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  • Name: Lee Jun-Hyuk
  • Hangul: 이준혁
  • Birthdate: March 13, 1984
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type:


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sandy new fan here.. you are so handsome! I really love your acting & character in house of bluebird. keep up the good work. oppa hwaiting :)

tp Even though I didn't really like your character in "man from the equator" but I've gotta admit and accept that you did a superb performance. Congrats!

suzan hi am suzan...i really like ur action in movie nice one keep it up

LJH okay so im late to watch the spring day of my life where Lee Joon Hyuk is in>< im currently catching up to the latest ep^^ wait for me~ u become more and more handsome after discharged oppa!^^ will support you every since then<3

jasmine lee jun-hyuk handsome

Katie Saranghae oppa.You look gorgeous in City Hunter.Hope you will bea good actor.

megan Lee Juk Hyuk. I watched City Hunter because of you. You impressed me so much in this drama. I like your looks. You are my favorite Korean actor. I hope to see you as a lead actor in a drama or movie. Looking forward to seeing you in My Spring Day. Saranghae Lee Juk Hyuk.

serena Lee joon Hyuk Shii. I like you very much when I first you in City Hunter. You have a very a natural way of acting that caught my attention. Joon Hyuk Shii. you have good looks tôo. I lôok forward to see you as a lead in a drama. I am so excited to watch your come back project. Luv U.

serena Lee Joon Hyuk Shii, I like you very much when I first watched City Hunter. You have a very natural way of acting and you have got the a looks. I hope you would take a lead role in a drama but I look forward to your comeback project My Spring Day.

LJH Oppa, when are you going to be discharge? I'ts been 2 years right? Why aren't you discharge yet? I miss you so much!! I'm sure many people miss you too:( So, please comeback with maaaaanyyyyy schedule of dramas/movies!^^ It's been a pleasure for me to love and adore you since 2011! And up until now i never change my feel for you~~

but, oppa! Aren't you're lonely without a girlfriend? go get some woman to love!! I will ship you with anyone as long as you're happy and love her!!

Lots of love from Indonesia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

ainami @LJH he will be discharge tomorrow, march 18 yeay get ready ♥♥♥

trina jonah wowwww city hunter is a nyc n d best movie I hav watched dis yr hw comes I didn't come across it since but prosecuter u acted well n brave didn't lyk it dat u died sha

LJH oppaaaaa i miss you<3 can't wait for you to discharge this July(if im not mistaken). fighting oppa! i will wait for you with another amazing drama/movies! saranghae!!

Ljh I watched City Hunter like 9865487486 times, but i always end up cry like buffalo:" WHY WHYWHYWHYWHY hehehe. (Not a spoiler) AND I'll WAIT FOR HIM TO RECHARGED FROM military (idk what it's called) AAAAAAAH OPPA FIGHTING I WILL ALWAYS WAIT HUHUHU MISS YOU T___T

LJH He's the reason why i am into K-Pop, he's handsome yet mainly face melt me most<3

msPeachy He's one of the versatile Korean actors I've seen. I liked him in Star's Lover and City Hunter.

LAPM Would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes suprising heart stopping sleepers. The addiction starts as one of those - "no way am I going to get hooked". I wandered here and there, started the first episode as I was checking on its logistics (LIVE vs. PRE FILMED.. as I prefer the latter more so). Was not especially taken before I ventured back after screening others in the intermittent 3 weeks. With Hulu and Dramafever, you have the whole kibby-kaboodle to tap for quality. Three episodes in, the sneaky writer (s) ever so cleverly lay that cerebral trap. You pop up, forward and muse out loud, "WTHades just happened?!" And you are racing hard through episodes to get to the resolute conclusion!

Plenty of twists and bends in the tale, and WELCOMED departures from the often fomulaic plots to KDramas. Rather than 10 episdodes before a confrontation, the flow is so fluid that you both welcome it and are intrigued by the minds behind the writing. LOL! It's always awesome to see the breaks from the humdrum. Overt horror films sell their ware and gore and we're honky dory for it. This tale will leave you a little light headed and in particular, violated.

