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  • Name: Han Ga-In
  • Hangul: 한가인
  • Birth Name: Kim Hyun-Joo (김현주)
  • Birthdate: February 2, 1982 (lunar calendar) / February 25, 1982 (western calendar)
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Family: Yeon Jeong-Hun (husband)


  1. Han Ga-In married actor Yeon Jeong-Hun on April 26, 2005 in Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel Jade Garden, Gwangjang-dong Seoul.
  2. Han Ga-In celebrated her lunar calendar birthday on February 23, 2012 on the set of drama series "The Moon Embracing The Sun." Fans gave Han Ga-In a birthday cake and her Japanese fans prepared snacks for the entire cast and staff [1].


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Kim I think her acting, her facial expression and demeanor are stiff/rigid/lack variations on facial expressions. I think her facial expressions most improved in the Moon embracing the sun, maybe it was the director issues? But she was the best in Terms of Endearment. She's one of my favorite actress and My opinion of her beautiful face will not change.

suzi have a happy family.

joy san juan i really love her character in moon embracing the sun..same with the other characters of the said drama..i just hope to see another project of yours..

jerrimaica tayco When I first saw her in some tv endorsement and commercials,I was really attracted at her.I do some research about her.I watched her movies and mini series(through youtube).I really appreciates ger beauty and acting skills.She is not just a beautiful one but she is also smart.I really love her.I always dream to met her.Now I can say that Im her number one fan here in the Philippines.I love you HAN GA IN!!!

heru I Love You Han Ga In

tp You're quite beautiful. I really enjoyed watching you in "the moon embracing the sun" in which you played your role so well. Why there aren't many movies/dramas of yours listed above?

Kavindi Han ga in I miss you very much in dramas and movies. Hoping you will come soon with a super sweet character!!!!!!!!! Good luck.................

Rosy Han ga in I miss you very much in dramas and movies. Hoping you will come soon with a super sweet character!!!!!!!!! Good luck.

gene Why is it that you don't have any show anymore? Whether it's a tv show or a movie? What's your plan? Really like you in Moon Embracing the Sun..

popo noy more movie or drama? :"( miss ga in

eldha Ryeon I like film korean drama Witch yu hee...

Christina "Fighting!" in Korean means to go for your goal and to never give up. I hope no one misunderstands:)

Christina "Fighting" in Korean means to go for your goal and to never give up. I hope no one misunderstands.

Christina Han Ga In is one of my favorite actresses! Whoever writes mean comments about her, you are just doing that because you are jealous. I really enjoyed seeing Han Ga In with Kim Soo Hyun in the drama, The Moon Embracing the Sun. Fighting! Don't ever let negative comments block your way:)

Jose Ramirez If there is ever a contest for pretty woman in Korea, she will win

Stacy I'm a big fan of Han Ga In! One of the most beautiful actress in Korea! She's 30 years old?? And still look like 25!! :) Can't wait to see her in a new drama.! So sad when i found out that she declined when she was offered the lead role in the new drama "The woman who married three times". The drama will be released on November 9, 2013.

Stacy I'm a big fan of Han Ga In! :) Can't wait to see her in a new drama!

I was sad when i found out  that Ga In was offered the lead role in the drama "The woman who married three times" but she declined. 

The drama will released on November 9, 2013.

elaine I love all your drama series and movies hope to see you again in your new drama series we miss you here in saudi arabia....you're my idol forever...

cecilia I love your films so much and so good

ed HI! you are such a beautiful woman. i had a crush on you when you are a teenager. you made a wonderful movies. have a good life. god bless

yhollai I really, really love her,,I very like her portrayal in Moonsun, so i don't know why people alwayz critisize her deeply. She only act what the director want her to do, & she gave justice to the drama. I agree with what the other one comment that her portrayal as Wol & Yeon woo are different character . keep it up girl...Hope to see u again in another drama sooner.. And hoping to work with Kim Soo hyun again...

mmmQueen's Opp, I've a bit shock with some comment"her acting so wried or bad in Bad guy".I'll say yes and give a middle but I liked her befor this hmmm.. since Term of Endearment while she act us a second daughter of a family that has 3 daughters.Her very fit with this kind of character and once I saw it again in Moon embracing the son.Honest she so wried to act us a strong or cheerful character but she very fit sad character who were bally and determinant.

lurazop I thought she is son ye jin, what a mistake!

rolled.omolet Her acting is really bad she is even worse than lee yeon hee and shin se kyung. She ruined bad guy for me and that drama had a perfect cast minus her.I wish song hye kyo or son ye jin took her role instead since she sucks so much.No offence to her fans,but her acting is really quite awful.Even suzy who is only 19 years old and an idol with very little experience is better at acting than her,and she's been in the entertainment bizz for a long time yet she has shown no improvement.

jean I wish that there is moon embracing the sun2....;-) I LOVE KOREAN......

jean han ga in is the best Korean actress that I've ever known...........and also she is so beautiful....

