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  • Name: Kim Ji-Hoon
  • Hangul: 김지훈
  • Birthdate: May 9, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 177cm
  • Blood Type: O


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Nana Goddess Of Marriage i mean.. i must be going crazy

Nana The sexiest Korean actor i've ever seen!!!!! It's always been Rain all this time until i saw him in The Men's Health magazine last time haha.. Love him very much in Come! Jang Bori..Him in Goddess Of Fire is also fascinating Anyway,keep up with the good work and STAY FIT like now until u die!!!! Haha just kidding until u retire at least oh whatever:)

micaella one of my favorites... i wish to see in our lifetime....

Rayhanat Oladele He is a really good actor and very diverse. I especially love the drama he was in 'Pick The Stars/Stars Falling From The Sky' An awesome #actor, that he is.....<3 Korean Dramas!!

joom3rry Handsome. Like him

Rose OMVBG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is so hot and funny adorable I enjoy all the dramas he play in especial jang bori is here is the funniest actor i ever seen and he is very talented

Sanjita with a message from India He is a very good director. The Tower was really a good movie and also the work was appreciating.

deborah afaki He is so handsome...I'm in love with hm

jae-hwa his chemistry with oh yeon-seo in Jang Bori is Here can't be doubt anymore.. they are the cutest couple in k-drama that i had ever seen after hyun bin and ha ji won in SeGa..congrats!

Dan He is so good and plays very well

tessy Lovely and sweet

princesd pretty interesting and very funny.

세린 조 So handsome He's good in drama and comedy.. I think im inlove with you..

bella I fell in love with him right when I saw him in Flower Boy Next Door <3

Easter Lily Easy on the eyes and a versatile performer. He really is the complete package. Seems to be equally at home with both comedy and melodrama. First discovered him in Secret Investigative Record aka Joseon X-Files, which is still probably the best thing he's ever done. Definitely an actor worth watching.

heartbroken Wondering if kim ji hoon reads all the comments in here. It will be a waste if he did not...huh. Anyone have any idea?

Hy any chance, Ji hoon are you reading this? Fighting Lee Jae Hwa! Hopefully happy ending this time ya...

tp You're quite handsome!

heartbroken hi ji hoon! love to see you on screen. After being so heartbroken in GOM now i'm following your MBC drama..loving lee jae hwa.

All the best ya.

heartbroken good job ji hoon! you built up your character so well until I really fall for Tae Wook.I just wish there is GOM 2. This time TW and JH are back together. TW is able to manage his mother.....the culprit !!!!

I really pray for GOM2. Fighting Tae Wook!!!

Bunny Oh oh.Handsome

Bebe Like other dream to meet you in person if God will :) for now in my dreamland but soon prayinv in my real journey.Spread the love and smile Kim Ji Hoon. :) Godspeed Bebe

SJ Oh My God! (Jin-Rok's expression).. you really remind me of someone..(just when i first see you..while watching FBND)

Though i really felt bad that it was not you who ended with Dok Mi..yet you're still the best for me :) Oppa! Saranghae :) Fighting! :)

bec kim ji-hoon, i only knew you from watching "wish upon a star" and i so much kinda like you (as my brother or a family... im happilly maried to a Pastor). you are a great actor, and i was so shocked when i gooogled that u've committed suicide... THANK GOD IT WAS NOT YOU.

kim ji-hoon i don't know if you will be able to read this (im praying that this message willl get through to you)but i am admonishing you to know Jesus our Lord and Saviour if you haven't yet know Him. But if you knew Jesus already in your heart i will be so much be at ease.

you know why i felt this need to share Jesus to you? im quite bothered you know by many news of suicide in your country's entertainment industry that ive read about...and im praying that you will always be protected by our God always.

i dont know you personally kim but i will always be praying for you. our strength and our only security is in our Lord Jesus. In knowing Jesus more you will know yourself more.

anyway i am also a Psychology major thats maybe why we have a sort of connection.( hahaha)

im praying for you kim... God bless you.

diana Oppa sarange :)

romalyn tamayo iloveyou,ur super duper handsome ever=

Helen I like your movies....your handsome and a best actor ever....

