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  1. Works under the name of John-Hoon in Japan.


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Jay I've seen several shows in which he showed admirable acting. Very attractive and charismatic! Hope to see more of him in the future.

boo new drama in 2015 for him please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;_________;

rianda01 Haii oppa. Iam your fans from indonesia. Love u n succes always yaaaaa

patricia hayden He's adorable...I will watch him in every movie/drama I can find....There's something really sincere about him that I like. He has such an intelligent look in his eyes. I want to bring him home and make him fix my laptop....and then ............

V.A What I admire the most about him: his IQ is 146. Wow. I like smart men. Greetings from Germany :-)

glydel hello oppa, why you didn't wait? so i choose other guy? joke

minhminh I miss you but i never meet you.

sara hi my your fan from 5 years ago. i realy love you.the first time i saw you was in princess know i keep on loveing you for is my birthday i will be happ if you reply me oppa

Rachel lee I love you so much<3i have no reason to explain why I love so much .but I love u only one.but u r so hot n so cute in my eyes n u r so attractive to me.i love u since 2007 till now.i want to meet u in person.i love u deadly..I will always encourage u.i will love u forever 김정훈 oppa <33

shayani your action good :p :p

billy joe fejer hi ( Do Jin - Hoo ) :)). i love you very much. you are very good actor in HER LEGEND series. but im curious about the LAST SERIES because im not satisfied i dont even watch if you ger married with EUN JUNG SOO. BUT the bottomline is i love it. im hopeful to meet you in personal. im from philippines.

dunno I don't know but I've never liked him... He's good actor, he's smart and good looking but something is missing for me. He needs better dramas so we'll see his amazing talents.

lisa it's been a long first oppa...:)

rossien cosio i miss you.. haha prince yool

Aaralyn i loved u in her legend, but not digging the blonde -_- seirously thoee... there needs to be a sequel to her legend

kimberly roca i love your character in princess hours

kiryo-rex hanazawa(cuenco) Hi there!i love your series in princess hours.prince lee yul goon.keep doing doing it

keziah I love your character in goong as Yul(Princess Hours).. and your so cute too I want To meet you in person your good singer too.. saranghamnida Kim Jeong Hoon...

patricia sablay i love your character in princess hour's as troy i love your character saranghe kim jeong hoon :]

patricia sablay your the best actor for me saranghe kim jeong hoon

AnneLovesJohnHoon I love your character in GOONG... Very goog portrayal of Yuri's character. I wish you visit one day or atleast get a fan sign from you. I will be the happiest if that happens... I have been listening to your songs, though I cannot understand, you are outstanding and your singing is hearfelt. I love you Jeong Hoon... :)

Begurl Gosh...I'm really in love with your character in Princess Hours and since the moment I finished the drama,I was like"OMG,Where in the world can I find a man who is brave enough to confess his feelings in front of his majesties?".After I've watched the drama I speed up in front of my computer and search for your name and guess what?From the moment I check your backgrounds and history,you became my number one,top list IDEAL MAN...Hope I can Meet you in the future.Saranghe

Jessica V. This foo has the same birthday as me EXCEPT the year.

J. Woodson He is supposed to have 145 IQ, went to Seoul national university for dentistry (dropped out for entertainment career). Smart and talented with a great smile. He is my new favorite actor after I saw him in I needed romance. He is not as good in the current drama, her legend, but I think it is because of the story development, they don't give him enough screen time to shine as the hero saving the damsel in distress. He was perfect in I needed romance.

maya waaaaw , i am reallllllllllly happy because finally i can see my faverite actor KJh in korean drama as main role , after i watch him in the chaneese drama 'love on tiptoe ' , he was top in their , so i can't wait any more for his new drama her legend , all the best

maya waaaaaaaaw , my kim jeong hoon have a new drama , i like your role in the chaneese drama 'love on tiptoe ' so amising , all the best KHJ in her myth , i am wainting

Venus Maguyon be honest I really don't know what to say but during the days that I watched your drama "Princess Hours".. I've been thinking of going to Korea or Japan (wherever you are right now).. I really wanted to see you.. I am actually and totally mesmerized by your voice..talents.. God! don't know what to say..really!!.. I just hope 1 day (before I die) I'll have the chance to meet you.. Starting today..I'll study Korean language so that when the time comes (when I have enough savings to go there) I can speak with you directly as well.. Please take care of yourself.. I won't forgive you if something happens to you. Thank you for making every single day that I have in this world meaningful.. (been inspired with your songs).. hmmm.. I guess that's it for now..I'll save everything that I want to say in the near future (when we meet)... God bless... love lots here in the Philippines.... >>> Vinz... =)

felixfelicis Kim Jeong Hoon oppa DAEBAK!!! Woaaah... I really love your voice... It makes me speechless °O° Never bored to listen all of your song ^_^

Lilchupz I loved your role in Love Strategy!! Do more taiwanese/Chinese dramas!! Looking forward to watching Princess hours.

Norma ramos I admire you as a loving son to your mom.The first time" I have watched I Needed Romance",I like your role and your partner.Any up coming works?All the best!

Sammie absolutly amazing :)

Sammie Wow,, hes amazing of what i have seen in dramas but i was so shocked at the difference from when he was younger,, almost didnt recognise him,, ive noticed that many korean men look alot younger then they are in princess hours he was supposedly 19 and that was filmed in 2006 its 2012 now and he was born in 1980 so that would of made him a 26yr old playing a 19 old yr old,, well he convinced me hes about 32 now im guessing? Wow,, still amazing!!!

jenny he is a great artist and his voice is so beautiful

Guradisu aniyong haseyo! lol i don't know the spelling, sorry.. ahm i can't say i'm your no. 1 fan but i must say i'm one of your no.2 fans.. :D coz i knw no.1 fan is just too high and i think it is for those who are close to you.. anyway, please keep up the good work, more blessings to come.. i'm from PH btw.. aja aja fighting ! ^_^ i'll be watching your movies and other projects,,

mayeth g. Is it possible for you and Yoon Eun-hye to pair again in a t.v. series? You look good together at Princess Hours.

Sakura I guess he has played with Vivian Hsu in Taiwanese drama Love Strategy (2008). Why is it not given here in the list?

Sakura OMG!... I didn't know that he's a great singer. His voice is so magic and he is very lovely guy!

*miracle* In my opinion, in some pictures he looks like Won Bin! Guys, did any of u notice that?

*miracle* He's already back safely from the military service! On 27th of Feb he was discharged from the army! WELCOME BACK KIM Jeong hun!

Matsumoto Ran Seriously, I need to see more work from this actor. Where is he now? Is he in military service?

honey=han ni hello

     Brother i am your audiance,i really like you style.I don't hope you reply me because you are very busy, but i hope, you come to visit to Singapore.I want to see one time in front of me.So i welcome you to come Singapore.If you come here, i go near you and introduce with you.Try hard and always happy.

jhonamie hi!have a nice day i'am your no. one fan because your t.v show princess hour

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