KeroXD I don't know guys... but I do think some of the comments were true. She is indeed very pretty. there's nothing to argue about that. But her acting is not really great. I mean, she could act but cannot portray the character effectively. She did surprised me a bit in Moon Embracing the Sun... she really improved. But just that. Yeah... however I'm still gonna keep my eyes on and see if she could make it next time. :)

EEEEK FIRST OFF...WTF......."she looks good even for 30". Yea cause 30 is just sooooo old. What the hell??? She is ONLY 30. I am not a huge HGI fan BUT I think they "she sucks" comments are WAY out of line. Clearly people dont get that she actually played her character PERFECTLY. That was the point of Wol's character. Yeon Woo and Wol are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. The idea WAS the contrast....geeze. She is certainly beautiful.

Ngozi Good job well done!ido not just understand what they have against you?don't mind them.well done once again.

sweety she's beautiful but i think she is not good in acting ...

Broken Youth Han Ga-In isn't the most beautiful or a great actress but her voice is simply lovely. She has a great personality and I wish her happiness in her marriage.

SistAr han ga in is a bad actress but she is really beautiful.

Jared I don't understand why some made such rude comments..saying she's not good and not pretty..Hey guys what's wrong with you.. I love her and I think she fits the role perfectly..Can't you feel her emotions?????. She's good and look so young for her age....The chemistry between her and Kim Soo-Hyun it's so visible..You can feel the love between them.. I love her in this drama series and I love METS...The best Korean drama series (for me) I've watched so far..

debbie han ga in i love you hehehe.. unnie... i lke you

Mitch Superb acting in the moon embraces the sun. I love watching korean dramas even though i rely only in english subtitles to understand :) Hope to see you again in more korean dramas like this one. I really love your acting! :)) In us

Paulyn(nigeria) Why make such negative comments for everyone to read?that,s rude.besides,her acting is okay in the moon embracing the sun.thumps up!han ga in.

hermanto lumbantoruan she is the most beautifull of all actreess in the world for me, i wait for her new drama.


jean she's my favorite among korean actresses...beautiful and so charming

SuperGirlInLove I really hope that you and Kim DongJun from ZE:A can play a twin sibling in Drama.. because you will be cute together as sibling. ≧﹏≦♡ ●﹏●~ JJANG DAEBAK :) ILYS

Lyn One of my favorite historical korean drama,fabulous cast & production team made the story memorable & addictive at the same time.Han Ga In's expressive eyes,especially mesmerizing even without any dialogue.Kudos to talented actress & actors for their hard work!

elizabeth rosario custodio love her so much....she so beautiful and a great actress...addict to watch moon embracing the sun a wondeful and a loveable drama...more power to you and your husband...:)

jui such a beautiful face and a good actress.. thumbs up like like like like like

Lynne I can't get over on The Moon that Embraces the Sun, i've watched it 3 times and would like to watch it again, Han Ga In was soooooo beautiful, she doesn't look like 30, but 16 or 17 yr.old, love her so much on this drama and would love to watch all her Korean dramas.

Mai Not just a beautiful face, great actress too. Job well done at the Moon Embracing the Sun. I love this drama. I'm almost done, with 2 more episodes left. I plan to watch it all over again. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

Karen Am i the only one who thinks her and Dongjun from ZE:A look like they could be siblings?

marvy she so pretty she does not look like 30? is she really born on

February 2, 1982? it makes me confused  she so pretty

i love her.. <3

Skye woah,., so much with the criticism,., she acts well in The Moon Embracing the Sun I think even if its my 1st time seeing her acting. Others criticize simply because they don't like her but doesn't mean she's bad in acting. She's pretty as well. (~.~)

Gem Such a pretty woman...even in the age of 30....awesome!

BH I like her very much. she is beautiful even now around 30 years old. I love architecture 101. a real good love story.

syl Dnt blame her,she jst follow d instruction of the director ok.

Min I loved her in the Architecture 101, Bad Guy, and Witch Yoo Hee. She's a good actress. I really enjoyed her performance when I saw it in Bad Guy in 2010. Why is she a bad actress now? She was really good in Architecture 101 I just saw.

kitty Wow, so many jealous little girls here :/ Not only saying she's a bad actor but saying she's ugly... seriously, grow up! Fine you didn't like her acting, I personally like her acting, others like her acting, each to their own, but why come on here and insult her? You could just come here and say 'I didn't like her acting in this thing, I don't think she's a good actor' instead of saying 'She looked like a surprised chipmunk' and other insults. What I REALLY don't understand is your need to come here and tell everyone you dislike her anyway... on a board about her, which is gonna be pretty full of people that like her. Sad much? Geeze, if you don't like her don't watch her, what I do when I dislike an actor I don't go whine about it, I have better things to do and so should you!

adele SF, Calif. USA This woman is average-looking and her acting is mediocre at best. Even worse, she nearly sabotaged The Moon Embracing the Sun! Younger actress, Kim Yoojung did a fantastic job at developing a wonderful soft character & obviously Han Ga-in didnt study the role KY created or she didnt have the acting skills to stay on point ..as Kim Soo-Hyun did w/ the character Yeo Jin-Ku created. Han Ga-in seemingly had difficulty inserting herself into the role & had no chemistry what-so-ever w/ Kim Soo-Hyun b/c of the horrible job she did

Kay She is indeed pretty. But her acting is not that great. In the moon embraces the sun, her acting is poor. Even the child actor yeo jin goo, n kim yoo jung can act better. Kim yoo jung's expressions when talking about books really show how beautiful n intelligent she is. But han ga in, when she has to read the books, her eyes doesn't really show that she is intelligent. It feels like she's juz looking n not reading.

