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  • Drama: Detective Conan: Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou
  • Romaji: Meitantei Conan: Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou
  • Japanese: 名探偵コナン 工藤新一への挑戦状
  • Director: Tekeshi Shirakawa
  • Writer: Gosho Aoyama (manga), Takehiko Hata, Makoto Hayashi
  • Producer: Amago Daisuke
  • Network: NTV, YTV
  • Episodes: 13
  • Release Date: July 7 - September 29, 2011
  • Runtime: Thursdays 23:58-24:38
  • TV Ratings: 4.98%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


High school student Shinichi Kudo (Junpei Mizobata) and childhood friend Ran Mouri (Shiori Kutsuna) are private detectives.

Right after they leave a nail salon on the first floor of a mansion they hear a man screaming. When Shinichi and Ran arrive there, cameraman Yuhei Tsubouchi (Akira) and an assistant lie on the ground bleeding. The owner of the house and model Momoko Aida are dead.

The investigation begins. The cameraman's assistant testifies that he was by an iron-bar by a man who came from another room. Yuhei, who is Momoko's brother-in-law, asks the detectives to catch the criminal. A puzzling aspect about the case is that the criminal used an iron-bar, but the model was strangled to death. Can Shinichi uncover the truth?


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Detective Conan-NTV2011-Junpei Mizobata.jpg Detective Conan-NTV2011-Shiori Kutsuna.jpg Detective Conan-NTV2011-Sayaka Akimoto.jpg
Junpei Mizobata Shiori Kutsuna Sayaka Akimoto
Shinichi Kudo Ran Mouri Sonoko Suzuki
Detective Conan-NTV2011-Nene Otsuka.jpg Detective Conan-NTV2011-Takanori Jinnai.jpg Detective Conan-NTV2011-Natsuhi Ueno.jpg Detective Conan-NTV2011-Yuichi Tsuchiya.jpg
Nene Otsuka Takanori Jinnai Natsuhi Ueno Yuichi Tsuchiya
Eri Kisaki Kogoro Mouri Miwako Sato Wataru Takagi


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Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 07/07/2011 5.7%
02 07/14/2011 5.4%
03 07/21/2011 4.4%
04 07/28/2011 5.6%
05 08/04/2011 4.6%
06 08/11/2011 4.8%
07 08/18/2011 4.8%
08 08/25/2011 5.2%
09 09/01/2011 5.9%
10 09/08/2011 4.0%
11 09/15/2011 5.4%
12 09/22/2011 4.6%
13 09/29/2011 4.4%
Average 4.98%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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sakura I really like Junpei mizobata it's because his gestures are more likely similar to the anime series of detective conan.. compared to Oguri Shun who previously played the role of shinichi kudo, Oguri's gesture is more serious unlike of those gestures of junpei and the anime shinichi kudo... shiori kutsuna is so KAWAII.... very fitting role to ran.. but i also admire the previous ran, tomoka kurukawa who is charming and slightly chubby... hehehe i thought... but anyway i like this series.... love Junpei Mizobata especially on his role as Yoh in High School Debut.....

Tokiharu I like Oguri Shun, but I believe Mizobata Junpei plays a better role as Kudo Shinichi. My reason is simple personality-role-wise. Oguri Shun definitely have similar appearance to Kudo Shinichi, but as far as personality-wise, Mizobata Junpei plays it better. Why? Despite that actress/actor only act according to their role in the drama, Mizobata gesture, experience, and expression come closer to a private eye than it is to Oguri. On the other hand, Oguri cheerfulness and seriousness (I assume) is also a trait of Kudo Shinichi. I'm not really good at explaining, unfortunately. Basically, what I'm trying to say is there are pros and cons to both of these actors in playing the role as Kudo Shinichi; however, only one could successfully pull off as Kudo Shinichi. I've watch Oguri Shun played as Kudo Shinichi already, and it didn't really convince me as much as Mizobata Junpei. I would like to see Oguri Shun plays the role as Kudo Shinichi again and maybe he could convince on a newer Detective Conan Drama, but unfortunately, Oguri is getting old. His look is no longer a high school look. I'm sure professional make-up could make Oguri Shun look young again, but that kind of ruin the naturality of an actual young person that act as a high schooler. I suppose it is based on preference, there's really no right or wrong answer when it comes to who is the best actor/actress in certain role.

someone i don't hate Junpei Mizobata but if shun oguri was kudo i think its bitter , and i think Shiori Kutsuna fit to be ran more than the previous ran

Yan For me, this one is the best. I love their chemistry. And the ending, it shocks me. I didn't see it coming, and their actings, it was superb. Hoping for second season. Or another drama with them on it ^^ as the lead characters again.

