Foxy Lady!/ep. 1-16 Plot Synopsis

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ep. 1

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) is a writer for “C’est Si Bon”, a magazine for men. She sits in front of her computer in her office writing a sexy article with the production set of the drama “Jumong ? Prince of the Legend” as its background. She punches the keyboards passionately, and acts out some of the scene herself. She even tries out different postures in front of the mirror. At that very moment Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) enters the office, and is taken back at what he sees. Realizing the situation one step too late, the only thing Byeong-hee can do is tear out her hair. Returning from his travels, Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong), searches for his older sister’s house but someone else has moved in. Having nowhere else to go, he jumps over the wall and enters Byeong-hee’s house as if it was his own. Returning home after buying food for dinner, Byeong-hee is startled to hear someone in the shower. When Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) sees Cheol-su, she becomes furious and starts throwing videotapes at her younger brother, who just manages to save himself from getting killed. He ends up using the storeroom connected to the video shop as his living and working area. Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) is subjected to severe criticism by Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) at a fashion show rehearsal, but when she turns to leave he looks over her again and tells her to be on stand by. Byeong-hee visits the gynecologist for the first time in her life, and screams when she is examined in an awkward position. She is startled to hear she has myoma of the uterus.

ep. 2

Riding in subway line number 4, Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong), hugs the box containing the uterus model, and cries out her eyes while leaning against the subway door. At that moment she receives a strange call from Cheol-ju (Cheon Jeong-myeong) who calls her a president of some shop. Byeong-hee finally finds an empty seat and dozes off. Her head snaps and she wakes up wandering where she is. She gets off at Oido Station, which is the last stop of the number 4 line. Coming off from the stage Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) fights with the main model, nearly pulling out all her hair. Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) arrives at the scene, and pushes off Jun-hee from the other girl. While talking to the fortuneteller, Byeong-hee is disappointed when he tells her she doesn’t have much female charms. She drinks soju at a shellfish grill house, and calls Seung-ha (Ahn Seon-yeong) on the phone. Later Byeong-hee runs back to Oido Station, only to hear that the last train has just left. She calls Seung-hae back and asks her to come and get her. Seung-hae throws the car keys to Cheol-ju who is painting the storeroom, and tells him to go to Oido to pick up her friend. Cheol-ju doesn’t want to go but drives to Oido since he has no other choice. When he arrives at the island, he finds Byeong-hee dozing off from too much drinking, and carries the half-unconscious woman on his back. Slumping on the floor, she sits on top of the car keys, and Cheol-su screams when she throws the keys into the sea. Having no other choice, Cheol-su goes to a nearby motel carrying Byeong-hee in the strangest way.

ep. 3

Coming out of the motel, Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) and Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) walk, keeping a certain distance between them. Byeong-hee asks him to redefine their relationship before they return home. Cheol-su is furious when he finds out Byeong-hee doesn’t have uterine cancer, and throws the uterus model into the sea. After arriving at the office, Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) stares disapprovingly at the file on Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) before closing it. While the car is being connected to the tow truck, Byeong-hee asks Cheol-su, why he slept with her when he was sober, but Cheol-su says something completely unrelated. Byeong-hee is startled when she receives a call from Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong), and tells Cheol-su that they had better create an alibi. After returning home, Byeong-hee feels tormented because her first love-making didn’t turn out the way she had always dreamed of. Cheol-su also feels depressed thinking bout his childhood memories with Byeong-hee. Byeong-hee visits the gynecologist again, and is told that her condition is not that serious, and therefore doesn’t need to undergo an operation immediately. After completing her article, she stretches out, and confidently tells Hwang (Kwon Hae-hyo), the president of the magazine who keeps calling her Miss Ko, to address her by the title of Reporter Ko. Byeong-hee goes to visit Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) at his hospital to give him a questionnaire, but nearly dies of embarrassment when her personal items pour out from her bag.

