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  • Name: Julien Kang
  • Hangul: 줄리엔 강
  • Birthdate: April 11, 1982
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Height: 195 cm.
  • Blood Type: A
  • Twitter: @JulienKang




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V.A. I've never thought, that he's half asian. That's why he is so handsome :-) But his acting....let's be honest, it's not the best.

Radhika Julian! great job in acting! I have seen you in all the three high kick series! wish you well wahh canada born and living in korea? Thats just so cool I live in Canada and watch so many korean dramas. Trying to learn the korean language as well. I must say your korean is just awesome. I wish I could speak so well. Keep up the good work!

Lili Who @anne: NO!! he's a half-korean half-french and he was born in france. When he was 8, his family moved to Canada and NOW he lives in Korea!!!!! >_<"

anne is a american or half-korean half -american, or full korean

BlackNeko He's acting in 'To the beautiful you' was not that good and i wasn't really satisfied with it, he's handsome and all but the character he was trying to portray doesn't really quiet fit as the brother of Jae Hee (Sulli; the main character) however i personally support this guy. No hate : D

kiwi Bad Actor, through and through. No matter which language he's speaking he sounds like the people on Sesame Street -.-

kiki every one listen!! He have half Korean French Canadian, his father from phusan korea and his mother from canada he's allready have 50% asian.

i will support you Julian, i love you character , the eng teacher at High kick3 then i follow to see you more on "We got marriage" with CHERRY. WOW ... can't wait to see you next work ,you are on the roll...fighting!!!

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sophia you should watch 12 signs of love his body so hot and so handsome totally my type

dina The guy is SMOKING HOT!

Nur Sharlynda Wow...he was so tall...... almost 2 meter.....almost perfect....

Vic Here's a piece of honest criticism. His acting sucks. Most times it comes off as either too exaggerated or really rehearsed. He's a really nice guy to look at though. I love him! :( I will say this. I always appreciate bi-cultural/racial actors and actresses on the Kdrama scene, so even though I think there's room for loads of improvement I like to see him in dramas. Quite refreshing.

Dabin Oh my gosh,,actually Asian not only korean,chinesse, and other...there are indian,sri lanka, indonesia, pakistan,etc...all of them are asians...so why you made it big problem?

Julian Kang maybe a half asian,,yoon if you're asian. you can't made a statement like that...but sorry to say Justin Bieber said that Indonesian are poor and distinguish,,,He was so racist!! and that's make him look stupid!

Asian Male @Charles His DAD is Korean. Lay off him. He's the son of a fellow Asian male.

Aeri Even though the original comment that sparked this discussion was ridiculously racist, I do believe Julian's race/appearance had a lot to do with his career. Having lived in Korea nearly all my life, I can testify that even though Koreans in general are a bit xenophobic, they generally warm up/are more fascinated by Caucasians than any other foreigner.

For those who think it's shameful to think Koreans are racist, save it. I'm a native Korean, and I have no trouble admitting that Korea is extremely conservative and could use some tolerance in more than one area. Remember Big Bang's SeungRi and his comment that he would've been most likely to be shot if he encountered a black person? Or TaeYeon's comment that she was surprised to see that Alicia Keys was quite pretty? This shit isn't new.

Of course, Julian's model-esque features probably helped him heaps, too, but whatever.

Rin @Yoon How old are you commenting? The ignorance in your statement is ridiculousness. I bet your not even Korean. Wherever you are from and whatever your true race is, you are making your true race and country look bad. I hate people like you. Such a disgrace.

I don't care his race, he is a great actor; and he also has a brother which you can tell hes half Korean. A bunch of you on this comment board are trolls. Think before you speak and make sure you lean the facts. Alot of you are making yourselves look like idiots.

Edge I'm not Asian and I'm all for diversity but what's happening in Korea and the rest of asia is white worship plane and simple. Korean women (and men) are starting to prefer (aesthetically) non-Asians and primarily Caucasians.

