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  • Name: Ha Yeon-Soo
  • Hangul: 하연수
  • Born: October 10, 1990
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 163 cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: bhent.co.kr/hayeonsoo


  1. Ha Yeon-Soo's speciality is playing the harp.


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deborah pippin She is soooo beautiful!!!!!

Maysey ♥ ❤ ♥ Saranghae Ha Yeon Soo ❤ ♥ ❤ You're BEAUTIFUL and your singing is AMAZING in Monstar! I'm still surprised that you aren't a singer.....

Rzul Gosh...So Into her after watching her In Running Man With Jong kook.... Yeon Soo Fighting!!!! <3

na hyera i think i've saw her in boys over flowers is she play the role of yumi? The fiance of gu jun pyo in the last episode? I'm sorry if I take it wrong :D

Laysa Futry . I love u.. ha yeon soo..

kuro-g She really is cute and adorable, especially when she smiles as she got this unique feature of 'smiling eyes'. She kinda remind me of Aoi Miyazaki, one of my favorite Japanese actresses too..such a close resemblance *o*

ruby .abrenica saranghae ha yeon soo...i love ur movie very much

Arasso She is so beautiful <3<3

Lee gyu shin love the drama, romance, and cast!! oppas look very cool in this!


Gary She's So Cute OMG

Aubreyyyy She looks like IU . Shes a pretty good actress .. wishing that there will be season 2 for Monstar .. starring her and Yoon seol chan:)))

ZeoparD She is beautiful, I pray that more and more successful, and I hope to release a longer Monstar 2 Episode

afdhal pratama She's beautiful, I pray that more and more successful, and released Monstar 2!!!

Alvin Such a beautiful girl and voice. The opening scene of Monstar stole my breath away. I hope to see her many more times. It was just the most beautifully done drama. I really, really like this actress. I am much older fan of Korean music, K Pop and dramas, and she is one of my very favorites. I highly recommend everyone to watch Monstar. It will give you tears, laughter, bring back days of your youth and teach you a few lessons.

hwangjy She's rly cool and cute. Like a korean version of rainie yang (taiwamese artist) daebak!

Alissa Sooooooo cute!!!!!!! I love her voice a lot in Monstar!!!! So pretty!!!! I hope to see you a lot in other shows. i hope to see Monstar season 2 !!!!!! i love you!!! Ha Yeon Soo!!!! Saranghae

Elizabeth Such a beautiful girl and voice. The opening scene of Monstar stole my breath away. She was fantastic in her role. I hope to see her many more times. It was just the most beautifully done drama. I really, really like this actress. I am much older fan of Korean music, K Pop and dramas, and she is one of my very favorites. I highly recommend everyone to watch Monstar. It will give you tears, laughter, bring back days of your youth and teach you a few lessons.

EXOtic Another season for MonStar :) Love it ~

joi was she ulzzang in the past? she has the perfect face and beauty. so pretty!! ~ ^-^

@U She is like a doll :D lol Please a second season for Monstar!!!

sejin she's so cute. baby face. so lovely :)

Ivy She's beautiful, she looks like IU

Donna Gamulo She's really cute .. she looks like barbie ^_^

희박 she More Beauty she is sister with Lee Eun Ji

isnin WOOOOOOO! She has an awesome kiss scene in Monstar. Now she has a scorcher of a kiss scene on Potato Star ..(She's 22 and he's 16!!!)

ZA. She's cute, pretty and talented. I like her since she act in drama monstarz serious talk. I love you min se-yi. Hihi

Jan She's so cute and talented. I'm really impressed with her as a rookie. Looking forward to watching her progress.

panda she is pretty but in the drama ..... monster she SUCK big time but still she pretty

Angelica Gregorio She looks like a barbie. I really love the she act and sing. :)

Imylsa Katina She has an amazing voice and she is one of the cutest actress I've seen so far:D

Chris James Loved her acting and singing. She grabbed my attention on every episode. Love to see more of her in the future...

크스티나 She is so cute and innocent looking. I love her! Kkk I wish I can be like her  :) Yong Junhyung and Ha Seon Soo Hwaighting! :3

Min Se-Yi JUNIOR OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I love her ! She is my idol !!! >.< I love her physic , I love her voice, I love her personnality , & I think she is very talented :)) & u know what ,, she makes me want to try play guitar haha xd

nadya her face is baby face:D like a 16years old i love it

Keke She looks like IU and sooyoung from snsd put together. In the drama she gets me upset but she is so adorable

noori love her from angle she looks like I U and from other angle she has her own personality keep up the good work :)

Anya1 i loooovee her!! damn she has an amazing voice... and am totally loving monstar!!!

