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Dr. Jin-Hyuk (Song Seung-Heon) is a gifted doctor who was born in a family of doctors. Jin-Hyuk is confident and fully aware that he is the best neurosurgeon. His success rate hovers at 100%. Due to his talents and success, Jin-Hyuk is unable to understand how others fail. His girlfriend is Yoo Mi-Na (Park Min-Young). Unlike Jin-Hyuk, she is bright and unable to ignore those in need.

Jin-Hyuk awakes in the forest at night. He sees a group of people wearing traditional clothing and fighting each other with swords. At first, Jin-Hyuk thinks he is on a filming set, but soon finds himself surrounded by the men and realizes it is real. Military officer Kim Kyung-Tak (Kim Jae-Joong) gives an order to catch Jin-Hyuk. Jin-Hyuk runs from the men and is saved by Lee Ha-Weung (Lee Beom-Soo). Jin-Hyuk tells himself 'I have to go back'.

The next moment, Jin-Hyuk is back in the hospital and receives a phone call that he has to perform surgery. During the operation, Jin-Hyuk hears the words 'I have to go back' and his head begins to hurt, but he ignores the pain. He soon discovers a fetus inside the man's brain. Due to the rarity of the situation, Jin-Hyuk keeps the fetus for later examination.

Jin-Hyuk plans to propose to his girlfriend Yoo Mi-Na. While Yoo Mi-Na is doing volunteer work to provide medical care for the poor she sees a man that collapses. Yoo-Na takes the man to the emergency room and contacts Jin-Hyuk. D. Jin-Hyuk tells Yoo-Na that the man won't survive. Yoo-Na becomes upset and drives off. While still in view of Dr. Jin-Hyuk, Yoo-Na gets into a car accident. Jin-Hyuk performs surgery on Yoo-Na. During the operation he again hears the words "I have to go back."

Later, Jin-Hyuk is in anguish and stands on the rooftop of the hospital. A man walks onto the rooftop. He's the patient that Dr. Jin-Hyuk performed surgery on and had the fetus in his brain. The man is now carrying medical tools and the fetus. A struggle ensues between Jin-Hyuk and the man. Jin-Hyuk falls off the building with the medical tools. The next moment, Dr. Jin-Hyuk finds himself in the Joseon Period once again.

Jin-Hyuk is soon chased by the police in the Joseon Period and, while being chased, he sees a woman who looks exactly like Yoo Mi-Na. Jin-Hyuk follows the woman ...


  1. Based on the manga "Jin" by Motoka Murakami (published by by-weekly manga magazine Super Jump from 2000-2010).
  2. "Dr. Jin" takes over the MBC Saturdays & Sundays 21:45 time slot previously occupied by "Feast of the Gods" and will be replaced by "May Queen" on August 18, 2012.
  3. Filming begins April 21, 2012.
  4. First scene filmed took place at a university hospital in Gangwon Province. The scene involved surgeon Jin Hyuk (Song Seung-Heon) and doctor Yoo Mi-Na (Park Min-Young) as they meet for the first time.
  5. Ep. 21, originally scheduled to air Saturday August 4th, 2012, will air Sunday August 5th, 2012 due to the London Olympics.
  6. Related titles:
    1. Jin (TBS / 2009)
    2. Jin 2 (TBS / 2011)


Dr. Jin-Song Seung-Heon.jpg Dr. Jin-Park Min-Young.jpg Dr. Jin-Kim Jae-Joong.jpg Dr. Jin-Lee Beom-Soo.jpg Dr. Jin-Lee So-Yeon.jpg
Song Seung-Heon Park Min-Young Kim Jae-Joong Lee Beom-Soo Lee So-Yeon
Jin Hyuk Hong Young-Rae/Yoo Mi-Na Kim Kyung-Tak Lee Ha-Weung Choon-Hong
Dr. Jin-Jin Lee-Han.jpg Dr. Jin-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg Kim Eung-Soo Dr. Jin-Kim Il-Woo.jpg Dr. Jin-Jeong Eun-Pyo.jpg
Jin Yi-Han Kim Hye-Ok Kim Eung-Soo Kim Il-Woo Jeong Eun-Pyo
Hong Young-Whee Young-Rae's mom Kim Byung-Hee Yoo Hong-Pil Heo Gwang
Dr. Jin-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Kim Kwang-Sik Kim Myung-Soo Kim Byung-Choon Dr. Jin-Jeong Hye-Seon.jpg
Lee Won-Jong Kim Kwang-Sik Kim Myung-Soo Kim Byung-Choon Jung Hye-Sun
Joo Pal Yi Kke Bok Yi Kim Dae-Gyun Kim Byung-Ok King's mother Jo
Dr. Jin-Kim Myeong-Kuk.jpg
Kim Myeong-Kuk
Noble man Lee