ep. 4

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) has a weird dream while taking a nap. After waking up, she looks around her and runs to the gynecologist in a hurry. She tells the woman doctor that she followed her advice, and asks how she can find out whether she is pregnant or not. Her face brightens as she comes out of the doctor’s office, and she heads straight for Cheol-su’s (Cheon Jeong-myeong) storeroom. Byeong-hee fakes a serious face, and tells him to open a bottle of wine since today was a very important day. Cheol-su nervously asks if she has been to the hospital, and Byeong-hee who was pretending to be serious to tease Cheol-su, nearly jumps out of her shoes when Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) bangs on the door. Cheol-su wakes up sweating from his dream. He had just dreamt of Byeong-hee who is about to give birth to a baby, grabbing his hair and glaring at him, while Sun-nam (Yun Yeo-jeong) and Seung-hae quarreled beside them. After finally managing to finish the photograph session with a nude model, Byeong-hee goes to Hee-myeong’s (Cho Yeon-wu) hospital, and encounters Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) coming out nosily from the doctor’s room. Hee-myeong gives her the answers to her questionnaire, and tells her to send it by e-mail next time. When tormented Cheol-su bumps into Byeong-hee at the video shop, he tells her that he will be responsible for the baby.

ep. 5

Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) runs to the hotel after she receives a call from her manager telling her to come within the hour. There she is led to a Korean restaurant, but her face becomes hard when she sees Byeong-gak (Son Hyeong-ju) there. A woman barges into the C’est Si Bon office accusing the company of selling their magazine to under-aged kids. Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) tries to explain the situation, but the woman only starts to throw boxes and causes a big commotion. Hwang (Kwon Hae-hyo) and Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) enter the office and are shocked to see the situation. They barely manage to pull the quarreling woman and Byeong-hee apart. Later, walking together, Hee-myeong asks for Byeong-hee’s name. As she turns away from him, Byeong-hee thinks he might be the one, and shouts out her name as loudly as she can. While test-driving Ju-hee’s (Seo Yeong) car, Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) thinks it strange that she keeps talking down to him but remembers his past meeting with her. Bumping into each other at a convenience store, Byeong-hee and Cheol-su greet each other indifferently, and Byeong-hee even pays for his kimbap (rice rolls in dried laver). Jun-hee is taken back by the dress and shoes that Byeong-gak sends her, and rushes to his house to demand why he is doing this. However, Byeong-gak only shows her his study, and asks her to visit and spend some time at his place once in a while. Dumbfounded, Jun-hee turns to leave but ends up being locked up in the house. Byeong-hee goes to Cheol-su’s cars shop to repair Sun-nam’s (Yun Yeo-jeong) car, and meets Ju-hee.

ep. 6

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) reveals to Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) that she went to the hotel with Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu), but that nothing happened between them. Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) who was in the video shop at the time overhears their conversation. Byeong-hee and Cheol-su meet at the playground, and they quarrel, when Cheol-su warns her not to go around seeing just any guy. Trapped in Byeong-gak’s (Son Hyeon-ju) house, Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) finally manages to get out by turning on the fire alarm. Byeong-gak stares at her with a look of admiration. That night, Byeong-hee wishes with all her heart that she could turn back time, and relive that night all over again. Byeong-gak becomes drunk, and after singing by himself, he calls Hwang (Kwon Hae-hyo) to his house. Byeong-hee asks Hwang about man’s virginity, and while throwing the same question at himself, Hwang exclaims that the question is very interesting, and goes on to suggest that they do a story about the theme as the 10th anniversary cover story of their magazine. Ju-hee (Seo Yeong) stands in front of Cheol-su’s scooter as he heads for home, and he lets her ride on the back. Returning home from work, Byeong-hee tiptoes past Seung-hae’s video shop, but walks right into her friend. Seung-hae interrogates Byeong-hee as to whether something happened between her and her brother. At that moment Byeong-hee spots Cheol-su and Ju-hee together on the scooter, and tells Seung-hae that Ju-hee is Cheol-su’s girlfriend and that she came with him to Oido.

ep. 7

Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) purposely demands that Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) repair his car, and Cheol-su agrees even though he thinks it’s unreasonable. With a new name card in her hand, Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) goes to visit a professor for her story. But in the middle of the interview, the professor’s assistant comes in, and the professor has a change of heart and their interview is cut short. Byeong-hee drops by Cheol-su’s car shop to pick up Sun-nam’s (Yun Yeo-jeong) car, and Cheol-su follows her home riding on his scooter. Byeong-hee spots a scooter that has just had an accident, and mistakenly thinks it’s Cheol-su. She runs to the scooter crying, but Cheol-su stops right next to her, riding on his own scooter. Byeong-hee urges him to always wear a helmet, and asks if she should buy one for him. Collecting his car from the car shop, Hee-myeong gives Cheol-su an envelope with money in it. When Cheol-su refuses to take the money, Hee-myeong tells him to buy a drink with that money. Sitting at a bar, the two men talk and drink. As they are coming out of the bar, Hee-myeong receives a phone call from Byeong-hee, and Cheol-su hides to overhear their conversation. Byeong-hee visits Cheol-su in his storeroom, and while they are talking, Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) comes and bangs on the door. Byeong-hee heads for the stairs but stops short when Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) rings the bell. When Seung-hae tries to open the window, Cheol-su grabs Byeong-hee, and they hide, hugging each other. They stand still embracing each other and wait for things to become quiet.

