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  • Drama: Here Comes Mr. Oh (English title) / Here Comes Oh Ja-ryong (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Ohjaryongi Ganda
  • Hangul: 오자룡이 간다
  • Director: Choi Won-Suk, Lee Jae-Jin
  • Writer: Kim Sa-Kyung
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 129
  • Release Date: November 19, 2012 - May 17, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 19:15
  • Genre: Family
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong" follows an unemployed second son-in-law with a good heart as he attempts to save his in-laws from the greedy first son-in-law.


"Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong" takes over the MBC Mon-Fri 19:15 time slot previously occupied by "Can't Live Without You" and followed by "Princess Aurora" May, 2013..


Lee Jang-Woo Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Oh Yeon-Seo.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Jin Tae-Hyun.jpg Seo Hyun-Jin Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Jang Mi-Hie.jpg
Lee Jang-Woo Oh Yeon-Seo Jin Tae-Hyun Seo Hyun-Jin Jang Mi-Hee
Oh Ja-Ryong Na Gong-Joo Jin Yong-Suk Na Jin-Joo Jang Baek-Ro
Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Lee Whee-Hyang.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Dok Ko Yeong Jae.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Kim Young-Ok.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Han Jin-Hee.jpg
Kim Hye-Ok Lee Whee-Hyang Dok Ko Yeong Jae Kim Young-Ok Han Jin-Hee
Ko Sung-Sil Lee Gi-Ja Na Sang-Ho Chun Geum-Soon Oh Man-Soo
Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Ryu Dam.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Jo Mi-Lyeong.jpg Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming-Jung Chan.jpg Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong-Yoo Ho-Rin.jpg
Ryu Dam Jo Mi-Ryung Jung Chan Yoo Ho-Rin
Oh Jae-Ryong Lee Ki-Young Kang In-Kook Kim Ma-Ri

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YCL Attention 방, Everyone on this planet is allow to express their opinions! Whether it is negative or positive opinions, it calls " freedom of speech". We can agree to disagree. I advise you to wake up and live in the real world!

ame Yes it is typically soap opera. But what matters most is the stream of the story and how to present it as a whole to make it interesting, unique and can create people's curiosity that they'll look forward to the next episode. And to me this soap opera covered it all and worth watching

I really don't get it why would people post comments when they are just being negative with the soap opera. Just don't watch it if you don't like it. Posting comments should be encouraging. It is understandable that it's impossible to get 100% likes. Not everybody will like you totally..

alice khit We love Miss Seo Hyun-Jin and Miss Oh Yeon-Seo! Both are so pretty and sweet!

CROWNPRINCE90 おはようございます。 I'm half Japanese and I like K-drama. I've another opinion about being secretive and there are some certain reasons why sometimes I'm being introvert.

Well, the world is not big as you think. Everyone is connected by fate. It's called as destiny.

Always believe that TRUTH will find the WAY! Sometimes it hurts instead :(

Daniel This soap opera is pretty captivating in that it makes me want to follow it each day. However, I would skip it a day or two once in a while due to other priority. After a while, I notice a pattern of fillers (i.e. incident that does not add value to the story). The fillers do not contradict or take away the point of the story, but they just make the story longer than it really is. It is a great soap or drama. It's just that I don't want to watch it indefinitely (so it seems). A couple of days ago, it finally ended. It has a happy ending: the good guys won; the bad guys not only lost but almost lost everything. It appears that the bad guys had to lose just about everything they had for them to wake up from the bottomless pit of greed. May be it can be related to reality. May be somewhere not too distant there are people like Yongsuk Jin and Gija Lee. I think the writer made the Gija Lee character way too evil. It's like like she's an embodiment of all things evil. I hope nobody on earth is like her (secretly or not). Oh yeah, here we see three very close girlfriends; yet their kids don't even know other! Overall, this drama (or soap opera as I like to call it) is very entertaining.

yumyumgem I thought the beginning sequences in episode 1 was very refreshing and a true depictions of competitive friends/frenemies. I LMAO'ed.

yumyumgem Freeman Baker,

It is not being about secretive. In general, Koreans keep their business to themselves, mostly to avoid offending or hurting another or simply because it is not their business to talk about certain topics. This is the teaching one learns when they come from a good Korean family. Not understanding social propriety taught within well-bred and educated Korean family, you may not understand this and lazily, ignorantly, put a negative label. I forgive you. Not everyone can afford luxury of being born and bred in a culture as this. Being married into it does NOT make you an authority figure - especially when you speak out of turn and mislabel. Seems your wife has not taught you well or you have opted not to be educated about our ways. It's never too late.

