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Takuma, a boy who is told he will die before he’s 20, and Mayu, a girl who is in love with him…

The story begins when they are little kids. Mayu, whose father is a doctor, meets Takuma, who is hospitalized in her father’s workplace. They develop feelings for each other, but Mayu learns of Takuma’s grave illness and that he will die before he turns 20. The distraught children make one promise for an uncertain future.

Time passes, and the girl becomes a young woman, and the boy, a young man. Mayu continues to support and love Takuma. On the other hand, Takuma, who knows his days are numbered, pushes away his feelings for Mayu and distances himself from her. He cannot stand to see her cry or hurt her more than he already has. Then Mayu meets another man who has feelings for her, and Takuma meets a woman who has the same illness, and their feelings for each other begin to waver.

Misunderstandings, unsaid thoughts, the frustrations and chagrin of youth… What will become of their love while the clock keeps ticking away in Takuma’s life?


I Give My First Love to You-Mao Inoue.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Masaki Okada.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Tetta Sugimoto.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Yoko Moriguchi.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Natsuki Harada.jpg
Mao Inoue Masaki Okada Tetta Sugimoto Yoko Moriguchi Natsuki Harada
Mayu Taneda Takuma Kakunouchi Minoru Kakinouchi Ryoko Kakinouchi Teru Uehara
I Give My First Love to You-Keiko Horiuchi.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Yuki Terada.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Masataka Kubota.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Yoshihiko Hosoda.jpg I Give My First Love to You-Gaku Yamamoto.jpg
Keiko Horiuchi Yuki Terada Masataka Kubota Yoshihiko Hosoda Gaku Yamamoto
Yoshimi Suzuya Yoko Tamura Ritsu Sugiyama Kou Suzuya Ryujo Suzuya
I Give My First Love to You-Toru Nakamura.jpg
Toru Nakamura
Dr. Takahito Taneda

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Mohd Adam I love this movie about their first love affair. It's so exciting and interesting to watch them act with courage and guts. To give love to someone was not that easy as it looks in this movie.

kiki I love that movie so much !! I want to know the name of the piano piece playing as background music when takuma found out his situation fromthe conversation of his parents and doctor when he was 8. I seriousky want to listen to that piece and plz help me if anybody knows.

anonymous i love this movie, makes me cry a lot ;(

Suresh babu every time i watch this movie it makes me cry out loud ... best tearjerker i have ever seen

anonymous Omgg! This movie made me cry a lot and no akount of words can describe how I feel right now. Regarding the end I think it was perfect and realistic cause life doesn't always offer miracles and just like any other person who has this disease it's not meant for them to always live! :'( Anyway amazed by the story and the performances ♥_♥

Laz .. i really love this movie and cried a lot ..

Ahovi Mao you are sweeter than any girl on earth..... Really cried.... love you million times....

Hershey ysulat This is the first movie that made me cry a lot.it is good I really idolized the writer and whole cast of this movie...sarangheyo

realyn I really like this movie..It reminds of my #love... #Masaki Okada youre so cute..

Iarah I really Love it!!! It makes me cry a lot!!!! Mao is really cute I like her!! *^_^*

luhanexo it's sad on ending but those 2 are so sweet. I REALLY LOVE IT <3

exokai88 the story line reminds me of koizora.. anyways.. i think it's good..

Milli3000 I cry like a frikin baby with this movie :'( soo saad and cute<3 Mao & Masaki look sooo cute together <3

Kami Amazing love story!! And Really Sad!! Make me laugh and cry so much :') Inoue Mao its my favorite japanese actress she is so talented and cute<3 Masaki Okada its a great actor and really handsome here xD They look really good together<3

neiljohn this is a great japanese movie,im happy to watched this movie.

Rodes Does anyone know the name of Kou's college girlfriend?

liz Kudos to the child actors who played young Takuma and Mayu.

The boy is soo cute

Do you know their names?

Jessieline The manga actually ends with Mayu and Takuma playing with their children...

J I really really love the story's flow and arrangement. It's very neat and beautiful, definitely one of the best J-movies I've watched., though it will be better if Mayu and Takuma have a child before he dies. At least the ending would be less sad and painful... ;_;

Aditya Aman Manga had an unclear ending on a happy Note... i can't help it... I'm crying Every time i think of it my eyes get filled up. There are awkward moments because of it. But i guess it's worth it...


