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  • Movie: Dangerous Liaisons (English title)
  • Chinese: 危險關係
  • Hangul: 위험한 관계 (Woheomhan Gwangye)
  • Director: Hur Jin-Ho
  • Writer: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (novel), Geling Yan, Lee Han-Il
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer: Kim Byeong-Seo
  • World Premiere: May 24, 2012 (Director's Fortnight Cannes)
  • Release Date: September 27, 2012 (China) / October 11, 2012 (Korea)
  • Runtime: 113 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Romance / Period-1930
  • Production Copmany: Zonbo Media
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China, South Korea


Set in Shanghai, China in 1939. Madam Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung) has wealth and power, but she doesn't have love. Wealthy playboy Xie Yifan (Jang Dong-Gun) pursues Madam Mo Jieyu among many other ladies. At a party, Madam Mo Jieyu notices Xie Yifan eyeing widow Madam Du Fenyu (Zhang Ziyi). Madam Mo Jieyu then challenges playboy Xie Yifan to a high stake bet. If Xie Yifan can seduce Madam Du Fenyu, then he can also have Madam Mo Jieyu. If he is unable to seduce Madam Du Fenyu then a waterfront property owned by Xie Yifan will belong to Madam Mo Jieyu. The game begins ...


  1. Movie is based on the French novel "Les Liaisons dangereuses " ("The Dangerous Liaisons") by Choderlos de Laclos, first published March 23, 1782.
  2. Related titles:
    1. Untold Scandal | Scandal - Joseon namnyeo sangyeoljisa (2003)
  3. Press conference is scheduled for September 26, 2011 in Shanghai, China. Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun will attend.
  4. Filming is scheduled to start in October, 2011.



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Film Festivals

Q&A (Busan International Film Festival)

Dangerous Liaisons-BIFF2012-01.jpg

Q&A for "Dangerous Liaisons," with director Hur Jin-Ho, actress Cecilia Cheung, actor Jang Dong-Gun and actress Zhang Ziyi, took place at the 2012 Busan International Film Festival on October 6, 2012. AsianWiki editor Ki Mun was there and transcribed/translated the session.

  • Moderator: - I would like to know if Jang Dong-Gun had to learn Chinese for this film?
  • Jang Dong-Gun: Actually, I didn't have to learn Chinese. I have Chinese acting experience from the film "The Promise". In that film, my role is small, but it still helped me with the Chinese.

  • Moderator: You (Cecilia Cheung) portrayed a character that is the villain in the movie. I think she is a deeply flawed woman, but not necessarily evil. What do you think about your character?
  • Cecilia Cheung: I like my character Mo Jieyu a lot. Sometimes you can see the truth more with your eyes closed. On the surface, Mo Jieyu appears to be a bad woman, but I don't think she really is. She's just someone that needs love. I would describe her like a caterpillar. Caterpillars are ugly enough that most people don't want to even touch it, but, if given time, the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. I personally think Mo Jieyu is like a caterpillar. I am so happy to have played Mo Jieyu.

  • Moderator: The kiss scene in the indoor garden is great. I was so immersed in that scene.
  • Ziyi Zhang: It was a very touching moment for myself as well, even during the filming of the scene. I did wonder if the audience would feel the same way.

  • Moderator: To me, that kiss scene is the best kiss scene of the year. I think you talked with the director Hur Jin-Ho a lot for that scene?
  • Ziyi Zhang: We took a lot of time with that scene during rehearsals. The kiss scene changed a lot from the original script. The scene depends heavily on the connection between the actor and actress. We did discuss in detail about the emotions needed behind the scene. If the connection isn't there than the scene comes out dry. It was hard, but I am happy it came out the way it did.
  • Jang Dong-Gun: A little more detail. While acting for the scene, I talked with Zhang Ziyi a lot. In the scene, Yifan is about to kiss her, but he stops. We talked about why he stopped and how he stopped. After the rehearsals and while filming, I stopped naturally because of Zhang Ziyi's acting.

  • Moderator: I admire the way you (Hur Jin-Ho) can draw the best performance from three top stars from South Korea, China and Hong Kong.
  • Hur Jin-Ho (director): The original novel is great. I think an important part of what a director does is to provide an environment where the actors and actresses can act natural. At first, I thought the language barrier might be an obstacle, but as the filming developed, we were able to feel this empathy emotionally. Jang Dong-Gun, Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung communicated with their feelings.

  • Moderator: The background of the movie is set in the year 1939 in Shanghai. Even though stylistically it has changed, the way people live is the same. Like in 1939, we are also in a turbulent era. I think the movie shows that during turbulent times, love is the most important thing. Love saves us .... but it looks like the director isn't very happy with I said.
  • Hur Jin-Ho (director): People will watch the movie and have their own feelings. In the movie, Mo Jieyu believes that falling in love is extremely dangerous. Yet, love comes to us through destiny.

