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  • Name: Kenichi Matsuyama
  • Japanese: 松山ケンイチ
  • Birthdate: March 5, 1985
  • Birthplace: Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type: B


Ken'ichi Matsuyama was born in Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture in 1985. In 2001, Ken'ichi started his career as a model. In 2002 Ken'ichi made his debut as an actor landing a small role in the NTV drama "Gokusen" as Kenichi Mori. In 2003, Ken'ichi expanded to movies and landed his first supporting role in Bright Future. Ken'ichi's acting career expanded with his role as Shin in the 2005 movie Nana. His major breakthrough came in 2006 with Ken'ichi's charismatic performance as "L" in Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name. Since then Ken'ichi has performed in a variety of different roles like the shy death metal rocker in Detroit Metal City and the youth that falls in love with an older woman in Don't Laugh at My Romance. More recently, Ken'ichi has worked with foreign directors like Korean-Japanese director Yoichi Sai in Kamui gaiden and Vietnamese director Anh Hung Tran in Norwegian Wood.


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maki Whether main or supporting roles, Matsuyama-san stands out. He's THAT good an actor...  ;)

mio Actually, it's not impossible for them to read these comments. If you can read this thus those actors can read this too. Who knows? They might had read this.

Bunny Why do everyone leave comments like they will actually read them? Or etc? I'm just curious.

mayeth g. Hi Ken,

Love you as L in Death Note and Daikichi in Bunny Drop. Hope to see your other movies and drama series here in the Philippines.

More power and God Bless.

Aarti Anand I dint know you earlier...but recently saw your movies and found that you are a really good actor and your are charming as well......wish to see you in more films.....i guess i fall in love with you.....i know its stupid but still i am in love with you this the first time i have ever admitted such a thing in public.....goodluck and goodwishesh.

L Lawliet I love you kenichi :< You're the best of the best japanese actor in the world. :'< How i wish i could meet you personally :< I Love your movie. Specially deathnote.You've done well. :) Godbless you always. I'll always be your no. 1 fan ^_^ Takecare. Godbless you and your family/

R kenichi matsuyama, i watched your movie "death note" (L) i like your character at that movie, when will you come to my country (inconesia)? i wish you always do your best. i will watch all your movie soon ^^

Yan When I watched your movies especially the "Death Note" which I loved the most,cause your movies made me happy,I would like to thank to you and also the writer of the "Death Note"!!!P.s. you're always in my heart forever !!!! I hope I could see you in person!!! stay healthy, live happy everyday,always remember that im here ,supporting you!!! (L Lawliet) your my inspiration :) Pls. help me to answer my exams wisely!!! hahaha take care!!! I _^

Hanna Matsuken-san... *.* Watashi wa Matsuken no Fansu dayo~~ Nee, Kenichi-san.. genki desu ka? Aitakata! I knew you for the first time when I saw Death Note. You're the only one who suited L, I guess. Kawai, Kakkoi, Sugoi, and Suke dayo! May I hug you someday? >.< Then, I began to search everything about you, about your movie, dorama, and your song, I love your "Amai Koibito" song which became an OST of Detroit Metal City. :3 You're really a great actor, aren't you? A romantic movie, an action movie, a comedy movie, you played all of them with a good performance. Not every one could be a professional like that. That the reason why I Love you so much :3

Emm.. I heard that you have a project to starring a new movie that will show in 2014. Leji ka? I miss you, so I'll wait for that movie :3

Nee, Kenichi-san, wanna come to my Country? Indonesia has a beautiful landscape, I heard that you like to take a travel, maybe you wanna come with Koyuki and your children? :3 I'd like to see you all..

bryan i watched your movie , it's cool

hicialawliet Y-Yo,Kenichi-san!!

I am a huge fan of yours and I can't e-explain how much I admire you..You are just WAY TOO AWESOME..I already fell in love with "L" in Death Note in the anime series..But when I saw the Death Note in movie series,I became obsessed until now,I g-guess..And when I found out that you were already married,I was like falling down a deep well..But th-then,I want to wish you a happy life with your family..



