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  • Drama: Mother
  • Director: Nobuo Mizuta, Makoto Naganuma
  • Writer: Yuji Sakamoto
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes: 11
  • Release Date: April 14 - June 23, 2010
  • Runtime: Wednesday 22:00
  • TV Ratings: 12.9% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Suzuhara Nao (Yasuko Matsuyuki),an expert observer of migratory birds, becomes a substitute teacher at an elementary school. She's in charge of of first-year students and doesn't have much passion for her job. One of her young students named Reina becomes attached to her new teacher.

One day, Nao knows about bruises on Reina and realizes that she is the victim of child abuse. At first Nao doesn't say anything, but Nao notices more bruises with each passing day and Reina's absences from school become more frequent. Nao's maternal instincts kicks in and she decides to take care of Reina. Nao & Reina then takes a train from their native Hokkaido to Tokyo ...


Mother-Yasuko Matsuyuki.jpg Mother-Koji Yamamoto.jpg Mother-Mana Ashida.jpg Mother-Atsuko Takahata.jpg Mother-Wakana Sakai.jpg
Yasuko Matsuyuki Koji Yamamoto Mana Ashida Atsuko Takahata Wakana Sakai
Suzuhara Nao Shunsuke Fujiyoshi Reina Michiki / Tsugumi Suzuhara Toko Suzuhara Kaho Suzuhara
Mother-Kana Kurashina.jpg Mother-Yosuke Kawamura.jpg Mother-Machiko Ono.jpg Mother-Takuma Otoo.jpg Mother-Minoru Tanaka.jpg
Kana Kurashina Yosuke Kawamura Machiko Ono Takuma Otoo Minoru Tanaka
Mei Suzuhara Kohei Kimata Hitomi Michiki Keigo Kayama Kensuke Fujiyoshi
Mother-Gou Ayano.jpg Mother-Miwako Ichikawa.jpg Mother-Yuko Tanaka.jpg
Gou Ayano Miwako Ichikawa Yuko Tanaka
Masato Miura Tamami Sodekawa Hana Mochizuki

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/14/2010 11.8%
02 04/21/2010 12.0%
03 04/28/2010 12.8%
04 05/05/2010 10.0%
05 05/12/2010 11.9%
06 05/19/2010 13.9%
07 05/26/2010 12.4%
08 06/02/2010 14.0%
09 06/09/2010 12.2%
10 06/16/2010 14.8%
11 06/23/2010 16.3%
Average 12.9%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


  • 4th Tokyo Drama Awards: Best Drama
  • 4th Tokyo Drama Awards: Best Actress - Yasuko Matsuyuki
  • 4th Tokyo Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress - Machiko Ono
  • 4th Tokyo Drama Awards: Best Screenplay - Yuji Sakamoto
  • 4th Tokyo Drama Awards: Special Award - Mana Ashida
  • 65th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Drama
  • 65th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actress - Yasuko Matsuyuki
  • 65th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress - Yuko Tanaka
  • 65th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Newcomer - Mana Ashida
  • 65th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Screenwriter - Yuji Sakamoto
  • 65th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Director - Nobuo Mizuta
  • 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2010): Best Actress - Yasuko Matsuyuki
  • 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2010): Best Supporting Actress - Mana Ashida


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Rajesh Kumar The most beautiful tv drama series i ever watched. Great plot, stunning cinematography, superb acting performance, and tear jerking also. Deserve all the awards and recognitions.

And I agree with Diablo SV, it has the same feel as Clannad After Story. When i first watch this drama, Tsugumi character somehow remind me of Okazaki Ushio. And i really want her to play the role if Clannad got a live action drama someday. Too bad now she's already 10.

Avatar Roku I agree with all the comments, it is best drama series ever.. Great plot, brilliant actors, Beautiful scenery and cinematography, and powerfull OST and background music. The most dangerous is the after effect. I keep thinking about what happen to Nao until Tsugumi/Reina 20. She'll be lost contact with her for about 12 years. So sad and heartwarming. @Diablo SV, I think i should watch Clannad Afterstory since you said it has the same feel with Mother.