Ryo The best live action for Detective Conan series..i don't know why people didn't like the casts...i had watch the previous live action which featured Oguri shun..and i think this one is much better..Sometimes people judge a drama by the popularity of the actors..but for me who rarely watched drama and stuff...this drama definitely better than the previous one...first time watching kutsuna shiori..already a fan of her..

Ryuu One of the best Live action for Detective Conan Series...I don't know why people didn't like the casts...i think each actors fit really well in their roles. I had watched the previous live action which featured Oguri shun...and i think this one is much better. Sometimes, people judge a drama by the popularity of the for me who rarely watching drama and stuff..this drama is definitely better than the previous one...first time watching shiori kutsuna..and already a fan of her..haha

mai I think both pairs are the best, I already watched all of them. It's just that Oguri Shun was more like a serious person acting as a detective,he is also good looking. It suits him very well,like those eyes of him when he knows whats going on and with his partner Tomoka Kurukawa has a sweet personality,she is just simple. While Junpei Mizobata is more on a good looking detective, he is also serious about his role, and with his partner Shiori Kutsuna is a type of girl that never regret anything she does with her role. They acted their role just in a different ways. Thats why I think both pairs acted the best.

ranshin omg im torn between shun or junpei

maxell mouri tantei is my HERO ho ho ho ho ho :D

lisa I love this drama very much...i like this better than when Shun Oguri palyed..and junpei in here more romantic than shun oguri...hope they make the sequel..^_^

blossom i like the previous pairing. oguri and tomoka. their looks and acting skills are much better than mizobata and shiori. the ratings are the proof.


karlinneth i like it very much,,,,the characters mizobata junpie and kutsuna shiori has a good shinichi and ran..i'm hoping for the next episode of this movie....

opor i love kudo & love ran this ver. Junpei's so cute >3<

solo_wing It seems I can't accept the actor the pick for Detective Takagi either, hehe...It would be better if Satoshi Tsumabuki was picked for the role of Takagi. He is the one who played Nobita in Doraemon live action CM right?

solo_wing I love Kutsuna Shiori as Ran, but I definitely can't accept Junpei as Shinichi. He doesn't have the look of Shinichi as Oguri Shun does. What's more, they even change Sonoko to an actress that is wayyyy off the looks for Sonoko. Mayuko Iwasa is still the perfect Sonoko for me.

If they have second season, hopefully they change the actors who played Shinichi and Sonoko. Other characters here are great.

hazel now that it has ended I always feel bored I couldn't watch any jdorama other than this please make another with the same cast we want it so badly but definitely when I am able to travel abroad I'm gonna meet Mizobata junpei and Kutsna Shiori for SURE!!!

Baker Yeah, i second that too. This drama is brilliant. I enjoy how Mizobata plays as him, not really like Oguri did. Quite good for me, doesnt look arrogant as oguri's was. And seems based on the manga or anime. Moreover i'd like to praise Takanori Jinai too. LOL he's so hilarious, i cant think anyone else to play Mouri other than him, perhaps he could also be considered to dub him in anime. The awkward thing in this drama is "Where the hell is the Inspector ?". I dont see him, he's one important char too.

I'd like to see more characters in this drama, perhaps in next season ????

joan i'm going to miss this as well as the casts..looking forward for the next season and movie with the same casts.....this is totally great...can't wait for the final episode though i'm starting to cry..

joan this drama series is totally great...this never failed me til the very end..but i'm sad its going to end..2 months or 3 is not that enough for me..i'm going to miss this drama and the love i've felt with shinichi and ran portrayed by mizobata junpei and kutsuna shiori..i'm really looking forward for the next season of this with the same set of well as movie 4...this is the best japanase show i like...and the team up....i'm starting to cry...can't wait for the next episode,the final episode..what will happen to ran???,,their love??the deductions??..i can't think that much though i have any instincts for the final this...

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