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  • TV Show: My Princess
  • Revised romanization: Mai Peurinseseu
  • Hangul: 마이 프린세스
  • Director: Kwon Seok-Jang, Kang Dae-Sun
  • Writer: Jang Young-Sil
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 5, 2011 - February 24, 2011
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Lee-Sul (Kim Tae-Hee) is a woman who enters college later than other girls. Like her peers, they dream of one day becoming a princess, but for Lee-Sul she actually becomes a real life princess ...

Hae-Young (Song Seung-Heon) is a 31-year-old diplomat. He is the sole successor of the Daehan Jonghap Group (the largest conglomerate in Korea). Hae-Young is also handsome and graduated from an Ivy League school. Agreeing to his grandfather`s creed, Park Hae-Young decides to give up his rights to the company and all of his assets. This is all for a young woman named Lee-Sul.

Lee-Sul is a 25-year-old college student, majoring in Art History. She doesn't think about the secrets surrounding her birth or her stepsister who teased her behind her back. Lee-Sul keeps a shabby appearance and works several part time jobs on top of her college career. She also has a crush on her professor Nam Jung-Woo (Ryu Su-Yeong). One day, Lee-Sul becomes a princess overnight. In order to make her a princess, the President of the Daehan Jonghap Group offers all of his assets. 50,000,000 people stamp their approvals for her and royal families from all over the world sends congratulatory telegrams. Lee-Sul accepts the role of Princess, but she is now locked up in her palace and forced to study from dawn to late at night. Even worse, Park Hae-Young is her only instructor and he is snooty.

Yoon-Joo (Park Ye-Jin) is a 30-year-old woman, who works as the director of Hae-Young Museum. Her father is the secretary for the President of the Daehan Jong Group. Yoon-Joo hopes to marry Park Hae-Young one day to gain control over the company. Her plans come to a halt when the Princess suddenly appears. For the Princess, the President of the Daehan Jonghap Group returns all of his property to the community. Even Hae-Youngs begins to have favorable feelings for Lee-Sul. Yoon-Joo can't forgive Lee-Sul for what she has caused. Yoon-Jo then makes a plan and if it succeeds Korea will lose their imperial family.

Jung-Woo (Ryu Soo-Young) is a professor, archeologist and holds a PH.D in the Arts. He is also popular among the female students. Jung-Woo grew up in a poor family. Even now with his high status, his financial situation isn't so good. Because of this, Jung-Woo hasn't proposed to his girlfriend Yoon-Joo. One day, something strange happens. Jung-Woo's student Lee-Sul (who always submits papers late, but works hard at excavation sites) turns out to be a princess. Lee-Sul then asks Jung-Woo to become an advisor for the "Redemption Committee of Imperial Family Cultural Assets".


  1. Filming for drama "My Princess" will begin in late August.
  2. "My Princess" takes over the MBC Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Home Sweet Home" and will be followed by "Royal Family" March 2, 2011.


My Princess-Song Seung Heon.jpg My Princess-Kim Tae Hee.jpg My Princess-Park Ye Jin.jpg My Princess-Ryu Su Yeong.jpg
Song Seung-Heon Kim Tae-Hee Park Ye-Jin Ryu Soo-Young
Park Hae-Young Lee-Sul Oh Yoon-Joo Nam Jung-Woo
My Princess-Lee Soon Jae.jpg My Princess-Maeng Sang Hun.jpg My Princess-Kang Ye Sol.jpg My Princess-Lim Ye Jin.jpg My princess-Lee Gi-Kwang.jpg
Lee Soon-Jae Maeng Sang-Hun Kang Ye-Sol Lim Ye-Jin Lee Gi-Kwang
Park Dong-Jae Oh Ki-Taec Lee Dan Kim Da-Bok Gun-I
Hae-Young's grandpa Park Dong-Jae's sec. Lee-Sul's stepsister Lee-Sul's stepmom assistant cook
My Princess-Lee Seong-Min (1968).jpg My Princess-Lee Dae-Yeon.jpg My Princess-Choi Yu Hwa.jpg My Princess-Heo Tae-Hee.jpg My Princess-Chu Heon Yup.jpg
Lee Seong-Min Lee Dae-Yeon Choi Yu-Hwa Heo Tae-Hee Choo Hun-Yub
Lee Young-Chan So Soon-Woo Kang Sun-A Yoo Gi-Kwang
Korean president politician Lee-Sul's friend aide reporter
My Princess (2011-Korean Drama)-Son Seong-Yun.jpg My Princess (2011-Korean Drama)-Hwang Young-Hee.jpg My Princess (2011-Korean Drama)-Baek Bong-Ki.jpg
Son Seong-Yun Hwang Young-Hee Baek Bong-Ki
Shin Mi-So Hong In-Ae Bong-Jae

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-01-05 1 13.0 (5th) 17.1 (5th)
2011-01-06 2 14.3 (5th) 17.2 (5th)
2011-01-12 3 16.2 (3rd) 20.0 (3rd)
2011-01-13 4 17.0 (3rd) 22.7 (2nd)
2011-01-19 5 16.9 (3rd) 21.9 (2nd)
2011-01-20 6 14.0 (3rd) 18.4 (3rd)
2011-01-26 7 14.1 (4th) 18.2 (4th)
2011-01-27 8 14.5 (4th) 18.0 (3rd)
2011-02-02 9 9.9 (7th) 11.8 (5th)
2011-02-03 10 8.4 (13th) 10.1 (9th)
2011-02-09 11 12.0 (5th) 14.7 (5th)
2011-02-10 12 12.4 (6th) 15.8 (4th)
2011-02-16 13 12.6 (5th) 15.5 (5th)
2011-02-17 14 12.3 (5th) 15.5 (4th)
2011-02-23 15 12.0 (6th) 15.6 (5th)
2011-02-24 16 12.3 (5th) 15.4 (3rd)
Average 16.1 -

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Jennifer Onofia I'm a big fan of this Korean drama. While I was watching this movie I'd hope that you too end up together in real life. The movie is very funny, great sense of humor, and especially the facial expression. It's more interesting than I thought. I really liked the movies.