Yna This is the BEST JAPANESE MOVIE ever!!! This made me cry sooooo bad!! I love it so much!! :) I better download a movie of this to watch it over and over again. :)

dhani tanuar this movie is so very good and sad

Jacky Mao deserves an award too like Masaki. Her acting is incredible and because of her i cried a lot!!!! best actress ever!! <3

stefany i cried and cried endless tears i actually thought he was going to live..... it broke my heart. but a very nice movie i dont think ill ever get over it

Clarissa an extraordinary movie, probably directed by the best Japanese director/(s) of this century.......

Jopa aaa,VERY BAD ENDING ! i dont like at the endingg ! why he dont have a miracle ? at the ending takuma was died T.T

dani-saki this is like millionaires first love with the heart disease but i also liked it because its the most touching Japanese movie i seen.

Kimpss It's such a great movie, crying like a crazy girl infront of the computer like watching? Not bad.

raven I love Inoue mao.... i wish takuma did not died just like that...all of my feelings are mixed together everytime that i watch it.....although i watch it many times.....i love inoue so much...

Tieyhah This movie is so Sad .. I cry when see the Ending .


ren i read it.. so sad the ending.. :( but i like the story...

ichiruki i love that manga it's a beautiful drama I even cried in front of it is really too sad I'm really disappointed that takuma die at the end I would have liked that at least she is pregnant takuma for it does not remain as ashes from him but I really cried when the father of mayu announced the death of takuma (sorry if everything is not right I'm French)

keyko matsuyama this film is really sad but i like this );

heny chan This film very sad..... itss made me cried,,,, good film :(

Leny I really love the movie...it made me cry..:( ..hope those people who are in the same case with takuma will always be hopeful for thier lives.. great movie...gives great lesson.. ....... .mayu is so beautiful.:)

dave Agree at my bottom , i think that is the perfect ending for this movie .

marlo !! for me the ending of this movie is perfect, i really like it... it made me cry. the actress was great.. especially to the main protagonist.... like like like :)

Jan-nin I so love the movie, it made m cry :'(

Leather Cover It?s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

kucingdekil not the best movie.. but it's pretty touching...

camille i wish that takuma will come bk for mayu.... so sad at the end part.... :(

camille this is the bst movie i evr watch ... but honestly im a bit broken heart w/ this movie ...

lhalha woooow!!! it's amazing , i very-very like this film, just love the romance,, i like this so much


Ari very good movie...witch a part on story line is a great and character of mayu make memorable after i watch it. sad story........

no name i love the girl so much...

beula i loved it very much and cried ,i believe it has both love and comedy unlike koizora . yet i like them both cause it shows true love

azy i love the movie..it is so touching.. has a resemblance with koizora which is a good movie also..

maneki hobbang i don't think i can watch one love-separated-by-death movie without thinking about koizora. although i wouldn't watch miura haruma in another one of the same plot, okada masaki definitely reminded me of him. however, the characters' personality contrast is more original and fun. i do like both inoue and okada's performance, but the kids are too cute--i wished for a second that the kids played the entire part.

lucy i recommend both the manga and the movie!!^^ especially the manga ;]

  • spoilers*

whaaaaat??? =O if i remember well.. i believe that takuma survives in the manga... whadup with the movie?? so sad~ T-T

dex This movie is actually a damn good one !! But, being subjective, I don't like its ending... Prefer a happy one, not a sad ending IMHO

Marvalin I just read the manga, and it was so good that now I think I might watch the movie. :)

XaXoRe takuma did die in this movie? in manga we will not allow him to die what about mau? T_T live long takuma

Jyrmie Eisenheart This is one of the best Japanese movie I've ever seen.. The plot is a little similar to "Koizora", but this movie has its own special characteristic that can make you watch until the end. This movie is so magnetic and touching. Definitely worth my time. The acting and everything was great. A great salute for the actors and producers! They made a great movie that will forever live in the viewers hearts.. ♥

Charlie Po Just finish watching it right nowwwww...... I cried so much!!!! Nice film, Mao Inoue is so cute and her acting in this role is perfect!!!

alaw zhang kasiih jempoool dah wat nie film..........

aby16jun i realllllllllly love dis movie 8 makes me cry many times.....masaki okada and inoue mao has a very strong chemistry.. at first I dont want to watch 8 bec. i'm a jun and inoue mao's fan.. and I just want to watch movie that the two of them are the star..........

the only thing that I can promise u if u will watch this movie u will cry and be thankful that there is what call LOVE........


