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  • Drama: Lie to Me (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Naege Geotjitmaleul Haebwa
  • Hangul: 내게 거짓말을 해봐
  • Director: Kim Su-Ryong, Kwon Hyuk-Chan
  • Writer: Choi Yoon-Jung, Kim Ye-Ri
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: May 9, 2011 -- June 28, 2011
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • 'Genre: Romantic-Comedy
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A woman in her late 20's is always asked "when are you going to get married?" On a whim, the woman then lies that she did get married.

Kong Ah-Jung (Yoon Eun-Hye) is an administrative official for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. She then co-ordinates a meeting for government officials. The meeting appears to flow smoothly and she is even praised by the minister. Disaster soon strikes when bees attack the meeting place and the meeting turns into chaos. Taking responsibility for meeting, Ah-Jung is ordered to submit a written apology. That evening Kong Ah-Jung goes to a club and drinks away her sorrows.

Meanwhile, Hyun Ki-Joon (Kang Ji-Hwan) is the president for conglomerate "World Group." He is handsome, smart and from a rich family. But, in his teen years due to an accident he lost both of his parents. Since that time, Ki-Joon and his younger brother were raised by his aunt. Ki-Joon has a responsible character as an older brother but his younger brother Sang-Hee (Sung Joon) is more carefree. The younger brother Sang-Hee then comes back to Korea and meets Ah-Jung at the club, while she is drinking away her sorrows. Ah-Jung and Sang-Hee start to chat and Ki-Joon shows up to looking for Sang-Hee. He misses Sang-Hee. in front of the club Ah-Jung passes out and Ki-Joon takes her to the hospital. In order to ask Ah-Jung about Sang-Hee's whereabouts, Ki-Joon stays next to Ah-Jung's bed all through the night. The next day, they go their separate ways.

On the following day, Ah-Jung meets So-Ran (Hong Soo-Hyun) who stole away her first love Jae-Beom (Ryu Seung-Soo). So-Ran and Jae-Beom eventually married. After So-Ran and Jae-Beom became a couple, Ah-Jung studied hard and passed her government official exam to impress Jae-Beom. At the hair salon, Ah-Jung on a whim lies to the couple and tells them that she is married. Ah-Jung then goes to a hotel to pay Ki-Joon for the other night's hospital bill. An accident occurs and she spills tomato juice all over her sweater. Ah-Jung is so embarrassed she pretends to pass out. Ki-Joon picks her up and takes her to his hotel room. During this time, Ah-Jung's friends watches and a rumor soon spreads that Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon are married ....


  1. Screenplay for "Lie to Me" was selected from a SBS screenwriting contest "SBS 드라마 공모전".
  2. "Lie to Me" will take over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Midas" and followed by "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" on July 4.


Lie to Me-Kang Ji-Hwan.jpg Lie to Me-Yoon Eun-Hye.jpg Lie to Me-Sung Joon.jpg Lie to Me-Jo Yun-Hie.jpg
Kang Ji-Hwan Yoon Eun-Hye Sung Joon Cho Youn-Hee
Hyun Ki-Joon Kong Ah-Jung Hyun Sang-Hee Oh Yun-Joo
Lie to Me-Ryu Seung-Soo.jpg Lie to Me-Hong Soo-Hyun.jpg Lie to Me-Park Ji-Yun.jpg Lie to Me-Lee Kyeong-Jin.jpg Lie to Me-Kang Shin-Il.jpg
Ryu Seung-Soo Hong Soo-Hyun Park Ji-Yoon Lee Kyeong-Jin Kang Shin-Il
Chun Jae-Beom Yoo So-Ran Park Ji-Yun Shim Ae-Kyung Kong Joon-Ho
Lie to Me-Kwon Hae-Hyo.jpg Lie to Me-Oh Mi-Hee.jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Kwon Se-In.jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Song Ji-Eun.jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Kang Rae-Yeon.jpg
Kwon Hae-Hyo Oh Mi-Hee Kwon Se-In Song Seo-Yeon Kang Rae-Yeon
Hwang Suk-Bong Hyun Myung-Jin Park Hoon Ji-Eun Rae-Yeon
Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Kim Bo-Yeon (II).jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Ahn Jeong-Hun.jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Jang Woo-Young.jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Park Hyo-Jun.jpg Lie to Me (Korean Drama)-Kim Kyu-Jin.jpg
Kim Bo-Yeon Ahn Jung-Hoon Jang Woo-Young Park Hyo-Jun Kim Kyu-Jin
Bo-Yeon section chief Ahn Kim Yeon-Nim Hyo-Jun Kyu-Jin

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-05-09 1 8.2 (19th) 10.1 (11th)
2011-05-10 2 8.3 (20th) 10.0 (10th)
2011-05-16 3 NR 9.5 (11th)
2011-05-17 4 7.6 (16th) 9.3 (8th)
2011-05-23 5 7.9 (19th) 9.5 (14th)
2011-05-24 6 8.6 (11th) 10.5 (7th)
2011-05-30 7 8.2 (17th) 9.8 (10th)
2011-05-31 8 8.5 (12th) 10.4 (10th)
2011-06-06 9 9.2 (10th) 11.4 (6th)
2011-06-07 10 9.3 (10th) 10.0 (9th)
2011-06-13 11 8.7 (13th) 10.7 (8th)
2011-06-14 12 8.9 (9th) 11.7 (7th)
2011-06-20 13 8.4 (12th) 9.7 (9th)
2011-06-21 14 8.7 (9th) 9.8 (8th)
2011-06-27 15 8.0 (20th) NR
2011-06-28 16 8.0 (16th) 8.4 (17th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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RIA Se In oppa is also here, I already watched this about so many times but I forgot about the other scenes. It makes me feel to watch it again, hihi ^^

Toyangbags i watched this drama like 5x already and still in love with this romcom. You can see the natural and incredible chemistry between the two leads. hoping they will get teamed up again!

sandra This is one of the first kdramas ive seen, and although its not the best, story-wise, it has the cutest romantic scenes i have seen in all the kdramas ive watched so far! Really! Rom com fans, watch this! Kang ji hwan and yeh were great in this.

Ga Ga Boy oh boy Sung Joon is one hot actor. Though the kissing scenes were out of the world and pacing and comic timing of the actors were excellent, somehow I was not fully convinced by the attraction and love portrayed by the lead actors, according to me the Sung hoon looked more compatible with her than Ji hwan. Still I kept watching this drama for Sung joon. Now I'm off to watch rest of his works. I have a new crush!

Nansy Best drama comedy i really love this lead actors

anjelly I want a Season 2 of Lie to Me... the same cast and the same Character and another supporting Character, but the story is base of a New Couple Life beginner as a Parent's Life, of Mother Gong Ah Jung and Father Hyeon Gi Jun. Because Gong Ah Jung have a baby ow to Hyeon Gi Jun. I hope that to do this film drama for them again. Because I Love both of his/her Chemistry in this Korean Drama Lie to Me.

Rein Does anybody know the soundtracks and artists of this series?

terra fad The song is Lovin Ice Cream. . .i've download the original & version of Yoon Eun Hye + Kang Ji Hwan too. . Love this drama. . The fashion by Go Ah Jeong become famous since this drama. . Known as Goo Ah Jeong fashion. .:-)

Johanna I'm on my third time watching it!!! It's the first drama I've ever watched in its entirety. Since then, I've seen a lot of really good dramas but Lie To Me is always gonna be my favorite!! Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan have such great chemistry! They really should be paired up more often, like Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan in India!! :)

Sharon Mews Did this Win any awards? It should have topped them all. Who is Lee Min Ho? He has nothing on Kang Ji-Hwan. I can't see where this has won any awards, am I wrong?