DIAS she is so beautiful...!!love her so much,,i hope my wife as beautiful as she is!!:*

kyary She's really pretty but not a good actress.

Sean J This lady has a special beauty that is not easy for any one to describe. A classic look. The more you look at her the more beautiful she will become. It is in the eye of the beholder. Her role in The Moon embracing the Sun is great. Head up to the director for the selections of these actors.

soniA i agree that she is really beautiful & adorable but i whished she didn't get married soon and i don't like her husband; i think she could choose someone more handsome! but anyway wish them a happy life... first time i saw her i felt for her talent in playing roles.. when she had cried in the movie i really believed her and started to loving her... she's perfect! first time i saw her in drama "provisions of love"

kathy I think Ha ga In is not that beautiful as many people claimed her to be especially without her make up. She is no where compared to Song Kye Ho.

Lal I think she is not beutiful. Did you guys see her with out make up?

marbadz i love han ga-in..first time i watch her at witch yoo-hee..she's so cool i love her nose and eyes! so perfect!more power yoo-hee!

Dia Ya not a fan, it's the eyes in Sun/Moon she looks like a surprised chipmunk the entire time. This actor only has one look and it's driving me bonkers. She sucks the awesome out of her character.

MsRai Yay.... Yay... drama n movie of urs on the way... can't wait to watch them... <3 <3 <3!!!

hyekyoclara i like her

she is pretty

i cant wait for her to begin her carrier again.

go girl.

Cahaya Terpuji i really like you.... unni han ga in...................

MsRai I can't wait for your new movie n drama serial... do ur best...!!!! Hurray!!!

phyne.10 wish that u never get old..wish that u always look young like now..so cute and gorgeous..

johnson i really like you.... pretty, undescrible.......

arman i like your smile, your speak, your face maybe.......????? yeah,,, i know you is beautyful>.....!!!! JUST TRY CALL U

Tajipaparazzi Watched her in witch yoo hee and bad guy. Now im a big fan of her!! Hope she's in a new drama soon. She's so pretty (^。^)

Ajianne I know she was the girl from witch Yu hee.. I really like her.! But I haven't heard of her for a long time.. I hope to see her in the silver screen again!! >.<

echo you are my dream girl yu-hee

non sibi Dr. Gang is on KBC-TV, HGI's nose is perfect.

MsRai You are one of my favorite actress... hope to see you more on the screen....please do more serials and movies... :D..!!! All the best...!!!

MsRai You are one of favorite actress... hope to see you more on the screen....please do more serials and movies... :D..!!! All the best...!!!

Anna Very pretty girl!!! loved her in bad guy such a sweet & strong person!!!

joyowon I've been a huge fan of Kim Nam Gil, so when I watched Bad Guy, I can't help but noticed that his partner is really pretty. So I've research about this girl, and wham! Indeed she is one of the most coveted faces in Korea...Han Ga In's big brown eyes, perfect white teeth, beautiful contoured lips, and her famous chiseled nose are so perfect! So, I did watched her other works like Super Rookie,Witch Yoo-Hee aka Witch Amusement, and Dr. Gang...and boy, she is really beautiful! No doubt that she is always in a beauty commercial and said to be every guy's IDEAL GIRL in her native land....On the other hand, her acting ability in Bad Guy is also one of her finest performance...I can't help myself but adore this wonderful lady! It's just too bad that she married in a very young age of 23...hehehe! Too bad cause I was rooting for her to Kim Nam Gil! LOL!! Her husband is very very lucky man to have her as a wife.

I wish her more success, both in her career and personal life, and whatever that makes her happy!

To Han Ga In, I really wish you well and more power!

Aja-aja! Fighting!

Mercury Actually I believe she is a perfect actress---beautiful of course,but also good at acting.She is the only sunshine in the dark drama Bad Guy.I've been her fan since I was 14.I'm addicted to her eyes~~~~~~~~~~~just like shining stars in the night!!!!!! I hope she will be happy.She has a really nice husband.They R a cute couple.

Buzz Yeah...her face is nice...she's beautiful...but her acting is a mess...i've been watching bad guy and can't help thinking that she's kinda ruining some scenes...

KARAamor Very cool, I love her so much.

Aisha i lovvvveee her so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonsibi Eyes, nose, lips, etc. - just perfect. Good job!

manilaman ~your eyes, your eyes, your eyes...

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