ToniaB I really love this drama,am sure have rewatched it up to 10 times if not more,so interesting,romantic and the lead charcters were just too awesome #Fightingkoreanmovieindustry. ♥

shivani james i love this drama alot after watching this fell in more n more love with kdrama. became a huge fan of kim tae hee after watching IRIS but after this i have started to like her more n more. The first reason for me to watch this drama was Song Seung heon as i loved his movie he was cool and especially automn in my heart with song hye kyo but inthis as a diplomat he is so young and cool ,ijust love him all the more after watching this. The drama is crazy good for me.I hope korean peoople keep doing the good work and continue making such awesome dramas. After this i guess i will start watching When a man loves of Song Seung heon. love..............this drama crazy fan of the lead.............and love them alllllllll........

marianne I really love this story and also the character both very perfect couple at me. Wishing have a 2nd film again both kim tea hee and song seung heon together yeah u guys....

kaffy The film was really interesting from begining t o the end

celestin Just finished watching The princess,it is a bomb!!!perfect ending and a great storyline from the first episode to the last,u will neva get bored.Good acting from the actors and actresses involved,Keep the good work Hyung(SSH), Noona(Kim Tae hee) and others.av watched most of SSH movies and he is a perfect actor can't wait for his other movie titled Obbession(Human Addiction).for those dat are yet to watch,I highly recommend dis drama,u will neva get disappointed.I give 10/10.From Nigeria

gayathri hi am from india.. always loved to watch korean.. my first watch of korean drama was' you are beatiful' later i watched 'my princess' not familiar with their names.. but i like 'park shin hye' the most and the my princess hero....the most espically his smile.. i never commented for any moveis before even for my own native movies... am always triggered to visit to vist south korea....

Saliza I actually LOVED this drama when I first watched this show, about a year or 2 ago, but now that I look at it, this is a copy of "My Girl"....I'm not trying to be a hater, but "My Girl" was made in 2005-2006..Basically the only difference in the plot is that the grandfather isn't about to be heaven-bound and that the main girl isn't the to-be-princess of Korea

john This drama was awesome. For me, KTH was gorgeous and her acting was perfect. So, KTH keep up the good work. Stay positive KTH, don't mind the haters. I will always be waiting for your new project, KTH. KUDOS!

Gloria I feel it's a normal interesting korean movie bt it was okay

smiley Oh my, where do I start, I never (to my knowledge) posted a comment before about any thing that I have seem before, so for me to post this I was in love with the film the beginning to the end, but when I got to the end I was very happy with joy to see her choose her man, but very sad at the same time because to me the story has yet to be complete, there should definitely be a sequel to this unfinished story, a uproar with the president or the people, news somebody about the princess, the president reaction Park Hae-Young going against him and still marrying the princess, most of all WE DIDN'T SEE A WEDDING, how extra handsome Park Hae-Young would look in his suit I love their love hate relationship reminds me of how me and my husband is, Park Hae-Young is that take charge confident guy, sexy..................... I really reaallllyyyyyy realllllllllyyyyyyy............ would love to see a sequel with the exact same cast members or else it will not be the same I pray that u please can do another or a very long movie. Thank u, Smiley.

angel Please I just finish watching this korean drama, and I had watch this in a second time around. I hope you can continue this show, i'm looking forward for MY PRINCESS part 2 ....please.. i just love this show so much................ i hope the cast can visit the philippines also...

Emily @ifa thank you, I was finding himmmmmm <3

ifa missing extended cast: Jo Sang Wook as Hyun Woo. he appears briefly with black suits after Lee Seol and Park Hae Young went to the bank.

BleerAgain This is the my favorite Korean TV Show. "My Princess" is an excellent TV Show and this is the only romantic-comedy show that I really liked. No wait, scratch that. "My Princess" is the only romantic-comedy show that I really loved. The story and casting was perfect! Kim Tae Hee & Song Seung Heon is the perfect couple. So I pray to all the gods that please please please, make a SEQUEL! Or if that's not going to happen, then they should make a movie together or something. I really love this show. I can't move on because Park Hae Young oppa is so handsome!! And, the impact of these two is just WOW. They should do many projects together. My Princess is one of the best shows and I will never ever, ever, forget how Park Hae Young oppa bullied the princess, how oppa was so protective, how oppa loved the princess. And how Lee Seol is the kindest and has the biggest heart. I will never forget her recklessness. So whoever it is that can make "My Princess 2" happen, I hope you can read the comments of all the fans who really loved your show. If there's going to be a sequel, we, or at least I, will be the happiest girl on earth.

Bleer This is my favorite Korean TV Show. There has got to be a sequel because "My Princess" is the best romantic-comedy I have ever watched. So please please please, let there be a sequel. If not, then they should just make a movie or a tv show together or something. They're the perfect couple! I'm not a fan of romantic tv shows, but I really loved this one. I really loved Kim Tae Hee & Song Seung Heon. The story was excellent. But I think it's not finished yet. Their whole love story should be seen by people. MAKE A SEQUEL!

Sri Lankan Fans I LOVED this show! On behalf of Sri Lankan fans & my collegue .. most of the drama or movie we like to watch is Korean drama/movie..Great storyline!!!! Love this drama!! Good casting!!! Can't wait for the next season...

Khuncho This drama is fantastic. Very enjoyable. The main actors are so good in acting. No question for my heart stealer Song Seung-Heon. I have become a fan of Kim Tae-Hee since this is her second show for me. In this drama she is adorable and acts so well. I would say she is an excellent actress. Love her so much.

jazelle thumbs up for this drama it so much...I hope that there will be another part 2 sequel for this drama series..hope to see kim tae hee and Song Seung Heon together,,they are perfect for each other...

mahnaz I like this drama after boys over flower

eclipse The chemistry between these two is just... WOW! They definitely need to do another drama with each other again

mona I really love this story. Thanks a lot for all k drama and special for my princess. I love u tae hee& song heon.

Yohanna veshanya I want My Princess 2!!! Come on, somebody agree with me? The ending is not complete. There's a lot more to show. If they couldn't show it on My Princess, then show it on My Princess 2, right? Are they even reading our comments?

Son A Bu 안녕하세요! 내 이름은 Aruzhan입니다! 내가이 희 김 태와 파트너 수면 아들은 자기가 당신을 사랑 해요! 지금은 한국어를 가르치고 배우가되기 위해 예술 학교에 가고 싶어요. 당신이 날 도와줄 거라고 생각합니다. 그리고 나중에 당신에게 창의력에서의 성공을 기원합니다!! 카자흐스탄에서 안녕하세요!