  • sigh how i wish takuma did not die in the END T__T sad story yet it is pretty amazing ^^

daisy29 umm quick question... i know that it already up on youtube with subbed but does anyone know where i can watch the whole movie cause someone didnt upload the whole movie and i went to a french website called wat and the link was broken.

mhona I love this movie!!!!!!:)

france this movie is great.......sana mapanood ko rin ung koizora......ang hirap kzi makahanap ng dvd un eh............hehehe..........

fyroo8 i really love this movie.. worth watching :) thumbs up.haha

Amina hi, I liked the manga very much,and i'll love to see the movie, any one can tell me please where i can see it? thanks

alexx this love story is a wonderful one, but in the same time is also sad. i think mao is a beatiful and talentated actress.

J Absolute perfection! We all know that there just too many Asian dramas/movies with very similar plots: the couple grow up together and eventually one of them dies from an illness. But this one is different from all the rest. Absolutely touching and spine-tingling.

A must watch!

shusuke9 is a lovely manga and hoping that is the same like the movie.. talking about the past,love and friendship..,this has a story behind it.. a story that touches people hearts and wanting to experience what is like.. a story that includes romance and tragedy,, a story that reminds all of us that you shouldnt take things for granted nor take whatever belong to yours life isnt easy and life is unfair but this will help to remaind us

Mimi I thought the most touching asian drama i've watched were ichi rittoru no namida and a millionaire's first love but when i saw this i cried a lot. It was really great, their love story beats Romeo and Juliet's story.

Saitou Yakumo this movie is so great.. its like koizora ..where the guy also died..

i bet japanese movie is just so great ...

nei this movie wa such a very good one! even though it's rare nowadays, i belive that this kind of life still exist in each and everyone. i might be so emotional in public but i can tell you that this kingd of lovelife still exist.

Haruki splendid. wonderful. spellbinding.=)

maria It was too sadd.... huxhux.. I was crying when I watched Takuma died.... huisxhxuxhxuxu

test Hi, I heard there's a manga for this shw... cn ani 1 tell me wad iz the title of the manga and izzt published in either eng or chinese?


Hanaja I cried a lot!! This movie is so great! Reminds me that we should give everything to make our loved ones happy! We should always make every moment memorable for our loved ones. The most touching movie ever!!! :( I wanna watch it all over again eventhough it brings me so much heartbeak..

non sibi I like its story plot. Remind me that I shall always be grateful for a new day.

anselle very great movie..romantic and heart breaking movie.... it made me cry and think that we should always treasure every moment with person we trully love...

Elisabeth I really like this movie so far. (I've only watched part of it.) It's very good. The story is great and I really like the characters. If you're wondering where to see it English-subbed, you can go to mysoju.com. :)

jenwei7 super nice movie... very touching and sad...

weiwei ahhhhhhh I only cry at the end T_T The story ist soooooooo great *__*

cristah I wonder what Japanese writers cud get for writing such heartbreaking stories, and yet, they're so damn effective! It started with Koizora, and then Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru, and then 1 liter of tears, and now... Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu... shit! I can't just stop crying! :sniff: :sniff:

Fredy I love so much this movie :) Mao Inoue is very beauty and the theme song is greatt!!!

kami I love this movie. It made me smile, laugh, get teary-eyed, and believe in love all over again. <3

gab i'll hunt for this movie now!!! *evil laugh thanks for the comment sisters!! *wink. :P lol.

