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  • Name: Lee Hyun-Woo
  • Hangul: 이현우
  • Birthdate: March 23, 1993
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @hihyunwoo


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Wout Hyun-Woo hyung, I've been waiting for 3 years now!!! When are you gonna film a new series? We miss you! Fighting! -Greets from Belgium

Ris Angeles Hi Oppa Lee Hyun Woo. AnneongHaseyo. Wish you all the best. I hope , you a new series with your cute partner Choi Sulli. You are the good couple. We love love you so much. Saranghae! <3

Xora I'm waiting for your new drama

Jessica Ende Lee Hyun Woo Oppa <3 I Miss Your Drma In To The Beautiful You <3 I Hope You Are Great !! Saranghae !! MinSul Forever<3 I Am Your Number One Fan !!

shinji looks like hes twins with kim yewon he needs to be in more movies good little actor hopefully he picks up steam with his latest movie

No Young-Hak Looks like No Young Hak...

No Young-Hak Lee Hyun Woo and No Young-Haku holy shit... from Great Queen Seon Deok..geezus. ..twins.

cecilia what drama is he currently working on? is he still an actor

Kairaa he is so adorable cute. Hyunwoo Oppa Hwaiting

Kristen He is so incredibly cute >.< And so talented too! Love this nugget! :D

Brown Waaa Love him so much after I saw Running Man ep 225!! XD ❤ He's so adorable and he always looks happy in that episode! But too innocent I guess.. haha. Cheerful smile of his makes me squee of delight. ^_^ Hyun-Woo Oppa Fighting!!!! ❤❤

D.O_Kai EXO He look like Park Bo Gum.

Victoria o m g see fine boy, you are too funny, love you in the drama series to the beautiful you, figthing

Lishade78 ^_^ I started fan girling when I saw him when he was little in 'The return of iljimae' He was adorable then and now n.n Hyun-Woo Oppa Fighting!!!!

ordinary girl he such an adorable guy who i really want to pinch him! oh goshhh! He so cute..of coz..he in my list.He is my 3th actor that i like :DD

parkchora Lee Hyunwoo is such an adorable actor! I miss him so much acting in drama's. I hope he'll do a great comeback!

tp You & No Young-Hak look exactly alike and it's so hard for me to tell the difference between you two. However, both of you are so handsome, good looking and adorable. Best wishes!

gieann enriquez you are very hand some ang i crush you hahhha :) sarangheo <3

HI :) OMG!! i just realize we have the same birthday and blood type.. love u hyun woo <3333

darshi am ur big fan.i first saw u in secretly and greatly and also to the beautiful u.when u act,i was so cute.

Victoria You are so cute. I really like the way you act,anyway "thumbs up". AJA!!!! Keep it up the guy i will never see in reallife.

leizette annyeong hasayo!!! i just wanted to say hi to this handsome man who always fills my day with joy when i see his picture... i hope i could see you in person and have a picture with you ^____^ your music videos are amazing, the way you sang "ode to youth" and your movies especially to the drama series " to the beautiful you" and your movie "secretly, greatly"... hope to see you soon :) jaljinaeyo!!! gamsahamnida oppa :) saranghae <3

Annette OMG!!! I love you!!! Especially in "To the Beautiful You"!! Oh my gosh you are just so awesome! I hope I get to see you in some more Korean shows soon!! BTW you are my favorite Korean actor and you have an amazing smile!! Best of luck to you in your acting career!! FIGHTING!!!!

stephen Love the acting skills..especially in to the beautiful you

Amae Oppa! I love his smile. ❤️ i've never been so obsess with a korean actor.

Elizabeth Hyunwoo oppa you are soo handsome and i can't stop thinking 'bout u..:-*:-*

maryam you are very cut and baby face I LOVE YOU

morgan Oppa, keep doing good, fighting and love u and I love your character from the drama,to the beautiful you.

im winslet Hi im winslet you know what i like you and your movies hahahah can you here in the philippines?? Hahaha hope that i can see you

Toni Has anyone noticed how actor Lee Hyun Woo looks so much like actor No Young Hak. They are both born a month apart in 1993. I was confusing both of them. Lee played general Yusin as a young man in "Gye Baek" and actor No Young Hak also played Yusin in "The Great King's Dream". They are two of the most talented young actors I've seen so far. Both have great smiles. Wonder if they are somehow related? Interesting. Look forward to watching them grow as actors in future roles.

