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A father (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), who is mentally handicapped, but loves his daughter very much, is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. Later, his daughter Ye-Seung (Park Shin-Hye, who is a law school student, works to prove his innocence.

Back in 1997, Yong-Goo lives happily with his daughter Ye-Seung (Kal So-Won), even though he has the intelligence of a child. They stop by a shop everyday to look at a yellow Sailor Moon backpack that he hopes to buy his daughter. One day, they notice that the last yellow Sailor Moon backpack is being sold. Yong-Goo goes inside the store to plead his case, but the father buying the backpack ends up slapping Yong-Goo.

The following day, the girl who bought the yellow Sailor Moon backpack sees Yong-Goo working in the grocery store parking lot. She tells him that she knows another store that sells the same yellow backback. Yong-Goo follows the girl to a traditional outdoor market. A short while later, the girl is laying on the ground unconscious and Yong-Goo is trying to perform CPR. A woman walks by and calls the police.

Yong-Goo is accused of kidnap and murder. The father of the dead girl is also the chief of the National Police Agency. Yong-Goo is given the death penalty and incarcerated. In prison, Yong-Goo shares a jail cell with five other inmates. One day, Yong-Goo saves the life of his cellmate So Yang-Ho (Oh Dal-Su) from a rival prison gang leader. So Yang-Ho then offers to help Yong-Goo in any way he can to return the favor. Yong-Goo tells So Yang-Ho that he wants to see his daughter Ye-Seung. The five inmates then plan to make a miracle happen.


  1. Filming began June 20, 2012 in Daejeon, South Korea. The first scene filmed involved Yong-Goo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) who meets his cellmates in cell block 7 for the first time.
  2. Filming finished October 10, in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. The last scene filmed took place at a prison in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do. The scene involved Yong-Goo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) and the other prisoners carrying out a mission to get a chance for a temporary release.
  3. Early working title was "12 Wol 23 Il" (literally "December 23").
  4. On February 23, 2012, "Miracle in Cell No.7" became the 9th film to ever surpass 10 million admissions in South Korea.
  5. On March 1, 2013, "Miracle in Cell No.7" passed 11 million admissions and now the 8th all time best selling film in South Korea.
  6. On March 9, 2013, "Miracle in Cell No.7" passed 12 million admissions in South Korea and became the 6th all time best selling film.
  7. On March 15, 2013, "Miracle in Cell No.7" became the 4th best selling film ever in South Korea. By 3:30 PM on March 15, 2013, the movie has sold 12.32 million tickets and only trails "The Thieves," (12.98 million), "The Host" (13 million), "Avatar" (13.3 million).


Miracle in Cell No7-Ryoo Seung-Ryong1.jpg Miracle in Cell No.7-Park Shin-Hye.jpg Kal So-Won Miracle in Cell No7-Oh Dal-Su1.jpg Miracle in Cell No7-Park Won-Sang1.jpg
Ryoo Seung-Ryong Park Shin-Hye Kal So-Won Oh Dal-Su Park Won-Sang
Yong-Goo Ye-Seung (adult) Ye-Seung (child) So Yang-Ho Choi Choon-Ho
Miracle in Cell No7-Jeong Man-Sik1.jpg Miracle in Cell No7-Kim Jung-Tae1.jpg Miracle in Cell No7-Kim Ki-Cheon1.jpg Miracle in Cell No.7-Jung Jin-Young.jpg
Jeong Man-Sik Kim Jung-Tae Kim Ki-Cheon Jung Jin-Young
Shin Bong-Sik Man-Bum Old man Seo Jang Min-Hwan

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Paul love I cried a lot . This movie is very heart breaking

Eskimo I cried like a baby when I watched this... The little girl and Ryoo Seung Ryong are such brilliant actors!

jonah21 This movie is so amazing,it captured my heart and I end up crying so deep. The love of the father is so overwhelming. Great job,this movie is the best.

heart15 this movie really made me cried. very touching and heartwarming. And the little girl is really amazing:) she's so cute and has a irresistible charm. this movie captivates everyone's heart:)

ronya I saw this on exo show time and when I watched I was literally crying my eyes out. But best movie I have ever seen, no american movies can even compare to this one!

nur the synopis is touching enough.. i am about to cry.. i havent seen this drama yet but i wil sure make it soon

Fatin Amira Exo showtime bring me here . Oh my >< wanna cry xp

Mia Simply beautiful

Yoon Hae Ra I can't agree more!! This movie very touching besides Wedding Dress (K-Movie too), very great story and actors-actresses....good job for the writer :)!! Recommended movie for you all

Choco exo showtime brought me here too. this movie broke my 15 year old heart, i get emotional quickly and this movie made me bawling my eyes out and laughing hard. i finished watching at like 4 am since i watched this with my mom and she kept rewinding. safe to say i woke up my dad, got puffy eyes the next morning and had this film in the list of my most favorites. however, I DID NOT REGRET WATCHING!! hahahah^^ so touching.. TT^TT

Noy Kal So-won Is realy daebak !! cute girls and pure act,,,, wfighting dear :)

annyeongg exo showtime brought me here and i did not regret watching this movie. soo touching :')

T_mint this movie is surely awesome showing the overwhelming love of a father to his daughter, its funny and heartwarming yet tear-jerking through the end ... definitely recommend this .. amazing !! <3 LOVE Miracle in Cell no. 7.