ep. 8

Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) lies on his bed trying to read, but the words don’t register. He then calls Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) demanding that she buy him a helmet. Sitting at an outdoor bar, Cheol-su puts on his helmet and asks Byeong-hee to adjust the straps. When she leans towards him to put on the strap, he stares at her face. Arriving at a hotel restaurant, Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) is criticized by Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) for being late, and as they eat, Byeong-gak asks her to tell him any time if there is a particular car she wants. At the bookstore, while waiting for Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu), Byeong-hee imagines herself traveling on a camping car. Byeong-hee and Hee-myeong watch a movie together holding hands, and as Byeong-hee leans on his shoulders she feels a certain sense of comfort. Cheol-su spots Byeong-hee and Hee-myeong in Seung-hae’s (Ahn Seon-yong) video shop, and goes inside to shake hands with Hee-myeong. Hee-myeong asks Byeong-hee to buy him dinner, and says he would like to say hello to Sun-nam (Yun Yeo-jeong) since he is here. Cheol-su can only glare at Hee-myeong. Seeing Jun-hee getting out of Byeong-gak’s car, Byeong-hee asks who he is, and Jun-hee stops Byeong-gak who turns to go, and introduces him as her boyfriend. Byeong-hee, Hee-myeong, Jun-hee, Byeong-gak sit around the table at Byeong-hee’s living room, and when Sun-nam asks them if they are going out, Byeong-hee and Hee-myeong answer that they are. Cheol-su stares at them with a dark expression.

ep. 9

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) runs away to avoid Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong), and only manages to feel relieved when she receives a text message from Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) telling her that he has blocked his sister for now, so not to worry. Byeong-hee has lunch with Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu), and asks him not to misunderstand her relationship with Cheol-su. Byeong-hee offers to buy Cheol-su dinner, and takes him to an expensive place, where she tells him she can’t accept his feelings. At that moment, Ju-hee (Seo Yeong) enters, and Byeong-hee greets her brightly, getting up and telling her to have a good time with Cheol-su. However, Cheol-su grabs Byeong-hee’s hand as she passes by, and announces to Ju-hee that Byeong-hee is the woman he loves. He then takes startled Byeong-hee outside. After receiving a telephone call from Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju), Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) jumps out of bed and rushes to his house to see him off to work. Cheol-su puts on some loud music, and doesn’t budge from his room. Worried about him, Byeong-hee anxiously calls for him in front of his door, but there is no answer. On her way from work, Byeong-hee starts talking about this and that near Cheol-su’s window. After awhile, Cheol-su, who had been listening quietly in his room, comes out, and assures Byeong-hee that he has just taken a few days off to rest, and not to worry. On the day of 10th Anniversary celebrations of “C’est Si Bon”, Byeong-hee is surprised to see Cheol-su all dressed up in a suit and carrying flowers.

ep. 10

Taken back by Cheol-su’s (Cheon Jeong-myeong) sudden kiss, Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) hurries out of the auto junkyard. Cheol-su follows after her asking her to have a talk, but she runs off instead. Returning home, Byeong-hee lies in her bed, and when she gently touches her lips she can feel her heart tremble. Byeong-hee and Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) go to a restaurant to have diner where they meet Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) and Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju). Byeong-hee calls her sister to the bathroom, and angrily demands why she keeps on going around with Byeong-gak. When Cheol-su sees Byeong-hee and Hee-myeong at the video store, he goes straight into his room without even saying hello, and plays loud music. Hee-myeong meets Jun-hee to tell her about Kang Eun-mi, and that her older sister is very worried about her. Byeong-hee leaves the office, excited about her date with Hee-myeong, but bumps into Cheol-su who snatches her bag and runs off when she refuses to ride on his scooter. Ultimately, Byeong-hee ends up going to her date riding on the scooter, but Cheol-su’s heart feels heavy as he watches Byeong-hee walk into the building. While dancing with Byeong-hee, Hee-myeong proposes, and she stares at him with a startled look.

