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  • Name: Lee Seung-Gi
  • Hangul: 이승기
  • Birthdate: January 13, 1987
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 182cm


Lee Seung-Gi was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 13, 1987. He grew up in a family that consists of his parents and one younger sister. During his school years, Seung-Gi was an exemplary student, receiving good grades and becoming elected as President of his school's student council. He also formed an interest in music from an early age and started playing in a band in his teens.

During his freshman year in high school, Seung-Gi's band performed at a small theater owned by a popular 1980's singer Lee Sun-Hee (이선희). After Sun-Hee heard the band's music she asked Seung-Gi to pursue music professionally, but at the time, Seung-Gi did not know who Seon-hee was and declined her offer. When he got home and told his mother about Lee Sun-Hee, his mother explained how popular she was in the 1980's and Seung-Gi decided to work with her.

During Seung-Gi's senior year in high school, he released his first album “Nabangui Ggum” (“Dream of a Moth”) and its title track “Neoneun Nae Yeojanigga?” (You're My Girl?) - written by Psy – became popular, especially among female fans. The following year, in 2005, Seung-Gi expanded into acting by appearing as himself in the MBC sitcom “Nonstop 5.” In 2006, he appeared as Tae-ja Hwang in the KBS2 weekend drama “Famous Chil Princesses.” This further fueled his reputation as an actor. In 2007, Seung-Gi appeared in the variety show “1 bak 2 il” - which travels to different locations in Korea and conducts games. Going by his nickname “Heo Dang,” Seung-Gi was able to cut loose from his image as a cerebral person and act goofy, which increased his popularity even further. Seung-Gi still appears on the show regularly.

Seung-Gi's breakthrough as an actor came in 2009, with his leading man performance as Woo-hwan Seon in the SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” The drama series regularly received ratings near 40% and became the most watched drama series for the first half of 2009.

On June 18th, 2009, Lee Seung-Gi released his digital single “Will You Marry Me?” (결혼해 줄래) which has received strong response among his fans.


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Matilda seung gi, well done for your good acting. You bring smiles to our homes whenever you are on the screen. Thank you and keep fighting! From Nigeria, Matilda

HopesDD I know we can't have a drama this year, but I'm stil hoping for it to happen. A great project, but please, I want an album first.

I hope it's true that LSG's comeback is next month! I want to enjoy his voice to the fullest! Fighting Seung Gi-ya.

Airens will always have your back

Debra Mcfadden hi I have been watching as much as possible your shows here in Canada , I think you are great and I am not a young girl but a 57 year old mother with 5 kids Gu Family Book was fantastic to watch ,, I love Korean made shows. just watched You're all Surrounded but I must say I missed the laughter and smiles you had your other show. Take Care from Calgary Alberta Canada .

Dayeng Lai I've got know him for like a many years and i also watched strong heart for some episodes based by the guest. I don't interest on his drama such like brilliant legacy bcs its lil bit annoying. Almost all of korean drama is about legacy,a wealth man dating a poor woman,exposing luxuriness and etc. So one day my friend recommend to me to watch gu family book. At first i start to watch this drama it seems i don't interest at all and i watch it by fasting every episodes though it was a great story i admit it. The whole story is great but doesn't turns me to become seunggi fans so my other friend recommend me the king 2 heart. It really changes my perspection on him.. Even its not a recent drama. In my life a could saying only one drama that changed my perspection and it was 'it's okay that's love' and now the king 2 hearts can be the 2nd best drama in my life. I declaring myself as his fans lol SEUNG GI JJANG~ pls continoue your acting on drama or movies. You deserves a lot of fans. Love from indonesia though its late to became ur fans its better than never

Tionne Grace Will you be filming more epsiodes for Gu Family Book because I really love the tv show I was so into it that I wanted to be you for some reason I just love and the characters that are in it. I know that was the final epsiode, but we well I want more epsiodes if you are doing it please let us know, let your fans know pleases. :)

nay moo I really like the drama Gu Family Book that u were in and also I really learn a lot of important thing in life. I hope that you will have a good life and if I could I hope to meet you someday.

melissa ho Ler seung gi someday if i have a chance. ....i really want to attend your music concert.....i wonder someday you come to my country...or i can visit your country....i really love u when i heard you sing a song....someday

martinah i love you lee seung gi.....

chinwe michael This guy is so cool I his acting

nentelly lee seunggi so cute. So talented.

Shahirah i love your drama very much!! I'm waiting for you in the next drama.. Lee Seung Gi fighting!

Shomon Lee Seung Gi is the best.. Hope to seen him in another drama soon.. :)

Mellissa i love all you drama and songs :) I love your performance from the gu family book ! I love drama :)

Melissa S I love your performance from The Gu Family book and all other serial <3

Mellisa Lee seung gi is the best !!! I always love to watch your movies <3 all your movie it's really nice !

melisa ho Briliant legacy is airing. At indonesia tv now.its the first time i watching lee seung gi drama.altough i have been love korean drama so many year.i feel i already fall in love with seung gi.i like to watching all his drama and movie.i love watching lee seung gi sing a song.lee seung gi not only good looking but he so smart and multi talent. Thats why i like him

so ra he didnt take the lead role 'in kill me heal me'. its a waste! :D this drama cloud be a big oppotunity to get more awards.

yoyo @hana: wth.. it's his personal live to choose who he wants to date.. who are you to control whether he can date or not.. he doesn't even know you anyway.. delusional fans..

hana you are so cute and I love you so much oppa .... please leave yoona :-( opaaaa please

downy i find lee seunggi so cute. i fall in love with him in you are all surrounded. he so cute and sexy . i want to meet you one day lee seunggi. saranghae <3

pedotter the more you see him,the more good looking he is. im becoming his fan because of his good looks and his gentle personality <3 i love lee seunggi so much!!

jennifer contreras Hi!!all your movie it's really nice and u can handle very well all your role. ...keep up your good work....☺☺

Susu99 I love watching his series

TaylorLUV At least i think he's not that good looking but the more you saw him the more you'll aware he's actually handsome

ijabiken moyo i always love to watch your movies

Kay Am I the only one who doesn't think he's handsome? I could not watch My girlfriend is a gumiho because I could not stand him!!!

Diah Ayu Muliya Oppa. Saranghe.. I am very excited for your new movie. I like all of your drama. I hope you always happy and success. I love you oppa.. Fighting !! (Indonesian Airen)

seuloveanj oppaa happy birthday....sarangheeeee...

Elena Silipas I liked most in Family Book! Going to see other movie with him. I wish a nice day!

Mrs. Lee Seung Gi Good singer-CHECK, Good Actor- CHECK, Handsome- CHECK Loved you in You're All Surrounded, Gu Family Book, The King 2 Hearts, and My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox.... especially TK2H (SIGHS).... will you leave Yoona and marry me?

S.T I really like you oppa! You are a great actor, handsome, funny, and all ㅋㅋㅋ will wait for your new movie, hope it went well! Keep healthy and entertaining oppa☺

Bích sarang hae oppa and i love gu family book. iam expecting your new movie .fighting oppa

Fahda Wish all the best for my one and only Seung Gi ^^ i like all his drama and yes there is a new movie , Oppa fighting ;) ( Saudi Arabia )

chilest I love you oppa. Your performance in gu family book and you are all surrounded was great. Kip it up! We luv you here in NIGERIA

mavis U r a good actor ...keep on improving. ..and ya all the best in your relationship

HopesDD I also want him in a saguk drama with Han Hyo Joo é_è pleeeeeeeease. (I know after his MS)

Anyway, Seung Gi, an album please before you go please.