~~Hountouni G-Gomenasai.. Q~Q"

TBdear~ Hi matsuken!

I'm done watching you movie (Death Note 1-3) Really awesome! It made me love Japan! :D Now, I'm learning Japanese and all sorts of things about Japan! Looking forward to seeing some of your movies ^^ It made me jealous to know you now have a wife :( just kidding! ^_^ More Power to you and your Family! :D

"No matter how gifted you are, You alone cannot change the world"



paru i may not be you're no.1 fan, but i will always be you're fan :) i have watched some of your movies and it made me realize how great actor you are. just keep on doing your works and all your fans will always support you especially me.

Cris I hope kennichi matsuyama will be given a breakthrough movie in hollywood!!! I like his acting huntex x hunter...the movie plot is just right for a mega hollywood movie....holly producers pls get this movie more compelling

jayokyo always chooses difficult roles that he plays flawlessly and he has many comments on his page which is no surprise because even if he doesn't play the main character kenichi can play many different characters

Mike He was still 17 in Gokusen. No wonder he's not as tall as he is now.

vieta anggara hello kenichi , , ,

my name (vieta anggara )(jakarta,indonesia) , , I've seen your acting in DEATH NOTE (L) . . .
  i' like very much ,

I watched DATE NOTE 1 -3 it was great movie and I like your character as L . . .

 come to indonesia okkkkkkk , , ,

Putri Rahmawaty Kenichi you are the greatest actor, you can be everyone, and you are body language when you act it's so perfect ! I love you ! i've been hunted your films !

I hope you can meet your fans in Indonesia <3

hilty&bosch I love Matsuken~! :D He really is an amazing actor! I love him in Kamui and DMC!! And his acting in Zeni Geba is so good! <3

RayRay Hey Kenichi

You are so awesome especially in the movie Death Note anyway I'm a big fan , oh yeah I heard u married Koyuki _ lol I'm slightly jealous but HEY I am Happy that you are happy. Please visit South Africa Durban , I'd realli love to meet you some day.

Matsuken-sama should visit coz I would really like your autograph and you the reason I watch Japanese movies.

You Rock!!!!!!!!! Hope u have a boy Baby! U and koyuki would have the cutest baby ever lol

BEST OF LUCK BEING A NEW DADDY! Your kid would be one of the very few that would be able to say 'My Otou-san is Matsuyama Ken'ichi' lol

Love you Matsuken-sama please visit South Africa someday

RayRay Hey Kenichi u are so awesome especially in the movie Death Note anyway I'm a big fan , oh yeah I heard u married Koyuki _ lol I'm slightly jealous but HEY I am Happy that you are happy. Please visit South Africa Durban , I'd realli love to meet you some day.

Matsuken-sama should visit coz I would really like your autograph and you the reason I watch Japanese movies.

You Rock!!!!!!!!! Hope u have a boy Baby! U and koyuki would have the cutest baby ever lol

BEST OF LUCK BEING A NEW DADDY! Your kid would be one of the very few that would be able to say 'My Otou-san is Matsuyama Ken'ichi' lol

Love you Matsuken-sama please visit South Africa someday

Yue kenichi is really a great actor he can act many different roles with different characteristics, either funny, serious, weird, he cab play that. His breakthrough of course playing L, i really like his acting

hope to see kenichi in more movies or dramas, ganbatte!

Black hole Hi .....kenichi

    fighting......:)   i will encourang u 
 u r my 4ever fri

Green Peach Hello Kenichi

I will always encourage you. I wish you will be healthy and happy.

jenny Hello, matsuken ! I'm ur big fans from America ! You know, I'm crazy about you, I always talk about you everytime and try to find all of ur movies and drama. Even my mom said I'm addicted to you, because I watch death note and geni zeba for many times (Especially L : change the world, because there just you in that movie, no light and misa) I have a lot Photo of u, I always search your name on youtube and I watch ur movie everytime. Wish to meet you, matsuken! I've heard that you married with koyuki.

