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  • Name: Ko Ah-Sung
  • Hangul: 고아성
  • Birthdate: August 10, 1992
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Blood Type: O


Ko Ah-Sung was born on August 10, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea. Her family consists of her parents and two older sisters. When Ko Ah-Sung was 4 years old she starred in her first CF and at the age 13 began her acting career in the KBS children drama "Woolribeulra Beulroojjang" (울리블라 블루짱).

In 2006, Ko Ah-Sung acted in her first feature film "The Host," which became the highest grossing Korean film of its time. The movie centers around a monster that comes out of the Han River to kidnap a young girl played by Ko Ah-Sung. Her performance received the attention of many and Ko Ah-Sung received the "Best New Actress" award at the 27th Blue Dragon Film Festival. Ko Ah-Sung was cast for "The Host" thanks to the recommendation of co-star Bae Doo-Na, who previously worked with Ko Ah-Sung in the 2005 MBC drama series "Six Love Stories". Ko Ah-Sung was initially reluctant to perform in "The Host" but was persuaded by movie director Bong Joon-Ho & her mother.[1]

Following "The Host," Ko Ah-Sung appeared in "The Happy Life" and "Radio Days" which were far less successful at the box office and received lukewarm critical response. In 2009, Ko Ah-Sung decided to act in "A Brand New Life," a joint French-Korean production directed by Ounie Lecomte and produced by Lee Chang-Dong. In "A Brand New Life," Ko Ah-Sung played a disabled young girl with one leg. Ko Ah-Sung later revealed that she wanted to take part in "A Brand New Life" immediately after reading the script. To prepare for her role in "A Brand New Life" Ko Ah-Sung read Moon So-Ri's diary and a documentary on the film "Oasis," but they didn't provide as much help as she hoped. Eventually, Ko Ah-Sung observed handicapped people on the subway, but that experience caused a personal panic attack within her. Ko Ah-Sung initially attempted to portray her character to elicit pity from the audience, but Ounie Lecomte advised Ko Ah-Sung to try another avenue.[2]

In 2010 Ko Ah-Sung acted in the KBS2 drama "Master of Study" with Yu Seung-Ho.

Outside of acting, Ko Ah-Sung enjoys traveling alone and taking pictures. Ko Ah-Sung's photo's were displayed at the 5th annual Seoul Open Art Fair (April 22-26. 2010), alongside actors Ha Jung-Woo & Eom Tae-Woong.[3] Ko Ah-Sung became interested in photography through friend and fellow actress Bae Doo-Na. Ko Ah-Sung also enjoys painting and music. On May 6th, 2010, Ko Ah-Sung performed live on stage with musical performers Sung Ki-Won and Beetlejuice at the Hongdae Mudaerok.[4]


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Firdaus Yupp she's so like Shun Oguri female ver. .. Enjoy her acting in Thread of Lies last year.. She did slay her role and she comes out even stronger this year.. She's truly an outstanding actress and i'm not even a big fan to say this haha:-D

jptnepz @tyo that was the exact thought i had when i saw her for the first time in this drama

Mari Ah she's a couple with Lee Joon in Heard It Through the Grapevine

@arvien_dompas What is her twitter name ?

tyo i'm sorry before, but she looks like Shun Oguri for me. she is cute btw.

kheandra kearl bernabe i hope you will work again with joo seung-ho!!!!!!!!!!!!! your so beautiful!!

alice kim She is really beautiful, especially with a short hair cut. People who say she's ugly are just jealous

Luki not really satisfied with her acting in the god of study... hope she'll do better in her next project.. if there will be one..

tncdel She's a good young actress. But she has a borderline ugly face.

alkimtrixson saranghae unni!!! keep up the good work-------you're so cuuteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Daiya i really like you bcuz you are talented and cute... hope you will be more successful...

truth teller actress is Na Hyeon-Jeong it will be better and the

truth teller i dont like you not hate hate you just i dont like i dont know why they chosen her as the main actress in god of study she and Hyeon together they awful if the main actress is Hyeon it will be better and the drama will be more successful than Dream high & Heartstrings but she for a main actress .... words cant describe :(

So-joo Wow, it's been a long time since I saw this actress when she starred in 울라불라 블루짱 (Oolla Boolla Blue-jjang; this entry has the spelling/pronounciation wrong.) I used to be such a fan of that show.

Seeing her in a variety of shows like The Host and God of Study has made me realise how much of a talented actress she is.

MahlianElyana Ko Ah Sung its so beautiful and sweet girl your film its really really good, go master of study i want to meet you but its impossible. .................yeahhhhhhhhh................ ^----------^ i know you very very busy right so you can't give me email but, its no problem succes for you ..........

kv Cutest korean girl i've seen so far..........

julie what a very good actress.....

julie she is younger than me....however...she is more talented than me.......

glazella Is it true? About her height being updated? Good thing to see that it isn't 145cm that is written already :p Wow I like her and Park Jiyeon at GOS :)

mary joylyn cutie lady i think you are not only good actress I know are also good in singing i wish you more blessing

hey and i wish you and hwang baekyeon will "magkatuluyan"

you and hwang baekyeon is good partner and also i think you are coupled

suou Thanks for the biography ^^ I love her so much.

beibei you so cute with lee hyun woo in master of study. want sequel with you and him.

evilive she is sooo cute lol she is 4 days older then me

salliah Like her in Master of Study, admire her personality. Also her sweetness & cuteness.

vindy I love you, Pulip ^^

tushar chimbaikar hi hyun-seo how are u/you look very pretty in the host and i wish to meet u in the future

vinda No, that height is from few years ago. She had grow up since then. Now I think she's in 160 cm range.

2468 is your heigh only 145?????? i do not believe.

and you`re pretty girl!!

lacus @Grant:

Try to watch Master of Study, an 16 eps drama. She's very cute there. Her role is really good, you will like it. It's her newest project.

Grant ko ah seong..!! you are so cute.. I love her film, it's The Host.. after I saw the movie (The Host) and I saw you on the movie.. I was falling in love to you.. lol and now.. I really wanna see you.. maybe your face would be diferent with your face on The Host..lol ;)

darkert I love you in GoS. At first, I want to watch GoS just because of Jiyeon, but you immediately change my heart just with a few scenes. Since then I don't care at all for Hyunjung character, just rooting for Pulip.

suou I already love her since The Host, but then I kinda forget it. However God Of Study had return my interest back at her. She's really cute & very talented for someone so young. Hope to see her more often in the future. Before GoS she's only starred in movies, hopefully after GoS success, she will get many chances in drama series too.

queensemra i love her so much....esp. in God of study


Geremii i dont know why, but i just dont like her.(in god of study) because she keeps stealing away seoung ho from ji yeon ;( but she pretty though ^___^

trysandi you're so cute cute cute.... i wish that i want to meet you...

trysandi you are cute.. i love you.. ^^

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