The best *_*

thilini please do a drama or a film together with han hyo joo, you two are my most fav.k drama couple,love from sri lanka

joy Agaecheta wow am short of words after reading your biography am kinda surprise but sincerely you are great and what I love about u in all your movies is that you care for people around u.saranghae Oppa.

maistan lee seunggi i love you so much<3 everything about him is beautiful

Aribiri He is awesome!!!!!!!! handsome, talented, smart.......

RaeZhennE I'm really a big fan of LSG! I hope your acting and singing will flourish more in the future. Wish you all the best with Yoona! Eventhough, you're not that handsome, you have the charisma and gentleness that made the girls from all age bracket loves you..I love you oppa!:-)

ivelkyujung Met him twice at the fanmeeting.. And hope can meet him again before his enlisment time..

Waiting for his new movie.. Hope it'll play in my country..

And waiting for his new album of course..

jayanna1026 i love your songs oppa..even your acting...you are also a funny person... i really love your voice and i love to sing all your songs..hope to see you in person..hehehehe i wish

HopesDD Excited for your movie, for your drama. Wishing you all the best but PLEAAAASE!!!! I want an ALBUM and Variety SG, because SG in varieties is GOLD.

lynnrose Love your multi talent.. amazing..

seung gi lovers i love you oppa i love all you drama and songs

Nur Aisyah EXO Seung-gi oppa,you're daebak!!

evelyn you must thankful to God that make you a talented person. Your parents must be proud of you. I hope that we can be friends , because i love to have friends like you ... a talented person Hope that you will be succeed in the future .... and don't forget your parents , family and .... GOD

msati cleo95 I love you so so so so so so so much hahahah!!! copy it from my gf is gumiho... pls visit our country Tanzania I belive one day I will visit in Korea I love you......

Alezahaj Im a die hard Fan of yours (Lee Sueng Gi) ,really nice voice, good actor.. i always listening your music especially "Return" and Gu Family Book sound track, and i know how to sing it all.. Hoping i saw you in person, but it is impossible all i can do is to say, Good Luck for your carer, more blessings, "Mahalnamhal kita" Saranghae <3 <3 .. (:

MLVilla I have seen everyone of his dramas and love him so much. He's singing is no joke either. He has such a sweet voice. I have a few favorites, but he's top of the list right along with Song Seung heon. My favorite drama to date is Gu Family Book. I was hoping for Gu Family Book 2. Please make part 2.

becky Like your acting,you are also a cool guy,with a good skill. Keep it up

riskaagnes since I watched him in Brilliant Legacy Drama, I like home at the first time I saw .. He' so handsome and sexy.. I hope he can play in next Korean drama after YAAS .. miss his acting ..

sarah I hope lee seung gie korean drama can continue to play, and a player favorite

AirenSG Is it possible to love this guy more than I do right now?

In one sentence: Proud to be an Airen :) I just hope u release a full lenght album before u enlist.

Mohd Farid Imran I hope Lee Seung-Gi don't, give and I hope you can visited Malaysia

alisha Lee SeungGi An all rounder & perfect guy! Talented at every field. My love for you cant be expressed in words. ur my role model. I LOVE YOU, MY GREATEST DESIRE IS TO MEET U ONE DAY! 사랑해요!

dami i love ur movies keep it up

kicessloveleeseung-gi I love you Lee Seung-gi you're da best.

joanna mae fernandez Big fan of yours.<3 <3 including kim soo hyun and lee seungi. I hope you will be together in one film or drama. Sure it will be a big hit in korean drama for this generation. Please come to the philippines before you go to the military service .please .:D And once that happen I hope the entrance fee would be cheap. So that I can afford it.LOL..:D Please please please.:D

Meena xyt Amazing Nd fantastic talent swung gi shi -ur amazing and I can't express the love I hav 4 u . I hope u see dis it'll mean a lot ...

Fe I have watched three of Lee Seung Gi drama series...he has great talent. I don't usually take time to write reviews but I have to say that he will become one of the best young actors in Korea. Best of luck!

Cherry I just love the way Lee Seung Gi acts. He always makes my heart flutter. And I think he also makes his fans so proud of him. Looking forward to for his upcoming drama series. I hope he can serenade the Philippines soon.

tosin Hello Lee,in life some will dislike you while some will love you,am part of those that love you.best wishes.you are not a trash lollllllzzzzzz hahahaha

riegun He's not that great. :(

All his characters I watched were annoying. the same vibe, no charisma at all. I can't sympathize. I feel sorry for his leading ladies.(I love them) I feel sorry for Moon Chae won now.:( just my thoughts since I was annoyed with him in MGIAG,GFB,BL

dechen hello........... this movie is so good i like yhis movie so i want to tell that please lee sung gi come to our place that is bhutan and i am very fan of you.

Grace I am hoping & praying that Lee Seung-Gi will be paired with YoonA in one of the future drama or movie. They have a good chemistry & I will surely promote it. Please....please... managers of both sides, team them up. It will click I'm 100% sure.

pechmolita Bcuz of Suzy, i watched Gu Family Book n i first found Seung Gi oppa has got a big nose n long lips. But after i reached ep 5 of Gu Family Book, i found Seung Gi oppa became more handsome with his emotion n manly acting. Now i keep on watching U all surrounded. I will keep finishing his drama all ^^ I like Seung Gi oppa a lot...

Julia Adamant Hi, you know, a lot of people so pichette I have not long started to watch Korean soap operas, but I love it. The game every actor is a very interesting and individual. And, of course, from all I have allocated Lee Seung Gi. Your emotions are amazing. Each series to your participation more and more get positive emotions. Thank you very much !!!

lee Hyun-Joo seung gi oppa loves you saw all your series and I am waiting for your movie Woman of Three Men heard all the albums and singles in your hopes for your success and I loved the last series I did hope that would separate from yoona Successfully

Jen Lee Seung Gi is seriously a great actor. Words can't explain how much I love him, for his acting, his voice and just him. I love You're All Surrounded and Gu Family Book.

Josie tindoc Lee--Seung- Gi. He's good Artists handsome very nice acting. He's my idol

nirwana It is strange when an actor acted in a series, such as king 2 heart, then accept acting in a series like You're All Surrounded that there is no creativity in it.

di lee seung gi oppa you are a really good actor wish you the best :)

Pamela He is really the best! Actually, I first love him in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. I repeated that koreanovela for many times. Then, I started watching his other k-dramas. He is really a great actor. I really love him specially in You Are All Surrounded and Gu Family Book. I just want to request for the season 2 of Gu Family Book, please. We, Airens, are really craving for it. <3

Jennifer Omg! First time i know his korean name and looking for more info And something about him and love him .

Omnia Lee Seung Gi is really amazing actor and i'm really like him specialy in You Are All Surrounded and Gu Family Book. With all of my love.

Diana Lee Seung Ji you are so cute in King 2 Hearts I still cant understand how brave you were in king 2 hearts And I your all surrounded and you are a good actor. I love you

                                                                                                             From Diana

htwe htwe Seungji'' as long as great sucess and may get happiness forever. I love and would like to see in this life. Fighting Ffighting ' Forever for you

sofiya Hope I will meet you someday .