( a little bit sad :'(

But it's ok for me, as long as u hapPy, I'm as ur fans is always supPort you in everything u make. By the way, I'm so sad to saw there's some bad comments for u here :( Don't think about that matsuken, they're just a crazy peoPle who wanna make you down! They envy and jealous when everybody here said that they like u. So, don't think about that comments, and keep fighting. Please make a lot of movies and dramas, because I will get crazy if u don't. Love u. J

rachel kenichi is my faviorite actor!!! he's so cuteee! especially his lips!!! love u kenichiiii!!! i like ur acting in zeni geba!!! you are the best actor in Japan. i like japanesse movie and drama just because of u!!! i wanna have husband like u!!!!!

...a... wish you were really L...


Rachel Aviona I saw him first at Detroit Metal City, and then i watched Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac and I AM REALLY SUPER DUPER SHOCK that Yoji is Kenichi Matsuyama!!!

WHOAA I just cant believe he played as Soichiro Negishi at DMC!!

And now he played as Daikichi at Usagi Drop!!


non sibi Koyuki, Kenichi Matsuyama tie the knot - Japan Today, Thursday 21st April, 03:00 AM JST

TOKYO — Popular movie stars Koyuki, 34, and Kenichi atsuyama, 26, recently tied the knot, Matsuyama’s office said Wednesday. The couple, who costarred in the 2009 film ‘‘Kamui Gaiden (Kamui side story),’’ registered their marriage in Tokyo earlier this month.

Koyuki is known for her work including the 2003 Hollywood film ‘‘The Last Samurai.’’ Matsuyama starred in films including ‘‘Gantz,’’ which is currently in theaters.

non sibi

TOKYO — Popular movie stars Koyuki, 34, and Kenichi Matsuyama, 26, recently tied the knot, Matsuyama’s office said Wednesday. The couple, who costarred in the 2009 film ‘‘Kamui Gaiden (Kamui side story),’’ registered their marriage in Tokyo earlier this month.

Koyuki is known for her work including the 2003 Hollywood film ‘‘The Last Samurai.’’ Matsuyama starred in films including ‘‘Gantz,’’ which is currently in theaters.

Perth-2 I like your movie. It make me like Japan.

JomarieDawn Im your number 1 fan! I always watch your movies.. More movies to come :) becoz of u i lov watching japanese movies, especially YOUR movies. Your the best actor in japan!! KAWAII!! AISHITERUUU!! just like you, im addicted to sweets.. UR SWEETER THAN THE SWEETS YOU EAT!!!! dont eat too much might hav diabetes. ! over eating is bad,youll die! :) TAKE CARE ALWAYS! ♥

JomarieDawn i watched death note for a thousand times! ur so cute when u eat sweets. your so sweet to! lhub u so much., :) i love L Lawliet!!!!!!!!!

Tania I agree with shenana n jensz... We love you ken'ichi.... 4 ever... :D we also love L

jensz I like you playing in death note (y) it was great

shenana Ken'ichi I really like you when you are playing in death note, this was my first time to watch a movie of you. I really love it!! Congratz and have a blast... ; )

allhramos Hi Kenichi Matsuyama. I luv ur movie,THE BATTLE OF YAMATO

Leandro This guy is awesome, a extremely talented actor...I'm still amused with his performance at Zeni Geba, Death Note and Detroit Metal City..And that's the only movies/doramas I've ever seen him on yet...I'm still about to watch Gantz and plenty of others!!!

Kenichi Matsuyama, congratulations...I've watched about 30 doramas and japanese movies so far and you're the best japanese actor I have ever seen.

Please come to Brazil/Sao Paulo one day...I gotta have your autoograph no matter what....

Farhana Gosh? em? i don't know what else to say. Please continue making unique films!

Farhana Hi Kenichi,

Hope you had a lovely birthday last week. I also hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and sound and weren't caught in the disastrous quake. I wish you all the very best in your up coming films. Take care.