Aisha I crrrrrryyy and crrrry =') nice movie ~ i love it

~ from United Arab Emirates

jean64 the movie is really great. it made me cry. T_T

Inoue Mao is really a great actress. And also all the casts did their best too. :) <3

Congratulations to the Director and to all the staffs and those people involved in making such a great, wonderful and unforgettable movie.!!~the best! ^^,

krimlet i love this movie. it made me cry as well. T_T really good movie.

doreen arco this movie is so very nice and i like the way they act. i fel sad when takuma died. I cry and cry because takuma died. I hate ♥♥♥

and i like most when mayu bring the cramate of takuma and they get married. mayu is very strong and loyal to takuma.. huhuhuh i want some movie like this.. Over i cant take it.. huhuhu

Ali Who did Sea Kumada kiss? :o I was looking for that guy but then his name wasn't there. Anyone? help me.

Stephanie my heart really cries for Takuma and Mayu... T_T

one of the most unforgettable Japanese movies I've watched...

Shinkei-chan This is truly a moving and heartwarming story... it's sweet but sad at the same time. In a situation such as the main protagonists', one must only keep on looking at the bright side of life, and continue to live with hope in their hearts. "I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu)" is one of the best stories and movies I've watched. :)

kaoru94 oh my TT this movie really made me cry . geeezz .

Summer so so beautiful but sad at the same time ~~~~~~ a MUST-WATCH !!!!!

yurika yuri this movie makes me cry... every single words and every sorry i heard...my heart feels pain, like it's wrecking. [i'm so emotional]

itouxxx i hate the very sad ending like that. i want the happy ending!!!

Raiden Anyone found an english subtiitle for this movie ?

Bio Insan Akbar hei.. I'm Indonesian.. that's a good film.. I like that.. n_n

Jolanda The DVD Is Finally Out!! Now Wait for someone to sub it ^_^

Damay oh my!!!! I really want to watch this movie... and i thought this movie very..very...very...good....a.k.a SUGOIIII desu!!!!

D' I want to watch this movie soo badly!! I love this manga so much, Bet the movie will be as good!!

rebecca i really want to watch this movie, can anyone please tell me where i can watch it with english subs?

pariyesh It is a great movie that usually made me cried.

surely I'd not watch it only once or twice !

Comment #14 here's the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Lz_VC4Fnc

Trish Can anyone tell me, please, the title of the song used in the commercial? The song is pretty and the story is beautiful! I can't wait to watch the movie when it comes out with english subs! I loved the manga...but haven't finished yet cause waiting for it to be subbed! It looks like a sweet movie, can't wait to see it!!!

mylia a normal story we've used to hear but yet to be in one is much terrible

well, i still dont finish the manga but im longing to buy this movie wish me luck^^

Itsme Hi, I like the plot but im not really a fan of manga, so i was wondering if someone could tell me ¿where to find this movie?, i would really aprecciate help.

Vanshika I'm dying to watch the movie although I am in the middle of the manga. The manga is wonderful . I wonder where can I get link to the subtitled version.

Naru Tear jerker for sure! Director of "Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru" and the manga makes you cry as well. OMG I wanna seeeeeeee >__<

p3rk3le I'm dying to watch this one!!

Natsumi Aww.. finally! It's going to be released!! I can't wait for October 24!!! I wonder if I'll be able to watch it though ;O Ohh well, it doesn't matter since I can understand a bit Japanese ;DD hihii, anyways, I love the manga too and thye story is just great! I'm also a fan of the mangaka ;3


eizel13 ....yeah.. i will watch that

Hikari Ahh!! So cool it releases on my birthday!! Can't wai~t! I love Inoue Mao!

dhana ... i reaLLy Like the manga & i was Lookin' forward for the movie for aLmost haLf a year but i was kinda disappointed with the main guy -.- , inoue is ok i guess , her acting skiLLs are great but her face doesn't suit mayu's personaLity & attitude ...

Eri Looking forward to this movie! I am a great fan of the manga and the mangaka! Hihi.

I'm quite happy with the trailer...I hope Inoue Mao will do justice to the role as well as Masaki Okada as Takuma. I like Okada in Hana-Kimi and Inoue was okay as Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango. :P

ehra2008 Waaa............Inoue Mao she is really great.....And yeah they say that Manga is really a great story!!!!!!!

ruth can't wait can't wait!!! just love the romance~~~!!! <333

Emily I didn't know they were making a movie of that! I love that manga. <3 It's so sweet.

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