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-05-26 1 10.7% (6th) 13.5% (4th) 12.2% (4th) 14.1% (3rd)
2012-05-27 2 10.2% (9th) 11.4% (7th) 11.8% (7th) 13.2% (5th)
2012-06-02 3 13.8% (4th) 16.1% (2nd) 14% (3rd) 16.5% (3rd)
2012-06-03 4 13.6% (6th) 16.5% (5th) 14.4% (5th) 16.3% (5th)
2012-06-09 5 13.5% (4th) 15.6% (3rd) 13.6% (3rd) 15.3% (3rd)
2012-06-10 6 14.2% (6th) 16.5% (5th) 13.8% (5th) 15.5% (5th)
2012-06-16 7 14.4% (3rd) 14.7% (4th) 14.5% (3rd) 16.1% (3rd)
2012-06-17 8 13.3% (6th) 15.1% (6th) 14.0% (5th) 16.3% (5th)
2012-06-23 9 13.2% (4th) 15.6% (3rd) 13.1% (4th) 14.8% (3rd)
2012-06-24 10 13.9% (5th) 16.1% (5th) 12.7% (6th) 14.2% (5th)
2012-06-30 11 13.0% (6th) 14.3% (5th) 13.0% (4th) 14.9% (4th)
2012-07-01 12 14.2% (6th) 14.8% (5th) 12.4% (7th) 13.7% (5th)
2012-07-07 13 12.8% (6th) 13.7% (4th) 12.8% (5th) 13.5% (5th)
2012-07-08 14 13.6% (7th) 14.2% (6th) 13.2% (6th) 14.8% (5th)
2012-07-14 15 12.9% (9th) 13.6% (10th) 12.1% (6th) 13.3% (5th)
2012-07-15 16 13.0% (10th) 13.8% (9th) 11.9% (9th) 13.4% (7th)
2012-07-21 17 12.5% (6th) 13.0% (7th) 11.4% (6th) 12.6% (6th)
2012-07-22 18 12.4% (10th) 13.7% (6th) 11.0% (10th) 12.4% (9th)
2012-07-28 19 14.7% (8th) 16.3% (6th) 13.7% (4th) 14.9% (3rd)
2012-07-29 20 11.6% (13th) 12.4% (12th) 11.8% (6th) 13.0% (6th)
2012-08-05 21 12.1% (16th) 12.2% (17th) 13.4% (6th) 15.0% (6th)
2012-08-12 22 NR NR NR 9.9% (17th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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bossrose I love the drama from Episode 1-21. Although I love happy endings, this ending was so disappointing, it comes across as half bake ending, the scriptwriter does not seem to know how to end it properly. It seem like a smooth plane ride and suddenly a crash towards the arrival. Like they need to end the series.

Farish Korean ver.really is boring.. japanese ver.is better since it's not too long and not so into politics.. i'll always love PMY but yeah,this remake was kinda waste of time to follow:(

kupukupumu I have to agree with the previous commentator, the original Japanese version is way much better than this remake. The very typical kdrama business or good vs evil politics is just too boring. I do not usually like medical drama or time travel drama, but the original Jin is captivating.

minkatajin this is nothing compared to the Japanese version, ok. drags on too long.. focuses on the unrelated things.

fancyfuchsia I like the drama, also like the emergency medical procedure they show, love the actors, however so disappointed with the ending. Since they added JJ's character Kyungtak and made a lot of changes from he original mangga' they shud at least salvage KT. Since he already had such a pitiful life, he shed at least has a good ending. For me since I the original storyline Dr jin never fall in love with YR in the first place, that YR resembles his sister not his lover, they shed at least give a happy ending to both KT and YR. That after saving her life at the end she realized she really loves him and only admiration for Dr Jin, and Jin manage to save both KT &YR before returning to the future and be with his MN, then the ending wud be perfect. But as it is I dun see the point a having a great and strong character as KT and made him pitiful till the end. Such as waste o both JJ & PMY's chemistry

drjin JC, what about Faith?

