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  • Movie: Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score - Part II / Nodame Cantabile The Movie II
  • Romaji: Nodame Kantabire saishuu gakushou - Kouhen
  • Japanese: のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編
  • Director: Hideki Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Kawamura
  • Writer: Rin Eto, Tomoko Ninomiya (manga)
  • Producer: Chihiro Kameyama, Kuga Maeda, Kazutoshi Wadakura, Hiroki Wakamatsu, Takashi Ishihara, Iku Wada, Tatsuro Hatanaka, Yoshinari Shimatani
  • Cinematographer: Hideo Yamamoto
  • Release Date: April 17, 2010
  • Runtime: 123 min.
  • Genre: Comedy / Drama
  • Studio: Fuji TV
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Nodame (Juri Ueno) is still pining for the affections of Chiaki (Hiroshi Tamaki), but Chiaki wants them to concentrate on their musical careers and moves out. Chiaki then gets the opportunity to perform with Song Rui (Yu Yamada) and the Wiltord Orchestra of Vienna. Meanwhile, Nodame remains at the conservatory in Paris, but Professor AuClair refuses to let her compete in musical competitions that could kickstart her career. When Nodame goes to a concert with her friends, she hears Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major and decides that is the song that she will one day perform with Chiaki. Unknown to Nodame, Chiaki is about to perform the song in front of her with Rui ...


  1. "Nodame Cantabile" is adapted from Tomoko Ninomiya's serial manga "Nodame Cantabile" (first published in July 10, 2001).
  2. The original manga is based on a real life person, Megumi Noda, who was a music college student at the time of the comic book publication and is now a piano teacher in Fukuoka.
  3. The movie version will contain two parts: Part 1 will be released in Dec. 2009 and Part 2 will be released in spring 2010.
  4. The script for the live acton movie "Nodame Cantabile" will take place shortly after the "Nodame Cantabile in Europe" drama special.
  5. Filming for the live action "Nodame Cantabile" is set to run from May, 2009 through September, 2009.
  6. Related titles:
    1. Nodame Cantabile (Fuji TV / 2006)
    2. Nodame Cantabile in Europe (Fuji TV / 2008)
    3. Nodame Cantabile The Movie I | Nodame Kantabire saishu gakusho - Zenpen (2009)
    4. Nodame Cantabile The Movie II | Nodame Kantabire saishu gakusho - Gopen (2010)
    5. Naeil's Cantabile | Naeildo Kantabilre (KBS2 / 2014)


Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Juri Ueno.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Hiroshi Tamaki.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Eita.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Asami Mizukawa.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Keisuke Koide.jpg
Juri Ueno Hiroshi Tamaki Eita Asami Mizukawa Keisuke Koide
Noda 'Nodame' Megumi Chiaki Shinichi Ryutaro Mine Kiyora Miki Masumi Okuyama
Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Eiji Wentz.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Becky.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Yu Yamada.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Takashi Nadagi.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Seiji Fukushi.jpg
Eiji Wentz Becky Yu Yamada Takeshi Nadagi Seiji Fukushi
Frank Lantoine Tanya Vishnyova Son Rui Kuroki Yasunori
Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Michiko Kichise.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Masato Ibu.jpg Nodame Cantabile Movie 2-Naoto Takenaka.jpg
Michiko Kichise Masato Ibu Naoto Takenaka
Elize Mine Tatsumi Franz Strezemann

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Crown7 Love everything about this movie. No.. Not only this movie. But the series and the sp. I wish there's a continuation. Will always remember NODAME and CHIAKI. Love them^^

rei Nodame, Chiaki, their story, their music, their friends... everything will forever be remembered. One of the greatest dramas in history. LONG LIVE NODAME CANTABILE!!! <3

mayeth g. Love this movie, love their pairing, love the music, love everything. Gambare!! (",)

Ai Yin sumimasen... whre can i found the list of the music soundtrack in Nodame Cantabile the Movie?

Sweethat Wow!! it's great! where can i find that movie? i want to see that movie again! ^^

rambo_girl wow i love those musics. can anyone give the soundtrack list please :)

ippanda Start with the series - continued with the SP - ended with the movie, aaaaaaaaahh what a lovely story I fall into classical music because of this movie which I barely know before. Totemo suteki sutekiiiiiiiiiii Been watching it maaaaaaany times n still not getting bored >.<

Lucy I've seen the manga, live action and I can't wait to see the final movie. It's all in one in this movie. The best manga and this movie is on my top list, also recommend to all my friends and family.

To all the crew and staff of NC good job!!! This movie is very educational, it inspires a lot of young musician and it showed how wonderful is the classical music.

va movie which always inspire me to continue playing piano.. love u so much nodame.. ^^v

Michelle gyyaaabooo...

i love Nodame and Chiaki.. i hope i can download this movie for free.. i can't find it in my country.. i've already watched the drama, the special lesson 1 and the movie 1. i'm still looking for the special lesson 2 and movie 2..

cheryl @Faith: Yeah, I watched Nodame Cantabile anime version as well. After Paris-hen and its OVA, there is third season called Nodame Cantabile Finale, then the Finale Special and OVA 2. Dunno whether they are going to make 4th anime season for Opera-hen... Love all the versions of NC :)

Faith Hey Cheryl, have u watched the anime or manga version of NC? Was there a sequence to NC Paris + Ova?

cheryl Just finished watching movie part II on wiikii, and totally love it!!! I love the way that they have changed the manga ending a bit to have a such perfect ending like this. So sad that it has ended. Will miss Nodame Cantabile so much, my favourite drama of all time!!!