Haven't reached the monumental death of the show just yet. If you see enough KDramas, they are like Danielle Steele characters - someone and no matter how big the character - will die. So that shouldn't be the shocker. What can be is just WHEN <--- which if writers don't plan right can make or break a story. (i.e., Moo Jin of Warrior Gye Baek). Happy watching.

TheValeria71 imi place acest actor, sper sa obtina cat mai multe roluri principale, care sper sase termine cu bine.I like this actor ,i hope too see in mach more lieding rols, and i hope everything is happy and.

Gasenadi Back to this very versatile actor. He was unforgettable as the prosecutor in my very first kdrama, City Hunter. Since then he's been a familliar face in several dramas, my favorite of his being, thus far, City Hall as the "brother/spy". I actually wanted to know more about that character. Am now watching I Am Legend and hope to witness his acting prowess as the romantic lead. May he get juicier and juicier roles.

Gasenadi Agree 100% with Anna Moshita. Suggestion: I don't read ANY comments anywhere until I've seen the drama for myself, for that same reason. Some people get their kicks from spoiling and they're not going to change. I don't give them the satisfaction by not reading until I know what's happened.

Anna Moshita Really hate those who write spoiler! please don't tell what is the fate of this person or that person here. there's some ppl don't like those comments. i'm just about to watch The Equator Man because i like him acting, but thanks to some ppl i get to hear that he would die in that series, really really spoil my mood!!!! ;(

Roch I really love your role in City Hunter. <3 I know it sounds silly but you really inspire me to do well in everything, just like what you had portrayed in the series in the character of Prosecutor Kim Young Joo. I hope that I could watch more of your dramas soon <3

Looking forward to meet you in the future, oppa :D

Meow he is soooo cool, sooooo handsome :x

Amy kaene You are a very good actor. Hope you continue succeding in your career and please dont waste your life away like most of the other stars do.

madhatter stop spoiling his movie series for others in the comments! seriously! we came here to find out about him as an actor, not series plots!! you idiots!

Bishie He died in equator man! i can't believe this! TT_TT first you died in city hunter now you died in equator man?! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DIE?!?! TT_TT

Cherish I still can't recover that he died in City Hunter. ='( I like you Prosecutor Jiro Kim (Lee Jun-Hyuk) more projects to come! =)

rj i didn't know that he was also the one in "The Legend"! I don't like him in "The Legend" but in "City Hunter" he was sooooooooooooooooo handsome!

NewKDramaAddict Looking forward to another leading role for Lee Jun Hyuk! And boy does he have a nice voice (I am Legend)

park sheo onther min ho i like you to oppa...

nurul novyanti oppa !!! i love you . you're awe some, adorable.. love you . i love your act as a prossecutor in city hunter. sarang haeyo ...

lyka i really like you prosecutor:)haist! more movies to come:)

luvLeeJun-Hyuk I like this guy...he's so sexy and cute! I hope we will meet in the future!!!! Send some love to South Korea!!!! Love you!!!!♥♥♥^_^

Mia OMGGG!!! Lee-jun-hyuk, You were AMAZING in City Hunter!! I really hated that you died. You had me in tears. Your'e soooo talented and good looking!! I will try to watch some of your other movies/shows. Im from New Jersey and found this movie on netflix. WOW! Im sooooo happy I did. Wishing you all the happiness in your acting career :)

shakespear I like this guy a very good actor.. Watching and have known him in City Hunter a thumbs up! Very great and strong performance deserves an award in here..

cartriwa501 lee joon hyuk is the best! in City Hunter! you're freaking hot... prosecutor kim young joo always in my heart!



kzinsky heh?? he died ?? che...i'm not see d drama yet... :P poor me..

sahara I think he will win award for his role in city hunter..he was execellent..

ainSH DAMN HOT OPPA... really love ur style and ur look.. :D. FIGHTING OPPA.!!!