KIB you are a good actor... super love your DEATH NOTE (3 parts) :)

hell666sinki I never thought i would become so much obsessed with a Japanese actor; but i have to admit, Kenichi did such a great job as L that i was left awestruck. I also took a liking to Japanese language and am trying to catch up with the drama Zeni Geba.

michiko HAPPY 1.1.11!!!

i wonder what type of personality does mr.kenichi have? is he the serious or the funny type? if both w/c one is more dominant?

-) just curious.

Josephine Wow, i dont know if this refers to other people, but to me, Kenichi Matsuyama looks like Mukai Osamu :O , in a way .

hairunnisa hi Matsuyama Ken'ichi... i'm very like your acting in Death note,, (for all death note) have you a girlfen??? ^^ i very love U... i hope, u can come to Indonesia... hurray....

reiya dee => hello kenichi! i do really love you as "L" in the death note movie....til now, i keep on watching it... THE WEIRD MAN WHO LOVES SWEETS!

michiko Im sure that DEATH NOTE will never lose its popularity...and so does L.:-)...

many more blessings to you mr. kenichi!

ruby kenichi,i would just like to thank you for everything to have brought to the world, you have ispired and changed peoples lives with your are so amazing and i hope you have an awesome life because you deserve it. someone like you will never be forgotten with your great tallent and you will always be loved by your fans<3 never giveup on your acting, it is so special and it is rare when we get people as good as you, what your acting does to people. i cant wait for your new movies to come out!I LOVE YOU

Amelia L, Kenichi, I mean. You're so amazing!

Yamabuki Just two words: thank u Thanks to u I started watching lot of great japanese movies (I was really missing out) and even learning some japanese!!! so.... arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

Mrs. Neris Matsuyama ..."+ Hi kenichi " my love so sweet.. Gosh your'e so great in Death note ..I really love you,can I be your wife?? hehe..

   kenichi you inspire me to eat sweet foods !. I really love it na !..  Whahah !..
   Iam from Phillippines.. 

Love yah xoo much.. muahh..

                ♥♥♥♥♥ <3 ♥♥♥♥

                                                             MWAHH!.. love you so much kenichi Matsuyama ! o5 co !!.
                                                                       Certified Mrs. Neris Matsuyama (proud to be !)  
                                                                                          LOVE IT !!..

marian hello! ken'ichi! "L" matsuyama i really love u in deathnote, im not a fan of deathnote because i dont like dark anime,but u!!U MAKE ME LOVE U! in l:change the word i love da sine in when u r typing on the computer! when i remember dat!i smile n laugh!(@_@)

Cat =] ~ * ~ Ken'ichi Matsuyama ~ * ~ A lot of people say that you should answer mails when you have the chance and I agree I suppose feedback is great but I also think if you have spare time you should rest and relax. It's always nice to after all =] I think you are a great guy and I love the films you've starred in thank you for giving me hours of enjoyable entertainment. I don't know whether you will ever read this but I wanted to write in case you do because you give the world your films and I wanted to thank you for that.

Tiffany Hello Kenichi,

I'm probably one of the younest here saying this (I'm 13) and personally I'm shy but ever since I saw Death Note and heard of L like 3 yrs ago, I fell in love but after that I wanted to see the Death Note films (I'm from the U.S.) and I watched it and noticed how much you personally look like L it was really adorable and then I saw L change the world....... OMG I just cried when I saw you as the character walking out on the end but I cried even more when I saw your interview and you saying that you were fond of kids in some way and that L was like a part of you..... plus I just what you think your ideal woman is and personally even though I dont know much about you because the media from Japan is barely brought here I think that your a really sweet loving person and that your ideal woman will find you and fall in love with you with an honest heart like you said.And if the rumors are true your going out with someone I hope you have a wonderful relationship with her, shes super lucky to have ever met you:-) and I´m soo happy to know that your b-day is nine days before mine, I´m born on the 14th:-) And theres three things I want to say before I log out.