maridiamonds I just finished watching it and oh my god, it was sooo sooo goood! Thinking about it makes me wanna watch it again, haha!

aurorafelicia I've seen it as well. I have to admit, this movie rocks so much! in my opinion, it's the most dynamic episode of this whole series. it can be so funny, then sweet, then sad one after another so quickly; I like it this way. although I'm very sad that it has come to an end and deeply wish that I can see their wedding (mukya~!), I'm glad that it ends this way. it ends beautifully, I can't ask for more! Chiaki-senpai x Noda-kun forever! ^__^

kahji just finished watching. although it was FIN.. still want a third movie!!! :()

leizl mukkkkyyyyaaaaaaa.,'!!! i want to watch this movie.,' and also the all the live action series.,' im done with the anime .,' hope to see it soon.,'

decy this is really great!!!

emyuu mukyaaaaa !!!! >,< reaLLy want to watch part 2 !!!!.... <3 chiaki senpaiii !!! lol

mcgreaf_ina wow... i love this movie so much...

i keep waiting for nodame movie part 2...

Nodamecraze The DVD for movie part 2 release date is 8th October 2010. The copyright for this movie is very strict, hard to download for free... Sian have to wait so long....


xueqi hey has it showed in singapore? is it still showing? i cant find it !! the last movement.. anyone can help?

Darren Wow, I just finished watching it. The movie is perfect. But its sad that it ends here...

ANISSOU jaimmme telemen se dramaaaa jpeu ded !!!!!! pleasee je veu voiiirr la part 2 du filmmm merde wouinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn jvai mtuerrrr lol jsuiis amoureuse de se film il me fais telement pleurer ac leur musik classik

klarizze gosh i want to watch nodame cantabile movies but i don't know any available website to watch it.. can you help me?? tnx..=p

chyme31 gyabooo!!! i wanna watch this movie pretty badly...

nodamerules I wanna watch part 2 already! The Kotatsu kiss scene! Gyabo! I wonder if they're going to show the part where Chiaki and Nodame...erhm... nevermind!

jazu dc mukyaaa~! love it!

Bunny Loved the anime. Gona watch the drama. Shall watch the movie. Countdown to 15 July ........ !!!!!17 days :> But dint watch the first movie. Ahhhh, anybody know any source where i can watch it :x ?


Darren Oh yay, its coming out on the 15th July 2010 in Singapore can't wait

rui HEY When is Part 2 gonna be released in singapore?! can anyone tell me!? I LOVEEEEE PART 1!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT FOR PART 2! IS IT IN JUNE TO JULY PERIOD?!

ruthieruthie me tooo....i fell in love with megumi and chiaki when i first watched them on a plane..and true it's a sad ending on the 1st part...can't wait for the 2nd part...:)


hiMe I've seen this movie on the plane too. It's quite a sad ending :(

Sarah hello! can sumone give the summary of the first Nodame Cantabile movie? i want to know wut happens!!:)

Monica Omg!!!I love nodame chan and chiaki senpai!!!:) can't wait for the movie part2 to come out? Btw anyone knows when the 2nd part will be out?

Bebe I watched this just a while ago (in the plane) it. Cant wait to watch part 2 now...

pukakngo I've seen the drama and the special one and I love Nodame so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I cant find the movie cuz in Vietnam Japanese dramas and movies arent very popular. I've also search on the internet but nowhere has the movie, both 1 & 2. Can anyone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for Nodame for so long!!!!!!!!!!

Linh oh my god. In teaser 2. I heard Nodame chan said: "Senpai, owakaredesu". Nodame said: We separate. I feel sorrowful because of her words. Maybe Shinichi senpai had an argument with Nodame chan. I saw Shinichi senpai and Son Rui chan play together in a orchestra again. Hiz. I don't want Shinichi senpai with Son Rui chan, don't want to see that Nodame Chan is bored. But in teaser 3 she said:" Senpai kekkon shite kudasai " I feel so happy. However, her face is quite bored. What happened. I can't wait. My heart beat rapidly. I hope that I can watch Nodame cantabile as soon as it shows in Japan. But I have to sub of my language. I want to appreciate both this film and music in film perfectly. I love classic music in nodame cantabile. It is song that people should know and listen to. In my country, little people know NC. TV doesn't show Japan film. It's always K-film or K-pop.

  So I don't have one person to share this film. It's really greatest movie that I have seen. I also feel sad because NC is about to finish. I bid farewell to NC. I watched NC many times. When I heard a classic song, I fell be about to cry. Maybe, when NC finish I can't keep my tear. I'm a lazy Piano student. But by this film, I study more harder. I love a serious Chiaki senpai, a foolish lovely friendly Nodame chan. Thank Tamaki Hiroshi senpai, Ueno Juri and many people in this film for bringing good film. Nodame cantabile never fade in my heart. It is in my soul forever and ever.

michiru ahh i recognize the part when there is kiyora and mine i was at the miking of ol


Michelle Just caught Part I in the cinema in Singapore and loved it!

Can't believe I have to wait for another 4 months before it shows here!!! Gyabo!!

Leoniflor Oh my God, ilove both uen0 juri and tamaki hir0shi, individually and as a tandem, they'd r0ck my w0rld,oh men! Nevah exPerienced dz r0ckin' shimz, l0ve dEm z0o mucH! MaH neM iS leE dz is my nuMbaH txt me jurtam fanZ dEr 09124480853.

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