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  • Name Lee Sang-Yeob
  • Hangul: 이상엽
  • Birthdate: May 8, 1983
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 182 cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: leesangyeob.sidushq.com


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jinny he's my favorite in House of Bluebird. =) fighting!

mary He looks like Eric from shinwa

Lavieenrose Hurrah, you're BACK. Congrats!

catsy really look like chanyeol ^^"

Girl Lina! i think the same, i like both, but i love Chanyeo moreee *-*

Lina I think, His face almost same like chanyeol exo's. Hmm... good looking boy. i like him. ^^

Toni First time watching this young actor perform and he captivated me with his character. Your heart just goes out to him and you want to hug and comfort him because of all he goes through yet despite it all Jae Min doesn't change. What an incredible, loving, decent, sweet, funny, adorable, kind young man. The one thing I couldn't comprehend was how could the much older sisters be so immature and hate an innocent baby who through no fault of his own was brought into the world and dropped off to be raised by their dad and mom. The mom adopted him and loved him more than her own children and raised him to be the wonderful young man he became. It is a rarity to meet up with someone like Jae Min; does it even exist in the real world? Hope so. Did not like Ha Kyung because of her obsessive behavior towards sweet Jae Min; she didn't make it easy for him while he was going through so much. Looking forward to watching him perform in other dramas.

tp The first time I saw you in "a little love never hurts" and fell in love with you instantly cuz you're so real and so cute. Good luck!


Mfae I love you lee sang yeob <3

Dawn What can I say! I'm watching you in A Little Love Never Hurts...and I totally adore you as Jae-Min. I ship you and the dad in this drama sooooo much (in a father/son way), it's good to see a drama that shines light on a father and son relationship that has gone through so much and come out on a positive note. I love the way the character really supports his dad finding love again, and how they have come to understand and love each other as father and son. Each time I watch this drama, I find myself smiling from ear-to-ear when I see the son and father interacting with each other. I just finished ep. 36, and Jae-Min telling the dad to live another 30 years so Jae-Min can treasure him and the dad saying "you rascal, you know how old I would be in 30 years...only to be told, you have to live." I smiled and got a bit teary eyed.

Anyways, I also love that Jae-Min is unselfish, that he gives up things he wants for himself so that others can be happy....like giving up on his love life so his ex-girlfriend can have a chance at the happiness he thinks she deserves. That a selfless thing to do....a lot of people wouldn't understand, and to be honest I couldn't wrap my mind around it and I'm a female...but I believes it shows just how much the character Jae-Min really loved Mi-joo whether she deserved so much devotion or not. The way you portray Jae-Min, is so heart touching.....plus he has the cutest and most naive expression...you sincerely nailed those expressions down while playing this character.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful drama and I look forward to seeing the rest as it airs for me in my location....and I can only hope the writers wrote you the character Jae-Min a happy ending.....best of luck to you in future dramas, movies and in life.

FIGHTING!!!! (New American Fan)

lee sarra Lee sang yeob <3 u so much..

saranghae youre so handsome oppa! love you and youre acting. saranghae <3

Sulsahshaff Lurv u sang yeob oppa

chona i like you since Innocent Man drama so happy you're in the lead for new drama "Will you love and give it away" ....more power to you!

panda so cute! love

meliza ur da one.......  :)

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo._. your so cute..and handsome..your did a go0d job..in the innocent man..0ppah LEE SANG-YEOB...!!! roseannheart is yours.. from the land of orient pearl PILIPINAS...

roseannheart saranghae oppa. your so nice..& handsome._.

  • ^_^*

LYS At my own moment i watched innocent man because of my friend's suggest. She suggest me to watch it cause she said Joong Ki is asdfhklhlshsk handsome. since i'm a newbie to Korean drama, i watch it bcs she's my froend. but when i watch it, i found myself in love with the second lead guy. LSB IS SO CUTE OKAY:" and yes, he remind me of Eric Shinhwa. i'm in love with them both. heheheheheh and i'm So glad that many of us supporting him:) wishing he'll get notice by director as a talented actors and be main lead... have a happy ending/bad ending is superb fine. But, i still prefer he role a cute&goosebumps drama one^^ LYS FIGHTING! EVERYONE OF US FIGHTING!