Son A Bu 안녕하세요! 내 이름은 Aruzhan입니다! 내가이 희 김 태와 파트너 수면 아들은 자기가 당신을 사랑 해요! 지금은 한국어를 가르치고 Actis되기 위해 예술 학교에 가고 싶어요. 당신이 날 도와줄 거라고 생각합니다. 그리고 나중에 당신에게 창의력에서의 성공을 기원합니다!! 카자흐스탄에서 안녕하세요!

Son A Bu 안녕하세요! 내 이름은 Aruzhan입니다! 내가 희 김 태와 파트너 수면 아들 hona 즉, 당신을 사랑해! 지금은 한국어를 가르치고 Actis되기 위해 예술 학교에 가고 싶어요. 당신이 날 도와줄 거라고 생각합니다. 그리고 나중에 당신에게 창의력에서의 성공을 기원합니다!! 카자흐스탄에서 안녕하세요!

sbee kim tae hee is such a pretty gul i always admired her ....i luv u princess

sbee i just luv this movie!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Kim Tae Hee is very beautiful, charming and Song Seun Heong is soo adorable!!! Both of them excelled in portraying the roles. THUMBS UP!!!

forugh my princess hs very very tae hee is very nice i loveeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my love

ema hope to see more of korean drama

ema i really loved the actors in movie.i hope that they would be couples in real life.looking forward to season 2

sajhine my princess in very great... i want season 2....saranghamnida kim tae hee and song seung heon.....

Misa I love "my princess". They went to Viet Nam, Park Hae-Young and Lee Seol. it's a great event

I love you. I always vote for you.

muslimah woooh! i reeeeeeeealy reeeeaaaaally looooooveeeee thiiiis mooooovie!

Estrella Mosey i like it,,,,,

verry like it,,,,

farah i like this drama cause their actor and actress is handsome and pretty :D

jivitha i luv tis drama....korean drama's are always super.......n i like lee-sul....she is very cute.....

az THe best drama..U see,i watch drama to release my stress,so i prefer the kind that has no many conflicts,a lot of comedy,and romance..My princess is the one i've been looking for..thank you for producing it.

wan third I really love this drama..the conflicts are not so many(which i like the most) ^^..all in there are their love story...THen,,episode 15 is the best episode ^^

ladY I Like tHis dRama, n I loVe u Full sOng seUng Hun n Kim taE hee, pLease cOme to iNdonesia....

Andri huuffttzzz.....owesome,I like korean Drama so much especially My princess. Unfortunately I lost 3 episodes.(1,8 and 9). I have a trouble with the script, because in episode 8 and 9 it used korean script. Could you help me???? Trims

aafiya dhiya I Like Park Hae Young n' Lee Soul ,,,, ”‎​Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡” ,,,, please come to Indonesia ,,, your acting is very wonderfull. Mizzzzzz U' sooooo Muchhhh muahhh muahhh,,,, ”‎​Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡”

lisa somebody know where to get the shoes the princess wears?

memant dachi d'toxic i like princess lee soul

tt i like this ................

sunny jond I've watched it for times, but still I cn't get my eyes out of it. They r so adorable n compatible. R they really a couple?? hope to see them together in the real life like the way they did in the movie!!!! My princess is a cool korean drama, the cultural aspects of S. Korea as well as modernity, r successfully wrapped into such an enermous movie!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUuuuuuuuuuuCH I do hope there will be MY PRINCESS 2. PLzzzz....... I am 1 of ur biggest fans :D

fitriii lee sull,,,,

i like u

you very beautiful,,,

fitriii ..i love u park hae young.... ,,pleaseee comee to indonesiaa,,, hahahahahhahahaha

your acting is wonderfulll,, and your always in my think,,,,


Caroline I LOVED this show! I was so glad I came across this tv show on my Netflix! Being that I am american, I obviously didn't watch this show while it was on air but I really hope that they will go back and do another season of this show! Please!

Rianti Your very good actors drama... :)

ANNA my princess hmm I love this drama ..... kim tae hee and song seung heon they are both very compatible, I also loved his character. kim tae seung song you are beautiful and you're cool.

marlin woooooooo you are the best

marlin wooooooooooooouuuuuuuu ilove my princeeeeeesssssssssssssss

rindie Indonesia i love song seung heon,,,u look so cool

anahara this is a great drama!!! I love Park hae young,..

hannahcersin OMG!This drama was the best drama.The actor and actress was very beautiful and funny.They made a perfect couple.Hope i will see Tae Hee and Song Heon again in next movie.

shiny It was awesome.....! Wen Mr.P says "I miss u" it was so cute............ nd both of their chemistry nd romance works out superb............. but I cant understand the last ep... does she still remains a princess...

abby I was very skeptical when netflix suggested this for me. Got sick with the flu and watched all episodes in a day now I'm wondering why didn't i watch it sooner??lol cant speak a word in korean but I'm loving this I really hope there is a season 2... then 3 maybe a 4 it would really make my day ;)

merdewi Anneyong haseyo! I really love this drama..completely mesmerized by both actor and actress Song Seung-Heon and Kim Tae-Hee..both are talented and beautiful.. i like the comedy bit..hope to see both of them doing another romance comedy drama together again!

Linda I really love this drama both main actors. They are the best. Love the author who creates this drama as well.

nori drama MP ist the best. love song seung heon very much........

hanae yamashita As soon as the camera rolls away from the main couple acting together, i lose interest. Nothing impressive except for the leads chemistry. The whole royalty issue gets boring and repetitive.

diane hayyyyyyy i love song seung heon and kim tae hee youre my idol promise for the first time in my life nung napanuod ko yan iba talaga yung naramdaman ko first na adik hayy kakeleg kasi punta nga ko dyan paglaki thats my dream guide tourism sa south korea para makita ko sila at marami pa kong dream....thankz sa pagbasa

Janet I really love this couple..prefect match..

christine i love Mr. P and i really love the story. i hope there is a part two or if not, the Leizel and Mr. P will have a new episode

emma Congratulations to a wonderful series and hope everyone appreciate it!!! I am not Korean and whenever I watch a Korean series with English subtitles, of course, it usually ends with a very depressed ending that has contradicted with my expectation of a good piece of entertainment. Korean films have a way of making people cry and very sad. The reason why Hollywood films are so successful especially in the depression era was because it brought hope and laugher and joy and mostly happy endings. With minority of sad endings usually ends in a heroic situations and most endings are justified. The world is not a pretty place and the producer should focus on things that are positive and makes people feel good despite all the sad moments to stimulate the plots. I love this series and rated it the best because this is what I called entertainment. Little trimmings that the producer and writer crafted in like Film on film " Audrey Hepburn, a PRINCESS and Gregory Pecks' Roman Holiday" is absolute delight. Adoring the Samsonite and transporting in a SAMSONITE are so very clever, although its advertising for the Company but it is not overdone. Ever success!

nez i love this drama! everything was perfectly done. if i have a million thumbs, a million thumbs up! kim tae hee and song seung-heon is the perfect love team ever! hope they'll make part II of My Princess. kim tae hee and song seung-heon should make lots of drama series together (pleaseeeee?!!)


