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  • Name Yan Cheng Xu
  • English Name: Jerry Yan
  • Real Name: Liao Yang Zhen
  • Chinese: 言承旭
  • Profession: Actor & Singer
  • Birthdate: January 1, 1977
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon




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Laymu Hello Jerry Hope u cud find a way to read our messages here,,,, Im one of ur avid fan here in Phil.. Ive been loving you since Meteor Garden, and now i cant sleep thinking bout the Loving Never Forgetting scenes.... just cant get over of the spell of the story where u are so extremely good in portraying the role... I just wish u cud do more n more movie for us to watch in the future and i can have more and more sleepless nights again,,,, hehhehe,,, i wud be supporting u,,,, GOD bless u always... good health for you, LOVE U JERRY : )

GUDI Hi Jerry, I've see you in meteor garden 1+2, down with love and loving, never forgetting. You are a very handsome and brilliant actor. I wish you all the best for your personal and professional future. Greetings from Germany

Lorinda Hi, Mr Jerry Yan! I don't know if u will have the chance to read my message but anyhow, i just want u to know how i was smitten by u after watching "Loving, Never Forgetting/Unforgettable Love". When it was piloted last Feb 2, 2015 here in Phils, i didn't watched it. But out of curiousity, i stayed up late one night after Feb 2 to watch it and found myself mesmerized by you. Your acting in Loving, Never Forgetting is superb! The way you carried out your role and emotions was soooh natural. You and Ms. Tong Liya made me cry with your drama series... To tell you honestly, i don't watched foreign/asian drama tv series but this one has changed me. And now, i 'm proud to say that I'm you're no 1 avid fan here in Philippines. I will include in my bucket list to meet you in person and will start collecting all of your films, tv drama series, songs. Stay healthy, happy, handsome and humble..

RamLyn I've watched your tv series Unforgettable love, a very challenging role of yours. You did a good job. Bravo! I'm from Philippines but I'm currently lived in Taipei, Taiwan. Wishing one day I can finally meet you. Keep up the good work! Stay humble... Keep smiling... :-)

sheryl fajardo hi liao, im frm not a fan of yours before but i saw ur movie series 'loving, never forgetting..since then i start dreaming to see u in person.i really like how u smile and cry in that i found myself searching more about u in d internet.

aryantika I love u so much Jerry Yan.never forgetting Meteor Garden.i'm from Indonesia,miss all MG.

rlyn i really love meteor garden but loving, never forgetting hooked me so much.. eversince im a fan of jerry yan. i really likes him so much to the point that i get affected everyday thinking how to see him in person..

Eva Loving, never forgetting is so great. Je t'adore! You're so handsome. :D

matilda nieva hi jerry yan and your friends vic,ken,and vaness, from now 2015 i'm your number 1 fan here in the philippine<3 i love you and f4..

helen hi my family is avid fan of f4 taiwan even my childrens all married now still like meteor garden actors and actress. f4 when heard by younger ones now cant help

hi my family is an avid fan of f4 until now even my children married already are still fans of f 4 we are very happy that you are still very much active in your career we are going to support you and your f4 brothers whatever movies all of you have; we wish you a happy life togrther with your to be wife someday

ashliason Hi Jerry! You my idol ever since meteor garden aired here in the philippines! im still looking forward to see you in person! godbless!

Nellie Hi, jerry! i appreciate the wholesome image you and the rest of F4 have. I hope you will maintain your good image so as to be a role model to the the young people and the rest in the celebrity world. I pray for your continued success in your career and personal life. God bless you always!

carlz211 Hi Jerry Yan, your so very handsome i always watching Meteor Garden here in the philippines. I wish someday that I will be able to see you in personal. Godbless :)

carla alipar hai JERRY YAN your so veryHANDSOME you now what I alWAys watching METEOR GARDEN here in the phillippines i HOPE i can see you in PERSONAL :) :)

carla alipar Hi Jerry Yan, Meteor Garden is now airing again here in the philippines. I wish someday that I will be able to see you in personal. Godbless :)

SadistAngel Hello Jerry Yan I know you would'nt read this but i just wanted to show that I've been and always been your! Meteor Garden is airing again here in the Philippines!! I really love that teleserye I always wanted to bought a cd to watch it every time but there is no copy left you see you are very popular here!!! i've always wannted to see you!!! <3