Perhaps with your nephew, you may have failed to make the connection, or simply, have given him a reason not to want to bond with you. This is normal with any young adult regardless or nationality, color, class, etc. I've grown up in US and have witnessed relationship like this in various families, not just Korean. I believe it has something to do with teenage hormones.

Try to refrain from making judgments. Instead, focus on observations and active listening instead of making statements that put you in a very ugly light.

You are so Dumb @Freeman Baker

Thank you for your complete nonsensical generalizations of Koreans because of your limited personal experiences with them. Maybe they are secretive because you are not one of them. I wouldn't trust you either.

J.T can't wait for more episodes. so exciting!

@ Freeman Baker: maybe he got his father's name or something? i'm not sure.

Freeman Baker This is a typical Korean Drama filled with everybody seems to be related to everybody. The total population of that town must be 20, incredible and unrealistic coincidences. Korean family members just do not talk to each other, I know for a fact. I am married to a Korean and have been for the past 34 years. We had my wife’s sisters son stay with us for six years while he went to college and every day, and I mean everyday he would come home go to his room until supper time, he would come out, eat (Without saying a word) and then go back to his room. Try to have a conversation with him and you would get, yah, maybe, no or could be. I think in the six years he lived here we spoke about 20 words to each other. Yes I can Say because I know, Koreans are very secretive, they keep everything to themselves just like in these dramas, no one talks to anyone. This drama is just another rich vs. poor theme. Huge amounts of filler episodes, the rich people are having all the luck and doing whatever they want while the poor people get all the crap.... but in the end they will get their punishment and Oh Ja-Ryong (Lee Jang-Woo) will win. I am glad "Teacher" Kang In-kook (Jung Chan) is back and hopefully he will save Na Jin-Joo (Seo Hyun-Jin) from the evil Jin Yong-Suk (Jin Tae-Hyun). By the way, why is Jin Yong-Suk’s name is different from his mother’s Lee Gi-Ja and her sisters Lee Ki-Young? I have been watching these Korean Dramas for over 30 years and they are all the same and I think I am getting sick of them, but what can I do since my wife likes them and watches them all the time, and I didn’t really think I would have a favorite one until “That Winter, The Wind Blows” aired, you fall in love with Oh Young (Song Hye-Kyo) in the first minutes of the movie, and I think the ending to this drama is very wonderful.

James I really like this drama but wonder about one thing. How could these three women have been such close friends for all these years without ever once meeting a single one of each other's family members?

kkk another typical k-drama. everybody seems to be related to everybody. the total population of that town must be 20. incredible and unrealistic coincidences. another rich vs poor theme. huge amounts of filler episodes... the bad people is having luck after luck after luck and doing whatever they want.... but in the end they will get their punishment and Oh-ja will win... lololol very easy to predict what will happen. like most kdrama, not very good. only watch if you're a fan of an actor/actress...

Dawn I love this drama. I hope they release it on DVD soon after if finishes airing because I'm definitely going to buy it for my collection of Korean Drama's. Now, I have to say I agree with Skwonto...what is the director and writer smoking!!! I'm from Texas and it airs on MBC America channel 3643....and I'm just on episode 75 as of last night, and I'm about to explode! Can someone anyone knock Yongsuk and his momma off their rock and soon....I thought it'd be Kim Marie, but she is punking out!!!

I am glad "Teacher" Inkook is back!!! Thank the Lord for small miracles!!!!

Fighting to Lee Jang Woo, Oh Yeon Seo, Seo Hyun Jin, Jung Chan, Ryu Dam and Jo Mi-ryung characters!!!

Skwonto Has anyone watched the latest episodes? 95-100? It's a little exhaustingly frustrating. Have fun. What is the writer & director smoking?

asdf @ dada: Do you know what day/time they air it is? I live in CA too :D

Dada @asdfasdf I live in california and they are airing this on channel 18.3 will english subs! I don't know where you are from just thought I'd let you know just in case.

asdfasdf I wish someone would sub this drama T_T

Estrellita I love Oh Yeon Seo and i am enjoying this drama. Hwating

iea iii looooveee lee jang woo.....fightiiiing!!!!!

Prunsen I am a HUUUGE fan of OH YEON SEO!!!!! This is so good!

Cicci I loooove this drama, and I'm a huge fan of both Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo. Fighting!!!!

SuperSeth Oh, LEE JANG WOO!!! I love LEE JANG WOO!

missi fighting jin tae hyun ooopa ........FIGHTING:)


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