JC You know what would've made both the Japanese and Korean version better? If Dr. Jin was a woman. Seriously. Imagine the drama and the sass and the "independent woman" mojo she'd bring to ancient Korea/Japan. Out of curiosity, anyone know a film/show like that?

jswag Hey does anyone know the name of the cello solo in episode 2, starts around the 55 minute mark?? PLEASE I AM DESPERATE. Thanks

drama fan i already watched both version... Japan version and Korean Version.. Personally i pick Japan Version.. Japan version got more better story and Korean version much focused on politic.. If you guys watched both version.. you will understand.. Anyway awesome drama!!

kugatsujan this korean version focused too much on Politics and not with Dr. Jin japanese version is still better when it comes to story.

nari chan Japanese ver was much better.

Paulene Jamie Guiniling First of all, I want to give a credit to all the staffs which made the operations looks so real.... I was like amazed how did they did it, it means it needs a perfect and professional artist to execute those medical skills and all the characters played their role at their best.

I did enjoy it, one reason is that I admire Song, Seung Heun...

Song, Seung Heun cutest drama was on My Princess.

The best drama that Park Min Young played the most is Sungkyunkwan Scandal..

Blossom I love this dorama. I love Medical series in general and I enjoyed this one so much. All actors and actresses are very talented and did a great job. I love Park min Young very much. Thank you all stuff and cast for this beautiful dorama :)

rib I love this drama and medical Tv show Song Seung heon U R talented to represent several different personalities roles I enjoyed every series and movies you're represented I will continue the next project SSH UR the best actor live well

Maria I'm a bit dissappointed w/ the ending, but i love the whole story, I'm a Park Min Young fanatic, she did well in all her dramas, specially in "Glory Jane", "City Hunter" and most of all in "The Sungkyunkwan Scandal"...watching them over and over again.

Yohanna Veshanya I am sorry to say but I agree with CiCi. Flipgirl92, I think you're going aboard. Well, everyone knows that it's just our opinion, but how terrible you may feel about this drama, you shouldn't express it publicly you know. It's a bit rude for those who like this drama. That's all I can say. Thank you.

CiCi Hey flipgirl, go pound sand. Calling people who liked Dr. Jin "mentally retarded" may be your version of an opinion but it actually just reflects a mean, angry person. You hardly showed much intelligence with your choice of words commenting on this drama. Just trash talk. I won't be responding anymore to you. You can just refer back to my comment #62.

flipgirl92 @CiCi maybe you should follow your own advice. It's called an opinion, deal with it.

Josa wow. such an interesting drama. i love every part of it. no regrets watching it. might watch it again. very well played by the actors. good storyline. bravo!!

CiCi Hey flipgirl92,@ comment 59,

I think it's about time you went back on your meds.

DramaFan I really like the storyline, it has a lot of research & twists to it, especially the ending!!!! I love JaeJoong so much but was disappointed he wasn't the first lead main character, just felt sorry he became more skinner towards the end of the drama, considering the hard work he put in. The friendship between Jin lee Han & JaeJoong was quite touching too!! Song Seoun Heon was also very good looking!!! However the plot got a bit annoying as it turned from medical to political.... But the whole drama is definetly worth watching

blob what i like with korean drama besides the story are the actors and the actresses. i don't understand the language and rely on english subs that is why i very much admire korean actors with their realistic acting and facial expressions. i find the lead characters ( Song Seung-Heon & Park Min-Young ) quite lame on acting. i can't connect with the roles they portray. i don't see the love and chemistry between them. they are just actors given special lead roles because they are beautiful people. Lee Beom-Soo and the gisaeng's love story even cut short because of death was more interesting to watch. Kim Jae-Joong's love and devotion was much more real than Song Seung-Heon's. Those two are just lame.

