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Lee Yoo-Bi @ "Twenty" screening
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  • Name: Lee Yoo-Bi
  • Hangul: 이유비
  • Born: November 22, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 166.0cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Family: Kyeon Mi-Ri (mother)


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SS Ugh why did you turn down School 2015? wae? wae??!! I was expecting her lead role. T__T

sarah Excited for her first lead in drama with lee jun ki!!! =)))) i'm definitely gonna watch it~

Lezille Ladra She's so cute! :)

Ari Rinaldi Love her role as Yoon Yoo Rae ❤

mica Woah! Didn't know that she's Kyeon Miri -nim's daughter! I really like Kyeon Miri-nim especially in "What Happens with my Family."

janey I first saw her in An Innocent Man and loved her immediately. She was absolutely convincing in The Royal Tailor, and now in Twenty. She is a star on the rise. Love her!

androuchka Hi, love your acting in Pinocchio, hope you'll get a lead role soon, with Lee min Oh, or Kim woo Bin, you'll make a great couple, good luck in your acting career! be wise, stay humble and true to yourself and do not forget to have fun

Kdoramafan Waoh! She was amazing in Pinnochio. Very unique skill of acting. Expressions were very funny. You are so cute. Good luck for the future roles.

no She is the girl in beast mv, no more. I love her beautiful long hair, but still cute even with the short hair. Love u yubi<3

Joey She's really cute in Pinocchoi. Love her role as Yoon Yoo Rae ❤

Do Kyungsoo She is SO CUTE. when i saw her doing aegyo in Pinocchio, i just couldn't stand it i HAD to search her name omg i hope she gets to be in a lead role~ Yoon Bi fighting!!

Bobby She's very cute. I hope she get a chance to be a lead role..

patricia Arias woah ... You know what i love the spark between you and Mr.Lee Pil-Mo . its Kinda sweet and makes me curious more ... like in pinocchio . Love it :D

KJA she looks younger than her real age!!! hoolll!!!!

ace She certainly made the most of a great character on Pinocchio. The positive attention was very well deserved.

rana I can't believe she is the same girl from ' gu family book ' ..she looks completely different ..still she is pretty in both dramas .. I hope we get to see more of her

carolina I really like her. I have seen she has a great talent as a singer and actress. One of my favorites. And with out her Pinocchio wouldn't be as fun as it was. Fighting YooBi!!!!!

naomi I really love her roles in pinocchio!!!!!!!!!

Aleena Khan Lee Yoo-Bi and Park Shin Hye Are The Most Adorable Girls Ever Seen In My Life Lots Of Love ummmaahhhhh

Jennifer Omg she's soooo cute<33 ^^

gustave154 Why is she so cute?? Seriously shes the ideal girl

Bu Raa Yan So Cute.. <3 im always excited to watch Pinocchio because of her.. <3 i hope i'll see you every episode.. <3 <3 <3 and i wish i'm in korea because the release of your sereies is delay in our country,, but all in alll.. you so cute <3

jan the fact that shes so annoying in the drama makes her a really good actor.... shesa ctually really pretty also...

intiendes She looks like Kris Aquino ...

yoona i really admire her she's so cute,adorable and talented.....i really love it when she's acting im always looking forward to all of her drama series.....please keep up the good work

bubibu I absolutely love her- she is so cute and has adorable acting in Pinocchio! Looking forward to more from her <33

truth Anyone who has eyes and isn't retarded in the head can see yoobi is so pretty. she jas that youthful look to her. Lucky girl yoobi you will be a big star.

I also think you and baekhyun look cute together just as much as I do think baek and taeyeon look good together too. You look cute with anyone.

Long You are so cute and have a lovely acting in Pinocchio. I think I have found my love's model, Lee Yoo-Bi :D

Shafiqah Zulkifly no wonder i've seen her somewhere..she's in Beast No More MV and was MCing Inkigayo once..

