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  • Name Lee Young-Hoon
  • Hangul: 이영훈
  • Birthdate: December 14, 1982
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
  • University: Suwon Science College
  • Height: 175 cm.
  • Blood Type: AB


Lee Young-Hoon was born in Gwangju, South Korea on December 14, 1982. He began his acting career after joining the MBC Academy while in high school. Some of his peers at the MBC Academy were future actors In-seong Jo and So-yeon Lee. In 2001, at the age of 19, Young-hoon was casted by Hee-il Leesong for his short film "Good Romance" (Kut Romaenseu) as Won kyu. Lee Young-Hoon then entered Suwon Science College as a drama major, and practiced and performed on stage at the university. Young-hoon then served his mandatory 2 year military requirement. Upon his discharge, Hee-il Leesong casted Young-hoon in the independent film "No Regret" (Huhwihaji anha) as Su-min. Young-hoon found the role difficult because it was 4 years since he last acted on film. "No Regret" became somewhat of a ground breaking film as it attempted to realistically portray the lifestyle of a gay man working in the male host industry. The film screened to packed audiences at the 2006 Pusan International Film Festival and became a hit in the film festival circuit as well as being widely praised by critics. Young-hoon would win the best newcomer award at the The Critic's Choice Awards presented by the Korea Film Critics Society. In 2008, Lee Young-Hoon appeared in his first major commercial film "The Guard Post" as Corporal Jin-won Kang, as well as the romance film "Ride Away".


  1. After performing as a gay man in "No Regret," Young-hoon Lee is often asked about his sexual orientation. Young-hoon has stated his sexual orientation is heterosexual.
  2. Young-hoon Lee's first CF (commercial film) was in 2007, when he appeared in a commercial for McDonald's.
  3. Some of Young-hoon's favorite activities are swimming, skiing, and inline skating.


Drama Series

  • Her Style | Geunyeoui Seutail (KBS N / 2009)

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Raja Manalo I line this film, Kim nam gil is best actor, I always watched all film of kim nam gil.

Goody Nguyen Mình thích tâm trạng anh đem lại ở nhân vật, có lẽ là vì ảnh có đôi mắt buồn buồn. Thật ra chỉ từng xem No Regret là phim duy nhất ảnh đóng, nhưng thấy ghiền ảnh tới giờ luôn :)

Gab One of the finest actors in korea. Very realistic and believable acting. Hope to see him in more movie and hopefully a good series as well.

ronaldo Just wondering why he don't have much drama series???

Camille Such a talented guy O.O I've rarely ever seen acting so subdued and REAL. And gosh I love his beautiful face.

Barrie No Regrets started my interest in Korean films and a actually love you in the part and think you are the most handsome Asian guy I have seen.

EpicBoy I like your character in No Regret, and for this reason, I start to watch korean movies....

mike budiana No regrets is little bit such as my life...you're really good,man! Thumbs up!!!

Gabriel Tan You are my first Korea actor idol, especially when I see your movie 'No regret', your smile your tears, it melts my hurt. Will always support you....cheers

andrew Kudos to you Lee Young-Hoon! ... your acting in "No Regret", which I caught just now, was impressive, natural and convincing. I could feel the pain and anguish that you portrayed in it. It was a heart-wrenching movie with excellent casting. Hope to see you in more movies. Wishing you all the best with your career!

Darius I like your acting in "No Regret". It's touchy and natural and you looked cute. Can't wait your next gay movies

iman lee..you are so cute and handsome,. i think your gay.. because your act so awesome. i hope we can meet later.. i'm from indonesia.

Moee Just watched "No Regrets" on you tube, what an awesome performance by Young Hoon-Lee. Will u marry me.

Kiddo I'm so in love with you. You've made no regret one of my very few best movies. You should really be gay, I'm sure tons of ppl out there are wishing the same. You made me crazily joulous of the other Guy acting with you in no regret.

jevon one day i borrow some movie from my friend, and one extra disc were in the box, and curriously i watched the movie, i just find out the title is " no regret", it as so real and so touchy.....unexpected, i watch it with my sister and she cant stop crying. lee young hoon, you are a great actor

Another GAM You are such a great actor. The "No regret" makes me feel like crying. You make me believe you were not acting. It is so real.

I feel the pain. The painful love makes itself so beautiful...

manhtquongquoc love u Lee Yeong-hoon , u are number one

james I was so thrilled with your portrayal in this movie "no regret"...indeed i didnt regret watching it. There was depth of emotions with your acting. I was moved. Hope to see good movies in you. Good luck!