Good luck to both of them!

aj cheer Huh wow I have a question why commet if other girls commented no offense are anything ha but it seem he dosentnlike to anwers any of well idk haha have a great day :)

yourlover25 Oppa i love youre charector and your smile but i will always wonder if you speak english or enough to help you last in america i love youre acting and i always support u

rrlim25 Hyun woo pops saranghae ❤I love your character in to the beautiful you. Your smile was so kyeopta

M.J.Fluharty Me and my ma watch and discuss Korean dramas( or argue). We came to the conclusion that the way he played his part in "To the Beautiful You" caused a "too" likable character. which equals= wish he was the one who got the girl=3= but i cant rewrite what has been put down, just comment two thumbs up for awesome acting^-^

Nancy Such an enchanting smile! That's what captured my attention. Keep on smiling cos that's part of your charm.

Nixx Chann Oppa! <3 I love you! :* Keep on inspiring people with your amazing smile <3 <3 Fighting!

kmy Oppa!!!!! saranghae!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 .<

dewdwi I love hyun woo so much and will always support him. I really want to see him as the main character

shashikala I love your character in" to the beautiful you".you are so funny!

Emily I watched to the beautiful you and daaang you fine ;) hahaha I'm not even korean

sam I really loved his acting in one of the series I watched his expressions are great and that smile could make anyone's heart flutter ^-^

FATHIHAH :) OPPA............... SARANGHAE... Hwaiting. I hope YOU will more success in everything that you do. I hope that you will meet someone special...... JJANG....

YOUKNOWWHO I wish he can act as a main character. I liked him is secretly greatly!! I am watching to the beautiful you, and i love him soooo much!!!

hyun woo gurl hi Hyun Woo.tengs because act cutely in "to the beautiful you"..seeing you act in that movie make me fall for you.. :)

stella86 Hi Hyun woo you are really amazing and great actor eventhough your are still at the young age..I wish and hope more and more dramas and movie will come to you.. Take care and God bless you always!!!!

md_ghasemi Hi Thank you for very nice play in"to the beautiful you".I think u do your best action.be happy and have brilliant days.

daisy janew oppa yhun woo i am very proud of uou i hope you will accept the offer to lead the movie "experts" more blessings to come! chukahaeyo!

CingVung Oppa....I hope I can meet u, I realized u haven't make any new Drama series and Movies yet. I hope I can see u more in Drama series as the main character bc ur acting is great. U can be cute, charming, mysterious, bad boy, childish, mature and hot. I really can't wait until ur bright future -Love Cing, P.S. Oppa ur the best

kecil@small This Oppa are so cute and charming. ^^ well done, hope this Oppa fly high. Hyun Woo Oppa, fighting!! :)

Hellene Hyun Woo you look cute and presentable. I saw you in my dream...we went on a date. You should make the same hair style usually..its breathtaking.

Noona Pure amazement. One of the best young Korean actors to watch out for. Lee Hyun Woo is not just a great actor, but he's also an all-around well brought up actor. My expectations are set up very high for this guy and I hope to see more of him in his next projects.

tp You're such a cute young actor. I always enjoy watching you. Best wishes.

Yuna 사랑해요!

babibulma Baby, you're so cute!!! Make me crazy... SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S2

lena You have a very cute smile and charming typical korean look.you have been a great actor and together with other cast of to the beautiful you,make this drama a success.hope you wilk visit to malaysia-penang island....

lena I like your smile as you have a very charming typical korean look yet you look cute with your smile.wish you can visit to malaysia-penang island in your trip....you has been a great actor and together with the rest of the cast,make "for the beautiful you" a success.

