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  • Name: Lee Sung-Yeol
  • Hangul: 이성열
  • Stage Name: Sungyeol
  • Born: August 27, 1991
  • Birthplace: Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • Blood Type: B
  • Twitter: @Seongyeol1991


  1. Member of Kpop boy band "INFINITE".


Drama Series


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Leddah Gabales Annyeong Lee Sungyeol oppa! *-* you are so cute when smiling especially on Hi! School Love on! I wish I could see you in person. You are good in dancing Troublemaker :D

PS: I watched your video when you made a prank with your friends (Infinite) Hahahahaha I laugh so hard you're so cute especially when you act like a kid and get scared of ghost just joking! :) aja fighting! Kiyomiiiii!!! :))

jenna He's my crush! I just watched Hi! School -Love on and I like him instantly! :) I want to see him more on screen more, he has the looks of a big lead actor. So handsome and good looking. Great actor, too. Mwah!

what's up woah! so many comments

nadslah bunny sungyeol oppa ur my favorate member in infinite, i really like your childish attitude im excited to your up coming teen drama with jihyun and woohyun ,always be a handsome,cute,childish and lovable sungyeol, always take your health and please dont be sick hehe saranghae oppa i hope more blessing come to your life, and i wish that when i grew up i see you in seoul.just wait me when i finish my study and some savings i came to seoul for to see you hehe i hope you have a girlfriend in that time oppa ok thats all takecare oppa hmmmmm.

ELFlaizamae It's funny because when I watched the drama High School- Love On I know that woohyun is an infinite member and I was surprised to find out that Sung Yeol is an infinite member too :) Anyways I don't know infinite that much but I love the drama ♥

Cathy Sorry spelled it wrong "I won't cheat Infinite!".I hope to see you in the future maybe.Infinite member are so cute that I can't let it go.GO INFINITE best team ever.Keep it going.LOVE INFINITE.

little angle Sorry spelled it wrong "I won't cheat Infinite!".I hope to see you in the future maybe.Infinite member are so cute that I can't let it go.GO INFINITE best team ever.Keep it going.LOVE INFINITE.

LOVE SUNGYEOL I LOVE YOU!I really love your acting and your cuteness I really want to see you but I'm not in Seoul korea to see you but I always watch INFINITE movies and acting.I watch cheat Infinite fighting!

Luvvv i really love ur acting especially in 'please remember princess'~aagghh sooo cute oppa

dadz . . .yokshii. .. kim sae ron nomo nomo kiyomo! . . . .i love kim sae ron here. . . but the boys' acting kinda flop for me . . . .the're not that good in acting, but it's okay , i can understand rookies . . . . .

Vanessa Ching Ahhhhh, I've recently watched Hi! School - Love on and I love you! You need to appear more on different dramas, love your acting skills :) Fighting!!!!!!!

jihyun shin sungyeol oppa!!!!!!he needs more lines in infinite songs.i love you so much!!!


Yomna Masoud I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much we want a drama that u will be the main lead plzzzzzzzzzzzz a drama that will be comedy an romance plzzzzzz cheabal !!!!!!!

kagamine rin you're the best i wan't more daramas

A crazy fan from Sweden I loooove U!! I hope I'll meet U one day!! I hope Infinite will visit Sweden and that you will be the first kpop to visit us !! : ') You're good actor, I want to see more dramas!! :)

Jerusa So oppa, I love you so much that you're even in my dreams. I hope that when we meet I can kiss and hug you. After I graduate in college I'll make sure to visit Korea. God bless you always. I love you so much.

May oppa Sungyeol, I always wanted to meet u, maybe when we meet I'll ask for a hug...but i might not be able to ask since im a shy fan. Anyways oppa, fighting! <3 love u and INFINITE forever and star as main in more dramas okay

Infinite's biggest fan This might be too early but 생일 축하합니다! Oppa on your birthday make sure to spend your birthday with your family or the rest of the Infinite band members. Also make sure to eat lots of food on your birthday. I was going to send you a letter but decided to not too... I still regret it. I hope I meet you and Infinite in the future. Oppa fighting! (Between your are really cute and tall. We have so much in common such as being tall and being very emotional. Also Oppa's voice is very manly than childish. I think it's very cute. ^_^ And please don't do kiss scenes in your new drama. I'm fine with them unless you are kissing someone for real.If it was real I will just scream until the episode is over then scream again in my room... Oh and It would be nice if you could be the main lead in more dramas. Your acting skills are just fantastic. Oppa saranghaeyo ^~^)

megan Omo I Love sung yoel you are my everything swear to god i want to visit you one day seriously!!!!!sarangea Oppa !!