Princess I love this is all about comedy and romance...

han Tutor for horseback riding - Bidam. LOL

karthi what a story.........!!!!!!!!!! Park hae young!!!!!! love u darling!!!!!!!! his character is awesome....most handsome man......!!!!! i too had fallen for his eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!

Totem Watching Lee Dan (Lee Seol's stepsister) and Seon Ah (Lee Seol's friend that works at a mall) reminds me of Sooyoung during her debut days and Hoot promotions.. LOL :D

margarette♣ oh my god I really love the characters of MY PRINCESS it really makes me up's and down on my chair. It really take my breathe away................................. good job everybody

thiadin i really love this tae hee is so beautiful and seung hun is like a princess,protect her so much.really love them!!

Jessica Being single at 56 I already forgotten how to fall in love again, but when I watched this movie, OMG! I keep on replaying my CD, they touched me. The actors and actresses are so good. I hope there will be season 2! Congrats to Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun! They're so compatible, hope in real life they end up together!

Tina Setiawan i love. such lovely i can't wait to see next episode

Tina Setiawan I love such lovely ican't wait for see next episode

joy milen hi kim tae hee and seong heon i really love your show

joy milen ive really love to watch this show ofcourse seung heon oppa and kim tae hee love you.

vanicatriz part 2 ! part2! i want to what will happen next!!!!! please!!! i'm begging you to have a part 2 of it!!!!!v please!!!!!

BeatrizNica i love my princess....but i hope that there will be part 2 of it. i want to see their wedding, children and the palace again. and i really want the story will continue. i hope that they are planning to have a part 2 of it. <3

dani hahaha..i really3 love this couple seunghun n taehee it^^

jhen sna nga my season 2, nka2inspire ang kwento,..ang gwapo ni song seung heon, once you've watched it mafifil mong masarap ma-in love..and hopefully someday makatagpo din ako ng tulad ng character ni ethan park (song seung heon), grabe naka2 adik ang palabas na'to.. PART 2 sigaw ng mga taong love na love ang my princess..ang kulit ng tandem it so much,.so far this is my favorite show at all..  :-)

gaiL.. ..i really love this..part 2 pls..

rassil i hope they will make season2 of this drama .. i'm very captivated by this drama .. i always have goosebumps!! please make another drama together!! they are so cute .. nice one!!! i really love this!! this is the best drama i've ever watched!!! Go Kim Tae-Hee and Song Seung-Hun .. i love u both!!!! i will always support the both of you!!!

ken i loved the story and was really carried away by park hae young and lee seol... they look good together hope they do another series together...

Yumie As a big fan girl of Kim Tae Hee noona, I never let go any of her projects, I make sure that I have watched all of it to feed me every small detail (even issues) about her. I even watch her simple advertisements! But from watching all of those, I found this the best! Noona also said that she also exerted much effort on this drama for her role as Lee Seol, and yeah, her acting techniques here, were quite different from her other shows-which made me love Noona more and more!

neysa i super duper lk this drama so much ............. i want to have a part 2 of this!

jessy sweet couple

♥joyce♥ sana tlaga mi part two!!!!

♥joyce♥ ang ganda ng my princess !! sOpAhmuch!!!

kim tae hee, saranghae!! ♥ ang kyut!! sana mi part two!! ..

love the couple Song Seung Hun ♥ Kim Tae Hee!!!

wilmhel gosh!!!! how sad nmn last episode n xa may 6

  sana my part two uber ganda ng story kasi ii 
  kakilig silang dlawa kahit hindi n acu kumain  basta nanunuo acu nun 
  kya pu part two pa pu PLS...................PART TWO!  PART TWO  !

Trisha Agcaoili umaasa po ako na pagbibigyan niyo kami na magkaroon pa ng season II. maganda po kc yung story alam marami po ang natutunan namin mula sa inyo.salamat po

Trisha Agcaoili I love my princess Actually I’ve watch so many times This movie makes me feel that I’m in a world of fairytale where a princess like Kim Tae-Hee had fallen in love with a diplomat like Song Seung-Heon They were such a great couple. The movie was so nice Everytime I watch my princess I feel my day was so complete. I hope this Korean drama has season II The whole movie was perfect. God bless to all the cast of my princess.i’m proud of you.

Sana lahat ng lalake ay katulad ni Song Seung-Heon na lahat gagawin niya para lang sa kanyang minamahal.At alam kong totoo ang pagmamahal niya kay Kim Tae-Hee.Sana may lalake pang katulad niya.alam kong maraming naghahangad ng isang lalakeng katulad mo at isa na ko doon.Kaya gusto kong pumunta ng south korea balang araw.

kannau i really like ur movie and also like the characters .i wish that kim tae hee and her lover to end up .and i look forward for part 2 pls pls pls...............

kannau i really love u both and wish u to end up marrying .i love ur movie it is the best i ever seen in my life

mitchie A good inspiration .. i lOve the story and i admire all the characters :) God bless ..

mutya my princess is a very nice korean drama. kim tae hee and song seung heon are very cute to each other. good luck!!!!

zheLLe I Love Kim Tae-Hee and Song Seung-Heon because they are cute couple,,funny,,and the best couple for me..... ..Kim Tae-Hee is so beautiful,,funny and cute...... ...Song Seung-Heon is so handsome and cute...... I always watch MY PRINCESS because I really really like it...and so beautiful,,interesting,,and funny......