Czel Rivera I love you kang chi <3

Meiling Chen Wish you get recover soon,take care Brother Lee Seuang Gi :)

hhh I hope, rapidly, see Image of Lee Seung Gy healthy, after accident for eyes. Have you fast recovery. Oppa is very talent. Must more carefully when act. You sing warmly, and act in romance film cute and attractive

Che Jal jinae. I wish for your Fast Recovery.

Leah Gil hi lee seung gi.i hope shin .mi nah will be your lifetime partner..sorry but i dont like yoona for you...

Rosemary Ong I hope your eye will be alright. Get well soon Lee. Take care.

megha ahmed Love his acting skill.spcly his smile.he did his best job in King 2 hearts till now..........keep going bro.........

Raech He's really handsome i hope i can go to seoul someday. wish u all the best more projects to come. Saranghe

cici Love u seunggi.... Hope u always the best ....

rimpy I really like him.more after seeing gu family book and my girlfriend is nine tailed fox.keep up th good work.

Azeez i really love his drama, I hope you continue to give us dramas that is better than the one you have been giving us. Thank you

Tara I have never thought that Seung Gi Oppa could sing a song. But when I first listen to his song I was suprised.His voice is mind blowing following with his acting skills which is brillient. Wish him all the best from my side. Keep entertaining us.

Ok Seunggi oppaaaaa I like you at my first korean drama king 2 hearts!!!! Then i watched all of your drama and all of them was soooo good!!! Fighting seunggi oppa!! Keep making a good drama!! Keep being so handsome and keepp being soooo perfect!!

Dimple Oppa saranghaee!!! With all my heart ...

odette Can't wait to see the next episode of your new hit series...

eghy mow i want to meet you in indonesia again oppa..

Aliko You are very handsome. But it will be better if you work out and have a great body. Action rules with a bit of comedy really need you ;-).

Park Soo Rin saranghae oppa... {}

April Lenika Nandari oppa...

i love you so much..

very,very.love you oppa...

wish see you,,

saranghe oppa..


sasha i want u cast with Kim So Eun or Krystal jung in drama romance series :D

fighting oppa :D

DUMB92 D.E -If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.

mystique Omo jux finished watchin k2 .I was xo impressed.wud rily lyk 2 see u LSG in anoda KM,missin u xpecially ur smile:)luv u

H Please do a film or a drama or a cf or a music vedio with hyo joo,m dying to see you two work together again,m a fan who is hopelessly in love with adorable and beautiful SeungJoo couple

Drea Love his acting but I hope he takes on more serious roles later on down the line.

SU seung si- ssi. can't wait for your next action anymore!!!

korimorena Dear Seung-Gi ssi, When you smile, I smile too! You're gentle face is so refreshing. I wish you well. I pray for your hapiness. I'm just a fan, but I do love you. Takecare.!Saranghamnida oppa.

Smiling back to you. Korimorena

korimorena Dear Seung-Gi ssi, I am not Korean and I'm not well versed in Korean way of conversation but I'm trying my best. First, I would like to congratulate you with all the success that you have now. I believe you'll stay long in the industry and will continue being a great actor. I also would love seeing you really happy someday, with the love of your life. Me not liking Yoona for you is not important. As long as you are happy with your choices in life, that's the only thing that matters to me.I look forward for more of your acting projects, knowing you'll end up having awards,soon. I'm a Filipina based in UAE now, and this girl loves you. Whenever you smile, I smile. Stay sweet. Saranghamnida Seung-Gi ssi.

Smiling back at you, Korimorena

korimorena I'm just about to finish watching Gu Family Book. I watched this drama because of the most times I saw Seung-Gi ssi face in social media and Kdrama sites. Was curious if he can act well,if he's not just a lovely man's face I see? Now I'm not dissapointed. I'm older than him but still is attracted to Seung-Gi ssi. I hope he'll do more projects in acting,more success and a perfect marriage in the future too! I wish you well. I love you oppa. :)

micah Dear Lee Seung Gi,

    I hope this message will up been to you and dear producer,staff or page creator please give this message to Lee Seung Gi because I'm just a little girl with a big dreams of Lee Seung Gi.  I wanted to visit Seoul,Korea where he lives but I dont have enouch money to go to Korea because I live in the Philipphines. Since they play the movie of Lee Seung Gi (my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox) I've been a fan of Lee Seung Gi at the age of 10 after I have watched the movie I started to make plans how to go to Korea but it did'nt work. Until now I'm still a fan of him . My only purposeto write message is to request to have a movie or drama with Shin Min Ah again because they are my favorite loveteam (Hoi couple)in Korea. I wish this works.... please!

Mi Ho Hoi couple forever ~

i hope you and shin min ah be a couple together <3

Mi Ho Lee Seung Gi, please reunite with Shin Min Ah!!! >w< Hoi couple forever~

Dimple I just love you oppa ... With all my heart ...

gloria I have been an avid fan/follower of Lee Seung Gi since his Brilliant Legacy days. but I got hooked to him when I watched his The King Two Hearts. Since then i started collecting anything that has something to do with him, his songs, albums, drama series, just anything and everything about him. My only frustration now is I want him to come meet his fans here in the Philippines but it seems that this will take some time to organize. I just hope and pray that my wish will come true. My wish for him... may he be always down to earth because that makes him more lovable. his humility and good personality makes him endearing to his fans. May he always put his two feet on the ground even if he so famous. I just want him to be happy in his personal life.

MGIG how i wish that instead of Yoona, Shin min ah should be the one dating Seung Gi oppa. -__- the many fans of HOI-HOI couple will obviously rejoice. how i wish.....

MGIG how i wish that instead of Yoona, Shin min ah should be the one dating Seung Gi oppa. -__- the fans of HOI-HOI couple will obviously rejoice. how i wish.....

MGIG how i wish that instead of Yoona, Shin min ah should be the one dating Seung Gi oppa. -__-

rachel Oppa fighting

htwe htwe I love Seung ji. I am waiting your next dramar series.I think your next dramar ' you're All Surrounded' will be the best. I want to see your next many series. forever your fan , htwe myanmar, fighting seung ji.

hoi my girlfriend is a gumiho is the best. I hope they will be together again. I promise it is really really good. hoi hoi . watched MGIG and you will feel the chemistry of them and also i really really miss them so much

Wanti First time when I see you in 'My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox' drama. And I say, "He is so kyeopta!" I hope I could see you someday. Airen will always support!

Ephie I first saw him at "King 2 hearts" and i really thought how awesome he is... Next came "The gu family book" and then it felt like the end... Watched all his dramas and really waiting for the upcoming "You're all surrounded". From all fans here in Greece : "We all love you oppa!!!!"

Dena Pitchfork Personally, I thought he was really just super in "King Two Hearts" and "The Gu Family Book". He has a lovely voice and is very graceful in the way he moves. I am eagerly awaiting his next venture. A steady fan from Seattle, U.S.A.

lillian i really like him and yoona together, im so happy that he is finally making another drama, though i would love it even more if the he made another drama with yoona as the lead <3

asiat isnt it ironic that in my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox, lee seung gi fell in love with a gumiho and in gu family book, he was a half gumiho

Yuri I love lee seung gi he is so talented and his smile is the best. I love him in brilliant legacy, my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox and gu family book.