ep. 11

Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) tells Sun-nam (Yun Yeo-jeong) that he will be responsible for Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong), who just looks on without knowing what to make of the situation. Byeong-hee takes Cheol-su outside as Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) tries to hold back Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong), and when she chases after them, Cheol-su takes Byeong-hee by the hand and starts running. Cheol-su puts Byeong-hee on his scooter, and as the scooter speed increases, Byeong-hee is surprised to see the sign directing them towards Oi-do Island. Exhausted, Byeong-hee gets off the scooter, and heads towards the beach. Staring at her darkly, Cheol-su goes and asks her to wait just three years for him. Suddenly, raindrops fall, and Cheol-su takes off his jacket to put it over Byeong-hee’s head like an umbrella. The two run towards a pension to avoid the rain. Heading for work, Byeong-hee meets Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu). Smiling awkwardly, she apologizes for what happened the day before, and Hee-myeong asks her to tell him her honest feelings for Cheol-su. Going to Byeong-hee’s office, Seung-hae grabs her friend by the collar, and demands to know what she and Cheol-su did when they ran away together. Trying to make excuses, Byeong-hee lets the truth slip out, and filled with shock, Seung-hae attacks her. Cheol-su goes to the used car dealer with Gwang-tae to look for a minibus which he intends to turn into a camping car.

ep. 12

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) pays Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) a surprise visit at his hospital, who welcomes her happily after coming out of the operation room. Hee-myeong tells Byeong-hee that he might need to change the date for visiting her mother, and she agrees without hesitation to push the date forward. Coming out of the hospital, she spots Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) getting into a foreign car. Finding out about her sister’s relationship with Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju), she barges into his office, who jumps up with shock. Jun-hee follows her sister and tries stop her, but Byeong-hee only snatches up an expensive ceramic work to threaten Byeong-gak. Byeong-hee and Sun-nam (Yun Yeo-jeong) locks up Jun-hee in her room to prevent her from going to the fashion show, and Sun-nam phones Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) to ask for his help just for the day. Cheol-su runs happily to Byeong-hee’s house. His eyes meet Byeong-hee’s, and Sun-nam sends Byeong-hee into her room. Guarding over the main gate, Cheol-su discovers Jun-hee climbing out of her window, and while trying to stop her he discovers Byeong-gak snooping around the wall, trying to look into the house. Byeong-hee crumbles over with a sudden stomach ache, and calls Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) for help, but she has gone out, and Cheol-su answers the call instead.

ep. 13

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) lies in Cheol-su’s (Cheon Jeong-myeong) arms with a peaceful look, and says it seems that she has seen this scene somewhere. Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) registers at a make-up academy, and sends a text message to Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju). Byeong-hee apologizes to Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu), saying she was attracted to him because he was a nice person to date. Coming out of the coffee shop, Hee-myeong walks aimlessly with a hard expression. Elated, Cheol-su shouts to the staff at the repair shop that he is in love, and also that he will work and live hard. Byeong-hee answers Cheol-su’s call with an excited expression, and discovers him on the other side of the zebra crossing. Cheol-su announces that he will no longer think of Byeong-hee as someone older, and Byeong-hee can’t look at him straight in the eyes. Visiting a theme park together, Byeong-hee and Cheol-su enjoy fun time together. However, Cheol-su can only think about kissing Byeong-hee, and when he gets the chance he kisses her and feels a little embarrassed. Then he looks deeply into her eyes, and cupping her cheeks, they share a deep kiss. Byeong-hee calls Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) to her house, and tells her friend and her family the truth about Cheol-su and her, and Cheol-su kneels in front of Sun-nam (Yun Yeo-jeong). After being beaten up by Sun-nam all day long, Byeong-hee collapses on her bed, exhausted, but jumps up upon hearing tapping noises on her window. She is deeply moved when she sees Cheol-su. When he tells her that he came because he missed her so much, she also confesses that she missed him.