1)Please dont let fame come into your head and become a crazy person that parties constantly and forgets who he or she is.Be humble,sweet and taske good care of yourself 2)Look at this website and see your comments,you have alot of girls that like you and reply back if your not busy,these girls would be soo happy if you did 3) I know this is what every girl says and it kind of gets annoying but if your not busy can you please reply back, I would seriously faint if you did, wel I hope I can see you in Japan in two yrs when I visit for my 15th birthday:-D well goodbye Kenichi and please stay your true sweet honest self lovely

Evra i dont really think he reads all the comments on this website. because there are so many and their are more websites made for ken'ichi matsuyama fans. im a huge fan of his but there a lot of fans (duh!), also, he is so kawaai! ^_^

Rittoru kenichi i know my message is just like every other fan but i take u as a romodle and as a great person. in ur movie death note the character L inspired me. because L didn't give up when he knew Light was kira. and that made me more comitted to my art. even though my pictures aren't great i'll keep trying.instead of anime i'm drawing ppl it's a big step up for me. and i hav picked u to draw hope u don't mind. but anyways even though i can't see u in real life just sendind u this note and looking at ur pictures is enough for me. but then again i would love not to draw u not from pics but you yourself in person. well any ways thats all i got to say.

hope your doing well and eating right :)

Rachael im in love with kenichi, i really am, i would do anything to meet you :(

Kuuki Hi Ken'ichi I know you probably don't read this but on the offchance that you do, I wanted to say "Great Job" on your success in all of your movies and tv series. I can't wait to see Gantz when it comes out here in the U.S.

shayla I am a fan of kenichi matsuyama, and i dont watch too much about him. but i like death note because of him. but there is nothinhg wrong with him. :) im from canada) and im really into japanese things. :) sayounara!

Iannee oh..sigh. huh... WHY THE FRICKIN' VAGINA CARRIERS OUT THERE ALWAYS ASK WHETHER MATSUYAMA HAS A GIRLFRIEND OR NONE?! THE HELL! girls. bunch of idiots.. though imma girl.. at least i'm not one of them.

shayna hi ken'ichi i like all your movies specialy death note your are the best but the end of L : change the word is litle sad because L is dead!!!!!!!!! so your are the best actor in death note and anata ga daisuki desu ken'ichi (L)

Sephiria Greetings from Italy, Matsuken! Ok, I'll say it in italian, too: tanti saluti dall'Italia! ;-D

Kisa I love kenichiii!!!♥

T.K.Wesley. L rocks ! =D Guys,add me if you wan xD ,Call me Wesley xD

Livyn Hello I am a Brazilian fan and I admire his work, in addition to its beauty. I watched death note and fell in love with you, then detroid metal city, but here in Brazil is difficult to translate things, then watch it in Japanese. As an example, do not laugh my love, the next is Ultra Miracle Love Story. I watch all, because in my my opinion you are the best Asian actor. Te amo muito beijos.

こんにちは私はブラジルのファンになっていると私は、その美しさに加えて、彼の作品に感心する。 Euのイワシモノ素イpensarモノ想ので、outra x女性土居田、のmas mesmo assim ... 私は死に注意を見て、君と恋に落ち、その後detroid金属の都市が、ここブラジルで物事を翻訳する場合、日本語でそれを見ることは難しい。例として、次の私の愛笑いをしないでください ウルトラミラクルラブストーリー。私は、アジア最高の俳優が、私の私の意見のために監視します。

KJ can anyone put this video on youtube with the English subtitle?? pleasssseeee...

harven Near geenes hello..."L".... can i call you by that name... i really love you in Death Note.... i fall at first sight to you in that movie... i really can't help thinking of you.... someday i will making my own manga and i want you to be my protagonist in my movie... i really love your character in death note... it's my ideal type of guy... hahaha.... love yah lots.... by the way i'm harven.....