Sulsahshafii Does anyone know the name of the song Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Gi Jun sang during the housewarming party?if you do pls notify me

love KJH @ the first sight I really love Yoon Eun Hye, because of her appearance and personality, and just 2 days ago watch Lie To Me, don't know how suddenly Fall in Love to Kang Ji Hwan..

                                OMG... I LOVE BOTH OF KJH and YEH...

Ouw.. Please..Please somebody (Director, Producer, or Writer, etc) make the sequel of Lie To Me, or make new drama just for KJH and YEH.

Hope KJH and YEH in the real life will be a MFEO couple forever.

Ahsia Can someone help me find the name of the song in episode 7? It’s around 37:51 when Ah Jung and Ki Joon pass the bench where the blossoms are falling. I think it’s by a Korean female artist. I’ve looked everywhere, but I cannot seem to find it.

To whoever can, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Michelle Valencia Season 2 please!! I don't want Kong Ah Jeong's and Hyun Ki-Joon's love story to end.. please!!

Karen I started watching this show last night and was immediately drawn in. Before I knew it, it was 6am and I had already watched 5 episodes. I absolutely love the chemistry between the two leads and the humor that comes from this young lady feeling the need to lie to fit in with her high school classmates.

Ellaine One of the best korean novela ever!!! <3

Althea J awesome shows, loved it!

Erfan Series lie to me, ma'am, ma'am, Yoon Eun-Hye Yoon Eun-Hye is one of the best series I enjoyed watching this series. He's very fascinating figures

kchyun Watched this drama for the 4th time around! ♡ ♡ Such a good drama!

ephie OMG..I love this drama so much..Love it all..the story,characters,settings..It's funny but romantic.

ephie OMG..I love this drama so much..Love it all..the story,characters,settings..I've been watching it three times,and maybe more..and it's still interesting..I do hope there would be Lie to Me season 2..

Misa i just come here for looking Sung Joon hahaha. I haven't watch this drama, and just wanted to start. Hope it can cheer me up :D

hana finished it for third time , i just loved it

hana i watched this drama over and over and i cant lose my interest. its new for me each time , every time i see it im afraid that it would end , wish that there was season 2 :))) its the best

mich . . . .i'm in episode 14 now .. . . but i'm afraid to continue watching it, maybe because i don't want their relationship to be ruined . . . . . .. .hahahahaha . . . anyway, they are like stars after Hyeon Gi Joon announced their relationship in front of so many people . . . . .one of the embarassing but cute moments in this drama

dadz . . .. who said that the first three episodes are boring? . . . . it's absolutely a crazy drama. . . . i can't stop laughing when i started watching the first episode until the 8th . .. . . right now , i'm still watching it . . .. it's great . . . . .

kim je kyung this is the best ever

Kikay I loveeeee it...... I watched it over netflix and I didn't stop until I finish it..... No episode unwatch... Now I want to learn how to speak Korean

rhoejie agashi kang haena your face is beautiful(*_*)!

maira Sung Joon oppa!!! your face is like my boy's. Love ya!!!

Clarkdale44 A good drama... It was boring at first but i started taking interest after episode 4... Great performances by both leads Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye, specially kissing scenes, it was so passionate that even i got the chills of it. Anyway it was great and ending was nice.. but still i would be more better if they had shown their marriage.. I mean they were so rushing about marriage and Ki-Joon already proposed so many times but she was not so confident. I will give it 5.5/10(For nice casting and direction)

Chick Favorite scenes: the karaoke duet, the coke spray and the drunk scene with the father---that was too realistic, These two seem to have some chemistry so I think that helps a great deal. It's a drama worth seeing over and over.

Vic I've watched all episodes 3 times now, and just love it sooooo much!! It was after digging deeper did I learn that Korean shows like these are essentially mini-series, and they film the whole thing all the way through.

Only when there's huge demand would they do a part 2 of a series. I really hope there's a lot of pressure for part 2 for this show. I can totally see that there's still a lot to see with those two. We know it isn't just a simple "happily ever after with them" even though they love each other.

We know she doesn't want to quit her job, but his status almost requires that she make a lot of sacrifices. I'd love to see how that all works out. Please... film a part 2!!!!

ishi part 2 please! i really love this drama and watched it a dozen times. hope that lie to me fans wish for a part 2 will be granted.

Kerbie Janin I've watched it a million times .. It's so beautifully made .. I salute you ! Like Katherine said, please do make a part 2 :)

Katherine Part II please? :'( One of the best K-Drama!

Renee Fiquet-Freeman I am a 58 year old American and I think this is a cross between the old movie(PBS-British) Pride and Prejudice and the older movie "Sabrina" with Humphrey Bogart on steroids. The creators of this most honorable and sincere series deserve a huge kudos for devoloping the tension of true love and the "sacrifices" one wants to make when truly in love. This was refreshing and delightful series that I would watch again and I am not of the generation that watches movies over and over. VERY rarely would I do this. I loved the honorable saying and quizzicle attitudes of fate. Most thankful for this fare, so refreshing from the romance of American series. R Ps. It is really a lack of cultural awareness that says this, but this is the first time I have ever thought the Korean people were beautiful!!

maricel I always watched LIE TO ME hope to have a part 2 of this drama.I like the two of you as a couple.I wish you became a true partners in real life,your the one & only korean celebrities that i like,your so handsome & eun hye is very beautiful.I want to have a DVD of this drama, but its not available here in the philippines.

irellor i love this drama. just finished watching it, ito so cute and feel good story. love all the characters, and i want more... want to watch it again

irellor just finish watching this drama, i loooooove the story so cute and feel good story. i wish there's more because i just cant believe that i already finished this drama i want more.. want to watch it again..

lina really love it. their acting is so naturally look... crying, laughing, sad, mad, happy, wrap to be one movie

farah to watch or not to watch. . ??

wolf fang oh ikang ji-hwan your so cute and handsome playing in lie to me. Plase oh please make a part two.I wish i can be by your side all the time but it will never happen so i hope you and yoon eun hye are a good couple, your pefect for each other. Yoon eun hye your really pretty and i hope you make a part two and i hope you and kang ji hawn are a good couple. Begging you to make a part two pretty please, kang ji hawn you were cute funny charming handsome good looking and of course responsible in lie to me, keep up the good work. Saranghae oppa.

kadek Where is LIE TO ME PART 2 ??? The fans are waiting for this this movie back . . . Don't forget the couple kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye as the cast in part 2 . . . We're still waiting for it !! Love Kang ji hwan and lie to me . . . Muach

lie to me fan I love this korean drama series..i had to watch it all over again..Hope theres Part II.. :)

eci I love this drama , in I hope in the reality ah jong n gi jun hapen. I hope two actor can be loving each other ,,,

msPeachy Very funny and sweet drama, but the last few episodes were not that great.

ijay This drama is the most awesome Korean drama ever..i love it so much and I keep re watching guys are awesome. I love u guys so much..

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zee25 this drama was really cool and i enjoyed it all the way. their love was so touching oh i wish.

Didi Hey guys,

I love this drama it's awesome >< But I always wonder what film they show there in episode 7 because I think I've seen it somewhere else already ??

