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In 1969, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong (Song Seung-Heon) has returned to South Korea after fighting with valor in the Vietnam War. He is trusted by the Army Commander who is also his father-in-law and respected by nearly everyone on the military base. Nevertheless, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong suffers internally from his experiences in the war.

One day, Kyung Woo-Jin (On Joo-Wan) is transferred to work for Kim Jin-Pyeong. Kyung Woo-Jin is the type that will say or do anything to please his boss. Soon, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong meets Jong Ga-Heun (Lim Ji-Yeon), the wife of his new subordinate. The couple also moved into the house across the street from Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and his wife (Cho Yeo-Jeong).

On a fateful evening, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong teases a caged bird on the porch of his neighbor's home. A stifling obsession soon begins between Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and the wife of his subordinate.


  1. Filming began October 14, 2013 and finished January 23, 2014.


Obsessed-Song Seung-Heon.jpg Obsessed-Lim Ji-Yeon.jpg Obsessed-Jo Yeo-Jeong.jpg Obsessed-On Joo-Wan.jpg
Song Seung-Heon Lim Ji-Yeon Cho Yeo-Jeong On Joo-Wan
Kim Jin-Pyeong Jong Ga-Heun Lee Sook-Jin Kyung Woo-Jin
Obsessed-Yu Hae-Jin.jpg Obsessed-Bae Sung-Woo.jpg Obsessed-Park Hyuk-Kwon.jpg Jeon Hye-Jin
Yu Hae-Jin Bae Sung-Woo Park Hyuk-Kwon Jeon Hye-Jin
Lim Jo Hak-Soo Lieutenant Colonel Choi Lieutenant Colonel Choi's wife

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youguys i don't understand people who are saying it was too much nudity and so on and so on. IT'S R-RATED movie. It's supposed to be so. I, who didn't know it was a R-rated movie still watched it because the performance was too great. Stop complaining. If you have a legit argument then please speak or else don't.

may Just saw this movie yesterday....I like to know what his girlfriend think about these over the top sex sences? I seen all his movies & I love him very much...the story line was great & his acting was awesome as always but the sex sences was a bit much :(... I know its called "Obsessed" but its really not necessary 4 that much nudity...it didn't leave room 4 any imagination....and imagination is what makes it exciting...and I totally agreed with emgem....he is too awesome 4 this kind of roles...I don't see him quit the same anymore....he didn't leave anything 4 me to wonder about... If u know what I mean????...oh!!! & What dose the families & friends of the leading lady has to say about her first role of being in a movie? Or the Chinese fans respond to her role? Hope & wish that song will make better choice next time. Its not quantity is quality & good taste....but what done it done & move on.... Love u :)

Firdaus I love this movie.. The story is touching and the ending is... IDK i just hate sad ending.. It's just a movie for sex 4 sure

emgem Song shouldn't have taken on this movie which is actually a guise of mild porn. I don't understand why lately quite a number of actors who are already popular actors are doing doing these type of movies. What a waste.

mj awesome movie

JD It was a great movie. I really like it. This movie might not be for everyone. If you're looking for an entertaining happy go lucky straight to the point movie than this is not for you. The actors/actresses did a wonderful job. I felt along of emotions watching this. Glad SSH took on this role. It shows he is not afraid and prepared to be out of his comfort zone. This movie was beautifully done.

EnzoA I loved all this movie, maybe except for the coup-de-theatre before the ending, even if it fits the story. It's a beautiful and short lived love story between two persons anesthetized by life and war, over the unusual background of the korean side of the Vietnam war. Song Seung Heon and Lim Ji Yeon render a good portrait of their characters discovering a pure, unexpected and ill-fated love. Jo Yeo Jeong becomes touching as the guiltless but somehow distant wife. Yu Hae Jin is the unexpected veteran with the kind heart. The famous love scenes are natural, sweet and intense. Recommended.

I think I think you guys need to either read the plot or watch the movie again. This is not supposed to be a romantic movie with love but people who are obsessed with each other. I'm glad to see SSH in another role because he was becoming a kind of robot actor. Worth watching..

unsatisfied what the heck just happened!!??? this movie is interesting bec. seung hun is the lead.. the lead actress is nice.. but it totally ruined my mood after the movie... seung hun act here is not good... the script doesn't suit him.

YesMe One horrible movie. The acting was not that great, very stiff and unemotional. The movie was mostly sex scenes. There was hardly any romantic scenes, except for maybe the part with the waltz dance. The movie should have focused more on the psychology of the main characters because they both appeared to be extremely psychologically disturbed. The story could have revolved around the past disturbances of the characters which could have been a leading factor to the current obsession but instead it was minimally touched on in the movie.

