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Naoki Hanzawa (Masato Sakai) works as a loan manager at the Osaka Nishi branch of Tokyo Central Bank. One day, Naoki makes a loan contract for 500 million yen with Nishi Osaka Steel Company. Naoki didn't want to approve the loan, but he had to due to the branch manager's order. Nishi Osaka Steel Company seems financially stable, but the company actually hides massive amounts of debt through fraudulent accounts. The company is caught. Three months later, Nishi Osaka Steel Company goes bankrupt.

The bank's branch manager is Asano. He is an ambitious man and tries to shift the blame to Naoki. Naoki then attends an inquiry about the loan failure at the bank's headquarters in Tokyo. Naoki denies fault and promises to retrieve the 500 million yen loan. He did this because it's the only way for Naoki to survive as a banker.


  1. Based on two novels by Jun Ikeido: "Oretachi Bubble Nyukougumi" (published December, 2004 by Bungeishunju Ltd.) and "Oretachi Hana no Baburugumi" (published June 13, 2008 by Bungeishunju Ltd.).
  2. Episode 6 was expanded by 25 additional minutes.
  3. "Hanzawa Naoki" became the first drama series in Japan to surpass 30% ratings since 2011 NTV drama series "I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper".
  4. Episode 10's viewership rating of 42.2% is the fourth highest ever recorded single episode rating for a Japanese drama series. Episode 10's 42.2% rating trails only the final episode of 1983 TBS drama series "Tsumiki Kuzushi" with 45.3%, final 1972 TBS drama series "Mito Komon" with 43.7% and an episode from 1979 TBS drama series "Onnatachi no Chushingura" with 42.6%.


Hanzawa Naoki-Masato Sakai.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Aya Ueto.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Mitsuhiro Oikawa.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Kenichi Takito.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Ainosuke Kataoka.jpg
Masato Sakai Aya Ueto Mitsuhiro Oikawa Kenichi Takito Ainosuke Kataoka
Naoki Hanzawa Hana Hanzawa Shinobu Tomari Naosuke Kondo Shunichi Kurosaki
Hanzawa Naoki-Kanji Ishimaru.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Ichirota Miyagawa.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Yuto Nakajima.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Hidekazu Akai.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Takashi Ukaji.jpg
Kanji Ishimaru Ichirota Miyagawa Yuto Nakajima Hidekazu Akai Takashi Ukaji
Tadasu Asano Hiroshi Ejima Eiji Nakanishi Kiyohiko Takeshita Mitsuru Higashida
Hanzawa Naoki-Mitsu Dan.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Kinya Kitaoji.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Teruyuki Kagawa.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Mitsuko Baisho.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Yasuyuki Maekawa.jpg
Mitsu Dan Kinya Kitaoji Teruyuki Kagawa Mitsuko Baisho Yasuyuki Maekawa
Miki Fujisawa Ken Nakanowatari Akira Ohwada Natsuko Hane Motoki Tamiya
Hanzawa Naoki-Kazuhisa Kawahara.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Taro Suruga.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Junpei Morita.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Kotaro Yoshida.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Jundai Yamada.jpg
Kazuhisa Kawahara Taro Suruga Junpei Morita Kotaro Yoshida Jundai Yamada
Ikuo Kaise Takeshi Yuasa Shingo Kishikawa Hiroshi Naito Keijiro Fukuyama
Hanzawa Naoki-Koichi Miura.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Amane Okayama.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Tetsuya Makita.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Yo Takahashi.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Takashi Kobayashi.jpg
Koichi Miura Amane Okayama Tetsuya Makita Yo Takahashi Takashi Kobayashi
Executive Director Takagi Shinnosuke Sakamoto Junji Onodera Takahiro Tokieda Shigenori Togoshi
Hanzawa Naoki-Takayuki Kinoshita.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Terunosuke Takezai.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Narumi Konno.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Dankan.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Tsurube Shofukutei.jpg
Takayuki Kinoshita Terunosuke Takezai Narumi Konno Dankan Tsurube Shofukutei
Aburayama Ryota Shimada Ai Kinoshita Takuji Kisugi Shinnosuke Hanzawa
Hanzawa Naoki-Lily.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Naomi Matsui.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Naoko Yamazaki.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Toru Tezuka.jpg Hanzawa Naoki-Go Riju.jpg
Lily Naomi Matsui Naoko Yamazaki Toru Tezuka Go Riju
Michiko Hanzawa Mrs. Kishikawa Yukiko Kondo Norio Kozato Hideyuki Noda

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 07/07/2013 19.4%
02 07/14/2013 21.8%
03 07/28/2013 22.9%
04 08/04/2013 27.6%
05 08/11/2013 29.0%
06 08/25/2013 29.0%
07 09/01/2013 30.0%
08 09/08/2013 32.9%
09 09/15/2013 35.9%
10 09/22/2013 42.2%
Average 28.7%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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Danny Best Series I'd seen for years, ANYWHERE! Great Story, great acting, great suspense, great pacing and thriller. Always eagerly anticipating the next minute of the show, episode by episode. Amazing cliffhanger in the ending. Better be a sequel, there just have to be. Not only the best Japanese series I'd seen in a while, but any series in Asia and even in America. exceptional.

SachiHana Masato Sakai's performance was brilliant, the last episode though had me seeing him as Komikado (which is his best role to date). The story and the pacing of this drama had me at the edge of my seat. The ratings and the praise this series got didn't happen by accident. Great Drama and a Great performance by Komikado sensei!!!

Greta It appears that Hanzawa Naoki-san is gonna be the troubleshooter for the main bank's chairman and is tasked to weed out all the corrupt emplyees from the branches. When the last episode finished I was dismayed...my main thought was 'surely this isn't the end'? there's go to be more...what happens next?

Hopefully there'll be a Sp this year and a second season to answer everyones burning questions. I'm a big fan of Masato Sakai and I hope to see him in more dramas. I still have Legal High 2 to watch so I better get busy lol

miki@_@ Hopefully the chairman is really a good person and sending Naoki to Tokyo Securities can let him see/correct the other aspect of artificial money inflation. ... maybe by then, it will coincide well with the collapse in the real world... Loans is a primary cause of bank failure but securities will be the biggest wolf of all the financial tools that is like a final stage cancerous growth that is channelling the world's resources in the way that is strangling the delicate balance of life on earth.

ringleader Hanzawa Naoki is a BEAST

Bitter Lemon Just finished the series! :D For me it was like; Naoki Hanzawa: Ace Banker

toko modena best japanese drama in 2013 !!! hanzawa kawaiiii smart and cunning!!!


pichiiii i hope the announced the SP soon~~~ well im really curious abt Hanzawa's fate~~ duno why Tokyo Chuo sent him away from Tokyo Chuo HQ

funi i hope there is second season. ahhhh the ending is such twist @__@

Ryu OMG!!!! Pls make sure there will be season 2 cos the ending for the final episode is so disappointing.....

CheerfulSoul This drama is really impressive whether in the perfect screenwriting or the amazing acting skills. Well deserved high ratings.

FromTokyo-Japan-Veronica This drama reached to 54% ratings... wow....The best drama I'd ever seen!! I love the story as well as the characters. And I'm going to read the book!! I'm very glad I live in Tokyo!! I can watch every amazing dramas here!

Cherry I love to watch Hanzawa Naoki drama very much. The actors Masato-san, Mitsuhiro-san, Yuto-san and Teruyuki-san; their acting is great and the story is wonderful. The overall rate I give 98%.

tangent Strange that we have people rating a show that is a month away from it's actual release. Perhaps some of the ladies don't like the way their men look at Aya-chan... ;)

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