Maegi AHHH ! You are so handsome. Keep making me blush kekeek~ <3

lee hyun jun i really admire him!!! ^u^ lee hyun wooo! you're the best!

23rdHokage He has a cute smile heehee

ruthii Anyeong hasseyo!!Oppa..oppa. Your so cute,so sweet. Kawaii;)!! How could you be soamazing? You know oppa,your SMILE is the best that i like,just seeing it makes my problem away. And one thing, i love your hobby,the sport SOCCER:D!! See you in the field after 10 yrs*blushing*. :*:*.take care and have a good health,.

Sely Tha Omo~... I really really wanna call you Oppa, but unfortunately I'm older than you, hyun woo . Since you're in God of study and appeared in IU's MV, you're still so young, but the last time I saw you in secretly and greatly you have grown so much, and I see you not as a child anymore but as a man.. *blushing*. I promise I will keep watching for your upcoming dramas and movies, stay cool and keep mature ok, Ah I wanna meet you so bad...

Mai I look forward to a new drama with you :p

Tae Lee Hyun Woo, you are my favourite actor in the whole world. I first saw you in TTBY last year and since then I have made it my mission to watch everything that you have been in! When I saw the trailer for Secretly Greatly I was so happy because you are working hard and your are in that movie!! keep on working hard Oppa! Fighting!! ^^

deiji annyeong! Lee Hyeon Woo.. I love your character in the series of "To The Beautiful You"... you always make me laugh.. I love the way you smile... :))

Blescelle Hi...LEE HYUN-WOO.,.,I like your character in the korean movie "To The Beautiful You".,.,. I hope you will visit Philippines.komoyo.<3

Elizabeth Leehyunwoo u're xoooO...CUTEEe...there's no one else who could break ma <3 like U..saranghaeyo Oppa Hyunwoo pray dat u had a healthy life n a successful life...<3 <3

sara jamyung anyeoseyo you are the best actor your simplicity honesty ......i will encourage you help you if you need any thing kamsahamnida

rachel i love you.................................... lee hyun woo OMG......................................

rachel you're so cute i love you................<3 so much

Kamille Krishia Hello Oppa Hyun Woo, Im Your Fan in The Philippines ^_^ your So Cute & Handsome, when i watched to the beautiful you & Man From the Equator, i was inspired ! & i love your Smile! =)) and i wish to go to Seoul Korea to see you =)) and i planned to a Korean Interpreter someday. =D

Mai Sigh** You Look So Hand Some And Cute I Think You Should Make a Movie With Bae Suzy..You Guys Look Good Together...<3..Muah

hamizah Oppa! Why you're so hot?! I've just watched you in Running Man. You're so adorable!!! <3 I hope I can see you in TV more often!! Why can't I meet you? T.T That possibilities will never come! Ah~ oppa you're adorable! Lee Hyun Woo fighting!!! <3 <3

Ayka Oh my gosh!!! you're sooo cute.... :))

Oppa ^_^ take care oppa !! .. ^_^

sandra diaz You are the best actor in "to the beautiful you". Keep it up boy

AYA You made me cry a while ago while watching the Tv series, "to the beautiful you". It broke my heart while watching you smile even if it means letting go of Jae Hee. You're so adorable, so carefully skilled on your role. I'll be watching your future movies and I hope by that time you'll win the heart of the girl. Adios! Fighting!

Maujii 그는 너무 멋지고입니다 ☺ 나는 내가 그에게 ♥를 볼 수 소원

LA - The cutest guy I've ever seen! ^_^ Keep up the good work. :)

Angelica Marie Your so Kawaiiiiiiii <3 Youre so cute !!!!!! I'm already falling for youuuu <3

Dhariness Oh my! You're so cute! We love watching you in 'to the beautiful you' I watched you in the 'Man from the equator' and currently watching the 'Master of study' And now i'm waiting to your 'Secretly Greatly' Keep up your good acting, we will always support you! We love you :* And please visit Philippines, your fans are waiting.