Lvhung I like U, Lee Yeong-Hoon, especially your cast in "No Regret". To me, U are No1 Korean actor.

alicia ah se me olvidaba felicidades desde Monterrey, México.

alicia Hola, cabo de terminar de ver la pelicula no regret y es genial me encanto su actuación es una de las mejores o probablemente la mejor pelicula que he visto de este tipo homosexual ...felicidades!!! es hermoso este actor!! n.n

mR. ellen I like "no regret" very much I feel U the action at "no regret" come from himself's heart Good luck to U! Best wish to U Lee Young Hoon numberone!!!

diniasa I really like his act at movie at " No Regret" .... Keep the god job, we will support you

vic Better than brokeback mountain. cuter too.

ray Love u Lee Young Hoon....i am from Singapore and i just watched your "No Regret" you're truely an outstanding actor, very impressive acting!!! I love u <3

Aan He's a good actor.... No doubt. There is something in the look of his eyes that makes me dangle on him. He's not overly handsome but, he is capable of making people fall in love of his charm. Im loving him :)

BEd LYH is great actor.. I really thanx him because of his movie No Regret If I will visit Korea I will be sure to see him face to face ..

adit youre very cute !!! ......... hiaaaaaa ><

pandestha he's so a wonderful and the best actor i think.cause his talent in acting it so undoubted.especially in ''No Regret'' movie...^_^

ha quyen Will always support you!! Big Promise!!

pipobpas ILOVE Leeyounghoon pas loei

Mbokiyem great actor... especially when he played Su-min at No Regret....

Refy He's one great actor from south korea! I really like all of his movie.

Stephen After watching "No Regret" and researching Lee Young-Hoon, I've fallen in love with this actor. He is the greatest Asian actor to hit the states...ever.

luis FABULOSO ACTOR (a demas de galan)

a quien le importa su preferencia???

lo importante es su trabajo, tan bien hecho que todos "creen" que si es gay. felicidades desde MEXICO. D.F.

Mr. Curiosity Hey guys.. Why not Voting ON HIM!!!! You like him as I do... Keep 'em coming UP.. For SUPPORT

KittyLoL Lo amo <3 "No Regret" the best movie

Manny This guy, Lee Young-Hoon is the BOMB. he's not only the cutest with a great BUD, but, he's talented and a natural. Best of LUCK in the future in all ur endeavors. Do u want to be my boyfriend?

Jemi Great movie! Great lead actors. Kudos to the director, writer, editor and the rest of the crew.

Lee Young-Hoon, I love you. Can I have your baby? :-)

Eko Wijayanto Indonesia I come from Indonesia. Your film titled "No Regrets" truly extraordinary. I want to ask: what are you really a gay? hahaha ... I wait for your next movie.

Eldora Lee Yeoung Hoon, you are a fantastic actor. No Regret makes me feel unforgetable now. brlliant job

Elric He is the cutest and handsome

I like this guy alot! Forever support u

toono he is number 1

Haikel Brilliant acting. Showed the emotions very well. Love this actor and this show. A must watch. Ah.. and yes, he's so cute. =D

meboys very romantic person and film, two thumbs for the actor and director, lee young hoon....i love u so much..

OceanVinci he so cutest ..... I like "No ReGret" and "Ride Away"

kika excelente no regret!!!! nice actor

Rimu I love too his movie "No regret"... me encanto esa pelicula, la vi en youtube, buscando canciones de la serie coreana escalera al cielo... pero fascinado con la pelicula estoy... a mi me encanta su cultura... sus rasgos... quiero ser coreano... jejeje

boyxxcodon I like "no regret" very much I feel U the action at "no regret" come from himself's heart Good luck to U! Best wish to U Lee Young Hoon numberone!!!

david I was moved by the movie. I am not a fan of Korean movies but this one made me change my mind. Hey guys, what if Mr. Lee Yeong-hoon is a gay(which I really don't think so)? It doesn't matter what his sexual orientation in, as long as he can act that's the most important thing right? We all enjoyed the movie because it dealt with our pitfalls and our humanity. Everyone can all relate to this, whether you are straight or not. Bravo to the director and the actors!

Ann TheBunto - I agree. I wonder if he really is gay. Someone knows this information, please share!

adiya no regret is very great movie and lee is cute.

Kim Vaisanen Dear Mr. Young-hoon Lee,

Thank you very much for beautiful drama No Regret. I wish you all the best and great films. Best wishes from Finland, E.U., Kim

Yasin you reminds me of my ex. bittersweet...

TheBunto Does anyone know if he really is gay? Most internet searches only relate to the movie No Regret and thats just about it, no personal info or little rumors going on in most sites. :/

Alex He so cute ..When i saw movie i think that he 's the best actor.I think i fall in love with him.55555

Andrew HP I was moved to tears by this movie, especially by Su-min's true love......

Euri Can I have some of his pictures?? He's REally cute.. ^_^

I love His Movie "No ReGret"...

I Think I fall In Love With Him.. ^_^

Vanessa He is the cutest!! I watched part of 'No Regret' Wow that movie is the BOMB! I like this guy alot! He can rlly act1

CJ Ferry I really love his act at "No Regret". I have no regret watch that movie... He's so cute, right?

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