I hope this series have a part 2..... ...guys,,let's support the korean drama( MY PRINCESS ).......

Lee Mi Chi I really hate YOON JOO~ Uh, her character is super hate-able. Despicable.


jhane surban i really love kim tae hee,shes so beautiful and charming

doods i hope this series would have a season II.

i love SSH & KTH so much!!!!! they look good/cute as couple i SWEAR!. I really love both of them!!!! 

i think the ending was a little bit disappointed. u know what i mean..... right?! ^.^ i really hope & wish for the season II of this series. plz plz plz!!

gay please,.Part 2 of " MY PRINCESS"

shylajoie im an avid fan of My Princess..ang ganda talaga nito..ok ang chemistry nina kim tae hee and song seung hun..sana may part 2 pa to..

beatriz pls!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope have season 2 of my princess PLSSS



Jaris I love this very very much! :)

JANICE hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have just watch the koreanovela my princes!!! wow!!! so magnificent lovestory!!! just like other fans i am also looking forward for the season 2, there's indeed a perfect "kilig" factor on it. SONG SEUNG HUN is a great leading man for his princess KIM TAE HEE!!! OH GUYS words aren't enough to describe how wonderful it was... For those who are behind of making MY PRINCESS? YOU guys was so great!! you absolutely made the FILIPINOS happy and feel 100% kilig!!! keep it up!!!

grace i hope my princess have season 2 bcoz they are both cute and they are the best couple i hope they have a relationship in real life....................


mj i like it because the characters are good in acting. I ♥ KOREAN DRAMA..enjoy watching..

mitzi aira ............wish that my princess has a part 2......!!!!....

...i love my princess ..FOREVER.....

Stephy PART 2 please... I sooo love this series... please.. please..

ciamorales i love my princess i always watch this korean drama because i really2 like song seoung-hun and lee-sul i like it very much....

avid fan i lovee tae hee and song heon together in this drama!!! they are so cute together, and i think they have chemisty! would love to see a season 2 (Please pleaseee!!!), the ending was kind of a cliffhanger! i want to know what happen next after that last scene...!!! but i wonder why the tv ratings in south korea is not really high??? nevertheless, there are many fans outside s.korea so please give us a season 2!! Or at least another project with tae hee and song heon as the couple!! (my love for the tae hee and song heon couple was what made me love this drama. i must say the development of the plot that involves all of the troubles with regards to the princess thing and royal foundation was not very well explained and developed.)

sha even not season another korean drama as long as they are the love team <3

sha many people*

sha everyone is looking forward for the season 2 of MY PRINCESS :)) mbc pls make it real.. wer really hoping for it :)) may people in asia is hoping for it :)) we love kim tae hee an song seung heon <3

Sidney Unrealistic drama.. How could a tycoon will give up his fortune for a long lost imperial family over his flesh and blood.. Trying to watch but the plot is not interesting..just to see how much money were spent to reinstate the monarchy also make me baffle .. I like princess hour much better.. Storyline is much logical and interesting

alYx . Song Seung-Heon and Kim Tae-Hee are perfeCt loverS in this film . .i hope there will be another drama with the same lovers . . . .eEeeee!!!!!! love it. . ! :) )

alYx . Song Seung-Heon and Kim Tae-Hee are perfeCt loverS in this film . .i hope there will be another drama with the same lovers . . . .eEeeee!!!!!! love it. . ! :))

yshhhh ang cute tlga ng my princess..super..! best ever korean drama... ang ganda ng chemistry ni Song Seung- Heon at Kim Tae- Hee:)) sana magkaroon pa sila ng isa pang project together..

go go go go MY PRINCESS.<3

anne My princess 2... sequel please... We really love my princess.. so good story and cute and amazing actors....

= denies = Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon are very cute together i wish they could have another project together,,,,,im sure all the people will also love it the way they loved (My princess).... :) :) ^_^

= jhen = i love you kim tae hee and Song Seung-Heon!!!!!!!!!!!!!im really very happy when im watching this drama,,it can make us cry,laugh,and even fall in love........i really wish to see you in person guys,,,and i will continue supporting you.. go MY PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

redzone Awesome,nice,n wonderful romantic drama comedy.Hopefully that there will be part II on 2012 with same lead character.I'll be waiting for it...

Nicole Erice I really really like this romantic- comedy drama.. MY PRINCESS-----> YOU ROCK!!! Like everyone else here ,, I also like a season 2 of this story.. When I first heard about this story,, I already bought one cd and start watching it.. I love watching it over and over again especially when I can see my favorite actors KIM TAE HEE and SONG SEUNG HEON.. I really like you guys.. Saranghae!! I also watch it in channel 2 (ABS-CBN),,, you rock guys.. KIM TAE HEE,, you are really beautiful .. SONG SEUNG HEON,, you are really handsome... I hope you guys are cute couples in real life too.. So,, we are all looking forward for season two of his drama with the same characters.. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

theidsze super love MY PRINCESS!!! kim tae hee and song heon proved that they are not only actors for drama and action...they did well in making their viewers feel good and in love in their portrayel as lee sul and hae young..which proved their detractors wrong.... in general, i smiled, sighed, laughed, cried, and fell in love over and over again. It made me feel good. Its a drama which you cant stop watching till its over, but ones it ends, you cant help but miss them and keep watching again... but the ending is somewhat lacking. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEASON 2!!!!

mlotte been hooked of it for 3 days and now im really sad its over! (sigh) got suggestions with the same plot folks while waiting for season 2? or i might as well watch it again this time in my language(thanks ABS-CBN) and once more experince the "kilig" thing...

rhosie i really really like this this show there is comedy, drama and cute love story. :)

oppa such a wonderful thing if there would be a 2nd season for My Princess:> of course with the same lead characters as well! kim-tae hee and song-seung heon have an awesome chemistry! and they have a job well done! I hope there would be more upcoming drama they will star as a couple!=> i really love them both!:"> their love story here is so so cute! makes me giggle uncontrollably every time; especially when hae young kisses lee seol! hahaha:))))

zsandriya hope to watch my princess book 2 w/ same lead characters...