Edralyn He is so handsome ^_^ , First I saw him in movie Innocent man .. your so cute there ;:D

yemi jung baby face, bright smile.. love him.. so adorable ♥♥

eila san he is so baby faced..hihi

Dianne Just finished watching "Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love", and I thought Lee Sang-Yeob was one of the shining stars in this drama... ALL of the main actors were fantastic, but I loved the way Sang-Yeob looked and his acting ability. Best of everything to him in the future from a new fan in the State of Alabama, USA ... :)

Ella I wish to see you as a main lead in future dramas. All the best oppa!

CICI LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lee Sang-Yeob as the Prince in "Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love". Great acting, great looks and lots of charisma. He's one of those actors that has a magnificent screen presence. I'm looking forward, like others have said, to see him in a leading role soon.

Sarah Why he never act as main character but as the second character or supporting cast ?!?! Hope that he will act as main character in upcoming dramas !!

tiwi oppa handsome . i like whatever your movie . you are my idol and my inspiration. guard health oppa :)

jae-in I agree he is so handsome.... I was surprise when I saw him in Jang OK Jung. . . Oppa fighting!!!

kyuahin I first saw him in Miss Ripley. i kept watching just so i can see his handsome face.keke. then i saw him in Nice Guy, wahh!.. so happy to see him again! though i love JoongKi, i like his and Chaewon's characters together as well. i hope i'll see him some time in much larger role where he gets the girl in the end. I just learned he's in Jang Ok Jung too, with Yoo Ah In! yeyy! btw, i never thought he's an 83liner. he looks younger than his age. he's really cute! and he acts rly well.^^

KariMisa Oppa....nice to see you... TE QUIERO!

maya I hope in your dramas project you could be the main character not only second lead man...you look so cute lee sang yeob Oppa!! ^^

neith he's so handsome. hope he will become popular soon. :) he's so adorable. really like him!!!!

Ronaldo He is look like Kang Ji-Hwan but I'm just wondering what is his secret? because instead of getting old look, he is getting baby face particularly in his tv show...NICE GUY. I am also wondering why he only play as supporting actor? With his look and great talent, I wish that he will become lead actor sooner or later

moonlight_lady _nice one.. hope he'll appear in another drama acting as a lawyer still...


Pitzel I love Sang-Yeob oppa! Good luck in your future dramas. It would be nice to see you as the main character and get the girl! Very good acting in "Nice Guy". You conveyed the character's emotions so well. The whole drama was done well. Hope your next project is also a success. You deserve to be recognized.

Appley I love you and you definately remind me of Eric Moon, but I still love you for you, looking forward for your next project, I'll continue to support whenever I can. Love you !

eva silvertop yes he kinda looka like eric shinhwa..both are good looking and talented.

eva silvertop i hope i can see he soon in other project where he as are main role seriously he acting are good and full of talent

VicT CuTe+Handsome BoY@MaN..hehe..<3 <3 <3

korean actor fan in malaysia love him...innocent man-i want him ends up with eun gi....y he was at the hospital....pliz don't die lee sang-yeob.......

malaysian he is too handsome......hopefully he will play as 1st hero in latest drama soon....waiting for that.....lee sang-yeob.......i am your fan now...

eirrehc i love you lee sang yeob...fighting!

Sandra Watching him in the Innocent Man and his acting is really good, so much in fact that even though I really like Song Joong-Ki - I kind of want Lee Sang-Yeob character to get with Moon Chae-Won character.

Sandra I'm watching him in the Innocent Man and even though I really like Song Joong-Ki - I kind of want Lee Sang-Yeob character to get with Moon Chae-Won character.

Lee Ing Watching Him in Nice guy. I am pretty sure He will act soon as a main actor in the near future. Keep up the good work Lee Sang Yeob !!! I am looking forward to see more of your work. Aza Aza fighting !!!

TheLaw Attorney sure fits him perfectly in Nice Guy. God, he's good and good-looking. Hope to see him do more in the near future.

Ryley He kinda remind me of Eric of Shinhwa! So cute and handsome!

Ishida I like Lee Sang-Yeob's acting in all the drama. He is a professional actor and believe he will gain popularly and have a bright future. Hope to see him acting as a main lead actor soon. Good Luck and Best Wishes to you.

Melimellll Hey,,, so handsome <3 <3 <3

makoto I'm currently watching Midas and find this guy so cute. :)

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