Well, I like Yoon Eun Hye the most! She's not only pretty but has such a great way of acting that I want to be an actress too ;D

Ronaldo Real great tv show! too much challenges for love and for work but that's how life goes. romance, comedy, make me laugh, smile, cry and love...perfectly entertaining.....

mirna i hope hyun ki jun and kong ah jung can married and have a baby in part 2. so part 2 please... :D

Lynne Love this drama so much, from the start up to the end, it's because of Yoon Eun Hye, my favorite idol!!!...watching it for the fourth time, can't get over from this drama...I also love singing the 4 ost of this movie, I can't believe i've memorized them...."Pouring Rain", "Blue Night in Jeju island", "You are my Love" and most specially "Lovin' Ice Cream" cause it was sung by Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan themselves.

hanna part 2 please,, this couple is really great

Trixie Buatis Part 2 plsss :))))))

Apple Got addicted to this Korean Soap. I like the cast!

Kori Why did they not make another season. They can't do this to us. We need to know what else happens. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Erwina so addicted to this drama. . .

i want to see their wedding. . .

Part 2 please. . .

vanessa i love the cute relationship between them. i love the chemistry they brought to all the viewers. i hope there is a part2 of this series. i love to watch it again and again. more power and god bless.

aimee i so love their chemistry. I've watched it for the nth time and cant have enough of this series.they're so addictive.especially love the kissing scenes!they look good together.i was wondering, how come they have lowest rating when in fact the story line is great, the cast were definitely superb.part 2 please!!!

ymuai this Korean comedy-drama has become popularly known in the Philippines... there's so much lots of avid viewer who are excited to saw another film by both protagonist... congratulations to all the cast. =)

Cristirisa i'm a fan! i love it so much! but i'll definitely miss watching them both.. great chemistry!! <3

anne723 Hello pls PART TWO ON LIE TO ME the teleseire is so great ..a very romantic comedy....AND hwan-yhe tandem is perfect..Hope tere will be part 2 please... Tje cast cast .writers and the directors are all great .. a very good script..congratz..

chaze I Love "Lie To Me" .. but i haven't seen the wedding.. :(( .. Hope there will be part II???? .. More power to the show!

Cath I love LIE TO ME!!!!! I love Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye Loveteam!!!! They look perfect for each other!!! Hoping for LIE TO ME Part II!!!!Please!!!!!

TRISTA VIDA so much inlove with this drama, not only the stars but of course the story itself. so much love KJH & YEH love team!!!

hope to see more k-dramas with their team-up or a part II!!!

Verdance16 Lie to Me is the best Korean drama!!! Watched it several times in Netflix and Hulu and never gets tired of it! Great chemistry between Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye! They make me laugh, cry and melt my heart. Great casts overall! More projects together for the lead stars! May not have rated well in Korea but this series is definitely WORLD CLASS! Any culture from any parts of the world, especially here in the US of A, loves this K-drama. More projects for the 2 together!

Edith I love this "lie to me"drama so much!!!! Please do part 2 with same casts...Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan, you are great. You blend well and move my heart with this drama. I feel what you act and say...bravo!

Make part 2 pleasssseeee.

tess Wow! what a pair...i love very much the drama ...I watch it again and again on line...Hoping there's another team up of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan..Their loveteam is compatible. Goodluck!!!

brielle Please produce part II of Lie to me. I love kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye. Congratulations to LIE TO ME Production.

kimgabby one of the best korean drama i've watched. i congratulate the writers, directors, producers, actors, actresses and all the casts and staff of LIE TO ME. You did an excellent production. My family and friends really love the lie to me drama. We want more. we love kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye. we want to see them together in LIE to ME II or other drama or movie. More power.

Kate The Best Comedy / Romance / Drama !!! Hoping for the Pt. II !!!! :)) I ♥ Kang Ji Hwan & Yoon Eun Hye ♥♥

archen i hope lie to me have part 2 , this drama is very good i love the story good job to the writer

Archen Flores I really love this Drama, sa lahat ng napanuod kong korean drama ito lang yung nagustuhan at nakaadikan ko ng sobra I like Kong Ah-Jung

ariane shyne alforque i love ''Lie To Me'' talaga....nakaka adik....maganda ang kanilang chemistry....!!!

Darlyn Loveres Abuan I really want to watch it again and again!!! I'm addicted in this Drama!!! ^_^ <3 <3 <3 :-)

Darlyn Loveres Abuan LIE TO ME!!!! this KOREAN DRAMA is excellent!!! Beautiful Love story!!! Very excellent.. I and all of my friends really really like it!! SUPER!! we love Kang Ji-Kwan and Yoon Eun Hye! <3 <3 <3 I really Love this Drama ever!!! <3 this drama is number 1 in Philippines and in our Hearts!!!

liz i like the story of lie to me. the two lead characters are very talented. they are very very good actors. they are perfect match. they blend together.

aldwin i am not a korean, i seldom like asian things. i am asian. this is one of the best. fits my likes. plus the artists did very well.

neng LOVE THIS ♥ im addicted in this drama! (:

madel i really love this korean drama, I finished this movie in 2 days..I'm so addicted with this movie. deserving to have a season 2..

memen ..mmm I salute to the ms. Scriptwriter.i really like the story,though I heard that the rating was not good in your country, but your peace of work captured the hearts of the Filipinos. And this is the first Korean drama that I watched with so hot kissing scenes.hahahaha..i was used the usual Korean kissing)- well I do appreciate the directors.well done!. Ms. Yoon Eun Hye and Mr.Kang Ji Hwan..fighting!! Your great! You portrayed the story amazing..matured love with full of responsibility..I CHALLENGED THE MS. SCRIPTWRITER AND TO THE DIRECTORS TO MAKE A LIE TO ME PART II..!!and make us ( fan) to fall in love agai...:)

Rico I love this korean drama. . .How sad that people in Korea didn't appreciate this drama. . . Based on the rating that I've seen it really embarrased me a lot. . . Please let's use our eyes so that beautiful things may appreciate more and these more support came from the viewers/fans may led to acknowledge our request to have a PART 2!!!!! Pls. the same love tandem again! . . . i want them to be back again! YEH and KJH!!!! FIGHT!!!! :D

Carla Manila I am a super fan of Lie to Me! from screenplay,ost, and ji-hwan ang eun-hye.. their chemistry is unbelievable.. i fell inlove with them so much that my mind started to wonder what happened after the last episode! please please let there be LIE TO ME PART II! :)

HwanHye Fighting So nice!!!!!!!

HwanHye Couple The best!!!


diane part 2 please.... fighting!... i really like the tandem of the 2 main character... they look good together...AJA!