Issay Hi Jerry Yan, Meteor Garden is now airing again here in the philippines. I wish someday that I will be able to see you in personal. Godbless :)

marjorie espinosa hi :) JERRY i think its possible to see you in personal :) but im thankful because of your successful man !!! your the best actor and singer EVER :) bless you and take care:)

michelle alvarez hi jerry yan.meteor garden is the best perfect asian drama.You are a good actor and singer and also handsome.all your songs i always listining.i hope we meet someday i wanna go in taiwan.i hope too you have a concert here in Los angeles california.i am your the one fan girl.i wish you have a lot more project and always good health and be carefull. Dao ming si... Wa ai Ni. Xei Xei.

rica dy comaingking Li hoo jerry yan wa shi rica dy comaingking Li hoo mo? As we all knowing ur a good chinese actor and ur handsome also I idolize you by my heart! Not only ur talent inspire me also ur good attitude and being gentlemen. Im one of The biggest fan of you :))

rica dy comaingking Li hoo jerry yan (liao yhang zhen) li hoo mo? Wa gio rica comaingking :))

precious Meteor garden tv series is the best. I just love so much the character of being a Dao mingsi as well as Jerry Yan your such an adorable and very handsome person. I love you forever!!!!

Grace1912 I finished watching meteor garden again, its been a long time, yet you still make me fall for it. You touched my heart like none else can!

Grace1912 I finished watching meteor garden again, its been a long time, yet you still make me fall for it. You touched my heart like none else can!

Grace1912 I finsihed watching meteor garden again, its been a long time, yet you still make me fall for it. You touched my heart like none else can!

Grace1912 I finsihed watching meteor garden again, its been a long time, yet you still make me fall for it. You touched my heart like none else can!

Grace1912 I finsihed watching meteor garden again, its been a long time, yet you still make me fall for it. You touched my heart like none else can!

kris Most love asian actor on his generation and somehow can still compete with the younger generation when it comes to charm...You somehow make an indelible mark to the heart of you millions fans thats why they remain a fan of you even it takes a decade already..

  Remain your sweet smiles and sincere gesture to all the fans you meet coz even in videos it makes others happy far and near ,..

Precious87 You're my all time favorite actor!!!! number 1 Asian superstar!!!..You're my inspiration, you make me happy!!! and forget my problems whenever I see you and everyday I'm always checking and following each of your activities!!!! Jia you Jerry!!!

Precious87 wow..!!! you're indeed a very special person,so unique,and

loved by lots of people, that's why people in the industry

trusted you for you're so real, true and simple but yet,so

powerful that can actually stop the people, and listen to

you, you're definitely an eye grabbing idol, idol of all

time!!!...Sometimes I feel sad because you choose to missed

lots of opportunities like movies and drama's, however I was

now able to understand you're reason, and for me I think

your strategy is very good, and for this I salute you, I

praise you Jerry, you have my full support!!!..And hope that

your movie "Ripples of Desire" will also be shown outside

Taiwan and China, like it'll be shown also here in the

Philippines, since for sure, it'll be widely spread to

Japan; korea, SG, HK and other countries . Jia You

Jerry!!..We love You!!!

Женя Спасибо! За игру, за улыбку (ну и за ямочки, конечно), за руки, за эмоции, за голос, за хорошее настроение :) Русскоязычная аудитория Вам очень симпатизирует!

The same in English (sorry for mistakes): Thank you so much for acting, for a smile (well, for the dimples, of course), for hand, for the emotions, the voice, for a good mood :) The Russian-speaking audience is very sympathetic to you!

$weetaholic 你真的好演戏,唱歌跳舞,甚至在。 这就是为什么,我真的很佩服你!保持良好的工作! you're really good in acting,singing and even in dancing. that's why, i really admire you! keep up the good work!

tiffvang I love jerry's drama down with love. that drama is good. luv jerry!!!!

syanti Jerry Yan you are s0 Hands0me ... I fans you ,,,, you are my Idol =) Always in my Heart

Hannah Jerry is THE BEST!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH, JERRY~!! <3 <3

ria as jerry,u are so gorgeus! never give up to reach your dream.daisuki!i wish u can fine good girl to be your wife.amin


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