Dalja's Spring/ep. 1-22 Plot Synopsis

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  • ep. 1 Oh Dal-ja (Chae Rim) is a 33-year-old TV commercial host. For the first time, she has started dating somebody seriously. She is soon disappointed to find out that her lover was cheating on her with her worst rival.

  • ep. 2 The rumor that Dal-ja was dumped by Sae-do spreads fast. To redeem her pride and to get revenge on her worst rival named Sun-joo (Lee Hae-young), she hires Tae-bong (Lee Min-ki) to act as her lover.

  • ep. 3 When Dal-ja encounters Um Ki-joong twice by coincidence, she is sure that he is the prince charming that she's always been dreaming of. However, her determination to win his heart isn't an easy mission.

  • ep. 4 Dal-ja begins her dreamy date with Ki-joong, but their relationship suffers due to false rumors that she is a player. One morning, when Dal-ja wakes up after drinking the previous night, she is surprised to find two men lying on the same bed as her.

  • ep. 5 Dal-ja is heartbroken to discover that Ki-joong is a married man. However, his aggressive ways of expressing his love for her shakes her heart again. Meanwhile, the old man who is after Tae-bong is getting closer and closer to catching him…

  • ep. 6 The wife of Ki-joong throws a fit at Dal-ja's office, and she is faced with the risk of losing her job for being a home wrecker. Meanwhile, the identity of the old man who is after Tae-bong is revealed.

  • ep. 7 Dal-ja is transferred to the customer service team and she gets on the wrong side of her notorious new boss. One day, Dal-ja and Tae-bong end up going to a small motel due to a sudden snowstorm.

  • ep. 8 With only one week left on Dal-ja's contract with Tae-bong to act as her boyfriend, she finds herself falling in love with him. When Tae-bong finds this out, he threatens to break the contract.

  • ep. 9 Tae-bong suggests that he and Dal-ja become real lovers instead. However, since he is 6 years younger than her, she feels burdened.

  • ep. 10 Ki-joong even more aggressively approaches Dal-ja after finalizing his divorce, and the showdown between him and Ki-bong begins. Meanwhile, Dal-ja gets into a huge mess at a charity fund raising event.

  • ep. 11 Tae-bong leaves home and doesn't show up for a week. And grandmother asks Dal-ja whether she is living with Tae-bong or not. Meanwhile, Dal-ja is finally transferred back to her previous position.

  • ep. 12 When Tae-bong sees a young and pretty girl next to Tae-bong, she is shocked and feels betrayed. As the younger TV hosts in their 20s get hired, Dal-ja and Sun-joo feel intimidated.

  • ep. 13 Dal-ja can't control her blooming feelings for Tae-bong. Meanwhile, when Sun-joo finds out that she is pregnant, she goes to the hospital.

  • ep. 14 Dal-ja learns how warm it is to lean on somebody's shoulder as she leans her head on Tae-bong. Dal-ja prepares a surprise birthday gift for Tae-bong.

  • ep. 15 After that night, Dal-ja decides to keep her distance from Tae-bong. After much tension between the two, the two go out on a romantic date. Meanwhile, when Sae-do finds out that Sun-joo aborted their baby, he is heartbroken.

  • ep. 16 Both families of Dal-ja and Tae-bong learn that Dal-ja and Tae-bong are living together and huge chaos erupts. Through these challenges, their love for each other grows stronger. Meanwhile, Sae-do senses that Sun-joo may not have undergone the abortion af

  • ep. 17 Dal-ja goes away for a week with Tae-bong and the two spend quality time together. Meanwhile, Tae-bong is invited to a party and shows up together with Dal-ja. The happy mood quickly sours as she is faced with Tae-bong's ex-girlfriend.

  • ep. 18 Dalja feels insecure when meeting Tae Bong's ex-girlfriend. She starts thinking about how it would be better from ate Bong to go back to the law firm than being a cook.

  • ep. 19 Dal-ja confesses her love to Tae-bong, and gives him all of her savings, while Tae-bong decides to return to the law firm. Meanwhile, a gentleman lingers around Sun-joo and creates jealousy in Sae-do's heart.

  • ep. 20 Dal-ja's happiness when Tae-bong returns to being a lawyer is short-lived as more challenges await her. Meanwhile, because of Sun-joo's father's requests, Sae-do collapses.

  • ep. 21 Dal-ja learns the true meaning of love after separating with Tae-bong. Sae-do decides to leave Korea for the US. Meanwhile, Tae-bong makes an unexpected announcement and asks Dal-ja to come back to him.

  • ep. 22 (Last Episode)

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