Diablo SV The only two show along with clannad afterstory (anime) that could make me drop my tear. This drama series somehow has a similar feel that afterstory had. The plot story is great, the acting also brilliant, especially Mana ashida and Yasuko Matsuyuki, their best performance i guess. Need more drama series with superb quality like this in the future.

Sanosuke Sagara Five word, "Best drama series ever made!"

Eustace Scrubb What an outstanding performance by the 2 lead character, Nao and Tsugumi/Reina. Mana acting as tsugumi somehow remind me how Dakota Fanning act in Uptown Girl and Man on Fire, but Mana Ashida performance was better. Not to mention she was only 5 in this, what a brilliant actress. She should get more recognition. She deserve more than a cameo in Pacific Rim.

T-ara tribute I'm not japan drama fans. but i must say this one is special. By far the most beautiful human drama i ever watched. The little kid here was so cute. Please be a little girl forever. He he.

Orihara Izaya Finished watch it long time ago, and still the best drama series ever for me. The 3 most memorable scenes are the beach scene in episode 1, the phone dialogue in episode 10 and the last scene of episode 11, with nakigao Smile music as the background. Really heartwarming and sad human family drama. Simply the best.

Gary Lineker Just finished it today. And it become my favorite drama show ever. Watched it because of the rating in this site and the awards achieved. And i must say, this one deserve more recognition, especially outside japan.

Stratocaster Best TV Drama series ever, enough said! 10/10!

Jabulani Great TV Drama, with Outstanding acting, and breathtaking story. Recommended for you, who really want to watch top class drama series. Simply the best until today.

Beast and Harlot Superb drama with great story.. Nao and Reina/Tsugumi character was played brilliantly by the actresses. One of the best TV drama i've ever watched.. Overall 10/10 for me. About the ending, that's the best ending I could've imagined. Hope there is a special episode someday

Dawn of Justice One of Sakamoto Yuji Masterpiece. Best family human drama so far. And best Yasuko Matsuyuki and mana Ashida performance until today.

Dawn of Justice One of Sakamoto Yuji masterpiece. Best family human drama so far. Best Yasuko Matsuyuki and Mana Ashida performance until today.

Zahn Love it so much! Ashida mana is so cute. VERY WONDERFUL DRAMA. Very recommended.

yumi Ashida Mana is undeniably a genius. Her acting/charisma/presence is great in this drama and I cried for 10/11 of the episodes...jk but I cried a lot. If I had to give an award to "best plot" in a drama, it'll definitely go to this.

Bucho-Machete THE BEST drama I have ever seen. An emotional ride of epic proportions. A sequel is not needed here. I think everyone should watch this, it puts most of what we watch in the UK to shame.

Myu Pacific Thai so nice, so great,so lovely Mana chan, Yasuko San


There is no episode that doesn't make you cry. seriously.

@Rin: A Part 2 would just ruin it.

Rin ~SPOILER~ ending made me cry so much. i wish it was a happier end =( like they could have been together or something... I WANT A PART 2!!!

Rin GREAT drama! Very sad (very much about Suzu T.T) Every one was perfect for the part as well.

Porkie BEAUTIFUL. This is the best J-Drama I've ever seen.


jcwc one of the best j-dramas i've seen in a while. i cried like crazy while watching this with my mom! and my mom cried too. the ending was kinda 'meh' for me though. darnnit i want a sequel! the kid acts really really well too

Art Every once in a while.. there is a story that makes you cry, yet somehow you look forward to each episode. This is that story. The one story I think everyone should watch, whether you were abused as a child, whether you abused children, whether your mother has left you or whether you left your mother alone. A great show about motherhood, healing old wounds and forgiveness. Best show i've ever watched.

Just some points-Wakana Takai plays Mei, not Kaho and Kana Kurashina plays Kaho, not Mei.

Gou Ayano plays Uragami

kuro very impressive and very nice drama!

nik hamdi the beast story ever ....................i live suzuhara noa very much <3 (^_^)

mikan good movie and cute kid

asian i cried. even though i've been a cold hearted twisted bastard who laughed through most tragic stories.

Dazzlr Hauntingly beautiful! I agree about the wonderful cinematography!

chibi chan im an instant fan of this kid because of MOTHER!

SoFF-OnE Totally awesome!!

great acting, great story line.cinematography also very powerful.

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