  • Audience Question: I would like to know why you set the movie in Shanghai during the year 1939?
  • Hur Jin-Ho (director): That was actually suggested to me. Shanghai in the 1930's was extravagant and influenced by Britain, Japan and America. Culturally, it flourished with dance, theaters and its architecture. There were also the wealthy playboys that congregated in the area. Shanghai, at the time, was known as the Paris of Asia. Shanghai also had its insecurities with its burgeoning war with Japan, similar to France with its impending French Revolution. Also, the elites in both societies are similar. All of these things seemed to work well with having the setting in Shanghai in the year 1939. I would like to make a Korean version of the movie.

  • Audience Question: I wonder what if the two actresses switched roles?
  • Ziyi Zhang: The two characters both have their attractive qualities. If we did switch, I think two totally different characters would come out.
  • Cecilia Cheung: "Dangerous Liaisons" has been made into a movie several times, but this is the first time I have watched a movie based on that novel. I am just so satisfied with the final results. While watching Zhang Ziyi play Du Fengyu, the thought of playing her character never crossed my mind. Her acting was that great. Zhang Ziyi and Du Fenyu are the same person in the movie. I am really touched by her performance.
  • Ziyi Zhang: Thank you.
  • Jang Dong-Gun: When I learned of the casting choices I was a bit surprised. Because of the images we have, I would have thought Cecilia Cheung would play Du Fenyu and Zhang Ziyi would play Mo Jieyu. After finishing the movie though, I can't think of anyone else playing their respective roles.
  • Moderator: I think that is because of Cecilia Cheung's pure character in the Korean film "Failan."

  • Audience Question: I would like to ask Jang Dong-Gun if he watched the other movies based on the novel "Dangerous Liaisons?" I have watched "Cruel Intentions" and "Untold Scandal".
  • Jang Dong-Gun: I watched "Untold Scandal" in the theater. Before filming this movie, I thought about whether to watch to watch the other films based on the novel. I initially decided I wouldn't, because it might influence my character in certain ways. As production progressed and the character Xie Yifan had settled down, I did watch the other films. I wondered how they depicted the original characters. I liked "Dangerous Liaisons" with Glenn Close and John Malkovich. After watching these other films I felt a little more pressure, because how great these other actors were in their movies. At a Chinese press conference for this film, a reporter told me that Leslie Cheung wanted to play this character. After that, I felt a real responsibility to work as hard as I could.

  • Audience Question: I am from China. I am happy to have seen this movie in South Korea. I would like to know how the three main performers feel about working with each other. Especially, since you are from three different countries.
  • Jang Dong-Gun: I've worked with Cecilia Cheung before. This is my first time with Zhang Ziyi. About the two actresses. I could feel their strong wills during the filming set. I'm not sure if all Chinese actresses have this type of will, but what they have in common is that they have such strong wills on the shooting set. They tried to not miss a single cut. I felt motivated by them.
  • Cecilia Cheung: A long time ago, I acted in the Korean film "Failan." I worked with other Korean directors and actors at the time. I was 18-years-old then and now I'm 32. Even though its been a long time, I didn't feel any strangeness working with Hur Jin-Ho and Jang Dong-Gun. There wasn't a language barrier. Especially with Jang Dong-Gun, his eyes are so attractive. When I saw his eyes, I knew what he was trying to say. Director Hur Jin-Ho has this quiet sense of humor, so we didn't need to talk a lot. Even though both men are quiet, I could feel their thoughts without speaking.
  • Ziyi Zhang: I first started to acting at the age of 15. Fortunately, from my first film, I have had the good fortune to work with great directors. Later, I worked with Korean directors and actors. As an actress, I am happy to have worked with such great talent. About Jang Dong-Gun's eyes. His eyelashes are so long. Whenever I saw his eyelashes it was amazing. I'm not sure how long director Hur Jin-Ho's eyelashes are, but he made me feel very comfortable on the filming set. If the opportunity arises again, I would love to work with the people on this stage again.

  • Audience Question: - I am curious about the temptation theme in the movie?
  • Hur Jin-Ho (director): - This movie shows something new from the three actors and myself. According to Jang Dong-Gun, we all have these kinds of desire. The difference is how much of it we act upon. It was actually fun to express these kinds of feelings in the movie.


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Annie By far the worst adaptation of Les liaisons dangereuses. Untold Scandal in contrast was wonderful and a 1000 times better. Only Cecilia Cheung managed to salvage this movie.

jose romero Dear sir: Could you please name song and woman singer of closing theme of your wonderfull movie? Is there a cd that includes this song? Jose

Monica Cecilia was extremely gorgeous in this film. she did an amazing job especially at the end!!

Henry Wright We just watched this version of Dangerous Liaisons( May 2013 ) Beautifully done. Thank you. Shanghi in the 1930's was a perfect setting.

Mark Pool I am from the US. This is the first movie I have seen of Cecilia Cheung. WOW!

Lolita Caruncho Congratulations to Jang Dong Gun! He had portrayed his role so well despite the differences in language. Actions with feelings made this film one of the best that I have watched. Kudos also to Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Cecille Cheung. You are outrageously gorgeous in your acting abilities! You deserve the character you originally played and there is no need for role switching if others are thinking about it. No one could ever play the role of these women better than you do.! Jang Dong Gun, I will always be your fan because you act superbly!

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