alexandra joyce I love my princess it so beautiful

alexandra joyce.joyce I LOVE MY PRINCESS I hope I can go to KOREA to meet all the cast of my princess in person

banjo i love my princes!♥♥♥♥♥♥3

mae annyeong haseyo! saranghaeyo "my princess"

mae i really love "MY PRINCESS"

     i wish i can go to korea so i can meet them in person :)

erika i saw on wikipedia that my princess has a part 2 on 2012!! is that really true? Please confirm. Thank You so much. I am a fan of this drama series. Thanks. :>

krizia im exiting to watch the my princess because 1 of my favorite........i love u kim tae hee and song heon bagay kyong 2...................saranghe my princess

carmela ..ahm..can u please have season two for My Princess..pleeeeeeeeeeeasssssssss

carmela i want to go to Korea..!!..Kim Tae Hee nd Song Seung Heon,..have really a good chemistry.... next tym again, some luvstory projects for the both of them :)

carmela really really luv it..sarangahe <3 ..wen i first saw it on instincts say i should have a copy of just 3 chapters away/.OMY//kim tae hee nd song seung heon..there was a tym wen i need to hide at the back of our closet just to continue watching chapter14..i really really love Korean dramas,comedy,luvstory..haha two thumbs up for u guix

isabelle just finish watching this.. kim tae hee and song seung heon have chemistry.. i love them.. i love the story... really funny and romantic... i still feel giddy...

Cullengabriela Omg.........+300 voted for this movie it's kinda awesome.....;-) the highest that i've ever seen, could be more????

desiree18 i love u my princess u are the only one princess to me .


-D already watch 6 episode so far n thats make me stomatch....damn funny......!:-* i really can move my's bcoz of it but i love it <3<3<3

meana The story made me feel like I was actually in the set, and that I was a part of the story. It was so realistic that I was moved. Park Hae Young shi, can I be your princess?

sweet_pea just finish my full dvd marathon w/ my princess! its a very heart-warming love story, i really love it! what a great ending it has, very romantic, keep watching! wish il have my own "oppa" like song heon! ♥

mj astig dvd marathon nato.

raine this is so worth it... i hope there's a second part since it not really clear about what will happen to their life after they left for the US...they both have careers.. Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon have chemistry.. i hope they'll have another project together... they are so cute together...

Nel i like to watch the season 2, if they make it. im gonna look forward for that season,, thanks.

Nel "wOw" its really a good korean love story,, i love korean romance, the way they say "sarang hamnida" so sweet. i've done watching this 16 episode, i think i like to watch it again hehehe! congrats to those actor and actress..

Mac Hey.. Where can i see the full episode? please tell

christine princess is a nice drama.. and the cast are so wonderful but kim tae hee is the most outstanding actress there.. In the first time i saw the trailer of this drama, I knew that this will be a good drama.. lee sul and park hae young is a nice couple not just in the movie but also in real life.. >.< Hope that many people will support this drama..especially the love team of tae hee and song heon.. ^_^

jeri i love my princess sooooo ,much...its great..its fun watching it <3 it..

Valerie Hahaha... Ang ganda ng my princess... D2 sa pilipinas... Inaabangan ko sya araw araw... Manuod po tau lagi ng my princess..!,.


jessa it is shown on philippine is so beautiful,,

corien rose OMG!!... i love it.. i'm gonna watch this korean drama everyday

jin chan My Princess is a really great drama and Kim Tae Hee and Seung Seo Heon are very good actors. I hoped they will make a season 2 for my princess. How about in season 2, The couple will get married and will show the nice reaction of the people towards their marriage...Then a vacation/honeymoon scene..Then Lee Seol's step sister will come back to make a little revenge because of her jealousy towards Lee Seol..And Oh! What if..The story will show how the couple Lee Seol and Park Hae Young adapt to their situation like when Seol is left in the palace while Hae Young is working on abroad..But in the end, Dan Ah will be sorry for what all she did and will be reunited with her mother and be in good terms with Lee Seol. And also, the couple will have a child.. And Yoon Jo will be married to Jung Woo and they will also be in good terms with the cute couple :)

We really wish and hope for a season 2 of my princess and if there will be one. We really want the same actors to play their roles especially Kim Tae Hee and Seung Seo Heon :)

blackshop love this one.... they are soo lovely, but the ending is not goodd... hohoho

monica its so beautiful.cute and wonderful love story..hope evry one will watch it.. lee-sul&hae-young are perfect........!!!!!!!!!!

ruzzellou...... OMG.......MY PRINCESS is really nice swear.....and tae hee is very pretty, I really like her so much ....nice pair with song..........

karina hai... im indonesian, but i love korean drama n movies so much. i wanna watch "my princess' again again n again...... ^_*

kim seo hyun i reall realy like korean drama now its my princess again i really like the show romantic comedy its so nice i like Tae ee hee is so beautifull.great pair of song heon and tae hee.hope you will watch my princess

        " KAMSA HAMNIDA"who support this drama and other korean drama "cheulkahaeyo"to song heon and tae hee

micha Aubrey I really like this series... superb tandem for both main charactes such as song seung Hun and Kim tae hee... Looking forward for another series or movies together. Super love it! promise

Sucker_puncher I think my princess will be in the afternoon slot for abs-cbn.btw ilike KTH,keep w8ing for IRIS2.

Real Princess hahhahha..i havent watched this drama. But i have read about the plot and all and it sounds quite interesting. I am looking forward to seeing song and kim tae hee.I loved song in autumn in my heart and kim in love in harvard. They were mindblowing.M getting addicted to korean dramas although i can understand only with subtitles.

Looking forward to wathcing My Princess.

asa So glad both of them had happy ending. Song needs to act in stories with happy endings and not those hero characters who die. Song is so gorgeous. I just keep pausing when his face on screen, just to stare at him until my eyes hurt! Hope there are more dramas with good endings for him in future. East of Eden left me sick for some time. Sorry to mention why Baker King highest rating - cos of human struggle and good will truimph! Viewers like that as it gives them hope for a new day too, gives determination. After struggling with life daily, people just want to watch good show to relax and forget their troubles! So more 'My Princess' type dramas please for Song. He also reminds me of Barbie doll's Ken - hairstyle, clothings, face!! :)

Kamsahamnida to all cast and crew for the wonderful drama.

OrE@_89 lUv this princess.....

dea it nice..very nice...hmhmhm..nice story beutifull princess,so handsome diplomat..park hae handsome professor nam juung u all..:)

Moira Wish they'd subtitled it in English. I'm addicted to Korean movies (as I once was to Bollywood movies.)