AELaelAEL oh please kenichi tell me ur not dating a woman 9 years older than u. please.

rowSz hahahahaa.. loL :D

Elise I want L Lawliet back!

Danielle My name is Danielle. kenichi will you e-mail me?? I loved you in death note and i hated that show at first!! peez e-mail me.

love, Danielle, oklahoma, usa

Elise To be honest, I don't really like Kenichi Matsuyama. (I hope he's reading this) and I love Death Note, it's just that I don't like Kenichi BUT! -smirks- I prefer L Lawliet, the fictional character at the Death Note than the neat freak Kenichi. (whoa.. I'm attracted to guys with weird, pale and messy do') -hell yeah!- And the homo sapien that impersonates Kenichi... it's obviously not him because of course he will not say anything that will ruin his career. Bad for you! Bye people!

The Revulvas The greatest girl-band of all time times infinity, the Revulvas, would like to formally announce their intention to pursue Ken'ichi Matsuyama to the ends of the earth until he agrees to play a show with them. He may pretend to play any instrument of his choosing, if need be.

kenzi hi Kenichi , i love ur all movie !!!

Docalion WHATEVER!!!! I do not like him even if he portrayed L. I don't get it. Why do so many people are so into him. I prefer Tatsuya Fujiwara over him in Death Note. Hehehehe....

Shane L L is so cool i luv his style n my names Shane L wll may nt a guy im gul ,USA Death Note is my favorite movie luv it go on Ken ,i knw u cn do it ;) god bless

kirsten hi ken,i like you soo much the way you handle the L role in death note i only wish i could see more dramas other than deaath nooote that still you'r the lead actor,i am pretty sure that you really deserve the L role. Nice Job keep it up KEN'ichi Matsumaya..............

galih hi, i'm galih from indonesia! and i fall in love with Ken'ichi Matsuyama... he's so cool and have a good looking... waw, he is so multitalented! hmm... i can found him on japan.... heheheh! ganbatte, matsuken!^^

Lady 3m0 Matsuyama - kun , your the best ! Aishiteru !

hikari-chan your the best "L" your the most most talented actor in japan pls. continue to make good movies robo ...hehe


maruotaku es divinooooo :) especialmente en deth note waaaaa

aNiie Waaaaa thats true, but I think my problem was that I Drank o loooooooot a coffee(Just like always haha ) when I left the last comment haha Uhms soooo.. Is Kenichi and that asian actress daiting ? T_T

RamenLover aNiie your English is fine, it's just that you should work on fixing your keyboard. Your keyboard's caps lock key seem to be stuck.







ryuzaki fans of matsuyama kenichi, have you watch Zeni Geba??

if you don't, i suggest you to watch it immediately..... it's amazing! kenichi is really a great actor!

Ashley I like your movies like Death note 1,2,L:change the world and Genghisken.

Sarah Mc JellyMuffin omg i love Kenichi Matsuyama!!!! (L)

Massey Love every movie I have seen by him. Can't wait for Norwegian Wood, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, Kamui, & Ultra Miracle Love Story!

:) britttany

) i love deathnote, and i hate l lawlite :D he is amaamamaamzing :) kenichi matsuyama is handsome and i swear im obsesssssed :P

lisa-jane hi all.

Im from south Africa and came across the death note movies while i was working in the states a few months ago...I wanted to get into anime, but then i stumbled across the live-action versions of Death Note...and oh my hat!!! i immediately fell in love with L...i just had to find out who this man is that plays L and from then on Kenichi Matsuyama is all i think about, I love his acting so much, but all ive seen so far of his works are DMC, NANA, 1 LITRE of TEARS, DONT LAUGH AT MY ROMANCE, ALL THE DEATH NOTES, AND SEXY VOICE AND ROBO, i need more stuff, i really hope that i would be able to get hold of his latest movies. Getting hold of his work here in South Africa is not easy seeing that there isnt a big demand for japanese movies!!!aaaah im getting Kenichi withdrawal here...i really need more stuff!!