Kara Dang those Koreans! I was balling my eyes out towards the end. Good movie!

kdawn exo showtime brought me here... really touching

kdawn exo showtime brought me here.. amazing drama, i cried so much T__T

Nikkaboo I have never cried this much while watching this movie!! It's so heart warming and so touching! :) This is soooo DAEBAK!! <2

Flyn Have never cried this much before while watching a movie. Seriously recommended to those who have second thoughts to watch it. No regrets! (':

CryBaby In my live i never shed my tear while watching movie or drama...this is the first time...

grace antonio Congratulation to Ms. Park Shin Hye.. !!

Helena This film is amazing, funny and very emotional. I watched with my mother and we very enjoyed!!^^

sanchez this film is so DAEBAK! I cry so much. the relationship between father daughter, friendship everything is so awesome! the main idea of this story actually simple, the problem actually so simple but the acting and plot DAEBAK

Mayflower Did the dad died. Please tell me

Zach Asyraf Cerita yang HEBAT, jalan Cerita yang BAGUS, 1st time tengok filem Korea dan 1st time menangis depan laptop buat aku teringat lirik lagu 150 juta - Ainan Tasneem .. tapi Akhirnya ayah Ye-Seung ni didapati tak bersalahkan TAPI kenapa Ye-Seung cakap Selamat Tinggal dan I Love You PAPA pada akhir filem ni ? .. adakah PAPA dia sudah MATI ?

sam this movie made me cry so much. I mean this was one of the best movies that I had ever seen.

joey I just want to know who the little girls mom is. I love this movie, but I wonder why she had baby with retarded guy? I really bother me. I think maybe he wasn't retarded but having accident and mommy die then make him retarded, but I dont know. If he always retarded maybe mommy in jail because should be illegal for having retard sex. If anyone knows please tell me what e anseris.

Sora I regret watched this movie, because its so sad!!! Omg, i can't stop crying watch this movie. What a great movie!!! now i miss my dad so much. Kal so won and ryeo seung ryong should get oscar for this movie.

Juho great movie. i really want cry because of unfair giving of justice,

shekies such a great movie. a movie full of lov. I was really carried away by this movie and until now I can't move on by the unfair giving of justice. I hope this is not happening in real life situation to degrade handicapped people :( :)

sky so sad ... great movie ..

columbus I am already teary eyes watching the trailer...what happens when I watch the whole movie?

As Ending could have been a bit less Hollywood but strong performance by the main characters.

Asty Good movie.great actors and actress, i cry a lot till my eyes bump like a frog's eyes

Apple GREAT MOVIE!!! cried a lot. TT_TT

D4WNY Great movie i really enjoyed this !

PATRICIA HAYDEN Great movie...the little girl was awesome.....and it was really nice to see more older hot Korean dudes....the warden and the guy that couldn't read were smokin hot...

annyss Wow! It is a very great movie... I cried so hard when the father hugged his daughter tearfully b4 the death penalty T,T U did a great job here! DAEBAK!!

petrichor Doesnt make sense. How can mentally handicapped man got death penalty, did that ever happen in real life? However, its a quite good movie, the child actor is so good, i cried for a while here. Park Shinhye isnt really the lead actress here though. I also watched harmony and maundy thursday, harmony still the best for me

Beyondzero9 Wow i can't believe that i just watch this movie now.. I'd say one of the best movie!! I've seen korean movies harmony and maundy thursday.. It's about prison too.. You guys should watch those and i'm sure you all will love it too...

Srikanth I Loved this Movie

100 % Recommended Please watch this movie

St Baker The 1st time i watched MICN7 with my sisters, in the middle of movie i fell asleep (it's a quite long movie & the story felt monotone) so i didn't finished watching it.Still curious bcoz of its rating, i went by myself to re-watch it for 2nd time...the movie's quite good actually, the father character's superb. Honestly, bout 5 mins toward the ending, felt sad like i was gonna cry... but still not quite there. I'm not really a fan of korean drama movie, moreover the sad ones... still i watch some of em. And this one's quite good...

so via i watch this movie the last two days in theater, its the premiere one (don't know why its played too late in jakarta) i went to cinema with my boyfren n my brother, and its just the three of us in the theater.. no one else!! i mean really the 3 of us only..its empty. the movie also not convincing in the beginning, but after i watch it i find myself crying so bad..such a great movie..