Yubi#1 I'm going to miss you MCing on Inkigayo,

good luck on your new drama!!! :))

baekkie cutie pie... yubi

Yol I was so shocked when i knew you played the role kang cho ko in nice guy. OMG! You are beautyfull and your voice.... So good! Please come back, i want to see you in another drama

StaRix Does she have DC gallery?? :)

Eungi She's so cute and a great actress, I hope to see her as a lead in a new drama!

Junie Beautiful :)

Lee Junie I hope to see her in a upcoming drama! ♥

Lee Yongi Really talented actress, fighting! ♥

GGon She really shocked me with her English and singing skillz. Really pretty!! want to see her play a main soon though <3

joan annyeong.. you are so cute.....

kudo choko very cute i think i in love w/ her:)

Aerron Galang She's good in acting and very cute!!! I hope someday I'll be her leading man :)

BUTCHOY such a beautiful woman

Derick I want those you acting as choko in NICE GUY...hope you visit philippines...go fighting!

mykhele I like her acting skill at Nice Guy and at Gu Family, she's one of a kind actress in her generation. Good luck and hoping to see her to many dramas

soumia I liked the representation and is a beautiful girl , I hope with all my heart to see her famous of representatives in the future

Charlie's good t'nite I've yet to see any of her work, but as the daughter of the ever-beautiful Kyeon Miri, she has been enormously blessed in the looks department! Here's hoping that she will enjoy a similar career and popularity like her mom does...


sally you are so beautiful.....! I like your acting in "innocent man", you are such a best actress for this new generation!!! CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE SUCCESS OF YOUR DRAMA!!


Eddy She looks so cute. I like her the best in "The Innocence Man". Firstly I felt nothing, but after watched her longer in the movie, I felt like she has some outstanding characters which hard to describe.

booo i don;t get people bring out suzy and yoona name just because wanna bash them and praise her..all of them really good and have talents.about suzy, that her characters.. just go watch her movie..she doing not some 'robotic' there.. btw suzy younger than this girl.. okay not harm any parties..

Maddie @Aynur, I guess you speak Korean. However in many languages when buttering up a sibling, the vocal intonations are much the same as girlfriend to boyfriend buttering up. Wouldn't you agree?

Yoo Bi is a cute name, but she does not look like her mother. Perhaps she takes after her dad. And who might that be?

Anyway, terrific actress. Hope to see more of her. Someone said when she sulked her face looked like a kabuki mask, only a lot cuter.

Yea, keep the face UB. Don't change a thing!

Shawn I agree with mimi_shimaru as well, IMO she's twice the actress Suzi is. She actually shows depth and versatility in her character, while Suzy seems to play the same robotic character in everything I've seen.

I was very surprise at her talent after finding out she's only been in a few shows. She's either very talented, or was well trained before debuting!

I think Lee Yoo-Bi has a promising future in acting! even though most people want to cast the no talent model types most of the time.

Momo ahh.. i love how her acting when she is sleeping at the car.. at episode 3 when Ma Ru take her to home again XDD

hzimahmhin i agree with mimi_shimaru.

To me, her acting skill is really good, which is awesome for someone who just debuted last year, 2011. she is young yet, very talented. People should give her more chances to show her potential in acting, as well as singing :)

mimi_shimaru what I don't get is, why an actress like her, who's better than any idol-actress by a mile, didn't get as much recognition as she deserves.

this girl can seriously hurts Suzy or Yoona in acting any given time. she's seriously talented and beautiful too.

i hope she gets more acting offer after 'Innocent Man'. I wanna see her act alongside the likes of Song Seung Hoon or Il Jung Woo.


Aynur I don't like her acting in "Nice Guy". She doesn't act natural. I have watched so many korean dramas. I can feel it when she calls "Oppa". When she calls "Oppa" it feels like she calls not her brother, but the man she likes and admires. Maybe it is because in real life she is Song Joong Ki fan. This is only my opinion. Maybe I'm false. But this is the sincere feelings I have when I watch her acting. But she is beautiful and young. I didn't write this to discourage her. I hope she can improve her acting skills in a few years.Wish success!

Mia I really like her! As Toki~ in Vampire Idol, couple with Woo-bin <3 love And currently as Choco, Joong-ki's sick sister. I think she's a womderful actress :)

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