Yuurimon Yuki~chan, Rumi

I agree with you guys ^^ LOL

Rumi "Yuki ~chan Says: Lol, you guys comment like he's actually going to read this. " <---------Duuuuuuude, I think the same thing everytime I see this page, but laugh my head of instead xDDDDD

Yuki ~chan Lol, you guys comment like he's actually going to read this. And Koyuki is 32.


That's a...8 year age difference? Ick. Hope that's a rumor, because that's like a twelve year old dating a twenty year old.

Gosia I really love character L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ken'ichi is great actor and I really love movies with him. Death Note, Death Note 2 and L: Change the world are my Favorites movies!!!

Melodie "Rice-Lily" USA, California

こんばんわ 松山さん。 私は、メロデイーです。 はじめまして、どぞよろしく。 :)

DMC を みていました。 ほんとに とても、おもしろいですよ。

(forgive the poor grammar, I just started learning Japanese last Fall.)

Anyway, You are absolutely brilliant! I'm astonished by your skills as an actor. From shy death-pop singer Soichi to "L" the great detective. Brava, Brava good sir. Brava.

You are officially my favorite actor from Japan. Hands down.

Continue to do your best!

Rumi Words out he's dating Koyuki. Fangirls 'ye be warned xD

Yuurimon Try reading this..a slight warning beforehand ^^

Albert Martini "Matsuyama-san ruLes!". G0Od wOrX Matsuyama-san!,The 'Johnny Depp(Jack of all rOLes that RuLes)' of Japan!.. yeaahhh!.. (:

Jamie-Louise I'm a welsh girl from Wales in the UK....I'm really love Jappanese cultureand this is how a came to find out about Ken'ichi Matsuyama

A lot of people are saying "I love you" here...I wonder if he gets creeped out by that.

Any ways I can't hide the fact that I'm a huge fan of Matsuyama Ken'ichi....I really am. I'm like anyother fan I have dvds of him and photo's but seeing as I'm from the Uk its really hard to find anything which is Asian. But I have scowered the internet looking, watching and following his work.

I love the characters he plays...after I saw him in DN I was amazed to find out more and so I watched more movies including Nana, The taste of tea, Linda Linda Linda...I think my favorite character he has played must be Robo out of Sexy voice and robo...that really made me laugh because i think it showed how nieve the character was. Another character I enjoyed watching you as was Shin from Nana there is one particular scene which remember where the group was on about Nana annd Ren and Shin says a little comment that he already knows and that really made me giggle. My favorite film with him in is Shindo I love the story to it.

Good luck with the future. Cant wait to see him in more movies.

Jamie Hello I am just a Texas girl from America. I have seen most of the movies that you have been in even though it is very hard to find foreign films here...Yes I know I sound like another fan girl...I just want to say is, take it eazy I know it must be hard on you, but take some time to your self or with someone...You look tierd and worn out... Just don't let the pressure of being a star beat you down. I wish you luck and happiness plus all your dreams to come true. Good luck in your next movie. ~*Texas Girl*~P.S. happy late birthday ^_^;

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Zoe Hi kenichi... I love how you portray L in death note... It really bought the character to life.. You pronounce english really well.. Even if you are not fluent.. :-).. You are so awesome and i love all your movies.. Arigato for being the type of person you are

Rumi Is it possible to get more recent Kenichi pics on here. I think the gallery needs new and recent images of him ;)

larai i luv u l. and your the hottest detective in any movie that i have ever seen i am a total fan. i love u!!!!!! ur acting in death note and L change the world was FAB!!!!! and as u say'happiness wil always be near' in L change the world and guess what ur my happiness and you'll always be NEAR to me i am a total fan i addad nearly 100 people to dis petition soooooooooooooo u kenichi matsuyama canbe in the movie i luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yu mon htwe hi L sama!

      I am from myanmar. Do u know our country?