Myleeh In the drama i am legend,I was hoping him and the girl(who is his fan and became a singer) would actually become boyfriend and girlfriend.My favourite scenes would have to be when she fainted and he came to the hospital,the second scene would have to be when they sang together when she was playing his song on the piano,the third scene would be when he caught her smiling while she was listening to his music on his iphone and the last scene would have to be her confession to him on the internet....MY other favourite parts would have to be his son teasing him and her shyness when everyone was teasing her love for him. Overall the drama is ok and funny. I really like how you act in the drama city hall..That was the funniest drama^^.... I would actually like to see you as the main actor in your future dramas and hoping that you do more music dramas as well.^^

SisterB Cute and can sing. He is on my favorite list! I watched I am Legend because he was in it after liking him in City Hall

Pippee Now I'm watching City Hunter.But I read the comment and know that u will die at the end.So very sad TT^TT

jun hyuk my love jun hyuk:my sweat heart,my honey,my love forever!

ARHY oppa so sad isaw u dead in city hunter..but i always love u..figthingg!! saranghaeyo oppa

mitha i watch three brother after saw his in city hunter... in three brother his so funny...

justinebaranquil oh my God!!!!!! I'm so sad when you died in city hunter,,, your such a good person

cityhunterfan AWW! i cried too when he died in city hunter. cruel people. Nwaes, he is so tall and dashing :))

philline he look's like song seung hun of my princess

Ns I like his perfomance at city hunter!! He's amazing! I'm so sad when he died in City Hunter movie!He's so handsome and so cool! Really waiting him for his next dramas! Good luck ^^

matahari I'm curious about the way he stares....love your eyes....love your smile...can i you be mine?^-^

hanae yamashita Amazing actor! His acting and looks blew me away in city hunter to the point where I'm planning to watch his other dramas. Powerful, convincing and heartfelt acting! What more can one ask for! ^^

be quiet u u u so good at acting.mabie the god give u this talent .god smile to u because u a sucess now.so cool

momta sarangeyoooo..lope ew

chita love you oppa :)...

Jessica omg soo love him!! hes sooo hot! i want to see his penisss sooo badllyy!!

Robertsm Wow, you were great in City Hunter, just loved it, I cried also, very much when you died, so brave! I will be looking at your other shows for sure :)

sweetyami omg when you died i cried my eyes out :(

ddedek77 Khomsa nim, I'm so sad where you're passed away ><

chiiviit4 gotta love him!(:

TJ Aussie Thanks to Clai. I'm listening to "YOU" by Lee Joon Hyuk in I'm Legend on youtube now. Yes, he has a beautiful voice and he also a fine actor in City Hunter and in City Hall. Hope to see him more in leading role/actor.

Saya I'm like you in city hunter ^^" the face you..is best for me fighting OPAA ^_^"

jhoon Good luck to u,Brother.

jhoon hi brother!Good luck to you.

CiJzaM I fall inlove with him….

CiJzaM I fall inlove with him....

clai he is so handsome,i like him so much..he is really good in singing,he has a beautiful voice.i like his song entitled "YOU" in the korean novela I AM LEGEND.

zhia_aala first time met him "three brother"....quite annoyed character.........seem like no back bone, always yes to wife and mother...... he brings out the role beautifully......now again meet him in "city hunter".......arrogant yet determination......he's good!!!! hope to see him more in different role because I know he can bring it out well!!!!!!

lili you look so handsome in city hunter ^___^ <3

lalunao he is really good in potraying different kind of roles, i really admire his character in first wives club.. for being an arrogant guy but a loving son to his mother i hope i can watch more versatility of your acting on your future dramas, I want to comment also on your role in star lover, your really funny .... good luck and more movies to come......

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