MBLAQSH Such a great movie! Cry a lot here :"))

Jennie K I was lucky to see this film when it was playing here where inline during a film festival.

I have to say this movie deserves to be one of the top 3 grossing Korean films ever. The plot line and the acting were on par with one another and the characters filled there roles really good. Especially little Kal So-won!

If you ever get the chance I would suggest watching it. Hopefully this comes out on DVD soon, or at least be streaming on NetFlix soon!

Salma Ki & Eddy thank you both You are so lucky to watch the Movie I hope to watch it really I love those type of stories that touch the heart is connection that we lack now days :)

Eddy For the kind of movie it was, Lump of Sugar had some truly magical moments. Very happy for the director having a big hit at last.

Ki @Salma @lalala - Park Shin-Hye appears in the beginning of the film, the middle of the film and the end of the film. Her appearance in terms of total runtime isn't large, but she plays a huge role in the film.

Meanwhile, I watched "Miracle in Cell No.7" on the first day of release here in Korea. I was surprised to see the theater fully packed for the afternoon screening. There were also a lot more teens in the theater than I expected. Anyways "Miracle in Cell No.7" throws together several different genres and, overall, does a fairly good job. The young girl Kal So-Won was simply amazing in the movie. Couldn't believe she expressed the range of emotions she displayed in the film. Park Shin-Hye was also really impressive, in particular loved her acting job in the court room scenes. I was a lot more neutral on the performance of Ryoo Seung-Ryong. Ever since Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man," I have had a personal dislike of regular actors portraying people with mental disabilities - kind of too hammy for me to watch. But, he was ok and I didn't really think too much about his performance by the second half. My big gripe with the film is the later portions of the film. It's too sappy for me personally, but for others it might be a lot more touching. I didn't really know where the story would go and this part I enjoyed the most. Definitely, not many people will hate this movie and a lot of people will love it. I thought it was a wee bit better than average.

Nale Can't people tell that Sarah is a useless troll? She/he's a bored, sad little kid who don't know how to live a life outside the internet.

lalala so, PSH just appeared on the end of movie? (i think the little one appearance more than her)

Collibosher Uh, you guys, I believe @Sarah is probably the same genius who left the following quote in comment number one of last year's family drama 'Happy Ending' (featuring the legendary Choi Min-Su from 'Sandglass' and dozens of other productions, and the great actress Shim Hye Jin, [whose credits are far to numerous to list!] with Kim So-Eun happily included in a support role where I'm certain she learned loads from her great senior castmembers...)

Sarah wrote:

"Why Kim So-Eun Rolling in This Cheap Drama?? She Can Be The No.1 Actress in All Dramas...What A Waste To Watch This Drama. (>_<)"

It seems as if when 'Sarah' doesn't get her way, everyone in the room ends up having to hear her whinning and pouting... :(

Salma As Me I love that Shin hye work with those big actors really i want her to play serious role but i don't see her on both trailers ??? can some tell me why? :D

lalala @Sarah Did you know? all the men who you called as "Ugly Men" are korea's amazing actors (although they're not as popular as handsome and flower-boy actors, their acting skills better than them). i think Shin-Hye felt grateful that she casted in a movie with many amazing and talented sunbaenim.

PSH fan No leading man for princess PSH? Good let her show us a different part of her side. Hope she will win another top popularity award from this drama, of course with the help of the senior actors help and guidance.

Bronte @Sarah I'm a massive fan of Ryoo Seung-Ryong. I love his acting. Also Oh Dal-Su and Jung Jin-Young. Nevermind if they are ugly or not cause Ryoo Seung-Ryong plays her father and it's not really a teen movie or a romance for teen girls.

Chaca @Sarah If you do not know anything about the actor, the better you will not have to comment. "Ugly" Actor that you said it was a famous actor.

Do not embarrass yourself ... Not everything in the entertainment industry is the "face" of the artist. but the performance of them.

Rod @Sarah: hey these actors are not awful.. they are well known actors...

Ki @Sarah - ignorant little kids like you is why I'm "pro choice".

Sarah Ugh...What Awful Actors!! Poor Park Shin Hye, She Should Play With These Ugly Old Guys (~_~;)

mady i hope u win the best actress 2012

mady (@_@) Park Shin Hye.. Aja Aja fighting..^^5 Egypt Fan

eunice i think she will be played as a gun-girl type here.. i want her character to be strong who can kick some guys ass..:)

ET Princess Shin Hye will be playing the daughter role of Seung Ryong?? No leading man for our Princess Shin Hye? can't wait to see this movies.

Liza This movie sounds very interesting!

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