Cynthia Finally, a Korean drama where the lead actors know how to be passionate when scenes demand of them to be passionate. I mean they finally know how to kiss and hug with so much ardor. Their characters were believably and convincingly in love and the painful moments that they had to go through were moving. I really like the chemistry between Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan...kudos to them!

jayson lie to me is the best... the plot is amazing good job for the writer... but what made it so fascinating are the characters who played, especially the main casts. Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jong, hope to write them right.... they were lovely to watch and it made me feel the what LOVE really means. that is why i am planning to go to Korea just to see them (Yoon Eun Hye AND Kang Ji Hwan)... Aja,,,Aja...Aja.... Love love love..................... the best Korean love story ever....

roger yoon eun hye you are the best! no matter what are the scenes you can easily carry it! you are so cute,beautiful and lovable. youre such a epitome of a korean woman. i love every scene the coca cola and from the jejung island when you are wearing the dress given by kang ji hwan. part 2 pls, i love you yoon eun hye!

dadang i really love the story di nakakasawang panoorin...made me fall in love again.part 2 you Kang Ji Hwan

sheryl oh my! please help us send all our requests to the appropriate person who may continue this drama. There might be a reason that they wont be doing the part 2 in korea because of its poor rating in their own country but most of the foreign countries love the story line and the cast. This is being loved here in the Philippines because of it's realistic story. Too addictive because all the scenes can really happen. Let KJH and YEH do the part 2 of this drama again! Please!!! !! =)

Erin Love love love Lie to Me! My favorite Korean drama! Aside from the story, there's definitely chemistry between the lead stars (kang ji-hwan and yoon eun-hye). Hope to see both of them in a movie or another drama together. Love it! ^_^

chennie kang ji hwan and yoon eun-hye your such a perfect couple. i hope i will meet you soon ..

chennie i really love this romantic and sweet movie "lie to me" i hope that there will be a part 2 of it..because it makes people fall in love ... :))

for the go..

jennel03 A beautiful korean drama that makes me laugh and fall in love in every episodes.

Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan are great love team..

Im still hoping for the part 2..

simple me i don't really know what happened... i really obsessed on lie to me... even i have watched this korean drama on dvd.... i still waiting every night to watch it in gma 7... it made me realized.. that love is really matters most.. in life we may succeed in every endeavor we make... but it comes up with the one we love... in this story... no status in life will separate by in comes w/ love... fate.... gong, anjung... you are really a fighter... kang ji-hwan and yoon eun-hye hope you do the part 2 of this korean drama lie to me... every viewer and fan of yours are waiting and hoping for the part two of lie to me. we love you and god bless you...

Rimar John Elim The movie was great I can't even imagined how great Korean dramas are,.. the love was fully blast, all the episodes are so fantastic and really amazing, even though i haven't yet encountered how to fall in love, through these movie, it gaves me an impact that love is great whether it is a lie or not...

To all the cast and the crew in these movie I salute you all, hope you create more movies that would inspire us... :)

REG I've never been this addicted since I started watching Korean drama 8 years ago. Lie To Me may not be as superb compared to Korean period dramas but what makes it great is the fact it makes you feel good. I instantly became a fan of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye...... terrific chemistry! Don't you guys think they are "lying" to us? It's no longer acting... their scenes look natural, so real. I will not get tired watching KJH & YEH... in fact I want more of them! So, I join the rest of Lie To Me / KJH &YEH fanatics........ Part 2 please!!!!!

gideon wow!! the story is amazing!! it wont let you bored as you watch it every night and it really deserves a sequel and i hope they are making the part 2!! pleeeeease!! congratulations to the lead cast all the way down to the crew members. thanks for making us cry and laugh.. we love it!!!


one of the best koreanovela that ive ever watched..

the protagonists in the story are very good.. KANG JI HWAN & YOON EUN HYE lookd good together.. their chemistry is awesome.. PART 2!PART 2!PART 2!

blaire i love lie to me i wish lie to me have a part to ^^ thankss :)

gen This novela is deserve to have a season 2. :) Very successful Novela. gratz :D

rhostle part two! part two! i'm also into this series! i super love it! made me fall in love again!!! i'll never get tired of watching it over and over again. i love kang ji-hwan! ♥♥♥

Niña Agustin We are strongly demanding for a season 2! please start working on it. Lie to me really deserves a part 2 than any other korean drama. Because of the good actors and actresses. especially, kang ji wan and yoon eun hye. :) please try to consider what the public wants. I am very sure, LIE TO ME SEASON 2 is going to be hit the top in ASIA!

Leilani Season 2! Season 2! Season 2!

grace i finished the whole episodes in 3 days.. imagine how hook i am in this korea novela.. this is the best of all the korean novelas I've ever watch.. hope to it would have a part 2 of it... i love you so much kenneth ( of kang ji-hwan).. and ms.. angela gong (ah-jeung).. super nakakalig ung team up nila.. ang bagay sila in real life..

grace best ever korean novela i've ever watch.. hoping that there will be a part of it.. for sure.. every body will support... this is the best.. ILOVE THE CAST.

SairaMorales We demand for Lie To Me season 2! ^^/

Chenelope I can't stand the kilig moments! Kang Jin Hwan & Yun Eun Hye are great couple. Ang lakas ng chemistry nila, kakain-love!. The most unforgettable moment is their "Coca-cola Kissing scene". Part 2 please !!!

Leilani We want Season 2 of this Korean drama.............

SUMMER OMG! I just watch this drama last satuday.Can you imagine that from 8pm of sat. night & finish 8pm in the evening w/o sleep..The story was great! this is one of kind & the cast so kakilig..hehe

Love this so much!

Chati hope there will be a PART 2 for this soon!

Ariza Alindogan 100 THUMBS UP for this korean love story grabe nakakakilig ka yoh... ilove you yoon eun hye.. bgay talaga kau ni kang ji-hwan.. <3<3<3<3

lhen i thought aq lang ang hindi makaget over sa lie to me. Im happy to know n hindi lang pla aq nag-iisa. i watched it over and over again but the excitement and kilig still the same. Love q n c Hyun Ki Joon.

aizchel i love this show.. and i love kang ji-hwaan i hope 2 see in person and i hope the cast of lie 2 me will visit here in the philppines..

justin erika silahi i really love this drama. i like the casts. especially Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye.... and i love their dialogs... it's fantastic!!! love it!! <3 xD

justin erika silahi i really love this drama. i like the casts. especially Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye.... nasd i love their dialogs... it's fantastic!!! love it!! <3 xD

Mai So far, this is one of the best Korean dramas I've watched. In my opinion the whole cast is fantastic. Everyone did a very good job in doing their respective roles. Great story, the twist and turns were perfectly done. Once you start watching it, you'll get hooked until the end. Two thumbs up!!

jenniefey hindi nakkasawang panuorin...kakakilig ung character ni Kang Ji-Hwan Yoon Eun-Hye... natural ang chemistry.... sana may part2!!

tootsieyummy I dont know where to begin...all I can say is that I love Lie To Me.

Yoon Eun Hye is such an amazing actress! She is able to bring out so many facial expressions and is very charming. I admire her because she is one of the very few actresses in Korea, who can carry a drama. She doesn't need to be paired with an overly handsome and popular actor because she can hold her own in acting and popularity.

Compared to her male lead Kang Ji Hwan, her role is much more difficult to portray and I can;t help but notice that it is much more easier as a handsome actor to win the female viewers hearts, because it is a fact that male actors get more credit than the female lead just for being hot! I am not saying that he isn't a good actor, however, I feel that female leads dont get as much credit like the guys no matter how good they are.

Yoon Eun hye had to to act wacky, serious and also cry a lot but she delivered all those emotions top notch! I noticed that even her eyebrows have different expressions,lol! So credit to her for an amazing performance.

Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye had such combusting chemistry that watching them almost makes my tv screen explode! Watching them gives me goosebumps and makes me feel like a teenager all over again.

jeffrey this is one of the greatest drama that i have watched..... i really love yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan... perfect...

athan .. after coffee prince and enless love... i loved this drama, the fact that im not fond in watching dramas, but this make me sticked to the tv.

bluebenj Watching the drama for the second time and still watching it on GMA. Lie To Me is more than just a love story. It is a drama that has taught its viewers an important virtue: the virtue of honesty. When the couple decided to forget the things of the past and started all over again the right way, the story has become more powerful. Superb acting of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye also added to the beauty of the story. The supporting ones were also good. Lie To Me has imparted to its viewers that honesty is still the best policy. Got inspired from Ah Jeong's character who is a civil servant. I hope all government people especially here in the Philippines as the same mindset as hers. That honesty is the biggest virtue not just of public officials but of everyone. Nice locations. I really dream of visiting South Korea someday and the first on my itinerary is Jeju Island. Nothing but thumbs up for Lie To Me! (The preceding comment has wrong grammar) Sorry. Lie To Me, fighting! Gamsahamnida!