i usually stop watching a series when i get bored with the actors bad acting. if not for the story i would definitely stop watching this series. Kim Jae-Joong, Lee Beom-Soo & Lee So-Yeon are better actors. they should have given the lead roles to KJJ and LSY. just my two cents.

flipgirl92 This is has to be one of the WORST dramas of 2012. The look is cheesy as hell, corny music, bad acting, the writing was ridiculous, the serious parts were laughable, ugh such a mess this was.

In conclusion, this drama is a JOKE. If u like it u must be seriously mentally retarded. Park Min Young is a weak actress. She's supposed to play 2 characters here but the writing is so bad as well as her acting "skills" that you can't tell the difference between the 2 characters she plays. Ayase Haruka kicks her ass in her protrayal of the same character. Looks like they created a new character for Jae-Joong to play LMAO who was totally useless and unnecessary only put in for the fangirls to drool over. last but not least Song Seung Heon. he should quit acting and just model fulltime.

Everybody go and watch the Japanese version because it is 100% better! The J-version will make you forget that this crap exists.

tgbear I watch Japanese Jin Season 1 and Season 2 and their Movies... It is masterpiece...

CiCi I loved this drama! It is obvious a lot of time, creative thought, and research went into this series and I have the utmost appreciation for director, Han Hee and writer, Han Ji -Hoon. Thank you for your hard work and giving us top quality entertainment. Also, my compliments to all the staff who worked on this. Every actor and actress was great and exciting to watch. Song Seung-Heon was the ultimate dreamy, classy, brilliant doctor. There's nothing sexier than true compassion and a "manly" man. (Lee Han-Jin included) I like Park Min-Young in everything she does and she was inspiring as the first female doctor having beauty and courage.

Please make another series of Dr. Jin.

I hope everyone gets an award. You all definitely deserve it.

nerf jaejoong act so well in this drama..i watched and finished this drama coz of him coz i'm quite disappointed of the 2 main characters

hoot Jae-Joong and Jin Lee-Han couple, nice paring. They show thier friendship very well. Song seung hun also show his charismatic acting skill. He show characteristics of good doctor very well. Lee bum soo acting also perfect. Nice Drama.

Kim Fantastic drama. Happy ending. Song Seung Heon acting is so perfect. He show the greatest doctor's heart very well. I think he can get best actor award. Fighting.

Anddy When will air the episode 21 of Dr.Jin ? has become more interesting and today is ending on Saturday 04 in Mexico and I have not yet seen this episode yet

maze I have waited for this drama to come out but in the end I did feel disappointed when I watched it. I had an expectation for the main lead couple which is SSH and PMY but I got nothing from them. They just have their usual expression in every scene and they didn't have "the sincere feeling" for each other. I almost gave up with this drama but fortunately it was saved by KJJ, LBS, and JLH who give their best in this drama. I love KJJ's gaze as he can portray his character so damn good. He made me wonder what will happen to him next and he gave me the emotion while watching it. There are many good actors out there but only few of them who has a sincere feeling while acting.

boom Kim Jae-Joong and Jin Lee-Han couple is the best. I like their friendship acting. Fighting

top I like Song Seung-Heon very much. He perform Dr Jin very well. His acting is perfect. His face is so pure and show warm heart.

Fanne Kim Jae-Joong !!!! He really can act so well... >.< TOUCHED !

Support TVXQ !!!