I would not recommend watching this.I am disappointed in this movie and the acting. I hope song seung hun does not pick another movie like this because i really like him.

jayong you can act really well but this act doesn't suit to you Song... :(

snootyme All I could see was the role essayed to Perfection. Nothing too much or nothing too less, either in words or action. It showed Love , Passion, a sense of duty and also a feeling of helplessness at not being able to be with or the protect the woman he is in Love with . In all it showed the actor as a man who enacts every role like it was meant to be only Him and for Him , be it romance or comedy or even anything loving and passionate as this without making anyone of it seem out of line .

Jewel This is a lousy movie, storyline is lousy and song seung heon's acting is just simply horrible. This movie is not worth your time.

Hua Song I agree with you, Lynda! I thought I was the only one that felt that way about him. I really want to watch it but seeing those scenes are really making me think twice. I don't think those sex scenes are necessary to show the love and passion between a couple that is in love or to show anyone's acting talents. I am very disappointed but still love him.

Heidi Hokett Where has everyone found this movie? I have been dying to see this movie! I am obsessed with song seung heon and I think he us an amazing actor. Any suggestions on where to find it would be wonderful!

naeohmee I love song seung heon for doing this movie, it shows how committed he is to his profession, the movie is so much more than a couple of sex scenes, he full on displays what it feel like to be caught in an all consuming love that, a destructive love that proves you have no say in the matter of who owns your heart, how crazy love can make you, you just toss everything else away because loving that person is all you want to do, all you can do, its all that matters. Well done, very well done, and the scenes where they made love were done appropriately, never seemed like a porn but literally like an addiction. amazing movie.

lynda As much as I love song seung heon, I think I don't want to watch this movie. I've seen bits and pieces and it turns me off because for a talented, handsome and sexy actor like him, he shouldn't be doing this kind of erotic movie which I'm really disappointed in him. But most of all I've loved his dramas from the past and I'll continue to love him but I hope he won't be doing anything like this again in order for me to like and support him in the future. I would love to see him do romance dramas like before only. Anyway I still love you song seung heon. Fighting Oppa.

Annie Ki, just wanted to say all your reviews have proved very useful to me in deciding which movie to see. Thanks.

d0dy Anyone knows the opening theme song?

Blue The ending theme song ===> The Rose (Aoi Teshima)

kellwx Anyone knows the ending theme song? ;D

carrie Just saw this movie and WOW!!!!

finally get to see Song Seung-Heon nude and having sex. It was so hot!! His body is amazing.

penny07 Is there a chance that they will release the movie in international scene? Geezz how i wish

Dena Been trying to find this movie to watch and can't find it any suggestions where i can find and watch it. The wait has been killing me.. Help

rita r. franks You are like a diamond. Many facets to your person.

K @Ki I just want to ask what's your rating from 1-10 about this movie? I've been waiting and searching for it and I saw some pretty low ratings from the Korean audiences. And I don't think that the ending was quite nice because as we all know, it's an affair between the two leads. I hope that I could watch it very soon!

DN Thank You Ki, for your unbiased review.I was waiting for the review. How can I see it online? Hope the movie is a hit.

Ki Watch "Obsesesed" here in South Korea on its opening day. First off, what a lot of people will talk about is the sex scenes. There's about 3 of them and let me tell you they are quite graphic. I'm not talking about close ups of a face then cuts to a close up of body parts that may or may not be a body double, but wide shots of entire persons ... bumping and grinding and doing stuff that Luther Vandross and R. Kelly made a lot of money singing about. I will say the first scene was pretty hot, but by the third one it seemed a bit too much.

The movie itself is quite ambitious and you can tell it aspires to become one of those great romance films that people (especially women) will gush over for years. I don't think it hit those lofty standards, but there's moments where the film does work and overall it does OK. Song Seung-Heon performed better than any past roles I have watched him in. Lim Ji-Yeon had the more engaging performance in my opinion, but she wasn't required to do as much. I think anybody that has an interest in the film should check it out and they likely won't be disappointed. The question is how much will it appeal to each person.

Atieh janany Dont worry brother .your movie is perfect.Congradulation for your premier.best of luck.

pavitra Could you give me 2 VIP tickets for your movie premier, please?

Sharice Can't wait to see this movie, looks very seductive and exciting especially since SSH is in. I loved him in My Princess!

Wendy To Can't wait.....Looking forward to... A group of Seung Heon's fans from Hong Kong will come over to Seoul to watch together and to show our support to Seung Heon.

Wendy To I can't wait to watch this movie.... A group of Seung Heon's fans from HK will go to Seoul together to watch and support Seung Heon.....

pavitra hi,

just wanted to say thank you for acknowledging the families who are suffering because of the ship incident and thank you very much for your generosity.

may your heart alway be filled with love, devotion and respect.

thanking you from the bottom of my heart for having a heart.

pavitra hi,

just leaving a message to say thank you for acknowledging those families feelings who are suffering because of the ship incident and thank you very much for your generosity.

may your heart be filled with love and respect.

thanking you from bottom of my heart for having a heart.

tiffany hates stephanie never song seung hoon in any erotic show. looking forward with this but half heartedly still can't let go of his romantic man image ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ

xxx This movie should be called post-war babies!