Carolina I Really LOVE and ENJOYED watching this k-drama !!!! Lie to me was the first k-drama I have ever seen !!! I immediately fell in love with it !!! This drama is the best I have ever seen !!! I don't understand how my friends don't see this!!! I wish they continued withh more episodes!!!! Also they should totally make a 2nd season!!!!!! I will totally watch it!!!! Also I stayed up all night watching it!!!! Please please pretty please continue it!!!!!!!!!

jj lie to me PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! PART 2 ! please. :))

ian one of the best kdramas ever after the fever was lost since 2005.. this drama brought back the feeling of getting "hooked" i bet many felt it too.. this drama was like a spin off for 2004 mega hit kdrama lovers in paris..

sha chemistry between lead actor and actress - amazing Jeju Island, South Korea- splendid If it does not have good rating in Seoul or any parts of South Korea, I am very sure it does in the Philippines. This Korean drama really promotes tourism... I will be going to Jeju Island for a visit!!!

shiel i really really love this drama!!!i've seen lots of k-drama for the past but this one is the BEST among them...i've watch this for about 10x and still watching on GMA but i never get tired repeating it a hundred times...the first time i watched this i stayed as late as 4am just to finish it..i'm really hoping that there could be a part 2 that would showcase the struggle of the lovers on their marriage life...:))

Mary Angelica i love this lie to me.. i dissapointed it doesnt have marriage.... but i like it so much :>>>>>>>>>>>

Mchii please have season 2!! fighting!! Season 2 season 2! Season 2!

emoi I LOVE IT.. It should have part 2 to prove that it is the best K drama.

ahnah seen this drama for the 7th time... and goin to watch it again on GMA7 this coming june 18... i love this drama so much... and i wont get tired and bored of watchin this all over and over again... :)

kaye i really love this show.. i really love the characters..Hope there's a part 2 coming out.. i really do fall in love in this love story...i really looking forward for the part 2 of this drama..:))))

Angela I'm really enjoying this show. I don't know if other Korean shows are this good, but I've found myself not wanting to to bed to finish watching the next episode. I found myself looking up information regarding Korean language and thinking I would perhaps want to go to Korea on vacation. It looks lovely. I love the chemistry of the actors. I've enjoyed waiting to see how the characters grow and develop. Of course there is predictability, but it's a love story. I think the writers did a great job. Thanks for a great show and thanks Netflix for having it available for me to watch.

brenda I loved this drama. It was my first Korean drama. While one could say, that it was predictable (what love story isn't) there were so many positives about this story.

For me, if the story touches me, if I believe these characters could really be in love, if I can relate to a few of the experiences, and if a story makes me want to learn more than it is worthy of my time. I read somewhere that the main actor was embarassed by the low ratings. Somehow, I think the people of Korean didn't get what we saw evolve on screen. It made me look up why only certain people can say Yeobo. It made me want to learn more about Korean culture. We saw two people who touched one another, one who become more mature, one who let the kid locked inside come out. Who hasn't wished ANYONE (even a stuffed animal) could tell you what to do? Who hasn't stared at their cellphone wishing their new love would call/ text. And who hasn't had doubts that a past love could disrupt the relationship. Who hasn't had to make hard choices about what is right and wrong and who hasn't been, at some point, willing to put everything into doing something for someone else; just because you want them to be happy. Yes, this story had some flaws, it had some continuity issues, and it needed a little character development. But, at least here in MI, it made us remember what it felt like to be in loved, to be loved, and to be hurt. It made us want to learn more about Korea and to visit the lovely Jeju island (first after I visit Saipan). How many TV dramas can say that?

Jhenn Why is it that almost all korean series has bad or poor translation when it already comes to its last 3-4 episodes! That should be the climax and the most interesting part where the viewers can be able to imagine and foresee or even may feel the story, but, it becomes disappointing and disgusting because of its subtitles. The production must assign the best translator to every episode and most especially to the ending. Pls?!

kate I loved this show! It's not like the shows we have here in America.I found the two main character's chemistry was almost real!! Strangest thing, my boyfriend and hid friend even liked it.I hope there's a part 2 coming out..i would love to see how they are now that they are married! Fighting:D

anggia dita octa I'm very like this film..I'm your fans from indonesia,,pleass next time actris n actor lie to me comming to indonesia cey..

hata Hi!kang ji-hWan @ yoOn eun-hye For mE the BeST k-DrAma is lie 2 me..both of U is deservE to becOmE a SuccEssful actress@actor And i hope someDy u have an 2nd projEct or bECoME A REal couple.....!!!!!!!!!!

it'Z reAlLY AwesoMe sO plz SBS network have an 2nd round for My lovely LOve teaM JI-hwan@eun-Hye.............!!!!!!!!! itz a great all oF korean seRies.....

che i don't why their fellowmen did not patronize this kind of drama. it's so nice and the two lead stars has chemistry!! they seems real-life lovers.. i really love lie to me!!! i will not get tired of watching it over and over again!!! i love eun hye ang ji hwan!!!

KIM HYUNA Dear Lie To Me!!!! thank's for being great drama for me. i love Gi Jun&Ah Jung Character. Hope you can work together again n again. saranghae Ji Hwan Oppa n Eun Hye Unni....

Jonah for me Lie To Me is the BEST!!!!

it's rare to see a plot that even though they say its predictable, Its way, way different from the common love stories we have today.

It's cute and very funny... :3

and where can u see an intense love chemistry between two strangers who just met?

especially when they are often times misunderstood as couples? :DD

Babs Sheppard Lie to Me is the absolute best K-drama I have ever watched, and I have watched plenty. I can't get enough of it. Although it's 16 episodes,I've watched it several times, it's always worth the watch. I don't understand why the ratings were low in Korea. I heard it was because it was predictable. What good love story isn't. Perhaps some of the viewers enjoy sad endings; it's enough sadness already in the world. Personally I prefer happy endings, I gladly welcome this height of entertainment any day. I can't say enough wonderful things about this drama. It really rocked! Hats off to the writers, producers, directors, actors and crew!. I always post it on face-book!

An American fan, Babs Sheppard

girlie Though people may say that predictable ending drama is boring, for me, lie to me absolutely amazing. I never get bored from 1st episode to the last, and make me wanna see again and again. I love it so much...I wish it still continue...

ummi7174 just three word : I LOVE IT. Because the love story is mature and palpable, they just don't fall into assumption and just don't give up for someone they love and love them back. Really, I LOVE IT.

steve i think this drama get a lot of attention outside korea despite low rating in korea i still love this drama

clairespinosa i'm looking forward for the part 2 of this korean drama.. this drama is one of the best and yoon eun hye & kang ji hwan had a good team up.. keep it up.. I'm requesting for the PART 2 of this drama.. I super really really like this drama :))

Toko Scanner Barcode excellent story ... made ​​me laugh and feel sad too romantic ^^

Sam238 I just finished watching the entire 16 episodes & i love it.. I would rate it as 9/10. Initially, i thought i'd get bore with it. But it didn't. It has no hassles, no complexities but it will touch your heart. Casts were very good in their roles & locations seem perfect. I've been watching few korean dramas, but this is my first time to notice the female lead to say in return, her love to the male lead.