Lea OMG I seriously thought it was him since his photos came up when you google the name!! But still it's sad for the other guy.. :(

Kisaki Who's the singer Ji Hoon. I only know the actor Ji Hoon..

RavenRave Wrong JiHoon, the singer kim ji hoon died not that actor who ever edited this needs to correct this ASAP

ayunda c'mon you guys the dude who died NOT HIM...Not this Kim Ji Hoon oh pleaseeee!!

kPopcorrection He's not dead you guys have the wrong guy. The dude who died was part of the duo Duke aandwas much older

charlotte I was hoping it wasn't true :'( May you rest in peace, Kim Ji Hoon!

R.I.P Rest in peace!!! I did not know of him before but its terrible news :( My thoughts go out to his friends & family and all his fans who've written comments below... heartbreaking...

Samanda Mr. Ji hoon you're my best actor. I've watch all films and movies that you acted. In matchmaker's lovers you're so smart, handsome and cute. I hope to be in korea and hug you. I'm your no.1 fan from Manipur, a state of north-east India oppa sarange

maria kim ji hoon totally awesome i watch goddess of marriage and he is very good actor and very handsome . i watch barefoot friends where he is a guest and thats how i feel that he is a smart guy and very charming coz on that show he is so natural and i like the way he laughs very funny guy, and waiting for more new drama oppa...

Kirsten Dear One- Except for any and every scene featuring you and your brilliant acting, Goddess of Marriage was an 18 week long and grueling and ultra emotional roller coaster ride. I hated Tae Wook most of the time - so despicable and COLD(good work!). But when you bring on the tears and break out the best smile EVER and show your tender side in the show I wish it could go on a little longer. Great job! Can't wait for your next drama and I hope it is a Rom-Com... ^_^ P.S. I watched your x-files series too. Totally creepy- major ick factor. Maybe even more so than the US xfiles program. But again having you in it made it well worth the watch.

nancy you have very good acting skills. very nice smile... came to know about you in Stars Falling From The Sky and from then on got hooked.. just finished Flower boy next door.keep up the good work. keep on smiling

vanessa I'm your biggest fan. You are wonderful in Stars are falling from the sky. You are so handsome and talented. Keep it up! God bless!

JET tough guy with a kind heart..seem like an irony.. but this character fits you best! "wish upon a star" has been the closest to my heart after "precious time" a japanese tv drama i've watch have pleased a lot of us.. hope you have pleased yourself as well.. :D i mean reality is we're not getting younger so have yourself some time to notice the simple thing in this world that give's us true feeling of happiness.. like being an ordinary handsome man in an ordinary life.. smile.. :) you...

imee your such a cute guy n wish upon a star! I like ur character as a strict lawyer. more tv series.

gloria manuel your such an awesome man..upon watching your wish upon a star,drama episode in tv,and the internet,i felt so happy to see such a man, so simply,but ruggedlly very handsome!!! much more drama,comedy ,romance films in the making...goodluck...

pixe This isn't my attitude,,, but i bought "stars falling from d sky" dvd, after watching d whole episode on d net, and still watch episodes on tv!!!

c your lips are cute hehe. And your handsome. I like your hairstyle in wish upon a star/pick up the stars. :D

jaidee The character you played in Wish upon a star was quite impressive..You perfectly did it which made the drama pretty much amazing that made me watched it over and over again. It brought a lot of different emotions of pain and joy. The characters were portrayed very well.Hoping to see again one beautiful drama with the same casts.

Psalm A. Lapura i love the way you look at Jin Pal Gang in wish upon a star. you are such a great actor with a good lookinf face and a wonderful smile. you caught my hart. i love you Lawyer Won Kang Ha. God bless you.