AIREN What's up brother lee seung gi kept the spirit, do not give up. I'm sure brother lee seung gi can reach brother ideals higher than that now and can have what you want to have big brother of the present. spirit, continue to chase the dream sister. survivors struggle.

Cynthia Yang Seung Gi Oppa, you are cool. So much talent. I have seen you in a concert ofr the first time singing the song of Last word from the movie gu family book. saranghae. annyeonghi geseyo

Aíren Latinas @kimheng That's b/c Jin hyuk measured 1.86 and Sung Joon 1.87 cm. 4 and 5 cm. More taller than him. He's really tall, but is just that this guys are even more.

DESYA Good actor... I Love S.G Lee in The King 2 Hearts, that drama is my fave. S.G Lee's the best thing. I wait for Your next project.... Keep your great job =))

kimheng Great actor. I love is acting in Gu Family Book and My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox. Profile height 182 cm (6'0) ? I don't think he is taller then 175cm (5'9) in real life. Look how he is shorter than Choi Jin-Hyuk and Sung Joon in Gu Book Family. He is at least 4 or 5 inches shorter than these 2 tall guys in all pictures.

sulthanah @V Hi, V. I think we are the same but different cases. I am LSG-HJW shipper and really want them to be together in a real life. *TK2H has attacked me so much. Lol.

I am not anti Yoo Na but to me they are just sizzling and hot in the king 2 hearts

V I know I should not say this,but ever since I watched brilliant legacy,i became a fan of hwan-sung(seun-joo)couple,i wished and even though seung gi is dating yoona(i'm not an anti,yoona's gorgeous,but neither I like her nor hate her),i still pray that seung gi-hyo joo to become a real couple,I' m a big fan of seung gi and hyo joo,no matter who they date,I'll still like them,but that's my wish that seung-joo become a real couple,they two look so good in both on and off screen,also wish they will do many dramas and films together,seung-joo forever <3 ,seung-joo aja aja fighting!

Park Shin Min congratulation !!!!!!!!!i hope you will be happily married soon wth yoona unnie..

Lee seung gi fan Congratulation!!! I wish you and yoona will be happy together....

lillian oppa u r the closest guy to perfection out there, and i am a big fan of u n yoona unnie and i am very much rooting for the both of u. i hope u will be happily married soon with yoona unnie as your wife :D also i am hoping to see u and yoona unnie in a drama together (as the lead roles, of course) and hope to see u with another successful album soon :)

marriette hi you are so very awsome i love your shows like kang chi w\ bae suzy

#lsgforever Oppa please hurry with your new drama "You Are Surrounded"!!!!!!!!! We are all too excited and cannot wait to see it!!!!!!!! We LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

seunggi annyeung oppa! PLEASE go in another drama, you are amazing and look really good with suzy <3 Hwaiting to the max! :)

chasityloves Such a great actor love all ur drama.......my dream is one day to go to south korea seoul and experience the culture and food there hope u see this message

范冰冰 Lee seung gi you are an awesome singer and actor. I wish to be your number one fan. You are cute when you smile. I like your movies especially "Gu family book" and "My girlfriend is nine tailed fox". My sisters and our whole family are your number one fans. I like your songs, all your songs. Live a great life. Wish you a hppy new year. I wish that you live happily ever after. Happy birthday seung gi, enjoy your 27th birthday. My dad just bought a cake home to celebrate your birthday. 我心中只有你 希望你过得幸福 我也希望可以真正的看你唱歌 你长得很帅

Yang Yue Hua i love lee seung gi and he is the best. i am his fan and i want to heaar him sing in a concert real life.

ann ariane lacupanto Oppa your the best. Fighting. . .

htwe htwe Happy birthday seungji. I wish to you get happy & great life in your long life.

luchieve Happy brithday, WULLnP

AgneSmile happy birthday!! Lee Seung GI  :) :' )

Kaitie24 Why did it take me so long to watch Gu family book??? Seung Gi oppa is a very talented actor! and those adorable dimples... Happy birthday for tomorrow, congratulations on your relationship, and please PLEASE continue with Gu family book <3 I'm not ready to part ways with this story:) Lee Seung Gi fighting!

Aciex Chyro I LIKE Your acting in TK2H

htwe htwe seungji ; really girl friend? I wish you may really happy. seungji I like gu family book. your are the best & great actor. I like you in roles that you account 1;2;3. so happy.

sulthanah I like you with HJW in TK2H

joanne He is dating yoona... that s what i heard... yoona is the only girl i like in the girls generation! I think they make a. good couple!!! (Early) Happy birthday and goodluck!

Mr.818 Like your acting very much especially in TK2H !!! Hope your date will be good :D

SaraH OMG!!!!!!! Why ar you so cute???!!!

Elizabeth What can i say about this actor, first saw him in Gu family book, after that i watch My girlfriend is gumiho, you are not that pretty but your acting skill is super pretty, now i finally become your fans after my lee min ho, and it has be confirmed that you are dating Yoona(girls generation) congratulations.

Lizzy Just heared that u and yoona are dating

raineal aaahhhhh!!! i really love you, i cant find what is special about you but only seeing makes me realize that you have everything, for me you are PERFECT! hope you have another series to come, looking forward to that, saranghae!!!

htwehtwe Congratulation lee seungji for the best couple award for 2013 from MBC chennel. I so happy for you. Try Try my brother.

htwe htwe Happy new year(2014 ) seungji! I wish you can get more perfect life.with lovely your forever fan.

cho yun hee congratulations lee seung gi! eventually you got what you deserved! :)

Grace Long Dearest Seung Gi ,

just watched K2H....truly enjoyed the lovey dovey chemistry you had with HJW ;-)). Everyone in the drama acted well.

Will continue to watch more of your shows, my dear LSG ! Good stuff man! Hugs xoxoxo

airen lee seung gi, I like your acting .. how you talk, although I do not understand but I love all your movies, I've seen all your movies, I hope there is your latest movie in the 2014's, success always :)

Estherlay Hi...I'm Esther Nuam.I really like Lee Seung Gi flim movies.Then also i really like his songs but i couldn't understand Korean language but i can feel his song from my heart.I like his smile, and his pity action face.I used to listen his songs because i don't too but when i listen his song ,i feel like such as of a song .One thing hobby the same way i like ,l used to listen love songs.I wish someday i would like to sing his song from my heart.Thanks (<3 )

LD Hi seung gi!:) I'm from Indonesia. Ohh my!! Ur smile dives me crazy!! I love ur smile so much!! And i love u more than anyone else could❤

JK i love you and i will crazy for you because your smile ,boy!! >< im waiting for gu family book season 2 ^^

jhean hi seung gi!!  :) your the best.. your really cool.. im a big fan of yours... hope to see u here in the philippines soon.. ^_^ i still cant move on in your series " GU FAMILY BOOK " waiting for the part 2.. ")

ekarifin I know you're cool and your acting is brliliant, and your vocal, gosh I love "Return" very very very much but what I like the most from you is why you're so God damn smart. Gosh, I'm officially your biggest fans.


htwehtwe seungji ; cogratulstion for you. (Best vocal performance male award at 2013 MAMA on Hongkong). I m so proud for you. At this day ; u sing `The return´ song is very good & give as perfect and grand image forM Ma show with your clear: sweet & soft voice. You are not only good singer . also tallent Mc . Your face is simple& white cool peace face among many stars. ok bye bye. Take care and keep your health & your sample mind.