SummerScents Predictable? What Korean drama *isn't* predictable in regards to the main characters falling in love and ultimately getting together at the end? So in that sense, predictability shouldn't be why one doesn't like this drama. I love this drama series because it is quite simple. If you remember any popular drama-series Full House, My Girl, Goong, (and the list goes on) you will not even be able to remember half of the twists and turns predicted in every episode. It is EXTREMELY annoying, knowing as soon as one conflict is almost solved, another occurs to split the couple apart. I liked this drama series because it is much more moderate in their twists. For some reason people disliked this drama for the same reason? Also I loved it because the last episode was interesting to still keep the viewer waiting, because I personally get to the last episode of dramas and am horribly irritated they pick up after 2/3 years, and immediately become happy/couple-y and the rest of the hour is just lovey-dovey? This drama is much more realistic, and it actually is a mellow version of a melodrama (especially compared to Princess Hours, extended how many episodes again?? I love the drama but I would get tired of twist after twist and oh-so-much crying because of the complications). The chemistry between the main characters seems absolutely realistic. I also love how there isn't an excess drama of a third-person in their relationship and it focuses more on issues the main characters face as a couple. Absolutely recommend!!

rainfairy well im so into korean dramas that i dont care its cliche or not0.kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye are so cute and funny.the kiss scenes melted my heart. but story was kind of repetitive not the whole part but most of it.but im enjoying it. and i must say sung joon is so falling for him.

smileyme Why everybody think that Lie To Me is a good drama?I don't understand. Okay the main actor, both KJH and YEH are so cute yes I won't argue about that they have chemistry. But how can you all forget about the story itself. It cliche, predictable, mostly boring and I think the writer forgot provide the story I guess and the Ex girlfriend of hyun ki joon is annoying as hell. And they just drag the story till 18 episode and i find is boring to dead

VT My husband and I watched this at netflix yesterday (marathon from episode 1-5). We loved it. It was hilarious. Good acting and good story line (everybody is related). It reminded me of Pride and Prejudice- Asian version. The leading lady resemble an actress in 'Snowflower and the secret fan' movie. Will definitely check the others series being mentioned in the comment after finishing up this series.

hangul im a big fan of korean drama madami nakong napanuod at masa2bi ko sa pagkilatis ng mga ito sori ha d masyado nagusthan ang drmang ito maganda cia nung umpisa pero prang na sa bndang gitna masa2bi mu kcng maganda ang ang isang drama pag nagiwan ito ng marka.

adikkayeunhye yoon eun hye was so attractive here..di masyado flashy yung mga suot niya pero may aura talaga siya na nagugustuhan talaga ng tao pati yung character niya dito naaaliw ako.. Miss Eun Hye ang chick mo naman impossibleng wala ka boyfriend..sino kaya yun? si Kang Ji hwan kaya? hehe.. ang swerte naman niya..sana akin ka nalang.. kahit mas bata ako sa'yo ng 3 years, okey lang, mamahalin kita habang buhay..i hope you make more dramas..i love love you!

lie to me super fan ratings are low? gosh this is better than other korean drama who has high ratings! and the casts are so good in acting! especially kang ji hwan I fell in love with his character!

lock0n galing!!!kung kelan ako tumanda tsaka pa ako kinikilig...LOL..idol ko kasi yung babae...lahat ng kdrama nya panoorin..god bless and more power..

Gasenadi This is the drama that started my quest for Kang Ji Hwan's work and boy, it's been fun! What a great pair in this. FINALLY a CEO that looks like a man and not a boy. FINALLY a CEO that works instead of sitting at his desk daydreaming about the leading lady. Also began my quest for Yoon Eun Hye's dramas. I love her work also; especially her portrayal in this and Coffee Prince of hard-working, everyday women. And the actress Hong Su Hyun as the irrational "friend" is superb.

mari FROM COFFEE HOUSE KJH+FROM COFFEE PRINCE YEH=PERFECT COUPLE ....I can't bring myself to love another couple as much as hwanhye... all the salute to you miss scriptwriter you did well... watching this make me cry ,inlove and smile i really love the story plus KJH and YEH really love your chemistry . You look good together i read YEH mentioned that they have a chemistry and i agree to you so nice seeing you guys ... All i can say is more more more drama or can be movie together....more power guys...

mari all the salute to you miss scriptwriter you did well... watching this make me cry ,inlove and smile i really love the story plus KJH and YEH really love your chemistry . You look good together i read YEH mentioned that they have a chemistry and i agree to you so nice seeing you guys ... All i can say is more more more drama or can be movie together....more power guys...

fateme i love this drama!!!! and i watch it about ten times!!! i really dont know why the ratings R low about such lovely drama. :((((

ryu i am a filipina i love yoon eu hye in princess hours days palang nia every effective ang acting sadly abs cbn did not get the rigth of this drama gma got this so sna mganda ang dubbing nito

Shireyyss i love the part when it realease at 28 june hwhwhw .. it's my birthday hahaha how cool is it! kong ah jung is really cute there .. ki joon is also cool .. i'm ki joon is really in this world :p ki joon aa saranghee :*

Frank Aigo!!! This is the only Korean Series na nagpakilig sa akin ng sobra!!!!... from the Story... Cast... to the soundrack!! PERFECT!!!!! Hats off to LIE to ME!!!

cleo_sleepyhead i really love this drama. it was so funny and i laughed a lot..i love the cola kiss and lovin ice cream. the soundtracks were great too, i even downloaded them even though i don't understand them. lol :) the story was nice at di masyadong heavy. nakakasawa na rin naman yung mga heavy dramas, nakakastress lang..haha..light lang sya and all you have to do is enjoy...really really love this drama. even watch it over and over!!

i love eun hye!!!and ji hwan is so handsome, i like him a lot, next to song seung hoon,, :)

it's just sad that the ratings were low,,,i don't understand why the koreans didn't like it much, it was really great...anyway, i support this drama!!!!HOPE IT WILL GAIN MORE POPULARITY OVERSEAS!!!

cam-eunhye s COFFEE PRINCE at MY FAIRLADY q naging idol c eunhye .. sobrang ganda nya talga ..! at sna pmunta sya d2 s pilipinas at mkita q sya s personal ..

cam-eunhye •*´¨`*•YOON EUN HYE 4ЄƔЄƦ¸.•*´¨`* ƸӜƷ__¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•______ƸӜƷ .(ړײ)___¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•_____.(ړײ) .«▓»__¸.•*´¨`*MY FAIR LADY•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•__.«▓» ..╝╚_______¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•_..╝╚

Anna This is the 3rd kdrama I have watched (after Coffee House and Coffee Prince), and like the other 2, I thorougly enjoyed it. I really think that Yoon Eun Hye is an extremely accomplished actress. She is able to convey real emotion which is very believable, and has such a sweetness about her, that it is hard not to like her. I will certainly look out for her roles in the future.

weeeee Just Absolutely Great!!!


josie parang tanga naman yung nasa comment#86.. haha. epal!

i really love this drama.. it's so great. :)

eka Love you both

eka This is the best korean drama i ever seen.... Kang ji hwan - Yoon Eun Hye ..... we supporting you always.....