In defense of Julien, he's a pretty good actor, though not of the same ilk as Won Bin or Choi Min Sook and he seems like a good guy, but he's popular in Korea because he looks white, let's not kid ourselves. I hate to say it but if Korean dramas started to have male leads that looked like Julien Kang, they might be popular in Korea (maybe Asia) but the rest of the non-Asian fan base would disconnect from it. I mean all I see out of Hollywood or western media, when it come to romance involving Asians is an Asian women and a white man. If there is an Asian man it's usually his Asian wife or girlfriend cheating on him with a white man. So yah no thanks.

nuderobot Yoon is probably NOT Korean. He's almost certainly a troll trying to make Koreans look bad by posing as one. The internet is full of such haters. When someone says on an online forum "I'm Korean!" and proceeds to trash a person or country, it's almost a guarantee they are not Korean. Think about it -- if you were going to misbehave online, would you advertise to the world who and what you are and make your country look bad? Yoon, whoever and whatever you are, we are wise to your malicious trick, and shame, shame on you.

emmageorge How refreshing to have your character especially you in the Korean Drama. I would like to see more Korean drama tailor for you. I so often count my blessings with my Eurasian look. It helps me breeze through my professional career in the western world. There is no reason at all for you not be able to make it huge in asian countries. Only very recently I was introduced to korean drama and love them. Nothing wrong with blessed with good looks, whoever saying otherwise it's simply jealous, Criticisim and bad publicity can also be very positive especially in the entertainment industry. If you are not outstanding and special no one borders to waste their time to post. It is also so sweet for others to be so supportive. Best of luck and best of everything, emma

silentsnow i have the same birthday as him.hehe.i'm just happy cuz 8its rare to have the same birthday.^_^

Kim Ooh my god, wow <333333

Conx Wow, is his height really 195 cm?? That's awesome....!

leejisun Check him out in Running Man ep 90 :) He's funny there

K-Drama fanatic I just happened to know him as a special appearance as a genie in RUNNING MAN in Wonderland special ep 89 Yeah, his kinda attract my attention more compared to Gwang Soo Kekee... ; P Exception to Dennis Oh and Daniel Henney whose doesn't look like any ordinary koreans, Its awkward seeing Julianne speak korean who happens to look really Europeans! Heheee I'm gonna watch the dramas his being in... (>____<)

Consus Response to Eli:

I agree with you in how hard it is that Asians and other non whites to get employment in American Media. Too bad that we lose a lot of talented Asian Actors who go overseas to break into media. Although, some Asian actors have made it big here too; there is just not that many who have. The problem in with this is not the American people but with those who run the media. Until more demand is placed by consumers on those who sponsors who fund media via commercials or product placement to make the entertainment in the US more diversified then not much will ever change. However, I see some of the same thing in South Korean media too. I am disappointed with what our media is producing. I like to watch foreign media, one because the story lines are better and two I like to see how other countries view us.

I kind of disagree with you on skin color issue in American Universities. Demographics play a role so that there is fairness, unfortunately some are more equal than others when it comes to certain universities who can pick and choose what students they want. Otherwise, one can get a decent education in the US regardless of what race they are it just may not be the university or college of your choice.

Thumbs up to this actor who has been able to break some barriers in Korea.

eli Lol if you're 100% Korean how about you be more concerned about DIVERSITY for Asians in close minded AMERICAN society? You know where an Asian male face can't get on TV and college admissions discriminate based on skin color? The only difference in Korea is that they're not hypocritical about it and the non-Asian population is like .5% as opposed to 45% in the US for non-whites. I'm NOT Korean but yeah Koreans are people clueless about the rest of the world.

shroyo Im 100% korean, and Im really glad that julien kang is in the industry. I hope he makes it big like daniel henney and dennis oh, or even bigger.Who cares if he's half, all the more diversity for the narrow minded korean society ;) plus he's hella hot. cmon, french and korean? what better combo yo?

jackie @ Noon. he's half Korean and half french...and damn sexy...dont hate...be nice..hes loves his korean side...

not to mention hes damn sexy, tall, good looking.

Yoon Comment deleted by moderator (troll)

yunie i want to marry him...kakakaka...

phoebe he is very handsome, everyone love him...........especialy, he has the same my birthday day!!!!!!!! so happy...........

babie His Father is Korean and his mother is French, he has a brother named Denis Kang who's an MMA fighter.

ACMZ julian kang is so cool. He is so handsome i love him. I really want to see him in more korean drama. Go Julian Kang GO You Rock man

          p.s im not korean but i love korean drama and people from korean so yeah
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