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Lee Sun-Kyun @ screening for movie "A Hard Day"
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  1. Lee Sun-Kyun married actress Jeon Hye-Jin on May 23, 2009 in AW Convention Center Grand Ballroom, Buam-dong, Seoul. The couple has two children - older son born on November 25, 2009 & second son born August 9, 2011.[1]


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nurujoong uhm tae woong and lee sung gyu looks alike right ? sometimes I mistaken him with uhm tae woong ..

shanthini Hi I love watching pasta drama. Nice acting lee sun kyun. I like him .great all the best for ur future projects. I miss this drama so much.

peaula... i love this pasta.. i miss in ur acting. really like in ur acting.. i miss u in pasta team..:-(:-(:-(:-(. i like u very much...:-):-):-):-):-) really really i miss u lee.

peaula... i love this pasta.. i miss in ur acting. really like in ur acting.. i miss u in pasta team..:-(:-(:-(:-(. i like u very much...:-):-):-):-):-)

Thiyaga I miss the Pasta Serial very much , i am really impressed with your look/acting in pasta. It will always be my happiest moments in my life to remember all the scenes in pasta serial with your performances. I cannot digest that the serial is ended today in our telecast. i have spent some joyful time in watching your performance inthe Pasta serial, its hard to say from my heart that i have lost some valuable thing in my life i remember the serial every now & then...

priya I like acting very much sir...I love pasta very much as well as ur pasta serial also sir...

Lll He often play with the same cast in any drama. Especially lee sung min. Why did they do it?

Khuloud Ahh, His voice <3 I adore it!!

herbmom My favorite Korean actor. He communicates so well every shade of emotion and thought. He has the most expressive face and a killer voice. What's not to like? Awesome!

phinay the man you were in Pasta- with firm opinions touched with vulgarity.... i hope it's also that man in real life.

april i love you Lee Sun Kyun :D

luys me encanto la serie de la pasta su forma de actuar fue realmente increíble, yo creo que me enamore de su forma de actuar wao wao. mu buena felicidades

Maria gallo I am you're fan number one!!!!!

girlstrike well, i falling in love with him in coffee prince. he has a very good acting. pasta was daebak. petty romance, all about my wife, are very nice movie. his good skill, voice, and handsome face making me more falling in love with this ahjussi.

Clarice After watching him in pasta, I totally fell in love with his acting. He then got me addicted to Golden Time which was a really good drama and I'm really hoping for a season 2. Now I'm looking forward to see him on a drama series, Miss Korea. :D love lots Lee Sun Gyun!!! :* fighting!

Gin His voice and natural acting in Coffee Prince 2007, made me falling in love for him for the first time. Pasta made me more & more in love with him. Follow him till Golden Time so far. Good luck dear Mr.Voice. :-)

Anso Yes, Chef... I love everything about drama Pasta

iqra i realy like watching pasta becoz i realy like lee sun gyun n he acting is very fantastic n nice i love u my chef

puri I actually had a little bit of time to watch a movie on television. But when my sister was watching PASTA, I was a litlte bit interested to watch scene in the kitchen cooking. You're really a chef who is very hard to lead the kitchen staff. They work under pressures to produce the perfect La Sfera's menu. Fortunately it is just a movie. If it happened in the real world..woow..I guarantee you'll be kicked out from your kitchen by you staff ang it was approved by your boss. Although, you have managed to portray a charismatic chef with a very sustains bodily gestures you role as a chef. Good job, Chef.. next month I'll raise your salary 100x.ha,ha,ha...

shanti sooooo briliant acting! like it, fantastic!!!!

Marianne I am an older white female (56) who has just gotten into the Korean Dramas. I enjoy them all, but only a few have made me adjust several days around to watch an entire series. Pasta is one. I enjoyed your character and think you did a superb job, as did the rest of the grew. I will continue to watch out for your roles. I am thinking you to be a versatile actor,with not much you couldn't do. Thanks!

Ivanna love all about you :). love your voice, your face, your acting, especially in Pasta.... Good luck always oppa ^_^

meowx I am currently watching his drama Pasta (in Love) and all i could say is that his acting is so good.. i love the chemistry between him and his leading lady ..

ikah Yes Chef... wish you all good luck oppa... love you so much..

yeni I fallin love with adorable ajjushi in pasta dramas ,,oppaa lee sun gyun awesome ,,chef choi hyun wook a killer voice but i lovee it so much,,

Paramita F. Panuju Lee Sun Kyun....I love your cast in Pasta.....temprament and mysterious :) Pasta Series show in October, 2012 at Indosiar TVchannel (Indonesia) I know you are the best actor...and make me fallin' in love with you....and I wanna watch your movies and drama series... :)

h His voice is just terrible and so irritating, hate him

ina Oppa lee sun gyun.... i just loving u so muchh.... really love your act in all of your movies.. you're so talented!! no doubt! you do success to play all of kind of roles. And your best movie is PAJU, then your best drama is PASTA. Can't wait for your next movie, oppa... I'll always be your biggest fan! :) Love u oppa lee sun gyun!