roma manu i so love this drama that i watch it over and over and over again! almost 10 times! cola kiss and lovin' ice cream! i love how they kissed each other and how kang ji hwan looked at yoon eun hye!! PART 2 please!! xoxo

bang2x i love korean drama and lie to me is my next fav after coffee prince because i like yoon eun hye how i wish to have a fairy godmother and ask me what is my wish ....then i will ask her to be come yoon eun hye even just for one day.

amal waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw,I love this drama soooooooooo much and the rating was so unfair,please YEH + KJH don't be sad we love both of you,and I hope there will be lie to me 2,I can't get enough of this drama,I love you YEH + KJH

indi08 my bad. novice mistake. i guess i just liked this drama soo much that i hoped there would be more to it... :( it's still amazing nonetheless :)

indi08 i've been watching this show non-stop since i viewed the first episode (having to read subtitles since i dont know korean), this has to be one of the greater shows that has been produced in decades. the acting is superb and it doesn't hurt that the cast is gorgeous. Keep up the great work, and i can't wait for season two!!! <3 <3 <3 p.s. i think i have a crush on Kang Ji-Hwan (he is soo handsome). ^_^

ivy rose grado one of the best korean drama iv ever seen <3 __ <3

Renny Aigo!!! it is trully great story... i'm so exited to see Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan as real couple,,, they are really perfect!!!

stariray1 i really love this korean drama . :)) This Story wac connected to my love story :))

K_M Best movie ever... :D

Lalneihlim joute Yoon Eun Hye(A jung)I love u I love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u..Eun Hye u make me crazzzy...

Lalneihlim joute I really love the drama......Yoon Eun Hye(A jung) u really make me crazzzy...A jung i love u...i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u

clsf love this drama, becos of it i have fallen for yeh. the most realistic kdrama, yeh acting really brings you into ah jung world, her close ties with her father, competition and alliance in office, friendship and love life, all very real and can relate to.


meijie i love the drama! Yoon Hye and Ji Hwan look great together. I hope they will make more dramas paired with each other.

reza very bad drama i don t like it and very bad story

vien grace barsarsa love this much the kissing scenes...the lead actor is superb...:)

miz_gee86 i am a filipina and I must say the Philippines is having a KOREAN fever that never subsides from Kpop songs to korean drama and first I am really ignoring these kind of Korean stuffs but eventually I got hooked into it..LIE TO ME was so far one of the best Korean drama i have seen because one of the reasons is i really love Yoon Eun Hye..some are saying it didn't meet the expectations of korean viewers resulting to poor ratings but it's no big deal, what matters is the QUALITY of the drama piece and the EXCELLENT performance of the casts and behind-the cam conclude you did a very GOOD JOB...remember what you always say FIGHTING!FIGHTING! AJA!!lovelots...♥♥♥

Meg What a cute drama. I actually liked that the drama didn't end when they became a couple. It showed more about them when the most dramas end up a couple 2 minutes before the entire drama ends.

I had never seen a drama that a couple kisses this much!

saigo no ame

      • i am so deeply touch and love it very much after watching Lie To Me , i have learned and got so many idea..!!!!!!! KJH & YEH Love is Forever .....Figthing ,,,GODBLESS both of you,,,more power on your career...!!! we want to see in LTM 2...! gambatte ne ....!!!

roxyann i really love this drama i even watch the whole drama on the internet at the same time watching it on tv.....this is the best k-drama i ever watch....Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan really match for each other they have good chemistry...i really wish they become a couple in real life hehe....i really hope that they will make Lie To Me part 2 because i really really want to see their WEDDING hehe :D

koreanaheadoftime Lie to me is a really good drama with a really good cast. Firstly, unlike many other dramas, Lie to me portrays love as something pure and not lusty. It feels genuine with the script plus the actors imput, Although some may argue there isn't a common thread throughout the drama, I feel the lack/ or not lack of it, seems to make the drama a lot more realistic and relatable in a lot of ways.

With this, the fabulously talented cast really make each and every character stand out and push the plot to it's maximum.

Hope you guys would check it out and enjoy the drama!

Near The similar k-drama about fake marriage,,just like fullhouse,marry stayed out,&other k-drama. Lil bit boring,but so funny in the beginning

졸이안 I love this series I came back from korea looking fr some good shows and found this and I can't stop watching it I love Lie to Me

hanae yamashita Extremely boring.. NO plot whatsoever. I still wonder how they have managed to extend it for 16 episodes. I love both Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon eun Hye, it's pitiful how both their talents were wasted on this.

emi lie to me i loooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu mmmuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach

soapiecaves will there be a Lie To Me 2??? YES PLEASE!!! i LOVE this show :D

mirna omayyyyy,,,,thatss so really cool movie,,,romantic,,funny..ohhh raelly excited to watch this...ah jung,,,youu so beautiful and really clop couple with ki jung,,,maybe the real life you can be together :D :D...,hurry to wait LIE TO ME 2 :D

miko ohhhhh myyyy gosssshhhhh!!!i just so love this drama series..even my mother watched this OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! i cant get over with Kang Ji-Hwan & Yoon Eun-Hye!! they sooo looked goooood seemed that they are not acting at all during the sweet scenes!oh how i wish they are really couple in real life...ARE THEY?????

jhariche i love yoon eun hye..... shes very pretty... since princess hours pa... hahahaha... i hope that she would have another drama with ji jo hoon... their so good

neil rivera LIE TO ME PART 2,,, i want to see more

neil rivera i love this movie, i want to see more more more,. ILOVEYOU YOON EUN HYE best actress. i want part 2

ALIYAH I Love this Series so much! I want to be Gong Ah Jung ! I want her life to be my life in the future ! I Love it so much ! Looking forward to the LIE TO ME PART 2 Fighting !

su-jin ;) omo! i want part 2 of lie to me. :)) i want to see their wedding!

  • _^

and their life after they get married! nice movie! i really cried...



abegail i really enjoyed watching lie to me especially because of yoon eun hye sHe's reaLLy the best onE!!!! gOod ChemisTRy with kang ji hwan.. i reaLLy loVe koREan drAmas>> hoPe one Day i caN visiT Korea....

lintang i love this drama so much.. its tottally romantic,funny, and im so in love with this drama.. yoon eun he and kang ji hwan is the best couple.. <3 <3 <3

tinapay i watch the whole series for two makes my eyes swollen but nevertheless the drama was so makes me feel inlove=)

e this drama really awesome !

rosa In love with this drama!!!best drama I've ever seen!!! ^,^ poor thing that's not got a good rating T,T

I think d'storyline going smooth not easily changed in every scene..

Eun Hye and Ji Hwan really make d'best couple..wish some day there'll be a drama with them as lead actor/actress..n someday I'll find a man like Gi Joon oppa in my life :)

Yuu i love very much this drama. the best drama korean that i ever seen. ^^

Sasha Omfg i luuuuuuuuv this.drama. this reminds me why im hooked on korean shows. Eun hye and Ki joon look absolutely goreous. Im so madd ithad a rush ending though.

r3m I really love this drama.... Eun Hye and Ji Hwan are great together...

marilyn the first time i've watched Kang Ji Hwan... in Save the Last Dance for Me i felt that the guy has such a charisma... and when i've watched Yoon Eun Hye in Princess Hour i began liking her too... this couple is really great! if not for a second project how i wish they could become real couple.

malferna fernandez i love this drama, i love yoon eun hye..she acts so naturally, i've watched the drama nonstop in a day.. LOL!! thanks for the hardwork for the drama. sarangheyo!! :-)

mary anne love this drama i am hoping to watch more of this kind of dramas in the future...thanks for the whole cast and production...u did well in bringing us the best ....saranghamnida...