Sharon Of all the shows that i have watched with LSG as the actor, my favorites are "King 2 Hearts" and "Gu Family Book". Not only is LSG a fantastic actor, but his voice can melt my heart when i hear him sing. Listening to his music brings tears to my eyes and my heart aches.

I hope that he continues with both aspects of his career, because we as "fans" want to continue to see and hear him in the many years to come. I look forward to seeing him grow in both categories. He can only get better and more handsome than he already is.

Marie Just finished watching the king 2 hearts, his acting is the best!! Seunggi oppa, you are the best!!!!

htwe htwe I am myanmar citizen Seung Gi younger brother( maung lay). I love&like your simple face & kidness looking eyes. I gread pround for your clear & exect expressions in any diffrent role. I love your voice wave & when you smile at wonderfull& amazing expressions. Ok I wish you much success & a great actor & singer in all over the world. I prewish you ; you long live n happy from your coming birthday 13 .jan 2014. welcome myanmar to you.

dina I Love you Seung Gi oppa! You're the best actor ,singer and MC. Fighting!

neni Lee Seung Ki is a great actor, his acting was great, more over in Gu Family Book, watch that drama makes me fall in love to Seung Ki..^_^ Lee Seung Ki...nomo..nomo..nomo..nomo...saranghae...<3

else lukas I am very happy with all the films, played by Oppa LEE SEUNG GI, he's the best actor I've ever met, he was very smart in playing any role. I love lee seung gi semanangat make my boyfriend lee seung gi

greetings from your fans, Thanks,, ELSE LUKAS


Janelle Best Korean drama series with Lee Seung Gi: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

umi sarah afrinaldi hi oppa.. :) saranghae oppa, i Love !... so much your acting in drama like "The king 2 heart & My girl friend is gumiho" i super like your SMILE oppa :)

loove you oppa Seung gee

alex I wish you much success and hope you keep surprising me ;) I love all your dramas and your music. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex I love the music you make, especially the theme "Words That Hard To Say". I like all your expreciones, but especially when you smile. it's a shame that you're so far away from me. I wish you much success and hope you keep surprising me....

shai hi lee seung gi! me and my twin sis are one of your biggest fans here in the philippines. we really love your acting skills , you smile and your precious voice. we like your chemistry with ha jiwon in tk2h and its one of our favorite. i hope you;ll have a cncert here or maybe visit the philippines.. good luck on your career.

lessh Im your biggest fan. I love your voice tho I can't understand the lyrics. I also love your acting and your best in everything you do. Your such a talented man. I love most your attitude. Keep it up.

may Seung gi oppa saranghae!!! Airen! I love you since I watched tk2h, you're the best actor and singer ever..

Lisaa Boice! seung gi oppa you're better couple with shin mina! not with ha Jiwon! I beg you to play back drama or movies with shin mina eonni again! fighting!

carmeairenz annyeong seobang!! im your die-heart fan since the day i became a kfan., i really love all your dramas,songs and attitude.,you are a perfect guy for me.,i have your dramas,songs,mv's. im watching your offscreen and onscreen actions., i can really relates on your songs. most of your songs are emotional although you are a funny person. i've loved you since then because we are alike in attitudes-happy and jolly. saranghaeyo yeongwonhi seobang! take care and God bless.,

lei i super like your smile lee sun gi... more shows to come... <3

mimiya I can see why this guy is so popular... He is very appealing. At first, due to the photo of him on this site, I did not think he was handsome. And he is not; BUT, he has so much more: he's very cute, has amazing charisma, is a great actor, and a super nice body. Watching him, I cannot help but be attracted... Lee Seung-Gi is now one of my favorite actors... Can't wait to watch more of his dramas.

em hi lee seung gi,i am your'e biggest fan because i love!...so much your acting in drama like my girlfriend is a gumiho and gu family book...

pallu lee seung gi, you are the best..........!

secretable_lady Oh! men you're so charming i firstly watched you way back in my college days My girlfriend is gumiho you're so funny their then the gu family book "lovestory of kang chi damn! you're so cool yet has a good charisma i love that series no dull moments.looking forward to watch king of hearts. The more i get attracted to you when i search and watch all of you're clips on youtube such a talented man same with Jang geun suk. Hope you could have a drama together. i love you're song will you marry me,just you,i want you and a lot more i may not understand it but still i feel you sing it with your heart with a nice beat. More dramas to come.

micha lee seung gi! you are really brilliant actor in "shining inheritance"..Love the way you dress up..smart and gorgeous guy! ..oh you're really great!

jonalissa hi lee seung gi... you did a great job! the love story of kang chi is really great!!! we loved it so much... it is one of the top ratings here at philippines... i hope you will have your concert here or just take a visit...c",)

i really liked the story, kang chi really loves yeo weol even if years had passed... she's still the one... i really fall in loved...

hope to see you in person...c",) just hoping so...c",)

jonalissa i really love lee seung gi... i love the love story of kangchi ever... i hope there will be a part two...

maya hOpefully fixEd so The Best**your body perfect.to be honest i like your smile.the spirit of INDONESIA.fighting!!!!!

lee gyu won so cool seunggi oppa >< !!!

Bet Santos your smile is like the feather but your eyes like the sea . . .very deep no way to fathom it

Derrrrp Lee Seung gi is gonna make a variety comeback soon!! hope it happens! so excited!!

hasnan Oh wonderful seung gi...you're such a great actor,,and i hope you get along with suzy cos you two make a great couple!

Ranie I really falling in love with your acting in My Girlfriend is Gumiho and Gu Family book's drama.. You're very cute and maNly.. Begin now, I always find information about you.. I want watch all your movies..

Love you so much,, Lee seung gi.. :);):*

BizzaRe I hope you and Ms. Bae Suzy will have more movies together..!! I really love your chemistry..!!

Shukra Limbu Lee Seung-gi..... you are the cutest person i have ever seen...... loved you acting at your new drama Gu Family book.... <3

Eun Jung Hi Lee Seung-gi, I think you are VERY handsome!!!

Flor Hi Lee Seung Ki or Lee Seung Gi its my first time to wacth your movie in Gu Family Book...I've done watching the whole episode already...I was really amazed the story...It really touches my heart...I still can't move to that story...Hope to wacth the next Part of that movie...I search the frofile of yours to know you more coz I really admire you so much...Oh your very amazing person at that age you've got a lots of achivements...Your my idol...Your the best Korean actor I've ever known...Hope to watch all your movies and drama series...I love it...Keep up the good work...More power and GOD BLESS...:)

micha kang chi! lee seung gi, you touches my heart in Gu Family Book/The Love Story of Kangchi (Philippines)..you are the best! my gumiho!

Betty Delos Santos you're not really that handsome but you sure knows how to make yourself very manly. Your eyes seem very deep. I always watch closely your face when you act and when you sing and they seem different.