I love this drama so much !!!!!!!1

JC Jaejoong's acting was surprised me here!!!!!! He really did a marvelous job in this drama!!! He really can immersed & portrayed Kyung Tak's character so well! I can feel all his pains, it made me cry along with him T___T Fighting for Dr. Jin's team! Can't wait for till the end eps..this drama make me crazy in curious! LOL

mcbby I love this show because my favorite people are starring. But gahhh, I can't stand anymore. Seeing my Jaejoong being hurt is making me sad. Kyung Tak loves Young Rae so much & he tries to protect her in everyday. And he's only doing his job at protecting the family and his father. All he wants is to be recognize so people will not despise him. Our Jaejoong is such an amazing actor. I feel his pain throughout the whole drama. I don't know if I can bear any longer. Oppa fighting ! (:

Nuna i LOVE Park min young so much..  :-P .eventhough i know Park min young ( Young Rae ) is Song seung hun ( Dr.jin ) leading lady,i would like if Young Rae could be with Kyung Tak ( jaejoong ) coz i can see n feels his pure Love for her..Kyung Tak should be given a chance to be Love by Young Rae  :-) n Young Rae should realize n embrace Kyung Tak  ;-) N everyone will be happy  :-D n they can encounter everything together  :-)

Andreea I like this kdrama very much. I think it has an interesting story about time travel.(^ . ^) Annyeong

emmageorge I have not lay my hand on this drama yet till my next visit to Asia but with Song Seung Heon I will not miss any production of his for his really great acting. His My Princess is my very first Korean Drama and from there I had got onto his past works and it's all good. The only thing is I hope this one has a happy ending as I loathe sad endings of Korean dramas. It is entertainment and sad endings leave a real bad taste. I watched City Hunter and it supposedly Number One but the ending ruined it all. From the viewers comment here I understand there is a Japanese version of Dr Jin and I sincerely hope that the writer and the producer would not blindly follow because Korea is Korea and they can set their own standard that others admire. Cheers and hope the highest ratings will follow. Emma

sora I have watched the Japanese version: JIN, season 1 and 2. For me it was one of the most interesting dramas ever! I was really captivated by it. The aspects of a drama/movie, i.e. story, twists, development, climax, dialogue, characters, etc., were blended together beautifully. How the fictional story get unified with the actual history at that time during the last days of Edo period and early dawn of Meiji era was elegant. The acting of the actors and actresses were first-class. The only thing that let me down a bit, not much, was the ending which is not the same as the manga (Japanese comic). But even so JIN is still one of my favorite dramas of all time. Actually I watched the first episode of the Korean version, Dr. Jin, without knowing that it is actually based on the same manga as JIN x] I am still watching Dr. Jin now. I have to admit it is not as fascinating as the Japanese version but even so Dr. Jin is quite interesting. I really hope that Dr. Jin's ending will stick with the manga *fingers crossed*.

Thida I really love this drama, I can't wait. I tried to watch at online then I went many website to get this drama. But still can't. Who can help & find for me to finish this drama? Thanks you

Jane I really love this drama.. It's already a way to go to conclude.. As they say in this drama history will not be changed only people changed.. So dr jin should not worry about his future history will still the same as it is .. 감사합니다

riri I can't wait this drama, I love the story :D

sara song seung hun is such a great actor , his actin is amazing he is the best fighting

PP I like Young Rae' brother (Jin Lee-Han) acting very much. He is handsome also. Fighting Jin Lee-Han. I hope you will be an good actor.

MinYoung Supporter Time slip dr.Jin... I want to watch it..Park min young is so lovely n adorable.,Young Rae can be with Kyung Tak n Dr.Jin is for Yoo Mina in the future... ★ Malaysian private station tv's please get this drama,...

Kak Long Well.,i don't know which version is better? (korean or japanese ) but one thing for sure.,i want to support TSDJ korean version. Love the main cast esp. Park Min Young

-), Jaejoong  
-P, song seung hun  :-) n lee bum soo..  :-o

This drama would be great!

Please let Young Rae n Kyung Tak be together..  :-D Love Is Happiness...  :-)

fikri japanese version's title is "Jin" it released in 2009 and 2011 for season 2

yalun japanese is still the best!

moefka I am a 50 year old Indonesian. My daughters and my wife love watching Korean movies. Then I tried to watch dr. Jin. And I love it and starting to read articles related to Korean History. I am curious to watch the next episodes in internet.