Nancy quagmire She looks like she's 15 years old!

hadi13 i agree with u wee_kyu13

Anon She kinda looks like Barbie . hehe

izy Oh? Her picture in here didn't look so beautiful. But she is so cute in Monstar. I really like her character -- the strong and full of passion girl. The moment when she backfires the 'rich' group, that really make her look charming. Plus, she knows how to play a guitar and that made her looks more charming. The fact that SonCheol doesn't even realised he was actually falling in love with her, and he cares for her, it is just so sweeeeeet. Monstar is such a cute and a loving story. :") I hope she is successful in her future career as an actress. She is still too young, I'm quite surprised she is just 23 years old!

ash44k She is such a cutie and love her role in Monstar. Hoping for bigger and better things for her in the future!

Cymone she has such a baby face and she is so pretty. I love her in monstar hope she does more and more

Amanda I absolutely love her! She's beautiful and an awesome actress. Monstar was the first Korean drama I started watching (found it on Hulu and I was curious) and now I'm watching so many more! I can't wait for more episodes and to see her in more shows!


Jkim Great newcomer. I will support her. ^^ But she is nothing like IU though. Not her voice or her looks. I think IU is unique in her own way. And this actress is also beautiful in her own way. I don't think they are planning that Ha Yeon-Soo should be the next IU. That's so lame. She is a girl that can sing and play the guitar. So? A lot of singers can do that. ㅠ.ㅠ~~

@QTnorieL Well for me, I love her, the way she act and her appearance, I don't rally care about plastic surgery though because its common. Also, stop comparing her to IU because she work hard to get there, I mean in her spot. So just stop criticizing and just support your IU!

Shanii I didn't think she was Korean! Could you guys be quiet btw, I think she's fine and I'm looking forward to watching the drama.

Ioanis691 Dang so much fuss about IU on this page but i dont see any iu in sight so why even bother bringing it up? Just saying. this beautiful and talented girl should be getting more credit than criticism (:

haneulgaten @Britt, why would cube use her to become the next IU? She's not even part of Cube and neither is she an idol. She's an actress, get your facts right :)

kSong I love the duet she sang at the end of ep. 2. She looks exactly like Jamie Chung from the movie "princess protection program".

justme she does looks like IU...her features and all, but believe me, her voice is nothing like IU...IU is on another level higher than her.this girl's voice is quite nice but nothing special...even juniel's voice is better than her... besides, IU is better actress than her anyway...just saying she's decent though

doaa it was really her who was singing in monstar .. right ?? if it is her she has such an amazing voice ... how come she is debuting as an actor not a singer or an idol?? i mean she is beautiful just like her voice .. she can be an idol .. ot the next IU ;)

Jazzy I love her in Monstar.... Her voice is amazing and it seems right for her character. It sounds chilled back and somewhat closed inside, probably because of her past( mom&dad, etc.) I don't see much a resemblance to IU though, but I don't listen to many of IU's songs, just a few. Anyways, I think we need to see more of Ha Yeon-Soo in the future. I will definitely support her

tichikitty Wow! That's the only word I can think of that describes this new talent! She is not only beautiful, but one of the best Korean female vocalists to hit the scene in a while. I wish her the best in all of her future endeavors. GO GIRL.....

Jun Wow! She does look a lot like IU. Her voice is not very good though. They could have found a better singer since the character is always singjng. However, she is very pretty.

Britt She probably went through a whole bunch of plastic surgery get a face like IU. How many times did she go to get a botox done? Is CUBE trying to use this drama to make her into the next IU? What's next? Have her play guitar and sing like IU also? The drama only got popular due to B2ST there. Otherwise she's an average face, average acting, and sucky singing.

mskimchii She has an angle which she looks like IU. :D I just so love her voice and kept asking myself why is she not belonging to any kpop groups! hhahahaha. i'm looking forward for her future projects! I LOVE HER HAIRSTYLES IN THE DRAMA! hahahah :D hwaiting eonni!

monstar_fandom So far, i loved all her singing parts in Monstar. She does remind me of IU somehow... :) I hope she gets really succesfull through this drama. Looking forward to each episode!!

eda Her voice is teriible when she sings high notes ..:( She should sing more calm songs.. What was that in monstar??

genz I got goosebumps when I hear her sing. Really.

kittykhatz Yup she kinda looks like IU and she can also pass as an Aoi Miyazaki look a like. I like her a lot I think she's a very promising actress. Not sure if it's her real singing voice being used in the drama but if it is then she should definitely be a singer to if she isn't already.

Theselena5 Love her in Monstar 2013! We will all be cheering for you!

Hara Love her smile^^

Thought so too, espessially her voice, but after watching ep I think she looks more like Aoi Miyazaki!

wee_kyu13 I love her!!!!!! She looks like IU, isn't it? her voice and her face. <3


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