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  • Name: Jr (Park JinYoung)
  • Hangul:
  • Born: September 22, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Kyunggi High School

Drama Series


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Menara Wow,so cute.love ya.

nanaquinn i love him. his cute face.speechless. he's just that great

miranda Both JB and JR are in a new group called GOT7 check them out =)

kang sora Yea jr is cool but he already have a gf

rachel tonsing ommo ommo aigoo........... Oppa saranghae North Pole South Pole JR rock n roll when ever u dance n sing im swelling down love uuuuuuuu

CeltyHale Seeing him in Dream High to was awesome. Now he and JB have are a group. My face is red just thinking about JJ Project. I love JB an JR!  :-)

Han wahhh.. so cute JR... i love his cute face <3

Adia Islami woow JR . He very young and cute . it's my comment

bhawana magar soooooooooo cooooooooool specially ur act keeep on dancing and singing and acting sarangheyo manhi manhi chhuhayo<3

ellen so cute!!!!!

abcd you're really sweet and cute.....Hope u'll play in more movies.BST of LUK for ur future.....Oppa aja aja fighting!!!!!

foorogh hi. i love you sooooo much. you are really an idol singer.

784krista he ayear older than me yah ;)

Kim i love this drama (DR2) so far.... especially when i see JR for the first time my heart are melting by him i sure that he will become the next super idol with JB... but why not JR as the leading role/ main cast but the man who face like Chansung 2pM...>_<

Kim_Akira one year younger than me Q__Q Wae? *in depression* But aish JJ project rulez!!!! <3

deva He debuted just recently with JB they are a duo group called jj project listen to their song youtube its called bounce. totally luv JR same age as me. :D

october151994 He's 23 days older than me, can I call him oppa???

Hmingpuii YaY!!!!oppa is only 4 years older than me...... Oppa looks like taecyon... he is super cool.... i love him....

Lalah 5 days older them me? YES! :D And taller!? Double YES!!! ^^

rihana hi,he is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!i'm 3 years younger than him so there is plenty of chance.............!!

azma oppa JR i'm verry likyou in drean high seasone2. because you verry ... verry... handsome...... oppa CHEONGMAL SARANGEEEEEEEEEEEE

lex wow!! his only 12 months older than me.. oppa!! we're meant to be together!!

Eclilnrpld Okay. I fell in love with this guy already. :)

Eric He reminds me of Taecyeon.

Ann Wow! He is so cute, i just love him in Dream High II!

taecfanz he really look like taecyeon when he was laughing...cute!!haha:DD

Bexy I like him in Dream High 2 .... Cant' wait to see him debut in J@J with JB .. Fighting Junior Park JinYoung .. I'm older than him 7 years ,,, ^^

Fouxy Loveless 3 years older than me.. Thats not much right? :D WAIT FOR ME! I'll come to you!

Ann Yay! Im so happy that he a JYP trainee! He and Jb gonna debut soon, I'm so happy. He is sooo adorable in "Dream High II"! Saranghe Oppa!

tn It's so cute how his named jr! i think jin young named him as in Junior! :D park jin young junior!

syi young aigoo~~he look so cute+talented ohh..he's name same his boss name hehehehehe

pipa he so cute~ omg i love his character..

amyster omg hes so cute 8) i look forward to watching him on dh2! c:

KTbeat hahaha I knew he was young but not this young haha only a couple months older XD haha nice~ I think he might be a trainee under JYP along with JB... wonder how that feels haha to have the same exact name as ur boss XD

Inspirit94 aigoo~ only 2 months older than me -.- he's so adorable..lol

Sarah Haha, second JYP! (because he has the same name as JYP, I think xD) I love his character in DH2 & he's a beast dancer! :)

Dilayelf he is only 2 months older than me..*feels old*

ciara jr oppa is really cute....... and i wish him a best of luck for his future. love you oppa! <3<3<3

Elija http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1Tlki62GXY Watch this.... They both are superb dancer!!.. I think in future.. They will surely be a bright star! ^_^

Heewonis he so adorable! im extremely fall in love with him. jya

sarah hes so cuuteeeee(:

zpn tnzn, no he's not debuted already, cuz if he had, then probably u would find an info about him quickly) and excuse me, but he is not such a good dancer, all of his neibourhoods can do it, even better. but maybe in the future he has a perspectives, he's young now, and everything is possible, maybe he sings better than dances, but again, if he could sing then we could see it in DH2.

Jr in ep 3 when kahi was showing dance moves to the students he was the only kirin student that's not famous to actually be able to dance but she said that all the kirin students were bad :/ guess she didn't notice

dora8pocoyo huhu...he is sooo young! and he really looks like 2pm's taecyon!! jyp really has a good taste in selecting the idols!

prepre i thought he is one of the main cast in dh s2. :( i found his character interesting and noticeable than the other cast. he is cute :)

blablabla I notice that almost ALL main cast of "DREAM HIGH2" are still very young!!

ha JB and Jr. from “Dream High 2” have been revealed to debut as boy band J&J sometime during the second half of 2012 through JYP Entertainment. Both were tied for first place at the 5th JYP Open Auditions in 2009 and became JYP trainees afterwards.

Since their recent appearance in “Dream High 2” placed them in the media spotlight, it allowed them to officially launch their singing activities.

JB and Jr. real names are Im Jaebeom and Park Jin Young respectively – two of the most influential names in the Korean music industry. Therefore Im Jaebeom decided to use his initials, while Park Jin Young decided to use his nickname ‘Park Jin Young Junior’ minus the Park Jin Young.

lemon i found d article in Allkpop.com.. he really in trainee under JYP... no wonder la... really like him coz like his dance on dream high... hope someday he will become success and debut as singer tooo... looking forward for u....

HMLN @blaahhh omg no way! those 2 together?? oh yes please xD <3

Ivana look like taec

blaahhh @tznz He is a JYP trainee :) , apparently he's debuting as a singer later in the year with JB in a band called J&J , hope that helps!

Joyce OMGG he's soo cute ;3 mines <3

~ He's so cute ^^ Looks a bit like taecyeon, but like a miniversion of him! ~

^DG I loved hiim in DH episode 1 &2 ..He dances really good and is good looking 2 ..Hes n JYP traine?? really ...of couz.^/no wonder/........... He was so talented..^^

Butterface I thought JB and JR are from a new Boy band called newest but spelled weirdly ..

Hottest He is a trainee

tnzn i found this oppa really cute in first episode.. i tried to search more about him but i can't find him..

is he a JYP trainee? or already debuted? answer please..:)
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