Hai Seung gi-yaaaa come to Philippines! Pleaaase~

Maverick Hey Lee Seung-GI, I'm one of your avid fans in the Philippines. I love watching your dramas specially My girlfriend is a gumiho and Gu family Book. I hope you have more dramas to come with bae suzy because I really like you two together. Fighting!

Eun Jung Hi Lee Seung-Gi, I just finished Gu Family Book & loved it. You did such an amazing job. I have seen a few of your dramas (Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and The King 2Hearts). All the roles you have played are favorites of mine. You are a wonderful actor. I hope there is a sequel to Gu Family Book. I’d love to see more of Choi Kang-chi with a futuristic twist. I appreciate your work and I wish the best for you. Take care.

aylhie hi lee seung gi. your really great in all dramas that you've made. i admired you a lot when i watched brilliant legacy and my GF is a gumiho. i've come to watched these dramas all over and over again. the king 2 hearts really brought you up for a more mature and serious role. now, i've done watching you as kangchi in the gu family book, oh i loved you even more. excellent acting! i envy bae suzy a lot and i wish i'm also part of the cast. joking. hope you will visit the Philippines soon. i will cook tasty rice for you. keep up the good work, be happy and cool always.

Kdrama lover Oppa!!!!! First time I say you was In my girlfriend is a gumiho and I loved you and your acting. So I looked you up and then watched shinning inheritance. After that I was amazed by you. I loved you so much as Hwan. I just finished watching Kings 2 hearts and I am convinced that next to Lee min ho and the Asian Prince you are one of the best actors in Korea. Keep being great and I hope to see a new drama from you soon. Because even though I don't watch historical dramas if you were in it I would watch it. I love to the moon and back oppa!!!!

gloria I have watched Lee Seung Ki in Brilliant Legacy (shining inheritance), my girlfriend is a gumiho, king 2 hearts and Gu family book (Kang Chi- the beginning). This all I can say, he is really superb, good acting for different roles and a very good looking actor. I am one of the million filipinos who loved korean dramas, and I really did enjoy watching all of his drama series. I hope I can live longer to watch his still upcoming drama series. Keep it up son. you still have a long way to go in giving happiness through entertainment. Hope you can find time to visit the Philippines just like what Lee Min Ho did. I am really an avid fan inspite of my age...

yuliasih my opinon l like your acting leeseungi. your transformed become Choi Kang Chi 's monster very good looking. l love you

berlian my opinion lee seunggi very smart boy. i like his acting. I love you lee seung gi

Junah I really really love this guy so much! :) Im looking forward for the Gu Family Book 2, and with Suzy! :) with same cast too!..

rajyeswari oh my god u r so cute in brilliant legacy totally perfect ................superb i have no words totally totally handsome perfect or whatever................

Riska Angel Please marry me, Lee Seung Gi. I love u so much

Lee Unexpected :) He's acting touches my feeling... woa

Diena Lee Seung Gi is my favorite actor in korea. His voice , his acting is awesome. Also he is cute. I really want to see him with Nam Gyu Ri. HEAR ME! They could be the most beautiful drama couple :)

ryan hey dude gu family book is very amazing..i thought it was really real..you and suzy are both good to each other i hope you are real couple in reality very very good chemistry..Hoping to watch Gu Family Book 2 you and Suzy again..like kang chi second chance of finding his true love..hope to see that in 2014..Gu Family Book the best korean drama in 2013..

faith i really love watching Lee Seung Gi in any drama series.. His character very suits to him Congrats to Gu Family Book. I hope to see you more on Tv series...

micha i want more! gu family book..love the cast, the character and the story.

chacha i hope seunggi oppa could read this. :D oppa..you're such a excellent person i hope you stay like this as you are.. dont forget to eat,and have sweet snack in your pocket to carry around so you wouldn't be dizzy because of low of glucose as i've seen in one of your variety show. sleep well and be happy.. ;) dont be burden by the fans or people who disturbs you..

your happines is the one we wish for as a fans.. fighting oppa.. i wish what you wish will be granted.

-with love,chacha <3

aubrey02 Hi mr lee seung gi this is the first time am doing this just want to say you are a good actor and while reading things about you and watching your 1n2d episodes i may say that you are a good person just continue your pursuit of excellence

johanna he is the best at anything he does, kissing, fighting, acting, singing, anything.....and excellent actor

bulbul Lee Seung Gi oppa.. I love watch all your drama.. You're always the best.. Last month I always waiting 2 eps of gu family book every week.. Your act is really perfect..:) I can't wait to see your other drama.. Fighting oppa :D

Rann Haitzz Oppaaaaa... Come to Philippines! Cge na please di ko na kasi kaya, gusto na talaga kita makita up-close... !!

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I don't know if He reads these but I sure hope he is.. I just have to say what an amazing actor you are I have seen everything you have starred in and you are phenomenal you bring out each character you play to the fullest and makes us believe it is real.. I sometimes forget I am watching a drama especially with Gu family Book and The King2hearts, Brilliant Inheritance as well as the others.. Looking forward to seeing much much more from Lee Seung Gi and can hardly wait for next one...

maia i came to know you since in My GF is a gumiho..after that i followed you in Strong Heart and until Gu Family Book...now im gonna miss you..im already done watching Gu Family Book..and youve done well...really like the story...best drama for 2013..

humplin am always gone be your fan...enjoyed all your dramas and variety shows..especially this new drama of gu family book is really daebak and cool....keep it up ..be blessed and hope to see you in more varieties..

nava lee seung gi i love you !! <3 im a big fan of you from israel i love the drama gu family book best drama ever !!!! i hooe that will be season 2 i love you too in my girlfrind is a gomiho cant wait to watch more dramas that you are acting at i love you so much wish you luck, nava

Dianne Lee Seung-Gi ... You have so many GOD-given talents and abilities: Singing, Acting, Master of Ceremonies, to mention a few. After just finishing watching "Gu Family Book", I loved the way you portrayed the character of Kang Chi -- SUPERB! I will start watching the other dramas you've been applauded for and listen to your music since I had never seen you perform before "GU"... May you use your talents wisely ... May GOD be with you always... from your new fan in the State of Alabama in the USA ...

unwanted09 Clap... clap.. The ending is great!! Definitely will watch Lee Seung Gi's next drama. Hopefully it will come out sooner!!! Ganda talaga!! Punta ka din ng Philippines!! Pls.! I will wait for you forever!!! (take?!) ♫♫ hahaha!!!

novi indonesia hello oppa... finally i have watched all episodes of gu fam book.. ure very2 amazing actor and make me envy with miss suzzy coz the chemistry both of u was build in ahahhaa :D ... n i just speechless when watched ur acting... saranghaeyo oppa... :* n i wish u'll read this mssg n reply... this comment there isn't special but actually i dont know i have to say except I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!! n i'll be waiting always ur new drama next year!!! n hope so we can meet someday... :) love u oppa... from part of ur fans in INDONESIA.. :)

Be Ja SECOND SEASON ON GU FAMILY BOOK PLEASE <3 I loved your work in ´´my girlfriend is a gumhio'' but ''gu family book'' is amazing!!! Real acting and emotions! And im not easily persuaded ^^ you must convince the director to make a season 2 !!!!!!! Much love to you Lee Seung gi and keep up your good work, dont let anyone tell you different because you are incredible / love Be Ja ^^ <3

Seung Gi Girlfriend Hello oppa, how are youuu, hope someday you'll read all of comment on this web. You have many people who love you so much, especially me :****

Oppa, when your drama "gu gamily book" going to the end, really, I'll be sadly. because I can't watch your amazing act, your good looking face too of course, again. Hope you'll play on another drama as soon as gu family book ends :p

Oppa, please stay health :) saranghae :**

day2x87 waaaahhh....super crush ko na rin siya!!! ang cute nila ni Bae Suzy sa Gu Family Book! I think im'ma watch his previous dramas...i so like him!!!