Arianne Kay ..omo your so adorable i first saw you on Master of Study and your so kawaii!! back there ,,just keep up and your good at acting!!!!im here to support you!!!im youR NUMBER ONE FAN from Philippines!!!

arshela i thought i was seeing g-dragon of bigbang especially when he smile.....so adorable!!!

Moiselle Quiliza Hi! I'm your fan :")) in th Philippines ^_^. You're too cute. Thats why I have a crush on you :">. I remember when I watched The Queen Seondoek, your looks , the way you act made me an inspiration to go there in Korea :">. You're my 6years crush :")))). Keep up the good work ^-^

joeciel annyeong oppa! you are so cute ! nomu nomu joahae ^^ you are so adorable especially when you smile

Sofie I love you oppa.. keep smiling oppa coz your really cute when you smile. fighting :)

xx:) Waaaa ^____^ fighting!

cutechu_bbuing Lee Hyun Woo Oppa Saranghaeyo. Lee Hyun Woo is a daebak actor he is so cute and cool when he acts. I enjoy his acting and i hope he gets more roles in the future and awards (:

hedyeh remember that i love you oppa.kissssssssss.,you are so cute and beautiful.ilove you forever and iwant say some thing you are like lee hong ki

aznative Just watched "Equator Man" and enjoyed Lee Hyun-woo's character, he did a beautiful job of acting in his role. Keep up the good work Lee Hyun-woo! First saw him in "Return of Iljimae" and knew then that he would be a star.

Asas Oh, Girls you're so right! He's absolutely cute and I love his smile.....Just why doesn't she love him(to the beautiful you) Its so cute how he falls in love with her although he thinks that shes a Boy...so sad >.<

farara omo ! you look a bit like GD ! ahhhhhh melting ~~~~~

Alexandra Jade Rodrigues By far my new favorite korean actor ~~ so young and adorable. His character in this drama was played to perfection! Great smile ~ i would give him the same nickname as Daesung from Bigbang... Sunshine! he lights up the screen with his innocence and energy. Love love love ~ ♥

Yoon Ma Ni Ooooooh my gosh!!! I knee I wasn't the only one who thought he looked like Hong Ki!!!!! :6

vienna gosh! how can u not like his character Eun Gyeol in the beautiful you. love his smile.

KarinKa Aigoooooo so young!

Your smile melted me and i've seen more than a couple smiles before lol

keep up the good work! <3

naddy lee hyun woo.. can you lend me your smile?? just for a while :)

jakeline I just loved, know that I am madly in love with you, Lee Hyun-Woo you were supposed to be the main actor you are very beautiful ...... I love Lee Hyun-Woo its Brazilian fan ..... kisses .. ❤ ❤ ❤

luzy You are soo cute ._. I think your the cutes from the show >.<

Paris Nooooo why is he so young? lol i thought he was so much older I'm so sad now because I think he is adorable! *sigh*

Sinead I am just rewatching 'the legend'. At episode two there is this young boy who got stab by his father in his heart with the artefact of the blue dragon.... I just thougt: that boy is so cute.. His eyes reminds me of cha eun gyul.. And after searching i found out its really lee hyun woo!! Awww he was and is the cutest boy ever! <3

mih-mih i know i thought im the only who thought i'm the only one who knows that he looks like Lee Hong Ki and he kinda' acts like him too.......^^ when i first saw him in "to the beautiful you" i thought of Lee Hong Ki already.....his really cute i wanna see him do an AEGYO!!!!!!^^

cherrelyn justalero oppa lee hyun-woo .. your so cute..

     .. please add me on facebook ..

Lee Ta In TTBU, sometimes he looks like GDragon Bigbang.

shoeib hi,you`re so cut.I loveeeeeeeeeee you.

grace noona:)) OMG! im dying here waiting for the next episode.. T_T

Inueko-chan OMG!! I'm so happy now. :D now I know I'm not the only one who thinks Hyun Woo oppa looks like Hong Ki -<3- oppa and Hyun Woo's acting better then Minho :D Bıt i love minho. :D - sorry for my english :D My first language isn't English :D -,-

Summer Ohmo, ohmo!! He's devastatingly Cute! The first time I've seen him in the Beautiful You, gosh!, I can't take off my eyeson him. He suits on in his friendly role. :D

Fairy Tail DUDE I FREAKIN LOVE HIM!!! This is my first time seeing him in To The Beautiful You and he plays one of my favorite role of Hana Kimi: Nakatsu XD.