Vinna Love this drama...........every episode!

BeBi I ♥ this drama so☺MUCHHH!! \(♥_♥)/

vangielaurel one movie for kim tae hee,kim rae won,and song seung hun a love riot triangle ....hehehe for sure its a really funny movie....

Renosus Love both SSH and KTH, they look so cute together. Like the MP a lot.

yeng yeng I like my princess very much.... I can't waiting for the last episode... I hope it's a happy ending I love song seung hun*

keth i love this t.v series the lead actors have good chemistry.hope they have another movie coz there very much good

  in acting & there both good looking....KTH so beautiful & SSH so handsome ur so fanatic of Korean
  movies i do love it....more drama series & love from PHIL.

vangielaurel lab you kim tae hee and song seung more project for both of you together!!!! my princess are one of a kind.... loved the drama!!!

vangielaurel another one love strory for song seung hun and kim tae hee.... pls!!!!

ankah love it! :) nice story, good acting. KTH and SSH are the best couple! :) both are beautiful and good actors. I would like to see them together in real life too :D :) greetings from Romania(Southeastern Europe)!


L 我的公主

o love u my princess kim tae hee


E 愛你丫 愛你丫 ♥ MY PRINCESS ♥ 我の公主 》》김태희 SHE IS THE ONE 愛你丫 愛你丫 ♥ MY PRINCESS ♥ 我の公主 》》김태희 SHE IS THE ONE

v 愛你丫 愛你丫

v 내 아기 송 승 훈 당신에게 해피 발렌타인 데이, 당신을 사랑합니다!


princess I just love this drama. Should be the best in 2011 so far..... Just love this couple and hope they are real life couple like Hyun Bin & SSK. SSH is so cool and KTH is pretty.... Eventhough its their first team up they work really fine. That's what we call good actor and actrees. Hope the ending won't be dissapointing...... Can't wait for 23rd and 24th Feb for the ending.

black swindler Song Seung Hun is really great when it comes to a love story. Luv him with Kim Tae Hee in this...

oeland07 Like Secret Garden than My Princess.... ^^ but tae hee onni's acting is good...

Brian everytime director oh comes on... i wish i could just slap the s*** out of her

karen I love this drama..... its funny and sweet..... and the acting superb. The snotty sis and the curator just makes me so mad.. arrghhhh

peach Heyy guys!!! Does anyone one of you...know the ending of the drama........I hope the bad guys can be punished badlyyyyy

Katherine Such a lovely show. cant hardly wait for next episode. Light,romantic, funny and all the lovely clothes Tae Hee wears add spark to the show

Nat Great storyline!!!! Love this drama!! Good casting!!! Can't wait for the next epi!!!! Don't rally care about the rating!!!

emerals I can't wait for the next episode of My Princess......

lyren i don't understand why the rating of "my princess" slowly dropping, well in fact the storyline goes more exciting every episodes...arrrggghh..i really can't wait for the ep.11.. fighting! Mr.P and Seol

Cin Agreed! Nice storyline + great actors = good drama! I love their performance. Can't wait for Ep 11 & 12. Flighting!!

dreamer nice storyline + great actors => good drama!

Ahmo love this drama too. The actors are great at least i want to say that i love all about korean. I am a turkish guy and you must know that turkish and korean people are since 1950 in a friendship This message is to the 55 comment names aleyna from me: Ben seni cok iyi anliyorum ve sana hak veriyorum

Ahmo I love this drama too. The actors are great at least i want to say that i love all about korean. I am a turkish guy and you must know that turkish and korean people are since 1950 in a friendship This message is to the 55 comment names aleyna from me: Ben seni cok iyi anliyorum ve sana hak veriyorum

celine i love this movie so much , i can t wait so long i love kim tae hee

vangielaurel one of the best drama ive ever seen, im a filipina ,ireally like korean drama.....

vangielaurel hope theres another one more drama for kim tae hee and song seung hun...please!!!

Jen I jsut started watching tis and omg i totally love it!!! sooo i can't wait to see more!!!

Trina i love this film.. i can't wait to see next episode....

aleyna burdaki herkes ingilizce konuşuyor nasıl olsa benim tükçe konuştuğumu ve ne demek istediğimi kimse anlamıyor.bir kere tek cümle edeceğim daha diziyi anlamadan sorgulamdan yorum yapmayın

mariani I have fallen in love with this drama! I haven't felt this way for a long time. To all the cast of My Princess: Keep on the great job!!!

fan! Kim Taehee is soooo pretty in this drama!!!! song seung hun and kim tae hee also look GREAT TOGETHER!

ac ssh is so cute and wonderful , i just love his acting.

Jessyl Very good drama! like story, like casts!

mandak @dreamer..yeah i agreed with u..SSH has a beautiful eyes..just look in his eyes and i think i can fainted..hahaha

mandak luv MP so much..LS and PHY are adorable couple..they look good together..the storyline is good and fun but i really hate OYJ and Lee Dan..owh, gosh can we just eliminate the two witch..they just interrupted the romance between LS and PHY..anyway, keep it up on supporting MP..

dreamer I don't get it where some of these folks are talking about! To keep it simple.. Song Seung Heon is great! He's handsome, arrogant, manly, well mannered, aristocratic .. In other words: What does a girl need more? He's got an air around him that not many guys have. And like all of this isn't already enough... he's got beautiful eyes! He doesn't need to talk. He can show his feelings with his eyes. I wish I could meet him in reality..

pamie I like this,how cute the princess is!!!!

Emy MY PRINCESS is a very good drama! Each episode aired, things are hotter & hotter!

Cheah I'm still remember clearly his face (Song Seung Heon) on drama 'Autumn in my heart' really make my heart melt... that is the first drama & his second drama is 'My Princess' I'm not sure why I can't accept his other drama mmmm.. hope 1 day I can watch his movie couple with Lee Da Hae ...with romance & funny in Korea Traditional dress.

Misa Lee OMG i love this drama it's just amazing.. i get to see it the next day it airs in S.Korea but it's still Wednesdays and Thursdays i see it..i watch so much

k-dramas I'm even learning Korean from it

otabek i love KimTaeHee iam from uzbekistan and in Uzbekistan KTH has alot of fans

MingMi Very good romantic comedy! love it!

rita This drama is so silly, the plot is a deja-vu, the music is totally unfitting, the acting consists in smirks. I wonder what the hype is about.