SM Next week Gu Family Book last episode will be broadcast. But I still can't believe 3 months of watching Gu Family Book feels so fast. *tears*

Seung Gi oppa, keep doing your best on entertainment industry. I don't care if you focus on music, acting, or variety show, as long as you do it with your heart. You're really a great entertainer.

Many of your personalities become my inspirations. Thank you so much. I'll keep on waiting your next project. ^^

Jen To: comment #118 -liese

You've got to get your eyes checked or update yourself by watching Lee Seung Gi's newer drama. His acting is perfect n flawless since TK2H n Gu Family Book! He is also not gentle at all!! He is simply a multi talented artist!!!

liese gotta admit he kinda sucks at acting, best was in shining inheritance, but i do see improvement. i love his personality, voice, and everything else though, he seems really gentle. :)

Rann Seung gi yah... you're awesome and you know it ;)

Fitri Lee Seung GI ,,,keep spirit, your acting on new korean drama "Gu Family Book" so impressive, good action. after watching more of your personality , you so talented and intellegent, I wish every your drama will be getting high score.加油,,,,

Lizzz Seung Gi! Keep it up! :) I love your music, acting & hosting skills! :) Hope you'll be visit Manila.

hedaya can i ask you something, what is the meaning of Daebak?

dewi gustiawan When u came to indonesia that day, i'm so sad that i couldn't come. I hope that one day my dreams will come true..u're good in singing,acting and MC-ing..u're so proffesional i think..u're good in everything. I wish that u will act more new* and wonderful corean drama. And i can't wait for ur this new* drama.although i don't really like the main actress..hahaahah..but its ocay if the rating is good. *pray for that*....i have so many stories but i will tell u later..bye Seung Gi..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

dewi gustiawan You're so Daebak, Seung Gi..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

tiwi i love you oppa :D . keep calm and love oppa always

Just Me Is this guy adorable! Mom crush here...i want to adopt him or he can marry one of my daughters..LOL! Seriously though, a pleasure to watch on screen!

Tricia Oppa! You're so goooood! Daebaaak! ;) You're almost PERFECT ;) I'll be you're fan foreveeer ^_^

fatihah z He's soo cute!!!! I LOVE YOU LEE SEUNG-GI!!!!!

Atena I like your acting in king 2 hearts.Hm,That was awesome.keep up the good work !!!god bless!!!

wenn can't wait to see his new drama "gu family book"

tiwi hopefully in guga medical book oppa more and more handsome and cute :::))))

cj Lee Seung Gi, you're so charming ever... Stay simple! Coz you are amazing just the way you are!

Insta Does he have a movie?

Tori (TT_TT) Lee Seuong Gi....I miss seeing him on tv. (sniffles)

tarra i really..really love tk2h... best drama...the whole package in this drama very attractive..

ppqpham You are so kute not only in your drama but also in your real life. Waiting for your next drama. Fighting ^^

diieeoong two thumbs up for you oppa!!! hoy hoy hoy~

diieeoong two thumbs up for you oppa!!!! hoy hoy hoy~

Sarah Watched "King2 Hearts" you are such a talented actor, am impressed on every little touch and simple movement you acted, you hv divert the movie into "real life" feel. Will support you forever!

winda i do really love lee seung gi...and i had watched his drama "bliriant legacy" for 4 times...and i do really adore him..i hope in his next project lee seung gi and han hyo joo will play together in their new drama.great couple....*kiss

rikaellen LOVE YOU SO MUCH OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!

vidhee THAT'S GREAT!i love it...the king 2 hearts is the best drama that i've ever watched..! i hope lee seung gi and ha ji won will meet again as couple in the other drama..i hope so... ^_^..

Fanie Can't wait for your Movie !!! HWAITING !!! Success for you and fly high !!

cathrine wish i could meet him.... totally in love with him in brilliant legacy

MG he's amazing! both funny, dramatic, charismatic.. i'm surprised he's 25.. thought he would be older..

king d-jack He's a punk I can beat him with the ball of my little finger I suplex him put in the camel cutch then he'll be humble

carole He's become a big contender for another Korean Actor !! His acting in "King2Hearts" looks him become more mature !!

Daisy Perez I love korean "telenovelas", in spanish Brilliant legacy is "Sorpresas del Destino " y estamos fascinados con esta preciosa novela y con sus muy buenos mozos actores. La vemos en un canal que se llama Pasiones y esta en los ultimos capitulos, que pena! Anyway Thank you very much, you ( and whole crew) are fantastic and love your beatiful songs too.

nca Lee seung gi is sooo talented!!!, he is good in evrythinh, I'm one of your fan...keep supporting you and can't wait to seee ur next drama, gumiho is best!, so perfectly match with shin min ah!!love too see both of u there, wish there'll be gumiho 2. It surprised me that u are the one who sing the OST...keep up the good work!!!nomu nomu nomu chuwae :)



Asnita Seung Gi I love you!you is my idol in korea!I really like your voice.everyday I sing your songs,,I hope one day we will' be meet because that is my dream.everyday I miss you!I promise that I will love and support you forever n ever!

samraa hi am samraa from sudan i just want 2say lee be who you r don't forget that fame will gone but love allowys be with you

liling we leee sarangeo i love leee but your so multi telend i love yor singger,i love you acting in film my grls frend is gomihoo you so cute you came in indonesia we love you lee.cahyoooo leee sarangeeeee wonga nomonomonomonomo coa heee tata tata heeeee my name is liling from indonesia (lombok)/(bali)came hare leeeeee :)

michelle maramis I like Lee seung ki ..

) so much <3

gyanita Seung Gi ahhhhhh....saranghae...^^ neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu chua...^^

monster oppa..neumu2 chaeyo.......

bahar hi im bahar im from uae i am huge fan of urs i love ur acting i wish u come to uae some day and we see u and auctully ur the best and i lo0ve so0 so0 so0 much :*

Boo Jia Min Seung Gi oppa, please don't be down and I am sure everything will be fine despite recent issues relating to KHD. Oppa, we will definitely support you in whatever you do and I believe in whatever choices you make! Oppa FIGHTING!!! :) Can't wait for your upcoming 5th album!!!

Jyan youre loosing my mind!!!! (^_*)v

mercy hi Lee Seung gi How are you? Where Na you? Lee You are So Handsome

Angela Hi Lee Seung Gi I'love You So match :) How are you? You Are So Handsome :P

princess hi lee seung gi. princess joy imnida,, i would like to say your my idol soo if i finished my collage year i want to become an korean actress even im a filifino

miss aja please come to malaysia.

Krista Lorraine I really love you . You have a lot of sex appeal and i always watch the shinning heritance , and also my girlfriend is a gumiho Hope you will go here in the philippine I can't await to see you ! Love you and always take care gOOD hEALTH .

rajes HE REALLY AMAZED ME... EXCELLENT ACTOR AND SINGER AS WELL... his smile can kill you haha.... love him! hope to see him more in acting...