Kim What is the name of the song that's playing at the end of episode 13/beginning of episode 14?

Joyce Love this drama. Love the spark between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. Always looking forward for the next episode. Hope that there will be good ending for the couple. The storyline may be very normal but because of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, it made the storyline romantic and interesting. We get to see the 'silly' things that the couple will do for each other when they are madly in love. We also get to see the 'idiotic' side of the guy who doesn't know his heart until the critical time. Most importantly, the 'cola kiss' everytime I see the bottle of cola, it made me think of the sweet 'Cola Kiss'. The songs in the OST are nice. Thanks to the cast and crew for the hardwork for a good drama.

Hyee Please extend the episodes. =)

Fighting.!! ^_^

gyuptapinay i want to see the last episode i so love this k-drama!!!!<3

isabella valliere i really love this drama... hope the best for the ending!

Lika How do you find the credits songs? and the one playing during kiss?

March Can anyone tell me what channel is SBS on the US?

Sangmin hailynne you can't find 11-16, because they have not aired yet

hailynne so love this says that it has 16 eps why can i not look for ep 11-16?


Kelimutu luv this drama very much because I'm a huge fans of Yoon Eun Hye. She's a totally great actress. I wish she make another great project in the future. We always support you unnie.. \(^o^)/

and kang ji hwan, even if he looks so old, but I like him too. Perfect couple anyway.. Yeah,, we always support for you all!!!!!!!!!! fighting!! ^^

.big fan from Indonesia.

VIVIEIINNNNEEEEE I just love this drama!, i love the love between hyun gi joon and ah jung i can't wait for ep 10 :D

nn just finished watch ep 9.. cant wait for ep 10 tomorrow.. hehehe

zaza gabor i love this drama !!!!!!!!!!can't wait to see next episode

pinky love this drama and exciting love .................. love and fighting and jealousy ...its more interesting plot on the more kissing scene..... i can't wait until Monday and Tuesday......

sushi The chemistry of KJH and YEH is supperb.... Wish they could have another drame after this.... or may be the two become real couple... jejejjejeje

Isabella amazing dramaa!!! i luv this!!! its definately my favorite ^.^




lili OMG this episode 8 was with many emotions!!! kiss oooh yeee, and then pai pai.. T-T why???? poorr Ah jung... T-T

exclusive I am totally addicted with this drama coz I cannot wait for the next episode even it is in Chinese I am still watching it especially their kissing moment, I watch it many times

KoreanDramaCrazy This drama is great! I love watching Korean dramas and yoon eun hye is the best Korean actress. I can't wait to watch the next episode. I hope she does many more dramas or movies.

G This drama is awesomely funny! I cannot wait til next week for episode 9!! whoo hoo!!

Yen Love it!!! 5/5! <3 CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!

marie i love watching the drama and i really love yoon eun hye, she is a great actress!

jakeh I really love the acting of kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye in this kdrama. I am looking forward to next episode after the passionate kissing of KJH and YEH. I hope the rating of this kdrama rises

treefern I love this drama very much. Yoon Eun Hye is so cute.

richi-lyn i really really like this korean drama..cant wait for the next episodes.......:))

Jerran Please make this Drama extend the ending..

drama lover I'm loving this drama. Yoon Eun Hye is really a great actress. I also like the acting of the main actor. I can't wait to see the next episode.

BHUDDZ cant wait for episode 5.its getting better and better. I hope the ratings go up.Their looks are ok to me, contrary to what others are saying.A lot of people are watching it online,its already no.1 in mysoju.

michelle This drama is a huge disappointment. The writing is all over the place. Not even YEH and KJH can save this hot mess. Besides YEH and KJH are looking pretty bloated in this. What happened to their looks? I'm so sad about this.

Xih Yoon Eun Hye is so funny! The drama is captivating. <3

ginutza75 relaxes me this movie its good bravo

Iz How often will their air this show? I'm from the US so I'm only able to watch it online. Is it weakly aired? And, when? So, I know when to expect the new episode to come on. I'm loving this Kdrama so far. I love the Yoon Eun Hye. And, I'm really liking the guys for far. He's pretty hot.


yukiko hihihhihi :D i will love to see this drama :D

hihihihihihi.. i'm so addicted to korean drama more than our local drama here :D

can i watch this in any website right now?

Donkey Kong watch WHITE good!(:

lina_meizhen wow i can't wait to see it^^ yoon eun hye unnie so beautyful and the best actress that i like so much^^

i hope yoon eun hye will play more drama............... i always support her my best actress^^ unnie fighting^^

Wengski08 Wow what a pair again both from coffee dramas collide now he he sure this will be heat...Mr. Hong Gil Dong finally met Ms. Gong Princess Hours...can't wait to see all of the episodes...aja fighting!

SSujulove I loved sung joon on white christmas!!!! I'm so excited for this! Good luck to him!

Ms.GB OMOMO!!!!! Yoon Eun Hye AND Kang Ji Hwan!!! If I died tomorrow I'll be happy! Wait, let me watch the show first!

agashi-mae OMG! i cant wait.... coffee overload, Yoon eun hye coffee prince and kang ji hwan coffee house. Guys click my name thanks! :D

simplyhappy I'm sooo excited for this drama!!! Love Yoon Eun Hye!!!!

roscoe11 I can't wait for May 9th, everyday hoping that it's already 9th of May

sittie miss yoon eun hye so much...i can't wait for lie to me....good actors together, I'm supporting it....

2812tsarisaac my beautiful gurl YEH. i will b waiting for lie to me. fighting

kaloon it's will be a big success drama

it's time for countdown. CAN'T WAIT

FIGHTING !! Yoon Eun Hye

yehloverforever -.▀██▀ ──██────(▒)(▒) ──██───(▒)(♥)(▒)... ─▄██▄▄█─(▒)(▒).. ───.───▄███▄... ───.──███─███─(▒)(▒) ───.──▀██▄██▀(▒)(♥)(▒) ───.────███───(▒)(▒) ───.─────── ▀██─██▀ ───.──────── ██─██─(▒)(▒) ───.──────── ▀█▄█▀(▒)(♥)(▒) ───.──────────▀───(▒)(▒) ───.────────────██▀▀▀█ ───.──(▒)(▒)──────██▄█──(▒)(▒) ───.─(▒)(♥)(▒)─────██▀█─(▒)(♥)(▒) ───.──(▒)(▒)──────██▄▄▄█(▒)(▒) YOON EUN HYE

rsim YEH + KJH = Lie To Me...Fighting !

unitedKIM im a big fan of YOON EUN HYE. im gonna be watching this one

•*´¨`*•YOON EUN HYE 4ЄƔЄƦ¸.•*´¨`* ƸӜƷ__¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•______ƸӜƷ .(ړײ)___¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•_____.(ړײ) .«▓»_____¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•___.«▓» ..╝╚_______¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•_..╝╚

micah im from im excited to watch this drama. hope it will be shown in thailand also. YOON EUN HYE WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

kristine im supporting LIE TO ME. This will be successful becoz YOON EUN HYE leads the drama. Shes one of korea's best actress of all time!

angelmhine im looking forward for the success of this drama..

im supporting Yoon Eun Hye all the way!

Fighting! :)

booga I can't wait for this. Two of my favorite k-actors.

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