outing... your act is great too in variety show... hahahahaha

san unni, you'r so cute i really like you keep going fighting *:* and i am a new fan agaga fighting

isabela she did a hell of a great job in My Princess.. i really hated her haha :3 i think being an antagonist it's more difficult than being the hero.. you have to say and do bad things and pretend you enjoy or dont care etc..

engkus i watch u first at "my princess"..n i hope that the last time i watch u.. ur on my blacklist..argh..

Kelly1491 Wow she has the same birthday like mine. Very cute actress. :)

imacrumpet She should keep the long hair....the whole bob thing does NOT work for her. lol!

claire darrien your acting in my princess is awesome but i cant erase the image of your sweetness from family outing. its kind of funny. anyway you are my fav actress =).please come out with more drama and movie in the future.

turum @Alexa: acting cold doesnt require to have the same expression in every single situation

Alexa She did a great job in my princess. She didn't show any emotions to show that she's a cold person. o_O it's called acting.

Rasmey Dear, Comment #10 You should watch Family Outing! Once you watch it your view of Ye Jin will change. It did for me! Lol.

Aim Seriously she has like no facial expressions in My Princess! That photo is really pretty here, but idk...maybe if I see her other work. Did she Botox or something?! Dude I did not feel anything for her. No more work to your face if you did/do please. Your face looks like rubber if you did...or did not, lol. She played a good antagonist!

Striker Answer to the Comment #6. Akiyoshi, u r fool! Why do u enter Park Yejin profile, if u don't like her?

JayJay Great acting. It made me hate you a lot in My Princess but that's why it's good acting :)

mitchie i like you :)

Akiyoshi I don't like you. UGH >:((

evilive u are sooo cuteee SARANGHAE

rodney just watched the great queen seondeok in new zealand absolutely amazing drama have really enjoyed watching it your a great actress hope to see more of you as we have just started to get korean tv here in new zealand thank you for that experience it was riveting

Husker Hi Park Yeh-Jin, just want to say that you did a fantastic job in the Great Queen Seondeok. Just wish you weren't killed off so early, so you and Deokman could have joined forces back in the capital. I have all the CD's for future viewing as this was a masterful mini-series. Here in America (in Los Angeles), we feel the backgrounds, the costumes, the hair-do's, the orchestra, and of course all the acting was simply awesome! You are very beautiful woman (as the other are, too) and hope to see you in more MBC stuff here in America very soon! Good work!

ranseru Hi Park, Im a fun you...

from Accenture PH. Ranseru

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