Nena I love Hyun Woo, he's so lovely in "To the Beautiful You," his smile and demeanor are the best thing about the show! ♥

hsshs To the beautiful you, hanazakarino Kimi 2007 n 2011.. and Hua Yang Shao Nien Shao Nu i preffer taiwan version for the female character Ella Chen able to show a real man character with her natural image as tomboy.....

hsshs i luv watch ur karektor young king Sejong and in God Study i though you are one of guy next door hottest in the future hopefully you will b a main actor as soon as possible gambare caiyo....

Ava Love him! The reason I'm watching 'To the beautiful you' and he has like the cutest smile ever! Hope he has more lead roles :*

Baka-me I KNEW he looked familiar!! He looks so much like Hong Ki the entire time i was was watching "To the Beautiful You" i could not put my finger on who he looked like. If I loved Jeremy and his goofy self I'm definitely gunna love Hyun Woo...Oh wait I ALREADY DO!! He is so funny and handsome-i just know I'm gunna love the rest of the show!

Mel This boy is goergous. Can't believe he's only 19! He's so cute!!! and a lovely actor. If I had it my way he'd end up with Sulli's character, not Minho.

angel i just read the other comments comparing his acting to min ho.. and i was surprised that i was not the only one who said that he is better than min ho.. that's why he has many dramas.. am waiting for a lead role..

angel he is such a good actor... i like his acting in the equator man.. and to the beautiful you... i think he is better than min ho.. sorry...

nushi1616 I think he is doing a good job of living up to the Nakatsu character standards

Nakatsu character= the guy you love and want to be happy and end up with the girl, but you know he isn’t going to.

its a difficult job but someone has to do it

P.S- I keep think about how much he looks like Hong ki

lobtong you are my bias of all!!! =D oppa fighting!! <3

luhanist wow~ you were amazing in "god of study" !!~ <3 <3 right now im watching you in "to the beautiful you" and your acting skills is as brilliant as ever! :D oppa fighting!! i look forward towards you in more new dramas.

Kelcie SO much cuter than Minho and such a sweetie towards Sulli's character in To The Beautiful You <3 I love him

alex so cuute!! Only reason to why i'm watching to the beautiful you

knowsu he looks like G.D in the kdrama "to the beautiful you" that's why i keep on watching it and i prefer him than minho.. haha

mingmin u were cute in the equater man (plus ur acting was awesome!) saranghae oppa <3 -ur loyal fan

mingmin u were cute in the equater man :P (plus ur acting was awesome!) saranghae oppa <3 -ur loyal fan ;)

winnie lyn i really love you oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been 6 years ... OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!!!!!!!! i'm your super fan !!!!!!!!!!! you're my super crush oppa *^_^* you're so awesome .. you're so unique and .. wow .. i'm so speechless .. if i'm going to state here how much i love you , .. oh my gosh ... i think we'll never end .... SARANGHAMNIDA LEE HYUN WOO OPPA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

YUI SERIOUSLY?! you have big shoes to fill after the xuper cute , handsome, funny Toma Ikuta who played Nakatsu shuichi........... i was hoping for heechul but oh well..... good luck for the drama!

xam.22@yahoo.com You're too cute and you're really awesome.i admire u so much;))i hope we met someday.and im hoping for that day to come:)) you are so cool.i like you:) saranghae.shotomate, can you please add me at my facebook?here's my email,xam.22@yahoo.com kawaii:)) im waiting for you.i can speak korean,a little because i want to commumicate with you.and im hoping for it:))sayonara.i want you to be my friend

tenchen lee hyun woo u r super dammmm cool n i m fan of ur..........best of luck 4 ur commingggg up drama(the man of equator)......aja....aja... Fighting...........

adaweyah andsome guy....syow qutey!!!!!!!(cutest man....