harlene jackal wow...pasta is the best drama i've ever watched, love the lead characters..the very awesome, handsome. coolest. charasmatic most loving guy who else but the chef, the wonderful actress and the other wonderful casts. Hope to see you chef and kong together in other dramas and movies seen pasta 5 times now..can't get enough. All the best.

nurin what can i say , chef? i just like ur style...cool, and hot-tempered. i hope that is not ur real attitude, <3 pasta

myla I love u, chef...I want to visit you and the other pasta casts and .....~yes, chef~ just like them. I LOVE U and the heroin sooooooooooo much. my mum likes it too...cant wait to watch it again today in TV2. we love u!

syahirah u look so handsome.. i like u...

asoka I say ''hi'' from Turkey.. You're very good actor and I really lıke your voice.. fighting:))

utami 95 every day I want to see you even have always wanted to dream of you and wanted to cooked pasta by yourself ..... then you hit my forehead and you'd say the basic child !!!!! maybe I'm crazy but really charismatic theatrics was great .... I like you very much ..... chef,, oh,,, chef

utami You are the best actors I've ever seen, I really really like you and I hope to see you I'm crazy because of you,,,... chef .... I look forward to your family's happiness ... I waiting for your next drama

emooo92 omg oppaa i really really really love u , this is my first time to love an actor this much :) even more than idols hehe and i'm only 18 hehe

i liked you in coffee prince and i fell in love since pasta :)

why are you so handsome ??? even your voice is soo sexy

i really can't get enough of you hehe :)

oppa i miss you please return in another drama

efita nice chef :)

lizie chef........come to indonesia.....!!!! Nomu.....nomu.....bogoshipta...!!!saranghanda...!

penne woot!woot!CHEF YOURE THE BEST!

elizabeth swam the way you are really like Captent JACK SPAROW.....!!!!! the way you walk the way you talk the way yoa act.....

I think thats the way why i'm crazy about u.....!!!!!

Saranghamida chef

Sari_Koreanz First time I watched u in this drama,i knew that u are s good actor....I fall in love with u as choi hyun wook...I like the way you walk,ur voice and ur smile...aigoo it's so gorgeous....but honestly after watched pasta and then I watched u in coffee prince,i rather disapointed....maybe ur character in coffee prince it's too weak and too calm...btw I'm ur biggest fans now,until my husband jealous with u hahahaa...keep good work sun-gyun siek and I'm looking forward for ur newest drama and movies...4 tumbs up for U

ayu I like U in Pasta in Love.....

U are very Cute to become Cheffff..........I love U Chefffff........

cullengabriela oh......chef i do really can't stop to think about u.... u are so handsome n cool SARANHAMIDA...!!! Ur the best i've ever seen....!!!!keep doing a great job...!

yuqa dasilva ya chef.... u so cool i hope u be my chef a hope all aktris and aktor las fera come to indonesia

biie aih you look so cuteee .. ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

essa putri I Like your film "pasta" you are very cool in this film


Iam from indonesia and i hope you come to indonesia for see to your fans,,

toni indonesia hy cafe????? how are you???

evi Hai Chef,

I like your acting. Fist I'm not really like the movie but after that I watch it all the actors & actress doing excellent job............................in Indonesia MANTAP.

Hope you in the real live as you are .respect to women has quality not only beauty.........! I love you all guys in Pasta inlove..............what next ?????????????????

dyah i like you gyun, and i will always love you.......

santi haaa, love you chef . you so cool . gemessiin . :D

echa i like u chef.... really really love you dahh...

sn i like you chef

Yen love u 4ever chef

erni love sun gyun hello..i`m so love you..i hope you can hear my sound,,pleasee..

rebecca annyanghaseo. My think,this drama is so funny and amazing. So,i loving pasta hahah

sasmita baik chef siap cheff I love cheff

ririn yes chef,,,,,,:)

delby oppa you're so cool . I like you so much ><

yu kyeong seo Ye CHEF.. saranghae!!!

siti agiatania lestari yes, chef..i very like you..you act is the best in pasta. it's wonderful

tita handsome...I like you.. sing"I like your smile,I like your vibe,I like your style" love...................you.....

sartika herawan sHarange <3 <3 Chef .. :*

yulia I Love You Chef....You The Bet...I like You Chef so I will dream you every night....really

Ca2 Chef choi...you are the best...

m.e.g.a you are the best chef

ina I really like this movie, funny, totally different from other films. I like your style, cool but really attentive. I hope you can get the best actor award. fighting! if you have facebook can I be your friend?

vera i love u chef....

abdiahsoleha I really liked the style of the film a pasta in love... I really love the chef... I may have no hp and facebook please I really want to be friends as chef difacebook. can not

neufha chef i like you n i like "a pasta in love"

amelia i love Pasta Movie,,,the actor so snooty with his skill. But it's great. Just waiting when all Pasta actor or actress visit Indonesia, especially in my city Surabaya ^^. Love u

Kdramafan Love him in Pasta. Such a very good drama. Only two episodes in and I'm sorry to say that I am already addicted (^_−)−☆ Hey! People in California love Korean dramas!!