Charlotte I love his voice! And he's my bias, but he needs more lines in their songs. I love his role in Hi school live on! I love him in general!

Tiffany Oh man he is damn cute and handsome!! I love him when I start to watch 'High School On Love " !!!! TOTALLY MAN GOD

Rohma Hayat Lee Sung Yeol OMG he is so cuteeeee I like his voice so lovely manly muahhhh He is very stylish I love him sooo much He is younger version of Jung Yong Hwa Oppa He is tall handsome cute n innocent baby face Am no.1 fan of U from Pakistan Infinite is the one of theee bestest boy band group just Like BACKSTREET BOYS I LOVE EACH N EVERY AUDIO VIDEO SONGS OF INFINITE THEY ARE AMAZINGGGGGG LOVE U SO MUCH N AL THE VERY BEST FOR UR RECENT DRAMA FIGHTING!!!! Rohma ur fan from Pakistan I really support U infinite boys :*

kawaii saranghaeyo <33333333

hayeol So handsome...Sungyeol saranghaeyo..

vanez so handsome...cant wait for ep 3, hi school love on fighting!

esta like yong hwa cn blue...

Em ❤ o,❤ Sungyeol oppa, saranghaeyo. Fighting! ^^

Anonymous Oppa! please dont kiss. pleaseee!! pleaseee..i'll die..i'll just

  • DEAD*

loricha reylawati I really love you ! If there is not you ! I'm not going to like this ! I really really love you ! saranghaeyo Sungyeol oppa...

Lee Sungyeol ♡_♡

Choco Nam sungyeol oppa is so cute.. xD

elizabeth during OGS i gave him my iphone and he took a selfie :DDDDDDD that was the best moment of my life! TT_TT sungyeol I LOVE YOU SO MUCH can't wait to see you again !!! :')

Sherlyn Sungyeol oppa, congratulations on finishing your one great step successfully ♡_♡ INFINITE FIGHTING! ^~^

sung jong(nurin) oppa saranghea.infinite fightting

nor hayati sungyeol oppa daebak to you.oppa saranghea.i hope my dreams to go to korea to see you oppa...

Lee Ritayeol ALL I CAN SAY IS I LOVE YOU! Sungyeol Oppa<3 :*5

Mina Sulli Sungyeol oppa ! you jinjja daebak ! you're my ultimate bias and INFINITE is the most perfect korean boy band ? ...I like and love you so much oppa ..saranghae...fighting ! I will always support INFINITE from back ! ..Sungyeol Oppa ..Sungkyu Oppa, MyoungSoo Oppa, Sungjong Oppa, Woohyun Oppa, Hoya Oppa, DongWoo Oppa ... <3 muahhh ... !!!!

mignon Hi sungyeol oppa! I really like you.I'm afraid i go insane when i see you performing on stage. I first saw you on Kbs music bank and was fallen head over heels in luv with you. Keep up the good work and i'll always be there watching you on tv cuz i know for a fact that i can't get closer to you. No worries. Saranghae <3

kaceyk @loyalinspirite, i agree with everything you say.. i dun hate L or sth but i felt sorry for Sungyeol.. he should stand out more than he is now..

maria1997 hope your dreams come true...stay a choding though lol :D and that your skin gets better soon

LoyalInspirit Yeol-ah~ You're really daebak! Good at singing,dancing,drawing,playing drum,making us smile and acting as well! It's such a waste you only filmed just a few drama. Why they dont see your talent in acting?! You should really shoot another drama or movie x3 Your acting skill's better than L I think but why he gets more shoot challenge than you.. Yeol fighting,Infinite fighting! ^^

yeollipop Lee SeongYeol & infinite hwaiting.. ^_^

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