Korea @finn The Japanese version is called JIN.

uçurtma can't wait for it

denis I have seen 6 episodes of Dr. Jin. I really like Jin-Hyuk. actor Song Seung heon acting, plays wonderful, I like. and other actors I like .. wait to see the next episode …good drama. fighting Jin-Hyuk! fighting SSH! fighting Dr. Jin!

denis I have seen 6 episodes of Dr. Jin. I really like Jin-Hyuk. actor Song Seung heon plays wonderful, I like. and other actors I like .. wait to see the next episode ...good drama. fighting Jin-Hyuk! fighting SSH! fighting Dr. Jin!

fanno After 5 eps, I still can't swallow how bad SSH acting is. He's dragging others down. Even Jaejong who is less experience is better than him.I still place hope in the storyline but if one has to compare, the first two weeks still a par less that 'JIN' of first season in Japan.Even JIN's theme song has more impact to the pace of the story.

finn can anyone tell me the title of Japanese version for this drama???

keira Actually the story idea is very good, the main cast are awesome, especially Jaejoong and myung soo, but after all We should judge movie based on the total appereance... I guess for the type of 'joseon' drama ... Dr.jin is a bit weak than others The story grows so slow from episodes to next episodes ... Too bad that this is one of the most expecting drama for this year to me I hope they can fix things soon,, Because, still people will watch it ...

rainfairy oh my god.seung seon and jaejeung in one drama.i cant wait for it. i love themmmmmmm

Joo Good Drama, Good Job! Song Seung Heon oppa Fighting!

mik I liked the first episode of series Dr.Jin. I look forward to next episode. It's very interesting. Series is very interesting and well done.

jackie gave it a chance and finished episode 1 and just as i thought, it was BAD and laughable. Japanese Jin is far superior. This reeks. I'm done.

GummyYummi ♥ Ohohoho ;D Joongie has a new drama ;p I have to watch this <3

Aira OMG..! make it faster publish it now.. really want to watch it immediately.. can't wait so long ..! I'm waiting here at the PHIL.

sonia woah.. can't wait to see jaejoongie here ●0● oppa~

Jae Joongie I can't wait to see Jae!

amajaejoong i'll just watch this because of jaejoong of course!

Kow The drama itself is very interesting but im not gonna deny that I will watch this mainly because of the casts:)))) Song Seung Hun and Kim Jae Joong ... They are the gods!!!!

Taghrred J-version was super Fascinating <3 I hope K-version will be the same , and guys if you are watching dramas for the sake of its casts you will lose the beauty of the story :)

Kania How come the cast name order like that ? Kim Jae Joong along with SSH are the lead cast .. how come you put his name under PMY ? Seems the author of this page do not know what he's / she's doing !

Jia)) I'm here for Jaejoongiee ♥ New drama with him , i just can't wait !♥ Saranghaee ♥ You are the best ♥

egbfly can't wait to see Jaejoong in this drama.. he will sure be so hot in warrior scenes.. Kim Jaejoong Fighting ♥♥♥

YKJ C'mon now guys. I understand other people bashing in dramas and movies, but we asians can't sink down to their level.

Scanner Barcode Murah song seung hoon, park min young and jaejoong in this drama???i will wait :)

T.O.P @jackie lol such a troll here ~^^..i guess you have bunch of time to bash in any k-dramas in asian wiki,, if u just like j-dramas just comment there n don't be bothered trolling here hope u have a good day^^ n yeah Jae in saeguk,,can't wait for it~~^^

NewKDramaAddict With these two handsome men in the cast, I'd watch!

LittleL Ahh it sounds interesting, I can't wait to see it :) And I'm happy to see Jaejoong in a new drama of course, I hope it'll air soon? ^^

Jackie Oh god, I can already tell that the Japanese version is much more superior than this. Song Seung Heon as Jin? LMAO!!!!!

I can't wait to see which member of SNSD gets picked to play Haruka Ayase's character. Just another hot mess in k-drama land. Nothing new.

cjl2703 Love the drama even not watching yet! Love Song Seung heon, cant wait!

Sarah Oh! Can't Wait For This... I Like Song Seung-Heon alot ^^

Dara_GD Ouhh, jejung is not the main actor? but, i luc song seung hun too. :)

astri whatt???jaejoong cast in new drama...whoahhh,I can't wait this

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