mish He's really handsome and cute. But above that he really is a great actor I enjoy watching his films/dramas

Kristbjörg Lee Seon-Gyun is one of the most sexiest actors out there, I saw him first in 1st shop of Coffee Prince and thought he was cute there but attractive but then I saw Paju, and OMG, what a sexy man, and then Petty Romance, he was so funny in it and than I am watching now Pasta and I can't stop smiling when I see him on screen, such a beautiful smile and his honesty and brightness shine through. Love you, you are a wonderful and great actor. Hope to see you on screen until you become 90 years old. :) Lots of love from Iceland

Khagen Limbu Im interested in cooking n after watching ur serial 'Pasta' i really want to become Italian chef.. Thank u 4 inspiring me..

shadi i think u R so pride in pasta! but u most know u have a nice smile. i wish best for u in your life

Zie Chef,Saranghe.....Love your character so much,u're so charismatic when you yells...hehe

maureen i already watch your series pasta your so cute and your series is the beast korean drama that i watch

Allena Hi, All Persisan u Amirican u Ourupaish love you.Becacuse you are The beste actor u So beautioful Character. I wish you all the best. I watch all you,r Film.we like all. I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch

sepideh He in handsome, wonderful actor and realy jentelman. I love him and I just want to say : he is the best.

faranak you are very atractive.

farzane hi, i like that be were massage for u, i love very very mach

aram hi...! i love thw way you shout in that movie! ^_^ just wana say we all love you and love to see you. have a veryyyyyyyyyy good time!

AZADEH (2) .... Well.

In an interesting series of walking did " pasta". Like women, FS FS. Or that you'd walk in the parade that went, that hits you on the good capability to rotate your foot away; all these movements were a combination of soft feminine coquetry or perhaps a specific behavior in the form of androgyny is of course a man's real tough gestures solemn and gentlemen, contradictory and tangled. Wow, look to your nails, your hands back continuously. Live a Don Juan-type oval Eastern Eye. But do not pity an interesting figure, more Afghan and Chinese nationals are similar to Korean. Your age and get fat so your problem will solve your face a more graceful and more interesting. However, in this series and the movie role palatability did " paju " . Congratulations, New Guests small, beautiful as your child to your family.

Anoo Hey Gyun, It's been a pleasure to know you by Pasta. Wish you all happiness and success in your life with your lovely wife.

fary hi, u know that you are big as me ecxactly 10 years, my berthday is 2 march 1985, i am happy very very, i watch u evry day

farzane hi, i & my brohter & my mom watch pasta, we love pasta, i love your act, my brother too, you are the best actor realy, i tank u for we are happy so when we watch you, beacuse i was unhappy before, i thank you for happy, thank yuo thank u thank u, we love you, amore mio ti amo

nafiseh hi chef....:XxXxXxhow R U???

azadeh hi lee sung i realy enjoy waching pasta you know i think you tow seem a very nice couple in pasta drama i wish i could contact with you

Mahta He's so cool! I luv him . i luv Korean actors!

x :x :x

zini hi chef you are fantastic i like your gesture when you hit on forhaed and your kind of loveing:X from a persian girl

Fadhlina (Indonesian) Ohhhh, i'm really love you chef.. =)

ynia i fell in love with you in Pasta! i love your voice so much! you are a great actor ^__^

Wen charming CHEF, love your acting.

vievie love your smileeeeeeeeee and all the details of ur profile : 1975 and Uni of Art. Why on earth this perfect handsome got married? T_________________T

camil just wanna say ... i like you, chef ...

D :D

mei really really love ur character in pasta drama, oppa. as a alpha male u're really awesome, but in coffee prince u're good too ^^ (love both characters)

--i'm ur new bigfans oppa, love u & may ur carreer doing great!!

marisa i never been in love with Korean film before....through "pasta" : i love you Lee Seon Gyun

kelly I just finish watch Pasta, very nice and romantic. I like it.

Didi Tricesaria I really like your acting. You act like it's effortless. That's how good you are!!!!!! Keep up the good work. I really like Coffee Prince and Pasta, especially Pasta because i can relate to the character very well...

curlyc His smile was the best when he said "Passo farlo!"

tariavi yeah..definitely agree..first crush on him must be when he act in coffe prince.. i like him more with those big eye glasses in that movie.. and of course..many girls would fall with his smile..totally adorable.. wish u all good luck oppa.. keep on ur good acting..

bella i watched 'coffee prince' and now after 'pasta' totally love your acting.... you have the most beautiful smile and a voice which can only be described with heartbeats. wish you many more successes in the future.

love and hugs from India :)

adriana ever since i saw you in "coffee prince" i fell in love with your work and your acting career. your just a natural...

big fan FROM the US send you a big hug and a cheer keep up with the great work and never stop believing in your self or others... ;)

straubi he want to marry his pregnant girlfriend at 25 may 2009. you has my blessings. i hope they will be happy. congratulation, oppa.

princesslester oppa,your smile is so adorable and when you act your so natural..wish you all the best.

ss i just luv u...best korean actor ever....i really luv u...muahhhhhhhh

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