Ai wen I've already seen how good you were in Flower Boy Next Door and I love it more in Wish upon a star. You have such good charisma in roles you've played. I wish you more blessings of good drama series to see you more. God Bless.

crissy I love the way you act in stars falling from the sky/wish upon a star. You have the coolest personality in that Korean Drama. I love your face and physique-very good-looking and very appealing. You have a good chemistry with Choi Jung Won . There is no moment that I miss the episode. I watch it with different emotions in my heart. Keep up the good work. God bless you. From the Philippines.

selena you played so good in stars falling from the sky/wish upon a star you were so cute and handsome if you had a girl friend i just hope it was choi jung won if not whoever it is she is so lucky to have a great prince charming like you .I hope we meet sometimes and i already miss you hope you come back from the military.your such a great guy to have a good smile and a cute face.(all your fans from the united states)

temi Kim Ji-Hoon is a great actor.. he played his character in Flower Boy Next Door perfectly.. i love him when he was angry.. aigoo.. he just awesome.. Kim Ji-Hoon debak.. saranghe

Ronaldo With his face and smile, he look like Mike He of Taiwan. Cool and real great actor in Matchmaker's Lover and Great Inheritance...More success and tv series for him :-)

K. Binodini You were awesome in the role of Won kang ha in WISH UPON A STAR . Kim ji hoon...fighting....(We are your fans from Manipur, a state of North-east India).

meri astuti darjatmo Kim Ji-Hoon in "Flower Boy Next Door"...Handsome,Cool & Funny..hahahahahaa...♥ ♥ ♥ it!!!

laura best looking "flower boy" neighbor imo

cressa Dear Rumi i think ur right he looks cool with akrawdeess or however you spell it

cressa Mr Park kisses Gangyeon gross well in the next epiisode still gross :(

mun heli waaa~~KIM JIHOON :D :D :D you have a face any girl would ever dream of,your'e prince charming!i fell in loooooovve with your lips at first sight,they're so cute and totally kissable,and i love your smile tooo!i'm not sure if your'e married but your wife is sure a lucky gal,if you and i meet the first thing i'm gonna do is kiss SARANGHAE KIM JIHOON :* :* :*

Miracle Kim Jihoon u r the man of my dream (i mean ur appearance cuz i don't know ur personality) I think u r perfect and ideal!!!... I wish to meet and talk to u in real life, face to face... Is it possible? :-|

amjihun Happy New Year 2011, To Youuuuuu..ssss.....Kim Ji Hun Wishing your 365 days of nonstop laughter and good cheers. Still wait your back.

Kim amjhoon Kim Ji Hoon...Merry Xmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy New Year. We want some figgy pudding And a cup of good cheer. We won’t go until we get some So bring it out here! We wish you a Merry Christmas And a happy New Year.

sang hee I fell for him since Stars Falling or Wish Upon a Star and from then on followed his previous projects such as So In Love or How Much Love which is now one of my favorites of his dramas; Golden Apple etc. and still have to watch golden Era. He's such a dead gorgeous Kor. actor & i hope when he comes back from the military service that he'll be ready to make us all happy with his acting & handsomeness! We'll be waiting Kim ji hoon! We miss you already! Sarang hae yo!

Rumi I first saw him in Ode to Love that was aired on arirang a few years back...but I guess the name is now called Recipe of Love or something, and in Matchmaker's Lover he looks so adorable with his awkwardness xD

Annica Parker He's really handsome! He looks young for his age too! and his descent look in Matchmaker's Lover is really cool! it suits him! but he's also cool when he's in cute shape! xD

Beatrice Love him in matchmaker's lover. Sad to see it finish yesterday.

ipan i'm sorry 2 say this..but i think ji hun looks older than his real age in this series.... anyway,he's cute though :)

nofacedoll weee~~i'm currently watching the kbs' series matchmaker's love^^ ji-hun is soooo handsome!!!! kyaaaaaaaa!!! ganghyeon (forgot the real name) is so jolly!!always smile^^ nice nice^^

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