Ajianne You're a great actor in my gf is a gumiho!! You look good with Shin Min a..!! you're one of my idol.. more power!

mali-chick one of my favourite korean actor i hope to see more from you p.s love gumiho and strong heart

lee seuong gi FIGHTING

lulu Yes Lee Seung-gi is an excellent actor and singer. His acting is so convincing. He really touches the hearts of the audience. He is also a great singer. wish he will have another project with Shin Min- A because they have a very good chemistry.

zhane asuncion love love love...gumiho...seung gi!! i hope you still have a drama this year with shin min ah.....

hoihoi seung gi hope you still have another drama this year plzz..Im begging you..hahaha

rajes I JUST LOVE YOUR ACTING IN THE -MY GIRLFRIEND IS GUMIHO- !!! your are a awesome actor keep on going!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

hoihoi lee seung gi...waaahhh...crazy,crazy,crazy..on you

lyaseunggi seunggi oppa!! fighting! nomunomu saranghae! ^^, good luck!

iggy I really like your voice and your good at acting. More blessings to come:)

ryan flores i love the way you smile and cry in "my girlfriend is a fox"

aloue i really love and enjoy watching you the way you act and smile wow!!!

Mohammad U R The Best 4 EVER

kikux I have a question for you? what do you feel with Min Ah??


iswa kh I like your acting in My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho! You're so cute and Romantic!!! Hope You'll visit In Indonesia.

Mika takaiyashi luved ur drama brilliant legacy yoiu were amaing

Balaban Oppa, you are so awesome! You're talents are endless and I loved watching you in My Girlfriend is a Gumhio! :) If you read this, please take care of everything you accomplish in the future! :)

ai-yamapii Hi!!☆ Happy 24 th Birthday ur and all the best ☆Drama : My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox are good funny

hestia yaaa Oppaaaa, u re so cool! love u....... im crazy with ur new drama, my gf is a gumiho.... u re very funny n full of smile there! like it... cant wait to the next drama... Oppa Hwaiting!!!

your fan hey i love ur voice,ur smile and ur acting and ur movies 2.

Fairy Hi!!!!love ur smile n ir innocent face...u make my husband so jealous with u hahaha....nice:)

Shahad Madhi

you are GREAT (Y)

أنت رائع ..

mi ho... hai lee seung gi.... i luv my girlfriend is a gumiho very much... i'm from malaysia..hope you'll come visit us here... from u'r top top top top fan....ten q...

Rbsme Really...ur so kul. Wish my bf r like u. .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.. Pm 4 me when u hv a part time, pl...

Alice I wasched Brilliante Legacy, and I liked very much. Congratulation Lee Seuong Gi. He is Korean's promising actor. I loved. Brazilian fan.

eve pom'yoja Good looking, good voice, good acting, nice smile.. how perfect is he.. lee seung ki oppa.. saranghaeyoo..!!

dinosaur I love him so much. his acting is so excellent!

Jennifer lee Will you marry me?, seung gi

Noona Lee Seung Gi, I want you to know that I was born three days before you, and I love you very much. Now show your Noona some love, my dearest~ <3

thk i'm ur big fan..당신은 나의 남자 친구... you are 내 스타

JJB 이승기!!! 당신을 사랑합니다 S2 u r 정말 미남입니다

djaouhara i like him so hansome

youna ha oppa hwaiteeeeeeeee....... <3

vnfan Wow, Seung Ki is really a perfect man!!

tshering Hi, i really want to watch upcoming darma. iam from Bhutan who really interested in ur culture.

mohamad shafiq hai , i like your acting in briiliant legacy . in malaysia , my friends had so happy with the series . i hope you can come to malaysia and do some perfomance to your fan in malaysia . sincerely most top fan in malaysia

risa i'm a fan of u.. so cool and handsome..^^ i hope u can to come indonesia country many people waiting for u in here.. thank you ver much..^^

faith21 Im really a bigfan of Sandara Park and i want Sandara to be the lead role here..but i honestly watch the "My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox" the 1st Lead role actress is Kim Tae Hee and I think its doesn't not fit to Sandara,but i want Sandara to be lead the role but for me it doesn't fit with her,Who ever will be lead the role, i want Sandara Park to be casted even a Cameo,thats makes me happy atleast My Sandara is There

dwi novi aku lebih suka lee seung gi main film dengan han hyo joo

Madha I like your hair style...

Mini HE is so HOT!!!

lam thailand lee seung ki........ he's very....very....very.... handsome

phieoetty hy............... seung ki ..... how are you ? i hope yuo fine ....... ...... .......... when you come at indonesia most exspecially Batam islan ?????????



audrey You're really good at acting, dude! \^o^/ nice performance ever!

niena bqn film agehhh...

tanTriii dong gun haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..koyok tonggoku..bedone,,kowe artis..

may lee seung gi... I love his play as hwan. he's cute and have a good voice.

fika Hai I'm Fika from Makasar Indonesia. I Like yuo because you handsome and cool.

Farah Hi! I am Farah from Indonesia... I like your action and your voice also... Very nice!!!

chinta kurniawan hi lee seung-ki .... i'm chinta,, i'm from indonesian ... you know that,, i'm very love you.. becouse,, i see your action in brilliant legacy... hhhmmmm,, it is very nice ...

may i know your emil ??? now,, are you still in entertaiment??

what you new film in 2010?? :)

Yutamee Awesome. . Yr acting was natural. . N so charming. . N cant believe u hv a good voice. . Love u

nur chalimah sarang hae lee seung ki..........

Inna Lestari Luv u so much muaaaaaaccchh

v_rossy hmmmmmm..... lee seung ki........ he's very....very....very.... handsome guys! saranghae.... seung ki hyung!

Ocha lee seung ki,... dangsin jeongmal minam-iya ...

nan jeongmal dangsin-eul jongyeong ...

zola rehana lee seung ki, you're so cute on Brilliant Legacy! lee seung ki saranghaeyo....

Yuri In Brilliant Legacy, He looks good together with Han Hyo Joo!!! Very Romantic couple... <3 <3 <3

elma so.. u is beutiful.... plise.. go to in indonesian...

maev7983 weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! i love brilliant legacy/shining inheritance!!! mwah! i love ur team up!!

xylia random seung ki-lee! ure so fiine! ahahaha i love the way u sing nd how hott u r! ahahahaha i loved u in brilliant legacy!!!! i hope u get better!!! love u! <3 ;) bye!

ximlee ur so cute!!!!!!Seung-ki Lee!!!!!I love u!!!!!I like how u smile.......ur the hottiest ever but try 2 smile always cauz u don't look good when ur mad =D always smile ^_^

saranya too good nd cute in 2 days nd 1 night...

kahji the best in Brilliant legacy. he looks good together with han hyo joo. the role fits him well.

Jessica Well Miss Holmes. The names are all spelled different in each language. So thats why we have the profile on this page with his photo.

Miss.Holmes Hi ..

he's name is wrong ! ,, tit's " Lee Seuong Gi " ,, !! not ke !

and it's written " lee seuong Gi " on KBS Tv .

@ 2 D 1 N :D ..

Bye !

jhessy tiu your so good in acting!!! hao!

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