ep. 14

After going through a big commotion with the police at the motel, Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) angrily walks on, but Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) starts to dance in an effort to cheer her up. Arriving at the Cheol-su’s storage room, he wipes Byeong-hee’s face, who tells him that he has very pretty eyes. The next day, Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) stares unbelievingly at Byeong-hee and Cheol-su sleeping together, and starts to scream at them. The two wake up in alarm, and Seung-hae ends up slapping Byeong-hee. Cheol-su tries to run after Byeong-hee, but cannot leave his sister, who has burst out crying. Upon receiving Seung-hae’s telephone call, Sun-nam (Yun Yeo-jeong) blocks Byeong-hee’s door with the dining table to stop her from coming out, and even eats at the dining table. Cheol-su goes to work, and when he can’t get through Byeong-hee he leaves a voice message on her mobile phone. He is surprised to see Hee-myeong’s (Cho Yeon-wu) car entering the repair shop. While talking on the phone with Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju), Cheol-su finds out that Byeong-hee is locked up in her room, and cautiously heads for her bedroom window. Sun-nam calls the police, who arrests Cheol-su for trespassing. Byeong-hee tries to run after them but only ends up falling over. The next day, Byeong-hee waits in front of the police station for Cheol-su to come out, and her eyes fill up with tears upon seeing Cheol-su’s worn-out face. While working hard on her article at the office, Byeong-hee is surprised to see Hee-myeong entering the office, and then calls Cheol-su to say that something has come up suddenly.

ep. 15

Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) rushes to Military Manpower Administration to delay his military enlistment, only to be told that delay application period has passed, and that it is impossible for him to make any changes. Cheol-su jumps up and down with rage, until he is finally dragged outside. Still unable to calm his fury, he slams the wall with his fist. Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) is alarmed to see his wounded hand, and taken back to hear that his enlistment can’t be delayed. However, she confidently tells him that she will wait for him, and to serve his term in the army. But Cheol-su notices the uncertain expression on her face, and feels something strange. When their eyes meet, Byeong-hee brightly asks him to give her rides to and from her work everyday. When Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) asks Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) to marry her, he becomes angry and tells her to go and study abroad. Cheol-su and Byeong-hee ride off on the scooter together, instead of going to work, and share some good time together. While eating spaghetti, Cheol-su asks if Byeong-hee was really sincere about waiting for him. Taken back, Byeong-hee tells him of course she was serious, and changes the subject. On their way home, the only thing Byeong-hee can talk about is the army, and Cheol-su tells her to stop and be honest with herself. When he asks if she is afraid because her feelings might change, she answers frankly that she is afraid. Cheol-su stares at Byeong-hee for awhile, and turns to leave without a word. The police barges into “C’est Si Bon” office, and asks Hwang (Kwon Hae-hyo) ? the presiden of the magazine ? and Byeong-hee to accompany them to the station because a complaint has been filed against them.

ep. 16

Byeong-hee (Ko Hyeon-jeong) is furious when Cheol-su (Cheon Jeong-myeong) asks her to break up. She tries in vein to make Cheol-su change his mind, but ends up going back to her house telling him to do as he pleases. Byeong-gak (Son Hyeon-ju) finds Jun-hee (Kim Eun-ju) waiting for him in front of his house, who tells him that she will go abroad to study only if he agrees to marry her after she returns from her studies. At the “C’est Si Bon” office, Seong-lan is nearly out of her mind writing resumes to find new work, and Byeong-hee, who is on the verge of losing both her work and love, feels empty. Byeong-hee calls Cheol-su at the repair shop only to be told that he doesn’t work there anymore. She goes to look around Cheol-su’s storage room, and hides when she hears someone opening the door. There, her eyes meet Cheol-su’s eyes. Hearing the news that Byeong-hee has broken up with Cheol-su, Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-wu) goes to meet Cheol-su and consoles him like an older brother. The day before entering the army, Seung-hae (Ahn Seon-yeong) buys her younger brother roast beef, encouraging him to enjoy his meal. On the other hand, Cheol-su looks around the video shop and takes care of the display shelves and other places that need repairing. Byeong-hee says her goodbyes to Cheol-su when he brings Sun-nam’s (Yun Yeo-jeong) new car, and when he turns to leave, Byeong-hee hugs him suddenly from the back. Hwang (Kwon Hae-hyo) is deeply moved by the “C’est Si Bon” put together by Byeong-hee and Seong-lan, and returns to work. On her birthday, Byeong-hee opens the box that Cheol-su has given her as a present and discovers car keys, and is moved to tears when she sees the camping car.