Does anyone know whether Kenichi has a girlfriend?

jAm hello kenichi!! ...i watched you in your movie Death Note and your character L is my favorite, and its because of you that I loved L's character so really did a great acting in portraying L's character,,, your really amazing, it's like L is not just a fictional character and it feels like he really exists in reality...

whatever your role will be you will always be L for me!!!... :)

i really like you ...ur d' best....

goodluck to you alwayS!!!.....

yuurimon GYAAABOOOOO!!!!!! MatsuKen ^^

Gayani Wish u a very happy B'day and may all ur dreams and wishes come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rizzy Otanjobi omedetooooo..... hajimemashite... watashi wa rizzy desu...(indonesia) i love you.......Matsukeeen...

khinsandar win Hi L (I am from Myanmar ) I like your style in Dead note I watched this the whole night and watched from 1 to 3 You act so good and I like u and love u one day I will see and find u in Japan I love u Kenichi Mat su ya ma

Ajeng i drool everytime i see him :D

i had to calm myself down when i was watching 'don't laugh at my romance' trailer, especially in the kissing part... because if i didn't, i'll destroy something

i cried for hours after watching 'L change the world'...

LOVE YOU, KEN'ICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kob i love kenichi

Rumi Oh, it's too bad that he doesn't have a girlfriend...I had hoped he had someone to be with especially now that Valentine's Day is around the corner. I don't want him to be lonely =(

Aiko annie! kenichi Matsuyama is really good at english!!!

rumi! no kenichi Matsuyama does not have a girlfriend!

kenichi matsuyama english is really good! but he does not speak english that much!

Kenichi Matsuyama is 23 now but in March 5 he will be turning 24!!!

Annie Sorry for my bad grammar. I didn't pay attention. Guess I will have to learn a lot :)

Annie Well in "L change the world" Kenichi did speak English so it's really strange that he don't know English at all...It seems confusing to me...I guess he had to work very hard to pronounce a word if he didn't know anything about it. So admire him :)!

nIKI.sIXX heheh that ´s isn ´t Kenichi ´s comment!!!! because in japanese language sayonara (さよなら) means absolutelly good bye tellings often enemies!

Ken'ichi arigato for your kind comments. chokuritsu! sayonara.

p.s. I'm really short they make me wear stilts

I have two girlfriends cause I am ladies man

have a nice day :)

Grimm Hi.... does anyone know ware he lives?... like does he live in Tokyo.....? TT-TT i might be going to japan and i wanna meet him so bad.....

Rumi Thanks Raku, that was really helpful!

Raku Rumi, 5 minutes into this interview on youtube from the Detroit Metal City screening at TIFF he says (though his translator) that he can't speak English.

Rumi Guess no one around here knows either...

Rumi Actually now i wonder whether he knows English or not :/

Rumi I was wondering whether he had a girlfriend too XDDD But I guess we'll never know since his private life is under wraps.

reg. dududududu~~ i love kenichi matsuyama!! he's hot. *wink wink* hahaha. yea, does anyone wether he has a girlfriend? im juz curious, he's old for me tho, =( is he coming to brunei??

Koumiki Kyaaaaa >-< Matsuken is so awesome ! (Sry for bad english, I'm vietnamese) I like him and his roles verry much! He plays L so good and Robo so funny!

Awesome *-*

faust umm i am a big fan of your work loved u in deathnote as was a great movie they couldnt picked a better person for L

ris i watched death note 3 it was a great movie. eye really like the character of L...

Rumi Does anyone know whether Kenichi has a girlfriend?

CINDY hi..kenichi. my name cindy (Jakarta, Indonesia). I've seen your acting in Death Note as L, and i admire your acting is almost 100 % good same with L in Manga series.. Weel done!!!! Ban zai !!!! ^0^

Looking forward for act in Kamui gaiden and i hope it will release in Indonesia too, coz there not many of your movies or japan movies or manga release in Indonesia..Im sure many people will love it..

I hope in future Indonesia - Japan will have same vision and built good relationship in spreading culture especially for movie and entertainment.. :D

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