Red rosey Am not easy 2 get. And am not playing hard to get... But i realy like u... Pleas add me on fb pls!....

Quynh Saranghae Oppa!!! I've missed you so much!!! And your so cute!!!

Ann SARANGHE OPPA! He was so adorable in "Master of Study"! Hope he gonna get at least a main lead in a drama!

winnie lee i miss you so bad oppa ..... saranghaeyo !!!!!

LeeHyunWooLover! I Love U soooooo Much :D Wishing one day I could meet U and I will allways be waiting for that one day :D<3 <3 <3

alkimtrixson ahhhh...you're so cute and cool iN MASTER OF STUDY!!! I really really love it:-)

hunnybunny94 oppa why you're so cute ?? i'm in love with you seen watch you acted in IU new mv..

oppa so adorable and handsome boy <3<3 saranghaeyo lee hyun woo oppa !!!

SisterB It will be interesting to watch him grow up. Loved him in ROI! Will now watch Master of Study because he is in it.

malu salang-hae lee hyung woo.

malu you r so cute.... at first i thought the other dude from da drama Master Of Study baek hyung was cute til i saw u. u r hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kawai. salang-hae i think dat is how u spell it in ur lang.

me , hyun woo oppa ... you're so nice. very cute n handsome ..

  • mmmuuuaaccchhh

me , hyun woo oppaa .... you're so nice ... so cute and funny..

  • mmuuuaaaccchh

kim ji sang hi! Lee Hyun Woo.i live iin vietnam you are my idol.

winnie lyn hi oppa ! since i watched ur korean dram titled "give me food" i spended 3 years just to find ur name ... it's so difficult to search ur profile but my determination is up to the highest level and i know that soon maybe this year .. i will and i will see u in person ... u're so cute oppa .. SARANGHAE !!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

lee ah annyeong haseyo oppaa... keep trying hard, i'm sure that you'll be the next shining star of South Korea. I'm really sure. Fightiiing!! and p.s. you're so adorable, i'm getting crazy because of you oppa ><

KriszTee LHW, I luv U, U're the king, ang I like your films, and smile :) <3

azza LEE HYUN-WOO,YOU ARE CUUTTIIEEE BOYY.. You have a nice smile,good loooking face,and beautifull eyes... GOD BLESS YOU...:*

k-pop lover anyong oppa you are so cuteeeeeeeeee,sweeeeeeeettttttttt and handsome. You are just so perfect loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu saranghe oppaaa hwaiting

zoe-chan OMG!! he is was insanely adorable in God of Study!! i just wanna hug him!!!!

but yeh... besides tat, HE'S SOOO AWESOME!! he will do well.

Harry you're so cute

you're so cute


gail hi!....your so cute especially when your smile... your so handsome that's why i really fan of you and like you.. muahh muahh... tc always...


Dream93 Hope you will be the next shining Korean artist after Rain

yanne you're so cute especially when you smile!

Thuy Nguyen wow, kool! I know it, u're the best?!

maisa gualiza hi!!you're so cute i really like your movies

gabriel you are very cute and handsome hyun woo!! I will always support you I want to meet you but it is not possible

nice to know you ^ ^

gabriel you are very cute and handsome! I will always support you I want to meet you but it is not possible

nice to know you ^ ^

Jasmine24 anyong!!!

your the best!!!

fighting!!! :)

Lee Hyun Woo 이현우 OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO RETARDED. it's obviously not him and if it was, your obsessive behavior is annoying and so he would avoid you. have some tact. especially those of you who are like "ADD ME ON FACEBOOK!!!" or who have terrible grammar. really annoying..

charm so cutE,., i likE thE way yoU acT in queEn seon deok,.,


Margareth Aiya He is so cute!!! LEE HYUN WOO!!!!! MARRY ME!!!

kim hwang jae i'm sure he's not lee hyun woo since he only posts blogs about him in his official fan cafe site..

dennis ang cute niya!!! nakakatuwa ang kanyang performance sa Seon Deok

Jonna Jacinto heeyyyyy????, Lee Hyeon Woo?,,, very busy?, wouldn't mind if you give a reply...:)

jonnamaye @Lee Hyun Woo 이현우 are you really him?