Dek You can watch it at if you can read korean

angelina umm i love this drama but is there a place we can watch it?

Shin hi SSH and KTH I love u both.And I liked Song Seung Heon since I was 10.In Myanmar he is the first actor in our mind,,I love him very much ...I like all {from hair to toe} And Kim tae Hee too..She is the best in Love Story in Harvard,,,and very attractive and so cute,,,and most of the people in Myanmar want that she may love wht kim rae won ....let it be... whatever you both are the great ......I always stand by on your both you bye bye .please read it ,SSH & KTH...thanksbye

Paranoide This is my BEST DRAMA EVER

EverGreen MY PRINCESS is so interesting that my eyes are glued to the computer screens.

Jessyl Very good drama! exciting, funny, etc...! THUMBS UP!

SoFF-OnE its an interesting comedic drama.just finished 3 eps and loved it..glad to see Kim Tae Hee in a different character.have only watched her in serious and melodramatic way only.SSH(lead actor is a minus).since Autumn in My Heart, i don't think he is a suitable lead actor.can't feel the different of feeling on his line..always monotonic.

me such funny drama, and i love the main actor song seong heon

faye I'm watching this drama from overseas and too bad, there are no subtitles....I just watch the actions and figure out what is happening....I just love to watch the two characters though they are my favorite actors....Song, he's forever cute, handsome and downright every sense of the word.....his abs, it's enough to make a girl sing forever in the showers.

NormalsOverated i have a feeling that this dramas going to almost like be Goong =] i really hope it becomes really successful,looking forward to other episodes!!fighting!!^__^

rhea_01 i finished watching the first two episodes and i absolutely LOVE it!!! ^_^ cant wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!

rhea_01 i finished ep1 and 2 just now... i cant wait for the next episode!!!!! ^_^

Jula Yes i love this drama too,and i will be wathing it:)

Mashimarrow I absolute loved the first two episodes, i cant wait for the rest. This will be a great one, I can feel it. @--}--

>.< any day!!!! "Lee-Sul accepts the role of Princess, but she is now locked up in her palace and forced to study from dawn to late at night. Even worse, Park Hae-Young is her only instructor and he is snooty."..................... girl if he's snooty lets trade places. i wouldn't mind studying with AND that guy. (>.<) especially on a certain subject . lol



Sheda Rashid A big fan of Korean dramas. Can't wait for it to be shown in Singapore!

j-qatar yaaaay I'm loving it oredy. just saw the first episode, and can't wait for the second.

Paros I saw 1st episode already. It is very interesting, exciting, lovely & funny. Love it & can't wait for more. It is above expectation.

oel I dee see its 1st episode, it is very interesting, lovely, exciting & funny. It is really good. Must see! U will see new performance of both KTH, SSH.

lina wooooooww Seungheon Oppa.. Looks like you have a new hair style. still looks handsome.. ) ~♥♥♥ but I prefer your hair style in east of Eden can't wait for this drama :)

cyrene Song Heon-ssi and Tae Hee-ssi really looked good together. I've seen them act in heavy dramas and I'm looking forward in seeing them act in a romantic comedy series..hehe..I'm so happy.,,

p I hope good ending... please

yyang0124 LOL, omg I'm so excited, I cannot wait!!! looks good!!! my two favorite Song Seung-Heon & Kim Tae Hee, yay!!!!

eunice abigail .. saranghe kim tae hee !

eunice abigail .. it seems like the best korean drama in 2011 ! .. love it ! .. kim tae hee was so cute at the last part of the trailer ! ^_^

Cheah Dear the producer, writer....

On behalf of working female in Malaysia & my collegue .. most of the drama or movie we like to watch is Korean drama/movie...can consider is the top in the list.

BUT we really prefer the light,comedy,romance with happy ending...why ? after working so tired..with stress even sometime frustrated..we come home to have some peace minded of mind by watching or korean drama collection & we almost will pick up the most funny with romance drama to cheer we up.

Kindly do look on our suggestion to make in the future lot of this kind of drama. Thank you for your consideration & attention. Warm regards From Malaysian Working Lady....Cheersssssssss

sylvia navarro It's nice to see another drama with Kim Tae Hee as the lead actress but I was a bit disppointed after knowing the lead actor who will play opposite her. I don't like the guy, he's the only korean actor whom I never got to like. I was hoping for a true handsome korean actor. It could be Yoo Gong who haven't have a project yet eversince his army duty or somebody whose more adorable.

axela i'LL watch the tv drama of LOVE STORY IN HARVARD its so nice romantic love story i cant never stop watching it since. then i love the story of EAST AND EDEN i also watching it.. its so nice also.. yes yes!! here comes MY PRINCESS!! im so excited to watch this coz, I LOVE KIM TAE HEE AND SONG SEUNG HUN..iLL really support this team.. oohhh I LOVE IT...

Meng lee I wish you to film with Kim Rae Won.......! i love the performance of yours.

heerowon yess.... i can't wait to watch this film..i hope it will play here in phil.

i love KTH!

taranom I can't wait to watch this drama, I really miss my Seungheon Oppa. Good pairing, but I wish someday Seungheon Oppa will play with my favorite actress, Yoon Eun Hye. Anyway, As I always support Song Seung heon project, I will support this project too with all my heart.

dvlover woah...great pair.. they will make a great couple in this drama.. so happy:) can't wait for this drama.. support taeHee & songHeon..!!!!!!!!!!

kulyia who will be the man girl for Ghost? Im guessing Yoon hee?

dany This is such a great new . Since East of Eden fans were asking themselfs when will do a new drama project . Here we are - a romantic comedy .. So happy now :) Until this drama will be in shooting station we'll be able to watch Invincible , his new movie almost ready to be released . And for who didn't know , he's cast to play in Japan new project Love and Soul , a remake from american movie Ghost .. Yeah , that movie with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore .. Until SSH will be the prince of princess :P he will play the role of SAM ( heaven can wait ) .. Himself said that Ghost was a masterpiece .. you all agree , don't you ?? His princess in this new drama is Kim Tae Hee , a loveable actress who steal the heart of many of us .. Let's support this team , Song Heon & Tae Hee :)

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