JJHH Gawwd I am excited. I love SSH. He's great, he's handsome and he's damn sexy. Can wait to see how SSH would do those rated scenes tho. Kekekeke

Yolanda Rivera I can't wait to watch this movie

tulipe music *_* superb, can't wait!

josieann i love ssh so much....i will watch this movie

Linda If he SSH going to die I would hate to watch it. Is it the same writer as Bali or Fashion King. I hate those ending.

NaNa @VicFet get over yourself! Age is nothing but a number. Most of all it's a FILM. Which I'm very excited to watch! Hope we do not have to wait to long here in the US. #TeamSSH

VicFet I LOVE SSH but really dislike the age gap! Didn't care for the gap in Man Loves either and ended up disappointed in the whole drama. Also, really hated the age gap in Prime Minister - so no one can say I'm not consistent! LOL Didn't watch Prime Minister even though I love Yoon Si Yoon and the leads didn't even have steamy sex scenes from what I hear - still age gap YECH! Now it looks like this drama will have lots of steam which I would love to have watched if SSH wasn't making out with his daughter! LOL But for all my fellow drama watchers enjoy - I'll be skipping this one and hope SSH does another drama with a more appropriate leading lady.

sara jay How can Lee Beom Soo play this role.. first, LBS is only 170 cm while SSH is 182 cm.. what kind of colonel so short? second, actress who plays colonel's wife is just perfect for SSH and she's taller than LBS. Of course LBS's acting is good but we need an actor who match the criteria..

SSrHealover,philippines. hummmhhh.... i want to watch this movie,, because SONG SEUNG HEON movie and T.V series really touched my heart.good luck on your movie , more success on your showbiz career... im excited to visit korea because of you... i hope i meet you.....

Maria Song What do you mean revolting? Have you seen him in person? I have! He is sooo good looking, tall, toned, lean, flawless skin, no wrinkles, no freckles whatsoever. He is waaay better looking than most men in their 20s I know. Lee Boem Soo on the other hand...well, I'm just saying not all ahjussis are created equal.

azzurro I agree - Song Seung Heon is not only extremely handsome but is a great actor too. He is definitely eye candy but can also make your heart ache and the tears flow. Can't see enough of him!

LindafromFla Gawd...I am American and this man Song Seung Heon is the sexiest and great looking man I have ever seen. And for all who say he isnt a good actor...try watching East of Eden...this guy can act and I am used to seeing many good actors in America...and he could stand tall with any of them. I can't wait to see this film. I have watched everything he has done and he is great. He was great is A Better Tomorrow also...whoever says this man cant act has got a screw loose. Heck he doesnt even have to act, just stand there lololol. And as far as the age gap...pleaseeeee....this is the 21st Century not the 18th Century. Get with the program and times people.

terraluna07 it is funny how a gap age disturbing so many people but not in all situations ..... for instance, the same people affected by this issue in "When a man loves" seems not so affected with the gap age on k-drama 'Prime Minister is dating"

Nan Connor I am so looking forward to "HUMAN ADDICTION" mainly because of Song Seung heon~those who say he can't act, I say "you must be watching with one eye closed." His acting is SUPERB; East of Eden, Autumn in my Heart, Summer Scent; I can go on and on~let's not discredit this seasoned actor. "Human Addiction" won't be any different~Song Seung heon will give it his BEST and will bring success to the big screen. He is just that kind of an actor..."Always" puts his best foot forward like the rest of the seasoned actors like BYJ, SJS, LBH and more. I wish Song Seung heon oppa the BEST and anxiously waiting oppa, for 'HUMAN ADDICTION" FIGHTING!!! "Always" praying for your good health and happiness~*❤*~

Evelee Jo Yeo-Jeong is a charismatic actress. Love On Joo-wan too. They are the only reasons I will want to watch this movie. Song Seung-heon? Nay! Stiff acting and steamy scene with young lady? So revolting!

alive I'm ecstatic about this one. I just want to see Seung-hun oppa in action!! LMAO. The lead is gonna be 14 years his junior, but hecks! As long as she's an adult- a young adult is fine. Lol. I actually want to see Yeo-jung and Seung-hun perform those you know what scenes, but whatever. LMAO.

merey feeling sad about the forte of this current movie for I am used to the wholesome oppa I always like but whatever the outcome,this is how actors grow and mature. Fighting!!!!!

Honganh That movie may change your life, oppa??? Anyway fighting!!!! We are always by your side

ivettemv I hope that always that Song Seung Heon will be the best. I hope I can see him some day and talk to him. He is the most talented actor I have ever seen.

NaNa So excited!!!! You can't go wrong watching Song Seung Heon on film. My only wish is that I can watch in the state sooner than later.... Patiently Waiting also...

Andrea They say that Lim Ji Yeon and Song Seung Heon will have very provocative sex scenes!!!! :O

raghdh cool wating ...Seung heon oppa

saimon Good News, i waiting this movie."Fighting Seung Heon Oppa

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