Lee Hyun Woo 이현우 sorr im very busy... 안녕히 가세요 안녕히 계세요

         저는 ___ 입니다...이현우

katleen kate a. querido hello...!!! i'm katleen kate.... i'm interested to know you......

Princess DeokMan i like your cute smile like me

chompoo Annyeong haseyo *o* Jai Ji nes seoyo?^^ 저는 chompoo 주이예요."-" 저는 태국 사람이에요. Happy Birth Day NaJa

생일축하합니다 (เซง-งิล-ชุก-ฮา-ฮัม-นิ-ดะ) 
생일축하합니다 (เซง-งิล-ชุก-ฮา-ฮัม-นิ-ดะ) 
사랑하는 이현우 씨 (ซา-รัง-ฮา-นึน-Lee Hyun Woo-ชี) 
생일축하합니다 (เซง-งิล-ชุก-ฮา-ฮัม-นิ-ดะ) 
생일축하합니다 สุขสันต์วันเกิดนะ 
행복하세요. ขอให้มีความสุข 
건강하세요. ขอให้มีสุขภาพดี 

나는 당신을 영원히 사랑할것입니다. 내안에 너 있어. 제 사랑을 받아주세요. ติดต่อได้ที่ chompoo_hyunwoo_bb@hotmail.com

katleen kate a. querido ..hi,lee hyeon woo!!!how are you???i think your so busy now..i like your performance as little yushin in queen seon deok.. your so cute and i think you're nice!!!.....advance happy b-day... have a nice b-day!!!!!!!!

ira hello..:)hai lee...how are you????i hope you will understand my comment...i always see you at KBSW master of study..that was good and so cooL:)i hope you will reply my comment ,if you can't it's okey i understand.i now that you are so busy right???:)it's okey...i hope you will add me as a your frieands.this my emails:ira201.winkystar@yahoo.com.okey bye:)

parkhenney i like you in god of study...your character is very cool....i like you more than the main actor

이 은 서 qwieoptaa!!! ^^ hyeon woo!! 안녕!

Auie Leyson HELLO,you look so cute.HAHA..

By the way,do you have any kpop group?Cause,it would totally be cool if you have.And,youre an awesome dancer in God of study/Master of Study:)

Add me in Facebook.Search my name:)

eLeCTTra hey..i watch u n master of study..u r soo cool out there... ^^ keep on the good work.k by the day , green calour is very suit with u..^^

FaN*0* OMG!!! OMG!! hes soooo CUTE!!!~!!! should watch master of study!! hes sooo cute.....!!!!!!!!!


Kim Yoona Omg he gets sexier by the year

alinda you're so cute and your performance as yu shin young is cool... i like it... bravo lee hyeon woo...:)

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* Ren (NU'EST), Fumiko Aoyagi, Hanae Kan cast in movie "Two Strangers"
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* Minho (SHINee) cast in movie "Grandmother Gye-Choon"
* Lee Jin-Wook cast in SBS drama "The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days"
* Hiroki Narimiya & Nanao cast in WOWOW drama "Futagashira"
* Park Hyung-Sik (ZE:A) cast in SBS drama "Chaebol's Daughter"
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* Ko Ah-Sung cast in movie "Thinking of Elder Brother"
* Munetaka Aoki & Ito Ono cast in new movie "Ame ni Yureru Onna"
* Lee Joon-Gi cast in MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night"
* Song Joong-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won cast in KBS2 drama "Descendants of the Sun"
* Shinji Higuchi to direct new movie "Godzilla"
* Mizuki Yamamoto & Yusuke Yamamoto cast in movie "Tokyo PR Woman"
* T.O.P ('Big Bang') and Juri Ueno cast in currently untitled drama series
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
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Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
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Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
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Love Clinic
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Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1
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The Girl Who Sees Smells *ep.1(4)